it couldnt had been any better

Anyways it will always bug me that oliver and felicity have been more prone to drop their responsibilities and heroics than literally any other characters.

They legit left the city in the hands of Diggle, Laurel and Thea so they could play house.

Oliver even left Thea defenceless and he was lucky that Laurel was around to care for her, because his sister was severely traumatized and couldnt even go back to her own home. But oliver clearly had better things to do.

Then it turns out that Felicity was in contact the whole time and not only was she lying to Oliver about it, but she didnt seem to find it appropriate to let Oliver know his little sister might need him? And Oliver didn’t even want to return after that. He only did so to appease Felicity. Literally all of Season 4 was about them nonsensically.

Felicity also seemingly didnt give a fuck about Ray or what might have happened to him until AFTER they returned either despite being the only person who knew the extent of his work and what it was capable of.

Felicity also walked away from the team because her and Oliver broke up (because she dumped him for lying, even tho she knew he was a liar when this started and she lied to him for months first and then lied to him again when she was trying to help Ray, but okay) despite the fact the day before she said their relationship shouldnt effect their work?

Yet ol*citers go on and on about how heroic and admirable these two are? When they are the least responsible of the whole team? And these same people slander Laurel for so much as breathing despite the fact she has ALWAYS prioritized everyone else and the good of the people? Even BEFORE she was a vigilante? Like…..honey your bias is showing and its delusional.

Prompt #91 “Tell me you need me.” - Sheamus.

wwefangirl69 requested #91 Sheamus.

A/N\: Holly hell this is long :O but OOOO so much drama….should I do a part 2?

Everyone kept telling you that your whirlwind romance with Sheamus wasn’t going to last long but that didnt stop either of you. You and Sheamus could be fantastic, as loved up as could be and the next you could be oppisite ends of the room having a screaming match at one another. Today was going to be one of those days where you started together and ended apart.

You woke up cuddled in Sheamus’ side, as you woke up you gave him a slight squeeze.

“Mornin’ beautiful.” He leaned down to place a sweet kiss to your lips.

“Go’mornin’.” You sleepily mumbled into the kiss before pressing your face into the crook of his neck, he chuckled and rolled you over so you were lying on your back and he was hovering above you.

“Come on Love we gotta get ready.” Sheamus leaned down and started to pepper kisses all over your face and neck causing you to giggle.

“Okay fiiiiinnneeee. I’m up. I’m up.” Sheamus gave you one last kiss to your lips before rolling off you and heading to the bathroom. You couldn’t help but admire his figure as he made his way across the room, the way the light hit his skin giving it a warm glow and how his sweatpants hugged his hips just right.

“Ya know if ya quit stairing you could join me?” He gave you a smirk before steping in and turning on the shower, chuckling as he heard your footsteps follow behind.

  That day at work was pretty tough when you arrived your boss notified you that you’d have to do double the work because someone had phoned in sick and you were sure the whole city knew because you were rushed off your feet all day. Especially when one customer managed to knock over the stand that held all the sugar and your boss made you clean it up. On the way home your bus was an hour late, and when you got to your stop it had started to rain and you being clever this morning had forgot a coat. All you wanted to do was to go home, shower and cuddle Sheamus. Making your way down the street you pull out your phone to see Sheamus has replied to none of your texts.

“Great. No cuddles for me.” Sighing you arrived at your front door, puting the key in the lock you opened the door calling out to Sheamus. “Sheamus? Babe? You home?” No response. You looked all over the house but no sign of him. Sending him a quick text you put your phone on the bedside table figuring he’d just gone out for some shopping. You reach the bathroom and turn the shower on hoping the hot water would make you feel better. It had been a few hours since you texted Sheamus and still no reply, now you were starting to get worried, grabbing your phone you dial Cesaro hoping he can shine some light on the situation.

“Hey (Y/N)! How are you?” Cesaro’s cheery voice was just audible over some booming music.

“I’m alright….Say you haven’t heard from Sheamushave you? He hasnt replied to any of my texts or calls?”

“Sheamus? Yeah! He’s right here? I thought you knew? He said you couldnt make it?”

“Make it to what?”

“To our get together tonight. We invted you but he said you couldn’t make it.” Your face fell. Sheamus had said nothing to you about a get together, that’ll explain the music you could hear.

“Oh…that…yeah… ..I..umm..I had work.” You could tell by the sound Cesaro made tht he didn’t believe you, after dating Sheamus for a couple of years you and Cesaro had formed a close friendship.

“Right okay…I’ll tell him you called.” You quickly thanked Cesaro and slammed your phone onto the bedside table.

You woke a few hours later to hear crashing downstairs and someone “Shushing” themselves. Getting up you walked downstairs to find a drunk Sheamus struggling with his Jacket.

“Baaabbbbeeeee I missed you!”

“Oh really? You missed me huh?”

“Yeah you should have come tonight it was awesoooooommmme! Could have worn that sexy little dress you know I like”

“Well I would have only someone didn’t invite me!” You put as much venom into the word as you possibly could.

“Who? Tell me who the asshole is and I’ll beat them up!” Sheamus was looking around as if someone was going to pop out of the woodwork.

“You! You were the asshole!” You poked your finger into his chest emphasising your point. His face fell slightly looking at you confused. “I had had the worst day at work,my boss made me do pretty much everything while she sat chatting up guys. My bus was late and I got soaked on the way home. I thought I’d come home and spend some time with you before you leave. But no, I come home and find you’re not here! You haven’t responded to any of my texts or calls….I had to phone Cesaro to find out where you were! Turns out you were at a gathering I didnt even know I’d been invited to!” You were now pacing around the front room, fists clenching and unclenching with anger.

