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I’m just overwhelmed by Laurent’s insecurities - he’s mastered looking like he’s not affected by anything, he hides himself away so people don’t get too close… But with Damen… It’s all different. And so very normal.
When Damen speaks of how he wishes things could’ve been different and he could’ve courted him in a world where there was peace between their kingdoms, Laurent’s first reaction is to say that no, Damen would’ve hung out with his cooler older brother. (and shares another intimacy “he would have liked you”… )
But Damen sees Laurent’s attempt to make himself small again and reacts in the best way “even after I started courting his little brother?”. Carefully.
And taking Laurent by surprise. Laurent is so overwhelmed by the thought that Damen would always want him, him, inexperienced, closed off Laurent who in his own eyes doesn’t have much to offer. No, Damen wants him in any and all universes they can create. Laurent is wanted. Loved.

I’m replaying Outlast yet again (hype for 2 is way too real), and I’m still having this nagging feeling that the notes would have been even cooler if you could see Miles’ handwriting change based on the scenario. Like, when he first arrives, the notes are fairly orderly, with quick/efficient but still legible cursive or something.

Notes taken during more intense or suspenseful sequences get a little more hurried and sloppy. Maybe kinda shaky sometimes.

And then, of course, during the Trager bit, I would have absolutely sold my soul to be able to see notes written in jagged, uneven scrawl, maybe even dropping the cursive, where you can see that this poor man is in agony and terrified and kinda furious.

Like, I know it’d be super impractical because it’d be harder for people to read the notes and all, but ahhhhh I just think it’d have been so cool!

— Bonus: I tried to nail down my headcanon handwriting for Waylon as well, since I was having a lot of fun and had never thought about his handwriting before. C: I figure it’d flow a little less than Miles’ regular stuff. No cursive. But still fairly neat.


Harry Potter College AU: 

When he got his head around the fact that Potter is really doing magic, which was over two weeks ago and he’s just been pretending to not believe because he’s been wanting Potter to do some more stuff, it was a sport to get him to do some magic. The light thingy he manages to pull off now is really something extraordinary. Potter has never done something so… concentrated and real before now so Draco has to drop the charade and pretend to see himself defeated. But he secretly hopes that Potter will continue to show him things, because the light around him when he does is something Draco could bathe in forever. 

The light is not at all what he was supposed to do (he actually was going for making Malfoy tap dance or whatever) but in the end the light orb is way cooler. And it seems to convince Malfoy that the things Harry have been doing for the last few weeks isn’t just him playing tricks. For whatever it’s worth, Malfoy doesn’t even seem bothered by it. It’s not like he’s going around actively calling Harry a freak at least. Well. At least not in a mean sort of way. He likes the look Malfoy gets everytime Harry makes something happen. Not that he’ll ever tell Malfoy that.

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So far nothing about ME:A’s animations is particularly bad for Bioware.

Look, they’ve always sucked at making people move like people and I can’t figure out why it’s been a dozen years and they still can’t figure out how the fuck to make a liquid pouring animation.

Really the only bad thing so far from playing it is that the character creator sucks something fierce. The hair options are trash (why do NPCs get the cooler looking hairstyles), the unnatural hair colors are WAY too bright (Green looks okay tho), the makeup options are…. WEIRD…. and you still can’t have like, truly dark skin, which is bulllllllll. If they could patch in a better creator I’d have very few complaints (thus far).

But if you’ve been a Mass Effect fan until now, there’s nothing about ME:A’s animations (SO FAR: I’m only 4 hours in) that is like… anything you’re not used to. Kind of like Bethesda glitches; you just sort of expect that some things are going to be weird.

Not defending it as a whole, though. I don’t like that I’m getting a DA:I vibe from it so far and that they went back to a bullshit messy inventory system like ME1. We’ll see how my opinion shifts one way or the other the more I get into it.

FRICKE: In your work with younger artists like Kanye or Dave Grohl, do you feel the challenge that you had within the Beatles, especially from John? Has that ever been replaced in any way?

PAUL: No. I don’t think it could be. At some point, you have to realize, some things just can’t be. John and me, we were kids growing up together, in the same environment with the same influences: He knows the records I know, I know the records he knows. You’re writing your first little innocent songs together. Then you’re writing something that gets recorded. Each year goes by, and you get the cooler clothes. Then you write the cooler song to go with the cooler clothes. We were on the same escalator – on the same step of the escalator, all the way. It’s irreplaceable – that time, friendship and bonding.

