it could still be a completely life altering

I seriously love how horrendously paradoxical emiya alter is bc emiya is the only person in fate who could possibly pull off existing the way emiya alter does. vanilla emiya was already paradoxical enough as the archer who fights with swords and is actually a magus who exists as both a person and a concept as well as at two different stages of his own life in the same moment during fsn. emiya alter is so completely different from shirou that there’s no logical way they could ever be the same person yet somehow he’s still the same entity. I remember something in his profile mentioning that society cannot produce something without a name and yet he as the abstract concept of society’s ideal of justice forcibly removed his name in order to fully become that concept. he’s essentially just several paradoxes in a trenchcoat held together by kintsugi gold he’s so incredibly unstable that his body literally breaks down under how much he shouldn’t logically exist and the only reason he can still exist is because his sole ability has always been to bring things (swords) that don’t exist into existence. archer emiya is literally the only fucker who could get away with being this paradoxical without just ceasing to exist entirely

Bad Timing, Part 2: Isaac Lahey

requested: by anonymous and anonymous

pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader, Scott McCall x Reader (only a lil bit)

word count: 1.7k

warnings: more secondhand embarrassment, minor swearing, season 3A spoilers

summary: Isaac takes a leap of faith.

a/n: I honestly didn’t expect this to be requested this much, but I’m glad you guys enjoyed part 1!! My requests will be fully open for the next week, and then things are going to slow way down, so send in your requests!

Read Part 1 Here

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Boyd asked, “I mean, the last time you two talked, you said ‘I don’t feel that way about you’ and ran out.”

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In 2 weeks, it will be a year since I posted this photo.

My captions, for me, are like journal entries. I can always go back and see how much I’ve learned & grown.

In my original post, I ended my caption by saying “the ultimate goal is to be healthy, strong, happy & completely at peace with myself”.

I don’t look happy in this picture because I wasn’t.

This was a point in my life where no matter how much weight I lost or how much I altered my appearance, I was still unhappy. I wanted more.

Today, I look at this picture with compassion. I have so much love for her!

I wish I could jump into the picture and give her a big hug. She was on the right track with that caption but still needed some more healing to do. #healingtheyoungermes

Today in this moment, I can proudly say that I am genuinely happy💚 I feel strong & I feel healthy. And most importantly, I am at PEACE with myself mentally, emotionally, physically &a spiritually :)

Soulmate AU @Anghelfromtheabyss

“You only see in black and white until you meet your soulmate. You and your soulmate share all emotions and physical senses (I.E pain, heat, pleasure, etc…)" 

 If there was one thing Nageki knew it was that you as no control over your soulmate. Many a person had tried to avert or alter it and found themselves defeated when inevitably they still couldn’t pick their life partner. To do so seemed an awful lot of work to him in truth. Why waste all that effort resisting fate? Aside from death it seemed nothing could alter these predetermined events. This is why even if he wasn’t an avid believer in all this he resigned himself to simple indifference over the matter rather than the disdain or dirt shown by some.

 It wasn’t even like your soulmate had to be strictly romantic, it was just the person who completed you. The one who gave you colour and unfurled the world before your eyes in its full spectrum of beauty. To resist this and prefer to remain seeing the world through this monochrome lens seemed foolish. So much of the world would be missed out on. Given he never seemed to be overly drawn to romance and desired to seek it out before in his life Nageki presumed his soulmate may be more of a platonic companion than an outright boyfriend or girlfriend though perhaps when he finally met them that would change. They were his supposed other half after all. 

 It was these thoughts that had been pervading Nageki’s mind that day as he had walked briskly through the corridor towards the library and set all his belongings down behind the library assistant’s desk before beginning the inevitable task of reordering the recently returned books and placing them where they belonged on the shelves. It still wasn’t too early in the day so the library was quiet. There were a few third years coming in to work on a group project for college applications but they didn’t seem to be liable to stay long. Uneventful, that is what the day seemed. When he heard the door open and close behind him with a thud as someone new entered he didn’t even move his attention from his library duty tasks to acknowledge them.

Sixteen Again

(Yeah, I know, Original-Title is Original)

So this is chapter one of that teen-All Might prompt by @the-button-harlequin. Yes, ‘chapter one’ because that “probably a oneshot” has become a “probably a five-shot”. Hopefully. (Please plot-brain, don’t try and turn this into a 50-chapter epic. I know that’s your default setting, but please don’t.)

Anyway, I hope this is at least part of what you were hoping for @the-button-harlequin.

Summary: A couple weeks into the new term, All Might is suddenly turned into a 16 year old. With no culprit in sight to reverse the process, Toshinori is left with no choice but to adapt and hope it wears off. But while being 16 again has its challenges, it brings with it several blessings as well. Ones that almost make Toshinori wish he could stay like this.


No one ever does find out how it happened, though they do figure out that it must have required physical contact and time to take effect. But that means it could’ve been anyone All Might had encountered recently, whether a child with a newly activated quirk, or an adult with full control. In the case of the latter, they could have been a villain with hopes of knocking the famous Symbol of Peace down one final peg, or someone with more benevolent intentions, hoping to restore the retired hero to his prime.

