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“I stress through the day with a hundred thoughts in my head and everything can be a total chaos, but when I start to pray, everything turns silent and clear. Because in spite of all this chaos, you remember what really matters. It’s fine because everything has a meaning.”

F: Dont go (to the jungle)
MK: He (JB) was supposed to go together
F: but why isnt he going?
MK: cuz of promotion

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REQUESTED by @msjuliawicker. Eliot/Margo are Head Boy and Girl and Q is a year below them.

Additional headcanons because I’m such Harry Potter trash:

  • Eliot is a Muggleborn. Most people assume he’s a pureblood, and he lets them. He insisted on being put into Slytherin.
  • Margo is a half-blood, as is Quentin. Julia is a muggleborn. Alice is pureblood. So is Penny. Penny was almost positive he’d get Slytherin, and was humiliated when he got Sorted into Hufflepuff. He eventually came to accept it and, in later years, would grow defensive and fight anyone who dared underestimate him simply because he’s a Hufflepuff.
  • Eliot and Margo are the Head Girl and Boy that don’t put up with any asshole behavior at all. They’re Slytheins, yes, but Slytherin =/= villain. 
  • In my verse, Alice/Margo are probably a thing (Margo would laugh for at least thirty minutes when she hears Julia set Quentin and Alice up, only to soon make sure Quentin knows nothing will ever happen with Alice. Hands off.)
  • Quentin struggled desperately with the Patronus charm due to his depression.
  • Quentin in the Mirror of Erised would see himself surrounded by the people he loves, and accepting that people love him and being able to live a happier life.

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There are 52 episodes which are 20 minutes each making that 1040 minutes, which is 17.33 hours which means you CAN finish this series in a single day
—  Me pressuring my friends into watching a series

Some lesser known Jeffrey Dahmer facts:

  • Jeff had air fresheners throughout his apartment when tenants in the Oxford Apartments complained about the smell (of the bodies), he blamed it on his freezer breaking and meat spoiling
  • He went to Ohio State, with his father paying for him to study in business but he failed to turn up to most of his classes and when he did, he was drunk, his roommates back in college described him as “weird” and told of a few times they were sure Jeff stole from them to supply booze for himself
  • As a teenager him and a friend of his, Jeff Six were cautioned for driving over somebody’s front lawn while high on marijuana 
  • When Jeff was in the army (where he later got discharged for alcohol problems) he frequently drank and got into trouble a few times, the worst of these times was when several men turned on Jeff and beat him up severely, he was bloody and his ear-drum was broken, causing
    him to suffer periodic attacks of ear-ache even ten years later
  • He worked at Sunshine Subs (a sandwich place) when he was in Miami, he also worked at a blood plasma center as a phlebotomist (where his job was basically taking blood from volunteers) in Wisconsin, he worked at a temp agency for a while and then moved onto his job as a mixer in a chocolate factory
  • Jeff didn’t like the taste of blood, when he worked at the blood plasma center he took a vial of blood up to the roof and drank it, he said he spat it out and didn’t like it
  • He once wrote “When my father came home I was happy.”
    “When my mother came home, I was watching TV.”
  • When asked if he loved his grandmother he strangely replied “Yes, she’s lived in that house a long time”
  • Jeff took up smoking in the army and when he returned he was smoking a pack a day
  • He once made a sexual advance on his brother David when he was 24 and his brother 18, when they were sharing a bed, Jeff said about the situation “He didn’t go for that at all, that’s for sure. He told me so
    in the morning”
    , Jeff said he made an apology to his brother, and that he felt embarrassed and disappointed
  • Jeff once said “It would have been better if I’d just stuck to the mannequins, much much better”

Hindu Mythology Meme: [1/9 Mortals]

Legends have it that in the surreal, matrilineal kingdom of Manipur set in the dense forests of far east Indian subcontinent, lived the daughter of King Chitravahan: Chitrangada.

A fierce warrior of captivating beauty, Chitrangada met Arjun, the third Pandav, when he wandered into the kingdom during his 12-year-exile. They fell in love with each other and Arjun asked for Chitrangada’s hand in marriage.

The king agreed, on the condition that Chitrangada’s child would succeed him as the king of Manipur, because daughters could bear only one child who would be the next head of the family. Arjun agreed, on his condition that he would take neither the child nor the bride back with him.

And so Chitrangada wedded Arjun. They had a son, Babruvahan, who would defeat his father in battle many years later. Arjun stayed in Manipur for three years before continuing his wanderer-exile.

Chitrangada, like so many other women in the Mahabharat, is a symbol of staunch independence, fierceness of passion, and strength of will. Also like the other women, she is oft overshadowed by the men, but in the end, there can be a unanimous agreement over the fact that the women were at par with, and many times superior to the men of the epic.

