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Fairy Tail Dragon Cry Spoilers

Hello guys, so today in Japan, Fairy Tail Dragon Cry released. I have seen spoilers a lot today but some I would love to share with you. 

First spoiler, is the starry sky scene. I love it, and I honestly can’t wait to see the movie itself.

Second spoiler, according to a translator on twitter, Natsu says “What do you see? (How do I look?) Lucy…” and Lucy responds with, “Natsu…” and he smiles, “Your definetely natsu” Which makes me scream because I didn’t think that would be her response actually because people were speculating this since we saw the first two trailers and natsu said, “Lucy, What do I look like to you?”

Third Spoiler… I uhh really don’t know what’s going on here but I am pretty sure Lucy was chained up by one of the royal people and Fairy Tail came to the rescue especially Natsu becayse he is the one who broke the chain and now is carrying her it seems.

Forth Spoiler, Lucy in this seems to be crying at first I thought that dude which if I am not mistaken’s name is Zash but I am not completely for sure since I have been mainly looking at the trailers. It seems as if he is threatening her and that’s when it looks like the wall is opened because of who I think is Natsu because he wants to save his bae. (Nalu shipper here duh)

So I translated this page actually! in the first panel natsu is actually screaming: ARGH!!!! Lucy see’s him and says “Natsu?” and as he is going towards whoever, Lucy says “Natsu…Your a bit late!” 

i WAS WAY TO LAZY TO TRANSLATE this page honestly but Natsu is carrying Lucy and I am pretty sure this is the scene was saw from Trailer 3. 

I didn’t translate this one either but yeah, here’s another spoiler.

I don’t know if this is the scene that people have been posting all over instagram where we do see Natsu hold Lucy or if this is just him collapsing in her arms and her confront him. It could honestly be two different scenes or like I said the one I have been seeing ALL OVER instagram that made me scream this morning, lmao.

This is the starry night scene I’m pretty sure. The first attempt of my translations for this, Natsu said “We had a relationship together, and I lost it… Lucy.” and then at the Lucy’s panel had said, “A stella Starry Sky.” and then the one with them looking off said “Love” or “It is cute.” Which I don’t know if this means anything or if I screwed up freaking bad translating but whatever I tried dudes.

The attempt to TRANSLATE this was like me trying to swim, it was drowning me. For natsu’s head and lucy looking up to it, I couldn’t get his translation but for her I got “I will do it. You guard by the guard watch…” and then I also got the translations : “There is nothing more than a crowd, so its hard to emphatize with me… and others…. oh yeah, it must be true.” and for Natsu I got :Come here, here it is/ Rescue Loya (Which is probaly actually Sonya) Actually is the code name.” Which didn’t really make sense to me but I tried. 


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I wanted an AU where Dan doesn’t manage to kill his human self after his creation. (Has this been done a thousand times yet?) And human Danny just stays with human Vlad in the cave as they try to come up with ways to save their universe.

I have mental images of Danny and Vlad giving each other haircuts. (Possibly shaving, depending on abundance of mirrors…) That makes me happy. I meant to draw Danny with different hairstyles, but I ended up falling in love with that one and it stuck as his post-apocalyptic cut.

I guess if you were to think of it like all universes simultaneously existing, they would still be in their ruined world after Dan goes back in time and is trapped in the thermos. And would probably be the sole living (non-ghost) survivors. (Plus Valerie?) What a lonely timeline…

I don’t want to live in a world where Danny’s future self doesn’t have his mom’s hips.

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Kel!!! I love you and I need your help URGENTLY!!!! Well, it's not that urgent BUT I have a question! How is it that you use bright colors from completely different families right next to or on top of e/o and still make them work??? I've been trying to do that, but it just looks garrish and wrong and doesn't blend well. :'( All my drawings look boring and monotonous. I really wanna liven them up with some brightness but don't know how!!

