it definitely made me cry though

You ask me time after time, and I tell you no, that I’m not ready for anything more. But you beg and beg, and ask me why I won’t. “I just don’t want that to be all you want” I say, looking away from your face. You take my hand and I slowly look back up at you. “That’s not all I want, that’s definitely not all I want. I’m happy just being with you” you say. Even though I know it’s true, I can’t help feeling as if I’m going to cry. I lay back down on your chest and hold back that sick feeling. “I won’t ask you anymore. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.” I half-smile, like one of those smiles when you’re pretending to be okay, but on the inside you’re crying. “It’s okay”, I softly reply. Those were the words I needed to hear. Now, if only those were the last words I heard. Soon enough, you ask just one more time, and I reply with the same answer. No, I can’t, and I won’t. The whole thing scares me. It’s not that I don’t love him, it’s not that I wouldn’t do anything and everything for him, I’m just not ready yet. He needs to understand that. And I’m afraid that if I don’t do it, I’ll lose him. I’m afraid that if I keep saying no, he’ll eventually leave me for someone else who will. These worries flood my mind all the time. And although I know it’s not true, he wouldn’t leave me like that, I’m still afraid because I don’t know. I can’t afford to lose him. And if he really loves me like I know he does, he would understand.
—  I just don’t want to lose you… 3.24.17

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Ok I need to say something.Recently a person hurt me very deeply cause I was a Muslim and I had got really very sad but then I came to your account and when I read the funny asks and when I re-read your comic I instantly became happy so I would like to request you to never stop writing or answering asks.You made me smile when I was crying.Please even when the Au ends keep on doing something anything to make people laugh and love.I know I'll be facing more days where I'll be hurt cuz of who I am.

I’m very sorry that someone hurt you just because you’re Muslim D:
That’s totally not cool!
I’m glad though that my comic and the asks were able to cheer you up ;w;
Stay strong!!!

There are so many great fics out there that need to be recognized! If you find something you like on this list, be sure to show it the appreciation it deserves with likes, reblogs, and messages to the author! I hope you can find something to enjoy, and remember that if you’d like me to see your work, be sure to tag me in it!

Just a reminder that no all/mostly smut fics will be added. If they’re part of a series I will link non-smut parts.

For a Sam girl, I read a lot of Dean fics.

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Something more for the Psych au ! This line is something Lance would definitely say in canon, I know it. (I don’t remember which episode it was though …)

Also, I saw people enjoying this au and I’m really happy  (⁄ ⁄u⁄ω⁄u⁄ ⁄)
So send me your headcanon for this au ! I’ll be glad to read/share it ! (I’ve got my owns that I will post later :3c )

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if i was an elsewhere student, would the safest name for me be the one with a very negative association? like, for example, the name of the kid who shoved his hand down the front of my shirt in the seventh grade, or the last name of the teacher who made me cry too many times?

In terms of the Gentry, yeah! It would definitely be up there as a safename, in terms of something that would probably never fit right. In your day to day life it might suck, though.

First Thoughts on the Anastasia Broadway Cast Album

So I grew up watching Don Bluth’s Anastasia, like a lot of people, and it’s now definitely one of my favourite movies of all time. I’m also a huge theatre geek, so when I first heard whispers about an Anastasia broadway musical, I was VERY excited. Sadly, I haven’t watched the show because I live in Manchester, England (I read the plot online and I am VERY disappointed that Rasputin isn’t the antagonist), but I pre-ordered the cast recording asap (I don’t think it has every single song on it, though) and they’ve recently released it onto soundcloud here  and I have opinions that I want to share lmao. Also, these are just my FIRST thoughts, after hearing the album ONCE - in my experience, I tend to grow more attached to songs the more I listen to them, so these definitely aren’t my final opinions on this soundtrack.

Prologue / Once Upon A December - This very first song actually made me cry because of the nostalgia XD and also Mary Beth Peil has an AMAZING voice.

A Rumor In St. Petersburg - I also really like this song, including the additions they made to it. Not much else to say really.

In My Dreams - I got chills listening to this song; it’s so beautiful, I can’t wait to learn it.

Learn To Do It - Admittedly, I personally prefer the faster pace and more upbeat original version of this song, however this new version saved itself with the part where Anya flips her shit and has a go at the boys. Amazing.

The Neva Flows - So this is the antagonist’s (Gleb) first song, and uh…it’s pretty good, I guess, especially during the crescendo. They’re definitely trying to create a more humane “villain”, showing how he’s been affected by what he witnessed as a child. Still would’ve preferred In the Dark of the Night, though…

My Petersburg - I like the energy of the song, very upbeat, I love the ending buildup. And I’ve always loved how adaptations of films delve deeper into the characters’ backstories a bit (like Shrek the Musical)

Once Upon A December - Beautiful. I’ll probably always prefer the original, due to nostalgia, but Christy Altomare did a really good job capturing Anya’s emotions in this more vulnerable moment. They were right to not mess with this song too much.

