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Camping - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 3,649
AN: So this happened? Have some filth. Thanks for being patient. Thanks to @writing-obrien​ and @celestial-writing​ and @rememberstilinski​ for helping me out with this! Y’all are the best and I love you guys sm.

You rolled your eyes as you trudged through the forest, your backpack slung over your shoulders and your sleeping bag rolled up and tied to it. Of all the people you could be paired with, it had to be Stiles. The two of you were at each other’s throats constantly, and you had a feeling that this was Scott’s underhanded way of trying to get you to get along.

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: it's been almost 2 years and i still think about how much better the doctor who 50th would have been with paul mcgann in the role of the war doctor. i just don't understand why a new incarnation played by an entirely random actor was necessary. especially when paul mcgann was so willing to return to the role of 8th doctor. are you really telling me he was only willing to do the 7 minute prequel? i don't believe it. he would have totally done the 90 minute episode. he's been playing the role for years off screen, longer than any other actor to boot, he would have totally taken up the offer to return to the screen. it would have been such a great book end to his movie as well; 7's regeneration into 8 and his regeneration into 9 both on screen. amazing. and do you know how much cooler it would have been to see the 8th doctor? To see him betray the name of the doctor, to see him become so desperate to stop the madness he throws himself into the war he tried so hard to avoid? do you know how much more heart wrenching that would have been since he's a character we actually know? why did they force a random regeneration on him when they could have actually used HIM for the episode? i just don't get it. it would have made so much more sense too. especially since in a way the 8th doctor really is the bridge between classic and new who and isn't that what the 50th was all about? celebrating the two and bridging them together? he was the first doctor to try to bring doctor who back - the bridge already existed. how does it honestly make sense to throw a man who never had anything to do with doctor who in as the bridge? that's just silly, isn't it? john hurt is a great actor and all but he's not the doctor, you feel? like we all assumed 8 was the one who fought in the war anyway, why change that? and wouldn't it just have been amazing to see paul, david and matt on screen together? like c'mon, they would have been fantastic. why didn't this happen? WHY DIDN'T WE GET PAUL MCGANN??? I DON'T UNDERSTAND.

It’s with great honour and gratitude to reach one thousand followers for my main/booklr/aesthetic blog. I’ve had this blog for almost a year, having that I accidentally deleted my old blog of 4 years. In the beginning, I was devastated that all my old personal blog that I’ve spent practically my whole high school life, was deleted and never retrievable but I with that, I took a deep breath, let go of that past, and started anew with this blog. A blog that I shared a specific passion in books, mythology and  other aesthetics with. This blog changed everything. With it, I met a lot of new and amazing people with the same passion as me. I’ve found more books to read, shows to watch, inspirations for art and above all, friends to connect with. And with all that, I say thank you to the following whom I admire and give praise.

To Michelle aka @perxephne
Without you, none of this would have happened. You’re the first book friend I’ve met before this blog! I credit you to helping me get into reading more, being with me through happy and hard times, and for becoming my first best internet buddy who I actually met! You’re such a kind, beautiful, sophisticated young soul. The kind you read in a Donna Tartt book. Thank you for sticking with me all this time and helping me blossom this blog to what it is.

To Diana aka @kazzriel
I am so thankful that our paths crossed and I got to know you and connect with our love of A Court of Mist and Fury along with other books like AEITA and SOC. I first reached out to you cuz we had the same name lol and being fangirling best friends makes this blog worth while a lot of the time. I want to thank you once again and a million times more for the package of books you sent me! It’s just really cool to think we’re so far apart from each other yet we’re this close. I’m so ready to fangirl about ACOWAR with you!!!!

To my GF squad aka @dirtyhandsnet
You girls changed this blog for me indefinitely. I never knew I could connect with such amazing friends and create a kind of sisterhood (or girlfriend hood?) with you girls. We connect with each other on such a high level that I don’t think most networks have. I’m so glad that I have such a supportive, caring group like you. Thank you and NMNF.

To Allie aka @alohomra
You’re such a refreshing ray of sunshine when I met you in person! I think we could have talked for hours upon hours more than what we had back then. You’re a small piece of inspiration as to why I’m going into Digital Media Design here in MB. You’re so nice and bubbly and really cool! Thank you for the being there for me!

To Jem aka @lovesclub
Thanks mom (we’ve been mutuals for the longest time and you helped me get on my feet as a booker) You’re way cooler than me.

To Simi aka @ninazcneik
I think you were one of the first 10ish people to follow me and definitely the first mutual I’ve had. You always stick out to me. I always have admired your blog and it gives a smile to see you ask for a blograte and my notes (I’ll definitely pick up The Diviners just for you, don’t worry!). It makes me proud to be close to a blog that makes beautiful edits and is so #aesthetic. We’ve silently been stuck together since the beginning so I want to credit you in the growth of this blog too!

Even though she’s inactive at the moment I want to thank Jolly aka @rhyesand
I’m so happy we started talking to each other! We’ve got more than a month’s worth of Snapchat streak and let’s never stop! You’re so cute and cool and smart and you helped me go broke with all the book buying but without it, I wouldn’t have gotten ACOWAR at 50% off?? Like wow! Thank you for being awesome!

