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Favorite Writing Things: Seven Year Pens

From time to time I wanted to share a few of my favorite writing-related products.  The top item on my list is, without a doubt, the Seven Year Pen from Seltzer Goods. 

I bought my first Seven Year Pen from a book store a little over three years ago with the promise that this pen is supposed to have 7 years worth of ink. I was skeptical. As someone who writes in a notebook every single day, I go through a lot of pens. I have seen favorite pens run dry more times than I can count. I’ve tried refilling some, but more often than not, it isn’t worth the effort. So buying this pen, I figured if it even lasts a year, it’s worth it. (Now, keep in mind, I was coming off a gel pen kick where I was going through a new pen every 3 days to a week. I’ve switched to ballpoint pens just because they last longer.)

Three years later, it’s my favorite pen and even more, it’s lasted three years. Over the past few years, I’ve collected more than a few of these pens, in part because I liked the first one so much and I’m in the habit of misplacing things regularly, but I can say, it’s lasted longer than any pen I’ve ever used and it writes so well. It’s durable, cute, and comfortable to grip. As far as writing with it, it works just about as nicely as any regular pen does. It just works for significantly longer, which is really fantastic. 

To date, I haven’t replaced the ink in the pen I bought three years ago. It’s the one pen I use most, and while it doesn’t look quite as bright and shiny as the day I bought it, it’s traveled with me across the country, out of the country, gotten thrown in purses, suitcases, backpacks. The design on it is a little faded, but it works like new and that’s all that’s mattered to me.

Now more often, I buy these pens as gifts (or really, something to throw on top of a gift or go with a nice journal). They’re cute, durable, and they last. No joke, this is my top recommendation for any writer. 

Pens shown above:  Unicorn Pen  |  Whale Pen  |   Lightning Bolt Pen  |   Note to Self Pen 


Summer Boy || Jeon Jungkook pt.05

{ pt.06}

Jungkook x reader

Genre: Smut/Fluff-ish/slap in the face

Word Count: 4,643

~ SO sorry that it’s been forever since I last updated. So much been going on these past few weeks and this series is coming to an end soon. Hope you enjoy!♡

The days following Jungkook’s and I event on the beach, he messaged and called me excessively. At first, he tried to apologize, then began to dismiss the topic and was only trying to get my attention. I ignored all efforts to communicate and avoided unwanted encounters. After four days of rejection and silence on my side, he stopped trying completely; then by the sixth day, I began to miss him.

I had myself locked inside the house and sometimes only my room. My friends began to worry since I had failed to speak with them at all. I sometimes heard some of the guys over; mostly Jimin, Namjoon, and Hobi but never Jungkook. The days or nights I was cooped up in my room, I found myself peeking out my windows to look into his. My window was unlocked but the blinds were closed and I only ever saw the door to his room. The lights were off most of the time I checked and I wonder if he was in there in the dark like I was.

It was one of those nights I went to bed early, just as the sun was going down, but I really just laid there in bed. I drifted in and out of slumber when I eventually, I woke up to laughing and a cold sweat. My room was dark and the only crack of light came from under my door. Faint talking could be heard from the living room and I recognized Jin’s laugh instantly. I sighed, missing the good times we all spent together but I couldn’t find the courage to make the move to face them. I was too embarrassed with what I have become over the last week; when I normally wouldn’t care.

I decided to go back to sleep, pushing the covers off my sweaty neck down to my waist.

 "I don’t know. Jungkook said he would meet us here…“

I almost didn’t hear what Namjoon said. The drowsiness was scared out of my system as my heart stopped for a minute.

 "My Kookie has been unrecognizable lately, he’s never home and is out all hours of the night,” Jin said not long after.

 "Yeah, same with (Y/n)…I feel like I haven’t seen her in a week, and she hasn’t even left the house.“ The worry in Bitsy voice made me feel guilty.

 "Those two really need to talk things out. I wish they weren’t so stubborn.” Jimin said.

Hearing that Jungkook was also acting out fed to my guilt as well. Why was I being such a drama queen? I wasn’t acting like myself. I was never afraid to face a conflict, but things just felt different with Jungkook involved.

I grabbed my phone and looked through the old messages from him. I wanted to text him so he could come over but it’s been so long. What if he stopped texting me because he was over it already? Which would explain the behavior Jin was talking about.

Do you still wanna talk?

My head was beginning to ache with all my conflicting thoughts. Would he even text me back? I pulled my pillow into my chest, holding it tightly, while I closed my eyes. They were still talking but had changed the conversation. The last thing I remembered was staring at my phone screen and before knew it, I was asleep once again.

I woke up to a faint knocking sound, but as I came to my senses it was quite forceful. The room was still dark and it could have been nothing past midnight.

 “Go away, Coco…” I mumbled into my pillow.

The knocking continued regardless, not till l allowed the sound to ring in my head, did I realize it wasn’t knocking against wood but against the glass. I pushed the blankets of my legs and went to switch on the lights. Walking over to my window, I lifted up the blinds to find Jungkook standing on the other side of them.

I stood numbly looking at him; his face was different from the last time I had seen him, he looked a bit puffier but his cheeks were blushed. I was afraid to let him in regardless if the window was open. He had no specific expression on his face but it still held a gentle and unsure look. For a moment he looked away from me and back to reach into a book bag, I hadn’t even noticed he had on. My head tilted with my brows scrunched when he pulled out a full bottle of Jack Daniels, holding it up for me as if it was a way in. I bit the inside of me cheek still hesitating to let him in. Jungkook paused for a moment before once more reaching into his bag, this time pulling out a single can of coca cola with a slight shrug of his shoulders.

 “It’s open.” I turned away from him, walking to bed, and hearing the window open as I sat at the edge.

I rested my back against the headboard while I drank down all the water I had on my nightstand. Tapping my fingers against the now empty glass while Jungkook opens up the bottle of Jack. He scooted closer to me offering to pour me some and I stopped him halfway up the glass. I reached in his bag that was sitting between us for the can of coke and filling up the rest of my cup. I watch Jungkook take a swing straight from the bottle resetting it at the opposite side of the bed. I took a drink from my cup as well, the over sweet cola making the harsh whiskey more bearable.

 “(Y/n)…” My eyes shifted towards him. Jungkook was sitting with his knees spread and the bottle held between both hands. He was staring at the brown liquor sway in its glass prison. “I don’t know…what you think that was on the beach but-”

Jungkook stopped speaking for a moment, unsure of himself and what he wanted to say. I took another sip from my cup to find the strength to go through the conversation. “I just hate this wall you put between us before anything could even happen.”

His eyebrows were knitted, he was frustrated with the situation at hand. I didn’t know how to explain to him that it wasn’t anything personal, at least not at first. I couldn’t deny that my distance from him had grown from what I first intended it to be. I knew what he was feeling- how he was feeling.

 “You’re right.” I took a gulp of my drink allowing it to burn in my throat. “What I’m doing isn’t fair, and the last thing I wanted was for it to bother you so much.”

I could see that it was hard for Jungkook to be so honest about how he felt. I could see the hurt in his eye whether he tried to hide it.

 “I like you.”

I gulped at his sudden words, looking away from him at all costs. “Jungkook-”

“And the only reason I would ever have the balls to admit that; besides the fact I’m a little drunk, is because I think…you might like me too.”

I ran my hand over my forehead and temples. It was obvious he had been drinking before coming here, so that was giving him an unclear mind. If he was speaking the truth, that meant things would have to end.

 “Why are you trying to create something between us? This wasn’t my intention- there’s nothing between us.” I drank down what was left in my cup, trying to release some of the frustration.

 “I’m not saying that,” Jungkook mumbled faintly. He leaned over to pass me the bottle so I could refill my glass. “I know what this is.”

 “Jungkook, please.” I wanted to mask his words with the liquor in my cup. “All I know is there’s been a stigma around me. I have my reasons to keep my distance…”

He watches me drink straight from the bottle, where his lips had been just seconds before. “I don’t know what your reasons are but they can’t be that complicated.”

 “So what if they aren’t? You think you can fix them?”

 “Baby, if you’d let me, I wouldn’t hesitate.” He yanked the bottle from my hands just as I was about to go in for another gulp. “I could tell why you would doubt me.”

 “Enlighten me then.” I put my cup down on the nightstand and leaned on the headboard.

 “Well you aren’t the ‘single’ type,” Jungkook’s confidence was beginning to show. “The fact that you are trying so desperately to stay that way probably stems from a bad relationship.”

Normally, I would take offense for his first comment but the alcohol was buzzing my head. He was right regardless of what I thought.

 “How observant of you,” I said sarcastically. He shrugged and smirked my way. “I’m afraid it’s a little more complex than that, though.”

 “Why don’t you tell me about it then?” I laughed aloud intentionally. Jungkook was not easily offended to my luck. “Or should I keep guessing till I get it right?”

 “Try me.”

I was very aware that Jungkook would be up for the challenge but I couldn’t stop to see the wrong in this. My alcohol tolerance wasn’t strong and yet, I wasn’t as paranoid or dramatic. But I would surely do something I would regret in the morning.

 “You said you’ve only slept with two other people- I don’t necessarily believe that, though. I think you have actually only dated two people.” He was completely wrong but I was interested to know what he thought. “My guess is that you dated some asshole, who only slept with you for a couple months before he left. Then the second guy you liked after but he wasn’t interested in a serious relationship, which he probably never admitted, still, you devoted your time to him.”

Though he was wrong, Jungkook words brought back unwanted memories. Ones that flared anger in my heart and only feed my paranoia. I grabbed my drink and only wanted to bury myself in its poison. Jungkook spoke with confidence but when I failed to respond, he noticed the change on my face.

 “Do you think I’m that stupid?” I said with spite. I was that stupid but it angered me that he could see it. He saw the tears build in my eyes before I looked away from him.

 “No.” He said noticing his mistake. He placed the now half empty bottle to the floor, moving up the bed a bit more. “I think you’re strong.” I was keeping the tears on the brim of my eyes. “But you’re scared of your feelings cause of what he did to you.”

He sat on his knees beside me, hesitating to go any further. Jungkook was growing closer, wanting to comfort me but I rejected his affection in embarrassment. I was stubbornly full of pride; I hated others pity and sympathy for my stupid choices. My head was beginning to flutter with all different emotions. I was no longer crying about my ex but about everything else. How things with Jungkook would never work out; not a relationship, not even a friendship. I hated the fact that he wanted me in a different way than I was using him. But he was the reason I was thinking that I didn’t want to be so empty and hollow anymore.  

 “Jungkook, please…stop.” My voice cracked slightly under my hushed words. He tried to touch the hand on my lap but I moved it away to push some of my loose hairs back and regain my composer.

 “You don’t have to hide, I won’t do anything you don’t tell me too.” I sucked in a shaky breath, turning my head to face him and met him only inches away from me. His dark chocolate eyes were scanning my face for any signs of objection as he leaned in. My lashes were wet, sticking to each other as I looked up at him and watched his eyes shut softly. I allowed his wet lips to timidly graze mine and my mouth responding erotically by nature. But the kiss wasn’t hot, it was warm and comforting; it was loving in its most innocent form. He cupped my face as a way to relax and ease my immodest behavior. I melted into his touch feeling tense and unsure of what I was getting myself into. It was just like on the beach; Jungkook wasn’t trying to establish any dominance between us, it was simply adoration. “Tell me what to do…”

Jungkook tried to pull away to speak but I kept him close because his affection was stimulating. I grabbed the back of his neck, feeling his skin shiver under my hand. My tongue playfully brushed against his, bringing him to hover over me and continue what we had in mind. I pulled on the collar of his shirt, moving my exposed legs to rubbed against his, easing him on top of me. He pulled away once I struggled to breathe, our hot breaths hitting our lips with the smell of whiskey.

 “I don’t wanna be lonely anymore,” I whispered. Nudging my nose against his, I shut my eyes in hope that he would fulfill the aspiration I longed for. “I’m yours.”

