it deserved at least a full season

Today’s SKAM clip had Vilde as the main, this leads me to believe that this last episode of SKAM will have a different character as the main in each clip. The way I see it, Sana’s season storyline is as solved as it could be at this point, she is good with the girl squad, her mom, Jamilla, Yousef (I know they are technically not together, but considering their different beliefs and the fact that he is travelling, I think this is as solved as it will get right now). So, I find it an awesome idea to have a different main character for each clip in the last episode. 

Since it was announced that season 4 would be the last season everyone in the fandom has mentioned at least one character who deserved to have their own season but now never will, we all thought we would never get to see the battle each of them is individually fighting, but now (hopefully) we will. 

I mean, this clip of Vilde was super important, she is not a character loved by every member of our fandom, she has been constantly judge by her actions, even though none of us had seen the full picture, now we have further knowledge (even though it is not nearly as detailed as a full season would be), we know what battle she is fighting, we know she is struggling financially and with her family, we know she has to deal with things teenagers shouldn’t have to deal with (it was pretty clear she is dealing with her family’s issues by herself). I hope we get more of this. Maybe we can find out a little more about the battles of Even, Chris, Magnus, Mahdi, Eskild, Jonas…

After all, what a better way to end SKAM them with a reminder that everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.

why produce 101 is problematic
  • A MNet producer said he created I.O.I because he “wanted to make healthy pornography for men.”  Some of the girls were barely adults. Somi is a minor. 
  • The casting system was unfair. People that deserved to be A-rank were forced under F-rank positions. Vice Versa.
  • Samuel, even before this shitshow, couldn’t debut. Produce 101 makes it three times. Three times. Because he’s mixed. MIXED. Not for any other reason. Samuel is full of talent and deserved more than this weighted bullshit. 
  • Pure talent was overlooked because of other people’s visuals. Samuel choreographed TONS of dances he was in, was unproblematic the entire season and is a triple threat. Jonghyun was an amazing leader. He took the least amount of lines, made sure everyone was doing good and was extremely kind. Both of them got robbed. Robbed
  • Seeing Minhyun broke my heart. Nu’est deserves better. All of them do. 

In conclusion, I didn’t think I could hate MNet more than I did. All these boys deserved more than this trash bag. There’s so, so, so much more.

What Made Me Smile This Week:

Sunday: My friend Pat came over this afternoon to watch the first Sunday of NFL games. I abhor the change of seasons, but it’s nice to know that every Sunday of the next four months will be spent chowing down on party food and neurotically watching all of my fantasy football lineups. Pat eating 35 sweet and sour meatballs also made me smile. I ate two.

Monday: While I do indeed detest the approaching winter months, the transition to fall does provide another joy that I had forgotten about until today—pumpkin beer. I bought a case of Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale, which I highly recommend if you’re into that sort of thing. Pumpkin pie in beer form makes me smile.

Tuesday: As much as I hate the impending cold, dark months ahead, I do enjoy waking up on a brisk morning and putting on pants instead of shorts. Unfortunately, it’s that time of year where pants are only necessary until about 9am, when the temps reach a smug 84 degrees and you begin to melt into a constricted, soggy bag of sweat. Brisk mornings make me smile.

Wednesday: Every time I think about the end of summer, it makes me want to smash my head through a thousand walls, but today I ordered pumpkin spice coffee from Wawa, and for a brief moment, as the steaming liquid splashed down my esophagus and filled me with warm thoughts of fireplaces and snuggly blankets and watching snow dance in the moonlight, everything was right with the world, and it made me smile.

Thursday: I’m not exactly sure who invented autumn, but s/he was a cruel person who deserves nothing but misery for the rest of time. Luckily, I remembered this morning that a new season of Stranger Things will be coming out soon, so at least I have that to look forward to, which makes me smile.

Friday: Winter, which is arguably the dumbest of the four seasons, is the time of year when I begin to worry about the threat of illness. For someone with SMA, ordinary winter sniffles can rapidly turn into full-fledged respiratory infections in the blink of an eye. Because of my weakened lung muscles, clearing phlegm out of my lungs is an involved process that requires large amounts of energy and a variety of breathing machines. Between the months of October-March, every coughing fit or runny nose sets off a chain of panic in my head. Today, I woke up feeling groggy and throughout the morning I felt the tickle of phlegm in my windpipe—great, here we go—but I chugged water and tea, and by noon, I felt completely better. Not devolving into panic-mode made me smile.