Stay, I Pray You - I have no idea who tf Count Ipolitov is but this is a very emotional choral song, and has a beautifully melancholic melody. I love how Anastasia ends it.

We’ll Go From There - Awh, this song is so cute! I’m glad they gave Vlad (ha that rhymes) a song about Sophie- sorry, I mean Lily. Nevermind all three of the gang are singing it….I like it! It’s a good, quick way to show their feelings (which are mainly anxiety) at this point.

Still - Um why the fuck is Gleb in love with Anya. I HATE that. Haven’t they met, like, twice at this point? I’ve only read the wikipedia page for the plot so maybe I’m wrong. But still….fuck this subplot. So yeah this song is ok I guess, I think I’m just too stubborn about my dislike for the changed story lmao. I also quite like the whole….idea? of this song, how it ends with “but still…” like, it doesn’t need t explain what comes after the “still”, it just needs to show his hesitation/inner conflict.

Journey To The Past - I’m not bothered by the fact that they moved this song to this point in the story, it still fits well actually, and like with OUAD, they smartly didn’t change it much. And like with OUAD, I’ll always prefer the original, but this version is also amazing.

Paris Holds The Key (To Your Heart) - It’s a great chorus number, and definitely a good one to start off act 2 with. Again, I prefer the original, although I like how Anastasia has a solo in this one too.

Crossing A Bridge - I love this song, tbh I’ve realised I think I just love any added Anya moment now lmao. I’d love to see this live, to see the image of her on the bridge singing this.

Closing/Close The Door - (the wikipedia says “Closing” and the soundcloud name says “Close”). Like the Anya moments, I will lap up ANY added Dowager Empress moments, too! Her tired, hopeless emotions were shown a little bit in the original film, but I love how this explores them further. So low-spirited and heart-wrenching.

Land of Yesterday - Another thing this musical explores more in-depth is Russia in general, the state of it, its people, and this song is really cool. Lily’s voice is amazing!!!! (Caroline O’Connor)

The Countess and the Common Man - Awh Vlad and Lily have a love duet!! Fuck yeah! This is what I signed up for!! It’s funny, flirty, and all-round lovely.

In a Crowd of Thousands - I don’t mind that the story of how Dmitry and Anya’s pasts were linked has changed, because the new one they made up is presented so beautifully in this song. I absolutely LOVE Altomare’s voice in this, possibly more than in the other songs, and omg when she realises!! When she realises!! You’re like oh shit ! It’s her and they both know it now!! It’s also a nice development to Anya and Dmitry’s relationship.

Meant to Be - This was also in the original film, and I think it’s done wonderfully here. ‘Nuff said.

Quartet at the Ballet - The Swan Lake music gives me huge Barbie nostalgia! And then it blends so seamlessly in and out of the OUAD tune…ahh I love it. I like how it shows all these inner thoughts of these different characters, like We’ll Go From There. The ending with the overlapping solos is beautiful omg.

Everything to Win - This is a good song, but not one of my favourites or anything, it’s nice to see Dmitry’s conflict. The ending is sweet (or I guess bittersweet).

Once Upon A December (Reprise) - I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying!!!!

The Press Conference - Yet another good chorus number; I love the typewriter sound effects. And Vlad & Lily’s parts are quite funny (it’s funny when he spells out his name, for some reason. And her high notes at the end..DAMN GIRL). I’m slightly feeling like they’re being kind of lazy with the use of the OUAD tune, however.

Everything to Win (Reprise) - Nice!! Good! I like it!

Still / The Neva Flows (Reprise) - Can Gleb just shut the fuck up already. Yes, I’m still salty. (although admittedly this is a good song - I especially love Anya’s fierceness in it).

Finale - I’m not surprised they decided to end on Once Upon A December, and this is exactly what you’d expect from a musical finale, tbh.

In conclusion - I love the musical’s soundtrack, yet I’m still iffy on the whole villain thing. Feel free to reply or reblog with your own thoughts, it’ll be fun to discuss!

NDRV3 and their s/o Relationship Headcanons

“NDRV3 Characters: Relationship Headcanons”

i tried to keep these as fluff-themed as possible! i apologize if some are just too short, but admittedly not everyone is so easy to write for. however, i absolutely love these kiddos, so i had really fun writing for them !! they are all under the cut, because this did end up rather long! – mod chiaki

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We need to talk about this. We definitely need to talk about this, because Katsuki comes to a great realisation here.

He finally realises (after he won the fight, you go my boy) that they both compliment each other. That they both can become great heroes of they work together. This… this is he biggest character development I’ve seen in a very long time.

