it describes what naruto is doing to me

How do you describe your parents?
  • Himawari: Papa and Mama are the best! Papa is a-
  • Boruto: *interrupts* BAKA! Who needs a stupid old man when you have a beautiful strong mama!
  • Hinata: Boruto! That's not nice to say about your father.
  • Naruto: Don't worry Hinata! It's fine..
  • Boruto: I hope the Ramen shop gets shut down.
  • Naruto: Take it back child!
  • _______________________________
  • Sarada: Mama is always there for me and whenever I'm ill, she lays beside me. Whereas, papa will protect no matter what!
  • Sakura: Aw that's nice to say.
  • Sasuke: I will protect here no matter what! Even from that little pikachu banana shaped head brat!
  • Sarada: That's not nice to say about Boruto... I mean....
  • Sasuke: Oh no...he has got into you. Don't worry, my child, I will erase those feelings and let you become free.
  • Sarada: Papa?!!! No, I don't have any feelings for Boruto.
  • Sasuke: Not even one bit?
  • Sarada: I....
  • Sasuke: *activates sharingan* I'm coming for you Uzumaki brat!
  • Sakura: Darling...calm down
  • _______________________________
  • Mitsuki: My papa......let's just say that I have a parent.
  • Orochimaru: *smiles* Im his parent.
  • Mitsuki: My parent has trained me and taken care of me and feeded me and...I'm not sure if I should my parent my mama or my's confusing...
  • Orochimaru: I'm just an amazing parent. *flicks his hair*
  • _______________________________
  • Shikadai: My dad is an hardworking man and he is always here for dinner.
  • Boruto: *interrupts*
  • Shikadai: Buzz off Boruto....
  • Boruto: *fades away*
  • Shikadai: anyways, my mother is......erm...
  • Temari: *gives a scary look to Shikadai*
  • Shikadai: is an amazing woman. I love her to bits. She is so strong with her wind fan. I love my mama...
  • Temari: Hmph *smiles*
  • Shikadai: What a drag.....
  • Temari: You just thought 'What a drag' didn't you, Shikadai?
  • Shikadai: you.....know?
  • Temari: No dinner for you!
  • Shikadai: *cries inside*
  • ___________________________
  • Inojin: My mother is so beautiful and that's how I got these looks
  • Ino: Aw my cute child.
  • Inojin: Papa is so happy to see me all the time. We go shopping and training together.
  • Sai: That's right!
  • Inojin: ...and he always tells me his jokes about mama!
  • Ino: Jokes?! What kind of jokes?
  • Sai: ....
  • Inojin: *whispers to Ino*
  • Ino: *blushes* SAIIIIIIII!!!!!
  • Sai: I should run....
  • ___________________________
  • Chocho: Mama shows me how I am strong and beautiful in every way. My mama tells me that I'm not fat. It's just my curves and I love her home made food. Papa and me always get along. We go to restaurants and eat, we go to parks and eat. We even go to shopping eat. And buy most things from the shop! Even his card got declined!
  • Karui: Are you serious?
  • Choji: Hehe....
  • Chocho: I love them both!
  • ____________________________
  • Kiba's child: Mama is so nice to me. She will always be there to kiss me to sleep and wake me up in the morning. She makes nice breakfast and a warm hug. Me and mama are always studying and training together and my grades are doing very well and my strength
  • Tamaki: I'm glad you like it, my kitten.
  • Kiba's child: Papa is so fun! We go to the park and he lets me ride on Akamaru and we jump from cliff to cliff!
  • Tamaki: Wait, what?!
  • Kiba's child: There was even a time when me, Boruto and papa jumped from the Hokage's faces and we landed on soft bouncy mattress.
  • Tamaki: WHAT?! KIBA?!!!!
  • Kiba: ...gotta go *sprints away*
  • ________________________
  • Metal Lee: Papa and I are always training because we both do it for youth and mama makes me warm and happy. Even when I get nervous!
  • Lee: That's my boy!
  • Metal's Lee mother: My little cute dragon.

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Um what do you think of the scene that Naruto talks with Itachi, says that "I'm more of a brother to Sasuke then you are"

I’m not sure if you bring it up because you are genuinely curious about my opinion—or because you believe it invalidates Naruto and Sasuke’s feelings for each other and you want to show us how wrong we are. Nonetheless, I will answer to both options for the sake of giving you a proper reply. 

It is no secret that Itachi trusts Naruto; he thinks Naruto is the only one who is able to save Sasuke. Simultaneously, he is well-aware of the fact that Sasuke matters a lot to Naruto. When Naruto and Itachi meet for the third time, Itachi wonders why Naruto doesn’t back down and runs away. To his surprise, Naruto yells at him, telling him he needs to find Sasuke. 

This, in turn, brings Itachi to ask Naruto why he is so utterly devoted to helping Sasuke. He tests Naruto’s loyalty by reminding him that his brother is a criminal who left him. Naruto, however, isn’t intimidated in the slightest. No, he actually gets angry, which is indicated by his furrowed brows, proving his dedication to rescue Sasuke. (By the way, am I alone with the impression that Naruto is the prince and Sasuke the damsel in distress that Naruto has to save, lol?) 

Now, if you go a bit back in a story where the element of unreliable narration is used, you can notice the change in words and actions. 

In Naruto’s case, that would be: 
↪ From “Sasuke is my first bond” to “Sasuke is my friend” to “Sasuke is like a brother to me” to “I don’t know what Sasuke is to me,” implying that his emotions are far too great to describe them. We, as the readers, can notice subtle changes. They aren’t brothers because Naruto denied it after Rikudou Sennin mentioned this, and they aren’t friends because Naruto couldn’t answer Sasuke’s simple question what ‘friend’ is to him.

So when Naruto said to Itachi, he is a better brother than Itachi ever was, he didn’t mean it literally. What he actually meant was, “Sasuke is someone extremely dear to me, and I will do anything to reach him. Unlike you who murdered his family and abandoned him.” And by stating this, he proved to Itachi that he will stop at nothing to rescue Sasuke.

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Sasunaru tag!!! (Sorry if this is too much, i get too excided lol) 1,3,14,15,18,19,25,30,38,43,44

hahah it’s not too much , I like to answer!!


1. Who’s the top? 

Naruto of course

3. Favorite multi-chaptered fanfic?

I must say I read so much good sn-ns fanfic ,but somehow this one “Be My Hero” by dmnq8 – wil always be my favourite!

14. Who makes the first move?

Sasuke..Naruto is too shy ,but just in the start… ;)

15. AU fics or Canon verse Fics? Why?

Both ,I can’t choose. Because when it comes about Naruto and Sasuke ,I can read EVERYTHING!!

18. Who walks in on them?

um…Shikamaru? XD

19. Who’s the first person to find out that they’re a couple?

Shikamaru of course! He knew that would come since they were genins!

25. Favorite SNS scene in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden?


30. How is their first time together?

Hahaha it was very funny! Naruto didn’t want to hurt Sasuke and Sasuke yelled at him how he isn’t “girl” hahaha. But in the end, they both very enjoy ,to the point that they did it again….and again… ;)

38. Have you ever cried because of SNS?

idk did I write about it on tumblr but yeah..a lot of time..have you ever? Once I was in depression for 3 days ,I barely eat something, It was so hard for me  ,I can’t handle all Boruto and SP shits..

Even today I’m crying because of them . But in the same time ,they make me so happy ,I can’t describe it…it’s real love man! I really love them ♥

43. When do you think Sasuke realized he loved Naruto?

hmm what I think…

this 100%

44. When do you think Naruto realized he loved Sasuke? 

I think Naruto still haven’t realized that Sasuke isn’t just his friend ..of course he loves him, but..he’s stupid. If he is, he would never marry Hinata.

Buut maybe in final battle …ah Naruto -_-


How do you describe your children?

Hinata: Boruto and Himawari are always playful and a helping hand! They are cheerful and they are so adorable to me. I love them with all my heart! I will protect them no matter what cause!

Naruto: Yes, I agree! My children always smiling and it warms my heart to be lucky to have them in my life! THey will be way stronger than me when they grow up and I can’t wait to see Boruto become the hero of the Hiddem Leaf Vilage.