“Well I’m sorryyy you’ve had a bad day but the world doesn’t revolve around you! I have a social life too sweatheart!” Sheamus’ slightly playful demeanor no compleatly gone, his tone matching yours. “Sorry that I can’t answer all your clingy calls and texts 24hrs a day!”

“Clingy texts?! Sheamus! I hadn’t heard from you all day! I thought something bad had happened!”

“Well maybe it should have! At least I’d be away from you!” You were slightly taken back by that comment, yes you and Sheamus would fight but he’d never said anything like that.

“Well if you wanted to be away from me so much why don’t we break up!” You screamed.

“Fine maybe we should!”

Your chest was now heaving from all the emotions. If you had time to stop you would have swore the walls were closing in on you. You needed to get away. Pushing past Sheamus you made your way upstairs and started packing a bag with essentials, you were to busy trying to hold back the tears to notice that Sheamus had followed you up.

“Wait (Y/N) stop.” But you didn’t, you threw your phone charger in the bag and zipped it up moving passed him once more. “Please stop.” You turned to see Sheamus looking worried, seeming to have sobered up during the fight.

“No Sheamus. We do this to often, we fight, we make up, all for what?! for us to have a few amazing months together only to repeat the whole cycle all over again. I can’t keep doing this. I need to leave and find someone who won’t be an ass to me.” You saw him flich at the last part.

“Just…. tell me you need me and I’ll do everthing I can to be a better boyfriend.” He was pleading with you, almost kneeling on your hallway floor.

“I…..I can’t. I’m sorry.” You turned finally letting the tears fall, as you shut the door behind you you hear some glass break and Sheamus letting a sob that broke your heart all over again.

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headcanons for nanami that dated izuru post sdr2

heres ur headcanons nanami! i hope u like them, and if theres any changes u need me to make all u have to do is let me know! - mod kiibo

- once sdr2 was over, nanami desperately wanted her classmates to wake up from the despair that they were under so that they could help create a better hope for the world. of course, she had no clue when something like this would happen, but she knew it would have been for the better. still, she trusted those she knew had woken up

- one of these people happened to be izuru, but nanami couldnt tell that very easily at first. after all, he was still pretty cold and occasionally talked about how bored he would be. because of this, nanami tried to be cautious around him and make sure to keep a close eye on him, just to make sure that she wouldnt get hurt around him

- of course, nanami eventually came to realize that izuru wasnt one of the despairs when he first protected her from them. at that moment, nanami realized izuru was trustworthy, and began to try and become closer to him as a result. sure, she knew it might take a little while, but she still wanted to become someone close to him

- eventually, nanami and izuru started dating each other, and nanami considered the two of them to be a pretty happy couple. sure, there were still things that had to be fixed about the world, but nanami was glad that there was someone she could hold near and dear to her while trying to bring things back to a somewhat normal state of life

- honestly, nanami wasnt completely sure why komaeda wanted to protect her, but she was thankful that he helped izuru keep her safe. even though she swore she could keep herself safe, it was a bit comforting to know that the two of them were there for her if she was ever in any sort of trouble, and she was glad komaeda helped izuru shoulder some of the job

- every time one of the students woke up from despair, nanami felt incredibly happy. after all, that was another one of her friends that had come back! sure, the process was a little slow, and some of her classmates were taking a while to really wake up, but she was glad to know that they were progressing and coming back at all

- sometimes, izuru would pick nanami up bridal style and carry her around, just to make sure that he could keep his eye on her. of course, this would always make nanamis face go red, but izuru would try to act like it was nothing special and treat her coldly. when nanami looked at his face, though, she thought she saw a tiny blush on his cheeks

- even though nanami and izuru like to spend a lot of their time alone with each other, sometimes theyll invite komaeda to spend time with them. after all, hes done a lot for them, so its the least they could do for him. the three of them manage to have some fun together, and nanamis glad that she was able to be near the two of them

- once all of her classmates woke up from despair, nanami suggested throwing a celebration for them all, which everyone seemed to like. of course the celebration wasnt too incredibly big, but everyone seemed happy. nanami ended up spending most of the celebration holding izurus hand and talking about how happy she was, though

- nanami was ready to finally leave despair behind, and she was glad that izuru could be there by her side when they could start working toward that goal. even if the future might seem dark sometimes, knowing that izuru was there by her side made nanami feel like she could conquer anything with him, and she was excited for what was to come

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So I just got my first binder today! It's not /too/ flat. Not as much as I'd hope at least, but I can already tell it's as small as I can take. All well,still happy. But the very top pokes out on the sides in points like a corner, do you know what to do about that? Also any help putting on and removing by myself? I had to get help. It's a full tank.

Thats good 🙂 You are not likely to get completely flat but dont worry too much about that. Cis guys arent completely flat. No one really notices. Dont be tempted to try a smaller size, going smaller actually makes it worse and doesnt bind any better. It works better with the right size. I had problems with the sides as well, I couldnt get anything to really work other than try to push it down. Trying different positioning can help

They can sometimes be quite hard to get into (and worse getting out of). Been stuck in one before which was good. You can pull it over your head like a normal shirt or step into it and pull it up. Which method would work better depends on your body shape. I had to pull them on. Some find stepping into them to be easier. Removing is generally a case of just pulling the bottom as far up as you can and working it up. Putting powder on can make it a bit easier. The fabric will soften with time and it will get easier. Some people try stretch them out a bit by putting them over a chair or something so its easier to get into

I just reblogged this post the other day with a method of how to put them on if you want to try it this way as well

@a-fool-without-a-clue this is better, I think. Or you can PM me if you want.