We all remember the Katsuki that despised Izuku. We all remember and now, we have him in front of us on the verge of tears, because he finally understands that you need more than strength to become the greatest hero of all time.

We just witnessed the birth of something great. The Wonder Duo is gonna grow.

They still have a long way to go. Even though Katsuki finally understands and realises that they’ll be incredible of they just work together, there is definitely some of his huge pride left that’ll make their communication and cooperation difficult. Not just Katsuki makes their relationship so difficult, Izuku too. Two complete opposites.

We’re gonna witness something great. Horikoshi, you did a great job. You made me cry again.

Slow It Down

Word Count: 3,214

Paring: Bucky Barnes x Reader

A/N: As soon as I got this request, I wanted to start writing it immediately. Slow It Down is one of my all time favorite songs, and so I was just so excited to write it. Warning, there is angst and heartbreak and smut… Which I don’t think the requester was probably asking for when they requested this (it sounds like they might have wanted fluff) but just listen to the song, and I think you’ll understand why I went the route that I did.

P.S: If you’re more of a John Mayer fan, Slow Dancing In A Burning Room was also inspiration for this as well.

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It was rush hour in the middle of the dead, summer heat in New York City. The sun was just beginning to set, and the sky was changing from bright, cerulean hues to periwinkles and pinks. The city was busy. Busier than most days- as it was Friday night- and everyone was trying to get home to their families and their weekend off.

As soon as she stepped out of her very corporate, office headquarters, the first thing she saw was the line of people standing on the curb with their arms in the air as they tried to hail a cab. It would be faster to walk the distance, but the humidity and her high heels made her think twice about waiting with the rest of her coworkers on the sidewalk.

She bumped shoulders with a dozen other New Yorkers as her heels clicked on the concrete with each step she took. Her nose was buried in her phone, still replying to work emails and checking over spreadsheets. She just wanted it to be over; wanted to put her feet up and drink a glass of wine.

But she had something to take care of first.

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What's Yuri on ice?

A show that reconfirmed my love for gay men.

LOL. No in all honestly it’s an anime that is perfect in every way because it’s about ice skating first but it has a romantic subplot between two men who don’t have any unhealthy relationship issues such as the need to be jealous or anything and it’s just so good. It doesn’t even focus on the romance, it’s just an emotional bond that the two men have and it’s so emotionally intense that it’s basically spelling out their love for each other without explicitly saying that they’re a couple.

They are so fucking in love though I swear to god I will not go down with this ship because it will never sink.

The main characters are also really relatable (especially Yuri Katsuki) because they struggle with anxiety and in Yuri’s case, self confidence. It’s a beautiful show that made me cry at least ten times and scream in absolute glee at least a hundred times more than that. I was so in love with it that I binged all twelve episodes at once and when I finished I looked up so. many. fanfictions.

It’s beautiful, I love it, and I love my gay sons so much. I love all of the characters. Even JJ. Even though he’s a little shit. He’s my little shit.

All in all, a definite must watch if you’re into anime 12349262/10 will recommend. I want all of the skaters to skate on my grave. Also the music is fucking bomb jfc I haven’t listened to anything other than the Yuri on ice sound track in months. I’m so obsessed with it it’s unhealthy.

-Admin Ziggy (I want season two NOW)

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Ok, to go off the "skeles learn about childbirth" ask, what would the skeletons do if their s/o wanted to have a baby? Would their responses be different now that they know what happens? ~ Fiction


  • Uhm, you sure babe?
  • He’s super flustered about it but like….a kid?
  • He loves kids. They’re gross and do the weirdest stuff. And he’d especially love to have a kid with you.
  • But are you sure?????
  • He doesn’t freak out about it in front of you though. He never really freaks out about anything in front you cause him stressing out about it is enough for the both of you.
  • (He’ll find the cravings you get during pregnancy hilarious)


  • Oh gosh he’s excited.
  • But also kind of terrified???
  • He did a lot of reading about it and sometimes people can die in childbirth?????
  • But he’ll be super supportive about it nonetheless, still treating you even more gently than he did before
  • (He’s the guy buying all kinds of supplements and vitamins during your pregnancy. He wants to make sure the baby has strong bones just like their dad!)


  • Surprisingly immediately on board.
  • He is infatuated with the idea of a family with you. And he loves doting on you so this would be no problem for him at all.
  • Even if you ended up adopting a child. He’s on board for whatever you want and will love them unconditionally.
  • Best dad ever. There will be lots of little adventures shared.


  • He’s a little worried, why wouldn’t he be?
  • And this is like, a huge step.
  • When you brought it up to him he sort of blanked.
  • What?? You want to have a what?? 
  • Ok, he’s totally on board but he needs a minute to get himself together and–oh my GOD stop crying????