Boruto: Cut the crap, stupid old man!

Himawari: For five minutes, SHUT UP, big brother!

Boruto: …..ok


Sakura: Sarada is my beautifl girl! She’s strong, smart and a good cooker! I love her so much! I have so much faith in her! Her dream is too become Hokage! I believe in her too! The first Uchiha to become Hokage! I’ll be on her side!

Sasuke: I agree! From her training, I believe she will become stronger and revive the Uchiha clan! She’ll make the whole Uchiha clan proud of her. Even me. JUST PROMISE ME THAT I WON’T BE RELATED TO THAT STUPID UZUMAKI! I DON’T WANT YOU MARRY BANANA SHAPED UZUMAKI. Even if he is my student….


Sakura: Not again….


Orochimaru: Yes, Mitsuki is an experment that has successfully showed me his strength! As a parent, I am proud to raise a young, fine, strong little snake. I believe he will be stronger than his team mates and possibly me.

Mitsuki: ….Experiment?….You mean…

Orochimaru: I’m a fabulous parent!


Temari: Even though I know my son is even more lazy than my husband, which is

Shikamaru: a drag…

Temari: Tsk! Shikadai is a much clever person and with that skill, he will be even more stronger than my husband!

Shikamaru: Yeah..even stronger…

Shikadai: Ugh…this interview..again? What a drag….


Karui: My beautiful butterly will show her true side and fight her stronger enemies! She’ll beat the crap outta them! Just watch when my baby kicks their asses! I will be screaming on top of my lungs and supporting my child!

Choji: My chocolate pudding will be more stronger and bigger than me! It’ll show her beauty! She’s so beautiful and she’s even this strong! I’m grateful that my daughter has opened her wings to us!

Chocho: *eating potato chips* Thanks mama and papa!


Ino: Inojin is a reflection of me! He’s handsome and his eyes are blue just like mine! He is a flower to me! True beauty! I bet he gets all the girls.

Sai: My son..his techinques are improving and he is a little mini version of me. His smile is like mine. Even his sharp tongue….

Ino: …..

Inojin: Hehe…


Metal Lee’s mother (Tenten?): Metal Lee is my precious child! He won’t give up! He will fight until it’s over! I know that my son will be a hero of the Hidden Leaf!



Rock Lee: THAT’S MY BOY!


Tamaki: Kita is smart, ,independent, brave, strong, fearless and beautiful girl that I love to bits! Her future dream is to become Hokage and I will encourage her. I know she will become this strong to fight all her enemies!

Kiba: Haha! My daughter is a cheeky girl! She makes me happy all the time! She can take care of injuries and know how to fight her enimes From the bullies she met at school. She isn’t stubborn like me.


Kiba: I know she will protect anyone. Hehe.. my dreams to become Hokage didn’t come true but I have a feeling thay my puppy will. And even if she doesn’t become Hokage… she will become stronger than anyone else…That’s my baby…

Kita: Even if I don’t become Hokage and Sarada does, I’ll be stronger than the Seventh Hokage and protect the village as the Shadow Hokage and protect…..Sarada if I have to….*blush*

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do you have any naruhina fanfics in mind right now that you could reconmend? i've been deprived of some and really want to read one


okay so:

the rain and sunshine (K)- This fic is so cute, honestly you can’t help but grin at the cheesiness of it! This is written by the amazing akira-tales


the greenhouse (T)- If you’re in the mood for a plant/greenhouse au, this will suit your needs <33 I can’t stress this enough, these two dorks are so great with plants and I absolutely love the idea, so I definitely recommend this! 

under the sheets (M)- this is smut, so be warned if you’re not into that stuff hahaha. This is a really well-written fic, and I really like the roomates au :) so yeah, 10/10 great fic

sleepless nights (T)- THIS. THIS THE CUTEST, MOST ADORKABLE FIC EVER. and guess what? IT’S A MULTI CHAPTER FIC O: amazing. This is written by flowerslut :3c


stereotypes- authored by itsfourfifteen, this is a really well-written fic, and naruto as a motorcyclist is the greatest thing alive. Also doctor Hinata!!! damn, this fic is good. anyways I also reccommend this 


like the back of my hand (K)- OOOOO. no words can describe. All I can say is that this is an adorable fic :3c



the coffee run (K)- akira-tales you’re too op for us with your great stories :’) I always look forward to your fics! ANYWAYS THIS IS THE CUTEST MOST FUNNIEST FIC EVER, NARUTO TRYING TO SPEAK FRENCH IS UIDHSDFHFJ :)))) this is one of my favourite fics, so I also really recommend reading this! 

I really want the job- WOOAAAH. THIS WAS SO GOOD. LIKE HONESTLY. I LOVE HINATA AS A SEXY BUSINESS WOMAN, AND DORKY/FLUSTERED NARUTO O: PLS READ!!!11!!!!!!1!!!11!!!! written by this cool kid itsfourfifteen


philophobia (T)- :’) I died after reading this, rest in peace me <3333 TOO ADORABLE FOR ANYONE TO HANDLE, BUT IF YOU’RE UP FOR IT PLS READ THIS!!! 

instrumental (M)- again, this is written by the glorious journalist298 :) 

working class- latex junkie- THIS COULD EASILY BE MY FAVOURITE! this is just so cute and funny, I know you’ll love it. written by scalding-coffee-cup :^)

working class- scalding hot and bitter- bruh, scalding-coffee-cup CAN YOU PLEASE STOP BEING THE GREAT WRITE YOU ARE, YOU’RE MAKING MY HEART MELT :’’’’’’’’’’’D

I quote I love you (M)- yesss, I’m in love with kibanaru brotp, and this fic made me love it even more <333333 THE NARUHINA IN THIS IS GOOD ALSO!!! please read this, and make sure to favourite the author and story ;)

well these are all I can think of, but I know there are even more great ones out there :) if anyone wants to add any recommendations to this list, please do! :D I hope this helped you anon~ and have fun reading! 

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Your theories are an interesting read but at the end of the day that's all what they are, theories. The original author Kishimoto has never officially stated that the two main male characters are gay but rather friends/brothers with a deep bond and I, like many others, are fine with that and rather take the word of the author over anything else. Obviously you want them to be gay but since that’s not the case in this Shounen manga, I think you will find more enjoyment in the Yaoi manga's/anime's.

Thanks, but I have to correct you. 

Once again.

Your first argument: “Your theories are theories.”

a) Begging the question.
→ Begging the question is a fallacy in which the premises include the claim that the conclusion is true. You basically think XY is true because the evidence for this claim is that XY is true. Assuming the conclusion is true does not constitute evidence for that conclusion.

b)  You are generalising.
→ What do you mean by theories? What are theories for you? You didn’t define that. Of course it is easy for you to shut me up if you generalise like that. I have to enlighten you about the definition: A theory is a system of statements; it serves to describe parts of the reality or explain them and provide prognoses for the future. The same would apply to Sakura’s motherhood. Is that also a theory for you, hm? Define. Explain. Free your mind.

Your second argument: “Kishimoto has never officially stated that Naruto and Sasuke are gay, but rather friends/brothers who share a deep bond.”

a) Straw man.
→ You are implying that Naruto and Sasuke are straight. This is, by the by, incorrect. Kishimoto never stated anything about their sexuality. Thus, your conclusion is false. Furthermore, I never said they are gay; therefore, your argument is a straw man. A constructed argument to make it easier to attack my position.

b) Appeal to ignorance.
→ You assume something has to be true because it hasn’t been proven false.

c) There is nothing wrong with stating their bond is romantic.
→ Like I explained in my post [link], Naruto and Sasuke scrapped the notion through unreliable narration. In the beginning, Naruto says that their bond is similar to a brotherhood. Later on, he corrects this, and says that their bond is similar to a friendship. Especially Sasuke wants to know why Naruto is so determined to help him when they finally find the time to talk after all these years. Towards the end, Sasuke asks him the same question and wants to know what Naruto meant when he said they are friends. Suddenly, Naruto isn’t sure anymore how to answer his question because the feelings he has for Sasuke are too great and deep. We, as the readers, can notice subtle changes. Are they brothers? Friends? Lovers? They aren’t brothers, Naruto denied this. And it can’t be a normal friendship, Sasuke questioned this; id est, there is nothing wrong with assuming that their bond is romantic. 

d) Argumentum ad nauseam.
→ An argument made repeatedly until nobody cares to discuss it anymore. This may sometimes, but not always, be a form of proof by assertion.