Regardless of how or why, though, it doesn’t change what happened.

It’s halfway through Class 1-A’s heroics class, joint taught this time by both All Might and Aizawa. The students have been split into several teams and were sparring against each other. The focus here to not only refine their new techniques so that they didn’t actually cause too much harm to their opponent, while also learning how to adapt them to work with their teammates.

All action comes to a halt however when All Might suddenly collapses.

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I don't even want to want him.

You think it wouldn’t be much easier if I could just stop obsessing?
You think I’d rather keep living a life full of pain like this?
You think it was simpler than the snap of a finger to overcome the shame and confusion of falling in love with a man who’s part of an entirely different generation?
You think I enjoy having to hide this taboo crush from friends, family, never being able to tell anyone who I’m always thinking about?
You think it’s easy to live with the reality that I literally have no chance whatsoever with him because he’s happily married and has never considered/would never consider any sort of attraction to me?
You think it’s fun to have a crush on my former teacher? You think it’s fun to be stuck in the past like this, never being able to move on from high school because of one single person? You think it’s fun to feel pathetic and useless while everyone around me is growing up and living a normal college life? You think it’s fun to not be able to date or find relationships with any guys my age SOLELY because my heart is still so focused on him?

I once enjoyed this. I once reveled in the giddy high I got when I saw him, talked to him, even just thought about him. I once told myself I could sustain this, I could just enjoy it while it lasted and let it die out naturally.
But that’s the thing: it didn’t die out. It still hasn’t gone away. I still feel things I can’t put into words when I think about him. I still want him, but I don’t want to. I want this to end. I’m ready for it to stop. I wish to god I could move on but I just can’t. I even spent a year in another state and guess what? I turned out MORE obsessed with him than ever before.
I’m still entirely in love with him. But I wish it would stop. I wish I could overcome the fear of moving on, but I’m just too scared. I’m too attached to him, and even though he doesn’t know it, he affects my life and my mental wellbeing in ways no one could imagine.
I don’t even want to want him. I’m ready to be done. The pain is too much, the consequences of holding onto him are devastating, my entire life has been completely altered for the worse because of this infatuation I’ve held with him for nearly 3 years now.
And it just won’t go away.
I’m in love with him.

Okay guys,  I want to address some troubling themes I’ve seen floating around lately in the Marvel fandom, in fics or minifics or what have you. Specifically, stuff concerning Bucky and Tony.

First of all, it’s a pretty widely accepted headcanon that Tony is the one who does most of the work and repairs on Bucky’s arm. I myself agreed with that one right off the bat, for two main reasons: One, because we all know Steve wouldn’t let anyone within a mile of Bucky if he didn’t trust them, especially early in his recovery. And two, because if the arm is as technologically advanced as we’ve been shown, it would require an absolute tech genius to understand it. Tony fits both those requirements.

Now the stuff I’ve found to be a little disturbing: The idea of Tony messing with Bucky’s arm as a joke, or because he thinks it would be amusing to do stuff to it. I’m not talking about sticking magnets to it or that kind of thing; I mean actually changing the mechanics or workings of it. I’ve seen that idea around more than I’d like to, so I think we should clear this up.

Tony would absolutely NOT do that. Yes, he’s a jokester, a bit of a clown, and I’m sure he loves the opportunity for a good prank. But at the expense of Bucky, who has spent the last seventy years being used and manipulated against his will? Who is understandably lacking in the trust department? Absolutely not.

One of the moments I remember best from the first Iron Man movie is Tony waking up to find a car battery connected to his chest. He’s scared, and he’s horrified. Even when he realizes that Yinsen had to do it to save his life, he’s still obviously upset by the fact that they did this to him while he was unconscious and hand no choice in the matter. And in Iron Man 3, Tony had to watch as Aldrich Killian made these horrific alterations to Pepper’s body and neither of them could do anything about it. Tony knows what it’s like to lose that bodily autonomy, and he knows what it’s like to watch that happen to someone he cares about.

And then you tell me that he would find it completely acceptable, even funny, to alter Bucky’s mechanical arm without his permission? He would think it was a joke to make the arm malfunction at inopportune moments, or just do things of its own accord outside of Bucky’s control? No way. That would be a huge violation of Bucky’s trust, something that’s already incredibly fragile, and quite frankly it would be an absolutely disgusting thing to do. Stuff like that may not seem to serious to you, but to me it is a huge discredit to Tony’s entire character. He definitely has his flaws, but Tony Stark is a good man at the core.

There’s just no way I can see him doing that.

The Sun, The Moon and The Star

TITLE: The Sun, The Moon and The Star


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being Loki an Thor’s little sister. You love both of your brothers, but you feel a little bit protective with the lonely and misunderstood Loki. As a Goddess, you have the power that no one can lie on your presence, so Loki, the God of 

RATING: General

NOTES/WARNINGS: Some references to minor character death.