I dont really care whether it’s stated or headcanoned, just saying it’s a likely possibility given the fact that he had the means to do so and nothing to really stop him. It’s an open question. Since we dont know any details about this possible visit, we cant say why he wouldnt/couldnt have met Yusho. There could have been a million reasons starting from the fact that Reiji didnt know the guy was in Heartland to begin with (he thought Yusho had gone to Academia and stayed there) so he wouldnt have made an effort to go around looking for him to who knows what else might have gone down to prevent their meeting.

Or like you said, he could have simply gathered data about Heartland from whatever materials Leo left laying around or even from Yuto’s duel disk. Like I said, it’s an open question so Reiji going to Heartland himself is just one possibility, in my opinion.

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Korean fans get mad that intl fans are always asking idols to speak English but then laugh @ the pronunciation. It's true that that's mean but it does not cause any physical harm to the idols. Korean fans are the ones that literally stalk the idols and invade their privacy so much, whether it is at a hotel, airport, or public in general. I'm not saying that what intl fans do is ok but Korean fans need to think about their actions before getting mad at someone else for doing less harmful things.

i mean, it’s nice that you think that’s what korean vs international fans are like, but it was in taiwan that jimin literally fell and couldnt get back up and the stalking was so bad Bighit had to release a statement telling fans not to take the same flight as them, or harass them on the plane. it was in sweden where jin and jungkook literally had to run down a street to get away from fans. people camped outside of their hostel in bergen. it’s always in international airports where its craziest and people don’t respect personal space. don’t act like international fans are any better than korean fans at respect, because from my experience it’s always been the other way around.

and honestly? what makes you think that it’s korean fans pissed off at people who make fun of idols’ english? it’s all non-native english speakers. the first post made by someone from malaysia. i am from the philippines. i saw people from the netherlands agree. english is fucking hard, and it is not only racist to asians to make fun of english in an asian specific way (e.g. engrish, [word]eu, etc), but it’s also disrespectful to anyone in the world who grew up having to learn english on top of their native tongue.

last of all, why the hell are the two related? does this mean just because black people are getting murdered on the street by police that i can’t get mad if a friend of mine says the n-word? if terrorists are bombing people in the middle east, i can’t get mad when someone makes an ISIS joke at my iranian friend? it doesn’t work that way. i can get mad at people for doing mildly racist things. people doing worse out there doesn’t negate that what they’re doing is racist.

take a good hard look at yourself, and think about why you felt the need to rationalize things this way in my askbox. are your infires and hearteu snakeu jokes really that important to you?

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I’m submitting this because i want someone else to know our story. 

This is Nick, and in high school he was a grade above me , he played soccer, I rode horses, our groups of friends were different, he was smart, I wasnt. Our worlds were never meant to collide.

I saw him around a lot but he had this goofy hair cut that made him look like a typical asshole but who was I to judge, at the time i was dating an actual asshole.

Time flew by, and what do you know it was march of my senior year. My life was at its lowest, i was so depressed and i hung out with dirtbag kids, let boys hurt me over and over again. 

(Flashback to December) My mom comes home one night asking if i know this kid nick from high school that works with her (They work at a Honda Dealer ship) and I said no I have no clue who he is. She continued to talk about how handsome he was and how great his smile was and there was no way i couldve missed him. So i was curious and looked him up on facebook. 

There he was, a completely different looking kid, no goofy haircut, bright eyes, and a perfect smile. I became, to say the least, obsessed with him. He was perfect. Except of course he had a dumb ugly girlfriend. 

I would occasionally go with my mom to work on sundays just to see him, we’d make short eye contact for a few split seconds and that was it. A month or two flew by and i was in art class checking my twitter when i noticed i had more followers but never got any notifications for it, which was strange. So i checked. And there he was, i was so happy it must of been the first real smile id had in weeks. From there on we tweeted and texted and he took me on my real first date to frozen yogurt and we sat in his car for hours talking about everything. On our third date he asked me to be his girlfriend. April 19th, 2013 and since then its been the best year of my life. I couldnt ask to spend my life with anyone better. He is my everything. 

Chapter ThirtyThree


It had been three days since the game in Chicago, it has also been three days since a nigga felt like he was on his death bed. For the first time in my life I truly felt sorry for the people who got sick often, I now knew what them mother fuckers were complaining about.

Thankfully we were back in the comfort of our home, so I was free to lounge around and die as loudly as I wanted without having to worry about no one, “Tyson what the fuck is this!”, Lani’s voiced echo through the house as the sound of her heels followed behind. Ignoring her question, I peeled off my wet shirt, thanks to my high ass fever and laid back on the lounge that had become my bed for these few days.

“Tyson!”, Lani yelled again as she entered the room. Opening up one eye, I peeked over at her frame only to find her holding a express package while she mugged me. Trying to hide my grin as I knew what it was, I turned over on my side so I was now facing her fully, “What it look like?”, I muttered in a raspy voice thanks to my fucked up sore throat.