Your third argument: “I, like many others, believe Kishimoto.”

a) Argumentum ad populum.
→ A fallacy that concludes that something is true because many or most people believe it. Oh, how many people believe that Trump is going to make America great again? 

b) Authorial intent is not important and lost its original sense. 
→ Roland Barthes, French philosopher, author, and literary critic, published an essay called La mort de l’auteur (English for “The Death of the Author”). He postulates that the author has to be treated as dead from a literary point of view.
→ Intentional fallacy. The problem inherent in trying to judge a work of art by assuming the intent or purpose of the author who created it.
→ Weak intentionalism. Mark Bevir sees meanings as necessarily intentional, but he suggests that the relevant intentions can be those of readers as well as those of the authors. Weak intentionalists emphasise that texts do not have meanings in themselves. They believe that meanings are always meanings for people—albeit the relevant people, whether authors or readers.

Your third argument: “You want them to be gay.”

a) Appeal to motive.
→ You are calling my motives into question, and are implying it played a role in forming my argument and its conclusion. I never said they are gay.

b) A little homophobic, don’t you think?
→ By assuming Naruto and Sasuke are heterosexual, you imply straight and gay people follow a certain behavioural pattern. According to you, unconventional characteristics belong per se to other sexualities. That is, don’t pardon my French, bullshit since there aren’t any guidelines for that, and also, there aren’t any evidences or hints in the series about their sexuality. A marriage proves nothing. If you still don’t believe me, I would suggest you to watch Brokeback Mountain. It’s about two men—apparently happily married—that constantly meet each other secretly and have sex. Newsflash, somebody can be in a heterosexual relationship, but that doesn’t conclude the person is heterosexual.

c) Don’t be so brazen.
→ Didn’t you read [link] my [link] answers? Also, did you ever hear of bisexuality? Pansexuality? Polysexuality? Trisexuality? Bicuriousity? Skoliosexuality? And more???

Your fourth argument: “Naruto is a shounen, not a yaoi.”

a) Sigh.
→ I would advise you first and foremost to learn the difference between yaoi and shounen ai. Yaoi stands for on-screen sex between two guys and maybe on-screen or off-screen romance. Shounen ai stands for on-screen romance between two guys and maybe off-screen sex. With that said, you need to replace yaoi with shounen ai. 

Well, but you are still wrong and talk utter and complete nonsense. Following this logic, I could state the same about your ships. After all, Naruto isn’t a hentai, right? Naruto isn’t an ecchi, right? Naruto isn’t a shoujo, right?

Yet, you see no problems with heterosexual ships; however, you see a problem when it comes to homosexual ships. Why is that so? Why? Since, obviously, you aren’t afraid of love. Does this mean you are afraid of two guys loving each other? Does this mean you hate gays? Does this mean homosexuality isn’t normal and therefore, it is necessary to label certain pieces of work with some sort of warning, so that you and your homophobic little friends know that it contains homosexuality? So that you can distance yourself from such things? Because, you know, that’s what your statement implies.

I've found something interesting!

I have been doing some research in case of Ashura and Indra based from Hindu Mythology, and what strike me the most is Indra’s wife facts.

In the myth Indra is god of lightning

And we all know that one of Sasuke’s main elements is lightning

From here, be ready guys!

According to wikipedia Indra’s wife, Sachi is described as beautiful and having one thousand eyes and associated with lions and elephants.

Let’s compare it with Hyuuga abilities:

Having one thousand eyes = byakugan

Lions = twin lion fists

And we all know the one and only female character in Naruto whose possesed those abilities is no other than …

Hyuuga Hinata itself!

I found those facts are very interesting, even in Hindu Mythology Indra’s wife have similarities with Hinata.

And here is another similarities between Sachi and Hinata found out by our lovely sovereign-tea:

1. They are both the daughters of rulers (in Hinata’s case, her father is a clan leader).

2. Sachi is known as a goddess of insight. Byakugan has renown insight, as mentioned by Kakashi.

3. An alternate name for Sachi is also Indrani. Indrani is depicted as the female shadow of Indra. If the manga draws from this, it would explain why Sasuke and Hinata parallel each other so much.

4. Sachi was a curvaceous woman (enough to make Indra come down from heaven and wife her). So is Hinata.

Well, yeah I got so many SasuHina feels from this, hope you guys feel and enjoy it as much as I do ;D

P.S: please note, this is only a theory that aims to explore possibilities and do not seek to prove or disprove anything.

Also, big thanks to sovereign-tea for allowing me to share another similarities found by her in my post :)

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Could you plz explain how Sasusaku works in Kishi's universe? Does it mean he prefers such an unrealistic couple? From the manga we could see how badly Kishi focused into SS, while some SS even claimed that SS was the main pairing, which is ridiculous, the main pairing is Naruto Sasuke. SS even doesn't have a filler or movie like NH. I think Kishi did Gaiden for fanservice only coz he pitied SS for not being featured in The Last which made SS fans salty and pissed off.

Okay, I’ll break it down for you.

Your very 1st sentence is exactly the kind of mentality I’m talking about; people bashing SS because it’s “unrealistic”. Listen Anon, what are people doing following Naruto if it’s realism that they’re looking for? Naruto isn’t realistic, Sasuke’s situation with his curse of hatred isn’t realistic. People are basing this notion on reality’s standards. Why are they doing that? SS’s relationship cannot be compared to reality because its core elements are supernatural. You’re absolutely right Anon, SS isn’t a realistic couple, because guess what? Naruto isn’t a realistic series, and that’s exactly why SS works in the plot that Kishi has created.

You want me to elaborate on that? It’s because of how the curse of hatred was described, how it was stated to affect Sasuke by turning his love into an even greater hatred, and how it was foreshadowed that Sasuke’s hatred would turn into love, should he be freed from it. That’s what happened, and that’s why SS makes sense in Kishi’s universe and only in Kishi’s universe. If someone tried to write a carbon copy of SS in another story, but completely excluded the curse of hatred, then their canonization would make no sense, because that would indicate that the Sasuke equivalent was completely himself throughout all the so-called “negative development”, and didn’t have “an indomitable hatred that consumed him” (Tobirama’s words in 619), and so therefore there wouldn’t be anything to save him from. That can’t be said for Kishi’s Sasuke, no matter how much the anti extremists try to bend the truth. 

Next, when some SS fans claim that it was the main pairing in the manga, they’re referring to canon pairings. And yes, out of the canon pairings, SS got the most focus, that’s a fact. SNS is a fanon pairing. That’s not saying that SS was “better” than the other canon couples, it just had the most focus.

Next, SS has a manga written by Kishi, that’s more than enough for me. It’s not like a ship having a movie to itself is a prerequisite for it to be credible or something. NH having The Last doesn’t make it better.

Next, The Last was advertised as a NH movie so people knew they were getting a plot focusing on that. However, from what I can tell, the majority of the dissent from SS fans didn’t derive from there being a lack of SS, but because the advertisement for Sasuke was hugely misleading; they made it seem like he’d play a much larger role than he actually did, with how they included him in the promotional artwork and in pretty much every trailer:

Whereas in reality, those trailer appearances essentially illustrated Sasuke’s entire involvement in the movie. This was also probably done intentionally to increase the hype, which makes the false marketing even more irritating. 

But anyway, that’s why SS works in Kishi’s universe Anon. Yes, it’s an unrealistic couple, but people need to stop using that as apparent evidence for it making no sense, because it just shows how little they understand what the show is actually about. To bash a couple such as this, one that has supernatural elements at its very core, and comes from a very supernatural show, for being unrealistic? Yeah, that’s what makes no sense, not SS.

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If Naruto and Sasuke loved each other Naruto would have been a Shounen Ai from the very start. But it wasn't, it was a Shounen, plus there is no Yaoi tag to warn us, so no they never loved each other.

I know right!

