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What do you think Shiro's backstory is? Do you think he has family back on earth, or is Keith all he has?

At this point, I’m pretty sure Shiro is estranged from his family. If he were just an orphan, then I think his official character bio would have said so–like it did for Keith. So I think there must’ve been a family at some point, but they seem to be out of the picture. There’s also a few things that I think indicates Shiro may have lost his dad. 

And we see this reflected in Sam. In a way, I think he definitely reminds Shiro of his father, or at least ended up being a kind of fatherly figure. When Shiro rescues Matt from the gladiator arena, the last thing he says is, “Take care of your father.” This message sounds deeply personal, like there’s a history there and maybe Shiro was unable to save his own dad at some point. 

This is taken a step further when Shiro decides they can’t afford to waste time looking for Sam and Matt. He’s only convinced when Pidge mentions they’re family, and Shiro just stops and says, “Commander Holt is your father?” before immediately agreeing. So as much as Shiro cares about Sam, he wasn’t willing to risk the mission until he found out that Pidge was trying to save her dad. I really do think that must’ve resonated with Shiro on some level, like he’s been in that position before 

Also, something about this last shot–look at Keith’s face here. He also looks visibly affected. And I mean, we know Keith would give just about anything to be able to find his dad, so I think Shiro also having some kind of troubled past involving his father is very likely. Shiro and Keith are present for this scene instead of Lance and Hunk for a reason. 

Of course, it could also be that maybe something happened and Shiro ended up parting with his dad on bad terms, and it’s something he really regrets. After all, when calming down Pidge, he tells her something her father said instead of giving advice from his own dad. I think that says Shiro was never really all that close with his own father or maybe he just grew up without one. 

And honestly the first red flag for me was how Shiro reacted to being held prisoner for a year. The Kerberos crew was announced dead, and any family he had would’ve been told that. They must’ve mourned him, held a funeral for him. His picture was all over the news alongside the headline Pilot error

And yet?? Shiro never expresses any desire to see his family again or return to Earth like the other paladins–despite the fact that he’s been gone the longest. On top of that, he never even once asks anyone for news on his family–you’d think he’d talk to Keith or Pidge at least. What person is declared dead for a year and then doesn’t think about how their loved ones must feel? Doesn’t want to go home to them and tell them not to worry, that they’re okay. 

Shiro’s behavior is bizarrely abnormal, there’s just no way to account for that kind of response unless Shiro was either already distant from his family or absolutely dreading going home–and this is also very possible, as Shiro’s changed, he’s not the person he was before. He has his trauma, his PTSD–he believes the galra have turned him into a monster. He has to go home and try to explain why he was gone so long and lost his crew and has only one arm and his hair’s gone white. So maybe Shiro’s just terrified because all sense of normalcy would be gone and there’s no sense trying to return to it. Shiro’s not like Lance, Hunk, or Pidge–he can’t just go back. But as understandable as that would be, I more so think that Shiro doesn’t have very much to return to in the first place.

So far, the closest thing Shiro really has to a home is Keith. When he crashes back to Earth, he never asks about his family or tries to at least visit his house before he leaves. But I think it says a lot that Shiro does end up back at Keith’s home. And Keith is the one who offered him his little shack as shelter, has a warm heart-to-heart where he welcomes him back. This is Shiro’s homecoming. And given that the shack has always been a symbol of home for Keith, we can infer that Shiro will always have a place there as well. 

I think it’s very telling that there’s an episode where everyone but Shiro and Keith express wanting to go home or find their families–Shiro never voices an opinion on the matter. He’s completely silent and only steps in to try to calm Keith down and settle things with Pidge. But I think we get even more insight to how Shiro feels from Stayin’ Alive in season 2. Everyone’s reminiscing about their fond memories, and they all look so happy. But then there’s Shiro, with his back turned away from everyone. He looks pretty deep in thought, like something’s really bothering him 

And when he does turn back to face the group, he says this:

You realize once we defeat Zarkon, the universe won’t need Voltron anymore.” Just as a refresher here, Shiro was basically the most excited about being a paladin–“Defenders of the universe huh? That’s got a nice ring to it.” Shiro found a purpose, and he took pride in it. He felt like, even as much as the galra have tormented him and tore him apart, he finally found a place where he belonged

And that’s why so much of his fear is wrapped up in this idea that he’s not worthy of the job–“Did you ever think a monster like you could be a Voltron paladin?” Fighting the good fight and saving lives meant something to Shiro. His connection with the Black lion and having a team were both very healing for him. He doesn’t want to lose that 

And it only gets worse because everyone else automatically has something planned, they all have something in mind after Voltron. And they all want to go home or return to their families, but Shiro says nothing. Because there is no after for him, nothing back on Earth waiting for him. After Pidge says, “I could search for my family,” Keith adds, “I guess I could look for mine.” But Shiro never says anything about his plans for the future. He doesn’t have any 

And Shiro looks pretty tense this whole time. When he talks about how if everything goes according to plan this will all be over–you really get the feeling he doesn’t want it to end. Like being a paladin is this amazing dream and he just doesn’t want to wake up. 

Even when Kuron believes he’s dying, the only significant memories that resurface are all to do with Team Voltron. Nothing related to his own background or family. And the fact that Keith welcoming him back is the first thing he sees says a lot–that’s home to him 

The Unexpected One

Fandom: Star Trek

Summary: Based on: “Imagine being Spock’s wife since the academy and everyone is shocked when they find out.” by @thefandomimagine

Word count: 1,120


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You walked onto the Enterprise’s deck a few minutes before the departure, carrying a hand full of bags. You were the newest member of the crew, having to join them to help on the mission as an expert.

“Welcome board, my name is James Kirk, but I’m sure you already know that,” a young man met you in the corridor, taking your bags and shaking your hand.

“There are not many captains with such fame around them,” you replied with a bright smile he returned. “I hope I’m not too late? I had to take care of a few things.”

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Humans Are Weird

So there may already be something about this but I haven’t seen it yet if there is. Anyway, here goes:

The crews human had had to leave less than one of their Earth months ago because of a family emergency and they had only just got a replacement, though, to put it in human terms, their old human could never be replaced in their hearts. Anyway they knew that most humans eat different foods, though they still couldn't​ completely understand why they did this, and the commander had ordered them to pick up a variety of human food so that they would have something the new human ate. They put out a variety of the stock foods that they had deduced all humans would eat at least something from.

An hour later they were picking up the new human. She introduced herself as Lillie and asked to see the food first before they flew off. Slightly confused but not really concerned because they were used to human habits. So they took her to the storage chambers to show her the food they had bought for her but Lillie took one look at it and said, “Sorry, but I don’t eat any of these foods. Is there any chance we could buy something else before we leave?”
Now the crews previous human had warned them of rare cases like this, but they thought they surely had enough range so as they shopped with the human they decided to ask them about, though trying to be careful about not being weird. “Excuse me human Lillie,” one of them said.
“Yes, sorry but I can’t remember your name?” She replied.
“My name’s Polga. I was just wondering why you don’t want to eat the food we bought. Is it one of your “allergies” or is it a “diet”? Our previous human mentioned both of those though said they didn’t have either.“
"Oh it’s not that, I’m just a really fussy eater and don’t like the taste of many foods.”
“But we even had chocolate,” said Polga. “We were assured that all humans like chocolate!”
Then, worried that he was being rude, Polga quickly added, “if you don’t mind me asking.”
“I don’t mind being asked, I’m used to questions about my eating habits by now,” Lillie said. “And I’m just one of the really weird humans who doesn’t like chocolate or lollies or pretty much any other food except for what I’m buying now.”
“So you just don’t like the taste? I’m so glad we don’t have that sense that prevents us from eating nutritional foods,” Polga said, hoping it wasn’t offensive to say it.
“Yeah that’s pretty much all it is. But I’m used to my weird way of eating by now so I’ve learnt to just bring my own food or know which places have food that I’ll eat.”
“Ok,” said Polga surprised that after knowing humans for years there was still more to learn about them. “I suppose, to quote one of your great historical figures, Gandalf-”(Polga still did not believe fiction existed)“- My dear Lillie! Humans really are amazing creatures, as I have said before. You can learn all that there is to know about their ways in, well longer than a month, maybe an Earth year?, and yet after, not a hundred years, only maybe about 12, they can still surprise you at a pinch.”
Lillie laughed as they walked back to the ship.

