it could honestly go either way

MBTI Types As Cuddling Positions

INTJ: Little Spoon

INFJ: Big Spoon

ISTJ: Big Spoon

ISFJ: Little Spoon

ENTJ: Ladle(that is, a very Big Spoon, refuses to Little Spoon ever)

ENFJ: Big Spoon

ESTJ: Could go either way

ESFJ: Big Spoon

INTP: Tries Big Spooning once, realizes they don’t like it, but doesn’t switch bc they don’t like to feel ‘smaller’, eventually gives in and is a begrudging Little Spoon

INFP: Little Spoon

ENTP: Little Spoon

ENFP: Little Spoon most of the time, but honestly is happy either way

ISTP: Knife

ISFP: Big Spoon

ESTP: Big Spoon

ESFP: Could go either way

I’m writing a fic that’s slowly straying further from “silly dirkjohn” to “John egberts trauma and why he refuses to admit he likes boys”

But I just can’t decide whether this boy is gay or bi. Honestly, if you’re looking at the comic you could go either way. He dates Vriska for a short period and generally makes comments about how according to Karkat he and Rose are supposed to be married, but I can’t help but read those as not genuine.

Vriska is a giant lesbian and there’s no way their relationship was at all fulfilling. John and the way he talks and interacts with girls just reads to me as someone not just closeted, but not coming to full realization of their orientation. But I can’t decide if John is bi, and he’s just heavily relying on the attraction he has to girls to ignore everything else, or if he’s gay and that attraction is something forced, some form of compulsory heterosexuality.
At 16 I vividly remember flirting with a boy I could tell was minorly into me because it felt wonderful and validating to have a boy paying attention to me, but then he tried to ask me out and I immediately felt sick.

And it goes further- at 19-20, why would John still be in denial about this? By then he’s got two very close friends in loving gay relationships, he’d witness firsthand Dave’s coming out.

You know, I think it ties into his dad. Homestuck has a lot to say about the toxic power of masculinity (just take a look at caliborn) but Dad is very much shown as a masculine figure too, though it’s just a neater and more specific aesthetic of masculinity. John loves his dad, that’s not under question, and his death affects him greatly. I almost wonder what a John would be like where his dad didn’t die when he was 13?

Maybe it’s not for a few years that John starts questioning things, but he’s sticking himself so rigidly to that standard of masculinity his father held up, and to him that includes being straight. John probably doesn’t have a lot of mentors and older people around him that are gay so to him being gay is being flamboyant and knowing from the second you’re born that you’re gay, and that’s unrelatable to him. His father was a good man, and John wants to be like his father, and liking men doesn’t fit anywhere in that.

This post got away from me but yeah closeted John speaks to me very much. I think I might go with gay? I’m still not sure I think either reading could hold weight.


a relationship like no other

Which Sideman Should You Fight?

Josh (Chance of you winning: 50%):

Honestly, this could go either way. You won’t know if you would win or lose, it might actually end in a tie with both of you just forgetting this ever happened. Anyway, don’t fight Josh, he’s a dad. He’ll shut your ass down if he feels like it.

Simon (Chance of you winning: 80%):

He’s a scrawny typical white boy, of course you’ll beat him. Unless you’re into that type of thing and you’ll probably melt in an instant. If you love Simon with a passion, you would rather protect him, unless he actually gets a significant other. Then you’ll be sad, angry, and you would happily fight him and win.

Ethan (Chance of you winning: 55%):

I have a good feeling Ethan knows some moves, but it’ll all end up in a fit of giggles eventually. If you know a joke that’ll be certain to crack him up, he will be laughing so hard that he’ll be paralysed, then you’ll be able to pin him down and win.

Vikk (Chance of you winning: pls no):

Why????? Would you fight Vikk????????? No??????? Please don’t???

Tobi (Chance of you winning: 25%):

Don’t be fooled; his gentle personality will trick you into believing he is a cinnamon roll when actually he’ll Falcon Punch you right out of the world. Then he’ll come and find you, apologise and ask you to join him in a game.

JJ (Chance of you winning: no):

You better have a death wish if you’re fighting JJ. And even after he beats you, he will bring it up in every conversation you have. For the sake of your sanity, just don’t do it.