Saturday: Every year, I lament the changing of the seasons from summer to fall, but this week, I made a conscious effort to reframe that dread by taking time to acknowledge all the things I actually really enjoy about this time of year. As you can see, there were plenty of reasons to be happy this week, and when I look at the coming months from that perspective, I can’t help but smile.

What made you smile this week?

Grocery Store Valentine

Pairing: Dean/Castiel

Valentine’s Fluff for the DeanCas Sweetheart Challenge: 

SFW: No Smut

Castiel had ridden along with Dean to pick up groceries. Sam usually did the shopping but Dean simply could not choke down  anymore Kale, salads, or smoothies. He needed real food.

“You mean junk food…” Cas murmured at his back at Dean’s lament on Sam’s shopping practices as he shadowed him around the store.

Dean gave Cas a face of mock offense. “Bite your tongue, and since when do you side with Sam about food? Burgers and pork rinds are considered junk and they’re your favorites…”

“<i>I</i> can’t get heart disease either…” Castiel murmured with a hint of a smile on his lips.

As they shopped in companionable silence, Cas noticed the Valentine’s decorations and candy on the end of every aisle. “I’ve never understood Valentine’s Day being associated with Cupid. Cherubs are not interested in dating and relationships. They force people to fall in love. Very against Team Fee Will’s mission statement.”

Dean nodded his head in agreement, his mouth shaping into a frown. “Good point. Screw Valentine’s Day…You know I used to call it Unattached Drifter Christmas…I would swoop into bars and find lonely women and show ‘em a good time. Figured I was doing my part to cheer them up. Think I was just trying to cheer myself up really.” Dean stiffened then, realizing he was being a bit more revealing of his feelings than normal. He did that with Cas…It was annoying. As they went down every aisle, throwing in essentials like bread, sandwich meat, cheese, and milk, occasional anomalies would appear like Oreos and Slim Jims. Neither commented when they both threw in a bag of pork rinds, grinning to each other.

“Sam’s going to eyeroll for days, but damn it, I like Oreos! I didn’t get a childhood. I deserve cookies at least, I mean damn,” Dean laughed as they turned left onto the next aisle. He hadn’t been paying attention. It was that stupid Seasonal aisle and it was piled high with stuffed bears, hearts full of chocolates, and boxes of paper Valentine’s. Dean tried to make good time down the aisle but it was full of last minute husbands scrambling for gifts. Dean realized it was February 13th…the poor bastards. Dean shared a few looks with the men searching through the candies and he smiled sympathetically as he turned off the aisle. “Man, that makes me glad I don’t have to worry about that stuff, right Cas? Cas?” Dean looked back down the aisle and he saw Castiel talking to a man at the other end of the aisle. Dean’s eyes narrowed and he turned his cart around to make his way back down the red and pink splattered aisle. As he came up on the two talking, Dean knew right away the man was flirting with Cas, who was completely oblivious.

“Cas, man, come on. We’ve got to get the rest of the groceries and get home…” Dean growled out more aggressively than he intended, putting his hand on Castiel’s elbow.

“Sorry, Dean. This man, Daniel, was asking me about good places he could take a date for Valentine’s. I informed him I thought he might be unable to get reservations at this late of a date.” Castiel looked at Dean without a hint of understanding as to what Daniel’s true intentions were.

Dean narrowed his eyes at Daniel and his stupid perfect teeth and short red hair. He knew this game. Hell, he’d played this game, finding singles hovering near the Valentine’s aisle, unattached…attractive…singles. Suddenly, Dean’s grip on Castiel’s arm became more of an open handed, possessive grip than a way to get his attention. Who did this Daniel think he was, flirting with his…Cas…Oh shit. Dean realized he was being jealous when he had no claim or right to be. It wasn’t like he was attracted to…Oh Hell, who was he kidding other than himself? He loved Castiel. He just didn’t have the guts to find out how Cas felt, though he suspected at times….Daniel was staring at where Dean’s hand was still touching Castiel’s elbow. Yeah, asshole, read the signs. He’s mine…Dean thought to himself then he grimaced internally.