There was so much more to say but nothing left to do. I gave myself over to him without a second thought. I wanted what he could give me; comfort, affection, and bliss. Despite what my emotions would be in the morning, this is what I need at the moment. A simple touch from him was enough to set me free.

Jungkook took his time savoring my lips, loving the taste of liquor and me in his mouth. His lips were so soft and just the right amount of moisture to let his tongue slip in. Jungkook leaned me down with my back against the bed. He hummed against my mouth as my hands slipped down his neck and chest. My hand rubbed under the material of his shirt, where his toned chest hid. Jungkook pulled on my waist arching my back off the mattress. His other hand ran up my leg and caressed the flesh of my thigh. He didn’t seem to mind the bit of stubble while he moved under my cotton shorts, feeling the warmth of my inner thigh. Goosebumps shivered down my spine and on my legs. Jungkook’s lips were traveling down my chin with softly pressed kisses. My hand followed the landscape that was his arms while he sucked lightly on my neck.

He paused for a moment to remove his shirt as he started to grow hot. I leaned up to attach my lips on his defined collar bones before he had even thrown the shirt behind him. Jungkook chuckled with a slight groan as his hands grabbed my waist and pushed up my thin shirt up to feel more of me. I followed in his action and removed my top. Jungkook was quick to attack my neck and chest, pushing me gently back onto the bed. His hands cupped and caressed my figure as he left a trail of kisses between the valley of my breasts.

His name left my mouth softly, he was the only thing playing in my mind. My legs tingled with the feathered kisses he left down my abdomen. He kept his eyes open the entire time, admiring my body on his way down to my navel. He stripped my of my shorts but left my damp panties on, kissing and teasing me through the fabric. I squirmed on the bed as his hot breath tickled over my clothed mound. Jungkook took his time running his hands over my thighs and hips.

 “I don’t know what you’re doing to me, (Y/n).” He whispered, barely enough for me to hear him. “But I want you,” Jungkook leaned in to kiss over the wet spot on my underwear. “all the goddamn time.”

His words like honey made me whimper and move my knee up, to allow him more area between my legs. I wanted him too. Way more than I was willing to admit to him and even myself. I picked myself up to get a better look at him before he started. His gorgeous face between my thighs was a sight that would be burned into my mind forever. Jungkook smiled up at me, hooking his hand around my leg and kiss the warmest part of my thigh, still, maintaining eye contact. I moved my hand over to him, pushing his dark hair out of his eyes.

I leaned back and watched him hook his fingers around the waistband of my panties, pulling them down my knees and off my feet. He could not keep his eyes off my core, he looked at me with such lust and hunger. I could feel my face and chest grew heated with a breath caught in my mouth, trapped under my bitten lip. His hot soft mouth kissed my lips, running his tongue over the soft flesh. Jungkook’s teasing lips curled into a smile as he peered a look my way. I moaned silently in my mouth while my legs tensed and threshed beside him. He brought out his tongue to brush pass the small bud sticking out from my soaked folds. My hips jerked as he flicked his tongue against my clit, using the wet muscle to stroke against the bundle of nerves that caused me so much pleasure. His mouth worked wonders against me, wanting to make my eyes shut and cry out. The satisfaction shivered and shook throughout my body, made my core rock in flames.   

 “Mmm.” His lips hummed against my core as he found my wetness lower at my entrance. He tongued over my entrance while his hand spread my folds gently. The lewdest sounds were coming from his mouth as he sucked at the arousal dripping over my skin. My cheeks heated and the rest of my body screamed for more and all of him. Whines left my lips each time he opened his mouth for anything. His free hand was rubbing on my thigh to keep my legs from closing around him. My own hands were grabbing on the sheets, not knowing what else to do with them and keep them from pulling his head any closer to me. He must have had a similar feeling because his hand left my thigh and grabbed a hold of mine; he locked his fingers with mine and allowed me to squeeze as hard as I wanted. His hold was welcoming and eased me into his mouth with enjoyment instead of storming through it.

 “Oh! My God…” I hissed as he licked back up my heat to wrapped his sweet lips over my clit. He groaned against my heat as he felt my hips press against him and move against his mouth. Jungkook kept his tongue out and mouth still to let me rock against his face; my abdomen tensed on and off as I tried to keep the beautiful rhythm up myself. His eyes watched me intently as I gasped for air and struggled to please myself.

I could see my wetness glisten over his lips and watched how he enjoyed licking them clean. He let go of my hand to take a hold on both of my thighs, letting my legs rest of his shoulders and beside his head. His face disappeared in between my thighs and a long moan fell past my lips. Jungkook added pressure to my heat and he lapped his mouth over it. My walls began to clench at the pleasure building over my core hoping to find my release soon. Jungkook was working just to that goal in mind when he began to quicken the motions of his tongue.

 “Jungkook! Yes, yes please.” I was losing my voice as it began to fade into no words but merely sounds of ecstasy. My stomach was tightening from the violently heavy pleasure, threatening to drown my body to its numbing point. My legs started to shake around Jungkook’s head and his hands tighten around my thighs, holding me close to his mouth. He brought his hand around to my clit, using the pads of his fingers to pressed shapes into it while his mouth slipped along the rest of my skin. My heels dug into his back as my voice grew louder and everything in my head was wiped clean; except the feeling of complete and utter bliss.

 “I want to wake up by your side.” Jungkook’s mumbled as he kissed up my stomach and rubbed my legs from the aftershocks of my orgasm. The pool of my heated blood was still running through my body as he came back up. I only got a quick glance of his dusky eyes before his head disappeared into the crook of my neck, kissing my clammy skin and taking my hands in his.  

 “Kiss me, Jungkook.” I whined softly. I found his lips with my own, cupping his strong jaw while he brushed his tongue past my lips. I could taste myself on his tongue and it only caused me to become further aroused. His denim covered hips pressed into the bare skin of my core, taking my breath away with each roll of his hips. He kissed my cheek after pulling away, watching how my eyes hazed in lust at our explicit contact. His neck veins showed through his skin when he tried to keep his groans in. He looked gorgeous with sweat forming on his face, giving him a soft glow in the light above us.

 “I’m going to make you mine, (Y/n).” While he continued to kiss me cheek, his hand was working on the buttons on his pants. My hips were bucking and squirming under him and he pushed the fabric down his legs. His length was already between my folds, lubricating himself with the juices he had caused. “Can I?”

I nodded frantically, pecking his sweet lips once more before locking eyes with him. “Yes.”

He pushed his head through my entrance, my tight walls wrapped around him and throbbed. Jungkook pressed his lips against mine breathing heavily as he pushed himself the rest of the way. I gasped into the kiss, my eyes shutting at the sensation of his length filling me. I still managed to keep our lips moving through the mild thrusts, there was a lot of tongue but it didn’t feel overwhelming. Our lips pressed passionately slow, the hunger of intimacy and endearment was something I had not yet experienced with any man.

My hips pushed into the mattress each time he pushed in, only to pull out and keep the sequence going. I felt the pleasure intense when he hit the deepest parts of me, causing strange noises to erupt from my throat. I felt as if there was a cloud of misty surrounding us, in which we could only feel each other and our connecting bodies. It was a pleasure that builds like no other, it took longer but more care when in it, making it more authentic.

 “I think you’re gorgeous.” Jungkook said faintly, causing my eyes to open slowly. His lids were half closed, trying to keep his eyes on me the entire way through. His bottom lip flushed red from his teeth biting into the soft flesh.

I wanted to keep kissing him but the moans leaving my mouth prohibited it. My legs caressed his while his hips pushed between my thighs. His thick brows and damped hair framed his lightly tanned skin. Jungkook’s gripped my hand at the same time he began to push into me harder. The sound of his skin hitting against mine joined the heavy breathing and moans in the room. With a single arm, he tugged at my lower back and brought my hips up to meet his. Our locked hands were resting pinned beside my head. I rocked my body against him the way he liked. My heat was becoming sore and raw from the friction between us but it only added to the pleasure. I could feel myself begin to sink into him emotionally, normally scared to, but now I only wanted to fall in deep.

Jungkook kissed along my jaw, lips pressing soft wet kisses as far as he could reach. My free hand was wrapped around his broad shoulders; only wanting to keep him and never let this end. Short on breath, he still managed to whisper sweet praises in my ear. Making me feel like I was the only women in the world for him. My legs shook on and my only response was to wrap them around his hips.

 “Fuck! Baby…” Jungkook groaned, shutting his eye for the first time. He took in a sharp breath between thrusts and swallowed hard. “You’re going to make me come.”

He pressed his entire body against me, hips to hips and chest to chest. His pelvis was grinding hard into my most sensitive skin and my breasts only moved along with his body each time.

 “Don’t stop…Jungkook, please.” My orgasm was approaching slowly but strongly. I couldn’t make words in my head much less speak them. My voice had turned into a symphony of crying pleasure as it snuck up my body. Soon I was moaning with every thrust and every second my body was at its highest point of stimulation and sensitivity. I held him close as I was coming to my end, as was he. My ankles locked around him and I kept him still in me with only minimal movement. Our cores connected and throbbed together was enough to lose ourselves in each other.

My mind was wiped clean and my body gave in to him, convulsing with bliss and delight. I could feel Jungkook spill his warm seed in me, a sensation I was not familiar with but enjoyed to its fullest.

My heart was beating fast against his chest, where he was surely doing the same. Our hands were still locked but the grip was loose as our bodies became numb. Jungkook’s face was hidden in the crook of my neck with almost his full weight on top of me. My body was burning up but I didn’t want him to move; he did, however, pull himself out of me, leaving only an empty feeling behind. I removed my hand from his and wrapped it over the other one.

 “Don’t leave me.” Tears were welling in my eyes as he lifted his face for me to see. I pushed his hair aside and caressed his delicate features.

 “You want me to stay?” Jungkook asked hoping he heard correctly. His eyes were tired but full of joy when I nodded my head. He kissed my lips, wrapping his arms around my body and pulled me on top of him as he rolled onto his back. I looked down at him with an embarrassing big smile on my face. Jungkook’s eyes creased at the corners, showing off his adorable bunny smile. I made myself comfortable in his arms and beside him as he pulled the sheets over us.

The last thing I remembered was that kiss before we said goodnight. The warmth and dampness of Jungkook’s naked skin against my own. I remember looking forward to waking up with him still asleep and his arms still holding me.

But when I did wake up and found him sleeping in my bed; the only feeling I was met with was remorse.

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I really love your Nurseydex fics!!! I was wondering if you might write more based on that part w Dex and Nursey being f*ckbuddies and Dex asking Nursey to stay the night, just once, no one ever does. And how they go from there? And if Dex is thr little spoon if they cuddle I'll probably explode from happiness just saying. Please and thank you

hey, and thank you! 
btw, your butt looks good in those pants and you can do the thing. i believe in you.

Dex watched Nursey struggling to pull on those ridiculously tight jeans he like to wear from his bed. Normally, seeing him jump around would make Dex laugh, but he couldn’t find it in himself. Instead, he was just… exhausted.

Not the sort of exhausted that comes from a job well done, or a satisfied exhausted from good sex. No, he felt drained. Emotionally exhausted. The kind that came from watching another guy walk out the door.

It wasn’t that the sex wasn’t great, because it really, really was. It was better than any hookup Dex could pick up, better than any relationship he’d ever had. The sex was practically addictive.

The problem was that he liked more than just the sex, though. He like the time they spent together before they fucked. He got excited about the idea of seeing Nursey outside of hockey. It wasn’t just a casual, friends with benefits thing anymore; there were feelings involved.

Feelings that were killing him every time he watched Nursey walk away like Dex wasn’t worth the time and effort of sticking around.

Dex knew he wasn’t that fun to be around. He was brash, and aggressive, and angry. He didn’t have a great personality. It was easy to understand why hook ups never stuck around: why bother putting up with all of that when the sex already happened. It still hurt, but it was understandable. When it was Nursey, though…

Nursey and him spent time together. He liked Dex enough to hang out with him, or so Dex thought. It was hard not to wonder if that was just out of obligation to the team, or worse, a way to get in his pants, when Nursey always left straight after he got what he wanted.