FRICKE: Are there people you can turn to now for advice about a new song or album?

PAUL: In music, no. I rely on the experience and knowledge of what would have happened if I’d brought it to the Beatles. That is the best gauge.

FRICKE: What about life in general?

PAUL: I have some very good friends. Lorne Michaels and I are pretty close. I can always go for a drink with him – we can talk pretty genuinely. I have relatives, my brother and my wife. Nancy is very strong that way. But music, no. It’s very difficult. You can’t top John. And John couldn’t top Paul.

—  Paul McCartney, interview w/ David Fricke for Rolling Stone: The Paul McCartney Interview. (August 11th, 2016)

      “it’s a pretty day… what do you think about driving down to the beach when it gets cooler? maybe when the sun starts to go down?” she finally asks. they have the day off, and she spent the morning thinking of ways to spend it. after taking a mental inventory of places they haven’t been lately, that seems pretty enjoyable. “we could stop by the store, get some firewood… and marshmallows…” she casts stiles a hint of a smile.

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I couldn’t be the only one that thought this moment was crazy bonkers epic right? I dunno. I really liked it. So I tried to capture the moment…but I think I failed. Carpet Diem is also just one of my favorite episodes. I tried my best to color it, I really did. It just didn’t really turn out how I wanted. :(
I also don’t know how to draw lightning. So that was a problem.

So yeah. Submitted this to the Mystery Stack Fanzine along with my other colored Gravity Falls fanarts: Gravity Falls’ Anniversary and Summerween.
Enjoooooyy. :)

the earth would be much cooler if it had an underground tunnel system. I mean no offense, it’s not bad the way it is. just saying it could have been better


Noah didn’t usually go out at night.  It took too much effort to line up a place, get the okay to go out. But tonight, he just wanted to get out. They were driving through Louisiana and Jayce and Logan wanted a quiet night in, Noah decided to sneak out.  Something he never did.  He was a rule follower, but he’d told the lads he was going out, so surely that counted for something?  He wore a pair of his favorite dark skinnies, with a grey t and a hat over his head.  He wished it was cooler so he could’ve worn an actual disguise but this would have to do.  He hadn’t been walking far when he spotted a promising bar and slid inside.  He made his way through the crowd and ordered a beer, eyes scoping the place out. 

Last Summer, I Kissed You (Jungkook Fluff)

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Last summer, Jungkook was in love.

This summer, Jungkook cannot promise anything has changed.

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Last summer, Jungkook was in love.

The cool spring evenings have given way to sunny days and warm summer nights that call for cooler drinks stolen into the college campus, stupid decisions and the hazy pall of regret that finds its way into Jungkook’s life at one point or another.

The first day of semester break last year, Jungkook had been standing right here when it had happened. Jungkook could tell himself he was here for the party that rang in the semester break, could promise he just wanted to get as drunk as he had here 365 days ago, could swear he just wanted to dance away the night and forget everything around him in a sea of sweaty people his age, but Jungkook knew a lie when he saw one.

Last summer, Jungkook had kissed you.

Jungkook doesn’t remember anything from that night. He thinks there had been dancing and fairy lights under the inky summer sky. He knows that there had been alcohol involved. If Jungkook is honest with himself, the night isn’t worth remembering other than that one shining moment Jungkook ruined his own life in the palm of his hands.

He wishes he could forget the feeling of your chapstick laced lips on his beer laced ones, wishes he could take back those fifteen seconds of stupidity he had branded as bravery, wishes he didn’t remember how good, how fucking good he had felt in those 3 seconds where time had stood still, and the world around him screeched to a halt, and just for then, everything fell easily into place in Jungkook’s world.

Last summer, you didn’t know what Jungkook felt for you.

You had planted the palms of your hands on Jungkook’s chest and pushed him away. Jungkook could see the waves of shock that rippled through your expression, the anger in your eyes as you had stalked off and left Jungkook alone, so alone, with nothing but his empty cup and emptier heart to nurse. But Jungkook should have known he couldn’t have you. Not when you were with Hoseok.

Jungkook stands with his hands shoved in his black jeans, taking in the night and rocking back and forth on his heels when he hears your voice next to him.