You know what. The space arc for TMNT was really boring, actually. Like, the Setting was super cool…. but the actual plot added to it wasn’t what it could have been. Not to mention what they did with the character development and dynamics. 

We had all these worlds out there, all these alien species and societies that could have been so crazy and interesting to see. We had four kids who’d never even walked down the street in the middle of the day, let alone gone out in public and been able to smile and interact just like anyone else, and the writers didn’t even mention that fact. In space Everyone is strange and alien. The boys fit right in, for literally the first time ever, but that experience was never addressed at all.

And we had all this big flashy fights every single episode, which was kind of cool I guess, but no focus on the main six themselves? They watched their whole world get destroyed. The fate of billions rest in their hands. They’re in SPACE, where they can do anything, Be anything. And just. Nothing on that?? Like, we could have had special focus episodes for all of them, or pair off eps for two or three of them specifically. 

Mikey and April getting to run off and cause a minor intergalactic incident together. Raph convincing Leo to cut lose and have fun on a tropical planet. Donnie and Casey bastardizing space technology to build spaceships all their own. Mikey getting a solo ep to run wild somewhere without anyone else. The capritello trio being stranded on a planet and having to finally sort their relationship out. Leo diving straight into any situation that resembles a space heroes episode. Donnie finally having alone time and getting a nap. Raph and Casey finding a planet with a warrior culture and immediately throwing down with the top fighter. April getting a spa day away from her testosterone fueled friend group.

The possibilities were endless!! 

But. Nah. 

I loved some of the space arc episodes, but between leaving characters to squander without development, and the OOCness of a couple others, and the totally dropped plot lines from previous seasons…. it just doesn’t measure up to what it could have been. 

Really, looking back and remembering the monologue at the beginning of each episode, and how some plots felt rushed, or out of character, or just lackluster in general…. I think I didn’t like the space arc much at all. I wish it’d been executed better. It was a really neat idea, but just not given the content or care it could’ve had.

Thorin refusing to risk his nephews and friends after realizing they’ve fallen into a trap. He was so close to Azog and the sweet revenge that basically carried him this far, so close… And then he pulled back. “We live to fight another day.” We’re talking Thorin who was ready to throw away his life more than once by recklessly going against Azog. For most of his life he was driven by anger and sense of retribution, especially when he found out that the one thing he thought he did well in life turned out to be a failure and his nightmare came back to haunt him. At this point, it wasn’t just revenge at stake anymore, it was his honor, his reputation and most importantly the self-actualization waiting to be achieved after having defeated the one true enemy of his peopleHe threw it all away in order to save himself and his kin. But, alas, it was too late.

This is what I call major character development. 

I’m laughin I’m cryin because I Realized Anna and Ben did the same thing, but different/similar:

1. Anna tries to marry a British Officer, knowing his loyalties | Ben gets involved with a Tory, not knowing her loyalties

2. Anna tries to marry the Officer | for Ben it’s a one-night-only

3. Anna fully intends to go through with marrying Hewlett | Ben says he wants Sarah to come back to camp with him - I don’t know if he was even thinking in terms of marriage but he definitely thought they were Together and did not intend to leave things the way they wound up.

4. Anna’s attempt to marry Hewlett was something she planned | Ben’s thing with Sarah was entirely spur-of-the-moment

5. Anna and Hewlett didn’t | Ben and Sarah did

6. Hewlett and Anna,,,,,actually kinda knew each other | Ben and Sarah just met that day smh

7. just. the fact Annlett was something a lot of people wanted | and you could probably count on maybe…two hands…how many people were okay with the Livingston Debacle <.<

8. Hewlett was Invested in the relationship | Sarah was already Noping That by the very next day

9. both ended horribly but. Anna got sabotaged by a third party | Ben and Sarah didn’t need any help sinking their ship