When Nursey finally got the tight denim over his thighs, he turned around, mouth already forming words when he paused.

“What’s wrong, bro?”

Dex realized he had barely moved since Nursey climbed off the cheap dorm mattress. He hadn’t put on any of his clothes, or even covered himself up. The pillows got lost somewhere in their haste to get naked, so the only thing on the bed with Dex was his thick quilt.

He considered telling Nursey nothing was wrong, that he was imagining things. Anything but what actually came out of his mouth.

“Please don’t leave.”

Nursey stopped struggling with his shirt, eyes wide. He let his arms drop to his side, half tangled in the maroon fabric. “What’d you say?”

“Please stay? Just the night, just once? Nobody ever stays, and it’s okay with them, but it’s you, and I just need you to… I just need you. Please, Nursey?”

There was something in his voice that he hated. He sounded weak, broken. And maybe he was. Hell, he probably was. He couldn’t be normal and fuck without feeling like he was coming apart at the seems.

Dex couldn’t bring himself to look at Nursey’s face. He focused on Nursey’s strong arms, the smooth skin of his chest, the stupid men’s hockey shirt that Dex was pretty sure started out life as his own. No, he knew what he would find in Nursey’s face: pitty.

But he was at the point where he didn’t care. He didn’t want to know if Nursey stayed with him because he felt bad for Dex. And if he said no? Dex didn’t want to see the look of disgust at his over emotional response. He just wanted to pretend, if only for one night, that maybe someone could care for him, that he was good for something other than hockey and fucking.

In a flash, Nursey stripped back out of his clothes and crawled back up on the bed with Dex. With gentle but firm hands, he directed Dex to look at him.

Nursey’s face… there wasn’t pity, or disgust, or any emotion Dex could name. It was soft and open, and it made something in his chest ache just as much as it eased some of the tension he was feeling. Nursey pressed a gentle kiss to Dex’s lips, the first time they’d ever kissed outside of sex.

After a minute looking at each other, Nursey rearranged them on the bed so that he was spooning Dex. It wasn’t the first time Dex had been the little spoon (he had a girlfriend in high school who loved to cuddle that way), but it was the first time he felt so completely surrounded, and warm, and safe.

One of the things that surprised Dex most about having sex with Nursey was how attentive he was. He cared more about his partner’s pleasure than his own. Dex wasn’t sure why he was so surprised that Nursey was the same way with cuddling. Nursey made sure that Dex was as comfortable as possible, that he knew he was the entire focus of Nursey’s attention. He knew just how to move his hands to be comforting but not over-stimulating.

It was nearly an hour before either of them said anything. Dex surprised himself by breaking the silence.

“Thank you, for doing this for me.”

Nursey nosed at the back of Dex’s neck. He hummed as an acknowledgement that he heard Dex speak, but didn’t say anything. Dex realized that Nursey was giving him time to talk, time to sort through his thoughts and figure out what exactly he wanted to say. He had never been so grateful for someone in his life.

“I’m… it’s okay when other people leave after a hookup, but I like you. I really fucking like you, Nursey. And it really, really fucking hurts thinking that you don’t like me enough to stick around, y'know? Or care.”

Behind him, Nursey took a deep breath. Dex could almost feel him counting to 10 in his head, a technique Jack tried to teach the team in an effort to get them to respond instead of react. Dex found himself counting, too.

After 30 long seconds, Nursey said, “I really like you, too. I only leave because I thought that’s what you wanted.”

Dex found Nursey’s hand on his stomach and held it tight. That wasn’t what he expected. Before he could respond, though, Nursey spoke again.

“If you wanted, I would never leave this bed. But if you want me to leave, I can do that, too. You’re calling the shots, Poindexter, because I’m all in for whatever you want.”

“How about… for now, we just do this.”

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Don't you just hate that 'he is adopted' line? Do you have any ideas what Thor really would reply in this situation if script writers were not so set upon writing as much funny lines as possible? Sorry if this is abrupt, I rewatched Avengers today and as always this line struck me as so wrong on so many levels, so just not Thor. I just want some fix-it line. Or an explanation. (Hey, maybe it was Thor LMD while real life Thor was locked up somewhere)?

I do hate that line. Almost as much as I hate his ‘The Gates of Hel are filled with his victims!’ line from AoU (spoken right in front of Bruce no less). And let me tell you - I hate that line a lot. They were both cheap lines meant to set up cheap laughs at the expense of the character uttering them (Thor). But I’m wandering off topic a bit.

So. Avengers. Shitty line is shitty. No question. I choose to believe Thor means it as a way to excuse Loki’s lousy kill count, after he’s just identified Loki as of Asgard and his brother. 80 people in 2 days. I am totally okay with believing this is Thor basically responding as ‘it’s not his fault he killed so few people. he tried, okay? it’s not his fault - he’s adopted. he made the effort that’s what counts! and leave my little brother alone or i’ll show you just how many people a blood asgardian can wipe out in two days.’

Or something like that.

If it were me writing the line? It would have gone like this -

Natasha: He killed 80 people in two days.

Thor smiles, dark and unamused: You should count yourself fortunate then. He’s capable of far more.

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Sorry to hear that you're night is sad/tiring. :( If you're looking for distractions, my birthday was this week, so you could do a super short ficlet about a birthday party? :)

“What are the odds she’ll murder us for this?”

Clint rubbed his back of his neck, his head hanging forward.  “Pretty good?”

“What’s-” Bruce glanced at him.  “What’re we considering ‘pretty good?’  Is that-  Good for us or bad for us?”

“Probably bad for us,” Clint admitted.  “In that the odds are pretty good that she will, in fact, murder us for this.”

Bruce pinched the bridge of his nose.  “So…”  His face twisted as he struggled to find the right words.  He apparently failed at that, because he finally just said, “Why?”

”Why, what?” Clint asked.

“Why are we doing this?”

“Because she might murder us for doing it, but she’ll definitely murder us if we don’t,” Clint told him.  He braced a hand on the kitchen counter.  “So the odds are slightly better for us if we do it than they are if we don’t.”

Bruce stared at him.  Clint tried for a reassuring smile.  It wasn’t his best expression, but he liked to think effort counted for something.  Bruce pressed both hands to his face.  “Fine,” he said, the words muffled by his palms.  “Fine.”  He dropped his hands.  “Then, why am I here?”

“Solidarity?” Clint guessed.  

“No,” Bruce said.

“Fine, you’re here so that if the op goes sideways, the other guy can do the actual delivery,” Clint said.  Bruce glared at him.  “No?”

“No,” Bruce repeated.

“Okay, fine, it’s because she’s less likely to murder me if I surround myself with people she likes,” Clint admitted.  Bruce stared at him, and Clint held out a tube of frosting. “And your handwriting’s better than mine?”

Bruce took it with an audible sigh.  “Why do I let you talk me into these things?” he asked, popping the cap with the flick of his thumb.

“Dunno,” Clint said, cheerful about it.  “You’re supposed to be pretty smart, but I’m not seeing it.”

Bruce’s lips twitched as he leaned over the cake.  “Thanks.  That’s…  Thanks.”

Clint leaned over his shoulder.  “Go with ‘Looking Good For an Old Lady,’” he said.

“I think I’ll work the odds and stick with a simple ‘Happy Birthday,’“ Bruce said.


Cancelled Pt. 2

Father!Dean x Daughter!Reader

Warning: It’s shit. Oh, and theres also some angst.

A/N: So sorry about the wait, AP classes has been a real bitch and I’m sorry if this is not what you wanted, AGAIN, I’M SORRY.

Part 1


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“(Y/N)? Can I come in?”

“Hey Sammy. Yeah you can come in.” I sit up from the bed and Sam walks into the dark room that was lit up from the light in the hall way when he opened the door.

I pat the space next to me and wait until he sits on the bed.

“What do you wanna talk about?” I say, Laying my head on his shoulder.

“Um…I actually wanted to talk to you about what happened down there. I thought that you were excited to go to the concert with your dad.”

“Yeah. I was,” I say, starting to tear up.

Sam sighs, bringing me into a hug as I sob on his shoulder until I couldn’t breath.

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A few years later…

18. That number came really fast and it’s almost comical. It’s been about 3 years since that incident with the tickets.

Since that day, I’ve given up on trying to become close with my Dean. Yes, I said Dean not dad. It turns out that the only reason Dean and I only ever really talked was because of the effort that I had made countless times and the minute that I stopped it was like I was a stranger living in our house.

I was counting down the days where I would finally turn 18 and be able to leave this house. This house that’s always made me feel alone. My damn father had always made me feel alone.

Sam and Jr. have tried and talked to me about mine and Deans strained relationship but I always toned them out and constantly question myself on why? Why does Dean not like me? I’m his daughter for god sakes.

Thankfully I don’t have to dwell on that anymore. It was time to leave. I don’t have to hope for a relationship with Dean anymore. I don’t have to cry myself to sleep when he would leave me behind for my brother. I could breath again at my own pace instead of gasping for air after sobbing for hours.

“Sammy! Jr.! Can you help me with the boxes!” I yell out to them.

Dean went out to god knows where and Sam and Jr. we’re downstairs getting lunch ready.

I wanted to have my stuff in my car so I could get on with my new life. One with hope and happiness.

“Yeah yeah. I’m coming…” Jr. said as he made his way towards my room.

“Is this all you’re bringing with you?” He questioned, noticing the small amount of items I’m taking with me.

“I need to pack light where I’m going,” I say, picking some stuff up and starting down the stairs with Jr. right behind me.

“Where are you goin’ anyways?”

“I’m thinking about heading somewhere up North. I’m not really sure. I guess I’m gonna be doing that bullshit ‘wherever the wind takes me’ kinda thing.” I shrug, laughing.

“(Y/N) did you talk to dad about you leaving?” Jr asked me in a soft tone.

“I never got around to it,” I say uncomfortably.

He nods his head in understanding but he had a sad look on his face.

After Jr. and I were done packing my stuff into the car, which took awhile because Jr. kept trying to trip me on my way down to the car a couple time, I finally noticed that Sam didn’t help us.

“Where’s Sammy?” I asked.

“I don’t know. He’s probably in the kitchen.” He  replied but there was something about the tone of his voice that was strange.

I made my way to the kitchen, calling out Sam’s name.

“Surprise!” Sam yelled out when I walked into the kitchen.

“Oh my god,” I gasped, tearing up when I saw a home made cake on the table, with some small gifts and I banner that said 'We’ll Miss You!’ with a heart at the end.

“You guys,” I cried out pulling both of them into a hug, “Thank you.”

After eating the unstable looking cake and opening my presents. We watched a movie before it was time for me to leave before it got too dark.

“I’m just gonna go upstairs and get something.” I say, wanting to have one more moment in my soon-to-be old room.

I make my way up the stairs and put my hand on the wall as I walk. I might not have been happy living in the house all the time but it still was my home.

After a few minutes to myself, I get the courage to finally walk out the my room and back down the halls. As I make my way down the stairs, I heard Dean talking to Sam.

“What the hell’s all this?” Dean asked.

“(Y/N)’s going away party,” Sam answered shortly.

“(Y/N)’s what?”

“She’s leaving Dean.”

“No she’s not,” Dean laughed.

“She’s packed, she’s eager to get out, and not a lot is keeping her here. She’s ready to leave Dean. She wants to be happy. Let her,” Sam explained.

“What is she not happy here? She’s got food, a roof, and us. What else would she need?”

“A father, Dean.”

“What the hell do you mean. I am her father.”

“No, Dean, you’re not. When was the last time you and her actually did something together or had an actual talk. For Christ sake she doesn’t even call you 'Dad’ anymore!” Sam yells out.

Dean stands there stunned. He took in every word that Sam said and he realized it was true. He hasn’t been a father. He wasn’t anything to you except for a stranger.

“Um, hey guys, I’m gonna head out. I’ll call every day, Sammy,” I awkwardly say, itching to get out of the house.

“Wait (Y/N)-”

“Bye Uncle Sammy. Bye Jr. Bye Dean,” I cut him off, hugging Sam and Jr.

