it definitely made me cry though

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Sorry for getting all ranty, I just think if any couples are going to make it to the very end, I think at least Black Sun and Arctic Water

BlackSun has always given off endgame vibes to me, and Renora definitely has, too.

I’ve always loved Arctic Ocean, but I don’t know if they’re as definitely likely to make it as the others are. Weiss’s feelings for Neptune are very explicitly stated in the show, and Neptune definitely cares about Weiss on some level (being the one to cry her name out in the big v3 fight, admitting he thinks she’s nice enough though he doesn’t really know her well enough to say he likes her in v2), but they haven’t made any tangible steps towards getting together, and it could just as easily end up playing out as a passing crush on Weiss’s end. Kind of hard to hold onto an infatuation when you’re separated and going through the stuff Weiss goes through, though it could rekindle when they meet again (I certainly would enjoy that).


Something more for the Psych au ! This line is something Lance would definitely say in canon, I know it. (I don’t remember which episode it was though …)

Also, I saw people enjoying this au and I’m really happy  (⁄ ⁄u⁄ω⁄u⁄ ⁄)
So send me your headcanon for this au ! I’ll be glad to read/share it ! (I’ve got my owns that I will post later :3c )

so i went to a con, and there was a charity auction for toys for tots going on on sunday. i went to it with my friend. the auctioner was selling things he thought people might enjoy more than him and giving the money to toys for tots. he pulled out a hello kitty waffle maker and i got excited despite being broke, and my friend encouraged me to bet with what little i had and he’d pay me back. there was a girl in front of us that won it for $30, though, and she gave it right to me. (i definitely didnt cry ssh) she also won a voltron pop! funko for $25 and gave it to my friend, who was bidding against her to give it to my boyfriend. we were already blown away by her kindness from the waffle maker, let alone this, that’s $55 she’s spent on total strangers.

but the next part was what made me and the auctioner cry was the best part imo, there was an Evangelion figurine that was signed by the VAs of all the main cast and someone near me got SUPER excited and his friend explained how much he loved evangelion as he was bidding, but that girl won the figure for $300. he was really disappointed, but she gave it to him?? he screamed and cried and he was so happy and so many people were tearing up, including the auctioner who definitely cried

maybe mankind isnt so bad

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This isn't a request or an ask. I just came here to talk about how we FINALLY GOT TO SLEEP WITH JAKE! 😵😵😵 Holy crap.... it was awesome omg 😍😍😍 and finally hearing what he went through made me wanna cry! 😢😢 I've never been so obsessed with a fictional character before 😳😳😳 Damn you Jake McKenzie! #MyHeart

Okay first of all
Bless this romance scene!!!! I loved it, it was perfect and wonderful and definitely made up for that less than special first kiss for sure 😍💕❤️
Second of all
I actually only saw a hand full of screenshots so I am not sure what you mean by “what he went through” but I’m super curious now I need this, what happened to him??????

*thanks for the message though!!*

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Book recommendations anon here! Thank you so much!!! Really, you are too kind. Some of the books are actually on my to-read list, like Six of Crows and Discworld (your love for those books is what made me want to read them), and I will definitely look out for the others.Well, I will read anything as long as the book is good, but I have a super soft spot for fantasy and books tha make me cry, but somewhat have happy endings. So if you have more recommendatios, that'd be great; (1/2)

(2/2) don`t feel obligated, though, you already did a lot. Have an awesome week and hugs

Hello book recs anon! 

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Oh man, if you like fantasy and books that make you cry, definitely read all of Leigh Bardugo! I’ve cried over more than one of them, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that Crooked Kingdom made me sob like a baby for a solid hour. And I think you’ll really like Megan Whalen Turner too!

Some other things you might like are:

the Sevenwaters Trilogy by Juliet Marillier–Daughter of the Forest, Son of Shadows, Child of the Prophecy. Granted, I haven’t actually read these books since I was a teenager, but I definitely read them several times in highschool and loooooved them (TW for non-graphic sexual assault in DotF). Apparently there are more sequels now but I haven’t read them! The first book is a retelling of The Seven Swans, one of my favorite fairy tales. 

the Bartimaeus trilogy by Jonathan Stroud–The Amulet of Samarkand, The Golem’s Eye, Ptolemy’s Gate (apparently there’s a fourth book now called The Ring of Solomon? which I have not read). Set in an alternative, magical Victorian London with flawed, slightly amoral characters!

Graceling by Kristin Cashore (I’m recommending it by itself because I was really lukewarm on the other two books, but I loved Graceling). Really neat world building and a great adventure story. 

the Old Kingdom trilogy by Garth Nix–Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen. There is also the prequel Clariel (which I did not love) and another sequel Goldenhand (which I liked a lot more than Clariel, but not as much as the original trilogy). It has such fascinating world-building and is a pretty first-rate adventure story. 