  • Ok wait no let’s just take a minute to think about this.
  • He’s definitely hesitant.
  • Ok like really back-pedaling here.
  • He would not be a good parent?? At all?? What made you think this was a good idea??
  • (Trust me once their born though he’d be a mess. Like crying and holding them and crying some more.…)


  • WHAT
  • WHAT
  • He’s not so sure at first. It will take some major convincing but…he does love you, he just couldn’t believe you really wanted to have a child with him.
  • He is super protective oh my god.
  • He’s not really sure what to do?? So there could be some awkward (yet hilarious) misunderstandings when he tries to take things into his own hands.

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C-can I get a scenario with the incubi reacting to their S/O screaming along to Hamilton when the get home or something.

Screaming as in… like… really screaming??? Or singing along with loudly??? Or…???

James: Hearing you scream suddenly about revolution without any context has James getting flashbacks to his time in the Abyssal Plains. It wasn’t exactly the best thing for him to remember, so when he finds out you’re just watching a musical, he goes to a different part of the house until all the yelling is done.

Erik: Were you really watching that musical again? Erik didn’t even need to be in the room to hear you singing along with it. It came to the point where he would find himself whisper singing the words as well, though he wasn’t sure when he’d taken the time to memorize them.

Sam: You were so loud, singing along with the musical, that Sam could hear you from the front door. Could he even call it singing? At this point, it was more like wailing. Walking through the threshold, he went in search of you to tease you about all the racket you were making.

Matthew: Startled by your sudden screaming throughout the house, Matthew runs around in search for you. He doesn’t know what he expects, but seeing you in front of the television definitely wasn’t it. He’s relieved that you’re fine though and sits down with you to get up to speed on what you’re watching.

Damien: Hearing your devastated cry had Damien’s heart skipping beats in a way that made him hurt. He ran through the house, looking for you and expecting the worse. When he found you sobbing in front of the television, watching a death scene, he felt a little exasperated.

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Apart from bughead, which other relationship (romantic or platonic) would you really like to see in season 2?

i’d like to see more varchie. i do really like them together, even though we haven’t seen a ton of their relationship yet. i don’t know, i just really like their story thus far. what i mean is, they connected the instant they met, but they stayed away from each other (romantically) because of how much they valued their friendships with betty. so seeing them sitting super close at pop’s, finally together, after a season of romantic screw-ups on archie’s part and burying her feeling on veronica’s part is really cute. i’d like to see more of that in season 2 

i don’t know if we’re ever going to see joaquin again, but i would have liked to see more of him and kevin in season 2. i think mostly because i adore kev so much and want him to have a boyfriend he can proudly hold hands with in the hallway instead sneaking around with boys who will likely ignore him the next day. –and i’m just going to say, i find it SO unfair that varchie are likely going to have a sex scene after 5 seconds of being together when kev and joaquin were together for 9 episodes and only got like 3 kisses. granted, 2 of the 3 were hot make outs, but still. (i also want to complain that bughead have had no make outs despite being together for 7 episodes, but they’ve also had the most kisses by far so i’m going to shut up about it. i do love their soft, sweet touches. it really shows you that their bond is an emotional one and that will last much longer than a relationship focused on physical attraction) 

after cheryl gets the help she needs and is in a good place emotionally, i’d like to see her with a girlfriend. i don’t really care who as long as they treat each other well and make each other happy 

friendship wise, i’d like to see more fp and fred. i also ship them romantically, but i’m a realist and know that’s very very unlikely 

i’d like to see more core four and five scenes 

more veronica and jughead scenes 

i’d like to see more veronica and cheryl as well. i really liked that v was becoming cheryl’s shoulder to cry on for awhile there 

more archie + the pussycats would be nice (even though i’m so tired of the music aspect of the show). it honestly made me sad when they shut him down in episode 1 when all he wanted was to learn from them. so, i’d like to see him and joise develop a better relationship. i’d also like to see him apologize to val for being a terrible boyfriend to her 

more kev and veronica/betty, definitely. kev and v’s friendship is one of my absolute favorites. they’re so amusing together. –and i really loved the way kevin looked out for betty and was ready to smite veronica when her and archie hurt betty in eps 1 and 2, so i’m a little sad that we haven’t seen much of their friendship since then. i honestly got more best friend vibes from betty and kev in the first few episodes than i did from betty and archie  

um, more archie and jughead would be okay. i like the brotherhood they have going on there. archie is far from perfect, but the way he stands up for jughead is A+ 

i’d like to say more b&v friendship, but god knows the stans will cry queerbait every time they make eye contact, so idk about that one 

i’d like to see more polly/betty and jughead/the coopers too 


Word Count 1,823

((This didn’t turn out QUITE like I wanted it to, but I still like it for the most part. I hope you all do as well!))

Warnings: Uh…cursing?