“But-” I once again cut Dean off by shutting the door and get into my car, starting up the loud engine.


“Let her go-Dean stop,” Sam said, pushing Dean away from the door, “You had your chance and you didn’t do anything when you had it. It’s too late.”

“I’m sorry,” Dean whispers pathetically.

I smile. Finally I could try to find full happiness and hopefully leave the memories of pain behind.

“Here we go.”

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Reminiscence | Hanahaki! Ong Seongwoo - Soulmate Series

sequel to Sacrifice

genre: angst & fluff

member: Ong Seongwoo (ft. Park Woojin & Kang Daniel)

requested: yes

a/n: I’m really happy that you like Sacrifice and thank you for requesting for the second part! I hope it lives up to your expectations!

summary: you realized that you actually loved Seongwoo and you missed him so much it hurt.

hanahaki disease: an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love.

soulmate series: Kang Daniel | Park Jihoon | Lee Daehwi | Kim Jaehwan | Ong Seongwoo | Park Woojin | Lai Guanlin | Yoon Jisung | Hwang Minhyun | Bae Jinyoung | Ha Sungwoon

Sacrifice | Reminiscence

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deadroses (m)

Word Count: 13,694

Warning: Hoseok smut, violence

A/N: This scenario took me about three months to write, which you can probably guess by looking at the word count. For that reason it has a very special place in my heart, no matter how much effort it cost me to finish it. It turned out a lot darker than my other scenarios, and I tried my best to make this scenario more intellectual for that reason. I really hope the two main characters (you and Hoseok) turned out the way I wanted them to: like real people, with a story and an imperfect personality. -But, without any further ado, enjoy.


You look up from your shaking hands at the boy sitting next to you. “What now?”

He stares at the graphite floor that shimmers in the dimmed light like the ocean, vibrating with every rock the vehicle hits. “Do you think there’s any chance we’ll succeed? An actual chance?”

You grunt. “I thought you were always so confident about our victory, Jungkook.” With your elbow, you strike his side, to which he responds by moving away from you. His dark eyes are hostile, which is so different from how they have been in times gone by. With a soft chuckle you remember his soft stuttering the first time you made this same move on him, the nervous look in his eyes like that of a deer in the headlights. Those days seem like they are miles away from where you’re standing now, on the edge of the horizon that is your memory.

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I think Sokka's quest for identity is one of the most interesting things about him. What it means to be a man, to be useful and to be acknowledged is an interesting central conflict for a supporting character. What do you think S3 Sokka believes it takes to be a man. I think he's learnt to intercede and mediate issues in his family and to make tough choices. What else can you think of?

Sokka: Now men, it’s important that you show no fear when you face a firebender. In the Water Tribe, we fight to the last man standing. For without courage, how can we call ourselves men?

Another excellent question! Sokka’s quest for identity is intrinsically linked to his quest for manliness, because if you’ll recall, Sokka was not able to become a man by Water Tribe custom before he was nominally put in charge of the tribe:

Bato: How about you, Sokka? You must have some good stories from your first time ice-dodging?
Katara: He never got to go. Dad left before he was old enough.
Bato: Oh, I forgot, you were too young.
Aang: What’s ice-dodging?
Bato: It’s a rite of passage for young water tribe members.

But while Katara was helping with the chores, keeping her family together and helping to deliver babies, Sokka was left adrift, without a paternal example to emulate for two of his teenage years. War never came to his doorstep, so he resorts to “training” the kindergarten crowed. And notice that Katara (and likely the other members of his tribe) don’t take this seriously:

Katara: Ugh, I’m embarrassed to be related to you! Ever since Mom died I’ve been doing all the work around camp while you’ve been off playing soldier!

Playing soldier. Katara’s right: that’s exactly what Sokka has been doing, because the rigid gender expectations of being a man don’t allow him to do anything else. One Aang arrives and upends Sokka’s world, his identity as a would-be man collides with the reality of the war and the people around him.

The Four Parts of Being a Man (by Sokka)

1. Leader

Sokka : I know you all want to fly, but my instincts tell me we should play it safe this time and walk.
Katara: Who made you the boss?
Sokka: I’m not the boss—I’m the leader.
Katara : You’re the leader? But your voice still cracks!
Sokka: I’m the oldest and I’m a warrior. So…I’m the leader!

Katara: You’re hurt. Badly. You can’t fight anymore. 
Hakoda: Everyone’s counting on me to lead this mission, Katara. I won’t let them down. 
Sokka: Can’t you heal him any faster? 
Katara: I’m doing everything I can. 
Sokka: I’ll do it.
Katara: No offense Sokka but you’re not exactly Mr. Healing Hands.
Sokka: No.  I’ll lead the invasion force. 
Katara: Don’t be crazy, Sokka.
Sokka: Maybe I am a little crazy but the eclipse is about to start and we need to be up that volcano by the time it does.
Hakoda:  You can do this. I’m proud of you, son. 
Katara: I still think you’re crazy but I’m proud of you too. 

Sokka’s father is the chief, so it makes sense that being a man implies being a leader. But before his adventure, Sokka has only a nebulous idea of what that really means. Worse, he seems to think that being a man makes him a leader, instead of being a leader making him a man. When he first tries to assert his authority in “Jet”, he is met with ridicule:

Aang: Walking stinks! How do people go anywhere without a flying bison?
Katara: I don’t know Aang. Why don’t you ask Sokka’s instincts—they seem to know everything.
Sokka: Ha ha. Very funny.
Aang: I’m tired of carrying this pack.
Katara: You know who you should ask to carry it for a while? Sokka’s Instincts!
Aang: That’s a great idea! Hey, Sokka’s Instincts, would you mind—
Sokka: Okay, okay—I get it.

As so often happens, Sokka has to adapt to the situation. “Jet” is about a boy who, although a good leader in most senses, leads his team astray into murder and mayhem. Sokka, even though he is a novice, realizes innocent lives are on the line and warns the townspeople before the dam explodes. He didn’t expect to be a leader at the moment, but he didn’t fail when it really mattered. Throughout the series, his tactical and strategic successes accumulate until the entire GAang relies on him to plan their missions. And on “The Day of Black Sun”, despite his fumbling speech beforehand, Sokka takes the reins of the mission and performs admirably.

Aang: It’s over. The Fire Lord is probably long gone. Far away on some remote island where he’ll be safe during the eclipse.
Sokka: No. My instincts tell me he wouldn’t go too far. He would have a secret bunker. Somewhere he could go so it’ll be safe during a siege but still be close enough to lead his nation.
Toph: If it’s an underground secret bunker we’re looking for, I’m just the girl to find it. 

No one’s laughing at Sokka’s instincts now.

2. Protector

Katara : Sokka, you’re making a mistake. 
Sokka: No! I’m keeping my promise to Dad. I’m protecting you from threats like him! 

Illusion Yue: You didn’t protect me.

Sokka’s mother was murdered when he was very young, and there was nothing he could do about it. He knows from how devastated his father was and how driven he became to help the war effort that being a man must mean protecting people—especially the women in your life. Sokka protects Katara on multiple occasions from threats real (Jet, Mai) and imagined (Aang, Appa). Protecting Katara is his way of protecting the mother he couldn’t save as a boy. And his inability to protect Yue from sacrificing herself cuts him deeply. He overcompensates by trying to shield Suki from everything:

Suki:  Look, I know you’re just trying to help, but I can take care of myself. 
Sokka: I know you can. 
Suki: Then why are you acting so over protective?
Sokka: It’s so hard to lose someone you care about.  Something happened at the North Pole, and I couldn’t protect someone. I don’t want anything like that to ever happen again.

In the end, Sokka learns how to be protect the people he cares about without stifling them. His shielding of Toph in the finale is very similar to his protecting Katara in the pilot:

But there’s one key difference: in the pilot, Sokka thought of Katara as someone who is more in need of protection as a girl. In the finale, Sokka recognizes that Toph can’t see the falling shards of metal, but respects her fighting ability over and over:

Sokka: Did I mention how sweet it was that you invented metalbending?

Sokka: I am so glad we added you to the group!

3. Warrior

Even more than being a leader, being a warrior defines being a man in the Water Tribe. And no wonder; with decades of being raided by the ruthless Fire Nation, and waterbenders being increasingly scarce, the South would have had to rely more and more on brute strength to drive off the invaders. A warrior is also the one thing Sokka is most insecure about because it implies a certain skillset that he was too young to receive full training in. Not to mention, his sister is a waterbender and he is not. Witness this exchange from “The Warriors of Kyoshi”:

Sokka:  Who are you? Where are the men who ambushed us? 
Suki:  There were no men. We ambushed you. Now tell us, who are you and what are you doing here? 
Sokka:  Wait a second, there’s no way that a bunch of girls took us down. 

Although gender roles are fairly rigid in the Southern Water Tribe, the Sokka from the very beginning of the series feels the constant need to reinforce being a warrior as a “manly” pursuit and puts Katara down for being a girl. I am reminded of Iroh’s speech to Zuko:

Iroh: Prince Zuko, pride is not the opposite of shame, but its source.

Iroh: True humility is the only antidote to shame.

Sokka’s status as a nonbender is often a source of shame for him. He is treated differently by bending masters:

Master Pakku: Sokka.  Take care, son. 

And even his own teammates:

Toph: We can take ‘em. Three on three.
Sokka: Actually, Toph, there’s four of us.
Toph: Oh. I’m sorry, I didn’t count you. You know, no bending and all.
Sokka:  I can still fight!
Toph: Okay. Three on three plus Sokka.

This leads him to act proud of his manliness, an attribute that he needs no training or bending to have. He even tries to get Aang to act “manlier” and not answer to “Twinkletoes”. In the end, though, he confesses the truth about how he feels:

Sokka: Look, I appreciate the effort, but the fact is each of you is so amazing and so special, and I’m not. I’m just the guy in the group who’s regular. 

But Sokka is special, and as the series goes on, he proves his mettle with a balance of outlandish inventiveness and logical practicality:

Sokka: See, the problem with the old war balloon was you could get it airborne, but once you did, it just kept going.  You could put a hole in the top, but then all the hot air would escape. So the question became, how do you keep a lid on hot air? 
Katara: Ugh, if only we knew. 
Sokka: A lid is actually the answer. If you control the hot air, you control the war balloon. 
Katara: Hmm. That’s actually pretty smart. 

Sokka: I need a plan of this machine. Some schematics that show what the inside looks like. Then we can find it’s weak points. 
Aang: Where are we gonna get something like that What are you doing! Someone’s gonna hear us! 
Sokka:  That’s the point. I figure a machine this big needs engineers to run it, and when something breaks…
Katara: They come to fix it. 

He overcomes his insecurities as a warrior by being true to himself.

Piandao: Sokka, when you first arrived, you were so unsure. You even seemed down on yourself. But I saw something in you right away. I saw a heart as strong as a lion turtle, and twice as big. And as we trained, it wasn’t your skills that impressed me.  No, it certainly wasn’t your skills.  You showed something beyond that.  Creativity, versatility, intelligence… these are the traits that define a great swordsman. And these are the traits that define you.  You told me you didn’t know if you were worthy, but I believe that you are more worthy than any man I have ever trained. 

4. Father

Sokka can show how brave he is, how creative he is, and how much of a leader he’s become. But in the end, he measures his identity as a man by his father’s example:

Aang: Sokka, that speech wasn’t your moment of truth. That was just public speaking and nobody’s really good at that.
Sokka: My Dad is. He explained the plan perfectly and inspired everyone. Like a real leader should. 
Aang: Look, your moment of truth isn’t going to be in front of some map. It’s going to be out there, on the battlefield. 

Unlike with Zuko, Sokka’s confidence in his father is fully justified. As he grows and matures, he becomes, not a copy of his father, but his own person. He learns that he can be a warrior without putting others down, and he can assert authority without being pigheaded. He can trust in his own abilities, regardless of how skilled everyone else is around him. And Hakoda validates Sokka’s identity in every respect.