The Deed of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon (this is adult fantasy and not YA like all of the above recommendations, and tw for violence and sexual assault). It’s actually a trilogy but I think it’s mostly sold as an omnibus these days. A country girl runs away from home to join a mercenary company–the setting is a fairly generic pseudo-medieval European fantasy world but I love Paks and her arch as a character. 

The Forgotten Beasts of Eld by Patricia McKillip (another book that I looooved as a teenager but haven’t reread in a long time). It’s a lovely, poetic book with a flawed heroine. 

oh man I was just looking at my shelves, what else was I going to mention…

Oh, Connie Willis! They aren’t fantasy, they’re soft SF I guess? there’s time-travel! but they’re Doomsday Book, To Say Nothing of the Dog, Blackout/All Clear. All of those stand alone, they only refer to each other in passing, so you can start with any of them you like–Doomsday Book is pretty wrenching, To Say Nothing of the Dog is HILARIOUS, then Blackout and All Clear aren’t as unrelentingly grim as Doomsday but they’re set in London during the Blitz and All Clear made me cry at work while I was listening to the audiobook! 

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ive been meaning to ask this ever since i learned that u were into vocaloid but what do u think of mothy's evillious chronicles?? ive been following it since 2009 and its been confusing and wild but i cant stop

If you were a Vocaloid fan in 2008~2010 you had to have A Kagamine Series. You had to pick one and it was the thing that made you cry every time even though you watched it like 40 times already. Soundless Voice, Paper Plane, Servant Of Evil, Kokoro Kiseki. Pick one and SUFFER

(mine was definitely Kokoro Kiseki but the Evil series was a close second)

Unfortunately the only other Evillious song I’ve really gotten into was Conchita. Venomania was honestly really unappealing to me

But if you REALLY want some batshit Vocaloid serials, Putin-P has yet to be topped. Every single song (and I think there’s like 30 of them?) makes me go “but……………….why”. Kienai Hitomi isn’t even APPROACHING how weird the series could get

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Oh my god my freaking heart!! Why would you do this to me?? How am I supposed to go to sleep now and have good dreams when I just wanna curl up in a ball and cry?

This was absolutely beautiful. The timeline, and the scenes, and the writing… It was definitely worth every single word (and hopefully there will be more? wink wink?)

Thank you so much! The truth is that I was a bit worried about how lenghty the fic was but I felt like it had to be written like this. I’m very floored by your feedback though (I always love your comments) and, well, let’s just say, this isn’t the end.

@leezhaa replied to your post The Promise:


Oh, no. I’m sorry I made you cry. Still, this comment made me kinda happy. Does that even make sense? Am I a bad person? Anyways, this is not the end. I’ll try to fix it. I think?

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My Last Night as a Disney Cast Member

aka. That time the cast members at Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream made me cry.

I don’t think I’ve written about this before, and it’s definitely a story that deserves to be told. So, here’s an account of my last night as a Disney Cast Member!

My last ever shift was as a Character Attendant for Buzz and Woody at Pixar Place, Hollywood Studios. The shift itself was unfortunately nothing special, as I wasn’t particularly close to the performers (most of my friends had finished their programs two days earlier). We had a lot of fun though, and a couple of Make-A-Wish families came through, which is always heart warming. And nothing went wrong, which is probably more important for a last shift haha. So the shift finished, and that was it. I clocked out for the last time. 

The other attendant was super lovely and took some photos with me around the hat and the park’s other icons. It was a night with Extra Magic Hours, so the park was pretty dead but it was open for resort guests an extra hour after my shift was done. I wanted to make the most of my time there, so once we’d got some good photos I said goodbye to the other attendant, put on a jacket and headed into the park as a guest. 

I did a full lap, just looking at everything, taking photos and trying to memorise the layout and how everything looked. And after that I did one more lap, not quite ready to say goodbye. By now the park was pretty well deserted. 

I came up to Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream, which is a beautifully underrated attraction, sort of a little museum tour through the history of Walt’s life and the Disney company, full of awesome trivia and a collection of amazing artefacts. I decided that it might be nice to stroll through there one last time, totally forgetting that it was Extra Magic Hours and only resort guests were meant to be allowed in/on the attractions.

However, the cast members at the door recognised me! We got chatting, and I told them that I’d actually just clocked out for the last time and I was leaving in two days. As soon as I said that, everything changed. Other cast members were called over, I was given hugs from all these people that I’d smiled at most days but had never even spoken to before, and I was ushered into the entrance hall. They shut the door behind me, and told me that I was getting a private tour.

That was when my eyes started to water.

So I was led through the attraction with my own private tour guide, who told me extra information that wasn’t on the information plaques at each exhibit. He pointed out hidden Mickeys and extra little details that most people skim over. He’d been working at One Man’s Dream for years, so I felt particularly blessed to have him sharing all this knowledge with me.