“I’m sure Daniel can manage just fine Cas. That’s what Yelp is for…Come on <i>sweetheart</i>, let’s go…” The sentiment had just come out. Dean told himself it was a means to get Daniel to back off…Yeah that was it, because the way he’d been gently holding his elbow hadn’t told Daniel enough. Shit. Castiel followed numbly along behind Dean as they once again made their way down the Valentine’s aisle. Dean pushed the cart with one hand and kept a grip on Cas’ elbow with the other, worried another Daniel might swoop in and try to steal his Angel away again. He only loosened his grip as they got off the aisle. Castiel’s forehead was scrunched up in thought. “Daniel was flirting with you. Couldn’t you tell? I…said that to make him leave you alone…Unless you wanted to…” Dean stuttered out, his face turning red from his nose to his ears.

“Why would I want to flirt with Daniel? I have no romantic attractions to him,” Castiel said as if it was an obvious fact.

“Right…Angels don’t date do they?” Dean murmured out as he gripped the cart with both hands and strode with purpose down the next aisle. Castiel actually had to speed walk to keep up with him.

“That’s…that’s not exactly true…Dean, would you slow down? I can easily keep up but you’re missing things we need,” Castiel said, annoyance now clouding his tone.

“What’s not exactly true? And what did I miss? Oh, coffee…right.” Dean darted down the aisle, grabbing several canisters of coffee and filters. He grabbed creamer and sugar for Cas, who seemed to like his coffee very sweet. As he tossed the items in the cart, Castiel stopped it from moving with his foot on the bottom rack of it. He locked eyes with Dean, his own tight.

“That Angels don’t date. They don’t…I would, but I’m not an Angel’s Angel, remember? Besides, it would have to be the right person…” Cas said neutrally, his eyes dark as he glanced nervously at Dean before he wandered down the aisle as well.

Dean was so confused. This was the last time he brought Castiel along with him when he shopped. Flirtatious men and weird conversations didn’t happen to him when he was alone. He pushed the cart along, looking for Cas. He found him finally, grabbing a pie at the deli and he grinned to himself as he pushed the cart up. “Thanks…” Dean said quietly behind him.

“You’re welcome. Anything else we need?” Cas said as he placed an apple pie in the cart.

“No, let’s check out. Come on.”

After all the bags had been loaded up into the backseat of the Impala, Dean hesitated, his hand on the doorknob of the driver’s side. He looked at Cas, who was contemplatively looking out his window. They were both getting older. Even Cas, who Dean thought would never age. He’d never asked him about that…Dean gripped the doorknob and swung the door open to stick his head in.

“I forgot something. I’ll be right back,” Dean said casually before closing the door and jogging back inside. Castiel nodded once then continued staring out into the night sky.

It was about ten minutes later that Dean returned with something wrapped in several plastic grocery sacks. He shoved the lumpy item in Castiel’s lap before buckling up and squealing out of the parking lot, his eyes only for the road. Castiel slowly ripped off each plastic bag, revealing a plush bee holding a heart that said “Bee Mine”. Cas tilted his head to the side before side eyeing Dean.

“Is this for…” Castel said hesitantly.

“For you….” Dean said quietly, chewing on his bottom lip as he refused to meet his eyes.

“Are you asking me to be your Valentine?” Castiel said, a hint of a smile ghosting across his lips.

“Don’t be stupid,” Dean barked out then frowned as he saw Cas almost pout. “I’m not asking.”

“You’re so rude, Dean…It’s a good thing I love you despite it,” Castiel said softly, his fingers making the bee’s antennae wobble.

“I thank Chuck every day for that, Sweetheart…Now, how do we break it to Sam we’re going out tomorrow without him?” Dean said with a grin forming on his lips.


Season 3 Wishlist

-Allura with magical shite
-Black Paladin Allura
-Bi Lance? Please let him flirt with alien bois too
-Happy Hunk! Safe Hunk! Hunk taking charge of moral and making sure everyone is doing ok mentally and physically now that Space Dad is gone
-Minimal lion hopping, Ik this is a popular idea within the fandom but I kinda feel it lowers the personal connection between Paladins/lions, but I would still love to see it cause it seems interesting
-Shiro to get hugs from all the Paladins when he returns honestly he needs a brake
-talk about earth more? Learn how all the Paladins are feeling, more heart to heart moments with eachother
- Co leader klance, not full blown klance yet I want a slow build up to it
-All the Paladins to be happy and Allura kicks Lotor in the face at least once


denielapple  asked:

Au, hybrid!Klaus meets dragon!caroline in Aspen, she hates the cold, bed sharing happens

I did not get to the bed sharing, sorry! Otherwise this would have gotten l o n g.