As a protector:

Hakoda: Sokka…
Sokka: I’m coming with you.
Hakoda: You’re not old enough to go to war, Sokka, you know that.
Sokka: I’m strong! I’m brave! I can fight! Please, Dad!
Hakoda: Being a man is knowing where you’re needed the most, and for you right now that’s here protecting your sister.
Sokka: I don’t understand.
Hakoda: Someday you will. I’m going to miss you so much.

As a warrior:

Hakoda: Ready to go knock some Fire Nation heads?
Sokka:  You don’t know how much this means to me dad. I’ll make you proud, and I’ll finally prove to you what a great warrior I am.
Hakoda:  Sokka, you don’t have to prove anything to me.  I’m already proud of you, and I’ve always known you were a great warrior.
: Really?
Hakoda: Why do you think I trusted you to look after our tribe when I left?

As a leader:

Sokka: No. I’ll lead the invasion force. 
Katara: Don’t be crazy, Sokka.
Sokka: Maybe I am a little crazy but the eclipse is about to start and we need to be up that volcano by the time it does.
HakodaYou can do this. I’m proud of you, son. 

And as a man.

Hakoda: Bato, get these mines loaded up. The rest of you men, prepare for battle! 
Sokka: Uh, what should I do, Dad?
Hakoda: Aren’t you listening? I said the rest of you men get ready for battle.

Sokka will be a fantastic father to his own children someday, no matter what LOK might imply.

Rehabilitating A Broken Heart (6)

Bucky x Reader AU

Summary: Bucky Barnes is an arrogant asshole. He loves parties, girls, and having everything revolve around him. After a horrific car accident that causes him to lose his arm, he’s sent to physical rehabilitation where he meets Y/n, a spunky, takes no shit, physical therapist that has Cerebral Palsy. There, a strong connection forms and she shows him the ropes of living a normal life with a disability.

Word Count: 1.6k+

Warnings: swearing, fluff

I have some personal things that relate to me that I wrote into this chapter. They’re very small minor details, feel free to guess what they are!


Originally posted by heartfulloffandoms

Chapter 6: Becoming A Teammate

After I confided in Y/n about my fears of living with a disability, there was a definite shift in our dynamics, or at least I thought there was. I started sharing more about myself to her and she’d reply with a sarcastic comment. They made my heart hammer loudly against my chest, but she made no effort to share anything about herself with me.

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It Ain't a Crime (Happy x OC)

Here you go my lovelies. 10,000+ words! This one took longer than expected because I just couldn’t stop writing. For some reason this entire fic is in the third person. I don’t know why. It just didn’t feel right when I tried to write the OC in the first person. 

Word Count: 10,473

Playlist: Cold As Ice - Foreigner, U Mad (feat. Kanye West) - Vic Mensa, & LUV [Remix] (feat. Sean Paul) - Tory Lanez

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They all sat around the chapel’s table, voting on their latest retaliation efforts. Lee counted the unanimous ‘Yay’ and slammed his gavel down on the table. The men began to murmur, agreeing with the measures to be taken and thrilled to get to drinking. It was Friday after all.

“Wait!” Lee stood up, gesturing to the group to wait. They all turned their attention to him, “I hired a new bartender. Be nice.”

A few eyebrows raised at his announcement. They knew about the bar being short staffed, but they didn’t think he’d been in the market for more employees. Needless to say, the boys were intrigued. He’d never warned them to be nice before. He thought about the woman he hired. She was far from timid, but she’d be a shock to the rest of the boys. They definitely wouldn’t expect her to be standing behind their bar, doling out the shots.


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Cotton Candy

Summary: Jensen tries to get the reader’s number but she wants nothing to do with him.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,864

Ah, Comic Con in San Diego.

What a shit show…a cool, awesome shit show.

Thankfully your best friend Mike is a promoter so your adorable ass gets in for free. You also have a VIP pass that lets you go wherever the hell you want. It would be fucking fabulous if you ran into Chris Pratt or Stephen Amell or really any cool celebrities at this point.

So here you are walking around the crazy cool green room pretending you’re not a huge ass dork.You’re immediately distracted by all the yummy looking snacks at the craft services table. You’re about to stuff your face when you hear a deep familiar voice.

“Y/N?” Aw, shit. You take a much needed deep breath and slowly turn around. 

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Slow Fade (4)

Overview: Being forced out of the only life you want comes with its hardships, but hiding it from the two people you care about the most proves to be the most challenging situation you’ll face.

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Warnings: canonical violence, puking, a plot twist

Word Count: 1,605

A/N: A twist? Why yes… Yes I did.

Beta’d by my sole sister @wheresthekillswitch: “I think this is the edgiest reader I’ve seen from you yet, and I’m really digging it.”


“We’re getting nowhere with this,” I said with a groan as I reached up to undo the top button of my stiff blouse. I untucked the fabric from my pinstriped pants and aired out the puddle of sweat that had collected on my lower back. “And why is this state so hot? It’s like Bowser himself is breathing fire into the wind.”

Dean watched my hands as they rolled up my sleeves with precision, “First, we’re more ‘somewhere’ than we were two days ago. And B, you’re a nerd.”

“Sam knows what I’m talking about, don’t you, Sam?” I tried to catch his eye over the laptop he was furiously typing on.

“What? Yeah, sure…” he replied offhandedly. “So did you guys catch what that deputy said-”

“About the smell and the random salt, yeah yeah. Wasn’t born yesterday,” Dean interjected. “Question is, what hunters made their way through here, and did they end up making it out?”

I chased a piece of ice around my glass, the water sucked dry long ago. “My guess is that they went out swinging.” My eyes scanned the small diner, searching for our MIA waitress. “Um… we may have a situation.”

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Your One & Only

Request: “could you write something where reader has a crush on draco (and vice versa without her knowing) but they don’t really talk and they’re both in lupin’s class and it’s her turn with the boggart and it turns into draco like smiling at her and she gets super embarrassed/blushing like crazy? thanks!!”

Summary: Lupin’s class was a joke to most of the students, but you thought it was something else entirely. You thought it was interesting. So when it was finally your turn with the boggart, you were excited to see what would show up. Oh… you didn’t know it just yet, but it was definitely something interesting indeed…

Pairing: Draco x reader

Universe: Harry Potter

Word Count: 2,578

Warnings: None 

A/N: Here we go again!!! (Btw, I thank you so much anon for allowing me to FINALLY use this gif, because I’ve been dying to use it for so long!!!)

Rays of red and orange sunlight beamed down on your skin, radiating heat throughout your entire body. You skipped your way down the steps to Hagrid’s cottage, a large clutter of students busying past on the way down. 

A thick book was held tightly in your arms, your head looking down at the ground as you tried to keep to yourself. Your efforts were to no avail as you felt someone bump your shoulder harshly, and groan emitting from your mouth. You looked up to see an almost apologetic look plastered onto the Slytherin Prince’s face, Draco Malfoy. You gulped, unsure of what to say, keeping eye contact with him as he stood frozen beneath your gaze. 

“Watch where you’re going, little girl!” He suddenly spat, the two boys beside him who were known as Crabbe and Goyle chuckling aimlessly. Draco’s voice had a bitterness to them, but his eyes held a sense of apology. 

You nodded wordlessly, turning to face where Hagrid was standing before all of the students in your Care of Magical Creatures class. Hagrid had begun to introduce himself, but you didn’t listen to a word he was saying, focusing on calming your nerves. 

Draco Malfoy was Lucius Malfoy’s son, the Slytherin Prince. He couldn’t possibly ever find an interest in you. You were a Ravenclaw after all, and Draco hated anyone who wasn’t apart of the Slytherin house. You two hardly talked, and yet, you still managed to harbor a crush on the platinum blonde. 

He didn’t know you liked him, and you hoped he would never find out, for that would be a huge, entire mess of embarrassment. 

Hagrid drew your attention back to the class when he began to lead you all through the woods, Draco and his little possy trailing not far up ahead of you. You kept your eyes away from him, looking around you and admiring the way the trees swayed with the small amount of wind that was applied to them. 

Your feet stomped against the ground, and you looked up to see Draco looking at you from out of the corner of his eye. He whispered something to Crabbe and Goyle that made them laugh loudly, but your eyes were brought somewhere else when you heard a sudden scream up ahead. 

Neville Longbottom flailed on the ground ahead of you all, the book in his hands practically begging to bite his face off. You widened your eyes and ran over to the poor boy, aiding him in rising from the ground. The crowd of students laughed at the boy, and you heard Draco send Longbottom a snarky remark. 

“Don’t be such a wimp, Longbottom!” He bit, walking past you two and sending you a glare in the process. 

You rolled your eyes, watching as everyone began to stroke the spines of their books in order to open them, you following suite with the action. 

Everyone began to gather before Hagrid, and you listened as Hermoine added her input over the books you all were supplied with.

“I think they’re funny.” She said before Draco decided to open his mouth again. 

“Oh yeah! Really funny! Pffts! This place has gone to the dogs! Wait until my father hears that Dumbledoor’s got this oath teaching classes!” He spat, unwelcoming laughter coming from the two boys beside him, which you could clearly tell gave Draco a sense of superiority as a smirk laced his lips. 

“Shut up, Malfoy.” Harry suddenly spat, slowly walking towards him. 

The three boys before him all ‘oohhed’ and Draco slowly made his way up to Harry, suddenly looking behind him with mimicked fear in his expression. He pointed up to the sky and began to stutter jokingly. 

“D-D-Dementor! Dementor!” He screamed, shocking everyone in the crowd as they looked back towards the sky. 

However, you kept your eyes trained on Draco, able to see right through him. He looked over at you for a split moment before turning back to his two friends and laughing at his immature nature. 

The three boys ahead of you brought the hoodies of their robes over their heads, pretending to be a Dementor and you groaned in disgust, Draco’s immaturity being highly unattractive. You turned away from them and towards Hagrid, who began to introduce Buckbeak, his graceful Hippogriff. 

He went on to explain how you should never insult a Hippogriff in any way, and that it could very well be the last time you do such a thing. The rest of the lesson included Harry unwillingly volunteering to feed and interact with the Hippogriff, and Hagrid forced him to catch a ride on the magical creature. When he finally arrived back, the cluster of students began to clap. 

In the corner of your ear, you could hear Malfoy groan. “Oh, give me a break!” He abruptly sat up from his seat, glaring at Harry. 

Before you could stop yourself, your mouth had opened and you spoke how you felt. “Oh, shut it, Malfoy! I think everyone’s had enough of your mouth for one day!” 

A few gasps were heard around you, and you looked over to Draco to see him glaring down at you. Icy chills ran down your back at the gaze. 

“Oh yeah? Is that right, Y/N?” He spat, walking over to you and shoving his nose in your face. 

Your cheeks began to heat up as you realized how close you were to him, his icy blue eyes glaring into yours. 

“Or do you secretly want more of it?” Draco whispered, making sure you were the only one who heard what he had said. 

Your mouth parted in shock, and you looked up at him with wide eyes, frozen in your spot. You didn’t know what to say, so you kept your mouth shut, taking a step back from him so that there was a bit of space between the two of you. 

“That’s what I thought.” Draco bit, turning towards were Buckbeak stood and suddenly storming towards the creature. 

“Yeah, you’re not dangerous at all, are you?” Draco bit, stopping completely in front of the Hippogriff. 

“Oh god, what a bloody idjit!” You whispered to yourself when you heard him break the only rule he needed to follow in order to care for the Hippogriff.

“You ugly brute!” He insulted Buckbeak, immediately causing the creature to react in a way you expected long ago, 

One minute Draco was standing in front of the Hippogriff, trying to block the hit it was about to send him, and the next, he was on the ground, moaning in pain. 

You slowly shook your head at the dense boy. 

This was going to be a very long day, wasn’t it. 

It was your last class of the day, and luckily you managed to have it with one of your favorite professor’s at Hogwart’s. His name was Lupin. His classes were generally extremely interesting, and it seemed that today would be no different as you and your classmates stood before a closet that continued to shake violently. 

Before the class had started, you had been standing in the corner, keeping to yourself very well. Or so you had thought. Your mind was no longer at ease when you saw Draco walk in with Crabbe and Goyle, Draco’s icy blue eyes sending a glare your way. Your heart skipped a beat, your mouth becoming dry at the bitter expression. 