I mean, it’s not like Sasuke was willing to give up his goals in the very first few chapters in order to save Naruto. And it’s not like Naruto was willing to give up his dreams in order to save Sasuke. It’s not like Naruto ever worried about Sasuke, alone in his bedroom. It’s not like Naruto continued to worry and care about Sasuke when everyone else was against him. It’s not like Naruto ever got down on all fours, started to cry and beg for Sasuke’s life to be spared. It’s not like Naruto ever wished for Sasuke when he saw a shooting star. It’s not like Naruto found comfort in the fact that his wind element would make Sasuke’s fire element stronger. It’s not like Naruto and Sasuke are Yin and Yang. It’s not like they’re souls are destined to be reincarnated together. It’s not like Sasuke leaving Naruto at VoTE was the equivalent to “ripping off half his body.” It’s not like Sasuke took his damn sweet time to leave Naruto in VoTE after gazing into Naruto’s face for who knows how damn long. It’s not like Sasuke felt that killing Naruto would be most convenient for awakening his sharingan, as one of his most important bonds. It’s not like Naruto and Sasuke were implied to be each other’s “most precious person.” It’s not like Naruto was the only one who made Sasuke really consider his choice to leave Konoha. It’s not like Sasuke smiled the most with Naruto. It’s not like Naruto gets touchy whenever someone claims Sasuke as “theirs.” It’s not like Naruto never betrayed Sasuke to the people who wanted to kill him. It’s not like Naruto ever took a beating for Sasuke. It’s not like Naruto remained lonely when Sasuke wasn’t in Konoha. It’s not like Naruto is the “closest thing [Sasuke] has to a friend.” It’s not like Sasuke got worried when Naruto didn’t show up for dinner. It’s not like he went out to look for him and it’s not like he stayed with Naruto until the early hours of the morning to train with him. It’s not like Naruto and Sasuke’s blood connects them at the end of chapter 698. It’s not like the last battle between Naruto and Sasuke is named, “A battle between love and power.” It’s not like Naruto ever shows signs of being more than just straight—-because it’s not like he only has one girl form for his harem jutsu, but has a multitude of different versions of what Naruto considers a “hot” boy for his reverse harem no jutsu. It’s not like Sasuke and Naruto were hyper aware of each other as children. It’s not like Sasuke was the first to acknowledge Naruto. It’s not as if both secretly admired one another. It’s not as if Naruto thinks Sasuke’s handsome—it’s not as if he explicitly stated that Sasuke was more handsome than another guy and then quickly tried to backtrack after he realized what he’d said. It’s not as if gazing at the “Great Naruto Bridge” with Suigetsu causes Sasuke to actually smile. It’s not as if Sasuke not only chose to protect only Naruto during the war, but it’s also not as if he would only allow Naruto to contribute to his plans even if Naruto is not known to be the brightest bulb of the Team 7 group. It’s not as if Sasuke hasn’t shown an interest in any female before chapter 700. It’s not as if there’s cover art depicting Naruto and Sasuke with matching heart pendents, each with the other’s face on them. It’s not as if Naruto went into a panic attack at the mere thought of losing Sasuke. It’s not as if combining Naruto and Sasuke’s power makes them the most powerful ninja in the ninja world. It’s not as if these same powers aren’t being used in a shoujo movie and it’s not as if the powers used in that movie are considered romantic when they are used between a boy and girl. It’s not as if Kurama said that Sasuke would regret killing Naruto. It’s not as if Naruto and Sasuke’s first kiss was with each other. And it’s not as if Sasuke remembers this kiss when he thinks he’s about to die saving Naruto. It’s not like Kishimoto said in his early days that “Sakura and Naruto are rivals in a way.” It’s not like Kishimoto ever said that “Naruto likes Sakura, Sakura likes Sasuke, and Sasuke has ‘special feelings’ for Naruto.” It’s not as if Naruto ever said, “I’m not even twenty years old yet! No alcohol for me. I don’t even understand this interest in women.” It’s not as if Orochimaru believed Naruto was “changing Sasuke’s heart.” It’s not as if Orochimaru found Naruto’s presence in Sasuke’s life important enough to threaten his plans. It’s not as if Naruto confessed he’d do anything to save Sasuke. It’s not as if Karin described their love as, “love different from the love of a mother.” It’s not as if Naruto admitted to Sai, “I used to hate Sasuke but after he got used to being with him I realized that he’s really a lot of fun…to be around…,” that, “He’s the person, more than anybody else, accepted me and my existence.” It’s not as if Sasuke didn’t leave when Naruto said he wanted to talk to him and listened to what Naruto had to say. It’s not as if Naruto and Sasuke are animated gazing into each other’s eyes with their faces extremely close together in one ending of the anime. It’s not as if, in the end, Naruto was the only one to get through to Sasuke. It’s not as if Sasuke said that he wouldn’t be able to accept anybody but Naruto. It’s not as if Naruto woke up in the second VoTE, looked over at Sasuke and asked if he was in heaven. It’s not as if Sakura, who’s always been infatuated with Sasuke, implies that Naruto is even more obsessed with Sasuke than her when she says, “It’s always Sasuke with you, that’s all you think about!”

It’s not like any of these moments would be considered romantic if either Naruto or Sasuke was a girl.

how rumors begin
  • Ino: She's definitely pregnant.
  • Hinata: H-how do you know?
  • Tenten: Please do not tell me how you know.
  • Ino: That glow, the bounce in her steps, the way she smiles at everyone.
  • Tenten: You just described the day after sex. Not pregnancy.
  • Ino: And she refuses alcohol.
  • Hinata: I don't think Sakura-san drinks much to begin with.
  • Tenten: She was Tsunade-sama's apprentice. I think she was effectively scared away from alcohol.
  • Ino: Trust me girls. It's my womanly instinct. Sakura is definitely pregnant.
  • --
  • Sai: The girls just told me that they think Sakura is pregnant.
  • Naruto: WHAT?! WITH WHO?!
  • Shikamaru: You have to stop asking that. You know who it is.
  • Naruto: I just can't imagine it. My teammates. Sasuke. Sakura-chan. Doing the things only Kakashi-sensei reads about in Jiraiya's books.
  • Kiba: You're dirty if you are trying to imagine it.
  • Chouji: If she's pregnant, then we have to think of what sort of feast to throw for her.
  • Shino: I can use my bugs to detect the pheromones Sakura is releasing to find out if she is indeed pregnant.
  • Lee: Can't we just ask Sakura-san?
  • Naruto: Or better yet, let's go ask Sasuke!
  • Shikamaru: *sighs* You can't just ask people these things.

missbeehaive  asked:

I always thought the same way about SasuSaku. I've been watching/reading Naruto since I was 10, but I re watched it as an adult, and SasuSaku makes a lot of sense. We're talking about characters that evolved thanks to the unspoken link between them. Assume knew that Sakura was one of the reasons why he couldn't become stronger, willing to sacrifice that bond (mostly because of seeing it as weakness) and she grew to be amazing thanks to wanting to bring him back.

missbeehaive said: “So when people tell me that they don’t understand SasuSaku it infuriates me. They say that it’s a set back to bring Sakura down because she settled for Sasuke, but she didn’t. She kept on being herself, as did he. They never stopped being their own versions of themselves, and that’s what is so amazing about the pairing. That even though flawed, they’re still able to love and accept each other. They’re able to forgive, and that’s what Naruto was all about. Forgiveness and acceptance”.

^Couldnt agree more^

In spite of being described as the most talented and popular kids in the village, Sasuke and Sakura themselves are not perfect. They had flaws, they were foolish, they made mistakes and cried like any one of us. This makes Sasuke and Sakura the most realistic characters in the manga. 

Sasuke may look strong, stoic and arrogant from the outside, but deep inside he carried a fragile heart that was forced to automatically lock whenever it detected something called “love”: 

“Do you want me to play love? I don’t have any reason to love her nor she has a reason to love me” - Sasuke Uchiha ch.693 

Sakura, in contrast, may be seen as a weak girl at first sight but actually she was a strong and brave warrior who dares to reach the heart of such a complicated and messed up guy like Sasuke: 

“You still have feeling for someone who tried to kill you. No matter what happens, you still think that it’s your duty to save him from darkness” - Kakashi about Sakura’s love for Sasuke, ch.675

The relationship of Sakura and Sasuke is something greater than a normal romantic love. It’s about sacrifice, forgiveness, understanding and acceptance as you mentioned. Sadly some people, well mostly kids and teenagers who are so well pampered by their parents that they cant understand the message of NARUTO and the unspoken meaning between the bond of Sakura and Sasuke.