Under Night Sky

There were few things that annoyed Caroline more than tourists. Aspen, her current home base, was lousy with them this time of year. They polluted the restaurants, the bars, every single shop in town. She supposed it was good for the economy and she didn’t begrudge her neighbors the profits but that didn’t stop her from being irritated by it. Even worse was that they were all over her mountain. Humans were everywhere, from sunrise to sunset – with a few stragglers who liked skiing in the dark - severely limiting her opportunities to change and stretch her wings.

She was constantly restless, unable to focus, her skin itchy and tight. Even now, curled up in her favorite chair by a fire with a truly excellent smutty novel, she’s cranky. The recent dip in temperature and increase in frigid winds only shortened her already fraying temper.

Seriously, the next drunk frat boy who tossed her a terrible line and expected his stunning wit to earn him a VIP pass into her pants might just get eaten.

Caroline took comfort in the fact that the busy season was almost over. She’d have a couple months to breathe before the summer rush began. That one was always more tolerable because at least she wasn’t cold in addition to being crowded.

She tosses her book aside in frustration, having realized that she’s been reading the same page over and over again. She’d just been getting to the good stuff and it deserves her full attention. A quick glance out the window shows the sun just beginning to set, faint wisps or pink and orange streaking the sky. She usually makes herself wait until it’s fully dark before setting out but maybe, just this one time, it won’t hurt to go a little early. It was a record low for February, surely most of the tourists had called it an early day, were tucked into lodges and cabins with hot chocolate or wine.

She’ll just drive slowly, Caroline decides, standing up and stretching out her stiff limbs. By the time she gets to her spot it’ll be fine. Deserted and private, just her and the night sky.

Later, Caroline will wonder if the decision to break her routine was among the best, or one of the worst, she’s made in her very long life.

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The kids take a second to gather themselves.

Nazz took the easy exit. The writers and artists always went easy on Nazz. She got the least amount of slapstick violence out of any character on this show. The writers didn’t understand how to write Nazz. Still, she felt as if she had so much character with the little background moments or information we got from her character. If there was a full season 6 I think they would have expanded more on her character apologizing to fans for turning her into a dumb blonde. She never deserved that because she is a smart individual.

Jonny’s head is still stuck in the ground. Kevin, Nazz and Rolf are together on this chase. Jonny is alone. This treatment shows you how alone Jonny is. Although the kids include him on their activities they’re only doing so to make the Ed’s jealous. This cold treatment causes Jonny’s mind to slip further into insanity.

Rolf whistles to Wilfred who immediately comes to Rolf’s calls.

“Peel your onions Ed-boy! And cry. There is no escaping the son of a shepherd!”

Wilfred must be the favorite of Rolf’s animals. Does each animals have a distinct calling? Wilfred has a great supporting part throughout the move, but I can’t help but feel that he is only there to show the audience how vicious Rolf is. He treats him like an animal, but not with the respect he used within the show. 

I also wish Rolf’s tractor could have been of use in this chase. 

And they didn’t use the tractor because they wanted to get the lesson out that cars can’t get you everywhere. You have to improvise and rely on your instincts.

“Right behind yah, man!”

Kevin floats in the air for a few seconds. Still, I love this pose. He’s ready to get into action.

Nazz slams the door and runs along with everyone.

See, they ignore Jonny.

The cul-de-sac kids are very cold people. They Ed’s don’t deserve their friendship. The kids mocked the Ed’s destroying their souls. The only reason they wouldn’t be friends with the Ed’s is because they didn’t understand the meaning of being different. 

Middle school is the time where everybody feels they have to be the same. They have to like the same activities, have the same personality, wear certain clothes… being you is tough during that age. That’s why I looked up to the Ed’s and Jonny for being their own person.

Nazz has trouble trying to think for herself. She only goes along with the cul-de-sac kids because she wants to be accepted. These weren’t the kids who she should have been going around with her whole life. They made her be someone who she regrets. Nazz has trouble speaking up for her own rights fearing what the kids may do.

Jimmy and Sarah run into the cul-de-sac to witness the commotion.

I’m surprised that Nazz is so far behind. She LOVES physical exercise. It’s her favorite past time. It makes Nazz feel like herself. Being a tom boy is the best trait on her character. She’s never let anybody change that side of her. Although she does sport more girly looks in season 5.

This box is easily slowing Nazz down. If she were in her regular trademark outfit she’d be up front.