To @mythologicalnet , vixensnet , and mermaidntw
I want to thank these Networks for accepting me! It’s great honour to be part of your networks too!

For the rest, I’d love to thank the following people for their blogs that help me build this one.

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Game System


Korekuni Ryuuji: Tomo, I put out my cup, so go prepare the hot water and teapot.

Aizome Kento: There’s no way I could make a mistake like that. It was in the ice water in the wine cooler.

Miroku Shingari: It’s a magazine where a lot of our senpai have been on the front cover. Don’t assume it’s something small.

In this game, you’ll get lots of info on their private lives and past…!
Let’s see lots of surprising sides! ♪
Also, you’ll be able see a closeup to KiLLER KiNG more than anywhere else!

The story part uses the Live2D system!
You won’t miss the members making various expressions that match the story!


Advance through quests and unlock new stories and songs.
Clear a lot to get various items, and let’s level up the member you’re interested in ♪

(see Glossary for more Items)


You can enjoy B-PROJECT’s wonderful songs in a rhythm game!
Form your own special unit, and enjoy a live performance ♪

Recorded songs
Koudou*Ambitious / Hoshi to Tsuki no Sentence / Starlight / Yume Miru Power / Muteki*Dangerous / Kirakira Smile / Gokujou Fiction / Eikyuu Paradise
Songs are planned to be added at any time


Lots of photographs of the B-PROJECT members are being introduced!
When you level up a photo, you can read special stories!
Let’s level up the photos of members you’re interested in ♪


Use leveling Items to level up your favorite members!
Strong members will be helpful for the Quest ♪
Furthermore, when you raise them to the maximum, they will change to an awakened visual!

anonymous asked:

I would like to kindly request child au! scenarios of Ayato, Laito, Kanato and Subaru going back to school shopping! I bet they would all have the cutest backpacks and things!

Admin Mawile:(*´▽`*)


-”Mom, look! This one is way cooler!”

Shopping with Ayato was an exercise in patience. Not only did he run off at every turn, he wanted everything he saw as the slightest bit interesting. 

He was holding up a red, pattered backpack, covered in designs of some popular children’s show and shaking it in a way that clearly said want. You glanced at the cart full of other supplies he’d chosen. 

He did have to have school supplies. 

The second the backpack was in the cart, he was gone, bolting off towards the art aisle before you could blink.


-The whole time you’d been out shopping, Kanato had been miserable. 

He’d insisted that Teddy needed supplies too, and had refused to perk up unless the bear got them. 

 Even a bear-themed pencil holder hadn’t been enough to snap him out of his mood. He was currently holding it to his chest, looking like the very picture of a pouting, grouchy child. 

“Alright, let’s go have a look at the Teddy-sized things.”

With that, there was an instant change. Kanato almost immediately tore off a ahead of you, too excited to wait any longer. 


-Shopping with Laito was… interesting. 

He was curious about absolutely everything, asking politely for the cutest items he found after near endless digging. 

Your cart was piled high with name-brand, stylish school supplies, most of it in varying shades of green. Glancing at the macron themed stationary he’d just tossed in, you sighed. This was expensive. 

Mom, may I please get this one?”

His expectant, delighted expression was too much to say no to, and another item joined the ever-growing pile. 


-Subaru had always been uncomfortable with getting new things. 

He was convinced that you were “wasting” the money on him, and didn’t like to bother boy by asking for more than he absolutely needed. 

Currently, he was clutching a black, plaid lunchbox, at least a few dollars more than the cheapest red kind, and staring at the floor miserably. This was the first time he’d shown interest in anything you were getting him. 

“Hmmm, that one does look like it would last longer.”

The way his face lit up was absolutely priceless, beyond delighted that you were willing to get something for him. 

Stercus Accidit

We normally wouldn’t post our own writing here, as it goes against our rules, but today we’re making an exception.  This is our co-written contribution to the @xfficchallenges dialogue only challenge.  We may or may not have gotten a little drunk last night, and this is the result.  We hope you think it’s as hilarious as we did, because we couldn’t stop laughing.

Authors: @kateyes224 and @piecesofscully
Timeline: Season 6, somewhere in the middle of Texas.
Rated: PG-13 (for coarse language and potty humor)

“…and my informant promised me he’d meet us at the rendezvous with the photographs he took of the UFO.  I’m really excited about this, Scully, this is the first legitimate sighting I’ve come across since Antarctica, and I just…Scully, are you okay?  You’re not looking super hot.”

“I’m fine. Just feeling a little queasy.  Keep going; since Antarctica?”

“Oh, since Antarctica there have been only a half dozen or so sightings that have been anywhere near legitimate, and I’ve been thinking, would someone in Roswell, New Mexico, be more likely or less-”

“Mulder, does the air conditioning go any higher?”

“Uh, no, I think it’s at the highest setting.  Anyway, Roswell has been a notorious hotbed for UFO activity since the 1940s, as you know, but lately sightings have been more sporadic-”

“Can you, um, oh wow, could you roll down the window or something?”