HELLO ANON!! ILU TOO!! I’m sorry for the late reply I WASN’T SURE HOW TO ANSWER THIS bc I don’t really have a specific method of using colors?? I kinda just pick what I think looks good and run with it, so it’s a little hard for me to explain the process. THIS IS GENERALLY what I do though, esp the transition color bit: 

It’s also good to keep values in mind if you want to avoid overly muddy color schemes

and OFC this is just how I PERSONALLY DO MY COLORS it’s definitely not the ‘RIGHT’ WAY BC THINGS aren’t 30293 colors in real life SO YEAH!! These aren’t hard rules either, sometimes I use desaturated shadows and sometimes my drawings have a v limited value range.. I honestly just make things up as I go a lot so JUST TAKE WHAT YOU THINK MIGHT HELP AND TWEAK IT AS U WISH!!

8 Common Misconceptions about Sugaring

1. It’s Easy

If I had a penny for every dumb and naive little girl I saw on Tumblr trying to break into the sugar bowl, I’d be a millionaire. From what you read on Tumblr, it may sound like this glamorous, exciting, luxurious lifestyle, but in reality it’s from it. As referenced from a different post, you are the one making the sacrifice in this equation, even if the social construct of our society places money over sex. The amount that your SD is likely paying you is disposable income to him. It is chump change in his pocket that he is looking to blow on something worthwhile. That something is y-o-u, darling. 

It’s not easy to sift through the sugar and salt daddies on SA. Truth be told it is dangerous if you don’t do your screening well. Sometimes you can spend hours and hours and hours sending messages and come up with nothing but salts. Sometimes you’ll go on a date and it will be great, but he’ll ghost on you. There may be SD’s who try to undercut your worth by implying you’re a whore… best advice: don’t let them. Know your worth and that you’re the whole, delicious goddamn pie in this equation. 

You are the one getting his rocks off. You are the one sacrificing your dignity by going to dinner with a man old enough to be either your grandfather or father. You are the one clearing your busy schedule for him and spending time with him when you could be pursuing other relationships with people your own age. You are the one having sex with someone you would honestly never be attracted to if it weren’t for his money. You are the one with everything to lose.

Sugaring is not easy. In some ways, escorting is easier because after the hour is up, they’re gone. With sugaring, sometimes there is no time limit or sometimes the time limit stretches on and on and on. You just don’t know. So no, to anyone who says it’s easy– it’s not easy. Sometimes you may go months at a time without an SD. That’s just how the sugar bowl is.

2. Girls who sugar are whores / dumb bimbos / gold diggers / or crackheads with no other option…

Girls who sugar are hustlas, bosses, and head bitches who know their worth. That is quite a difference from whores, dumb bimbos, and gold diggers. Want to know a secret? The most successful SB’s are the ones who are the best businesswomen– who don’t do drugs, who have a good head on their shoulders, and who know how to suck a man dry using their charm and wit. None of these things can be accomplished without a good sense of business, a mind geared towards money, and generally just having high self esteem. Girls who sugar are generally sex positive and non-judgmental. Your local sugarbaby is likely a student, and probably knows her way around a textbook just as well as dick. She is probably that girl who always had that something special in her eye, who the boys lusted after, the girls hated, and who your little brother’s friends probably jacked off to in the shower. To be a sugar baby, you have to be enthralling. She ain’t your average hoe– and the best SB’s are always the most exceptional. 

3. It’s glamorous

FOR THE TENTH TIME. BEING A SUGAR BABY IS NICE FOR FINANCIAL SECURITY, BUT CAN WE STOP GLAMORIZING IT. It makes me want to knock myself unconscious every single time I read a tweet or a meme about stupid girls making jokes about becoming a sugar baby and how easy it would be, or how they want to sugar but don’t want to have sex with old dudes. Hate to break it to ya honey, you’re going to be having sex with old dudes. That’s a part of the game. Love it or hate it, don’t romanticize it if you can’t take it.

4. You’ll be making a 6k+ a month allowance upon entering the bowl

Whichever stupid Tumblr blogs deluded new babies into believing they’re going to land a 6k+ allowance first go around the sugar bowl are clearly factually incorrect. Any SB knows that it takes some serious pulling to even get 2.5k+, and luck/a whole lot of patience dealing with frogs to land a whale daddy. Chances are, you’ll be making scraps until you learn how to play the game and hit the right targets.