Harry (Chance of you winning: 110%):

Chances are he’ll probably join you in fighting him. Definite win.

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Can I request a scenario of tsuna's wife jealous of Kyoko because she still feels insecure over the fact that sweet beautiful Kyoko is tsuna's first love.

//Guess who forgot transfer drafts to queue??? (≖‿≖ ;;;) No but seriously sorry about that guys university acceptances are taking a toll on me right now//


You stomped, making your way to the sink after curtly excusing yourself from the guests. Angrily turning on the tap, you took off that damn mask - the one you wore in front of guests and the public, the one you worn to hide any and all ‘negative’ emotions because heaven forbid the wife of a don be anything less than perfection. You washed your hands, ignoring the loud murmuring the party.

You shut off the tap, both hands gripping the side of the sink, wondering why you had done that in the first place.

No, you knew why but refused to admit it.

Admitting it would mean that you were dirty. Dirty compared to her.

You sighed, your reflection following your movements. Looking up, you winced, staring at the lines on your face drawn by your annoyance and the perpetual frown marrying your lips by your sorrow.

The make-up might’ve made you look beautiful, but exactly that. “Made.” The real you, energy seeping and heart dropping, was hideous.

Is it possible for someone to suck your energy away? Like is that a weird exposure power someone can get from being around the Vongola and flames for too long? Because you refused to believe how anyone could be that sweet and beautiful without some form of weird alien magic at work.

Yes, Kyoko Sagasawa was indeed the ideal “trophy wife” yet also the perfect “wild girl.” She was sweet, kind, and beautiful not to mention her secret badass side (she was working as a local cop after all!).

Comparing yourself to her was like comparing a lavish bouquet to a wild dandelion growing on the side of a curb. 

So how was it that your more than stunning and hot (pun intended) husband had chosen you over her? You didn’t have that petite figure, sparkling eyes, or her quirky yet accepting personality.

It wasn’t as if you doubted Tsuna’s love, no, however it was more of that self-loathing, anxiousness part of you that whispered its hate and envy, forcing your eyes to look upon the reflection gazing emptily on the murky green water.

And the worst part is, that you listened. You listened it. You allowed its sly tongue to wrap your ears, you allowed yourself to look at your reflection through its filthy green eyes, you allowed yourself to mope in the disgusting swamp of your mind, and you allowed yourself to be held hostage by your own demons.

But who can blame you?

She was so…perfect. She was a living Mary Sue. She was just everything good and happy about the world bundled up into one person.

Damn it! Why couldn’t she secretly be a bitch or something? Or secretly planning everyone’s demise like some kind of Bond villain? Anything to justify this ugly moss forming around your heart.

But at the end of the day, did you hate her?

The answer is no. 

You couldn’t hate her. Jealously? Yes. Hatred? No.

What you hated was the demon trying to make you - no. What you actually hated was the part of you that felt so insecure that you resorted to making excuses about yourself to try and justify your envy for her.

You were a shadow in the presence of light. Unnoticed, and stepped on. And would it surprise you if the feet that stomped on you were your own two feet?

“There you are.”

Your heart jumped through your throat, sharply turning to look at the person leaning on the door.

“H…- Hey Tsuna!” you greeted your husband, hastily picking up your mask. “What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be out with the others?”

He saw right through your facade, crossing his arms. “I would, however when I found my wife was missing, well, I couldn’t just stand there and smile like nothing was wrong, now can I?”

(Breathing in slowly, you collected yourself. You couldn’t let anyone, especially Tsuna- see you down like this.)

“Fair point but you are aware that this is the ladies’ room?” He smirked at your sass. “Unless you were hiding a vagina all this time, you don’t belong here mister.”

He winked. “What if I identify as a female?”

“Well then, I would say this was the most awkward start of a lesbian marriage in the world.”

He chuckled, walking towards you. “Well then, good thing I identify myself as a male then. No awkwardness there, right?”

You rolled your eyes. “Seriously, what are you doing here Tsuna? You already have a rep as a womanizer I don’t think you need job advancement.”

