it describes every one of them so well omg

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Wo ok! I got really excited when I read it so let's see. He has black hair, kinda messy, but lately he has been styling it upwards. The most playful eyes you could ever stare. Little acne scars, because you know, puberty. Pale skin, which I love, because when it's cold, it turns paler than usual. His hands are something that you would like to hold forever, because they are so big and bony. Omg.his lips I can really say he has some thick lips. Unfortunately, I'm not the one kissing them🙃❤️ haha,

</3 the end was so heartbreaking……….. ah well , love comes in all shapes and sizes , and this really makes me happy when I read them. I love how yall can describe your crush’s every little detail so nicely! it gives me tingles <3