“Scully, it’s like 115 degrees outside.  It’s way cooler inside the car than it is outside.  Is something wrong?”

“No! No, I just, is it hot in here? It feels really hot in here.  How many more miles until we reach the next rest area?”

“Uhhh, I think I remember a sign about fifty miles back that said it’d be another fifty miles.  Why?  Are you okay, Scully?”

“Do you have any Tums?  I mean, with the garbage that you consume on a daily basis, I assume you carry some sort of antacids.  Give me one.”

“I’m sorry, Scully, I don’t usually need them.  I’ve, uh, I’ve been blessed with kind of a rock solid gut.  Which is really great for me, given my proclivity for gas station sushi and Velveeta.”

“Oh, my God.  It’s rolling.”

“What does that even mean?”

“It’s my…wow, it’s my stomach.  I knew I shouldn’t have let you talk me into that wet chimichanga, Mulder, my stomach is churning.”

“Oh.  Oh God.  Ummm…do you need me to pull over?”

“On the side of the road?!  No, Mulder, there’s nothing but sand and tumbleweeds out here!  Just keep driving.”

“Scully, it’s okay.  There’s no shame in popping a squat.  I promise I won’t look.  I think we have some napkins in the glove compartment or something…”

“Mulder, please, I’m begging you, stop talking and drive faster.”

“Okay.  So our informant allegedly has some kind of intel from a source on Sheppard Air Force Base’s drone project, which Langly told me a few months ago has been-”

“Oh, God, please shut up.  I need to concentrate- oh my god, Mulder, why won’t my window roll down?  My button’s stuck, Mulder, roll my window down.”

“Sorry, Scully, I think the child proof window lock was engaged.  Here, let me see if I can…there, is that a little better?  It’s still over a hundred degrees outside, Scully, I’m not sure why you-”

“For the love of all things holy, stop talking! I need quiet and the wind in my…Mul- Mulder, pull on my sleeve.  I need to take my blazer- Oh, God, now it’s coming in waves…”

“Here, just give me your arm.  There, is that a little better?  What do you mean, ‘it’s coming in waves?’  You’re looking really red, Scully, are you sure you’re okay?”

“How is there not a rest stop for another fifty miles?  What kind of hell state has rest stops so far apart?  Okay, okay, wait.  It’s getting better, I think it’s going away.”

“What’s going away?  Scully…is there something you need to tell me?”

“No, I’m fine.  I don’t think that Tex-Mex agreed- Oh, God. Oh, no. Shit, Mulder, you need to pull over.  Now, right now.  Pull over, pull over.”

“Scully, there’s nothing but desert as far as they eye can see.  Are you sure you can’t wait?”

“I, um, holy sonofabitch.  Now, Mulder, pull over now!  It’s imminent.”

“Imminent?!  Jesus, Scully, there’s…uh, I guess there’s a cactus over there that might offer you some protection?”

“It feels like there’s a brick with claws sitting in my lower abdomen.  I don’t care, pull the damn car over, and give me the napkin!”

“A brick with claws? Jesus, Scully, that’s…graphic.  Hey, I think I remember an X-File about that, ha. Okay, I can tell you’re not in the mood to joke right now, so, uh…listen, we haven’t passed another car for the last ten miles so I don’t think anyone will-”

“THE NAPKIN! Mulder, give me the damn napkin!”

“Do you want me to get it a little wet, Scully?  ‘Cause that might feel a little better on your…”

“I’ll, uh, I’ll be right back-”

“Okay, Scully, vaya con Dios!  Or, ya know, vaya con…ya know…whatever. Just let me know if you need any, uh, you know…help…or…something.”

“…Oh my god, please no, please no, just a little further.  Just get behind the cactus, Dana…I, shit.  Shit!  Oh, God, Mulder.  Mulder!”

“SCULLY!  Hold on, I’ll be right there!  Just let me-!”

“It’s the spines on the cactus, I can’t hold on to it.  Just… my hand.  Hurry, I need you to hold my hand.”

“Okay, no problem.  Um…Here, just squat down and I’ll support your weight..”

“Don’t look at me! Mulder, do NOT look at me, turn around!  Oh, God, I can’t hold it…”

“It’s okay, I’ve got you, Scully.  Just, uh…there.  Just rest back on your ankles.  I’m not looking, I swear to God.  Just let it go, Scully.”

“God, I swear, I will never touch Tex-Mex again if you- oh God, oh my god, Mulder, don’t listen. Can you sing or something?”

“Sing?!  Okay, ummm…

‘Love…is a burning thing…
And it makes a fiery ring.
Bound by wild desire,
I fell into, a ring of fire…’ ”

“The Ring of Fire? Really, Mulder?”

“I fell into a burning ring of fire,
I went down, down, down,
And the flames went higher,
And it burns, burns, burns,
The ring of fire…the ring of fire…”

“Shitshitshit… Um, Mulder, the napkin…it’s, uh, it’s not enough.”

