it desk

things are rarely ever black & white!!!! there’s always a grey area. u gotta understand this. it requires critical thinking and situational awareness, as well as being educated about the intersectional socialisation [endemic to wherever u are ofc] of people u interact with. all this good vs bad shit tumblr keeps pulling makes me want a damn nap!!!! thanks for coming to my ted talk


Here is our new card! Jan is almost over! Crazy! LOL 1st side is a repeating image of the members, 2nd side has Inoo, Dai-chan, and Yama-chan. I’ll take the 2nd side for my week. Also, if you remember from last week, the 2nd side of the card was like the 2nd side of this one. Which means, there is a third coming, which also means I will be piecing the images together to make one big image!! I’m excited! Have a great week everyone!

Kudos to people who keep loving you regardless of how flawed you are. Aimndoc