“A kinky nurses uniform”, She explained in a bitter tone which sent me over the edge. Holding onto my stomach, I started to painfully laugh, though it quickly turned into a coughing fit. Rushing over, Lani helped me sit up before handing me a bottle of water to ease my throat, “Serves you right”, She muttered under her breath while I shook my head in amusement as I downed the bottle of water.

“Why you mad for? You been playing nurse and I just thought it would be nice if you dressed up as one”, I chuckled as I slowly laid back on the lounge and watched as she narrowed her eyes while shaking her head, “It has crotchless panties, you asshole”, She huffed as I held my stomach and tried not to laugh. 

“I aint get any in daysss”, I groaned as I felt my permanent hard on strain inside of my sweats, “Its been two days you sex addict, calm down”, She huffed as she sat on the side of the lounge and felt my forehead with the back of her hand. I had been bored out of my mind, I couldnt do shit and to top it off, Lani was holding out on me cause she wanted me to recover. I thought getting her a nurses outfit would get her excited and finally give it up, I guess that shit back fired though.

“I bet you any money, if I have sex then I’ma get better straight away”, I smirked as I placed my hand on her thigh, only for her to quickly slap it away, “Dont even think about it”, She mugged getting up and making her way towards the kitchen. Groaning out in frustration, I rolled off the lounge and painfully landed on the floor and on my side, “You k daddy?”, I heard a voice behind me causing me to look up at my son who was looking down at me with a confused expression.

“Come help daddy up, little man”, I muttered as he ran over and wrapped his small arms around my body and ‘helped’ me up. Picking him up as I stood, I kissed the top of his head before heading inside where Lani had disappeared too, “You feel better daddy?”, Isaiah asked as he brought his hand up and felt my forehead, something he picked up from Lani.

Chuckling at my son who was literally a saint, I squeezed his body tighter to mine and rested my head on his shoulder as he wrapped his arms around my neck. This little kid was the epitome of innocence and I never thought I could love another human being but Lani, yet he proved me wrong. The fact that he came from Lani made him even more valuable to me, “You looking out for ya dad huh?”, I grinned as I kissed his cheek a few times as he giggled and nodded his head.

“Come on lets go find yo mommy. We miss her dont we?”, I mumbled as I started walking again while searching for Lani, “Yes! We miss mommy!” Zay squealed with excitement before clapping as we spotted her pulling out apple juice from the fridge.

Noticing us standing there, she let out a gasp before frowning, “Ty you’re not suppose to be getting up. Go rest baby”, She sighed as she came over and took Isaiah from my hold, “I aint sick no more”, I muttered as I waited for her to hug me or something. Instead she stood there shaking her head, “Ty my birthdays in a week, I dont want you to be sick for it”, She pouted as I rolled my eyes and stuffed my hands into my pockets.

“I aint even sick Lani, I had a cough but Im all good now”, I mumbled before letting out a frustrated sigh as I hated to be reminded of my current situation. I even went as far as banning everyone from the house so I aint gotta hear that shit when they came over, though I still had Lani’s ass to deal with.

“Okay, okay Ill drop it. So what are you getting me for my birthday?”, She cheesed as she waltzed over, “Man get yo spoilt ass outta here”, I chuckled as I avoided her puppy dog eyes and headed over to the fridge as I hadn’t eaten all day, “I made you soup. And I am not spoilt”, She huffed as she sat Isaiah in his highchair and went over to pour me a bowl of shitty ass Chicken Soup.

“Keep telling yourself that”, I mumbled as I took a seat on the stool next to Zay and watched as Lani worked her way around the kitchen. Making her way over she sat a bowl in front of me before pulling up a seat on the other side of Zay so she could feed him. 

“Shit tastes like water”, I mumbled as I swallowed a spoonful of the soup with a frown. Looking over Lani mug me before trying to get Zay to open up although little man refused to, “Im thinking we hit up ihop or sumthing”, I shrugged as my stomach made a grumbling noise. 

“But I cooked!”, Lani scoffed in a offended tone while I raised an eyebrow in amusement, “You boiled water added a chicken”, I chuckled as she subtly flipped me off and slid off the stool. Grabbing my bowl and Zays, she dramatically poured them down the sink before dropping the glass bowls in the sink, “Why you acting out? Cause I’m tellin ya the truth?”, I huffed as I picked Zay up and headed up stairs to get him ready.

It took me and Zay 20 minutes to get into some sweats and jordans before heading downstairs towards the garage. Slowing my pace down, a smirk creeped on my face at the sight of Lani standing by the door, dressed and wearing a permanent frown, “Oh you coming huh?”, I asked with amusement laced in my voice. Sucking her teeth, she grabbed her bag and headed towards the range rover.

“Better drop that attitude and buckle my son up”, I chuckled as I handed Zay over while she mugged me. Shaking my head as I headed around the car, I quickly got into the drivers seat and pulled out my phone. Noticing Ace had called a few times, I turned on the car and hooked the phone up to the loud speaker. The ringing tone boomed throughout the car just as Lani jumped into the front seat and seconds later Ace’s voice came through.

“Damn nigga, if I was dying I woulda been dead and gone by now”, He muttered off bat causing me to chuckle at everyones salty attitudes today, “Nigga ma phone was on silent, what yo light ass want?”, I mumbled as I fought the urge to lit a cigarette as Zay was in the car and I never smoked around my little man.

“Was just calling in to check up on yo ungrateful ass, but you know what fuck you”, He joked as I shook my head while chuckling, “My bad bra, but yea Im all good, told y’all it was nothin but a little cough”, I tried to downplay my sickness for the 100th time although it never seemed to work. 