5. All sugar babies wear designer clothing

Honestly only the materialistic sugar babies wear head to toe Givenchy. Most SB’s would rather save their money and invest responsibly rather than blow it all on brand name clothes. There are numerous guides out there on how to look the part without spending the part, if you catch my drift. Anyone can sugar regardless of current financial status… you just have to know how to carry yourself.

6. There’s only one right way to sugar

This is something that’s a common misconception amongst SB’s. But I’ll tell you right now– whatever works, works. Freestyling is fine if you know how to do it. Looking through SA, Tinder, Ashley Madison, whatever it is, if it works for you and you’re being safe about it, it’s fine. There’s no right way to sugar– just do your research before you jump into anything is all I’m going to say.

7. Platonic SB’s fall from the sky raining cash like Santa Claus

I think this is the most unrealistic expectation set forth by the Tumblr community and the sugar blogs out there that are fake. I will tell you from a sugar baby, firsthand, PLATONIC ARRANGEMENTS ARE NEARLY NONEXISTENT. They are, essentially, the unicorns of the sugaring world and you will have serious issuing finding a daddy who will give you the time of day if you cannot even entertain the thought of eventual intimacy. That’s just how it is. If someone is offering you an outrageous sum of money for a merely platonic relationship, it’s probably a scam.

Thoughts Of The Signs
  • Aries: "I'm going to do this with or without you. I do not need you to show me how. I do not need you to watch me do it."
  • Taurus: "I can retract my kindness at any moment. I can make you sorry just as quickly as I can make you comfortable."
  • Gemini: "I just wish someone would believe me when I speak. Not everything I say is a joke. Not every game I play is in vain."
  • Cancer: "How about instead of complaining that I'm constantly moping, you give me a reason to stop moping?"
  • Leo: "There are times I feel like I should just stop speaking. I want to see who would honestly notice, or care."
  • Virgo: "I just wish someone would acknowledge my ideas. I want to feel important for more than two seconds. I want to be remembered."
  • Libra: "I want to show off those important to me. I want to tell everyone exactly what makes them special. I wish mere words could say it enough."
  • Scorpio: "People don't think I notice, but I do. I notice every slight change in behavior, right down to an odd blinking pattern."
  • Sagittarius: "You can either take me as I am or you can walk away. I'm not going to change my way of thinking to appease or align with your lifestyle."
  • Capricorn: "I will bulldoze anything that gets in my way. If it means I have to break a couple hearts on my way up, no problem. I'm not backing down."
  • Aquarius: "I don't have time to talk about it, I don't have energy to talk about it, and I don't have any seconds left to waste. Let's move on."
  • Pisces: "Just yesterday, it felt like everything was perfect. I know it's going to crumble to the ground. I know I destroy everything I touch. So I'm not expecting anything less."
Headliner- Bucky x Reader

Requested by: @aspoonfuloflanguage! Thanks, love!

“53 + 57 for the writing prompt thing. Either with Bucky or Sam? I’m kinda feelin the angst 🙈 but if it works out a fluffy ending would be nice :) “

Prompts: 53.  “You haven’t even touched your food. What’s going on?”  +  57. “If you don’t want to talk about what happened, then say so. Don’t just lie and say it’s fine.”

Notes/Warnings: Guilt, mentions of death, vomiting, crying.

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 You sat with your cheek resting in the palm of your hand, poking at your dinner with your fork. You weren’t really even present at the dinner table, your mind was drifting to your last mission with Steve and Nat. Things had taken a turn for the worst when a few civilians were used for ransom. You couldn’t stop thinking about it but at the same time you wish you could just forget.

 “Hey,” Bucky’s voice snapped you to attention and you straightened in your chair. Bucky put down the paper he had been reading and looked you in the eyes. “You haven’t even touched your food. What’s going on?”

 Your eyes darted to the paper next to his plate. You loved the old fashioned part of him that still read the paper instead of reading everything online. The smile that had pricked at the corners of your mouth disappeared when your eyes registered the headline.

 “Disaster in Naples: Family murdered in home. Police are baffled.

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Request: Hi! I love your writing so much. Can you please write a Shawn x reader where he’s tired of interviewers putting down his wife (reader) because she’s not a celebrity and he just protects her? Like he pretends to agree with the interviewer before totally destroying them.