He smirked and waved it off, leaning on the wall next to you. “That doesn’t matter, like I care for their opinions. I grew out of that stage ten years ago.” He paused before staring gingerly at you. “Though I can’t say the same for you.”

You broke contact, the walls suddenly becoming easier on the eyes. “It’s nothing. Really. Tsuna, don’t sigh. Really, i-it’s stupid.”

“It can’t be stupid if it made someone like you escape into the restroom.” He glared, but it wasn’t at you but more towards the mysterious third party that dared to touch you.

It was horrible, but you felt touched at the sentiment.

However the same could not be said for Tsuna as he took your silence as fear. “Who was it?” He took one step forward, cupping your cheeks protectively. “Who made someone like you, like this? A guest? Someone I know?”

“No Tsuna-”

“Was it the ladies from the seduction unit?”

“N- There’s a seduction unit!?”

“The wives of the guests? A donna? No, they wouldn’t be stupid enough… was it Don Balv? It was, wasn’t it? I swear that status throwing pig had it coming. I swear I’ll-”

“TSUNA!” He winced slightly at your voice. “Calm down. It wasn’t Don Balv. As much as we both know he’s fucking prick, he’s nothing more than a child thinking he has any real power.”

“Then who?” His eyes turned sympathetic, wrapping his arms around you. “Who made made someone like you like this?”

You melted into his embrace, his taunt muscles holding you firmly yet soothingly. “Okay, two things. What do you mean by ‘someone like you’ and ‘like this?’”

He nuzzled into your neck, his fingers leaving a burning trail on your skin as he brushed his hands affectionately. “You are just…so stupid sometimes.”

“Way to kill the moment Tsuna-”

He silenced you with a kiss. “Shh… Listen to me. For one, do you honestly believe I won’t know your tells already? Even without Hyper Intuition I can see the exact moment when you start doubting your worth; your eyes droop a little and your shoulder sags an inch. Your voice also gets thinner and your vocals waver. You smile brighter than you usually do to try and mask your true feelings and…and I hate that.”

He placed a chaste kiss on your forehead, his face reflecting empathy. “You’re allowed to be sad and angry. You’re allowed to get frustrated and annoyed. You’re allowed to feel whatever emotions you wish, but please don’t try to hide it from me. You are so much stronger than you let yourself think yourself to be. So when I see that someone as strong as you, fall…I hate to admit it but I get scared.”

He took a deep breath. “I see myself as my teenage self again unable to help you because I’m too weak. I get scared that you might slip through my fingers like the others I couldn’t save from the underbelly of the world. Hilarious, right? I’m feared by my enemies, awed by my own, and yet I can’t handle the mere thought of losing you or that fire behind your eyes. I might be one of the strongest dons in this current era but you are my queen.”

You mentally punched yourself in the gut not to cry. You saw his love reflecting your true self in his eyes, his soft whispers drowned out any others, breaking you away from the ugly husk forming around your body.

He cherished you.

He loved you.

He truly loved you.

It wasn’t as if you didn’t subconsciously knew all this but for Tsuna to actually say it…

It made you feel both better and worse at the same time.

Regardless, you held on tighter to Tsuna. “Who taught you to be so sappy?”

You expected him to laugh and throw a joke in there but what he said next surprised you.

His eyes glimmered orange, resolve firmly in place. “You.”

You stuttered unable to process if he really said that. “W-What? Me?”

He stared at you as if the the answer was the most obvious thing in the world. “Of course it’s you. Honestly, do you think Hayato or Takeshi or anyone would ever tell me something like that? They might be good at teaching me physically but psychologically? You’re my anchor to my sanity.”

You could feel your gut crying in agony. Yep. Pummel those feelings! “What about Reborn?”

He groaned. “I love the man but if you’re my anchor, he’s the tsunami armed with an entire arsenal with a sadistic glee in chucking everyone overboard.”

You laughed and you swore you could hear Tsuna’s training regimen stretching another mile. “You better watch that mouth of yours or who knows what a certain spying Hitman will hear?”

“You don’t think I checked already?”

“So what? Anywhere there’s sound, he has ears placed somewhere. Who knows?” Your smile turned sly. “It may be right in front of you.”