“Yea, little cough ma ass. Anyways nigga hit me when you free”, He mumbled into the phone as Brianas voice could be heard in the background, “Ight no worries nigga, one”, I muttered back just as I pulled onto the freeway, “One”, Ace replied before the dial tone came through.

Switching the hands free over to the radio, I nodded my head to some 2pac and lowly rapped along as I headed towards our destination, “I thought we were going to ihop?”, Lani frowned as she sat up in her seat and eyed out the exit we were suppose to be taking, “Im feening Chipotle”, I mumbled as I looked over at her for a few seconds before turning my attention back onto the road.

“Okay”, She sighed before looking out the window. Frowning at her withdrawn demeanour, I removed my hand from the gear stick and placed it on her thigh. When she didn’t react to my touch like she normally would, I looked over at her once again only to find her still staring out the window. Deciding to let it go, I kept my hand on her thigh and rubbed it up and down in a comforting gesture as I continued to drive to Chipotle.

As soon as we pulled up, my mouth watered at the thought of finally eating a decent meal. Parking the car, Lani and I got out and she went and grabbed Zay from the back seat before coming around, “You got him?”, I mumbled as I adjusted my snapback and shoved my hands in my pockets, “Yea, baby boy is gonna walk. Arnt you?”, She chuckled as Zay wore a frown once she sat him on his feet.

Little man was spoilt as hell and had gotten so use to us carrying him everywhere that he now hated to walk, “Come on”, Lani giggled at his salty face as she held his small hand and began walking to the entrance. Following behind them, I kept my head down in hopes no one spotted me although I knew it would only be a matter of time before someone pulled out a phone to start taking pictures.

“Lani, get a booth in the back”, I muttered lowly as she looked back over her shoulder and nodded her head, “Table for 3 please and somewhere private in the back if you can”, Lani asked the waiter who immediately nodded his head and walked us to a quiet area in the back. Taking a seat around the table, the guy handed us our menus before going off to get us our drinks of water.

Placing my arm around Lani’s shoulder I closed my menu and moved over so I could look through the one she was currently gazing through, “What you getting?”, I mumbled in her ear as Zay crawled over Lani’s lap and situated himself in mine.

“Mmm I dono, can you just order me whatever your getting?”, She asked softly as she rested her head against mine. Nodding as I licked over my lips, I scanned down the menu and once I had decided Lani flagged the waiter down. After ordering a shit load of food, I sat back in my seat and admired my family. Crazy to think that no less than a year ago a nigga was out causing havoc all over the city and now I was sitting in Chipotle with not only my fiancée but my son as well.

“What are you thinking about?”, I heard Lani quietly ask as she placed her hand on my thigh, “Whole bunch of stuff”, I shrugged as I lent over and kissed her cheek.

“Ty I think I need to get a job or something”, She suddenly said causing me to pull away and looked down with a raised eyebrow. Immediately shaking my head, I tried my hardest to bite my tongue and be opened minded about the situation but it was harder than it looked, “Why you wanna go do that?”, I muttered in irritation as I removed my arm from around her and rubbed the side of my jaw. Instantly she let out a sigh as she began to play with her fingers in her lap,  “You know what, forget I said anything”, She chuckled light as she shook her head and slumped back in her seat.

Feeling bad that I had once again shut her down, I placed Zay beside me and pulled Lani onto my lap. Chuckling she looked around in embarrassment before turning her attention onto me, “I just want to be with you as much as possible. You getting a job, means less time”, I admitted as she nodded her head while brushing her thumb across my freckles, “I guess Im just feeling useless, you know? Like Im almost 20 and I haven’t accomplished anything”, She confessed causing me to sit back and think about it from her point of view.

“Havent accomplished anything? Baby you talking real crazy right now. You got Zay don’t you? He the greatest accomplishment you and I ever done and it aint gonna get any better than that”, I mumbled as I pushed her hair behind her ear just as the waiter came over and placed our drinks on the table.

Quickly sliding off my lap so she was once again sitting next to me, she looked over at Zay and smiled down at him, “He is isn’t he”, She said softly before looking up at me, “I just don’t want people to think that Im some hopeless basket ball wife that’s only with her man for the money”, She huffed as I looked down at her with a frown.

“You been reading them gossip blogs again huh?”, I  accused with a raised a eyebrow causing her to instantly start pouting while nodding her head. Chuckling as I shook my head, I grabbed my glass of water and gulped a few sips before returning my attention to her, “What I tell you bout em Lani? They talking shit 99% of the time. Don’t let em get to you baby ight?”, I assured her as she let out a sigh and nodded her head, “Im serious Lani, don’t let that shit get in your head. You know better than anyone that I’M the one that wants you at home and not working so fuck what anyone else thinks”, I stated sternly so she would know I wasn’t joking either.

Letting out another sigh, this time it ended with a smile, “Thank you for making me feel better”, She said softly. Wrapping her arm around my forearm she sat up in her seat and playfully started kissing all over my face. Watching our interaction, Zay start giggling as he stood up on the seat and tried to get in between us, “Kisses for me mommy”, He wined as he put his hand on my face to stop Lani from kissing me.

“Oh hell naw, you ain’t gonna start cock blocking little man. I aint having that”, I huffed playfully as I wrapped my arms around his body and sat him on my thigh, “Someone has competition”,  Lani chuckled beside me as she sent me a wink in return for the salty look I wore. Before I could even think about shutting all that shit down, the waiter brought out food causing all our attention to turn onto the food.