“What?  Uh, wow, okay…well I don’t have any Kleenex or anything so unless you want me to give you my tie I don’t think-”

“Your tie, give me your tie.”

“Scully, no. I was only joking, and besides, I love this tie!  Frohike gave me this tie.”

“Mulder, just give me the damn tie!”

“Fine. But you know what, you owe me, Scully. And you get to explain this to Melvin when he asks why I never wear my UFO tie anymore.”

“Mulder, we are never to speak of this again.  And, for the love of God, stop humming Ring of Fire.”

Andre Burakovsky - Party

Originally posted by temipanarin

Can you do a Andre burakovsky imagine where your friends with one of his teammates and that friend has a party and you are entertaining their kids and Andre sees you and is smitten and you two are introduced and you hit it off.

Word Count : 1350

Warnings: None

I thought this was going to be short but here we are 1350 words later.

Shoutout to the anon who helped me with Swedish!

“Trevligt att träffa dig också vacker” - Nice to meet you too, beautiful

It’s was the end of the season party for the Capitals before they all head back to their main countries for off season. Each year a team member volunteers their house to throw a party so everyone can get together one last time. This year was TJ’s year. You’d been friends with him ever since you were little through your older brother. He basically became another brother to you. With that, he invited you to the party this year. You knew some of the teammates through him but not all of them. You were nervous at first but your brother decided to come along as well.

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Ok so I actually thought about this a while ago and idk why I’m only posting it now but here you go

Theory: Joseph’s clackers were literally just improvised from a toy he already happened to have with him

When Joseph first demonstrates the clackers, he talks about them as if it’s some cool thing he put a lot of thought into beforehand, but I don’t think he actually did. I think he’s full of shit. Here’s why:

These screencaps are from when Joseph, Caesar, Speedwagon, and Mark were in the car on the way to the colosseum. This couldn’t have been more than like, maybe a half hour before they fought the Pillar Men.

Now what’s important to note here is that Joseph doesn’t say “I’ll show him my special attack”, he says “I’ll invent a special attack”. This implies that he doesn’t already have one- he’s still thinking. (It also means he’s probably been somewhat hyperfocused on wanting a cooler attack than the bubble launcher for a couple hours now, poor guy. But that’s not important right now.)

Obviously, there’s no way he could have thought of a ton of potential weapons to make, decided on the clackers, and created and practiced using them while in the car. So they were almost certainly an improvised weapon.

Now, where did he get the clackers? He certainly didn’t pick them up on the floor of the colosseum. In fact, he specifically mentions that they’re “ordinary American clackers”. This implies that he brought them with him from America, and has had them on his person this entire time. A toy.


mmmmm ive been having A  Thought about WC lore all morning and you know like…….i genuinely REALLY wish that in warriors, clan leaders were actually like. treated as some sort of deity or demigod, yyou know???

like - clan leaders have nine lives. but in canon, they’re literally just like any other cat; and thats fine if you prefer it that way, but i always wish that clan leaders actually stood out more other than just being a cat with extra lives. like that would’ve been MUCH cooler and better world building imo??

like imagine a clan leader being a cat who lives like, twice or maybe even three times as long as a regular cat. some cats go through generations of having the same leader, because nine lives help extend their lifespan - so a clan leader could be like…..30 in human years, and even if they’re very old, they’re still seen as a wise and knowing cat you know???

imagine the idea of clan leaders being like….hardly seen, and it’s a privilege to be in your leaders guard / entourage. clan leaders only appear for ceremonies; a deputy will make the announcements for anything else.

also the idea of clan leaders having stars incorporated into their pelts after getting their nine lives, cus YES 

anonymous asked:

Taemin looks soso small and skinny but his cheeks are still round as ever. he doesn't like that so even when he loses weight they won't go away. it must be so hard for him;; pbs twimg com/media/C4iwWFoUcAEIrPp jpg

Ah… he’s so beautiful. Tbh, these last days I’m thinking a lot about Taemin, about what he feels. I didn’t see any people shocked about what Taemin said about boygroups concerts but there’s so MUCH behind about what he said, but… 

(There it goes my opinion because you got me ready to write in my personal blog about this LOL) I guess we get worried because we can’t forget the fact that Taemin is a human being and that he also has his insecurities and he also finds flaws on himself even when he doesn’t have them - it’s something that we all do. So I feel these days Taemin is trying to search for a more manly image, because he’s tired of being defined as cute, because I also feel he gets the meaning of cute as something femenine. I read someone’s opinion around here and it made me think about how Taemin tries really hard to create a cool and adult image from himself not only to show himself as a great singer and performer, but also to protect himself. Like… after all this time he might feel insecure about his image, because he has been exposed lots of times as “beautiful as a girl” instead of just saying he’s beautiful as the way he is. He has an image in how to be cool on his head, and it looks like he’s too focused on his chin, like you can feel he feels that having a well defined chin makes him cooler, while having cheeks makes him look cute.