Songbird-Ch. 5

Mystic Messenger Mafia AU 


Word Count: 2,407


~A/N: I was going to add the smut in this chapter but I decided I would separate it into it’s own, that way people that don’t want to read the NSFW can just skip it! Sorry it’s been soooo long, guys! My life is just hectic so it’s hard for me rn but I hope you enjoy this chapter! 

     "I heard you the first time, Saeyoung,” V spoke softly, his hand gripping the head of his cane as he sat unmoving in the chair.

     “Y’know, a good way to indicate you’ve heard someone is to actually reply. Just a tip,” Saeyoung snapped. “You’re being alarmingly calm about this, considering the shit storm that’s decided to roll it’s way through us.”

     V sighed, though his vacant gaze was unwavering. “I’m anything but calm. However… acting out in hysterics isn’t going to solve our problem. Talking like adults…deciding our next course of action. That’s what gets things done. Point a finger at me again, Saeyoung, and I’ll pop you in the mouth myself.”

     Though they both knew he would never, but still Saeyoung slumped down in the nearest chair with a sour face. V could barely make it out, but he knew the expression well. It had been the same since he was a child. The corners of his mouth pulled down and his brow pinched together with fury, like it’s the last face he’ll ever make, and V tried to hold back a fond smile.

     “Do you have any inkling on who it might be?” Jumin finally spoke up.

     “If I did, I wouldn’t be here talking to you, now, would I?” Saeyoung huffed, not bothering to hide his annoyance.

     “Sorry to interrupt,” an unexpected voice found its way into the room.

     “Jaehee, what is it?” Jumin straightened up as she closed the door behind her.

     Her face held hesitancy and she cleared her throat before finally speaking.

     “It’s about the latest bootleg shipment. Apparently, it’s gone missing,” she reported.

     “What the fuck do you mean, missing?” Saeyoung sat up from his chair.

     “I don’t know how to make it any more clear…” she made a quick glance at Saeyoung before returning her eyes to V. “The truck never made it to the drop point. No one has seen it or heard from the driver.”

     “This is not good,” Jumin hinted.

     “No shit,” Saeyoung said, the look on his face making it clear that his gears were turning.

     The room was silent as a church, everyones eyes on each other as if thinking the same thoughts. They were in good standing with the neighboring families. Everyone knew their territories and happily stuck to them. Plenty of police force names lined their payroll…so why now?

     “It could be the coppers,” Saeyoung said with a serious face.

     “It could,” said V, “it could be a number of things.” Jumin nodded in agreement. “ First things first. Jaehee, bring me more info on this missing shipment. I don’t care if you have to knock down the drivers’ mothers’ door, I want info. Find Frank, see if he’s heard of any recent booze busts.”

     “Of course,” Jaehee nodded and left the room as quickly as she could.

     “Saeyoung,” V continued, “you know what to do. I have my hands full as it is with this wedding situation.”

     “Oh yeah,” Saeyoung peeked through the blinds onto the courtyard. A crew of men were still setting up tents and tables in preparation. “Is this really the best time for this?”

     “It’s Marcos daughter, of course it’s a good time. When things get rough…that’s when we need celebration. There’s no better time to boost morale. Besides, he’s one of our best, and I seem to remember him saving your ass from a pinch more than a few times,” V smiled.

     Jumin decided to chime in. “Like his first soup job?” Both V and Jumin gave a hearty laugh. “Driving around the whole damned city with the safe in the struggle buggy,” Jumin continued, “before Marco showed up to save your ass. And how much did you end up cracking for, again?”

     “You know damn well how much,” Saeyoung sneered.

     “Then there’s no reason you can’t say it. Go ahead, hot shot. Remind us how much you swiped.”

     Saeyoung’s face turned sour, like the words were bile in his throat. “…Ten dollars,” he finally barked.

     Both of the men roared with laughter for a moment at the memory, so much so that Jumin seemed to wipe a tear from his eye.

     “Okay, okay,” V breathed in deeply when he stood from his chair, “leave the poor kid alone. Come on, let’s get some dinner.”

     He began to trail behind Jumin but paused for a moment, placing his hand firmly on the shoulder of Saeyoung and squeezing just once. His body was stiff and serious.

     “I’m trusting in you, Saeyoung. Find that son of a bitch,” V’s voice was almost a whisper, and as quickly as he had faced him he was now turned around, satisfied with his message.

     Saeyoung watched as they left, taking note of the fact that V seemed to be favoring his cane a lot more in the last few days. The weight of what that could mean fixed heavily on his shoulders, but his body remained stiff and strong with his resolve.


     There were joyous smiles all around as the sound of Zen’s singing filled the tent. Suddenly everyone was a hoofer, even the tough burly men could be found rolling up their sleeves and dancing with their gals to the music. It was strange to see the cities most dangerous criminals laughing and jabber-jawing, seemingly carefree. You had to admit, even you couldn’t help but get out there, taking Yoosung for a time as your partner. Now you took a break, fondly overlooking the bride with her done-up chestnut hair, her and her groom with goofy smiles as he spun her around.

     “How about that food,” Jaehee walked up beside you.

     “Look at you, all dolled up!” you smiled as you grabbed at the lace of her dress, “is it because…” you gestured with your eyes to Zen.

     “It’s a wedding,” she huffed but a pink tint spread on her face, “last I heard, you were supposed to dress nice,” she said matter-of-factly. “Besides, you don’t look half bad yourself.”

     You gave her a shy thanks before she thrust a bottle into your hands.

     “Say, do me a favor and bring that bottle to my table? They’re dry but…I wanna sit and listen to the rest of this song,” she mused.

     “Whatever you say, boss.”

     The table was half empty, two women you didn’t recognize and a guy you’d seen before on various jobs. He was portly with a kind face, practically jumping for joy when you placed the bottle on the table.

     “Join us, have a drink!” he shouted and poured you a glass quickly, sliding it in front of you as you sat.

     “I’m Betty,” the blonde girl to your left produced a perfect smile. “Isn’t this party just swanky? I’d love to get a look inside that house,” she sighed, sloshing the liquid in her glass before taking a sip.

     “She means inside the bedroom, particularly,” the brunette piped up. She had quite a bit of rouge on, or perhaps she was just that drunk, you couldn’t quite tell. The waves of her hair pressed neatly against her oval face.

     “Will you quit razzing me, already,” the blonde stuck her tongue out.