“Come sit down baby”, Lani mumbled to Zay as she patted down on the space in between us. Reluctantly he got off my lap and took a seat in the middle, handing him his juice box, Lani sat his food out in front of him, “I’ll set him up baby, you eat”, She smiled as she sent me a wink.

Grinning lowly at her, I sat forward and instantly started downing my food as it was the first decent thing id had in days. Letting out a groan at how good my food tasted, Lani looked over and started chuckling before picking up a napkin and wiping the side of my mouth, “You are adorable”, She laughed as I playfully sucked my teeth.

“Thats fruity as hell baby”, I frowned as I lent over and stole a few of her fries. The rest of lunch was spent of us feeding off each others food and once we had completely stuffed ourselves we lounged back so we could digest, “I tired now”, Zay yawned causing me to chuckle as I was feeling the same, “Yea I think its just about nap time anyways, lets get you home to sleep sweetheart”, Lani cooed as she sat him in her lap and cleaned his fingers and mouth with baby wipes.

“Imma go pay and have a smoke outside”, I mumbled as I kissed her lips before she could reply. Grinning as she pulled away, I slid out of the both and headed to the front to pay before heading outside to have a cigarette. Pushing the door open, I embraced the cold breeze on this hot ass day and pulled out my packet of smokes. Quickly lighting one up, I hurried to smoke it as I hated to smoke in front of my son.

“Shit you Tyson Brown!”, Someone yelled from the other side of the car park causing me to let out a low groan. Keeping my head down so my snap back could hide my eyes, I hoped that the nigga would just walk away but thanks to my luck he jogged over with his mates.

“Yo man, I love you bro. Forreal you like ma idol, one picture please man”, He pleaded as I let out a sigh and turned around to face them, “What up little homie”, I muttered as I dapped him up and stood next to him, “Forreal Ty you the best playa bro”, He continued to praise me as he handed his mate his phone and stood next to me. Letting him take a few photos, I straightened out just in time for Lani and Isaiah to come out giggling in unison .

 Spotting me, she held onto Zay’s hand and made her way over, “Oh shit that Nalani? Yo she bad bra, you did that!”, The guy exclaimed as I clenched my jaw and took a drag of my cigarette. Throwing it on the ground, I stepped on to put it out before turning my attention to my girl, “Lets go baby”, I mumbled as she smiled and nodded her head.

“Wait wait, you mind if I get a picture with you?”, The kid asked as he looked at Lani, “Oh um”, Nalani stuttered as she looked taken aback at the request, “Yea little bra, I mind”, I grumbled before she could say anything else. Taking a step in front of her, I wrapped around the small of her back and lead her towards the car before anyone could say anything else.

“Tyson”, She sighed as we got out of hearing reach, “Dont, Lani”, I warned instantly as I didnt wanna get into it. We already know it, I am over protective and possessive and it wasnt something that would ever go away so there was no need to talk about it. Shaking her head with amusement, I jumped in the passenger seat as I was feeling too sick to drive and waited for her to buckle Zay and come drive.

Without another word, she closed the back door and jumped into the driver seat all while I watched her every move. Putting on her seat beat, I watched as she backed out of the car space and headed out of the car park, “So I was thinking I’on want you to take photos with females anymore”, She stated sarcastically causing me to suck my teeth as I chuckled.

“You being petty”, I stated simply as I placed my hand on her upper thigh and rubbed it softly, “You being annoying”, She mocked in my tone as I licked over my lips while I raised a eyebrow, “You givin daddy attitude?”, I mumbled as I gripped her thigh.

“No attitude mommy!”, Zay squealed causing us both to laugh as I looked back over my shoulder, “You backing yo dad huh?”, I grinned as Lani playfully sucked her teeth as she sent a weak punch to my arm, “Dont teach him that”, She laughed as I turned around and sat back in my seat.

“Mommy the best, right?”, I called out loudly as Zay giggled why clapping his hands,  "You best mommy, you best!“, He squealed as I watched Lani started cheesing as she switched lanes and headed off the freeway, "You’re the best baby”, She beamed over her shoulder, fuelling his excitement even more.

Sitting back and enjoying the view of my family, I rested my head back against the seat and couldn’t help but wonder how long this happiness would last.


“Jeremiah calm down damn it!”, I giggled as I ran behind him and tried to keep up, “Barbie, hurry!”, He yelled over his shoulder as his hoodie figure ran in and out of aisles. Holding my stomach from laughing so much, I stopped in my tracks and held onto one of the racks as I tried to catch my breath.

“You falling back Barbie!”, I heard J’s yell from somewhere in the store. Immediately feeling my cheeks burn with embarrassment, I shook my head as I pushed off the rack and started my search for him. Luckily it was late in the afternoon, meaning there was hardly anyone around, “Jas, I found it! Bring a basket!”, I head him yelled again this time causing me to groan. Grabbing a basket from near the check out counter, I peaked through each aisle until I found J haunched over as he scanned the shelf.

“Baby!”, I chuckled as I jogged over and sat the basket in front of him. Without even waiting a second, Jeremiah started grabbing boxes of different pregnancy tests and tossing them into the basket. Realising I was way late with my period and throwing up unexpectedly this morning, Jeremiah insisted we get a pregnancy test and as you can imagine he was more than excited. 