It was a power play, you knew that the moment your mother announced your betrothal. You were the oldest but a girl, so you could never be your father’s heir as long as Joffrey and Tommen and any children they had should live. Except…you were the only legitimate child of your mother and father’s union, and your mother knew that should the truth come out her precious Joff would be out of a throne. The betrothal never would have happened had your father lived long enough to marry you off, but he didn’t…he was killed by an act of treason even if it was a boar that did the actual slaying. Your younger brother took the throne…a bastard born of incest…and your mother married you off to a man far below your station just so she could put a message to you, to your Uncles who were waring for the throne, and to everyone else.

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“You ready to go ladies?” her father called as he approached. Abigail nodded and got to her feet, with Jasey close behind. They headed off down the street, which was illuminated only by intermittent lamp posts and the occasional passing car. Abigail’s mom had a broad grin on her face as she strode down the sidewalk. 

“I’m glad we talked that out, baby,” she called over her shoulder to Jasey, who gave her another smile in return. 

“Yeah, Mama, me too.”

“Now things can finally go back to normal.” Though her smile remained in place, Jasey felt her heart drop at her mother’s sentence. She knew their definitions of normal couldn’t have been more different, and the realization that more than likely none of what she’d said had actually gotten through to her mother made her want to cry.

“Yeah. Normal.” 

A Crazy Theory!

Buckle your seat belts boys, girls, whatever gender you identify yourself as, or whoever is reading this because what you are about to read is a crazy theory that may or may not knock your socks off!

Anyways let’s begin the theory!

So everyone in the fandom already knows that Natsu, our sweet fire baby, is Zeref’s strongest demon E.N.D.

And ever since that was announced everyone started making theories on how he is going to turn into E.N.D.

Be it because Zeref killed Lucy or Happy to just simply opening the book of E.N.D. and many more!

We all have theories on how he is going to turn into E.N.D. (I have my own theory, but that will have to wait in another post)


This theory is about how will he turn back into being our beloved Natsu.

And I’m seeing a crossroad here with 2 options here and those are…


Natsu will turn back into a human by using The One Magic.

Ahhh~ love! The most powerful magic in the whole world! 

Strong enough to break any curse!

And maybe even turn a demon back into a human…

Now some of you might say…

“No! darkness is the One Magic!”

“Love is not confirmed to be the One Magic!”



In this chapter it even shows how love broke the Ankhseram Black Magic or Contradictory Curse on Mavis.

But sadly Mavis died or was put into a deep sleep by this.

Now you all might be saying…

“If love was really the answer why didn’t Zeref died as well?”

“Didn’t Mavis love Zeref too?”


The reason why Mavis died or put into a deep was not because Zeref loved her more.

It was because the LOVE they had for EACH OTHER was EQUAL and was able to BREAK THE CURSE!



So the reason Mavis died or put into a deep sleep was because when she and Zeref kissed each other the curse on her BROKE and the PROTECTION FROM THE CURSE DID AS WELL!

As for why Zeref did not die it is because when magic or a curse is left UNTREATED or UNUSED for a LONG period of time, it STRENGTHENS!

In general the curse on Zeref was STRONGER than the curse that was on Mavis because he had it LONGER than she did.

So in conclusion,


Anyways back to how Natsu will turn back into being human by using The One Magic…

Unlike Zeref and Mavis, whose curse will kill the person they value the life of that doesn’t have the curse, being a demon is a curse that turns the one who has it into a vile and evil creature thirsty for blood-lust, or something along those lines.

So if someone were to CONFESS and MAKE HIM FEEL THEIR LOVE FOR HIM… by let’s say… TALKING HIM OUT OF THE DEMON NONESENSE AND KISSING HIM! (Yes I’m looking at you Ms. Lucy Heartfilia)

(Not like this, but you guys get the point, hahaha!)









 Natsu will turn back into a human by killing Lucy Heartfilia.

(I’m sorry, but this is the only other way)

Now Zoldeo stated in chapter 224 that by killing Lucy he will become completely human.

For those people who don’t know or may have forgotten who Zoldeo is…

This is Zoldeo.

He was once a servant of Lucy’s mother, Layla Heartfilia, and was the one who Layla entrusted Capricorn’s key to.

But he broke a taboo and thus was cursed by not having a body of his own.

The same could be said for Natsu who, spoilers ahead, was ALREADY DEAD, but was BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE by his big brother Zeref.




(Though I am very grateful that Natsu didn’t or else we wouldn’t have a good story now, would we?)


So if Natsu in his E.N.D. form… were to say… ANGSTLY KILL LUCY… then he would definitely turn back into a human no questions asked!





(But hey! Natsu is human again!)