“You too, huh?” You tell him, and Jungkook doesn’t turn, doesn’t want to. If he does, Jungkook will probably run as far as possible to get away from the mistakes he made last year right here with you. If he does, you’ll probably run away first. If he does he might kiss you again.

If he does, Jungkook will fall in love with you all over again.

“How’ve you been doing these days?” Jungkook says at last, breaking the silence that hangs heavily over them, immerses them in memories of 365 days ago that Jungkook is sure you don’t want to remember.

But Jungkook cannot say he doesn’t know. Jungkook cannot pretend that despite the fact that he has kept his distance since last summer to give you your space, he has not been watching you. Jungkook knows how it ended with you and Hoseok, knows how it took you 3 months to get over him, knows the way he saw your smile appear again when you talked and laughed from the corner of his eye.

“Things have been great lately, Kookie,” he hears you say, and Jungkook can hear the smile in your voice that tells him you forgave him for his mistake a long while ago.

“Jungkook can I ask you something?” Jungkook can feel the tension in your voice, can feel that you weren’t going to ask him if he liked your dress or if the beer tasted shitty or something trivial like that.

No. Please don’t.

“Of course.”

You hesitate for a long moment and sigh.

“Last summer, when you - when you kissed me, did you mean it? Or were you just too drunk to know what you were doing? What I want to say is,” you pause, take a deep breath.

“Jeon Jungkook, did you love me?”

Jungkook feels a deep ache in his chest that twinges at his heart as he puts on an empty smile, and he doesn’t know what to say as he looks at you at last. You haven’t changed at all, which sucks because Jungkook loves you still. Everything about you literally takes his breath away.

Last summer, Jungkook would have said no.

But looking at the worry in your face, the question in your eyes, Jungkook cannot bring himself to lie.

“I still do,” Jungkook whispers, and despite himself, Jungkook finds his eyes flickering to your lips like they had last summer, and he finds you noticing.

“Good,” you say, a tiny smile playing on your lips.

“Good?” Jungkook repeats, raising an eyebrow.

“Good, because it would be a shame if I kissed you now and you didn’t want to kiss me back,” you tell him, and Jungkook’s eyes widen and he isn’t sure if he has heard you right but Jungkook has long since learnt not to question the good things in life.

The year that last lapsed between them falls away then, and Jungkook finds himself drunk all over again, addicted to the feel of your lips against his, completely incapable of thinking straight, and his whole world collapses and is born again as your lips move against his with a hunger he had only dreamed you would have for him and your hands entwine themselves in Jungkook’s hair and somewhere in the middle your cold fingers find Jungkook’s warm ones and Jungkook cannot stop the fire burning at the pit of his stomach that tells him what he already knows.

Last summer, Jungkook was in love.

This summer, Jungkook cannot promise anything has changed.

Only this time, everything was going to be alright.

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It has gotten cooler now, as the light of the sun receeded and gave way to the night, filled with stars. The last orange hues of the sunset still lingered, but Peridot could already make out the little lights in the sky. One of them was bound to be their homeworld for sure.
Close to her, she could feel the sand shift, and her eyes, hidden behind her visor, darted downwards just to see the hulking figure that was with her near this sea of dihydrogenmonoxide. From here, it seemed endless, reaching out into the horizon. With darkness falling, it would become nearly indistinguishable from the sky above.
The small green gem could feel soft hair brushing up against her, a large hand reaching for her and enveloping her form, pulling her closer to her companion who was with her and at the same time not, for her mind has wandered so far away.
What was she thinking about? Was she longing for the sea or did she long for homeworld just as Peridot did?
The cool wind enveloped them now, but Peridot felt warm in the partial embrace, and even warmer when she felt her companion’s head lean against her chest. She sank her fingers into that mane, releshing the softness of it, feeling the shape of her scalp.
Sometimes she wished that Jasper would at least say a word. That they could talk about what has happened in the time they were apart, and if they will ever be able to return to the star system they came from. If a return was ever possible. The thought of having to live on this hunk of rock for the rest of their lives was still too painful to the green gem, thus something to be pushed away to the back of her mind. But how was Jasper taking it, with this battle field possibly being her exile forever? But what was worse to her, exile in the ocean, or an exile spent with Peridot?
As she felt Jasper shift in their embrace, her other arm closing around her, she couldn’t help but whisper a question: “Is this exile a bit more bearable with me?” After a long pause, Jasper’s deep bass voice only answered softly “Yes, it is.”