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Hailey Burns is a 16 year old girl who vanished after walking out of her home in Charlotte, North Carolina  on May 23 2016. Her mother checked all the doors the night before and they  were all locked, but when her family tried to wake Hailey up for school the next morning, she was gone and the front door was wide open.  Her father says she left a diary behind that had a detailed plan to run away with a 32-year-old man she met online. Hailey has Asperger Syndrome and has had behavioral issues in the past. Her family did everything they could to stop this from happening, but it still did.

There is very little media coverage about this, but what we do know is Hailey’s parents tried to eliminate all social media from their home.They were very strict with phone and computers usage but it is thought that Hailey used her friends phone or the school’s computer. Hailey also had several  severe medical conditions that require medication, but she didn’t take any of them with her.

Hailey is 5’4” (1.63m), 130lbs (59kg) and has curly, brown hair and hazel eyes. She was last seen wearing blue jeans, a black long sleeved shirt with Marilyn Monroe on it, and Converse tennis shoes. She may be wearing a blue book bag with flowers on it.

If you have any information about Hailey’s whereabouts, please contact the FBI’s Charlotte Field Office at (704) 672-6100 or the Charlotte-Mecklenburgh Crime Stoppers tip line at (704) 334-1600.

Man can you fetchin’ imagine your girlfriend coming back from the dead just to end up being with the one man who will later become the biggest asshole you’ve ever had to work with?

A new one for me: someone needing to sneeze while singing. Their voice starts shaking slightly, so it sounds like they ran out of air or they’re straining to reach a note just out of their range. The notes falter, fading in and out erratically. Then their pitch wavers, before suddenly swooping upward (almost like an orgasm sound) then breaking completely and collapsing into a sneeze.

kes dameron and shara bey knew that they were right smack in the middle of a fight against the empire but still loved each other so much that they risked everything and got married and had a kid and if that doesn’t scream #otp i don’t know what does.

Sometimes I just want to go back in time and pat my 16 year old self on the head and tell her she’s going to be alright. You’ll find people who love and care about you. Everything about those four years will be shitty. It gets worse and worse every year. But after you leave, even with low spirits and a heavy heart, you’ll be happy again real soon.

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I hope I'm not being rude or anything, but when are you going to start answering all those questions that you asked people to send you?

not at all - i have answered a few of them, but i got more than i expected! i’m sorry for the wait. i want to make sure i do it properly, but i’m afraid that being slow and hesitant in pressing “publish” are some of my weaknesses. as you may have noticed, even after taking a while to write something, i’ll occasionally make small edits after they’ve been published. i’m a bit of a perfectionist that way.

sometimes, i also just don’t want to answer something - not every request will be met. either i’m not interested, or it’s a discourse subject i’m not entirely comfortable speaking out about. i have limited time on my hands, you know, but i am working on many of them! 

I had a dream this morning that at the end of SOJ, the game does the thing where Phoenix almost dies? I don’t even remember what happened. I can tell you the plot had nothing to do with SOJ and the people in it were all from China for some reason. But i remember we had to go look for his body. He was not dead yet, but… He was brought to the hospital. And the dream wasn’t long enough for me to see him wake up. I hope dream Phoenix is doing okay

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Why is Jarod mad about people's fancast including no straight white men?

I assume you’re talking about this:

Which happened two days ago, and what could be read as a follow up here:

I included the entire stream of tweets for two reasons, the first of which is to showcase that at no point in time is Jarod “mad” and it’s problematic to imply that he is because it feeds into the “Angry Black Man/Black Male is more aggressive than others” stereotype. 

The second reason is because I agree with his overall statement. I don’t want white people telling my story, because inevitably when they do, they screw something up, leave something out or make a story about slavery for example, about a white hero. I don’t want straight people telling my story, because inevitably they will screw it up!

People should not be expected to tell stories that are not theirs. We should not REQUEST people who don’t belong to our communities to tell our stories, and Jarod is not wrong for saying that.  

Do I think that we can only benefit from having more stories featuring minorities? Of course, I’m a triple minority. But I want those stories to be original and to be mine. To reflect my experiences. The mere fact that we have to “reimagine” stories and racebend and genderbend should tell you that we don’t have enough media that showcases all of the diversity present in the world, because if we did, we wouldn’t have to do those things. 

A story about a Black mafia, isn’t original and it doesn’t tell my story (and in fact-a Black mafia would be seen as a gang-something that Hollywood absolutely does not glamorize the way it does with the Mob/Mafia-see movies like “Goodfellas”, “Scarface”).

Just something to consider. 

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DC Question: If Joker became the president of America by strong arming the president and congress to give him the position and the power to run the country, what would Batman and Robin's reactions be to the Clown Prince being the new prez if they and every American found out what happened? Note: This scenario would happen during Jason's time as Robin and could happen in any DC universe.

They would begin colonizing the moon.

okay story time y’all

like 7 years ago on my first heartgold file i had a togekiss that i taught metronome. now, being a kid with little to no knowledge on proper battling and also fond of depending on chance, i used the hell out of metronome, it was this togekiss’s main move more or less. 

which did about as well as you expect from depending on metronome, except in one battle

i was fighting some grass type. i use metronome, metronome becomes fly

all fine and dandy

the opponent uses encore

so togekiss needs to finish fly, right, it’s a two-turn move? except it can only use metronome due to encore. so it does. and gets some totally normal one-turn move that is definitely not fly

togekiss proceeds to make its attacks without ending its fly mid-turn invulnerability, for eternity. i can’t even open a menu to switch out or use an item. it keeps using metronome endlessly

it eventually ends when the opponent faints & i had the option of switching out, but 12-year-old me was severely freaked out that my togekiss became invisible, invincible, and self-commanding

EDIT: ur right it had to be encore then fly, cause it cant hit through the invincibility (this happened when i was 12 i forgot little details like move order oops,,)

I was very fortunate to be apart of the wonderful @born-to-make-history-zine ! Here was my piece for it! Everyone in the project worked so hard, the end result is absolutely breathtaking! Their first round of orders sold out, however they are opening up limited preorders for a second round. [Please check it out!] Thanks for having me!