     The source of the voice was none other than Saeyoung. He and two other men approached the table in earnest.

     “Boss,” Anthony stood from his seat at once.

     Saeyoung gave him a few enthusiastic taps on the cheek as a greeting.

     “You haven’t come to say hi! Now I see why,” he laughed and winked at the ladies sitting in their seats, their bodies leaning in interest at the exchange.

     Saeyoung snatched the glass from Anthony’s hand, draining the contents into his mouth with one solid gulp. He gave an immediate look of disgust, shaking his head as he placed the cup on the table.

     “How can you drink this foot juice,” he pat the man’s broad back, “come on. I got the good stuff inside. You don’t mind if I steal him away, do you, ladies?”

     “Rhatz! No…go ahead,” they both nodded despite their pouty expressions. They were clearly hoping to be invited.  

     “Excuse me, then,” Anthony remarked before being led off by the men.

     Saeyoung tipped his hat to you before joining the other three in a laugh about something you hadn’t quite heard, their voices trailing as they made their way to the house. Something about the way that went made you feel cold. You’d never seen them interact much before. So, while everyone got lined up, occupied with giving their gifts to the happy couple, you decided to sneak off and see what they were up to. You couldn’t miss and opportunity to hear important information, and if anyone caught you, you’d just say you were looking for the powder room.

     Sure you had seen them go around this exact corner, but the grounds among the house were vast and confusing. You’d been here less than a handful of times, and never were you allowed to just wander around V’s house. The sounds of the music and chatter faded more and more, until you found a door slightly ajar.

     Your chest tightened with adrenaline and you stilled your breathing before peeking in the crack. The first thing you saw was Anthony, bloody faced and curled over on the floor, followed by a low hum of voices. A swift kick landed on his chest, the foot belonging to none other than Saeyoung.

     “It’s just like I said,” Antony hacked between his words, “the c-cop is my neighbor…our…our daughters play together…that’s all,” his hand gripped at his chest and his large frame began to shiver with pain. “I don’t know n-nothin about-“

     Saeyoung cut him off, bending down and grabbing Anthony by the collar.

     “You know what I think? I think you’re a fucking liar. I think you know a lot of things, things you might have told that cop friend of yours. And I just can’t have that,” he puffed a heavy breath of air before bringing his fist down thrice on the side of the mans face. “You fucked with my money.”

     It was a pain like no other creeping inside of you. Watching another person get beat, knowing it could be…should be you, instead. The guilt of it all was too much to handle. This man had a wife…a daughter. Sickness threatened to rise up and spill from your mouth.

     Saeyoung pulled a gun, his fingers readying it with a harsh click. Piss soiled the front of Anthony’s pants, streams of pleading words jumbled together through tears. However, the gun pointed swiftly towards the door. Towards you. All you could manage was a gasp before the trigger was pulled.

     The bullet blast through the door just above your head, raining shards of wood into your hair. After taking a moment to remember how to breathe, you kicked the door open, letting your rage take over.

     “Did you seriously just fucking shoot at me?!” you let out an exasperated scream.

     “Depends,” he stood up, dropping a now passed out Anthony back onto the floor and facing you with a calm expression, “did you seriously just fucking eavesdrop.”

     “Are you out of your fucking mind?” you said shakily.

     “Relax,” he drew the word out in a joking manner, “it’s not like I hit you,” he said casually, shrugging his shoulders.

     “She’s right,” another man spoke up, “what if V heard…we’d be in a shit load of-“

     “Ugh,” Saeyoung groaned, “you guys are too serious. No one heard, the music is too loud and they’re all drunk anyway.”

     He nudged at Anthony with his foot, the body still limp and unmoving.

     “Get him out of here and finish him, he smells like piss,” Saeyoung said.

     The two men each carried an end, hastily removing him from the room. And then it was silent for a moment.

     “Are you gunna keep staring at me or you gunna say what you wanna say?” Saeyoung broke the silence.

     “You have blood on your sleeves,” you quietly pointed out.

     Saeyoung inspected his arms. “So I do,” he rolled them up to conceal the stains before grabbing a towel to wipe his knuckles.

     More silence hung heavy in the room.

     “What if you’re wrong?”

     “About?” Saeyoung replied curtly.

     “Anthony. What if you’re wrong…won’t you feel bad?”

     “Now why would I go and feel something like that?” he smiled quizzically.

     “You can’t possibly be that cruel.”

     “And how do you know what I’m like,” he threw the towel before turning to you. “One mans life means nothing in comparison to what we have built. I’ll do what I have to to keep us alive.”

     “Even if that means killing the innocent?”

     “Doll, none of us are innocent.”

     That may be true, but it didn’t mean someone deserved to die. Laws are in place for a reason. The way they operated was barbaric, but of course you couldn’t say that. Not unless you wanted to end up in the same body bag as Anthony.

     “You’re too trusting. That’s how you end up dead, don’t forget that. Why do you care so much how I feel, anyway?” Saeyoung asked, stepping a bit closer to you.

     “I…I don’t know,” you admitted.

     Why did you care? You had a desperate need to know he had some good in him. Something about his character drew you in. Sometimes, when you were together, you could even forget that you both were on opposing sides.

     “Why are you here?” his voice was bold, his feet carrying him even closer to you.

     “I don’t know,” you said once again.

     His hand brushed the soft skin of your cheek, wiping at the rouge. “Are you stuck on me?”

     His face softened and the corners of his mouth formed a small smile. He held still, waiting for you to say something, anything. As much as you wanted to deny it, you couldn’t ignore the rapid beating of your heart at his touch. The look on your face must have said it all.

     Ever so slowly he pressed his lips against yours into a surprisingly gentle kiss. When you didn’t pull away, each kiss became rougher, all the built up tension releasing into this single act. He pressed himself against you and you moaned softly, realizing you had wrapped your hands around his neck at some point and pulled him closer.

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YO what is wynonna earp and why should i watch it

wynonna earp is a supernatural western about a girl who inherits her family curse and has to take down all of the people her great-great grandfather killed (who have resurrected as demons) with the help of her adorable younger sister, her seemingly emotionless boss, a morally ambiguous cowboy and her local lesbian cop.

you should watch it, first and foremost, because it’s such a fun show with some really great characters. as well as all the action and demon-killing there are some wonderful one-liners and some heart-shredding emotional scenes.

it’s also a super feminist show. it has a female showrunner in emily andras (who is wonderful) and wynonna is such a great, complex character. she’s like the male protagonists you might find in a show like this but she’s ultimately more sympathetic. i don’t want to give too much away but there are storylines that i don’t think any other cast and crew could have handled well but this show knocks it out of the park.

it’s also really gay. currently there are 3 confirmed gay characters (i say currently because i think it’s been hinted that there might be more???), two of whom are in a really healthy, supportive relationship and get portrayed as individuals on the show with separate storylines as well as the ones they have together. there is also a gay man of colour who gets flustered around the other male characters but never at the expense of his job and said other male characters don’t react badly to it.

it’s also a show that really cares about its fans, in particular its lgbtq+ fans (unlike some other shows i could mention). the cast and crew are hyperaware that the fans are the reason they’ve got so far. during season 1, which aired last year, the showrunner announced that the gay characters in the show would survive the season to put fans at ease, and in the finale the show openly challenged the bury your gays trope in a scene i’m not going to tell you about because spoilers.

anyway you can probably tell that i really love this show and have spent a lot of time convincing others to watch it

Top Ten Fic Recs

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This says top ten fic recs and I was like ‘I guess I can limit myself to ten’ and now having started going through them I’m like ‘ahahahahahahah NO’ so without further ado, split into three categories, here are thirty-nine of my favourite Rebelcaptain fic recs, listed in no particular order, because you see how easy it was for me to cut down the list I have, there’s no way I could chose between them. The only concession I could make was to keep it to one per author, but know that if one is on the list, all the rest of their stuff is amazing too! All the links are to AO3 and I’ve tagged the authors on Tumblr when I know their handle, but if you spot one of yours and I’ve not tagged you, let me know! :) Recs are below the cut because this is a LONG POST.