Sarah and Jimmy wonder what the Ed’s could have done this time.

This is the last time we see Sarah and Jimmy in the car chase scene until the very end when it’s all over. I wonder where they were standing to watch everything. Since most of it took place in the junkyard, AKA the best parts, I wonder if they were able to follow along at a safe distance. They’re never seen in the background of any shots

If I could change one thing about this movie it would be how Sarah and Jimmy were handled throughout the story. They deserve more screen time. 

This…this is quite the situation.  First of all, I’d like to express that I’m so sorry for all you’ve been through—but not in a pitying way, of course.  What you need right now isn’t pity, it’s genuine support; and I’m honored and proud that you’ve come to me to receive it.

No one deserves to go through this much, especially at once, but you’re right about one thing:  There’s definitely a connection between us, and I hope I can use that very connection to help guide you through this.

You see…I encountered a very similar rut once I arrived back in Gravity Falls. One little change sparked a sequence of events that I never could’ve envisioned! And in all honesty, I wasn’t quite sure how to deal with the adjustment.  Every day was the same cycle: waking in a home I was unfamiliar with, locking myself in the basement for hours at a time, trying to understand and calm the resentment for my brother that I just couldn’t seem to overcome…all leading up to yet another sleepless night.  

That kind of monotony—it sure does make the days blend, doesn’t it?  It’s the opposite of what a flourishing mind needs.

Conquering it took time, of course, but…it’s just as you said.  Sometimes it’s important to find connections in like-minded people, and you already seem to have taken the first step towards that!  But in my case, there was a second component to feeling this way: And those involved the standards I’d placed on myself for years prior.

Through life, I was always the man on a mission. The one who was “going places.”  Even in the portal, I’d had a job, a motivation, and that was staying alive.  But when I returned to Gravity Falls, I began expecting myself to readjust right away. I assigned myself the position of “hero,” the job of keeping the potential Weirdmageddon in check…But something didn’t feel right.

I realize now that I felt this rut—this discomfort and disappointment in myself—invalidated who I was as a person.  I no longer felt successful or motivated, and like you…felt summer was flying by with no progress at all.  With no success.

But let me reveal something I wish I’d known beforehand:

Summer is not a deadline.

The season may come and go, but there will always be more summers—better summers—waiting just for you. And in between, there’s every fall, winter, spring…Busier seasons, I know, but full of catalysts you would’ve never expected, just waiting to fill your days with intrigue and purpose.

Interests change. Emotions shift.  And sometimes, life unleashes its most devious twists at the times you least expect them.  But you can overcome this. Sometimes all it takes is expanding your horizons, and trying things you never imagined.

Ease in slowly, dig up one small new gem at a time, and trust me, my friend: You’re bound to discover a goldmine.

Never forget your talent and intellect—but also remember that you’re human, too. You deserve to live this life at your own speed, and I’m certain that soon, you’ll get back to the pace you truly enjoy.  

In the meantime, Florida is quite a ways from Oregon, but you’ve already prompted an intense brainstorming session on how I can make a quantum hug transporter possible!  So yes, that’s certainly in the works, rest assured!

In the end…you’re a wonderful individual and I’m flattered that you see yourself in me.

Sometimes all we need is to know we’re not alone.

▽Stanford Pines▽

Rhythmic Gymnasts (currently competing) || Pros and Cons [requested by anonymous]

Some of the points below are generally known and obvious advantages and disadvantages of these gymnasts, but some represent only my personal opinion. I don’t claim to be 100 % right about it. If you’re new, I recommend you to watch their routines yourself and make conclusions on your own. Obviously, everyone has different preferences. And they don’t always fit the judges’ criteria of a perfect gymnast. Which is okay. Sad. But okay. And common.

I’ll start with gymnasts from Ukraine, as I think I have more knowledge about them and, obviously, I pay more attention to them than to gymnasts from other countries. I’ll try to analyze others too, but I can’t promise you to make the post soon.

Team Ukraine

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Under rated Fandoms

You know I realised that now with miraculous ladybug and steven universe and a bunch of other amazing shows been getting so much love lately (yay) but I just wanted to make a post about some fandoms that deserve more love .