The reason I was thinking about posting my thoughts was because of this, because I wish someone could stop Taemin and tell him he doesn’t have to force himself to say or act in the ways he does just to create a forced image of himself. It’s true that there’s still people who believes Taemin is cute (in a childish way) or that he’s beautiful (in a femenine way), but the true is that Taemin is cute (sensitive, adorable, funny, shy) and beautiful (handsome, has very beautiful eyes, and a special and unique mouth, etc.). This is why it hurts me so much to see him feeling so insecure about this, because you can feel how he’s actually a very confident person, but he’s fighting against the stereotypes that still follow him. Taemin has such a special beauty and personality, but he’s too focused on being manly to the eyes of everybody, for what manliness means to the public, when there’s no need to do that. It’s really hard to understand because he has been since really young - as the rest of SHINee members - exposed to the media playing a paper that wasn’t his. And I don’t know, lately it’s like he’s going again to search to create a different image just to make people forget about that old image.

Same happened with Jonghyun: he was like the cool, badass and sexy voice of SHINee but he’s a lovely piece of sunshine with a big heart and a big open mind, and some people still don’t want to accept his real self because they go like “ah, I miss the muscles of Jonghyun” like they were something that actually belong to him as a person, you know? Also Onew is not the type of leader who will go to the others and say to them how to act, he’s just a sweet person who just loves his members a lot and just loves to play with them; Key is an incredible person which such a great mind and creativity, members just enjoy playing with him because he’s such a funny and random person, and Minho is not that flaming charisma but also a cutie pie full of love and passion for life.

Ah… I’m so sorry for this long post, lmao. But I wish I could hug him and have at least 10 minutes to talk to him to tell him that he’s just purely beautiful outside and inside. Many people might believe Taemin is rude or cold, but he has such a big heart full of sensitivity and sweetness, I feel he keeps looking for an image to protect himself. Like, “bah, I don’t want to go to boygroups concerts”; he’s himself a die hard stan of Bi Rain, but he’s not the type to expose his feelings that easily. Also, this obsession toward his face… At the end he’s a normal human being full of flaws, fears, dreams… but I wish so hard to tell him that everything is ok… that he doesn’t have to try to follow the rules of genders to look cool. He’s so cool the way he REALLY is.

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MadWife (Mad Sweeney x Laura Moon): "You don't look so bad" extra points for jacket sharing

i waited for your heart to melt

AN: Four things:

  1. I’m sorry I couldn’t write this right away! I have a feeling I might only have the time to bang out fic on Sundays.
  2. Is Mad Wife the official pairing name for Mad Sweeney and Laura? I’ve been calling them Mad Moon but I could swing either way, as with most things in life. Mad Wife is actually cooler, imho.
  3. This was so much fun to write lmfao. I realize now how vital curse words are to my vocabulary.
  4. My pale ass has no clue how tanning works


The stench of rot and desperation ripens with the summer heat. Even with the cab’s windows cracked open and his nose pinched between his fingers, Sweeney can’t escape Laura’s reek. If he closed the partition it would help tremendously, he’s sure, but sliding it shut would mean isolating himself from the dead wife and the cabbie. He’ll be damned if he affords them the opportunity to plot against him and run away with his coin because of a little smell.

So the partition stays open, and the windows do too, and Sweeney battles against his gag reflex when the wind blows the evidence of a corpse up his nostrils.

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Arizonan anon again. I've also fried an egg on the sidewalk, I think it was about 117 degrees and my sister an I left a pan out on our drive way for a couple hours and then made scrambled eggs. I could probably do it again this Monday or Tuesday when we are supposed to be 120 degrees 🔥😀🔥

Oh my gosh I went to Arizona on a mission trip back when I was in high school and I have never been that miserably hot in my life. I would be happy never to return again. They say “it’s a dry heat” as though the fiery pits of hell are any cooler just because there’s no humidity.

More Pulcher drabbles

I couldn’t bring myself to write anything for the main story tonight, but I still wanted to be productive so here, have more Pulcher cuteness. Pulcher, by the way, is the masculine Latin for “beautiful.” Also, if anyone wants to throw any prompts my way for these three, feel free!


Five days. The child had been in their little apartment above Freya’s apothecary for five days. The boy had taken to Prompto instantly. How could he not? He even called the former gunner “Daddy” with ease. But his relationship with Ignis was far cooler.

If Ignis was being fair, it was mostly his fault. He hadn’t opened himself up nearly as much as Prompto had. Therefore, he could hardly blame the child for being skittish around him. But, things had changed so much, so very quickly. Ten years of darkness and routine and now in a matter of months the sun had returned, Noct never would, and there was a child living in their home.

It was all a lot to take in.

Prompto chattered away as they sat down to dinner in their small kitchen. Freya, who joined them most nights, was busy on a house call and so it would be just the three of them. Pulcher didn’t say much in response to Prompto’s babbling. He was an unnaturally quiet child. The woman at the orphanage had told them that he had seen both of his parents killed by daemons barely a week before Noct returned, before the sun returned. He was lucky to have survived that attack himself.