*Hides in a corner and continues crying*


Pack Mom - Part 15

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Request//  Part 15 where the family go to Liam’s big lacrosse game to cheer him on and be his support since he’s playing his old school and Brett keeps taunting him and Derek can hear what he’s saying to Liam and at the end he gets super adorably overprotective over Liam and gives Brett a piece of his mind and the reader smiles with Talia in her arms and an arm around Liam and Derek tells him not to mess with his family and Beacon hills wins and they go out to celebrate after & treat the kids to ice cream

Part 1 Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13 Part 14  Part 15

That was it. The house was baby proofed. Talia was now on the move, crawling everywhere. She would always follow her big brother around. Liam and Talia had the best bond ever. Liam would always help me look after her and keeping her entertained. Even when he had Mason round Liam would let her come into his room and he would keep her entertained and play with her. Even Mason joined in. Talia looked up to her big brother. She would always want him to be around. She missed him when he was at school. And it was hard to tell her that he has to stay in school as she didn’t understand. She would just get upset.

It was around 1pm when Talia started really wanting her big brother back home. Derek and I tried our best to distract her. But nothing worked. 

“LiLi” She kept repeating crawling to the door.

“Baby he is at school. He will be home soon” I told her which made her cry. Her being tired didn’t make the situation any better. So I thought that putting her down for a nap would make everything better. But it would take a lot to make her go sleep. I picked her up and started rocking her. Which only made her scream and cry even more. I never gave up, even though it was hard work. After around 15 minutes of her screaming and crying, she was sound to sleep. I went and placed her into her crib. As I placed the blanket over I was was just thinking how perfect our little girl is. She definitely took after Derek with her big green eyes, and with me, she had gorgeous wavy brown hair. She was just perfect.

Talia had been asleep for around 30 minutes until Liam came storming in throwing his bag and Lacrosse stuff to the floor with rage. Talia started crying, so Derek went to get Talia when I went to Liam.

“Sweetie what’s up?” I said pulling him into a hug. I could feel how tense he was, his hands shook by his sides. His jaw was clenched and his normal baby blue eyes had and been replaced with bright yellow glowing ones. His breathing was heavy. I brought him over to the sofa and sat him on my lap and just wrapped my arms around him.

“Liam, come on just calm down,” I told him, slightly rocking him

“I don’t want to do it!” He snapped, getting angrier. 

“Do what sweetheart?” I asked him

“Play my old school. They hate me and the game will just be like hell. They want to kill me!"He told me beginning to raise his voice.

"Liam you are so much better than them. What happened in Devonford is in the past and yes we can’t change that. But look at you know. You have your anger under control you are so much better and if they can’t get over what happened. They are worthless. And I will tell you now son, they won’t touch you. Because then they would have to deal with Derek and I. That is something they don’t want to happen” Liam looked up at me. Yellow eyes were replaced by his big blue eyes. He was much calmer now. 

“Will you and Derek come and watch?” He asked 

“Why would we miss it?” I questioned, looking down at him.

“Because my mom and dad never came to watch me play. They would say it was a waste of time coming to my games” He told me which broke my heart. 

“Liam listen to me. We are not like them. Derek and I will come and watch you at every single game. We wouldn’t miss that for the world. Even Talia would want to see her big brother play” I told him as I hugged him tighter.

“It’s at 5 tonight” 

“We will be there,” I told him and then Talia came crawling in shouting Liam’s name. He got off my lap and picked her up. She snuggled into him and Liam gave her a big hug. It just melted my heart to see them both together.

“God she can move fast! I only turned my back for a minute and she was gone!” Derek said rushing into the room. Liam and I burst out laughing.

“Babe, we are going to watch Liam play Lacrosse tonight,” I told him.

“That will be fun. And we will get to see the pack” Derek added which got me more excited as we haven’t really had time to spend with them. The last time I had a good conversation with them was when I told them Derek and I were getting married.

After having a quick bit to eat, we were headed to Liam’s school to watch him play Lacrosse. I could tell that he was nervous. When we got out the car, Liam grabbed Talia. We all walked onto the field and spotted all the pack. Scott, Stiles and Kira were on the field waiting to get started.

“Why does Stiles even play Lacrosse. He is terrible. He would probably get hurt” Derek said.

“At least he is trying Babe. And hey, is this showing that you care about him?” I laughed raising my eyebrow at him. 

“No! Come on just let’s sit down. Good Luck Liam and Come on Talia” He said walking off to go and sit next to Lydia and Malia.

“I stay Li,” She said tightening her grip on his Jersey. 

“No baby, he has to go and Play, we are going to watch with Daddy, Auntie Lydia and Auntie Malia,” I told her as I went to grab her off Liam. But her bottom lip came out and she was about to cry.

“Hey Talia, I have a job for you,” Liam said bending down, sitting on the field and sitting Talia on the grass in front of him. He placed his bag in the middle of them both and he opened it up. Then he took out his Lacrosse jumper.