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i have a question. the warlocks seem fairly solitary/independent. magnus mentioned that they don't report their misdeeds to him in 2.13 and it seems like warlocks just run around without saying anything to him (e.g., iris) and also, the only warlock involved in the events of 2.10 was magnus himself. but we also know magnus does connect with other factions of downworlders. just wondering your thoughts on magnus' role in the war in terms of how warlocks don't necessarily answer to him.

The warlocks are the most isolationist of the Downworlders, definitely, but Magnus is still responsible for keeping them in line (see: Rufus) and they come to him for protection when they’re in danger (1x04). But yes, they don’t have a strict structure like the werewolves do; they mostly do their own thing and Magnus’ role is only to ensure they’re 1) not doing anything which breaks the Accords and 2) to keep them safe. He also represents them where needed, like we see in the Cabinet or with the Seelie Queen. But I think Magnus also turns a blind eye towards warlocks not doing anything too illegal because he doesn’t agree with all of the Clave laws – we saw under his file he was flagged for having harbored fugitives in the past, which I suspect were warlocks or other Downworlders he felt were unfairly targeted by the Clave.

From what I can tell, Magnus largely has his position because of influence and respect, which is a little different than the werewolves or the vampires who actively deposed the previous leader. Like, it just feels like the warlocks acknowledge him as the best person to liaison with the Clave and make sure things go well for his people. So I don’t think they all necessarily follow him in the strictest sense, but there’s a strong likelihood they’ll back him up if he needs them on his side because he’s well-regarded.

Though tbh, the same goes for the other Downworlders – like, the other wolf broke off and started his own pack because he didn’t agree with how Luke was leading his. But because he isn’t as well-regarded and had little rapport with the Institute or the other Downworld leaders, there was less he could really do bc obv. they never bothered to invite him to any meetings or anything. Raphael also implies there are other vampire clans, just smaller and less influential ones (when he tells Alec that Isabelle probably went to look for other vampire nests who aren’t part of his crew). So basically it seems the Downworlders have certain leaders who have risen to greater influence and thus are better able to protect their own because of the allies they’ve made – and as a result have a larger following/more respect – but if certain pockets want to do their thing or have their own ambitions, they can break off and do so (at the risk of clashing with the main leaders.)


Genji fulfills a promise that he made with Mercy after her long mission. Once again, they find themselves in a locker room, not too far from where they had first encountered each other. 

Romance. NSFW.

Mercy smiled and waved at the team as they each exited the Orca, each doing the same after the completion of the flawless mission. It was a simple one, with minimal combat and more along the lines of data collection. There were a few dangerous moments, but in the end, they were still the best team in the world. At least that’s what she liked to believe.

In any case, the angel let out a soft sigh of relief at the outcome of the mission. She spent some time tidying up the ship, tucking papers into folders and turning off data pads that were unneeded. After one last walk around the ship, she disembarked, thanking the crew working on minor repairs and refueling of the shuttle for the next mission that could happen at any time.

Though it definitely meant that she left much later than the others, it was not as if she really minded. She could always catch up to them in the dining hall where they had planned to rendezvous at after showering and doing whatever else they needed to do.

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Prompt:  Can you do a series of bones x reader oneshot on how throughout the films they fall deeper in love as they work together as doctor and nurse pretty please
Word Count: 2223
Warnings: Beyond spoilers
Author’s Note: Part 3! (Here’s Part 1 and Part 2). So guess what? There’s gonna be a part 4 because this one got away from me a bit and I don’t want to make it too long. 

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Huma Heacanons

Just some Huma headcanons with some Gil sprinkled in.

- The younger kids of the Pirate Crew refer to Uma as Mom, Harry as Dad, and Gil as Uncle. ((I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this floating around the fandom, this seems like a popular headcanon I am 100% here for.))

-Uma pretends she doesn’t like being referred to as mom, but secretly it warms her heart. She’s extremely protective of her crew, especially of the younger members. She hopes to be there for them in a way that their actual family never was. She loves her cool, slightly dysfunctional pirate family.

- HARRY IS 100% HERE FOR BEING CALLED DAD IF UMA IS THE MOM!!! He has dad jokes. You can’t escape them. GIL LOVES THEM! Uma just rolls her eyes, but can’t help but crack a smile. But he is very protective of his crew (he is first mate and he takes it very seriously). If you even so much as look at anyone he cares about in a mean way, you’re getting hooked.

-Gil tries to be that cool uncle everyone loves. The older kids from the pirate crew go for him for advice sometimes, because he is really good at it. If you wrong any of his ‘nieces’ and 'nephews’ you’re gonna catch those hands.

-One time, Gil jokingly said he was tired of being the uncle and wanted to be the dad. Uma just smiled at him, Harry was not having it. Gil ended up smelling like sardines and Harry made it very clear that the Dad role in the group was taken, but Gil could be the grandpa if he was tired of taking up the uncle role.

-Uma taught Harry how to swim. It wasn’t easy and Uma claims Harry looked like “a bird trying to swim”.  At one point, Uma almost gave up and so did Harry. He felt like he was never going to learn. Uma told him if he ever fell in the water, she’d save him.

- One day, Harry was watching Uma swim around. The tide was high and unknowingly Uma’s foot got stuck to some seaweed. She kicked around but only got tangled more. All Harry could see was little Uma getting swept away by the tide as she struggled to get herself free. That was enough motivation. Remembering everything Uma taught him, he sped through the water towards her. Uma had already broken free once Harry reached her. He still grabbed her and pulled her towards the sand. Uma was so happy that Harry swam without being afraid of anything. Harry was just glad Uma was safe.

- Uma and Harry train together a lot. They’re constantly training and Gil is constantly reminding them to take breaks. After a very intense sparring, Harry likes to take off his shirt because he hates how sweaty and disgusting it smells like. After their break, they decided to go for another round. Harry usually always decides to go without a shirt. This upsets Uma because she can never fully concentrate with him shirtless. Try as she might, she loses her focus and he ends up winning. She claims it’s because she’s tired and in heeled shoes. Harry just smirks but doesn’t say a word.

- Harry does Uma’s eyeliner. Uma, at first, was horrible at it so she asked Harry for help. She loved the feeling of him being so close and so she began pretending that she couldn’t do it. This allowed Harry to touch her face and be extremely close. He has yet to figure out Uma has been lying to him about her eyeliner abilities. ((I’ve mentioned that one before))

- HARRY LOVES CALLING UMA BY PET NAMES!!! Darling, love, sweetheart, etc. Uma always gives him an annoyed look when he does it, but Harry could see how flustered she is by it. The first time he calls her darling, she was so startled she dropped a customer’s food. Gil, thinking it was a fun idea, called Uma love once. All hell broke loose. Let’s just say, Gil learned not to call Uma any pet names and has never even come close to calling her anything other than Uma, Boss, or Captain. Harry also calls her Sea Goddess, but just in his head.