So silence was to be expected. Prompto, however, was never one to be deterred from talking. Ignis and Pulcher both ate in silence, listening to the blond go on about the book he and Vyv were concocting. A book of articles and photographs about the aftermath of the Decade of Darkness, as Vyv liked to call it. Prompto was understandably excited about the project. In fact, Ignis couldn’t remember the last time he’d heard Prompto so excited about his photography. It warmed his heart, to be sure.

“I’m done,” a small voice interrupted Prompto’s stream of ideas for places to photograph.

“I still see some green on your plate,” Prompto teased gently, and Ignis heard the gentle scrape of a fork against porcelain. “You have to eat all your vegetables if you want to grow up big and strong. And if you want dessert.”

“But they’re icky!” Pulcher exclaimed with a sound that could only mean he was sticking his tongue out.

An icy fist wrapped around Ignis’ heart before he could think. He stood suddenly, his chair scraping across the floor.

“Please excuse me,” he muttered and fled. He didn’t need any guidance in their own apartment. In seconds he was out of the kitchen and pressed against the wall of the hallway that lead to the two small bedrooms. One hand came up to cover is mouth while he breathed hard through his nose.

In another time, in another life, he could hear a nanny admonishing a little boy.

“Your Highness, please, you must eat your vegetables.”

“No. They’re gross.”

Ignis squeezed his good eye closed against the moisture that threatened to pool there. There were footsteps, Prompto, and then a questioning hand at his elbow.

“Hey,” Prompto whispered, “are you alright?” When Ignis didn’t answer he heard the blond sigh and felt him lean against him, resting his head on Ignis’ shoulder.

“It made me think of him too, you know,” Prompto whispered. “Iggy, I’m sorry. If this is too much…I pushed too hard. We moved too fast…”

“I finished.”

Ignis stiffened and felt Prompto do the same at the small voice that echoed in the hallway. Pulcher was quieter than Ignis was used to and the boy was constantly sneaking up on him.

“I ate them all, even the peas,” the second part was said with a nasally inflection that told Ignis that the boy was making a face, “so don’t be sad, okay?”

Now that he knew he was there, Ignis heard small feet approach and then a hard edge was being pressed against his thigh. He reached down on instinct and felt the surface of a plate. An empty plate.

“I’ll eat it all from now on. Promise,” Pulcher continued earnestly. This was more than the boy had said all day. “Just don’t be sad, okay, Da—I mean I’nis.” Pulcher couldn’t seem to get the hang of wrapping his tongue around Ignis’ name, but it was the other aborted name that caught the blind man’s attention. That sunk a hook into his heart and pulled.

Gently, Ignis took the plate from the boy’s hands and folded his knees to crouch on the ground beside him, setting the empty plate aside.

“Pulcher,” he said gently. “You…you may feel free to call me ‘Dad’ if that is your wish.”

“Really?” Pulcher whispered, voice full of reverence. Ignis found the boy’s shoulders and ran his hands down his small arms until he had one of the Pulcher’s hands gripped in each of his own. He squeezed them gently.

“Yes. And you must forgive me if I am sad sometimes. You…remind me of someone I used to know. Someone I loved a great deal.”

Prompto made a sound beside them that sounded suspiciously like a sniffle, but Ignis ignored it.

“It’s okay to be sad, Dad,” Pulcher mumbled, his voice growing muffled as he dipped his head to stare at his feet. “Ms. Esther at the orph’nage said so.”

Pulcher had lived with them for five days and for the first time Ignis pulled the boy into a hug that wasn’t stiff or perfunctory.

“She was quite correct. It is perfectly all right to be sad, sometimes,” Ignis murmured into the boy’s hair, which Prompto told him was sandy blond, a good shade darker than Prompto’s own. “But I think you’ll find that your Daddy makes it hard to be sad about anything for long,” Ignis added.

Prompto let out a wet laugh at that and Ignis felt fingers brush through his hair affectionately.

“Okay, enough,” Prompto said, clearing his throat. “Do you guys want some of Freya’s pie or what?”

“What do you think?” Ignis asked, pulling back just enough to give Pulcher some room. The boy paused. Ignis had noted almost immediately that the child seemed to prefer to be told what to do rather than asked. It was a habit he intended to break.

“Yeah,” Pulcher finally murmured, his hair brushing Ignis chin as he nodded quickly. The former advisor smiled and finally let the boy go to retrieve the plate from the carpet.

“Pie it is, then.”

13w13kw | efflorescence (hoshi)

flowering, blooming, blossoming

w.c. 1k exact | fluff | tagging the sweet @dumbbelle ♥ | listen ♡ | ml

You’d always noticed how everything around him seemed to spring to life.  The plants, the people, the atmosphere.  As if he brought about a jar of sunshine, something small but always able to make people smile, the flowers blossom.  Even in the dark of twilight, when the sun itself had long disappeared beyond the horizon and the moon had taken its watch amongst a milky curtain of stars, he was always alight with happiness and warmth.

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Day Eighteen

-A woman approached the counter with a three-pack of baby wipes in her hands. She proceeded to open the three pack in front of me, place the three individual packs on the conveyor belt, and hand me the packaging, telling me that it was for the three packs of wipes. I had gathered that much. What I still could not determine was her goal here.