Your name: submit What is this?


“It must be difficult to maintain a relationship with someone who isn’t in the industry.” The interviewer comments to Shawn instead of asking him a real question. You’re watching the interview streaming live from your laptop at home, and you’re breath catches in your throat when you hear the interviewer bring you up into the conversation. 

“Yeah,” Shawn immediately replies, “I mean, marriage is difficult, regardless of careers, but I think it is important to be willing to put in the effort into a relationship, and we do, even though it can be hard sometimes, its all worth it in the end because I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else.”

She nods, agreeing, “A lot of celebrities tend to date and marry other people in the industry, What made you not want to do that?” She continues pushing the subject, and you have no idea why she seems so interested in you, but you wish that she wasn’t. 

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So with a touch and smile like how we do
Never subtle the words coming from you

So I’m indebted to you a hundred lifetimes
I slip, you pull me right through
Oh how I find harmonies in the breeze

Working without sight on a feeling
You interpret me when I’m grieving
Clear my head of this death
Oh no, show love

Please save me from what I could have been….no…

We’re so far behind
Seeking shelter from pain
I had lost you
But you found me
Still we’re so far behind
Now I’ll take you away
I can show you
Just allow me


MBTI Types As Cuddling Positions

INTJ: Little Spoon

INFJ: Big Spoon

ISTJ: Big Spoon

ISFJ: Little Spoon

ENTJ: Ladle(that is, a very Big Spoon, refuses to Little Spoon ever)

ENFJ: Big Spoon

ESTJ: Could go either way

ESFJ: Big Spoon

INTP: Tries Big Spooning once, realizes they don’t like it, but doesn’t switch bc they don’t like to feel ‘smaller’, eventually gives in and is a begrudging Little Spoon

INFP: Little Spoon

ENTP: Little Spoon

ENFP: Little Spoon most of the time, but honestly is happy either way

ISTP: Knife

ISFP: Big Spoon

ESTP: Big Spoon

ESFP: Could go either way

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Can i get yoongi, tae, and kookie reaction to them losing their virginity to you? (Lets just pretend theyre virgins 😂)


“Bet you weren’t expecting that to be as good as it was. Honestly I wasn’t either. I did good if I do say so myself.”

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“That was my first time and it was so good. Only you could’ve made it that way. Thank you, jagi.”

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“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to finish that fast. That was just so amazing. Give me a little bit and we’ll go for round two. I won’t cum as fast this time, I promise.”

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Love my boys so much. - admin nicole 💕


Things people don’t talk about enough:

Blaine wasn’t researching his own symptoms before injecting himself with the cure.

He was donating the money he made through the brain business to charity.

This particular one was to fight Muscular Dystrophy… which was implied to have been his grandfather’s condition.

He got his affairs in order. Told Don E. and Chief to stop dealing Utopium, for their own safety. He thanked them for sticking by him.

He asked them to keep the brain business going, for the sake of humanity.

Why would he care, if he was (pardon the quoting of the theme song) already dead?

Getting his throat slashed by Mr. Boss was a wake up call, he should have died then. 

So when he thought he was actually going to die? Either from reverting to zombie form, or injecting himself with an untested cure?

Honestly? ….Blaine started to change his ways even before his amnesia.

EDIT: While you could blame this behavior on the last brain he ate, a man who was bicycling cross country for Jerry’s Kids, a MD charity…

I honestly like the vagueness of it all. You think Jerry’s Kids would then be the charity he’d have in mind. Pun intended.

He also had the papers for Chief and Don E. drawn up before he ate the brain, which implies he had a plan.

I still say it’s a plan he thinks of gets it as Major is leaving Shady Plots.

His expression is kinda telling.

It’s almost like Major inspires him to not be a dick? >.>

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Bunbun~ You already know who I ship you with in BTS so I have a reaction request~ For when they come home to find their gf baking cookies and dancing in the kitchen lol. I surprised my mom like that the other day so I thought it'd be either funny or cute

(I hope I did this one okay! ♥)

Jin: Would probably find it the most amusing but could go two ways. He’s either the type to sneak over just to join in or just start laughing to ask what you’re doing. It depends on his mood tbh

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Yoongi: Honestly he’d find it cute, taking out his phone to secretly record it (Kinda how he did with Jimin and V in that bts gayo ep.) to tease you later but not one to stop you from what you’re doing. He’s just happy that you seem happy.

