it deserves it's own tag you all know it


what do you do when you have a variety of origin drawings on a scale from 1 (steven with leaves, no origin) to ten (Now That’s What I Call Origin) but don’t think they deserve their own posts? PUT EM ALL TOGETHER happy friday everybody 


2014.01.07 - SH to JW [found on SH’s pillow]

You are the one that gets me like this. No one else comes close to deserving it.


When you wake I will be at the Yard firming up details with Lestrade regarding our trip to Dover – his and mine. We leave tonight and you are not coming. There is no arguing this point because I will not have you anywhere near that emotional vampire of an ex-lover. He has done enough damage to you and I won’t even give him the satisfaction of seeing the two of us in the same place.

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