- Uma is trying her best to teach Harry how to count. He gets distracted easily and plays around with her hair. He loves to get a braid and trace patterns on her arm with it. Sometimes he gets a bunch of braids and braids them together. Uma irritatedly grabs his hands and then cups his face. For a moment, Harry thinks she’s gonna kiss him. His breath gets stuck in his throat and her dark eyes are boring into his. The moment is gone all too quickly as she tells him to stare at her lips and listen clearly to what she says. Harry never did learn to count far enough because he was staring at her lips, but not listening to anything she was saying. All he could think about was how long was it going to take for them to finally kiss.

Seeing Rogue One again did a lot of things, but more than anything perhaps it reminded me of how useless and generic the ending is. That it is perhaps the most uncreative way of ending a war movie ever, even for Star Wars and that’s saying something for a universe that is know for generic storytelling.

Killing off five men of color (yes I am counting Saw in this) and a white woman is nothing new. It achieves nothing in the universe that other movies haven’t already done. And killing off characters of color once a narrative is done with them, have been done by white story tellers since time immemorial, because they cannot envision that they could hold relevance for any story, any life, than that one short, narrow story they had envisioned for them. And instead of confronting their own prejudices and lack of creativity, they’d rather kill them off so they don’t have to face their own failings as creators.

Even Jyn, though she is white, does not posses quite the same immunity to being killed off that white male characters do. For to white men, even white women don’t really always exist as people with stories in their own right, that can be expanded upon.

And as I said, killing the Rogue One crew and Saw Gerrera, does nothing that Star Wars have not already done before.

That Rebels can and do die? Did anyone watch the Original Trilogy and pay any sort of attention?

That lead characters can die? Qui-Gon proved that on screen with his dramatic death eighteen years ago. So did Padmé six years later.

And Han Solo’s death in The Force Awakens showed that even the golden trio of the Original Trilogy is not immune.

Killing of the Rogue One crew achieved nothing, narrative or creatively, that have not been done to death in main stream media. It didn’t even have the vague justification of being new to Star Wars. All it proved was that the white, straight cis guys behind this is a lot less creative than people give them credit for. And that LucasArts on a whole are struggling in the extreme to envision stories for characters are aren’t white guys, beyond the limited narratives they have designated to them.

Where a white male character is allowed to survive simply because and be given a detailed story arc long after they should have been allowed to die - peacefully or violently - characters of color and women regardless of race are offered no such prospect. Only a quick and usually violent death as suits whatever story line the white guys are planning.

Luffy – A “Brief” look

Now, I’m going to be posting a series of short discussions on my own personal thoughts about each strawhat. I will start with Luffy and work my way towards Brook. These posts will just explain some of my thoughts regarding each character. The posts will vary in length though, because for some characters I will find more things to talk about.

Luffy – A Brief (yet not so brief) look

Luffy is my third favorite strawhat and in my opinion the perfect main character for One Piece. He’s funny and uniquely written and you can’t help but love his carefree nature. He’s stupid in the most adorable way without it ever feeling old or forced, and I think Oda has done an excellent job with balancing Luffy’s goofiness with seriousness properly showing that Luffy definitely deserves to be the captain.

Much more on Luffy and his relationships with his nakama under the cut.

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bluebelladon  asked:

So i had an Idea but I can't think of anything past the concept (+ yr writing for this kinda thing is like 200% better than mine) but what if the Lads founded the Fake AH crew and recruited the gents?

Ooh that’s fun – i’ve seen versions where they were two little gangs who combined into the FAHC but the idea of the actual Fake’s starting as the Lads is definitely interesting.

There were a lot of names tossed around at the start; it’s the part of forming a crew no one really talks about, the vaguely embarrassing period of building an image, choosing a name, defining yourselves. Like band names there is a lot of bad before the good. Like band names ‘good’ is wildly subjective, particularly when determined by a pack of teenage boys. The humour behind ‘Fake Crew’ isn’t particularly high brow and not a single soul outside the original four Lads, including and especially their future members, have any idea at all what the AH could possibly stand for. Most think its mysterious, assume something clever or at least meaningful, but the shifty looks the boys shoot each other when pressed tell a different story.

Still, they’ve made something of a name for themselves in Los Santos – the FAHC, who pull off unbelievable stunts, who lack any semblance of respect, dangerous in the way of feral animals, of wildfire. In the foolhardy way of children, who care far more about making sure you hurt than they do about protecting themselves. It’s enough to keep other gangs wary, to buy themselves a little breathing room with reckless gestures and bared teeth, but not exactly the glory they are looking for. Not quite the trembling respect they’ve dreamed of.

For that, it seems, they’re going to have to think bigger, smarter. Be clever not just in the tricks they play and jobs they pull but in the way they twist their image, they way they recruit, build their crew. Just being more won’t do it, added thugs for the sake of numbers; it would take an astonishing amount to really match the size of some of their rivals and the Lads don’t exactly play nice with strangers. No, they have to be strategic, have to select a few choice additions who can help them rise, and after much discussion they settle on three names they’d like to pull in; Ramsey, Patillo and the Vagabond. Lofty goals to be sure, but then, delusions of grandeur or not, the Fake’s have always considered themselves to be rather magnificent.

Everyone who’s anyone knows about the Vagabond; none of them will admit it (Ray will admit it, Ray doesn’t give a fuck) but the Lads all have hearts in their eyes every time the Vagabond slinks around, all follow every rumour, gossip over every job. Something between hero worship and healthy respect, without any of the fear normal self-respecting individuals feel, is the perfect cocktail to have the four of them plotting outlandish ways to pull in the mercenary. Patillo has an incredibly solid reputation for someone with no real ties, invariably thought to be smart, dependable, one of the best drivers in the country and definitely not a woman to be trifled with. That she and Ramsey seem to have some kind of relationship, worked together back in the day and while going their separate ways don’t appear to have had any kind of blow up, will hopefully work in the Lads favour. Last, but certainly not least, there’s Geoff Ramsey; the rouge Rooster who’s been traversing the country, constantly on the move and pulling all kinds of jobs from hilariously wacky to darkly perverse. Maybe the Lads are looking a bit outside their paid grade but with Ramsey reportedly looking to build his own crew they can’t not try, not after realising that their crew is unfortunately in need of a proper leader.

Because none of the Lads are leaders, not really, especially not back then. They aren’t incapable, are clearly wildly talented and loyal enough to one another to defer a certain kind of leadership to whomever has the best idea or the most experience with whatever task they’re facing, but no one individual is capable of being the permanent boss. No one individual actually wants that role, not really, they’re all too young, too impulsive, too eager to abandon necessary goals at the drop of a hat.  

Ray, who has arguably the least interest in being the boss of all, is less leader than lone wolf; when he’s taking point a lot of his orders tend to involve stealth, hanging back while he picks off targets, only charging in when long-distance is no longer an option. Necessary for particular jobs, and it’s certainly not an easy task keeping the other three in line until it’s their turn to burst into action, but it’s not a method that works for every task.

Michael makes a magnificent leader, fierce and fearless and unwaveringly loyal, protective of his crew until the bitter end. He is, unfortunately, utterly devoid of tact, of the patience to put up with any kind of shenanigans from anyone he doesn’t personally like, the ability to create and maintain necessary relations with anyone outside his crew. Michael himself knows he makes a far better Lieutenant, busy with duties he actually cares about, walking the line between following orders with absolute obedience and unapologetically calling out anything he disagrees with, reliable and relentless in equal measure.