The first I wanted to say was star vs the forces of evil ! This show is so good !! I’m kinda surprise the fandom is getting smaller then larger I seriously thought this show was going to explode tumblr (which it kinda did :3) but since this show is on a hiatus it’s been getting less love so I hope when it gets back on more people will share this awesomeness  if you haven’t seen this show please though its cutely animated and has a great sense of humour

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And speaking of magical girls lolirock this show has THE BEST ART STYLE no joke ! its disappointing how much time the show puts in it yet it gets no love ! we don’t even know if there is going to be a 3 season (currently waiting for season 2) so if you want  a cute happy show (yet awesome ) show please check it out

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speaking of this show a lot of voice actors from my little pony :friendship is magic are in it ! speaking of my little pony what happen guys ?? I still watch and love this show but it seems like all the fans on tumblr are gone . There’s only oc’s and ask blogs (not hating I l think there great :3 ) I just wish more people would do art and memes or just there thoughts on the episodes season 6 came out guys !!

Originally posted by thefizzyfilly

last oh but not least wonder over yonder this show is super adorable and just full of great humour if you haven’t seen I would recommend it !! ( like have you seen the songs there :0) this show is awesome but please help it the show only got 2 seasons and tdisney want’s to end like that (though the shows writer had more ideas !) so please help convice Disney to #saveWoy

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if you know any other fandoms that are REALLY AWESOME and deserves more love please tag and reblog to show some love

Danny’s speech is pretty much how I sum up that arc this season.

Yeah the world is dark and full of bad shit and there’s no such thing as a perfect world and it’s naive to view it that way.

But fuck it. It’s yours. So do what you can to make it as good as it can be. Just because it’s hopeless doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least try.

As a wise woman once said, “Fight, because you deserve to fucking win.”

On second thoughts...

I’ve just finished watching twelve for a second time and my thoughts have clarified, so pipe down fangirl, I’m gonna attempt to post something semi intelligent.

We’re right back where we  left off. Daryl Dixon hasn’t just shut down and given up, he’s literally gone back in time to season two Daryl. Beth is cranky and fed up and needs a drink. I can sympathise with all those impulses. I think the most important thing to note is, that just like in ten, he follows her. She gets up and leaves and Daryl silently follows her. Because while he’s stuck in his own Dixon lock down and she’s probably annoying him, he can’t let her get hurt. So our hero is still in there. That’s always been an ingrained part of who he is and he can’t forget it, even though he clearly would like to.

I think one of the driving aspects of this episode is Daryl’s full on regression to what he once was. Not quite season one bad but definitely seeing some season two abrasiveness. In this episode you really get the sense that he hated what he was and at the same point hated the rest of the world too. You can see some serious animosity surface at the golf club. He hates that these people are wealthy, it reminds him of everything he never had. Throwing darts at their heads was hardly subtle.

And when he was picking up the money, I thought he’d had a brain snap. I get it, you were poor and this was the kind of money you’d never dreamed of but the Daryl we’re used to is pragmatic above all else. What good is money in this world? It’s just a symbol but he takes it anyway because part of Daryl had never made peace with his past. Side note: I think he purged a lot of that on the porch scene with Beth.

I was very, very glad that ugly white sweater was destroyed. C’mon, Beth. What were you thinking? And can’t argue with the D-man on the schnapps issue. It IS disgusting.

The first sign that Daryl isn’t totally gone is his reaction to the tears. He can’t ignore it and he deals with it in typical, gruff Daryl way. I think the dude has a serious hero complex. Which works for me in this instance.

They go off to this house that apparently other people know about. Makes me wonder AGAIN why they didn’t have a rendezvous point with food and weapons already set up in case of emergency.  Why, team prison, why?

The insight into Daryl’s life is very sad and you can see that Beth doesn’t really understand a lot of what he grew up with. Really emphasising that they weren’t exactly besties at the prison before they ran off together.  Yes Daryl, the problem with your Dad shooting stuff in the house was that he was damaging the things…. not.

Beth is not the least bit intimidated by Daryl as we’re fast learning. Beth calling him Mr Dixon was legendary.

‘I have never’ had all the potential to be flirty and fun and it was just kind of tragic for Daryl. And he did not like that Jail comment. Yikes! He really just had a full on breakdown. When he decided to use the corner of the room as a bathroom I just cringed because it reminded me of that douche bag from season two in the bar. You remember? The one who deserved to die simply because of the god awful hat. Daryl is not house broken but he’s not that guy and he’s deliberately trying to rile Beth up.