Sasusaku is not about cheesy flying words or lovey dovey kisses, it is the “unspoken link” you said, it is the subtlety lying between the lines and behind these on-panel scenes that makes Sasusaku the most controversial yet meaningful bond in Naruto. 

SasuNaru Asks!

In honor of keeping the SasuNaru love going, I came up with some SasuNaru asks for you guys to reblog, ask, and answer. Hope you like them, and have fun!

  1. What is your absolute favorite SasuNaru moment?
  2. Who says “I love you” out loud first?
  3. SasuNaru, NaruSasu, SasuNaruSasu, other?
  4. Sexuality headcanons? 
  5. At what point in the manga did Naruto realize he was sexually attracted to Sasuke? When did Sasuke realize he was sexually attracted to Naruto?
  6. At what point in the manga did Naruto realize he was romantically attracted to Sasuke? When did Sasuke realize he was romantically attracted to Naruto? 
  7. What is their first time like? 
  8. Land of Waves or Chunin Exams?
  9. Orochimaru’s Hideout or the Kage Summit? 
  10. First Valley of the End Battle or Second Valley of the End Battle?
  11. Who steals the other’s clothes and wears them? 
  12. Post your favorite SasuNaru fanart. 
  13. Post your favorite SasuNaru art drawn by Kishimoto. 
  14. Link your favorite SasuNaru fanfic. 
  15. Choose a side-pairing: KakaSaku or ShikaTema? 
  16. Tell me about a time Naruto made Sasuke laugh. 
  17. Describe or Draw a SasuNaru child (Mpreg, adoption, surrogate, whatever).
  18. What is your favorite AU to put SasuNaru in? 
  19. Would Naruto’s parents like Sasuke?
  20. Would Sasuke’s parents like Naruto? 
  21. How does Kurama feel about Naruto’s relationship with Sasuke? 
  22. Who is the first person they tell? Who finds out first? 
  23. Describe Sasuke and Naruto’s favorite things to do in Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. 
  24. Rewrite the Ending, pleeeease.  
  25. Link a song that perfectly describes Sasuke and Naruto’s relationship.
  26. Link a song that perfectly described Sasuke and Naruto’s sex life.
  27. Pretend you are Naruto and write a short poem about Sasuke’s hair. 
  28. What is your second favorite SasuNaru moment? 
  29. Ramen or Tomatoes? 
  30. Do you like Sasuke’s spiky duck-butt hair or his slick-down hair better? Do you like Naruto’s hair shorter or longer better? 
  31. Who bites in bed? 
  32. Who cooks? 
  33. Who denied his feelings longer? 
  34. What is your third favorite SasuNaru moment? 
  35. Who catches them having sex all the time and constantly tries to bleach his/her eyes?
  36. How does Itachi feel about their relationship? 
  37. Hot Spring Sex or Hokage Office Sex? 
  38. How does Iruka feel about Sasuke? 
  39. Describe Taka’s relationship with Naruto once they learn he’s with Sasuke. 
  40. Who threatens to end Sasuke’s life if he ever hurts Naruto? 
  41. What is your fourth favorite SasuNaru moment? (I could keep going with this, there’s like a million SasuNaru moments!!)
  42. What does Jiraiya think about Sasuke? 
  43. Do you think it makes sense that Sasuke doesn’t stay in the village at the end of the manga? 
  44. Do they get married? 
  45. Who’s more aggressive in bed? 
  46. Describe a perfect day for Sasuke and Naruto. 
  47. When they’re training together, who always gets distracted and turns the training into fooling around? 
  48. Which outfit of Sasuke’s is Naruto’s favorite? 
  49. What does Sasuke find the most attractive about Naruto? What does Naruto find the most attractive about Sasuke? 
  50. If you could tell Sasuke and Naruto one thing, what would you tell them?

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Pink Chiffon

Summary: During the day, she wears pink chiffon and nude pumps; her glossed lips curve into an innocent smile. At night, she struts down the alleyway in black stilettos and wears a scowl on her red lips. The pistol is her most expensive accessory.

Pairing: NaruHina

Rating: M

Chapters: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [Epilogue]

AN: Y’all are lucky they got me fucked up at work or else this wouldn’t have been written.

Chapter 6: Diamond Ring

Hinata hadn’t been seeing much of Naruto due to his preparation for the bar exam. When he wasn’t in class, he was seated before a mountain of open books at the library until the wee hours of the morning. When their schedules did align, Naruto would entertain her for a half an hour before falling asleep. When she’d wake him, he’d insist that she stay so that they could catch up or something before slumber would creep up on him not even five minutes later.

For working so hard, Hinata thought she’d make him his favorite; spaghetti and meat balls. That guy was a pasta fanatic so hopefully he’d appreciate her act of kindness. When she reached his apartment, the sound of another woman’s laughter rang out. It made her knees quiver and shortened her breath.

She thought she’d heard it before a very long time ago. Sure, it sounded a little different, but time changes a lot of things; including the sound of a familiar voice. Hinata panicked when the sound of the doorknob reached her ears and she fled all the way down to the other end of the hall and turned the corner.

Her heart was beating a mile a minute, and the brunette bit down on her lip and closed her eyes, trying to keep what was left of her composure. The door finally swung open, and she could hear the woman’s voice more clearly. “Tell me when you get the letter, I’m sure you’ll pass with flying colors, Naruto!”

She could hear his gruff voice give a chuckle. “Yeah thanks. Also, thanks for giving me the invite. But don’t people usually mail these things out?” The woman let out a sigh of exasperation. “I know but I left someone else in charge of it and apparently they screwed up. If you want something done, you’ve gotta do it yourself. Anyway, I’ve got a ton of planning to do. I’ll see you later.”

“See ya!” The door closed, and the sound of clicking heels fading farther away meant that the woman was headed in the opposite direction, which was a good thing. Hinata waited a moment before turning her head around the corner to catch a glimpse of this woman, but all she caught was long blonde before it disappeared behind another wall.

The voice, the blonde hair; it sent a shiver up Hinata’s spine. But maybe it was a coincidence. Maybe she was just hearing things right? That could’ve been it. Things had gotten a bit stressful for her at work lately and she herself was so sleep deprived and hopped up on caffeine that she was a bit delusional, and that was okay. The remedy for that would be a nice long nap curled up in her own bed.

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My Long Ass Boruto Movie Review...

Despite the inevitable tension and two sided-ness that run rampant between the main ships in this fandom, I’m going to post my honest thoughts about the Boruto movie as if none of that shit exists. Just to clarify I am both an NH and SS fan, so yes my opinions will favor both in most circumstances. With that being said, I will start with this:

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so i rewatched rtn for some reasons. then i just realized how cute this scene tho

 when sakura asked naruto whether sasuke’s personality also changed just like their other friends. naruto just calmly goes “nah he’s pretty much the same arrogant bastard”.  

but what made me lol’d so hard was when sakura just simply replied with “I see”. :)) i mean do you guys remember before how sakura’s always ready to beat naruto into pulp everytime he attempts on insulting sasuke. but in this scene of the movie, sakura was so calm and just goes along with it. she was like “Yup. That’s Naruto. That’s how he describes Sasuke. There’s nothing i can do about it”. It’s so cute though haha

I take it you like me too?

I want to make two things very clear: I am not a writer, this was simply a smallish HC that was bothering me so I decided to write it. Go easy on me. I know it kinda sucks. Also, this is not my preferred way of how they end up together. Just a cute one shot

He started noticing his feelings for Naruto after their battle was over. When his mind was finally clear and he could focus on other things. Like the way his skin tingled whenever Naruto put his arm around his shoulders. Or the way his stomach would drop whenever the blonde would smile at him like he’s the sun. Or whenever he’d get, let’s say, an “inconvenience” in his lower region during their sparring. Which happened quite frequently, much to the raven’s dismay (and pleasure, too).