Jeremy is meticulous, when he’s in charge he plots and plans and double checks, the very image of the perfect boss except for one flaw; more often than not he’s easily swayed. Will put together the perfect stealth plan only to agree when Michael makes a convincing argument for the importance of rocket launchers, conduct an ideal heist until Gavin begs to go after something shiny or Ray inquires about abandoning the sensible get away car for hilarious motorised scooters.

When Gavin is on his game he is fucking glorious, a flashbang of reckless laughter and terrible ideas none of them can resist, the promise that come hell or hand-grenades they will all be going home with a story. When Gavin plays leader he needs a lot of faith, needs the others to trust in things that don’t seem remotely feasible, but the payoff is always worth it. Except for the days when his words are too sharp, his eyes too cold, when he wants nothing more than to pick a fight with the most dangerous crook in the room, to swagger around the LSPD’s station unmasked, jump from a plane without checking his parachute; dancing with death just to see if he can. If they’re not careful on those days, if they missed the clues, the rest of the Lads would follow him down, unable discern between Gavin’s usual absurd genius and those streaks of genuinely aimless apathy until they’re all careening towards destruction.

So, as grating as it seems, there is an undeniable argument for a permanent leader, someone to keep them all on course, to take the responsibilities they don’t want, someone who can captain their ship without trying to push them all overboard. Still, you can’t just walk up to one of these infamous criminals and hand them an invitation; selling yourself – your dream, your crew, your city – takes time, takes planning, so in the end the FAHC’s first recruitment isn’t even one of those big three.

It’s pure luck when Michael meets Lindsay; finds her twirling a nail-studded bat in the wreckage of a bar, sipping a cocktail like she hadn’t just caved a man’s head in, and really nothing on earth could have stopped Michael from offering her a place in the crew. From talking them up in a way he’d never really bother with normally, because honestly how could he not. It doesn’t take much to get the other three onboard, Lindsay was a perfect fit, a seamless addition, and with her the FAHC is unquestionably more efficient.

Strangely the Vagabond is actually far easier to get on board than any had anticipated. After they start actively seeking his attention Ryan can’t help but watch the Lads. Not because their jobs are impressive (they are, actually, but Ryan’s in high demand, so very many crews out there are impressive enough) but because they are endearing eager; nothing like the pathetic begging of so many others, no attempt to convince Ryan he should be desperate to work with them, just genuine enthusiasm to prove themselves worthy of his time. They’re funny, something akin to a pack of reckless puppies; certainly capable of outrageous damage but equally likely to trip over their own oversized paws in their excitement, and in this business Ryan really shouldn’t find it as charming as he does. They take to leaving him all kinds of gifts; generally intriguing , often amusing and near always utterly gruesome, and after a month or so of hanging around the city toying with them they manage to get a former Rooster onside to run the show and Ryan’s run out of reasons to say no.

Gavin’s the one they sent after Geoff, when the Lads decide they’re ready to try to bring the notoriously creative, fortuitously crew-seeking man into the FAHC. Gavin’s first approach, full of deferential respect playing to Ramsey’s ego, is a complete bust; Geoff thought he was sweet, called him kid, laughed in his face and sent him out the door with a crack about coming back when he was old enough to drive. The second approach involves pulling a full blown job on Ramsey, one that starts with the man unknowingly buying Gavin a supercar and ends with the priceless tailored suit he’s wearing being pinned to the wall with a nail gun, Gavin grinning away like a particularly bloodthirsty shark, and all of a sudden Geoff can’t say he isn’t tempted. Deigns to finally listen to the recruitment spiel, as though he’s got any other choice right now, and despite himself is quickly sold on the whole crew.

Jeremy goes out one day and comes back with a handful of people, some they’d been discussing as a group, some the others hadn’t heard of, but all perfectly capable of holding their own agains the Lad’s disgruntled dissent. Steffie, who takes a look at their set up, rolls her eyes, then pulls out her phone and starts making a list, talking dealers and bases and possible new hires. Trevor who immediately sets to soothing ruffled feathers, sidling up to Gavin and gushing about some ridiculous theft, questioning Michael about his preference in heavy weaponry, ignoring the way Ray is skulking around behind him. Matt they’d all agreed on, welcoming the chance to push off all computering nonsense onto someone else, and Mica assures them all that she’s got no interest in sticking around, will work contracts as requested but isn’t about the stationary crew life. In the end no blood is spilt, no tempers flare too badly, and Jeremy is reasonably sure he isn’t going to wake up with a gun to his temple, so all in all it goes pretty well.

The last missing piece, Jack, is actually tracked down by Ray in the end; he wanders off one day and comes back with a very amused woman in tow, decked out in a hideous Hawaiian shirt and driving an obscenely nice Lamborghini. Apparently after finding her, not particularly difficult considering she wasn’t trying to hide, Ray simply told Jack all about Geoff’s fumbling attempts to simultaneously familiarise himself with the mess that is Los Santos, integrate himself into, and begin to take control of, an already close-knit, functioning crew, and do it all while pretending he’s not at all rattled by the Lad’s unwavering fascination with the horrifically notorious assassin who insists on sticking a straw through his mask to pound down a truly irresponsible number of diet cokes. It took a while for her utterly joyous, completely uncontrollable laughter to die down, but when she finally calmed Jack immediately started packing.

anonymous asked:

Thoughts on bismuth?

I think Bismuth is a beautiful, intelligent, extraordinarily kind character who deserved better than what she got. 

Bismuth was originally bubbled during the Gem War, and since bubbled gems don’t experience any passage of time, she was still in that focused war-mindset when Steven unbubbled her. As far as she was concerned, the war was still ongoing, and she was pumped and ready to pick up where she’d left off. 

The Crew really emphasized Bismuth’s and Pearl’s chemistry in this episode, and I believe it was for a good reason. 

Back during the rebellion/war, I think Pearl may have influenced Bismuth to invent the Breaking Point, be it consciously or not. It could have been as simple as one conversation: Pearl talking about the Diamond she belonged to, and how she wishes to remain free. 

Or who knows, maybe Pearl requested that Bismuth forge a weapon capable of shattering a Diamond, and Bismuth gladly obliged, believing it would be used for “the greater good”. But before Pearl could get her hands on it, Bismuth was bubbled by Rose.

Which only makes this scene all the more upsetting.

FAHC Dan is great

FAHC Dan being an honorary member of the actual FAHC is better

but FAHC Dan not giving A single shit about any of the other ones but Gavin and will only do shit with them at Gavin’s request or for Gavin’s sake is my aesthetic

That’s the shit i love man, gimme Dan the ex-soldier turned freelance merc, Dan the brawn and the guns behind SMG, England’s ‘assumed’ dead little mostly-cybergang. Dan, Gavin’s best Friend from back home with the skills to take a crew  (any crew) down and a bounty on his head that could buy the silence of every other gang in that town. Gimme Dan, THE Dan, suddenly appearing over in Los Santos, seemingly at the beck and call of one Mr. Geoff Ramsey and then horrifyingly enough Dan ‘The Man’ Gruchy letting the whole world now who really has the leash here. The Golden Boy, with Mogar, the Vagabond, Dooley, Ramsey himself and now fucking Dan ready and waiting to do whatever He asks. and the kicker is, Michael, Jeremy and Ryan will listen to Geoff, they have to, and Geoff can be reasoned with, Geoff can be merciful when it suits him. Geoff can call off his attack dogs.