He was now walking around with just one functioning arm, the arm Buckbeak had hit him with earlier today now broken. You had to admit, he looked quite adorable with the sling over his arm. 

“Interesting, isn’t it?” Lupin’s voice echoed from the corner of the room as everyone kept their eyes on the quivering closet before them. “Now, who would like to venture a guess as to what is in there?” 

“It’s a boggart.” One student answered. 

“Very correct. And what might a boggart look like?” 

Hermoine’s voice suddenly ripped through the crowd. “No one knows. Boggart’s are shapeshifter’s. They take the shape of whatever the particular person fears the most. That’s what makes them so-”

“So terrifying. Luckily, a very simple charm spell exists to repell a boggart. Let’s practice it now.” Lupin cut her off, walking to stand beside the closet. “After me… Ridikulus!” 

The class repeated after Lupin, and after the second repetition, you Draco open his mouth. 

“This class is ridiculous.” 

A sudden small cackle escaped your mouth, and Draco looked over to you in shock. He watched as you suddenly smiled at him, and he froze. You have never smiled at him before, and seeing it just now brought a foreign feeling to the pit of his stomach. He wasn’t sure how to react, so he looked back toward your professor, trying to get your gorgeous grin out of his head. 

“Now, the incantation is not what does the job the most. What really matters with a boggart is laughter. You need to force it to a shape you find truly amusing. Or rather comforting. Either one will do, just make sure to not mispronounce the spell.” 

It was a load of boggart’s and laughs later when it was finally your turn, and you slowly walked forward and readied your wand. 

“Alright, Y/N. Think of something you fear, and be ready to turn it into something more.” Lupin instructed you before you looked forward to see the previous boggart morph into something you did not expect. 

It was your mother, in the home you had lived in when you were a child. She was smiling at you with tears in her eyes, her hand on the doorknob, ready to abandon you for the millionth time in your life. Your eyes began to water, and you heard Lupin repeat his previous words to you. 

You nodded and swallowed the lump in your thoat, lifting your wand in the air and yelling out the spell you were assigned. 


You gasped at what now stood in front you. 

It was Draco. 

He had the kind of grin on his face that went from one end to his face to the other, and he looked genuinely happy. He was standing there, a certain twinkle in his eyes as he spoke something that made your cheeks flush with embarrassment. 

“I would never abandon you, love. You mean too much to me.”  

Your chest began to swell, your breathing becoming ragged. You heard the mocking laughs and gasps around you, but you couldn’t bare to listen to them, a few tears trickling from your eyes. 

Draco watched with wide eyes, taking step back in shock. He saw you look back at him, your tear stained cheeks flushed with embarrassment and you hands beginnign to shake. He frowned, feeling bad as he watched you run past him and out of the classroom, your lips quivering and a sob raking through your chest. 

You couldn’t believe this. You couldn’t believe that just happened. 

It was so humiliating. And now he knows. Now he knows what he means to you, what he always meant to you. And he found out in the worst way possible. 

It was almost as if your feet could fly as you zipped out of the classroom and out into the cold air of Hogwarts. You stopped before the courtyard, catching your breath and taking in what has just happened, a violent sob raking through your chest. 

You hadn’t know Draco had went after you as you dropped to the floor in a heap of tears, your soft cries breaking his heart and cracking it in two. What you didn’t know at the moment was that Draco felt something for you. He really did. He knew what it was, it was love, but that wasn’t the point. He just didn’t know how to express it. So everytime he saw you, he put his guard up - he shoved those feelings into the back of his mind. But seeing you now, so hurt and fragile, he knew he couldn’t just let you go like it you were nothing. He realized just how much he actually cared about you, and he realized just how much you cared for him

And that thought alone gave him the courage to walk out of the shadows, revealing himself to you. 

“Oh god.” You groaned when you spotted him through your blurry vision, jumping up from the ground and turning away from him to wipe the wetness from your eyes. 

You could still feel the sobs that were trapped in your chest, but you held them in as best you could. However, when you heard Draco’s soft voice speak to you, you broke down on the spot. 

“You don’t have to hide from me, Y/N. Please don’t be ashamed of what just happened. Personally, I’m quite flattered. I didn’t think a girl like you would ever find an interest in me, of all people.”

You scoffed through your tears, trying to wipe them away as best you could. “A girl like me?” 

You felt a cold hand squeeze your shoulder, and you turned around to be met with the soft blue eyes of Draco. He smiled gently at you, lifting his hand up to wipe away the tears that were still falling. You froze against his hand, closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing. However, Draco’s voice brought you back to him. 

“A girl with a future of her own. A girl who has immense talents and can accomplish anything she wishes. An intelligent mind with a beautiful smile and a voice that can entrance any person into her spell.” 

You stared up at Draco in utter awe, your mouth slightly agape. When he saw the color return to your cheeks in a flood of rosy red blush, his smile widened into the same one your boggart had showed you and your entire class. 

You couldn’t help but smile also, his grin becoming immensely contagious as he cupped your cheek and slowly began to bring your face closer to his. A choking gasp escaped your mouth when Draco finally connected his lips with yours, his thumb brushing lightly against the damp skin. 

The kiss was so soft, so gentle that you almost felt like he hadn’t kissed you. But he did, and when you kissed him back, he pulled you closer to him, deepening the kiss only slightly. His hand slowly made its way around your waist, and he caressed the exposed skin on your hip so softly. 

He held you as if you were broken glass, so close to breaking that he feared to let go. The feeling made your knees go weak, and you leaned into Draco in order to catch yourself before something embarrassing happened again.

You took a deep breath of fresh air as soon as Draco had pulled apart from you, placing his forehead against your and slowly letting you go, almost as if he didn’t want to. 

And he didn’t. He didn’t want to let you go, he didn’t want you to run away from him. He wanted to stay here with you, cradle you to his chest and reassure you of what you feared the most. He wanted to be your safe place, the one person you can go to whenever you were angry, sad, or even just utterly happy. 

He wanted to be your one and only. 

Fortunately for him, you wanted the same thing. 

Gut Feeling

* First time, I’ve posted in a long time. It’s just a one shot. Just wrote it on my phone, let whatever come out. I just needed to dive in and get back to things. It’s quite different than what I’ve written before and, hopefully, that’s okay.

Warning: angsty, angsty, angsty. 

10 miles almost exactly, but it felt like a day long journey for the exhausted and thinly worn out rock star. Even though he had dosed off while riding shot gun twice in the twenty nine minute car ride back to the Chateau Marmont from Chinatown, Luke still felt like he had been sitting silently for a twenty four hour period. He couldn’t remember when the last time he went a half hour without noise. He could hear his brain, smaller somehow, clanking around in his skull like dice in a Yahtzee cup. It seemed to burn every time it smacked up against one of the walls. As much as his murderous headache appreciated the quiet, he wished terribly that you would speak. If he was sure of anything at the moment, it was that you hadn’t so much as looked at him since picking him up.

“Thanks again for the ride.” Voice groggy as if it had traveled through wet mud to come out from his throat, Luke said honestly. He unbelted himself from the chair and reached his arm over to run a hand down your hair, leaning in for a kiss on the side of your temple. He was completely unaware of just how rancid he smelled.

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enough for me / sirius black

requested by anon. i hope i did it justice, love. x

word count// 1,850

It was a rare occasion for you to receive mail whilst attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You grew up in a household with two parents who happened to be muggles without a drop of magic within them. To say they were appalled when your letter of acceptance came in the post was an understatement, even though strange events occurred around you since your birth. Your mother and father tried to cope with your abnormal gift of magic, putting in every ounce of effort to learn about the world that would remain a part of their daughter forever, but you could see what they truly thought of you. Once your seventeenth birthday came around, their feelings towards the wizarding world bubbled out onto the surface.

A cream colored envelope lay on the table before you, the handwriting easily being recognized as your mothers. You could feel two sets of eyes studying your face and out of the corner of your own eyes, you could see that it was Lily and Remus who were watching you carefully. They were the only two people who knew of your rocky relationship with your parents, although you were positive Sirius Black had an inkling of an idea as well.

Your hands shook as you picked up the envelope and fear trickled in your body at what was written on the parchment concealed from your eyes. You felt Lily grasp your left hand and squeezed it reassuringly whilst Remus rubbed your back, tracing shapes and patterns against the uniform you wore. The remaining three marauders sensed the change in atmosphere and broke out of their crazed laughter, settling their attention on your painstakingly pale complexion and shaking hand.

“You really must never get letters, huh, Y/N?” Sirius teased, an infuriating smirk lacing his lips.

“And you do, Black?” You retorted with an eye roll before ripping open the envelope.

“I get letters all the time. I’m a desirable guy—“

“Shut up.”

The folded parchment shook slightly and you faintly heard Sirius speaking, but you tuned him out completely as your eyes skimmed over the elegantly scrawled words. Your heart sunk lower with each letter read.

Dear Y/N,
You may or may not have seen this coming, but your father and I believe that this is in our best interest as well as yours. We have tried to be accepting of what you are and the things you do, however we are just not cut out for your type of lifestyle. Therefore, we disown you as our daughter and banish you from our lives forever. This is what we believe is truly best and we hope that you can accept that.
You may retrieve your belongings over summer break and find somewhere else to stay. We wish the best for you and what is to come, Y/N.
Y/M/N & Y/F/N

Tears soaked the letter as you read the last few words lining the page. Your friends surrounding you looked concerned and you could see their lips moving, spewing questions towards you, but nothing was registering in your brain. Six words were being screamed by the voices in your head and they completely drowned out the chatter in the Great Hall. All you could hear were the six words that stuck out the most to you on the parchment in front of you.

We disown you as our daughter.

Shooting up from the table, the paper that held the pieces of your shattered heart floated to the ground as you stood abruptly. Your mouth formed words and sputtered out that you were going to class before you fled the Great Hall, walking further away from the prying eyes at the table.


Classes went by in a whirling blur of nothingness. Concentration refused to come easily and although you were immensely sad, your temper had also heightened and you were snappy with anyone whom came into contact with you. After spilling your completed potion on Professor Slughorn and earning a detention, being late for half of your classes, as well as being poked and prodded at by Sirius Black, you were feeling the lowest you had ever felt in your life. Your anger only bubbled over once you had entered the common room after dinner.

As soon as you neared the couch, you let your body fall onto the soft cushions. Every limb in you melted into the sofa, the plush piece of furniture feeling like a welcoming embrace after the worst day of your life. You could feel the Marauders and Lily watching you, but everyone had been staring at you all day so it wasn’t a feeling you weren’t accustomed to. It irked you quite a bit but you tried to refrain from exploding on your friends—minus Sirius.

“You look like shit,” Sirius exclaimed after minutes of silence.

When your eyes opened and met his dark brown ones, you saw his arrogant smirk and his position on the couch—one arm on the back of the sofa, the other on the arm of it, with his right leg propped on top of his left—and every ounce of anger surfaced. He looked like he owned the world and you hated it. You hated everything about Sirius Black.

“Leave me alone, Black,” You snarled. You had never sounded more menacing in your whole seventeen years of life.

“I’ll pass, love.” He grinned, only increasing your irritation and he knew it. “It’s much more fun making you mad.”

Clenching your jaw tightly, your curled your fingers into your palm and felt your fingernails dig into the skin. You tried to ignore him, but he was not backing down.

“Ever since that letter this morning—“

You sprung up from the couch and turned to him, fists clenched and heart racing. “Shut up. I swear to Merlin—“

Sirius’ lips quirked up a bit higher, a brow raising. “I believe I’ve struck a nerve, haven’t I, love?”

“Stop calling me that!”

“What was in that letter, Y/N? Did your muggle family finally realize that they don’t love you?”

Air constricted in your lungs. You no longer felt angry, but instead you felt inexplicably hurt. Your heart was physically shooting pain throughout your being and Sirius, who stood in front of you, grew blurrier by the second until tears finally broke through. He had announced your biggest fear, the fear you were living throughout the day but never admitted to yourself. He had hit the nail head-on and for some bizarre reason, it hurt you a little bit more because Sirius had said it.