His expression after that was hilarious - in between relief at the rekindled fire behind your eyes and the horror that awaited him. “A-Are you blackmailing me?”

You stuck out your tongue at him, laughing. “Maybe? After all, a queen must be able to control anyone at all times.”

“Oh really?” He nipped at your ear, whispering in a husky voice. “Let’s see who controls who later in bed.”

You felt your face burn a thousand degrees as Tsuna offered his hand to finish the damn party and get on with the “after party.”

You took his hand eagerly, leaving your demons behind.

reasons you should pick up gotham academy

so i’ve been getting a lot of people asking me whether or not gotham academy is the worth the money. and i get it. comics are expensive. but this one is worth it i promise. you should get it because:

  • teenage girls that actually look like teenage girls
  • if you like scooby doo or nancy drew or fun kid mysteries like that
  • several non-white protagonists
  • most of whom are girls
  • olive is great. she’s the first young protagonist who doesn’t like batman, because of what happened over the summer, and she could honestly go either way at the mo in the hero/villain department
  • also she can start FIRES
  • it’s also got a really heartfelt side in that this is a girl recovering from her mother’s death and then having her world torn apart again when she realizes that her mom’s not only alive but a SUPER-VILLAIN
  • also maps. maps is a great character. there are few characters in comics that make me laugh out loud but maps is one of them.
  • if you’re a killer croc fan and like seeing him being portrayed sympathetically then you will like issue 5/6. it’s the best written croc’s been in years imo
  • also if you’re a fan of damian wayne issue 7 is probably right up your alley
  • also it’s so much FUN. dc likes its dark and gritty, which is okay for a short while, but this is so far from that. it’s not about the DOOM OF GOTHAM it’s about these young kids growing up, being friends and exploring mysteries in their school/city
  • it’s off the wall at times but in a good way. there’s an issue where clayface battles the school’s drama teacher in a actor vs actor verbal battle. and then they defeat him with a water hose. that kind of 1966 batman stuff that makes gotham academy all that more special
  • they don’t have an lgbt+ lead yet however the creative team have said they are actively trying to work one into the upcoming issues.
  • the upcoming issues will also branch out into gotham some more. maps and olive will go exploring in gotham pretty soon and also have to go to arkham asylum to rescue one of their friends. that premise alone excites me so much

Camila Mendes photographed by Meredith Jenks for Coveteur

[about the audition process] I was losing sleep, I would wake up in the night crying! I was feeling so anxious because it felt like I was on the verge of something. I was so so close! Either my life was going to change and could transform into something I’ve always dreamed of, or it would just go about the way it was as if nothing ever happened. That was a really scary thought, that I could get so close to something that honestly felt so right. I had never felt so confident about playing a character in my life as I did with Veronica.

  • HVFF Gotham Panel - Does Oswald Truly Love Nygma?

Alrighty guys, here’s the panel audio of Robin talking about Oswal’d feelings for Ed. (I apologize for the horrible quality. The panel space was huge and echoed and was surrounded by crowds of people.)

Essentially he’s saying that Oswald does love Ed, but that it’s an unhealthy, messed up, obsessive kind of love; not what Robin personally considers to be true love, but still Oswald’s type of love. He then said while answering another question (not in this clip) that things are going to be really intense between Oswald and Ed when Ed finds out that Oswald was behind Isabella’s death. I honestly feel like this relationship could go either way at this point!

Basically, as he says, “it’s complicated”.

I took a nap this afternoon and had a dream where my brain wholesale completely forgot that Narnia and Neverland were two entirely different universes, and Susan Pevensie - the version of Susan who crops up in Tumblr meta now and again, the one who embraces adulthood and womanhood and who grows up post-Last-Battle in an aggressively healthy and wonderful way - was the perfect counter to Peter Pan’s childish cruelty and was the hero the Lost Boys needed and deserved

this young woman with her hand on the flank of a lion staring down the little war-painted fairy-blessed child, going “what the fuck is this shit”

and there was either Susan/Wendy or Susan/Hook, I honestly don’t know

…It was one of the best crossover’s my brain has ever done and I wish I could remember more than 10% of it

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I've started working on a kids book series set in the sixties about this girl who solves spooky paranormal crimes, but I don't know how to make a Major Villain, or how to connect them to the smaller villains in each book. Can you help me?