But Gavin loves a bloodbath and Dan doesnt bow to anyone but Gavin


Characters: Reader, Jensen, Jared, Bob Singer, Jeanie, Michelle, Misha (mentioned)

Summary: This was a request by @my-name-is-alice-ayers.  Can you do a jensen x reader where he and the female reader are sneaking around with each other because they don’t want anyone to know they are dating because they are worried it will affect their work on the show. But they get caught falling  asleep together in jensen a trailer but still try and to deny it to everyone. Thank you for your request love!!

Word Count:2.2k-ish

Warnings: fluff, literally one curse word

a/n: I’m really sorry it’s taken me so long to finish this. I’ve been without a computer for a little bit and I’ve been terribly busy. Please forgive me. I’ll be up and running soon:) thank you to @my-name-is-alice-ayers for requesting this, too

Originally posted by hemmo1996b

“Cut! That’s it!” announced Bob just after Jensen, Jared, and Y/N ‘sped away’ in the Impala.

“Finally!”Jensen groaned. Because Jared decided he was going to relieve his bodily gas into the car without telling anyone, it took 30 more minutes than it was supposed to. It was already 1:00am and everyone was flat out aggravated and ready to go home.

As the trio got of the car and slammed their doors, Jensen and Y/N coughed and gagged.

Y/N strained out, “I think I need an oxygen tank.”

Jared laughed rolled his eyes playfully, “C’mon, you guys. It wasn’t that bad.” Jensen and Y/N both gave him the are-you-serious glare.

Before anyone could complain any more, Bob walked up to them with papers in his arms. “This is the call sheet for tomorrow. We may have some minor changes, but we’ll let you know when you come in tomorrow morning. Sounds good?” With a few ‘okay’s and ‘thank you’s, he walked away leaving the three of you alone again.

Y/N covered her mouth as she yawned, obviously a sign that she needed to get home soon. “Good job boys,” she told her friends. “I’m going to get Clif and head home. See y’all tomorrow.”

With a pat on Jared’s shoulder, she turned to walk away, but Jensen caught her arm. He spun her around to face him and with a pleading look said, “I’ll bring you home so Clif doesn’t have to drive across town to bring Jared home after you.” Although he didn’t make it very obvious, his eyes told her everything she needed to hear.

“Okay, yeah.”

“Well I guess we should get going before you fall asleep, then,” he chuckled, obviously rushing.

The both of them said their ‘goodnight’s to Jared and few of the crew members, eager to leave as soon as possible. When they finally made it to the car, Y/N let out a dramatic sigh of relief. “Finally, thank God.”

“You know, we’re starting to run out of excuses,” he chuckled, accelerating as fast as he could to get out of there.

There was a brief silence before she suggested hesitantly, “Or we could just stop having to make excuses.” Jensen sighed at her answer to him, but this facade that they kept up was going to go south one way or another and  Y/N loathed it with every fiber in her body.

She started acting on the show about a year ago, but was only supposed to have a 3-episode story arc. Her and Jensen were just friends, at first. A little flirting here and there, but nothing really serious until one day, Jensen had enough and just kissed her without any hesitation.

Y/N loved being there working with the Supernatural cast and crew, but it was hard to work there and be with Jensen. She thought that people would make it difficult for them to work together, so they’d decided not to tell anyone–not even Jared. At first, it wasn’t so hard, but months of it? She felt like she was drowning in so many lies that she couldn’t keep up. What made it worse was that recently she had been told that her character, Finleah, would now be frequently occurring on the show as a paradoxical-like character.

Although she told herself it was best for her and Jensen, a part of her thought that obviously if their off-screen relationship hasn’t affected their on-screen relationship by now, why would it after they’d told everyone?

Because Y/N was lost in her thoughts, the car fell silent. “Babe,” Jensen nudged her by pressing his knuckles to her thigh. She looked at him and he saw the vapors in her eyes for a quick second before he had to look at the road again. He couldn’t stand to see her upset; it made him feel like he wasn’t doing good enough.

“We will one day,” he comforted. “One day soon.” Those words made Y/N smile weakly. She loved Jensen, even if he didn’t know it, and  she wanted everyone else to know it, too.

 The next morning, Y/N had gotten up early because the call sheet read that she, Jared, and Jensen had to be there for 9, so being her always-prompt self, she made sure to be there for 8:30. When she got to set, though, she was told that the scene was moved to 12 because they needed more coverage on Misha and Jared’s scene. Of course. My luck.

As she groaned at the news, she turned to see Jared walking towards her. Before he could say so much as a ‘good morning’, she told him, “Our scene got moved.”

Then it was his turn to groan. “So you’re telling me I woke up this early for nothing?”

With a small giggle she informed him, “Oh, no. You still have a scene with Mish.” His eyes rolled out of his head at her words. Walking away, Y/N shouted over her shoulder, “Good luck J-Pad!”

She yawned as she walked to her trailer. Now that she didn’t have to get to hair and makeup until 11:15, she decided that it didn’t hurt to take a nap.

Before she got into her trailer, she saw someone running out of the corner of her eye. She turned to see Jensen jogging to the hair and makeup trailer, obviously late as usual.

“Jackles,” she called out at him.

With a confused look, he stopped jogging and turned towards her. “Y/N, we’re late. Let’s go,” he shouted, motioning for her to follow him.

“Our scene got moved dumbass,” Y/N explained.

His eyes widened, but for only a second and began jogging towards her. “Oh, psh. I knew that. Just making sure you knew.”

“Mhm,” she hummed, eyebrows raised. “Well, I’m going take a nap.”

She turned to walk into her trailer when she felt his hand grab her arm. “Come nap with me?” Jensen asked shyly. With a small smile playing on her lips, she nodded her head and followed him to his trailer, hiding like school kids even if their destination was only 30 feet away.

In his living space sat a medium-sized black couch that they fit in perfectly. Y/N giggled and plopped down and Jensen took the open space right next to her. With his arm around her waist, she rested her head on his chest. In no more than 5 minutes passed and they were both softly snoring.

It was around 10:00 when Jared barged in without knocking. “Hey Jay. Have you–,” he cut himself off when he turned to find his fellow castmates cuddling into each other.

“I knew it,” he whispered to himself. For evidential reasons, he took his phone out of his pocket and snapped a few pictures and an idea struck in his head. Walking out of his best friend’s trailer quietly, he giggled and decided to call Y/N instead.

“What’s up, Jare?” she answered groggily.

As much as Jared wanted to blurt it out at that second, he knew he shouldn’t. “We’ve got a scene in 30, okay?” he informed her. “They moved the schedule around again.”

Y/N sighed in aggravation. “Let Jeanie know that I’ll be there in a minute please.”

“Will do, Y/N/N.” He hung up. Oh, this will be good.

Placing a light kiss on Jensen’s forehead, Y/N gathered her things just in case anyone decided to walk into the trailer. Before fully walking out, she popped her head out and looked left and right. Once she knew that she wouldn’t be seen, she walked (well, ran) to the hair and makeup trailer that sat across the parking lot.