He denied himself as long as he could that he felt attracted towards his best friend. Telling himself he was just confused, because of all the time he had spent focused on becoming stronger, instead of focusing on his raging hormones, and because he finally felt satisfied with his goals, he didn’t know what to do with all the pent up sexual frustration. He had to discard that theory as soon as he realized that it only happened with the blue eyed boy. That no matter how physically close he got to anyone else, no matter how much he tried to think of anyone else while his hand was wrapped around his cock, male or female, it didn’t turn him on as much as Naruto did. Or at all, really. Only Naruto’s muscular, tan body. Only naruto’s plump, peachy lips. Only Naruto’s tight, round ass. God, his ass made him think things one should never think of concerning their best friend. But he was only human, after all.

As Sasuke walked through the streets of Konoha, headed towards Ichiraku’s Ramen, he thought about the day he finally admitted to himself that he didn’t just want to fuck Naruto, but also wanted to hold him, kiss him And claim him whenever he wanted. He remembered the way he punched the wall of his room and bit back a scream. He could deal with sexual attraction, but he couldn’t deal with the way he’d feel whenever Naruto complimented Sakura, or spent too much time with Kiba. He couldn’t handle the way his blonde would give Gaara all his attention when the red head visited. He couldn’t handle the pang of jealousy and hurt he felt when he realized that Naruto would never feel the same. Because Naruto had been in love with Sakura his entire life and now that he wasn’t focused on bringing Sasuke back. He’d probably try to win Sakura over. Maybe even marry the Hyuuga girl, whatever her name was.

What hurt the young Uchiha the most is the little drop of hope that spread throughout him whenever Naruto stared at him for a bit too long, almost lovingly, like he couldn’t believe he was back. Or when Naruto chose to spend his afternoon with Sasuke instead of going out with his friends. He hated how his heart skipped a beat when Naruto said his name, with that breathy tone he had. But deep down he knew the feelings would never be reciprocated.

Which is why he tried to keep himself away from Naruto, he really did. He tried to avoid the blonde and ignore him. But that boy was nothing if not determined. And he’d knock on sasuke’s door till he answered. And say something along the lines of “fuck you teme” then proceed to smile at him that one million dollar smile. Pushing past Sasuke and making himself at home at the Uchiha compound.

Sasuke stood infront of the restaurant where he’d meet Naruto for their weekly dinner together. They’d been doing this for some time now. Despite sasuke’s protests that ramen wasn’t real, nutritional food. As soon as he set foot on the restaurant his eyes fell on a head with blonde hair. And he felt his blood run cold when he realized what was happening.

Naruto was embracing Sakura. Rubbing her back affectionally. Tan, strong arms wrapped around her waist. While her delicate but toned arms were around his back, telling him something that made him smile softly. It looked too intimate to be friendly. And Sasuke knew he had to get out of there as soon as he saw Naruto plant a kiss on the girl’s head. He turned around, vision blurry and chest tight. And walked out of the place without saying a word. Naruto hadn’t noticed him. Or at least he hoped he hadn’t.

How could he be so stupid? Why did he really think there was a chance that Naruto would feel the same about him? He shouldn’t have let himself hope. Shouldn’t have accepted his feelings. Shouldn’t have let them get this far. He walked quickly towards his apartment. Ignoring the way people on the streets looked at him with confusion instead of the usual fear. He didn’t look back, didn’t hear all the noises around him. Just the sound of his heart beating against his chest. And feeling the way his throat closed on him, making him gasp for air softly. He walked until he reached his home, walking in and sitting on the ground, vision blurry, sliding his back against the wall.

Naruto patted his friend’s back lovingly. Kissing her hair softly and murmuring a thank you. He had run into her while waiting for Sasuke to show up. Since he was 10 minutes early. And poured his heart out to her as soon as she asked him what was wrong, claiming she knew something was bothering him from the look of his face. The blonde had admitted his feelings for his best friend. Fully expecting her to freak out and knock him out with one punch. But she had smiled at him, eyes wrinkling at the edges. And told him that she knew

“How did you know?” He had whispered. Looking anywhere but at her eyes, cheeks a faint shade of pink. Head hung low in embarrassment. She had reached across the table where they sat and padded his whiskered cheek.

“You look at him like he’s the sun, I don’t know how he doesn’t see it” Blue eyes widened slightly, he didn’t know he was so obvious.

“And you.. You’re okay with this? I thought you liked him” Sakura shook her head, glancing at naruto’s shaky hands. “I realized I wasn’t the one for him as soon as I saw the way he looked at you”

“The way he looked at me?” The pink haired girl nodded, eyes shining with affection towards her friend. She was so glad he was finally coming to terms with how he felt about Sasuke. It needed to be done, for them to be happy. And she wouldn’t let the feelings she held for the Uchiha in the past get in the way.

Naruto’s eyes widened with curiosity after her statement. He titled his head to the side in adorable confusion and scratched the back of his head.

“What do you mean?” His voice had come out a bit squeakier than he had intended. His friend giggled.

“He looks at you the same way you look at him. Naruto it’s, it’s one of the most intriguing things I’ve ever seen. You both think no one notices. And stare at each other when the other isn’t looking with something that can only be described as .. ”

“Don’t you dare say it” The blonde groaned, interrupting her. “Sasuke doesn’t love me, he doesn’t even like me. He’s not gay”

“And how can you be so sure?”

“I am. Ican’t do it Sakura. I know how you feel about him. I know how Hinata feels about me. I know he won’t like me because I’ll never be good enough for him. I’ll never be able to make everyone happy if I try”

Sakura glared at him, making him flinch. Her face softened when she realized how hurt the blonde looked.

“I don’t hold feelings for him. And I think Hinata likes Kiba” she stopped him before he could interrupt her. “Besides, Naruto.. For once, understand that it’s okay to only make one person happy sometimes. And it’s okay if that person is you”

Those words struck a powerful lightning through Naruto. It’s okay if that person is you. He had spent so much time being worried about who’s feelings he could hurt in the process. He didn’t realize how much he had hurt himself.

“Besides, you’ve helped this village plenty of times already”

Naruto smiled softly, and then hugged her and kissed her head. Chatting with her about her latest patient in the hospital. Looking away from her. His face turned to a frown as soon as he saw the clock hanging on the wall. Sasuke was late, he never was.

“I wonder where Sasuke is. He’s never this late” The pink haired girl nodded in agreement. Glancing at the clock her friend was staring at.

“Sasuke-kun came in a few minutes ago and left immediately. He looked quite upset, though” A brown haired girl said, before turning her attention back to her friend.

Confusion was written across both of the shinobi’s faces. “Why would Sasuke come in and leave looking ‘upset’?” Naruto mumbled. Sakura looked extremely confused for a second. And he actually saw the way Sakura suddenly freezed.

“Oh my god, Naruto. He saw us hugging. He probably thought it was intimate, oh my god” she said, her cheeks stained with a rosy blush that clashed with her pink locks. Mouth hanging open.

Blue eyes widened “No, no that can’t be” although it could, it could be because why else would Sasuke leave?

“Naruto, go” the blonde didn’t need to be told twice. He stood up, heart stammering in his chest. And walked out of the restaurant at a high speed. How could Sasuke be so foolish? How could he believe there was anything between him and Sakura ? Was it possible Sasuke liked him back? Loved him back? He was going to find out. He couldn’t live like this anymore.

He ran through the streets of his town and saw the Uchiha’s house come to his view. His heart properly skipped a beat, perhaps two. Before he let out a long breath and walked to the door. Knocking on it.

After 10 seconds of no reaction. He tapped the door with his knuckles again. A bit harder this time. Shifting his weight from one foot to another. Biting his lip in frustration. He knew the bastard was inside, he could sense him.

Sasuke was inside. Sitting on the floor of his hallway with his back pressed against the wall. He was breathing heavily. Trying to fight the anger, the hurt and the disappointment that spread its way through his chest. He held an unopened bottle of sake in his hand. Fingers gripping the bottle tightly, wondering if he should just open it, just for the night.