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Namjoon: The smell of the cookies as soon as he came into the doorway caught his immediate interest since the last time he smelled someone makes him cookies when he used to live in the dorms with the boys.When he walked in to see you dancing all by yourself he’d laugh and come over to hug you.

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Hoseok: He’s 100% drop everything he’s holding to hug you because you’re so cute. Would also probably cover your cheek in kisses until you were both laughing over his cheesiness. 

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Jimin: You wouldn’t even hear him come home when you were so into listening to the music, dancing away. You’d freeze instantly when you hear your boyfriends high pitched laugh from behind you. After you finally get him to stop laughing he’ll tell you you’re the best girlfriend he could have asked for.

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Taehyung: Would walk over to you as he’s dancing along, taking one of the cookie’s off the hot tray. He’d give you a wink as he bit into the cookie not realize how hot they still were. In the end you’d be laughing at him for being so clumsily cute himself as he fans his mouth.

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Jungkook: He’d just be hella excited you made cookies for him (The boy loves snacks) but when you make a pun about the whole “Kookie is eating a cookie” thing he’d pretend to leave the house again until you jokingly chase him to come back.

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bonnie and clyde | hacker!wonwoo drabble

jeon wonwoo | “I’m a thief/hacker/murderer and you’ve found out my identity and have been bugging me for days to take you on as my partner" | 2,544 words. | fluff, humor. for this request from this prompt list.

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Playing Games

This is basically a longer re-write of this prompt with more feelings. 

I absolutely didn’t use this as an excuse to practice writing about kissing. 

Dex had known this was going to be a disaster going into it.

It was the last Kegster before midterms and everyone was drinking like it was the end of the world, trying to get as shitfaced as possible in preparation for the next two weeks of all-nighters. Jello shots were demolished, red solo cups littered the floor, and tub juice flowed freely through the Haus. Everyone was buzzed, and even though Dex didn’t normally like to drink too much at parties, he was steadily approaching “tipsy.”

That was the first mistake. The second was letting Nursey rope him into a game of Spin the Bottle.

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BTS: type of fashion they’d like

Jin - ‘Hella casual but also with ur life together’
He seems like the type to like long coats that come to the knee at the very least. But also, the type to pair them with shirts that have different characters from different cartoon characters (i.e mario ;) or on the rare occasions, luigi) ALso seems like he prefers trousers over skirts and dresses tbh

Yoongi - ‘super duper casual’
This guy seems like he’d go for the normal hooded top and jeans look. Like honestly, he could probably even get attracted to anyone wearing sweatpants. buT LIKE styled in a cool way obviously 

Hoseok - ‘the high quality top from a low quality store’
ya boy here seems to be the crop top kinda guy. but the fun crop tops. ones that you’d get off like aliexpress and stuff for £5. he doesn’t seem like he’d care for high brands and stuff like honestly, if u can successfully pull off a look from primark, then u’ve got his look down. 

Namjoon - ‘Richish preppysih coolish?’
Hello thigh high boots. Also hello preppy college kid look. He’d honestly seem like he’d be very attracted to the type of clothes that Spencer Hastings wears in PLL, im not even lying

Jimin - ‘that slightly hipstery look that everyone loves’ 
bby boy chim here seems like he’d love a lacy lignerie i mean, he’d love those boyfriend jeans that have a white shirt tucked into it and black sunglasses maybe oh and shoulder length hair wow i just imagined up a whole person for him 

Taehyung - ‘clear knee trend guy’
tae has a very eccentric style, therefore, it only makes sense that his SO has a slightly less eccentric style. By that i dont mean office look but i mean ‘still goes with the clear knee trend jeans and those ugly clear boots but successfully pulls the off’ 

Jungkook - ‘Edgy’
I think he’d like a slightly edgy kick to the wardrobe. Like wearing a white shirt and jeans but has this really edgy flannel on top or tied around the waist with either timbs or black boots (even one with spikes)

im so sorry for adding saf and spencer into this i love them so much - Admin Kay

Genji headcanon

Genji was a guy who was all about his looks and being popular with the ladies. It says right out he was a playboy, but after the incident with Hanzo and being rebuilt he was so distraught he was so sure no one was ever going to want him again. Angela being by his side, showing him support and caring about him made him feel worthwhile again, but also see women in a whole new light, not as something to conquer and just have fun with but that he could genuinely care for.