“J we dont need all that, get like 3 only”, I giggled as I bent down and tried to pull them out of the basket though it was hopeless as he just kept putting them back, “We gotta be sure baby”, He shrugged as he picked up the basket that had over 20 tests in there. Not wanting to burst his happy bubble, I linked my arm with his and we began headed towards self service. 

“Hol up”, He muttered quickly as he handed my the basket and pushed his snapback down before putting his hoodie on, “Are you disguising yourself?”, I chuckled at his poor attempt as he was incredibly tall not to mention he was wearing his Miami Heat hoodie.

“You can never be to careful”, He shrugged before taking the basket back and rushing through to the check out. Pushing in front of a old lady, I covered my mouth with my hand to prevent me from laughing and held back as I watched him bag the items in super speed. Finally composing myself, I went and stood next to him as he paid for them and handed me a few bags.

“Im so excited yo”, He mumbled in my ear, before throwing his arm around my shoulder and pulling me into his body. Leaning on my tippy toes, I reached for his lips and kissed them a few times as we headed towards the car.

“If ma kid is in there forreal, I swear you gonna be on bed rest until you give birth”, J said with all seriousness as he opened the car door for me and waited till I was seated. Shutting my door for me, I watched as he run around the car and jumped into the drivers seat, “I hope you werent serious about the bed rest”, I chuckled as he pulled out of the car park and sped down the road.

 ”Hell yea I was! Shit Barbie, you gonna be on lock down”, He joked as he sent me a wink while he hit the gas and sped down the highway. Sitting there smiling, I couldn’t help but feel my cheeks begin to hurt due to all the cheesing and laughing I had endured today. The thought of carrying a child at this very moment scared the hell out of me but most of all it gave me a sense of happiness I never felt before.

Ive always lived my life by a certain set of rules but since friending Lani and dating a Miami player my life had gone every way I never thought it would. It was always about education, being the perfect daughter, marrying some lawyer, have a kid in my thirties and live a boring life. Now I was on an entirely different path in life and I wouldnt wish for it to be any other way.

“What you thinking about that got you cheesing so hard?”, J asked causing me to break out of my thoughts and turned my attention back onto him, “How happy I am”, I told him instantly which only fuelled his own grin to become bigger.

“I hope to God this comes out positive”, He mumbled lowly as I nodded my head in agreement and tried not to think of any negative thoughts. It only took us another 15 minutes to reach our condo and as soon as we pulled up in the under ground car park, J parked the car and we jumped out. Grabbing the bag, he rushed over to the elevator while I picked up my pace behind him so he wouldnt leave me behind again.

“How are you rushing to get up there without me? Your forgetting that Im the one taking the test?”, I chuckled as he repeatedly hit the floor number while bouncing on the balls of his feet, “Come on, come on, come on”, He repeated under his breath as he started pacing inside the elevator.

“Your making me dizzy J”, I giggled though he waved me off as he continued to fidget with anticipation. As soon as the doors opened on our floor, J rushed out not without grabbing my hand and pulling me along.

“Starting unzipping them jeans”, He quickly yelled back as I held onto my stomach and started laughing. His excitement was way to adorable and I silently prayed it came out positive as I knew we would both be devastated. Pulling out his keys, he fumbled around for a few seconds before angrily letting out a frustrated sigh and handing me the keys. Smirking as I took them from him, I placed the key in the hole and instantly unlocked the door. 

Making our way inside, J ran into our bedroom with the bag of tests as I trailed behind him with my nerves picking up. Letting out a sigh, I kicked off my shoes and entered our ensuite only to find J sitting on the basin bench as he hastily ripped one of the tests opened.

“Okay it says pee on the end of the stick and wait 5 minutes”, He instructed as he kicked off his own shoes and got comfortable on the bench, “Your not going to give me any privacy?”, I asked with amusement as I started to unzip my jeans.

“Hell no, I wanna be able to say I was there every step of the way. Including watching you piss on a stick”, He stated proudly causing me to walk over and settle in between his legs, “I love you J”, I mumbled sincerely as I ran my hand threw his mini afro before leaning forward and kissing his lips.

Placing his hands on my hips, he returned the kiss and even made sure to slip in his tongue. Knowing where this was going, J quickly pulled away as he was way to excited for me to take the test, “I love you too, now go tell me you carrying ma seed”, He smirked as he sent a slap to my ass and softly nudged me towards the toilet.

Chuckling as I shook my head, I peeled my jeans off and made sure to give him a little show as I bent down and pulled them off my feet. Standing up, I looked over and smirked at his lust filled eyes that was currently roaming my body hungrily. Pulling my thong down, I took a seat on the toilet and held out my hand so he could hand me the test. 

Handing it over, he watched intensely as I parted my thighs and put the test in position, “Make sure you pee directly on it”, J directed causing me to playfully roll my eyes at the obvious. Letting out a sigh, I willed myself to start peeing though I couldnt help but come up dry due to all the pressure I was suddenly feeling, “Whats wrong?”, He frowned with worry causing me to sigh.

“Stop watching your making me nerves”, I mumbled as he raised a eyebrow before finally turning his head in the other direction. Feeling a little better that I wasnt being examined, I finally felt myself beginning to pee and quickly I looked down to make sure I was getting it right.

Finishing off, I grabbed toilet paper and quickly wiped before flushing the toilet and walking over to set the test on the basin, “Okay 5 minutes”, J beamed as he stared down at his rolex while jumping off the bench and coming to stand behind me, “Im so nerves”, I confessed as I leaned my weight back into his chest.