Slowly nodding your head, tears continually cascading down your cheeks, you watched as his expression changed from smug to purely horrified and shocked. Your trembling hands furiously wiped away the tears and erased the paths they left on your face, hating the vulnerability they caused. “Yeah,” You whispered so quietly that he barely heard you. “Yeah, I suppose they did.”

The ebony haired boy’s lips parted, opening and closing like a fish blubbering for air. He felt his heart clenching and aching within the confines of his chest and he reached out for you, warm fingers ghosting along your wet cheek. He hardly had the chance to touch you when you jerked away from him and with a shatteringly hurt look thrown his way, you fled the Gryffindor common room and left the glowing warmth it held behind. Sirius stared at the portrait hole where he had last seen a flash of your y/h/c hair before it sealed shut again, leaving him to gape at absolute nothing. It wasn’t until a redheaded spitfire of a girl propelled his body toward the exit that Sirius broke from his paralytic state.  

“Go after her!”

Sirius took off out of the portrait hole and raced after you, adrenaline coursing throughout his veins to propel him forward a bit quicker. He ran until his lungs began to burn and he didn’t stop until he caught sight of a mess of y/h/c hair whipping around a corner in the many winding corridors. His legs pumped faster until he latched his fingers around your bicep and spun you around forcefully, the momentum from the two of you nearly knocking one another to the ground. He managed to steady himself as well as you, both of his hands moved to your waist, but his focus was steady on your red face and bloodshot eyes. You whimpered at the hurt flooding over you again just from merely looking at him and ripped away from his hands, his touch burning into you like a match to your bare skin.

“Why did you follow me?” You sniffled, trying to hold back another wave of waterworks. “Are you here to rub it in a little bit more? Tell me how much of a failure I am? I already know, Sirius, so you don’t have to tell me, okay? I—“

Breath caught in your throat when Sirius cupped your face in his hands ever so gently, like you were a piece of fragile porcelain. “You’re not a failure and that’s not why I followed you, Y/N,” He whispered. The gentle tone in his voice and the tender look in his earth colored eyes made you want to cry even harder.

“Then why did you? I know you don’t give two shits about me!” You pushed him away again, his arms falling to his sides.

Redness crept onto your face when Sirius scrutinized you. The burning hatred you once felt for him was slowly dying, but the hurt from his jab at your family remained. You felt confused as to why he was looking at you like he cared and why your digits itched to rub the crease between his eyebrows away. You felt strange for wanting him to touch you again and you did not understand when your feelings towards Sirius Black had changed.

“I understand what you’re going through, Y/N,” He finally said.

You rolled your eyes. “No you don’t. I’m sure your family is perfect and they love y—“

He laughed dryly. The pain shone through his eyes and you were surprised at the wetness that glistened in them. “My family is absolute shit. All they care about is blood purity and they despise that I’m in Gryffindor instead of following the blood line and being in Slytherin like my brother,” He growled and avoided your prying gaze. “I’ve never been good enough for them. I never will be.”

The shy demeanor surrounding Sirius provoked you to inch closer to the boy until you hesitantly looped your arms around his middle. Your head lie over his pounding heart and you felt your lips pull upwards when he returned the embrace, pressing your body flush to his own. As soon as Sirius pressed his lips to the top of your head, you forgave him and melted into him—fully and completely allowing every drop of hate to diminish.

“You’re enough for me,” You mumbled into his chest.

Sirius squeezed you tightly. “And you’re enough and more for me.”

Quarrel (Yoongi)

Originally posted by beui

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 766

Request: Hi! Can I request an angst but fluffy ending scenario with Yoongi, please?

A/n: I hope you enjoyed the fanfic, I’m sorry I haven’t updated a lot this month I promise I’ll try more in May. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather but I think I’ll be up and running in May. (Feels like a lucky month for me)~Joy

Yoongi and your relationship had been on a breaking point, to be honest, both you and Yoongi thought you needed a break. Although you tried everything in your power to keep Yoongi happy your efforts seemed to fail and he seemed even more distant than ever. You grew tired of trying to work on the relationship and you too waited for the moment when one of you snapped and you both broke it off although it seemed as if it was taking forever to happen. You had come home from a work shift when you saw Yoongi on the couch with a bunch of beer cans scattered around him. He was drunk. Again. “You’re late” Yoongi snapped as you sighed placing your purse down.

“So? It’s not like you care.” You answered walking to clean up the beer cans. 

“Don’t. I’m not done drinking them” He growled as you rolled your eyes.

“I think you’ve had enough.” You sighed as you tossed the cans into the bin.

“You can’t control me.” Yoongi snapped.

“I’m not controlling you.” You calmly replied you were fed up with Yoongi and just wanted to enjoy the evening by yourself, it didn’t help that you had to deal with him after a stressful work shift. “The last thing I want right now is to deal with you.” 

“I didn’t want to deal with you either you just walked into the living room acting like you owned my every move” Yoongi snapped back you rolled your eyes, you were done with him.

“Well, what did you expect? I’m tired of seeing you like this, I’m tired of us.” You told him, you felt a weight lift off your shoulder but it was soon replaced with regret.

“And you think I want to be here? I’d rather be back in the dorms with the boys  than spend another minute with your disgusting ass.” Yoongi shot back, which made you scoff.

“My disgusting ass? I’m tired of constantly continuing this pointless relationship, there’s never gonna be anything more, just more heartbreak for me to deal with.” You answered.

“I never asked to date you!” Yoongi shouted you were taken back with this comment.

“I’m not the one who asked you out you asked me out!” You shouted back, as Yoongi clicked his tongue in annoyance. 

“I’m not the one who confessed my feelings for you I felt bad that you liked me, seeing that you were a hopeless case I felt bad and accepted your feelings because no other guy would.” He shouted although Yoongi didn’t mean it, it was the heat of the moment that made him shout it he later regretted even letting those words out when he saw you crying.

“I’m done” You snapped walking to your room.

“Y/n, I didn’t mean it I’m sorry” Yoongi softly apologised but you weren’t willing to look back.

“You can sleep on the couch tonight” You answered not even bothering to throw a pillow or blanket to keep him warm. That night you cried yourself to sleep while Yoongi couldn’t sleep at all because he felt terribly sorry, he was finding ways to make you happy again. Realising that this relationship was worth too much to him to throw away.

That morning you woke up and walked downstairs getting ready to kick Yoongi out when you saw a sleepless Yoongi standing by the stove, smiling brightly to you. “Morning sweetie” He grinned, handing you the home cooked breakfast he made. 

“Yoongi, you didn’t have to make all this food” You quietly answered still upset from the fight last night.

“I know, I just felt bad on the way we ended things last night and I’m so sorry for the things I said to you last night. To be honest, I was drunk and angry, I was so blinded from you that I couldn’t realise that I threw away the best thing that had ever happened to me apart from bts. It was you.” He confessed you felt a sudden warmness overwhelm you. 

“Yoongi, I’m sorry about this whole month, I think we’ve both been acting cold to each other but I guess it happens to everyone. I don’t want this relationship to end, I want this to continue but I want us to be much warmer to each other.” You confessed back as Yoongi smiled.

“Me too, I love you so much and would never want to throw you away” Yoongi grinned as you grinned back.

“I love you too” You replied, grabbing the collar of Yoongi’s shirt, pulling him in for a kiss.

Imagine Chris taking you to Rome for a romantic getaway. (Part B)

A/N: Part 5B 😊 You can read the previous parts here: (Little Ones - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A) and (Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts; Baby Fever; and Memory Lane - Masterlist) Enjoy. X

Chris’ eyes scanned across the array of gelato flavors, making soft sounds with his lips as he tried to decide; a splitting image of Jack when he had to decide over an array of cereals. You wrapped your arm around Chris’, chuckling softly. “You know I thought leaving Jack behind meant not having to go through this, but you are just the same.”

“Okay,” he chuckled. “I don’t see you with gelato,” he retorted, “have you decided?”

“Yeah,” you laughed and pointed at the register where your two scoops were waiting patiently in a cup; you’d decided on ‘Pistachio’ and 'Dark Chocolate’ wanting to stray away from your go-to flavors 'Cookies & Cream’ and 'Salted Caramel’. “And it’s melting, so hurry it up.” You pulled away from him and walked over to the register so you could start eating while Chris decided.

“Your husband hasn’t changed, has he?” Lorenzo, the owner, laughed softly as the two of you watched Chris. You’d met and befriended Lorenzo on your honeymoon four years ago. He’d loved you and Chris, saying the two of you reminded him of him and his late wife when they were young and knee-deep in-love.

“Nope,” you shook your head, smiling.

“Can I try the tiramisu, please?” He asked the attendant then looked over at you, smiling when you chuckled at him. You both already knew what flavors he was going to walk out with; 'Cookies and Cream’ and 'Coffee’. He stuck with what he knew and loved, but he also liked trying everything else first which made the process grueling. “Oh, this is nice. What’s that one in the back like?” He quizzed, getting another small taste test.

You were almost halfway through yours when he finally ordered his usual after tasting another four flavors. He was lucky he was Captain America and the owner was a friend, otherwise they’d kick him out for trying almost every flavor in their display case. After Chris paid for the gelato with a massive tip, you both thanked Lorenzo for his hospitality and made your way out of their store and onto the streets of the beautiful city of Rome which hadn’t changed since your last visit. Rome was always going to hold a special place in both your hearts as it was where you’d spent your honeymoon, and so far- this trip was proving to be just as magical.

“What would you like to do today?” Chris asked, draping an arm around you; he’d squish you every time he tried to spoon ice-cream into his mouth, making you laugh. “Sorry,” he chuckled and you smiled, kissing his jaw. “Anyway, what would you like to do today? We can hit up all the spots we did when we honeymooned, redo Rome?”

“I don’t mind as long as I’m redoing Rome with you.”

“You’re sweeter than my gelato, you know that?” He smiled and kissed the side of your head. “Okay then, I’ll tour guide the trip. First stop…” He trailed off, taking a moment to ponder. “Oh, yes. What do you say we go recreate our kiss photo on the Spanish Steps?”

“That’s really cheesy, Chris,” you made a face, trying not to laugh as you teased him.

“Yeah,” his face fell slightly as he tried to make his case, “but that’s one of my favorite pic-”

“I’m kidding,” you giggled and he smiled, “I’d love to.” You tip-toed and pecked him on the lips.

“Guess I’m not the only one who hasn’t changed,” he chuckled, squishing you again as he nursed his gelato. “You’re still as cheeky as ever.” He scooped the tiniest bit of gelato onto his spoon. “But then again, so am I.” He poked you in the nose with his gelato then pulled away from you, laughing when you scoffed. “You’ve got a bit of-” he choked on his laughter, grabbing his left pec. “Hey, no!” He dodged your attempt to get back at him, still bellowing with laughter as he jogged a small distance away from you.

“I’m going to get you back,” you warned playfully, trying not to smile.

Despite the fact that you’d been together for nine years and were parents now, things between the two of you were still exciting and lively, fun and playful. It didn’t matter how many more years were yet to come, you and Chris both knew that you wouldn’t become one of those boring, old married couples with nothing to do and nothing to talk about. There was a promise made to always keep the romance alive, it didn’t matter how big or small the gesture was- it was the thought and the effort that counted. You’d both lived up to it so far- Chris going above and beyond with this trip- and you’d continue to live up to it as long as you were together.

“Aw, baby,” he cooed, pouting mockingly, “I am sure you will.” You tried not to laugh as you pursed your lips tightly. “C'mere, you messy girl.” He walked back over to you, using the back of his hand to wipe the gelato from your nose. “There we go,” he wiped his hand on his jeans, “back to perfection.”

“But now your jeans are sticky.”

“Yeah, but what’s new around you?” He smirked and you burst into laughter; he laughed as you playfully shoved him. “Wow, that was so crude,” he laughed, wrapping an arm around you as the two of you continued towards the Spanish Steps. “Oh my God, I am so sorry. It’s like I just have a constant stream of bad jokes in my head,” he chuckled.