His train of thought was stopped by the constant knocking on the door. He knows it’s Naruto, because it’s loud and persistent just like the boy is. He felt his chest tighten when he remembered what he saw in the restaurant, and any desire of opening the door as the blonde knocked again completely left his mind. He cannot see him right now, he cannot face him, because the Raven isn’t sure he’ll be able to keep his cool stoic mask this time. Not this soon anyway.

You see. Sasuke’s plan to ignore Naruto till he left would have worked, if he hadn’t forgotten to lock his door and if Naruto wasn’t persistent enough to walk in as soon as he picked up on that fact. Onyx eyes widened. And he tried to get up, tried to get away and hide (yes, he was desperate) but blue eyes found his before he could even move. Blue eyes filled with worry, fear and something else Sasuke couldn’t quite place.

“S..Sasuke” it sounded so soft and broken the Raven barely heard it. And he watched as Naruto took a step forward. He closed his eyes for a second. Trying to calm his heart so he could give the blonde an excuse as to why he didn’t show up. He looked at him, raising a thin brow, and cleared his throat softly.

“Yes?” Naruto looked away, mumbling something under his breath. Sasuke tensed. Why was he acting so strange? His blonde brows were furrowed and he looked 5 seconds away from crying. He couldn’t possibly know, right? He hadn’t seen Sasuke walking out, had he?

Naruto looked at him again, and took a deep breath as he closed the distance between them, kneeling infront of him. Sitting and crossing his legs. Sasuke was painfully aware of how close their faces were. He could just - no, no he couldn’t.

“Why didn’t you come, Sasuke?” Naruto finally spoke after about three minutes of silence. His blue eyes were staring at black ones that looked equally as afraid as he felt.

“I felt … sick and decided to stay here and rest” he swallowed the lump in his throat and looked at Naruto, trying to convince the blonde.

“That’s a lie, Sasuke. I know you came in and left” his words were even shakier than before, he just wanted to lean in and claim the lips infront of him.

Sasuke’s entire body froze, crap, he knew. What could he say? Naruto was going to see through all his lies.

“You left when you saw me hugging Sakura” Sasuke was certain he had never been so terrified in his entire life.

“What? N.. NO!” He tried to get up but naruto’s hands were quickly placed on his shoulders. Holding him down.

“Sasuke, it’s .. It’s not what you think. Let me just ex-”

“No! No Naruto, don’t .. Just.. Go back to her, you finally have her.. So just go back.. To her” each word felt like poison on his tongue, he didn’t want Naruto to do any of those things, he wanted him to stay and tell him he loved him. He wanted his best friend to feel the same way he did. He struggled again, trying to break free from Naruto’s arms. The bottle of sake fell from his hands, landing with a thump.

“No Sasuke, listen to me! This isn’t what you think it is” Naruto strengthened his hold of the boy infront of him. Who continued to struggle and flashed a glare at him. He didn’t need this, didn’t need Naruto feeling sorry for him when he found out how Sasuke felt. What if he was disgusted? What if he never talked to him again?

“You finally have her Naruto! After all these years of wanting her you finally have her! Now go back! Don’t make her wait any longer!” Sasuke yelled. Voice breaking halfway through. And he finally pushed one of the blondes arms off of his shoulders. Just when he was about to get up, Naruto yelled.

“She’s not the one I want!” He stopped his actions. And sank back to the floor, refusing to meet the sapphire eyes he loved so much.

“I want.. She was just giving me advice.. About who I really want.. And now I’m going to do what she told me to. Which would have worked smoothly if you hadn’t had a jealousy breakdown” Naruto said.. Inching closer to him… black eyes widened. What was he doing? Why wasn’t Naruto punching him if he knew how he felt? Why wasn’t Naruto disgusted by him being jealous? What was he saying about wanting someone back?

He felt a forehead lean against his. And his breath effectively caught in his throat. A blushed Naruto was staring at him with worry. And the hands were on his shoulders once again, but much softer than before.

“You.. I want you and you drive me crazy because I don’t .. Know if you want me back” The blonde’s voice sounded more hoarse and broken than Sasuke had ever heard it. With every word he spoke his breath tingled against creamy porcelain skin. He knew what Naruto was going to do, he had heard Naruto’s words but he refused to believe what he was hearing.

“Sasuke, can I kiss you?”

Sasuke could only nod his head. Eyes glued to the pair infront of him. He licked his lips expectantly. And Naruto looked at them, biting his own.

He closed the remaining inches between them, and locked his lips with Sasuke’s in a soft kiss. It lasted about five seconds and they never closed their frantic eyes. When Naruto was about to panic, Sasuke surged forward and kissed him again. Their lips began moving this time, eyes never leaving each other. And it wasn’t until Naruto’s hands were on Sasuke’s face that they closed them.

Sasuke’s entire world had stopped the second Naruto had kissed him. He had wanted him for too long, and it was fire, and lightening and everything it could be. But the kiss had ended too soon. And he had seen the feeling of panic flashing in the eyes infront of him. So he quickly leaned in and kissed those plump lips again. His stomach curling deliciously when Naruto began kissing back. And they stared at each other. Feelings of hurt, regret and so much more clouding their visions. Until tan hands cupped his face. And he closed them. Allowing himself to get lost in the feeling. His hands moved to grasp the orange jumpsuit the boy wore, trying to bring their bodies closer.

Naruto got the message. And sat on the Raven’s lap. Feeling the other gasp against his mouth. So he took the chance to lick Sasuke’s bottom lip, waiting for the other to open his mouth. Sasuke did, and he slid his tongue inside. Tongue exploring the hot cavern until Sasuke’s moved his own tongue and they touched. A small groan from Naruto melted away Sasuke’s insecurities. And he pulled the others tongue on his mouth. Sucking on it. Naruto moaned louder this time. Hands moving to jet black hair and gripping on it. And he thrust his hips forward.

They both moaned needily when their hardening bulges touched deliciously. Sending shivers throughout their bodies. And the kiss moved from soft and nervous to needy and desperate.

Sasuke’s hands moved to Naruto’s ass. Cupping the firm cheeks and squeezing tightly. Naruto’s toes curled at the sensation. Rolling the blonde’s body so their cocks would touch again. His body trembling with desire. Naruto wanted him back, he wanted him back and Sasuke had never felt so happy in his entire life.

Their bodies ground against each other harder and faster. Pants and needy moans were swallowed by each other’s mouths. Finally the need for air became a problem. And Sasuke broke their kiss, latching his mouth directly to the tan neck infront of him. Naruto moved his head sideways, giving Sasuke more access as the latter sunk his teeth into the spot above his collarbones and sucked. Naruto arched his back. And Sasuke licked the bruise before kissing it.

“I take it you like me too?” There was a slight blush on tan cheeks as he spoke. Eyes staring into sasuke’s. The puffs of airs from their pants mixing.

Sasuke smiled, and brushed his nose against Naruto’s in an Eskimo kiss.

“Hn.. Usuratonkachi”

Pink Chiffon

Summary: During the day, she wears pink chiffon and nude pumps; her glossed lips curve into an innocent smile. At night, she struts down the alleyway in black stilettos and wears a scowl on her red lips. The pistol is her most expensive accessory.

Pairing: NaruHina

Rating: M

Chapters: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [Epilogue]

Chapter 4: Lace Panties

“What the hell was that!?” Naruto hissed, throwing his arms up in frustration. Ever since he took Hinata back to his condo, he’d been pacing around his living room while Hinata calmly sat on the sofa. Her hands were folded in her lap and her eyes were closed, as if she were in deep thought. She was like this ever since they arrived, and her growing silence increasingly annoyed Naruto.

He was doing his best to stay calm, but how could he? There was a murderer sitting on his couch right now, and she wasn’t answering any of his questions. Was she ignoring him or something? Because that was really going to earn her some points with him.

He gave a frustrated sigh but continued to pace around the room. “I just – I can’t believe –! When were you gonna tell me you were a murderer?” Hinata’s eyes shot open to find his cerulean ones, and she frowned.

Her position on the couch never changed though – she was as poised as ever. “That is not what my occupation is.” Her voice was as soft as usual and that was a bit unnerving to Naruto. How could she tell him such a boldfaced lie like that when he had watched her murder someone with his own two eyes?