-I asked a man if he had found everything alright, to which he bellowed, “yeaaaaaah buddy.” I genuinely admire his enthusiasm for picture frames and decorative pumpkins.

-Mid-conversation with a woman I was ringing up, I looked down. When I looked back up, she was gone. Thankfully she had just stepped away to get a drink from the cooler. I was worried that she had been a ghost all along, which would have been a problem for me, as I do not think ghosts have the ability to carry wallets.

-I handed a mother a second sticker for her daughter. The mother told the daughter, “You can give this one to your sister!” The daughter told the mother, “I can give this one to me!” and proceeded to slam it on her shirt before she could be stopped. This is a hero who knows what they want and will not let anything get in their way.

-I heard a little girl shouting, “I hate this! I hate this!” As I heard her approach, I expected to see a child mid-fit. Instead, I saw a child thrilled with the concept of despising the world around her. At least she is happy with it.

-A girl was ecstatic that her mother agreed to buy her Tic Tacs. To make her day even better, I handed her the Tic Tacs outside of a bag, with a sticker hidden under it. She shouted “Tic Tacs!” and looked as happy as she could possibly be. Thirty seconds later, she discovered the sticker, and started babbling gleefully about having a sticker. This was the single purest, most unadulterated happiness I have ever witnessed, and I think my purpose in life was to bring about this moment.

-My manager brought me a Cadbury Egg Frappuccino. I do not know to whom he sold his soul, but no mere mortal should be able to put anything they desire so perfectly into frappuccino form.

-I talked with a man about the legal drinking age and why it is what it is. This was a good conversation. He then told me how Hillary Clinton looked like a specific blow-up sex doll. This was a finished conversation. 

-This job is officially turning me into a coffee person. At first I was disgusted with myself, but now I see a whole new world of opportunities before me. After a single grande salted caramel mocha frappuccino, I found that I had the ability to run the entire store single-handedly, run a marathon, hack the NSA, and register to vote for a candidate who is not a white supremacist. The possibilities are endless now.

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I am personally of the belief that visenya killed Aenys to put Maegor on the throne. My question is, why did she wait so long? Why not kill Aenys after Rhaenys death? She could have disguised it as an an accident or poisoning him slowly over time till he passed away from what look like a weak constitution. Which given Aenys sickly features would have been believed.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

I too think Visenya ended Aenys’ life on Dragonstone, but Visenya was no fool. Killing the crown prince, or later the king, is well, serious business; the slightest misstep would spell the end, not simply for Visenya’s ambitions, but very possibly her life and the life of her son. Killing Aenys would not have guaranteed that Maegor would be automatically acknowledged as the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, or the rightful king; she would have to keep herself and Maegor free from any suspicion of foul play, and wait for the opportune moment when Maegor, rather than Aenys, would be seen as the best ruler for the realm.

While Aegon lived, I think Visenya, probably correctly, thought that poisoning or otherwise killing the crown prince would be far too fraught with peril to work. Aenys might have been a sickly youth, but he was still the only living reminder Aegon had of his beloved Rhaenys, a son whom the king doubtless doted upon and preferred as his heir. If some ill were to befall him, who would be immediately suspected? Visenya’s ambitions for her son were well-known, her association with poisons and dark arts similarly infamous; what’s more, as queen, Visenya would have had reasonable and direct access to the crown prince - the opportunity for her means and motive. On top of all of that, of course, Aegon had virtually no love for the sister-wife he had wed merely out of duty: he had conceived Maegor with her explicitly out of need for a “spare” for the succession, but their relationship, as Yandel notes, had only grown cooler with time. Would he, who had known both of his sisters better than anyone living and seen their rivalry, have been slow to suspect Visenya of trying to cut Aenys out and clear the way for Maegor to succeed? Visenya, clever as she was, doubtless had a healthy apprehension of her brother, the one man in Westeros who could do her or her son harm, and who had draconic power greater than her own.

The other problem I think Visenya saw in killing Aenys at a young age is that her Maegor was five years his junior. Even if she managed to kill Aenys and Aegon helpfully died not long after (rather than ruling to a goodly age as IOTL, where he might have had more time to suspect Visenya of murdering his firstborn or marry again and provide Maegor with a younger rival), it would still be some years until Maegor was capable of ruling on his own. The Targaryen dynasty was still in its infancy, and adding strain to that fragility by ruling with a regency might have made the whole system collapse. Visenya might have thought that the Westerosi aristocracy, whom she had never courted the way her younger sister had and of whom many still longed for the old days of independent kingdoms, would not accept an outworlder woman ruling in the name of her incestuously born son, even if Maegor eventually became master of Balerion and a fearsome power in his own right. By the time Maegor reached his majority, moreover, Aenys had had a son and heir - another impediment to Maegor’s succeeding.