It so obvious that he’s furious about everything. About his life before, about what’s happened since. He was finally happy for the first time and then it was all torn away from him. And his companion is someone he sees as a dependent (She’ll show you, sir) and one of the people he knew the least. It’s got him on edge. I’ve talked about the hug, still brings me shivers. His guilt is tearing him apart and he just needs human contact. He blames himself for Hershel dying but his daughter is, in her own way, telling him it’s not his fault.

The scene on the porch was gorgeous as well. Kinney just knocked it out of the ball park with her acting, there was so many subtle nuances, I just loved her anew. I disagree with Daryl being the last man standing though, god forbid everyone else were to die, because Daryl needs something to stand for! He doesn’t think enough of himself to have come this far by himself and more often than not he’s protecting other people. Daryl is, at the heart of it, a hero. But it’s oh so fragile. Without community and purpose, his identity crumbles. Beth is building that back up, independent to what he’s used to using as a crux.

Finally, I just want to wax poetic about Kinney again. I’ve always thought she was pretty. They’ve never done much to mature Beth in terms of being a woman but when she suggests burning it all down, that smile was perfect. She was unbelievably stunning. And I get it when NR says she’s the candle in the darkness because despite everything she can still glow and smile and look for the positives. That is true strength.

And that’s probably why D’s in love now. I’m calling it, its love. And NR said that when Daryl falls, it’ll be for life. So they’ll be reunited because why build it all up to that kind of scorching crescendo only to not address it, ever again, ever? They wouldn’t.

This has gone on way, way too long but I needed to get it out of my brain. 

Mom set sailing and jumping ship for the right reasons.
  • My mom jumps the ss Captain Swan express:
  • Hook: You are my happy ending *Emma leans in for a kiss*
  • Mom: What the fuck Jmo, can you make it even more awkward? Like really is this supposed to make me fall for this ship even more? Best awkward supposedly true love canon kiss award goes to Captain Swan. I question my life choices when I thought this ship was a good idea
  • My mom sailing all those who are blonde with Regina ships:
  • Regina: I should know better than to trust blondes by now
  • Mom: First Tinkerbell now Maleficent, I'm surprise you didn't have a thing with Elsa.
  • *Maleficent child turns out to be Lily*
  • Mom: Well she did rode the dragon.... Regina is more powerful than we thought. Bitch get shit done. Regina knocking up women like a boss.
  • Zelena is prego let Outlaw Queen sink like the titanic:
  • Mom: this ship has too many holes for me to even care anymore. Like why would Regina drives miles and hours just to lie to your 24/7 frown face when she step aside when you choose Marian bc you have this bullshit honor crap you think you have and even went as far as helping wife when her heart was frozen? Soul mate my ass. I was all for this ship now the roof is on fire and I don't give a shit anymore. Hood, you don't deserve Regina. And there is no excuse I'll buy as of why you had sex with Marian (though it was Zelena) when you didn't love her. That you couldn't re-fall in love bc she doesn't turn you on.
  • Swan Queen is still not happening:
  • Mom: Sorry daughter of mine I still don't see it. Emma isn't deserving of my Regina. I can't unseen the first 3 seasons.
  • Me: *shows spoilers of Emma holding the dagger as if she was a thunder cat and Robin holding Regina back*
  • Mom: its the least Emma could do after never apologizing for falsely accusing Regina of Archie's murder, thinking she has a right to take full custody of Henry though Regina has full legal rights back in season 2, thinking she's a better mother than Regina, not thanking her for saving Henry from Peter Pan bc she was the only one who got shit done, not thanking her for the fake memories, and whatever future bullshit I'm sure will happen. Plus compare to Tinkerbell and Maleficent she not even in the same ball park.
  • Sees sneak peak for next ep and Snowing being attacked by Lily:
  • Mom: never liked these two idiots and their bullshit and deserve Lily to kill them. Everyone deserves to be parents (they should make adopting easier for same sex couples. it would one reduce the number of children who are homeless and the foster system is shit and gay people would make better parents bc they would actually care for the child and not do i for the money) but not everyone is meant be a parent (to all those who killed their children, not a kids person, selfish people, create a child for the wrong reasons (to keep their relationship) and etc) and didn't matter if Maleficent was evil it doesn't justify them at all. I'm surprise Regina isn't as equally as mad at their stupid stunt.
  • Rumbelle:
  • Mom: He's not my beast. Never did or will ship this. This entire season is proving that he doesn't deserve her and can't believe anyone justifying his actions as okay.