10. Hewlett’s response is to leave the fight | Sarah’s is to join it

11. Hewlett survives the damn arc | Sarah doesn’t

  • Someone: But how can you ship Oliver Wood with MARCUS FLINT
  • Me internally: Well, at surface it's the rivals to lovers trope. They are both the captain of their respective sports team. But not only that, they are the captain of the Slytherin and Gryffindor. Now, obviously Gryffindors and Slytherins already have that rivalry. But it feels like they feel they're meant to hate each other. In Half Blood Prince Harry said in his internal monologue when seeing Blaise that, to paraphrase, Slytherins and Gryffindors hate each other by default. Now lets look at Marcus and Oliver. You can make the claim they hate each other sure, but I question if they really do or if they feel they hate to, especially with spark of their rivalry. Oliver doesn't have this type of relationship with Cedric Digory of Roger Davis, only with Marcus. It's hard to make real judgements about their relationship since they're such minor characters. They already have a love for Quidditch in common, so that's a good basis for their relationship. It's also no secret that Slytherins are very flat characters, written as antagonistic. But I do have questions about Marcus. Since the Flint family is part of the sacred twenty-eight, he is possibly from a prestigious family, since many Slytherins do come from those sort of families. In a way we can assume that Marcus may have cold, elusive parents. While there's no way to prove that is canon, it does make you think. He does have quite a fiery personality, and that brings in the question of whether it is just how he is or he is devoid of affection. Oliver is obviously a very passionate person but not totally driven. So they could bring each other up. Since Marcus is a Slytherin he's ambitious and likely has a lot of drive. Therefore, Marcus can help Oliver focus his drive on things that aren't Quidditch and Oliver can provide the love he didn't get as a child. There's nothing that can be proved or disproven as they are so minor and everything can be up for interpretation. Now, Marcus is accused of being a short tempered person but Oliver can be quick to anger. Marcus does get joy out of stirring Oliver up. There's clearly a lot more to their relationship than is shown on the page. But also, when Draco's arm was still injured and Gryffindor was meant to play Slytherin, Marcus HIMSELF went up to Oliver to say they weren't playing. That doesn't make sense, right? Surely Marcus would tell Madam Hooch and she'd tell Oliver. So there's subtext to their relationship. There's A LOT more to their relationship than is shown on the page. There was clearly basis, especially since we don't see Angelina and Montague having any sort of a relationship. Especially not one that involved a spat over who got to practice. And their names even have meaning. A flint is a rock that sets wood on fire. So basically, their names involve a 'spark'. While this was probably used to signify their rivalry, like a spark causing conflict, sparks also refer to chemistry in romance. So their names could've also worked as being a symbol of their romantic relationship. There's also when they shake hands. They shake really tight. Why? Surely if you didn't like someone you wouldn't want to hold their hand too tight. While yes, it's described as trying to break each other's fingers, it's a bit extra. There's kist so clearly something to their relationship that really falls down onto how you feel about certain tropes but in a way, it could've worked in canon if done right. We don't know what Marcus did during the war either, he could've been at the Battle of Hogwarts. We don't know anything about him after Hogwarts really. He could've went to join his own Quidditch team so he and Oliver would've had run ins. Maybe without the expected rivalry they got along better. There's so much subtext, so much we can theorise or assume. There's just so many reasons.
  • Me externally: Rivals to lovers trope, duh

Happy new year guys!! Sorry i couldn’t come up with anything cooler cuz i’ve been quite busy lately preparing for my new semester ;w; so here’s a quick lil thing i made!

I just want to thank you guys for an amazing year! 2016 was a wonderful year for me on tumblr, nothing rlly big happens but at least i managed to talk with a few artists that i admire //w// and reaching the 1k milestone was awesome too

However, as for 2017, it might be the busiest year for me, so i may not be able to post as frequently as i could, but i hope u guys would still stick along with me until the very end <3

What Santana should have said

“Kurt, maybe it didn’t work out between you and Blaine because your relationship is more toxic than a chemical plant. Maybe it didn’t work out between you and Blaine because he cheated on you, and you should have walked away from him then and there instead of taking him back. Maybe it didn’t work out because Blaine is a manipulative, lying, immature child who thinks he’s entitled to everything and has an ego so inflated, it gives Rachel’s a run for her money. Maybe it didn’t work out because Blaine doesn’t treat you the way you should be treated, because all he ever did was walk all over you and treat you like an inferior, which is ridiculous because you’re Kurt fucking Hummel and you deserve everything good that happens to you. Maybe it didn’t work out because Blaine just makes you miserable. Yes, I understand you’re hurting, but you should be with someone who makes you as happy as Brittany makes me. Believe me Kurt, you can do so much better. So, just quit chasing after Blaine because you are the biggest, brightest diamond. And he isn’t even a fucking pebble.”

See, I know a lot of people, Kurt stans especially, are pissed off at Santana for what she said, but I’m not because the Santana that I grew to admire on this show was the one who said that she was a hardcore friend. The Santana that I admire was the one who told Kurt (and Rachel) that she had love for him and thought of him as family. The Santana I admire was the one who grew to care about the guys in Glee club and stuck up for them and would always tell them to get their crap together in her Santana way because she loves those guys and she wants to see them happy, no matter how much of a bitch she says she is. The Santana that I admire is the one who would’ve said all that to Kurt if the Glee writers weren’t offensive as all hell and knew how to properly write a television show. So yeah, the writers are the ones I’m mad at because it wouldn’t have been hard to write that scene that way, but those guys just love being offensive dicks, so of course they had Santana insult Kurt while bringing Chris’s own physical appearances into play. Not to mention, they had her seem like she’s on Team Blaine, which is ridiculous because I was sure it was a given that Santana didn’t even give a shit about that overgrown child. But the Glee writers just love upsetting people, so what can I say?