You don’t necessarily need a major villain, especially depending on what age you’re thinking of. Some of the best book series involving super sleuthing kids (Nancy Drew, Cam Jansen, The Boxcar Children ect.) don’t necessarily have a major villain. Even The Bailey School Kids, who solved paranormal mysteries when I was a kid, ran each book with a new adventure and no reference to the previous ones.

But newer books series, like the Sisters Grimm and 39 Clues tell more extended stories over the course of the series, as the characters investigate their families’ heritage and solve the unique mysteries they run into. So you could honestly go either way here. Don’t feel like you have to add a major villain.

With that background info out of the way, let’s talk a little more about the specifics.

When you’re trying to integrate a major villain into lots of little stories featuring smaller villains, the easiest way to quickly connect them is to have the smaller villains acting on the major villain’s orders. Cliche, perhaps, but it’s one way to get started developing your mythology and universe. Once you’ve established this basic connection to the major villain, you can focus your brainstorming on connecting each of the smaller villains.

Start by seeing if your smaller villains have similarities in their motives, their methods, maybe even their super villain powers/origins. If you can pinpoint even one small similarity between two villains, you can start to adapt all your smaller villains to take on that same similarity.

Examples of similarities might be:

  • Victim profile (they constantly target victims of the same age, gender, race, or even victims with similar hobbies, academic strengths or weaknesses)
  • Crime scene locations
  • Powers
  • Rituals/magic
  • Appearance
  • Time table crimes are committed in
  • Substances/ingredients used in methods
  • Calling card/symbol

Be creative with this. It should be something small enough that your detective might miss it the first few times, unable to make the connection until she stops to really think about it. Once you have your underlying similarity established, you can then try to connect it to your major villain.

For example, say I went with each small villain using similar ingredients in their potions or rituals, and the protagonist keeps finding this substance around the crime scenes, unsure what it means. And later on she discovers that the major villain is actually providing these smaller villains with this rare but powerful substance. It’s a weak connection, but it’s enough to go on as you continue to work on the series.

This is all a very, very basic method of accomplishing this, and you’ll likely come up with more unique ideas that tie in with your exact story, but this will hopefully get you started. 


ok listen i know i’ve talked about this before but like… i genuinely think that the best way to continue the ben 10 franchise isn’t with a reboot of the original series even though hex looks really good in the reboot (thought i honestly don’t care much at all for the style of it, i think its really bland compared to omniverse and the original series) but with like… continuing either where ov left off or making a spinoff series abt ken, ben’s son, bcs ov provided some genuinely really cool worldbuilding for the ben 10k era + some really interesting concepts that could be expanded upon if they go with that whole, ben passing the omnitrix down to ken story from the original series

i think it’d be a really cool way to tell a familiar story in a new way and update the characters and cast and narrative to be something more modern… also it’d be really cool to have a mixed race native american protag with cool alien friends but das jus me doe

Holy crap “Lost Stars” just acknowledged the existence of transgender people in the Star Wars universe. And not only that, but that transition technology and procedures exist and are relatively common knowledge.

I know some people could interpret this as an anti-trans women joke, but it honestly doesn’t read that way to me. This author, Claudia Gray, could have had Dak say something very different, either overly derisive of trans people (we all know how those jokes tend to go) or responding with agreement about how cold it is and not mentioning transition at all. Instead Gray has Dak say “There are easier ways to switch genders you know.” Aka if for some reason Thane wasn’t talking about the cold, it opened up that line of conversation (Perhaps Dak’s reason for saying it within the diegesis of the story). Aka letting any trans readers know that people like them exist in the Star Wars universe in canon, even if no named trans characters have appeared yet (I don’t think they have?).

Idk, this line blew me away and made me really happy. Gray has made people like me a canon part of the Star Wars universe with this line, and not in a way that marginalizes us or treats us as freaks (at least the way I read this line) and that makes me ludicrously pleased.

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27 for White Rose? or 14

27 - who sings their kid back to sleep?

