it desk

I’ve been trying out this new notebook where you easily, can transfer the page (with white background!! ) to your phone by using an app: Whitelines paper! Its so good to write in as well, because the grey kinda makes your pencil more visible. Definetly a must try, now I just need to improve my handwriting :P 


Not enough time to do a proper display to show off my Slytherin pride, so some green here and there will have to do 💚. What do you think of my To Do List? I have 53 hours to do it all, achievable?

By the way… if I start my 100 Days of Productivity so that the last day fits in with my exams then it means I’ll have to start it on a Tuesday, which will drive my OCD crazy. But if I start it on Monday, I’ll be out of sync with exams! First world problems much… Any advice?

[sorry for potato quality picture] I have IRL Komaplushie!! I made him myself back in January. It was my first time making a plush, so he’s not 100% perfect, but I love him.


20.JULY.2017 // 13/100 Days Of Productivity. 

I slept at 3:00 AM and then woke up at 2:00 PM today, so my sleep schedule isn’t exactly good, but here are my Unit 2 Notes for the Math Course I’m taking over the summer. These notes aren’t well, pretty, but what can I say, sometimes, the online teachers/lectures are, well, annoying. 

Anyhow, I hope you folks are having a great summer - or Winter for the Australians and New Zealand-ers, is that what they’re called?.