“Me too baby, but what the out come I dont matter cause I still got you”, he mumbled as he kissed down on my neck, instantly making me feel better about the situation. Wrapping his arms around my waist, I turned around in his embrace as rested my head on his chest, “I really want this J”, I whispered as I kissed his chest while he rubbed my back in a comforting gesture.

“Me too Barbie, a mini version of you”, He muttered in my ear before he kissed the side of my head. The wait felt like hours, both of us were visibly nerves and tense but the excitement out weighed all other feelings, “How long has it been?”, I asked causing J to lift his arm up and look down at his watch, “6 minutes, you ready?”, He asked as I pulled away and looked up at him with wide eyes.

“I cant do it, you read it and tell me”, I plead as he hesitantly looked over at the basin, “Ight, ight, I can do this”, He told himself as he let go of my body and stepped towards the test. Keeping my eyes on his face, I watched as he picked up the test as well as the box so he could see which signs meant what.

“Am I?”, I nervously asked as he continued to stare at the test with a blank expression. Negativity instantly filled my mind and I couldnt help but feel my heart hurt a little, “Why you crying?” J suddenly asked as I hadnt even noticed I let my tears fall, “Im not pregnant am I ?”, I whispered as he gave me a small smile.

“Actually baby, looks like you are”, He suddenly beamed causing my eyes to go wide as I looked at him in shock. Feeling my heart beat against my chest, I took a step forward and looked down at the test that was still in his hand. Spotting the two lines for positive, I couldnt help but let out a little squeal as I jumped up and down in excitement.

“IM PREGNANT!”, I screamed as I jumped up in his arms as he started laughing while squeezing me tight, “Quick lets do another one”, I suddenly said as I needed the reassurance of more than one test, “Imma be a dad”, J lowly mumbled to himself as he ripped open another box with a cheesy smile.

“Water, get me water J!”, I squealed with excitement causing him to to also jump up in excitement and rush out of the room. Moments later he busted back into the bathroom holding three bottles of water, “Quick drink, drink, drink”, He instructed as he somehow pulled the lid off and threw it to the other side of the bathroom.

Opening my mouth, he held the bottle to my mouth as I sat on the toilet, willing myself to pee again, “Turn the tap on so I can make me want to me”, I suggested as he once again rushed over and turned it on. One by one, I continued to pee on sticks until we had 10 lined up on the sink bench. Every single one of them coming out positive and by the end of it, J and I went into the bed room and collapsed back on the bed in exhaustion.

The excitement had drained us to the core and although I wanted nothing more to call the girls to tell them the good news, I was way to comfortable in my mans arms to do so, “Jas we gonna be parents”, He muttered in a disbelieving tone that caused me to cheese for the 100th time today.

“I cant believe we are starting a family”, I beamed with excitement as I laid my body on his and snuggled close to him. Up until a hour ago I hadn’t realised just how much I wanted a child and now knowing that I was indeed pregnant, made me want this 100 time more, “J, we are having a baby”, I whispered as I lifted my head from his chest and looked up a him, “I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy, forreal”, He mumbled truthfully as he pushed my curls behind my ear without breaking eye contact.

“Do you think I’m going to be a good mom?”, I hesitantly asked with a frown as negative thoughts started to fill my head, “You playing right? Come on baby girl, you gonna be the best mom forreal. I’on know why you would question that”, J chuckled as he wrapped his arms tighter around me and brought my body closer to his.

“What you say to some celebratory sex?”, He blurted out causing me to giggle as I kissed his chest and snaked my hand under his shirt. Trailing my fingers down his torso, I couldn’t help but smirk as they reached his sweats and brushed over his already hard member, “This definitely calls for some celebratory sex”, I grinned causing him to instantly mirror mine.

In one swift movement, J flipped us over so that he was on top while I was laid out underneath him. Gripping my shit, he helped peel it off before kissing along my neck as he unclasped my bra, “Jeremiah”, I whispered as a small moan escaped my lips just as he grounded his hard member against my inner thigh.

Lifting my hips up slightly, J peeled my thong off before looking down and letting out a low, sexy groan, “Damn Barbie”, he mumbled as he stayed kneeling in between my thighs. Popping up on my elbows, he met me half way and slipped his tongue in my mouth as I let out a moan at the feel of his finger connecting with my opening, “You just relax and lemme take care of you”, He mumbled against my lips before fully pulling away dropping his head down to my centre.

Not one to refuse royal treatment from their man, I laid back on the bed and looked up at the ceiling as I placed my hand on my belly. At this very moment I was carrying a baby with a man I was deeply in love with. If the moment wasn’t already perfect, the second J’s tongue hit my clit and had me melting under him, completed my perfect life.

anonymous asked:

There is all sorts of opinions revolving around Harry Potter, but what is your take on Lupin vs Snape. Who made the biggest blunder. Snape getting revenge on Lupin by reporting him to the papers causing all Werewolf kind to be even more hated by the Wizard Community, or Lupin almost accidentally killing the 3 main characters because of his neglectfulness. The theory I keep hearing was that he actually believed that Sirius Black was the traitor and that Remus was seeking revenge.

I didnt know this was a debate. Honestly I dont see anything debatable about the situation. I mean the entire night was one huge clusterfuck of everbody simultaneously screwing up just about as badly as they really could. I’m gonna put this under a readmore because I’m actually going to be sourcing shit because this is going to get long.

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