Like even though Weiss is canonically the singer of the two, I haven’t seen a great deal that really leads me to believe that she instinctively enjoys it. Maybe a hit here or there? A lot of it seems to be because it makes her father happy, because that skill is far more marketable I guess than being willing and able to defend the world.

So perhaps she’d leave that to Ruby, who might be entirely untrained but lacks the baggage Weiss does. That, and I have no doubt that Summer and then Yang used to sing for Ruby as a kid as a part of bedtime. Like, especially Yang after Summer’s death because Ruby has bad dreams more often than not.

I HONESTLY THINK I COULD GO BOTH WAYS ON THIS THO - Weiss either leaves it up to Ruby because it’s closely associated with a lot of the shit her dad put her through, or it’s reclaiming something she once enjoyed and giving that part of herself to her own kids, to do better by them than he did for her.

Wow meta harder, Z, this was meant to be shippy

14 - who kisses harder?

I honestly get the feeling Ruby may just use her teeth a little more than might be strictly necessary.

That’s all I’m saying!!!!

       Hunks of rock didn’t fall from the sky upon a whim. Yet on that fateful night in the sky rise of London - nothing in turn could be viewed as less mysterious.

       Joys had been prominent moments before, where ancient spells cast by a Magus were abolished in the unknowingly persuasive way, where beings who had once been shunned and locked away for what seemed would be an eternity- awoke for the first time in over a thousand years. Such tales were left for the fantasy novels, for the dark nightmares of children with wild and vivid imagination. Alas they were as real as the dawn or twinkling twilight where nothing of the haunts and dark souls could be hidden. These were new times - uniquely different in all ways but one.

       For Gargoyles were to live again; now in the afterglow of false light in the modern world.

      Nearly immediately after their awakening; nothing was as it seemed. The entrepreneur who vowed a loyalty between teeth as a serpent was suddenly attacked, leaving the protectors of their ancient home without a choice.

       Gargoyles are a fiercely devoted lot; lead on by a warrior who would showcase the most loyal heart ever to cross the world even now. The old world had given him name, Thorin, in reverence to the God whom gave protection of mankind in an esteemed status. His power was clear by the form of a Herculean; broad in every stance and his skin a deep color to match the night. Ebon hair, fierce eyes. All of these aspects pay little mind in the firm assumption that human kind would only see a monster of old - a dark beast with ravaged hands powerful enough to cut into solid stone. Wings like a demon, haunched legs and a solid state of awareness.

       And so stones fell from the sky, battlements changed drastically since the beginning they may remember, the group of freshly awakened Gargoyles on a match against the modern weapons of their new time.


So a while back I wrote a little bit about this fragment of an idea I had and I literally forgot about it entirely until right now,,, so naturally I figured I’d share it with yall so it won’t go to waste bc you guys are so good with my AUs honestly yall r so much more creative than me lmao,,,

Now I know Android AU is in no way a new idea and it’s already been remixed a billion times BUT HEAR ME OUT OK

So in my original idea I had Arin as the human and Dan as the android but it could really go either way (i.e, TWRPs Built 4 Love: egobang edition) so for our intents and purposes from now on I’ll refer to android Danny as android AU and Android Arin as Reverse!Android AU

Yall already know fics about rebelling over tyranny are my bread and butter so here’s what I had so far: essentially there’s this big business (very Google-esque) that started producing androids for commercial value, originally big brusque heavy-lifting bots used for construction and infrastructure

So those never went away, but this company (whom I gave a name but I have since forgotten it) has also been innovating more agile, everyday-tasks droids, used more and more for things like childcare, receptionists, waiters, etc. These kinds of bots are called “foxes” or more slang term is “teeters” for their initial tendency to topple over at any given time

This has all happened before Arin was born, and he is now the owner of his own entertainment business, essentially Ga//me Gru//mps but more techno. The gang has been dropping hints that they could really use an office droid to help out here and there, and Arin has a friend who knows a guy who knows a guy, and he gets an opportunity to go to the upcoming showcase of the newest droid models. He’s seen a lot of ads for this one model in particular they’ve been really hyping up, supposedly the “future of android technology”. From what the public knows it’s a Fox, but other than that they’ve kept it on the DL.