“I need you to look after my jumper when I go and play. Do you think you can do that?” Liam asked as he held out the jumper to her. She smiled and took the jumper off him and cuddled it. I picked her up and gave Liam a hug.

“Good luck out there sweetie, remember to stay calm!” I told him as he ran out onto the field. I took Talia up to her everyone was sat and I sat between Derek and Lydia. Talia had cuddles with Lydia as she wasn’t keen on all the cheering. She held onto Liam’s jumper as she covered her ears. It was around half time and Talia looked up at me.

"Cold” She told me.

“Why not wear Li’s jumper, then you will be warm and you will never lose it” Her smile grew wider and she nodded. I helped her put the jumper one and she looked adorable. 

“Der…” I began saying but he shushed me. The pointed at Liam who was talking to Brett.

“What are you going to do Dunbar, smash another car up?” Derek started repeating what they were saying so I could hear too.

“Don’t call me Dunbar. I’m a Hale" 

"Well Hale, we are going to break you in half out there, you’re a stupid little boy who can’t keep is anger under control" 

But before we could do anything the whistle was blown to signal that the second half was about to start. I kept an eye on Liam, making sure he was okay. And not going to get too angry. But he listened to me. Throughout the whole game, he stayed calm and kept everything under control. And the best thing was, he scored the winning goal. Beacon Hills won! I grabbed Talia off Lydia and went down to Liam. But when we got to him, Brett was there. Again.

"Your lucky Dunbar, Hale, whatever you are. But watch out next time, your just a stupid little dog!” Brett told him. I was about to say something, but Derek beat me to it.

“You think you can talk to him like? You think your funny” Derek began as he put his arm around Liam’s shoulder.“If you have a problem with him, you then have a problem with all of us. Liam is way better than you. Better than you will ever be! He’s changed. He can control it. Unlike you. Somethings you can’t change and being a total jerk is one of them. So you say one more thing to my son again, you will have us to deal with! You don’t mess with my family! Do you understand?” Derek told him. I had a wide smile on my face. I held Talia in one hand and had my other arm and Liam’s shoulder. When Brett didn’t answer Derek stepped forward, getting closer to Brett.

“I said DO..YOU…UNDER…STAND!” Derek said more demanding

“Yeah..yeah..yeah… I’m sorry, it won’t happened again” Brett said running off back to the rest of his team. We all had a big family hug in the middle of the field. 

“Liam you played so well. I can’t wait for the next game” I told him giving him a tighter hug.

“Really you will come again” He asked 

“Every single game” I told him then I looked over a Derek.

“Well son, you played so well, why don’t we all get ice cream” Derek said, which made Talia get all excited. Liam then picked up Talia out of my hands and I grabbed his bag.

“LiLi, Safe” Talia said showing him his jumper.

“Well done sis! You did a great job” Liam told her as he hugged her.

They were perfect. I couldn’t ask for a better family. I had two amazing kids and a gorgeous fiancé. How did I get so lucky?

Part 16?


I just finished watching Glee for the first time, and it was such a bitersweet feeling. I absolutely adored the show and I wanted to finally finish it but I’m sad that it’s over now (even though I’ll definitely watch it again in the future).

This will probably turn into a rant in which I express all the feelings Glee gave me, so I’ll put a ‘keep reading’ thing so if anyone is somehow interested in reading at least it won’t bother those who don’t. 

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Kiss the Pain Away

Author’s Note: This Drabble was inspired by the deleted scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt.2 where Draco runs to Harry Potter and gives him his wand so that he can defeat Voldemort. If you haven’t yet seen it, you can watch it here. 

Harry Potter walked through the Forbidden Forest; The Boy Who Lived come to die. He felt numb. He had given up trying to process everything that had happened in the last twenty-four hours. He just walked without thought as he forced himself to focus on the leaves that stuck to the bottoms of his shoes with every slowing step. He was barely walking now, but he couldn’t make himself go any faster. He was tired, and he just wanted to stop. Why couldn’t Voldemort just meet him halfway? Wasn’t he the one who wanted Harry dead so badly? Would it really kill him to walk a few steps? Harry slowed to one step every ten seconds. He really was terrified. What would it feel like to die? What if Ron and Hermione couldn’t kill the snake? What if, even after he took the Killing Curse, Voldemort still won? Harry stilled and pressed his palms to his eyes. This was all too much. 

A part of him wished that Hermione was here. She had offered, but he couldn’t let her see it happen. Plus, Ron would need all the help he could get in killing that damned snake. They would kill it, Voldemort would lose, and Harry Potter would die. He could do this. He had to do this. Harry took a steady step forward, then another, and then…


Harry whirled around at the sound of a weak but familiar voice. 