(Could be either Gency or just platonic feels. Up in the air.)

The memories of you

Characters: reader, Dean, Sam, Rowena

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: little angsty, bit fluffy

Word count: 3013

A/N: based around the episode: Regarding Dean

You couldn’t believe your eyes as you looked over at Dean, you were so angry that you thought steam must have been coming out of your ears and your face must have been bright red. Sam tried to calm you down in the bar, but all you could think about was that stupid bitch with her hands all over Dean. It’s not like he tried to stop her, you didn’t even want to watch more after it looked like she was about to lean in and kiss him.

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Wrong Number, Right Call (Part 1)

Fandom: BIGBANG/ Choi Seung Hyun x Reader

Synopsis: A wrong number leads to a series of texts between strangers…

Warnings: This part contains spoilers for the movie, “The Princess Bride”. Also, the POV shifts back and forth a couple times, but I couldn’t find a way to make the story work without it.

Author’s Note: So… here’s some Tabi fluff that I wrote to comfort my hormonal self. (instead of working on what I should have been doing… *sigh*) This will most likely be at least three parts in all. I hope you like it!

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This story contains fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. This is from an American standpoint, so some of the situations may not happen the same way they might in Korea. I make no money from the writing of this fictional work.


It all began because Seung Hyun was too drunk to handle his smartphone.

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Sick Eren or Levi? (I know I'm a needy piece of shit, but your blog is amazing!)

Eren rolled his eyes at his captain over exaggerated coughs and sighs as he sat at the edge of his bed, paying him no attention. It wasn`t that Levi wasn`t sick, or even that Eren didn`t want to coddle - Maria, he did - but Levi had been making a terrible fuss about it the moment Eren took his temperature.

When the brunet had first found out his superior was sick, he was all over him. He immediately took to his side, abandoning all other responsibilities. Because honestly, who could muck out the stables when the love of their life was dying?

Okay, perhaps he had smothered him a tiny bit. Perhaps stealing meat to make him his mother`s chicken noodle soup wasn` the best idea, but his baby needed his strength! But… maybe he had insulted him when he carried him everywhere he wanted to go, like his legs were useless. Or perhaps it`d been too much when started wiping his nose for him?

Either way, Levi had been throwing a huge fit over every little thing. He cursed and complained and kicked and screamed. It had gotten to the point Eren was worried he`d pop a vessel, so he backed off.

A now Levi wanted his attention back, after all that bitching he wanted to be coddled again. But as much as Eren spoiled his tiny Captain - he could admit he was a bit of a pushover - the raven was going to have to swallow his pride if he wanted him. Because Eren may or may not have gotten the tiniest bit annoyed with him. Don`t get him wrong, Levi was still perfect, just a bit too much today. And he needed to be punished. 

Looking up from his book, Eren realized the loud sounds of mock distress had stopped, leaving an angrily pouting Levi glaring from over the duvet`s edge.

“Eren.” The man growled.

“Yes Levi? Do you want me to leave? Am I smothering you still?” Eren answered innocently. He held back a laugh at Levi`s muffled grunt.


“Oh, am I too close then? What do you want Levi?”

More grumbling, Eren could swear he heard something like `big, dumb jackass`

“Levi?” The shifter called worriedly when the man didn`t emerge from his quilted prison.

“I want you to…” The mound of blankets said, the end lost in the fabric.

“What was that?”

“I want you to…”


A flurry of angry faces and covers being yanked down, then,

“Take care of me you stupid asshole!”Levi yelled.

Eren figured that request probably didn`t warrant a reward, but call him a softy he couldn`t hold back from showering Levi with his affections any longer. Not with a blush like that on his face.

In the end, Levi didn`t learn anything from his `punishment` except that he could have whatever he wanted.