Once we’d walked through the museum we came to the little holding area where you wait before heading in to watch the documentary about Walt’s life. I had thought that my tour would end here, thought that they would have already turned off the projector and be packing up for the night - but I was wrong.

It seemed like every cast member that was working at One Man’s Dream that night was there to usher me into the theatre. They handed me a box of tissues (yeah I was already crying) and led me to a seat right in the centre. Another cast member got up on the podium they usually use to introduce the film, and she welcomed me, and thanked me for helping to make the magic.

They played the movie for me and I sat there, feeling like a VIP, bawling my eyes out as I watched Walt’s life story before me, narrated by Julie Andrews.

Afterwards there was a lot of clapping, a lot of hugs, a few more tears and many, many thank yous. I left that theatre with the biggest smile on my face, totally overwhelmed by their kindness. 

Those CMs didn’t have to do that for me. They could have packed up a little bit earlier, relaxed a little bit earlier, maybe gone home a little bit earlier. But instead they went out of their way to make sure I had a magical final night as an official Cast Member. They showcased the true spirit of Disney, and I can never thank them enough for that.

Is getting rich worth it? (Question from Quora)
  • Anonymously answer: I made $15m in my mid-20s after I sold a tech startup. I talked to a lot of people about this question, and thought a lot about how to stay the same person I was before and after making money.
  • Here's my answer: being rich is better than not being rich, but it's not nearly as good as you imagine it is.
  • The answer why is a bit more complicated.
  • First, one of the only real things being rich gives you is that you don't have to worry about money as much anymore. There will still be some expenses that you cannot afford (and you will wish you could), but most expenses can be made without thinking about what it costs. This is definitely better, without a doubt.
  • Being rich does come with some downsides, though. The first thing you are thinking reading that, is, "cry me a river". That is one of the downsides. You are not allowed to complain about anything, ever. Since most people imagine being rich as nirvana, you are no longer allowed to have any human needs or frustrations in the public eye. Yet, you are still a human being, but most people don't treat you like one.
  • There's the second downside. Most people now want something out of you, and it can be harder to figure out whether someone is being nice to you because they like you, or they are being nice to you because of your money. If you aren't married yet, good luck trying to figure out (and/or always having self doubt) about whether a partner is into you or your money.
  • Then you have friends & family. Hopefully your relationship with them doesn't sour, but it can get harder. Both can get really weird about it and start to treat you differently. They might come and ask for a loan (bad idea: if you give, always give a gift). One common problem is that they don't appreciate Christmas presents the way that they used to, and they can get unrealistic expectations for how large a present should be and be disappointed when you don't meet their unrealistic expectations. You have to start making decisions for your parents on what does and does not cost too much, and frankly, it's awkward.
  • Add all of these up and you can start to feel a certain sense of isolation.
  • You sometimes lay awake at night, wondering if you made the right investment decisions, whether it might all go away. You know that feeling standing on a tall building, the feeling you might lose your mind and jump? Sometimes you're worried that you might lose your mind and spend it all.
  • The next thing you need to understand about money is this: all of the things you picture buying, they are only worthwhile to you because you cannot afford them (or have to work really hard to acquire them). Maybe you have your eye on a new Audi -- once you can easily afford it, it just doesn't mean as much to you anymore.
  • Everything is relative, and you are more or less powerless to that. Yes, the first month you drive the Audi, or eat in a fancy restaurant, you really enjoy it. But then you sort of get used to it. And then you are looking towards the next thing, the next level up. And the problem is that you have reset your expectations, and everything below that level doesn't get you quite as excited anymore.
  • This happens to everyone. Good people can maintain perspective, actively fight it, and stay grounded. Worse people complain about it and commit general acts of douchebaggery. But remember this: it would happen to you, too, even though you might not think so. You'll just have to trust me on this one.
  • Most people hold the illusion that if only they had more money, their life would be better and they would be happier. Then they get rich, and that doesn't happen, and it can throw them into a serious life crisis.
  • If you're part of the middle class, you have just as many opportunities to do with your life what you want of it. If you're not happy now, you won't be happy because of money.
  • Whether you're rich or not, make your life what you want it to be, and don't use money as an excuse. Go out there, get involved, be active, pursue your passion, and make a difference.
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Would you rather wear a dress belonging to Cheryl or a pair of Simon Cowell’s high-waisters?

Niall: I don’t think he even wears his trousers that high, does he?  He wears these bootleg jeans that drag on the floor and make his legs look really long - that’s why people think he wears his trousers up here.

Zayn: I’d probably go for Cheryl’s dress.  Definitely.  But maybe you’d feel a sense of power being in Simon’s trousers.  Maybe you’d just feel like Simon Cowell?

Niall: Imagine what it’d feel like to wake up and be Simon Cowell…


What weird stuff makes you cry?