She rushed in the door out of breath, so Jeanie and Michelle gave her a confused and shocked look. “You alright there, hun?” Jeanie asked. All Y/N could do was nod. Knowing not to push her buttons, Jeanie patted the back of the chair, signaling her to sit down.

By the time Jeanie and Michelle finished dolling Y/N up, it was almost 10:30. If she wasn’t there at least 5 minutes before, she was going to have a heart attack.

Just as she reached the door ready to bolt to set, Jensen flung the door open. Both of them tried to hide their mischievous looks and act normal.

Jensen stepped back down and held the door open for her to walk out. “Thank you,” she said sheepishly while a blush crept on her cheeks. All Jensen did was smile back at her.

Although she wished she could’ve stayed there and looked at his shy face, she knew that she had a job to do. So with a small wave, she walked away, a little pep in her step.

Jensen stepped into the artificially lit room with still remains of a school-boy smile on his face. The two women who occupied the room faces him with smirks on their faces. As he looked at them, his small smile faded, but not completely.

“What?” he asked not-so-innocently. They both just laughed at him, but didn’t bother to say a word.

 Y/N finally made it on set at exactly 10:31. When she read the numbers on the wall, she could feel her heart start to race.

“Y/N!” she heard Bob yell in her direction. Hurriedly, she made her way to where everyone stood.

Jared was already in his marker ready to go.  He gave her a sly look and she couldn’t figure out why.

Looking back at Bob, she saw some post its in his hands. “Are you okay?” he first asked, noticing how ‘late’ she was. When she gave him a small nod, he continued skeptically, “So we decided we needed to add a quick little sniper to make it a little more dramatic when Finleah ‘leaves’.”. She nodded her head to let him know that she was following, so he continued, “I’m going to have Finleah and Sam kiss. Not long, but enough.”

We have to what? Y/N’s eyes widened at the words her boss spoke to her, but Jared let out a laugh, so she sent him daggered eyes.

“Let’s get going, okay?” Bob said. “We’ll shoot the kiss first, let you guys look at it, and then we’ll finish everything else okay?” Y/N noticed the camera’s looked off, as if they wouldn’t even be filming them in the at the right angle, but she didn’t say anything. She was just an actor, so her opinion was irrelevant. With a hesitant nod towards Bob, Y/N walked over to where Jared was standing and placed herself on her marker. She turned her back to him as the script said and took a second to get into character.

“And, ACTION.”

“Finleah, what are you doing?” asked Jared, his hand on her shoulder.

Y/N began to fake weep, her shoulders jerking slightly. “I can’t do this anymore, Sam. I can’t deal with the constant worry whenever you and Dean leave the bunker that you’ll never come back.”

In the background, the door to the set had opened to reveal Jensen. He took a few quiet steps when he realized that Y/N and Jared were doing a scene, so he decided to stand next to Robert and watch for a few minutes.

Y/N hadn’t noticed him until she turned to face Jared, but she kept up her act. “Sam, I love you and I can’t–” and that’s when Jared cupped Y/N’s cheeks with both of his hands and slammed his lips against hers.

Pushing Jared away, she felt herself begin to breath hard. Of course, she knew she was supposed to kiss back as part of the scene, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. The man she secretly loved was standing only 20 feet away from her. Jensen took a sharp breath in and Y/N was sure she could hear that sound sound from a mile away.

For the sake of not giving her and Jensen’s relationship away, she said in a low voice, “I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention.” She tried to play it off by chuckling lightly.

“That’s alright,” Bob said, patting Jensen on the back. “Let’s go look at the footage anyway.” He waved the three of them over to the huge monitors. Y/N sent him a confused look, but went along with it anyways.

Jeremy sat in front of the monitors and clicked a few buttons before it came up. When Y/N and Jensen saw what was displayed, they both froze like deer in the headlights. Before them was a picture of the two of them sleeping together on his couch from an hour ago.

Y/N turned to see Bob and Jared standing with their arms crossed around their chests and smirks plastered on their faces. “It’s not what it looks like,” Jensen said guiltly, still looking at the screens.

Y/N couldn’t handle it anymore. All the lies and hiding were getting to her and she was over it. “Goddammit,” she muttered and with one swift movement, she turned Jensen around and kissed him. Hard.

Behind them, Jared, Bob, and a few others had gathered to holler and wolf whistle at them.

When she pulled away, Jensen’s jaw clenched in embarrassment. “Y/N, what the–”

“Jensen, shut up and kiss me.”

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I like the idea that anybody in the crew could blame pretty much anything on ryan and as long as it sounds like something he would do or annoyed somebody else really bad (usually geoff) then he'll just take the credit/blame (after all, he's probably the one in the crew the most safe from scoldings at any given time, and he gets a kick out of letting his repertoire of minor evildoings build)

The list of things that is getting Ryan sent to hell is by no means short, but perhaps one of the most frequent offenses is lying. He’ll take credit where credit is due, but also won’t correct people trying to tarnish his good bad name. Rumors spread easily in the underground networks, and who is he to correct them when they only help his reputation? On a more domestic note, Ryan is pretty lax about what his crew members blame on him. Jack is grumpy and tired and forgot to order their next weapons drop? Blame it on Ryan, it was his turn this time. Ryan apologizes, says he was too busy skinning a human being for fun, and takes this as ‘Ryan get on this one for me” and quickly gets to fixing Jack’s mistake. Gavin accidentally totals Michael’s car? Well, when Mogar comes storming into the room fuming and out for Gavin’s blood and the Golden Boy shouts that Ryan was at fault, Ryan shrugs and says it wasn’t intentional. The fury in Michal’s eyes fades just a bit and he huffs, more in annoyance than anything. He knows Ryan is a capable driver and must have been in a squeeze to ruin his car, so Gavin gets off lucky. He doesn’t mind tacking on gruesome misdeeds to his list, but he also doesn’t mind covering for his friends.

Hitched (5/11)

a Captain Swan AU fan fiction

Summary:  After a series of events leave her life in pieces, Emma Swan finds herself hitchhiking out of Maine, her wallet empty and her heart broken. The best she hopes for is a driver who isn’t a pervert and takes her far away from the painful memories of Storeybrooke. But when she finds a ride with a quiet truck driver named Jones, Emma discovers that maybe a trustworthy friend is all she needs.

Rating: M or MA; some profanity and sex scenes.

Cover art: created by the absolutely fabulous @thesschesthair!!

Links: // ao3 // ch. 1 //  ch. 2 // ch. 3 // ch. 4 // ch. 6 // ch. 7 // ch. 8 // ch. 9 // ch. 10 // epilogue

(also @teamhook, @like-waves-on-the-beach, @lenfaz and @followbatb, thank you thank you thank you for reading and requesting tags!)



The light faded from the southwestern sky with the setting of the sun, and the cab grew dark once more as they zipped into the western half of Pennsylvania. Emma finished her favorite old book just in time; the moon had begun to rise against a pale blue sunset when she closed the pages, smiling absurdly at the happy ending she had fully known was coming.

Jones, meanwhile, had quietly turned on a public radio station and was listening to the news. Emma reached down to tuck the book back into her bag and shifted to comfortably lean against the window. They had briefly passed through part of the Appalachian mountains, where snow-dotted hills soared above a freeway cradled in the valleys and folds of the range. She had been through the southern Rockies more than once, and had seen pictures of the Alps, but even knowing there were bigger mountains out there she still found herself comforted and slightly awed by the long, uninhabited stretches of trees marching up and down into the horizon.

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