Finally - and I said this above, but I think it’s an important point - Visenya was smart enough to understand that merely killing Aenys was not a ticket to automatic success for Maegor. When he ascended the throne, Aenys was seen as charming, well-loved by courtiers and smallfolk alike, and known for his patronage of the arts. He had also fathered five living children, establishing a strong next generation of the dynasty. If she wanted Maegor on the throne, Visenya would have had to undermine this foundation - to show that Maegor was truly his father’s heir, and give him the backing necessary to prove it. So through Aenys’ reign, Visenya took subtle steps in furthering Maegor’s cause: first, by attempting to wed him to Princess Rhaena (thereby setting up dynastic continuity when Aenys’ line was exterminated), and then by marrying him to Alys Harroway (giving him the incomes and levies of Harrenhal to support whatever coup was necessary in the future). I think she was waiting for the ideal time when popular support would turn from weak Aenys to strong Maegor before she took care of Aenys personally.

Thus, when she actually did poison Aenys, it was at the prime moment of opportunity. Aenys had effectively disinherited himself and his heir by ordaining Aegon’s incestuous marriage. The Faith had denounced him and all but explicitly declared war on him, the capital was in chaos, and the crown prince was many leagues away and in a state of siege. The realm needed a strong presence, and one unconnected to the perceived corruption of Aenys’ reign; Maegor, former Hand of the King who had single-handedly crushed the Jonos Arryn uprising, might have seemed the ideal choice. The realm would little mourn Aenys now, and in the political chaos few if any would charge Visenya with kinslaying and kingslaying (as indeed, those rumors began only after her death).

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

I’m replaying Outlast yet again (hype for 2 is way too real), and I’m still having this nagging feeling that the notes would have been even cooler if you could see Miles’ handwriting change based on the scenario. Like, when he first arrives, the notes are fairly orderly, with quick/efficient but still legible cursive or something.

Notes taken during more intense or suspenseful sequences get a little more hurried and sloppy. Maybe kinda shaky sometimes.

And then, of course, during the Trager bit, I would have absolutely sold my soul to be able to see notes written in jagged, uneven scrawl, maybe even dropping the cursive, where you can see that this poor man is in agony and terrified and kinda furious.

Like, I know it’d be super impractical because it’d be harder for people to read the notes and all, but ahhhhh I just think it’d have been so cool!

— Bonus: I tried to nail down my headcanon handwriting for Waylon as well, since I was having a lot of fun and had never thought about his handwriting before. C: I figure it’d flow a little less than Miles’ regular stuff. No cursive. But still fairly neat.

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Only if you would like but maybe - Idea: Atlas CEO Rhys has been under a great amount of stress lately and has been running himself ragged. The former doppelganger and now Atlas employee close to Rhys takes it upon himself to provide the CEO some nice and well-deserved relaxation and pull him away from the stresses of running the company. Ship: Rhysothy Tone: Fluff. Maybe gore too if you want both of the boys to not be nice at all and have some strange ways to be sweet on each other.

This was a lot of fun to write! Thank you! - I hope you like it!

This is also posted on AO3 here.

Another long day of arguing with the Maliwan representative, and still no results. Rhys sighed running one hand through his hair ruining his careful styling, normally that would bother him, but not today, he was too tired to care.

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A Moment of Respite

Title: A Moment of Respite 
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Gladio/Ignis/Noctis
Status: One-Shot (~3,000)
Warnings: Sex, the double penetrative kind. Noctis is lazy and lets everyone do everything for him. He deserves it and the boys are more than willing to give it to him.
Summary: Ignis and Gladio understand the pressures Noctis faces, and when he does a good job… they like to reward him. Nothing pleases Noctis more than to lay back and let others do the work. Gladio/Ignis/Noctis with Noctis being the most passive bottom who fucking loves it.

“Ow, fuck.”

Noctis fell to his knees, unable to keep himself standing. The exertion from practice, coupled with the run Gladio had forced him to do around the perimeter of the Citadel (twice, he thought sourly as his legs twinged in pain) had made his entire body feel like putty. There wasn’t any way in the Six hells he was going to be able to stand up any time in the near future.

Gladio and Ignis, both of whom only had the slightest sheen of sweat across their brow and a slight pant to show for their exertion, stared down at him. He felt Gladio’s boot dig into his side, gently but with enough force to rock Noctis. His body moved as little as it could to preserve its energy.

“N—nope. I’m done,” Noctis grumbled as he pulled up his knees to his chest, He allowed his eyes to close, feeling his skin stick to the mat. It was a little uncomfortable and Noctis grumbled again, twisting just a bit at the discomfort of sticking to the faux leather. “I’m all sticky.”

Gladio laughed something above him. “You could be stickier.”

Noctis twitched his nose, burying his cheek against the floor. It was cooler than his skin, though not half as soft as Ignis’s hands. Gladio’s hands would have been nice, if not for how incredibly hot they always were.

“Not now, lemme die in peace,” Noctis replied, throwing his arm to cover his face. His heartbeat had yet to calm, though it would take a little longer. More rest. Gods, he was way too lazy… though he would never say that to the two men standing above him.

“Oh, Noct. No one shall be dying today.” Ignis let out a breathy laugh. “However… I do believe you are quite sticky. Gladio, help me bring Noctis to the bathroom. We should… we should certainly not allow his Highness to wallow in his own filth.”

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