Naruto pinched the bridge of his nose and the sigh that escaped him came out a little too exasperated. “Okay. Then help me to understand what exactly it is that you do.”

The dark-haired woman before him crossed her legs and closed her eyes once more, trying to find the right words to describe her occupation. “I’m a delivery girl… of sorts.” She answered and Naruto was even more confused.

He released the grip on his nose and slightly cocked his head to the side, his brow raising in question. “So, you deliver people?”

Hinata shook her head. “No. Not very often anyway.” His eyes narrowed. She didn’t want to outright tell him that she was some sort of mishmash of a part-time hitman and drug dealer for a woman who treated her as if she were her own child. That would be way too complicated to explain and it’d be such a long story. Hinata thought she’d try to make her job sound a little less… vicious. “I work under a drug lord. At night, I get sent out to deliver goods to our clients – much like a pizza delivery boy or something.”

The blond could feel his eye twitch slightly. “So you go out delivering weed?” Her gaze sharpened under three seconds flat. Had he offended her?

No, I don’t go out delivering little baggies of weed – this is high stakes. My team gets called to deliver cocaine, opium, LSD, meth –”

Naruto’s hands clasped onto his head. “Oh my God! I’ve been dating a drug… delivery girl who’s also a hitman!”

She shook her head. “I’m not a hitman. I mean, killing is in my job description, but my main objective is to deliver the goods and collect payment. Best case scenario is when our client gets their order and we get our money and go our separate ways.”

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This guy deserves some recognition

Ignoring all the shit that happened, now that it’s finally over, I thought of one character we should talk about instead. A character that actually, actually got his character arc completed in 700+10 with dignity intact. 

I’m talking about Kabuto.

Think about it. He’s been there since the start of the chuunin exams, has never been irrelevant, and got what his heart desired in the end. I think it’s lovely.

He starts out as this weak-ass eternal genin who seems like the nice senpai, supporting team 7. Then he does a 180 (in my opinion one of the best wtf moments I had while reading, bc it fit snugly with the plot and no one saw it coming) and reveals himself as Orochimaru’s spy, killing another Konoha ninja with no remorse whatsoever. 

Then we see him standing just one step behind Orochimaru throughout the entire manga, helping him in the Tsunade+Jiraiya+Naruto vs Orochimaru fight and being a good opponent for Naruto to show off his new skills and determination. 

He acts just as creepy but in some ways, he’s even worse than Orochimaru bc we thought he was the good guy, and now he’s doing god knows what to Sasuke as well as helping Orochimaru find eternal life. 

When Sasuke kills Orochimaru, what does he do? Well he gives himself a power-up and joins the war on his own terms, proving his skill and resourcefulness. To put it shortly, he goes from wuss to creepy side-kick to badass. 

And then the highlight of his character arc: the fight against Itachi and Sasuke. Basically, if Kabuto isn’t taken down, Naruto and Co. are gonna suffer badly. Most likely they’ll all die. Which means Kabuto is pretty damn interesting as a competitor for the title of “most important villain”. 

We get his back story. How he was an orphan (ofc duh) who was taken in by the Mother of Fire country’s one and only orphanage. And what does he do? Well besides being a cute as fuck kid he decides to join Orochimaru because he thinks it’s the best thing to do. It probably isn’t but oh well, he joins Orochimaru in search of who he really is. He wants to find himself but along the way he becomes more and more like Orochimaru, which Itachi calmly points out.

Funnily enough, Itachi has screwed up most things in his life but Kabuto’s redemption is something he can take 100% credit for. No talk no jutsu here, but instead a chance for Kabuto to realize things on his own and “find himself”. And when he does find himself… why he joins the good side and saves Sasuke’s life, of course. Aka still relevant.

I was wondering what happened to him after ch 700, but then 700+10 neatly completed his character arc, still in character, and doing what he wanted secretly within his heart.

He became a Father. 

I think it’s beautiful. Best dad award goes to Kabuto bc all the other boys suck at being fathers (well maybe not Chouji, Sai, and Lee… damn that kinda means it’s just Naruto and Sasuke who suck, how weird). I will use a Swedish idiom that perfectly describes my feelings: Narudad and Sasupapa - throw yourselves into a wall, Kabuto owns you. And that is all I will say on the matter.

Canon SS is a thematic failure and it cannot be redeemed.

Once again I begin with some qualifications. For example I am a NS fan But I understand where one can be a supporter of NH based on matters of interpretation. Granted due to my own reasoning and my suspicion that this manga will indeed end the romance subplot I think NH folk have taken the wrong path in their interpretations, that in addition to overzealous Hinata warriors makes me not a fan of NH

SS on the other hand is artistically shite (gave it some of that British spin) and it has been shite for so long it cannot be redeemed artistically.

Surely the fans can enjoy their perception of it if it actually turns out to be canon. and continue enjoying fan fic. But the product on paper is horrifically executed to the point where its absurd.

Seriously the last chapter is the first time Sasuke has talked to Sakura without being a dick. In between this and his “thank you” in part 1 nothing was exchanged between them besides him trying to kill her three times.

If you didn’t know I was talking about SS and I described a relationship like that to you and then said it was romance you’d be like “wtf?”

Now I am not even saying romance in Naruto is particularly grand. Still SS if it’s even a real thing at this point is the low point of this manga bar none.

Let me offer an explanation to why SS stinks, when interacting with SS fans the themes and motifs they praise do no translate to what has been depicted on the pages.

The themes SS fans seem to enjoy or the hypothetical themes and tropes Kishimoto is supposed to be using are not being executed in the story.

When talking about SS with fans, by SS I mean in a romantic context, the interaction between two characters, the intimacy between the two characters two themes frequently come to surface.

Patient love: (sorry NH SS had this first)

Bad boy redemption:

Patient love:

There is this perception that  Sasuke is returning to Sakura’s unwavering love like some WW II vet who returned to his sweet heart after storming Normandy.

The love interest has gone through troubled times and returns to his devoted partner.

This is an ancient theme I’m sure you’ve heard of Odysseus

When you see those kinds of stories, the patient love stories that SS is supposed to somehow be about in books or movies the dude, the target of affection thinks about the girl he has left behind

There may be flashbacks of their first kiss, their first time together, perhaps the soldier or journeyman carries a locket with the girl’s picture  close to his heart.

The point is it’s portrayed by the author that the love interest carries the memory of the girl with him.

I beg someone, anyone, to show me a single panel in the 681 chapters of this manga of which we are heading towards the climax, where Sasuke thinks of Sakura on her own based on what she means to him platonic or otherwise.

Just give me one, yeah I get the argument is Sasuke’s romantic feelings are ambiguous, but they’re not supposed to be non-existent.

The bottom line is Sasuke went off for three years has been close to death numerous times, didn’t think about Sakura alone ONCE. You would think if he were suppressing his emotions or even unconsciously in love, He would at least miss her company.

Then when they are reunited he treats her like shit. Almost killing her up to three times, talking down to her etc etc

Kishimoto has to disregard thousand of years of cohesive storytelling to pretend SS works on that level.

Bad boy redemption:

The reason this fails is simple, to this point in the manga Sakura has little to no influence on Sasuke’s redemption. Right now the largest contributor is Itachi and with Naruto’s recent “my body moves on it’s own” jibe/insight that seemingly agitated Sasuke its pretty much confirmed the rest is up to Naruto.

Sakura’s love has not and will not be the deciding factor in Sasuke’s redemption. The reality is Sakura has had little to no impact on Sasuke since she failed to get him to stay after her confession in part 1.

Even if recent chapters show us Sasuke cares, he doesn’t care enough, Sakura’s love which is supposed to be this praiseworthy thing doesn’t mean jack shit to him for the majority of the story. Please prove to me otherwise, show me where his knowledge of Sakura’s love has changed him in anyway, has made him make a different or difficult decision, has deterred him from a dark path.

It in all honestly it succeeds more in portraying where love can go wrong, where the heart can blind.

SS fails in everything its supposed to be

Finally I also want to say strong independent woman Sakura is not a SS thing. It actually contradicts the whole concept of a strong independent woman to say that her love for Sasuke is solely what made her strong and not her own independent will.

It also seems to contradict how Sakura seems to hang her head in shame every time Sasuke barks at her.