“I can’t say that was your worst though,” you said; he chuckled when you did. “Aren’t you lucky I married you anyway?” You teased, looking up and smiling at him. Believe it or not, you lived for his terrible jokes; just like he lived for your perfectionism. Those things were part of who you were, part of the reason why one fell for the other. It may have been annoying to others, but it was adorable to you and Chris.

“Incredibly,” he smiled.

You found the Spanish Steps like you did the last trip, around the corner from Lorenzo’s gelato store. There were many tourists like the two of you taking photos and eating gelato on the steps, it was one of the must-see places when one visited Rome. You and Chris finished your gelato and tossed the paper cups away before you went in search of the spot you’d taken your kiss photo four years ago. It wasn’t that hard to find, Chris had it seared in his mind; it was his favorite photo after all. It was his phone’s background up until the birth of Jack, then he’d changed it to the photo that Jimmy Fallon showed at the interview; the one of the four of you. Chris looked around for someone to help take the photo, American tourists found you first.

“Oh my God, it’s Chris Evans and Y/N Y/L/N,” a girl in her twenties and her friends lit up at the sight of the two of you. “This is amazing! We’re such huge fans!” You and Chris smiled. “Do you want us to help you guys take a photo?”

“That’d be awesome,” Chris nodded and passed them his phone before rejoining you. “What?” He chuckled when you chuckled, burying your face in his chest. “Are you embarrassed?” He teased, poking your side as he wrapped his arms around you like he did the last time.

“Aren’t you, Mr. I-hate-the-limelight?”

“Never when I’m with you,” he told you, smiling. “When you’re around, you’re all I see. Why do you think I do red carpet events so well around you? It’s 'cause you’re the only thing I think about, I focus on you and everything else just fades away.”

“Aw,” you smiled. “Okay then, let’s take this photo and give your fans a story to tell.” He chuckled and looked over at the girls, nodding at them before drawing you in for a passionate kiss. You could hear them squealing as the camera flash went off. You wanted to laugh at their reaction but Chris’ kiss just took you to another dimension, giving the 'everything else just fades away’ experience. “Okay,” you giggled, breaking the kiss. “I think they got it.”

“I don’t think so,” he chuckled, giving you another quick kiss before pulling away to take his phone back from the girls. “Thank you, ladies. Y/N and I really appreciate the help,” he told them and they smiled at him before smiling at you. “Do you want a group photo before we go?” He asked, holding out his hand for you to take.

“Yes, please!”

Chris pulled you to his side, you both shared a smile before turning your attentions to one of the girls’ phones. The camera shutter went off and they thanked both of you before leaving you to your peace. Chris took your hand, leading you away from the Spanish Steps and onto your next destination. You chuckled softly when he entwined his fingers with yours.

“What?” He quizzed, chuckling softly.

“Nothing,” you shook your head. “I’m just wondering how long it’ll take for the guys to call when that photo goes viral,” you told him and he laughed. “They all know you very well, there’s no doubt that they’ll figure out the real reason for this trip.”

“There’s no real reason, there’s just one reason and that’s work.” He said and you laughed. “Work for my job of being the best husband ever,” he added, chuckling. “But what they don’t know won’t hurt them.”

“I love you,” you chuckled.

“I love you too,” he smiled.

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Part 5C coming soon.

Planned & Unplanned (H.Mull x Reader)

a/n: i decided to steer away from a happy ending on this one #oopsies

request: I would KILL for an imagine with Hercules x fem!disguised!soldier. I know that there were a few women who passed off as men during the war so they could fight, thought it might be an interesting idea!

word count: 1,886 words

Ever since you were younger, you wanted to do something more than just marry a rich man and live the rest of your life as a house wife.

Your parents knew this but didn’t know it would lead you into sneaking into the war effort disguised as a man.

“God this was such a bad idea.” You say as you tried to make your binded chest less uncomfortable.

You’ve been fighting the war for the past 8 months and you couldn’t feel more alive. You were a spy with Hercules Mulligan to steal plans from the British and return them back to your commanding officers.

After spying with Hercules for the past couple months, you couldn’t help but develop feelings for the man. He always cared for you and made sure you were comfortable which sometimes causes problems with you as you had to hide your blush in these occasions. Although he was your closest friend, you couldn’t allow anyone to know your true identity.

Every mission you went on Hercules was a successful one since the two of you were so close and worked together well. However, a mission went wrong when General Washington commanded you two to bring an extra solider along.

“I don’t know, Herc. I think Benedict will just mess up the mission.” You say to your partner in crime as you packed up your supplies.

Hercules sighed, “He’s fine, (L/N). We’re the best spies of the revolutionaries and Washington letting him come with us shows he’ll be fine.”

“I know, but I get a bad feeling about him.” You shook your head.

Hercules sighed again but just replied to hurry up and the three of you were leaving at dawn.

The mission was simple enough. Go into British territory, find out there plans for the next battle, and get out.

This was an easy mission and you and Hercules have been through harder missions, so it didn’t worry you too much about bringing Benedict.


After many hours walking, you finally reached the outskirts of the British camp, so the three of you changed into red coats in switch of your normal blue ones. Although the plan was meant for you to be kept out of sight, the disguises were just for precaution if something went wrong.

The three of you snuck into the camp, inching closer and closer to the commanding officer’s tent which sat right in the middle. You were silent, afraid if you made a sound it would wake up the entire English army.

Successfully, without any intrusion, you made it to the tent.

“Alright (L/N),” Hercules whispered. “You and Benedict go in and grab the plans. I’ll stay here and keep watch.”

You nodded and the two of you quietly snuck in the tent. You checked your surroundings to see the snoring British commander and on his side were the plans you needed. You stealthily walked around the sleeping commander and was about to grab the plans from him when the man’s head suddenly snapped up.

You almost screamed but Benedict grabbed hold of your waist tightly and wrapped a hand around your mouth. You started thrashing your body to get out of his grasp but you efforts were futile.

“Well well well, guess we finally caught one of the infamous spies from the patriots,” The man spoke to you as he stalked around the room. “And it’s all thanks to Benedict for leading you right to us.”

Your eyes widened, you knew that Benedict was not who he said he was. You tried to break from his hold but it was no use. He led you outside of the tent and into the forest nearby to tie you tightly to a tree. You tried to break out of the roped but they didn’t budge.

The British officer was starting at you with such lifeless, cold eyes that you were shaking in Benedict’s hold. The man walked toward you and grabbed your face to take a look at you. He stared for a long time before finally walked away with a “tsk”, almost dissatisfied at your appearance.

“Y'know,” He said as he stalked around you before he finally grabbed something out of his coat. “There’s a rumor about you, Mr. (L/N).”

You saw that he took out a gun and examined it as if it was nothing more than a pen. You tried to back away, but you were completely immobile.

“Or should I say, Miss (L/N).” The man said with a smirk on his face.

Your heart dropped at this. How did he know? You made sure to be careful of your identity and you told no one about it, even your closest friends you fought side by side with.

It didn’t matter how he found out as Benedict ripped your cap off letting your hair fall which furthered proved your femininity.

“Hm,” The man said after he gave you a good look. “It’s such a shame we have to kill you. You’re such a pretty little face” And he aimed the gun at you.

You panicked and tried to think of ways to stall him. Maybe Hercules heard what happened and will try to save you. It was far fetched, but you had to do something.

“Yo-you don’t want to know if I have any information?” You asked.

Benedict rolled his eyes, “We know you’d rather die than give away information. So we’re just going to cut to the chase and kill you now. We can’t let anymore secrets fall into American hands.”

“Enough talking,” the officer spoke harshly as he loaded and pointed the gun to you. “Let’s just get this over with.”

You took a shaky breath and stood tall, determined to die with dignity. You heart started pounding and you felt your palms sweat. You were going to close your eyes but decided against it as you wanted the man to see your eyes before he shot you.

He was about to the pull the trigger when Hercules bursted through the trees with a gun in his hand.

“Shoot her and I shoot you.” He growled and cocked the gun.

The officer looked unamused as he was held to gunpoint. He lowered his gun and cocked an eyebrow, “Go ahead then, shoot. You don’t have the plans for the next battle, so do it.”

Hercules hesitated, but as soon as he was off guard the man lifted the gun to shoot and you closed your eyes.

You heard gunshots pierce through the air and you flinched. Benedict and the British officer fell to the ground lifelessly. You sighed as you realized you were safe. Your heart was still pounding and you could still feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins.

“(L/N)?” Herc asked terrified as he untied your binds. “Are you alright? Or should I call you something else? What’s your first name?”

You smiled at Herc’s questions, “My real name is (Y/N) and yes, I’m f-”

You doubled over in pain and fell into Hercules’s arms. You groaned and reached down to your stomach and felt a warm liquid oozing from it. You were shot, you were bleeding out, you were dying.

“Oh shit, (Y/N). C'mon let’s get you back to camp and y-you’ll be fine.”

He was trying to comfort you from not panicking but it sounded more like he was doing it to himself. He laid you on the ground and ripped off your red coat as he searched for your wound. He got to the last layer of your clothing and he looked up to you for permission. You rolled your eyes and nodded. This wasn’t a time for modesty since you were bleeding out.

Hercules ripped off a piece of his shirt to clean your wound, but the white cotton immediately turned into a crimson. He tried to not stare at your binded chest while he worked on disinfecting your wound but it was unsuccessful.

“Wow Herc, I’m dying here and you can’t help but stare at my chest. What a gentleman.” You said sarcastically.

You both laughed, but you started coughing up blood which led Hercules to panic more. He started lifting you up and muttering that you needed to get back to camp and how the nurses will fix you up. You knew, however, that from the amount of blood leaving your side indicates that there is nothing either of you can do about it. You vision started to go a bit fuzzy and your body started to shake.

“Herc,” You muttered to him. “Herc, I’m not gonna make it.”

He shook his head and you saw their were tears in his eyes, “You have to, (Y/N). You just have to.”

You smiled weakly at him, “Herc can you lay me down?”

He gently put you on the ground like earlier and took off his coat for a makeshift pillow for you.

“I know I don’t have much time,” You say softly. “But I have some things to tell you.”

Hercules sat next you and grabbed your hand, rubbing his thumb over yours to comfort you.

“I-I’m sorry for not telling you that I’m a girl, but I had to protect myself. I wanted to tell you so so badly.” You coughed.

Hercules shushed you, “I understand, (Y/N). I’m not mad…”

You smiled weakly at him, “There’s one more thing I need to tell you before I die.”

“You’re not going to die!” He cried. “You’re gonna be fine, sweetheart, I swear.”

You couldn’t tell if your breathing picked up because of the pain in your side or the fact he called you ‘sweetheart’. With this you decided to just tell him the truth.

“Hercules, I love you.”

With Herc’s gasp you closed your eyes since you didn’t want to see his reaction. You know he doesn’t like you and only thinks of you like a brother or in this case a sister. Your battered self couldn’t handle another blow.

It was silent for a long time before you felt him cup your cheeks and press his lips to yours. This time you were the one that gasped and weakly wrapped your arms around his neck as best you could to deepen the kiss. You pulled back after a while since you felt yourself drifting off.

“Where’d they go? I can’t see a trail anymore.” Hercules head snapped up as he heard British soldiers make their way through the forest in search of the two of you.

“Herc, you have to leave me behind.”

“No! I love you too and I will not leave you alone here to die!” He tried to quietly whispered.

As Hercules was looking around in search of an escape, you reached into your pocket to grab the plans you snatched from the commander’s office and put it into Hercules’s hand. You squeezed and he looked down at you with tears in his eyes when he realized he had no choice but to go on without you.

“Go, Herc. I’ll be fine. Give the plans to Washington. Win the war.” You weakly demanded.

He kissed you once last time and stood up when he heard the soldiers coming closer. He slowly backed away, staring at you as he tried to memorize your face before he finally took a deep breath and turned around. You smiled and your last sight before you finally closed your eyes was Hercules running safely off into the forest.