So Arin goes to this showing, checking out everything and seeing if any of the bots would be a good fit for the office. At the end of the tour the group is the first people to ever see the new models, and it’s this big grand reveal and honestly Arin is pretty intrigued

Now keep in mind, Androids are typically really obviously Androids. Although they’re definitely humanoid, with faces and limbs and skin, you can usually tell right away that they’re not alive or anything. The only droids that are more realistic are usually used for more,,,,, adult,,, purposes

And then there’s the future of droid technology: the Leigh 79c. These models are brand spankin new, and boy golly they look damn convincing. Leighs are supposedly built to be durable, agile, and very fucking lifelike. The only issue is that they’re ridiculously expensive. Arin is impressed and he thinks they’re neat, but he never seriously considers buying one. He sticks with his original plan to buy something cheap and effective.

As Arin is walking out of the building he purely by chance hears the faint sounds of a struggle. As he goes to investigate he discovers a man desperately fighting these handlers in white suits, and he doesn’t know why but he suddenly gets the feeling something is very wrong so somehow he rescues the man and hightails it out of there as fast as he can

so he finds out after calming the man down enough to talk to him is that the big company has been using inmates to experiment on. The new Leighs, Arin finds out, were all originally people who have been mutilated to be strong, completely brainwashed, and obedient to the company. The man knows this because he himself was a failed experiment that managed to resist the mind control. He remembers very little about his old life, except for that his name is Dan, and he has a sister he can’t remember the name of. The two of them have an ongoing quest to find Dan’s sister as well as spread the word about the company’s horrible practices while also keeping Dan’s droid status a secret.

So yeah that’s what I got so far but please ask questions and contribute if you want! I’m probably not gonna end up doing anything big with this AU so just have fun with it!

When I got home tonight I was like, “I’m going to have three cocktails!!!” I had one and now I’m switching to water and getting ready for bed. If I could tell my younger self some things one of them would be, “I know you’re worried about alcoholism but honestly, you’re going to be FINE. I promise.” Of course I would probably be a little tipsy and have a cocktail in my hand…and maybe I did travel back in time to talk to my younger self. Because that would totally alarm her…me.


so… a lot has happened in the past month. ya boy here was through relapse hell™, but luckily(?) survived. all that’s happened could mean that i have to take a gap year from college. either way i’d be in for an extra year for my bachelor’s. which means art will have to be somewhere in the background in my life.
i realize i don’t owe anyone art or giveaways or commissions. my ultimate goals is not art, but survival and some attempt at happiness, i suppose… so until i haven’t sorted out a) my education b) my survival, i am going to stop forcing myself to make art out of a sense of duty.
i honestly hope this doesn’t come off as arrogant. i’m at awe that so many of you /still/ wanna support me and stick by me. thanks for everything, and let’s collectively keep hoping and working for the best.


1: A selfie Together - Mei probably likes to catch Junkrat super off guard with her selfies, it’s never like “oh hey lets take a selfie” it’s more like “you just woke up and you’re clearly grumpy but I’m gonna take a selfie with you”

2: Sharing a Milkshake - Junkrat would probably try to drink it really fast so he could have it all cause he’s a jerk and then regret his decisions when he gets a bad headache. Mint milkshakes ftw

12: Ballroom Dancing - Junkrat wears a fancy wooden leg and actually tries to look nice while Mei is a Queen as always

15: Movie Night - Mad Max Fury Road is clearly every movie night choice for Junkrat. Precious babies let them rest

22: Water Fight - Honestly it would go either way, one of them completely destroying the other and the one who got destroyed gets salty. 

I hope Galra!Keith turns out to be the new Stan Twin theory

Just, there’s little hints of it in the show, but it could honestly go either way and the fandom’s just on the fence about it. There are those who will fight to the death that it’s true, there are those who will fight to the death that it isn’t, and there are those sitting off to the side, watching the chaos while drinking their [insert beverage here], perfectly content with it going either way. The people behind the show have done and will continue to do nothing to confirm nor deny. In the end though, it will be proven true and we’ll all scream.