You landed in the large dome of the Bifrost with a slight stagger, righting yourself you looked around to the golden clad guardian. “Hello Heimdall.” You smiled sadly.

“Your Highness.” He bowed his head. “Your return could not be better timed.”

“Is it really that bad?” You asked worriedly.

“Asgard is in need of guidance and that is something you are renowned for. The people have been wondering as to your whereabouts.” He informed you.

“And what of my father?”

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anonymous asked:

What made you start shipping Kylux?

First, it was a mistake. I used to lurk the Kylo Ren tag on tumblr, but then I noticed there was this suspicious thing called ‘kylux’, so way back then I’d only watched the movie once and I thought ‘lol that’s like coming from thin air’. This ship fandom was like basically a tiny dumpster.

Now when I watched the movie for the second time, I said ‘awright’ this seems nice so why not? So it was time to connect the dots and give myself a good reason to ship them. I’m not that much of a delusional shipper when it comes to my ships, so I needed a solid argument to do so.

When I watched it for the third and fourth time, I started not to see it from the ‘good guys’ point of view. Although I do still believe Kylo is a fucking monster and Hux is a maniac sadistic lil b*tch, they’re complete exact opposites who want something in life. Honestly, I find it disrespectful to refer to Kylo as ‘Ben Solo’, because he doesn’t see himself as such from what we could see. We don’t know Ben Solo at all, but! I do think Ben is strongly ruled by emotions, Kylo his alter ego is too, but the Ben in him could possibly want people to actually notice him for the human being he still is? Like keeping himself alive with what’s left or adapting from it to become stronger as Kylo Ren. 

So why do I feel like they would constantly go back and forth with each other? 

1) It’s the power struggle. Hux is the general of the First fucking Order. The head of such a powerful movement. Kylo has zero respect for him and it’s clear there’s at least tension or fear coming from Hux whenever he confronts the other. Kylo on the other hand, is the master of the knights of Ren, a mass murderer and possible right hand of the Supreme Leader, and even then Hux loves fucking around with him. Smiling proudly whenever he wins the battle. They mock each other, they have zero respect for one another, yet they have not hurt each other badly (but they’re not idiots lbr). Despite this, Kylo could easily kill Hux because he’s just a “soldier”, you feel? He’s a force sensitive user, follower of the Dark Side philosophy and one of a kind. Who is Hux? Could be replaced by anyone. And even then, he doesn’t put a finger on him at all. It’s all bark no bite between them. 

2) I feel like they could find in each other what they lack. Hux is powerful, disciplined, determined and with his eyes set on the big prize, even so he lacks emotions and could easily be assumed he doesn’t think of something other than power + ending with the Republic. Kylo Ren is powerful, but lacks discipline, determination when it comes to fully leaning towards the dark side and hesitates every step that might lead him there. Even so, he is a bundle of emotions, hence why he is so powerful. So why not fill in their holes, even if they have to pretend they not like it?

It’s a fucked up concept, as a lot of what I think would be involved is pain (resting in terms such as BDSM + sadism + masochism), but in reality I do think they could fall really hard for each other as they would not have to lose themselves, given that the other one serves as his other half. Hux can allow himself to feel defeated due to his greatest achievement being destroyed in matter of hours, to cry and feel furious over it. Kylo can find the strength to follow the path to the dark side while being inspired by the goals achieved by an average dude, to get over the death and murder of his father with the coldness of the general and also by the motivation it might become to still be by his side.

That’s the key word to this ship (at least to me): motivation. They stimulate each other, not only sexually speaking, but they act a fool around each other and let themselves be bare right in front of the “enemy” to feel more than they allow them to do.

Also, this is why I don’t really like the idea of them going to the light, because being real some people were indeed born to be bad. It might sound stupid coming from me, and by no means I am justifying those who act against our morals and people’s well being, but why is it so hard to admit someone can be evil from beginning to end? Some people are “happy” that way (as insane as it may sound), and they absolutely deserve to be punished, but why do we have to impose our definition of normal on them? You can see Hux passion, devotion and really fucking intense determination to annihilate the Republic (and he did it!), there is not a second of doubt. Hux is a bad person, if not the fucking worst. It’s not wrong to say it out loud, you know? Kylo Ren has murdered masses, he annihilated the entire new generation of jedis, and while he doubted on murdering his father, he fucking did it. I know what it is to be brainwashed and pushed to do things, but if there was not a part of him convinced this was what he wanted, he would have never even considered the idea. The worst is the way he did it, because it seemed like he mocked his father (and himself/Ben Solo) until the moment he was reminded there was company watching.

What we read in the script sure gave us a better vision of who Kylo Ren and Hux are, but the interaction on screen and actual development given by the actors show me that this could work. Kylo struggled in the script, so did in the movie, but even so anger was his main motivation to keep on going. Kylo Ren doesn’t know how to use it on his own benefit, while Hux does and might become another master to him.


TL;DR version: Because they’d be perfect for each other, in a way where they can find what they lack and want in the other.