Harry: Actually, Simon Cowell made me cry, ages ago.  It was in a good way though.  When we found out he wanted us to make our very first album, he came and told us in person and I did cry at that, yeah.

Liam: I nearly cried at Harry Potter.  ‘You know when there’s a moment in a movie when you imagine yourself in that situation - you get shivers.’ Oh, and my mum makes me cry.  Whenever I go home she cries.

Louis: My mum’s the same.

Liam: The thing about my mum is that she still tries to mother me.  The other day I was opening the garage door - our garage door is a bit wonky so if you open it wrong, it falls off - I went to open it and my mum was like, ‘Make sure you open the door the right way!  Make sure you do this, make sure you do that…!’


If you HAD to kiss another member of the band, who would it be?

Harry: I can’t answer that, I genuinely can’t.

Louis: I’d probably snog all the guys to be honest [laughs].

Liam: I ended up kissing Zayn once!  Zayn was like, ‘Come on then, come on,’ putting his head close to me - like when you’re going to have a fight.  Then he just leaned forward and kissed me!


Who has the best hair in the band?

Harry: I think we all have pretty good hair.

Niall: Louis always says I’ve got the best hair in the band.

Zayn: Yeah Niall, you’ve got good hair!  I don’t think any of us have cr*p hair.

Niall: I probably have the most bad hair days, but I do just get out of the shower and leave it sometimes.

Zayn: Harry’s hair goes frizzy sometimes too.

Harry: Yeah, I find mine very annoying - it flops everywhere.  I would be so ugly if I didn’t have long hair.  When I get out of the shower it slicks down so it’s really long.

Would you cut it, Harry?

Harry: No, not right now.


How often do fans squeeze your bums?

Niall: You get the odd one, through fences and stuff.

Zayn: Yeah, if we’re in a big crowd, like at signings.  I think it’s kind of weird because if it was a female artist and I were to squeeze her bum then I’d get in big trouble!  But girls just seem to get away with it.  It’s cheeky really.

Liam: I had my shirt ripped open by someone in the crowd in Preston once too.

Niall: We’d get a slap around the face if we did it.


Do you own a set of the 1D dolls?

Liam: My sister has the doll of me somewhere.

Zayn: I had a set of them at my house and my sister ended up taking most of them.  I think she just left me and Liam!

Louis: Get in!  Sorry boys, I think I stole the show.


If you could be any celebrity, would would you be?

Liam: I’d be Mikey from 5SOS.  When I saw him at the AMAs recently, he was the most excited I’ve ever seen him.

Louis: He’s the 5SOS Niall, isn’t he?

Liam: I wish I could get as excited as he gets.

Who makes YOU the most star struck?

Liam: Footballers.

Zayn: Anyone we see on TV.

Liam: Actually, anyone from the Friends cast would make me very star struck.  Seeing anyone from that would blow my socks off.


If you had to trust one of the boys with 100,000 pounds, who would it be?

Harry: Niall.  It would have been Louis until you mentioned money.  He spends way too much! <3




None of this article belongs to me obviously.  I just wanted to transcribe it since the picture I’ve seen is hard to read.  


MEET & GREET! Submit your meet & greet stories and photos to You are emailed back when they will be posted to the website.

I finally got to meet Damon after trying and failing for almost 3 years. My best friend and I waited in the line for the Warped YouTubers tent for 3 hours. I was fine while meeting the other YouTubers, but once I approached Damon Fizzy I started pretty much sobbing because he’s made such a big impact in my life. I gave him the letter that I wrote for him, told him my story, and thanked him for helping me through my troubles, even though it was indirect. I kept crying and thanking him and he kept hugging me and telling me that he loves me. He’s so sweet and caring, the almost three year wait was definitely worth it!






It was CRC...not much really to say.

Tobin and Kling were the most off their game tonight.

Tobin/Cruz was interesting…

That was a PK.

I felt like Horan couldn’t find her center of gravity tonight. She was off balance and tipping over a lot… Weird. She was still good though.

Christen Press is gonna make me cry with these goals of hers.

Alex/Carli are definitely gonna be Wambach/Morgan 2.0

Hinkle is interesting to see with that left foot, but she doesn’t actually contribute…? (I need that gif of Tobin being super pissed off when Hinkle made that terrible pass to her.)

Pugh can stay. Let’s keep her. She’s too cute not to have her along.

Dunn is still making mediocre/selfish plays.

I love it when JJ gets all indignant.

Ali was basically running the entire right side again.

I liked that they moved everyone up and just let Becky and Hope take care of the backline.

Carli yelling at the ref for getting in the way for the hundreth time was hilarious. I expect nothing less from Carli Lloyd.

Our set pieces are a goner because no one can do a corner kick the way Cheney/Rapinoe/HAO can.