“Malfoy,” he meant for it to come out as a question, why was he here?, but it came out as more of a breathy whisper. 

“What are you doing out here Potter? Shouldn’t you be back at Hogwarts, saving the day?” Malfoy’s voice, though clearly meant to sound vile, lacked its normal, harsh edge. As a matter of fact, his voice was without any tone at all. 

It was then that Harry finally looked at Malfoy’s face, really looked at him, and God, he was just as tired as Harry was. Malfoy looked at Potter too. Harry had deep and sleepless lines around his mouth and under his eyes. The emerald that was usually vibrant and passionate was now dim and empty. Malfoy’s body tensed and his eyes widened in horror.

“You’re giving up!?” he spat, suddenly furious. 

“Malfoy-” Harry began. He really didn’t have time for yet another pointless fight with this coward. 

“SHUT UP!” Malfoy shouted louder; his voice echoing through the trees, “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” 

Malfoy took three rather large and quick steps, stopping only about a foot from the helpless boy. Harry was slightly taken aback by the sudden close proximity of the boy and the livid look on his face.

For a fraction of a second, Malfoy could’ve sworn that Harry’s eyes had reacted, glimmering and then turning back into blank nothing. This made the Death Eater even angrier. Why was Harry so still? He was acting as if he was already dead. He wasn’t dead. He wouldn’t die. Draco would make sure of it. 

Suddenly, Malfoy’s fingers were clutching the fabric of Harry’s jumper in a tight fist, pulling him slightly forward and closer to the manic boy in front of him. Harry tried to back up out of Malfoy’s grip. He needed to go. He had to go so that he could die and save them all. 

“Don’t you dare!” Malfoy’s shout sounded more like a choke, but he kept his grip firm and his face indifferent. “Don’t you dare die! Don’t you dare let him win!” Malfoy pleaded with the unresponsive savior. 

Harry noticed that Malfoy was shaking all over. “Look Malfoy, I know you’re scared,” Harry spoke to him gently, “And I know that what I’m doing won’t make any sense to you. I can’t even make complete sense of it myself, but this…dying…its what will save everyone. Its what will destroy him. I’ll die and he’ll die with me. He won’t win. You’ll be safe. I promise. You have to let me do this.” 

Harry wasn’t all too sure that he should be making promises like that, but hearing himself say it out loud definitely made it easier to believe. 

Malfoy’s grip didn’t lessen. “You think I give a shit about me!? About them!? I don’t care! We’re all screwed either way, but you can’t…,” Malfoy’s voice faltered, and Harry saw that he was crying. 

Shit, Malfoy’s fist were pressed into his chest, pleading with him to stay, and he was crying. Harry didn’t know what to do. Malfoy was looking away from him now, and Harry felt the urge to comfort him. He found himself leaning forward on instinct until their foreheads touched. 

Malfoy regained most of his composure, though silent tears were still falling from his expressionless face. “You can’t,” he repeated in a broken whisper, “I don’t care how bloody heroic this is. You can’t sacrifice yourself. You can’t die you stupid git.” Malfoy’s body was shaking violently, and he still wasn’t looking at Harry. 

“I have to,” Harry said in half-exasperation and half-exhaustion. 

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buffyann23  asked:

♡ Hullo awesome Doctor♡Rose FF reader of the month! Thanks for agreeing to this interview. Let's start with these three questions: 1) Do you remember the first Doctor/Rose fanfic you read? 2) Your three least favorite characters to read about in a fic and why? 3) Tell us about a fic that made you cry. Thank you ;-) ♡

Hullo back! Sorry I was slow in getting back to you! I got viciously attacked by a virus and it temporarily won. Sooo…

1.I can’t remember what I read first, but I read A LOT from Rointheta in the beginning. Her stuff was so wonderfully angsty (Fair warning, I make up my own words). Those works most definitely sucked me into the world of fanfic. 

2. My least three characters to read are Jackie, Mickey and the Master. 

I’m not fond of Jackie, even though I have to write her frequently. As a mom who busts my butt to raise strong, smart girls, I don’t admire her techniques. I get it, someone would say Rose was both strong and smart, I agree but she was not supported. Jackie bothers me on a mom level.

I also don’t like Mickey in stories. He rarely moves the story ahead and is usually a speed bump. 

Ok I will get massive disagreement on this one: I don’t like to read the Master. I guess it depends on how he is written though. Though I like angst a whole lot, I don’t do well with a massive big baddy always. Give me relationship strife all day long, but deeply bad characters scare me. 

3. Which fics had made me cry? Oh boy. Who In Whoville’s Closed is one that comes to mind.  Jellyneau has made me cry on many occasions.  Rachel_Lu is doing it lately too. Maybe I’m just sensitive. I’m pretty sure I cried at a Charmin commercial the other day too. It may be a problem.