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Leonard McCoy x Reader

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Soulmate AU: You thought you were one of the few people born without a soulmate until Jim’s meddling and the touch of a Doctor prove you wrong.

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quick thoughts on TGre 114
(bc have to study for exams):

Kinda expected the stabbing since Mutsuki is a wild cards it could go either way. Also the Mutsuki in love with Haise thing was half expected. - But definitely didn’t think we’d get both… Well, the latter case was very twisted (but like, half the loving affections in TG are twisted someho jfc). But then again, makes sense after what she’s been through, especially bc Torso. Just picking up his habits there… (but did we really have to go that extra mile with what Mutsuki did/was about to do afterwards?)

Not so worried about Uta. Pretty sure he just let’s Mutsuki do it bc creating chaos is their highest priority and he’s probably enjoying how this will utterly disrupt their lifes afterwards (yes, it’s very twisted but that’s TG for ya).
But did master troll Uta actually see that one coming?
If he did, he really is formidable in gathering informations like holy cow brace yourselves folks, Uta knows every little secret about you. And even more amazing if he also included Aura into the calculation.
If he didn’t, well, pls excuse me as I know it’s not the right situation to laugh at this. But the irony tho… if he just wanted to have the easy way out with the help of his sneaky lil trick but instead gets stabbed until his fake face is half falling apart and then gets mounted by a psychotic person. (But either way, in the end he’s really just benefiting from this in the clowns own twisted way).
The clowns are destroying the Qs from the inside out basically. (why the Qs? Because they might pose a much greater threat in the future?)
Is it just me or do you guys also see a chance that she’d want to silence Aura?
And yes, I’ll use the female pronoun on Mutsuki now. I think this is enough confirmation on this topic that it should be fine to adress her that way.

Oh and that foreshadowing that she might try something on Touka and/or :re…

While I’m very exited to see where this will take the characters I’m also not sure if I like these complicated relationships. Always been a little skeptical of love triangles and that just turned into more than a triangle with (nico)-matsuri-urie-mutsuki-haise/kaneki-touka (jk with nico). It depends on how Ishida will proceed to use this “trope” tho.

I’m grateful we got to see Haise’s face tho. And some Touken^^

Not much to say about the lab fight. (the Akiramon feels tho bc Amon thoughts are full of Mado. Interesting how he’s also thinking about Donato…)
Amon is super strong but the teamwork between Seidou and Kurona was great and I really like that they’re able to work together and actually watch each others back!
For Seidou to choose to turn into kakuja I’m guessing he’s rather confident in his control over himself. They could possibly end this quickly if Seidou can hold Amon off enough for Kurona to inject the RC repressant in him. “I’m gonna paint the walls with him” hell yeah I’m hyped.

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What's your thinking behind Cait liking that Piaget pic? Saying she approves of Sam and MM at that event?

No, I don’t think it’s a sign of really anything. She probably saw it and either connected that it was the event Sam is going to and liked it. Or she could have seen the flowers and thought that they would have been pretty at the event she just went to. Or wow! California is so pretty with it floral and fauna and liked the photo. I don’t know. I don’t think it means anything.


2017.02.25 🌞 Bike Ride

I started off pretty fast, but when I turned around on the first ‘lap’ I realized the wind had been at my back. I’m not quite sure what happened on mile 6. I did stop to stretch one time, but I paused Runkeeper when I did … Oh well. 

My legs could’ve gone longer but my butt couldn’t. I forgot to bring my padded shorts with me this weekend to the farm, also, so on top of not riding for several months. I didn’t have that added padding either. 

Anyway, pretty happy with how it went considering how long it’s been since I’ve been on the bike.   After riding this old, small Schwinn, I’m really looking forward to getting a larger, lighter bike that fits my frame for riding around down at the beach.

So far, the ride doesn’t seem to have aggravated my back, and I’m sure my foot is much happier than if I’d tried a walk. Win-win!


Okay, so I’ve been seeing a couple of artists on my dash talking about stolen art. And, to be honest, this is not the first time. Even my friends’ work have been stolen (YEAH, I SAID IT. STOLEN. More on this later.). Heck, even MY work has been stolen. What’s worse is that A LOT OF THESE PEOPLE DON’T LINK BACK. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Now I try my best not to post negative stuff because people would prefer positive things on their dashboard but MY FEELINGS FOR THIS ISSUE ARE JUST TOO STRONG. I doubt I am the first one to speak of this. In fact, I’m pretty sure a lot of other people out there have explained it far better than I have or could. But I’m writing this nonetheless because I feel that speaking up about it is very important right now.

So. Here’s a quick FaQ/Q&A  about reposting art. I’ve done it in this fashion, in the most BASIC form I could with the most BASIC responses I’ve found out there. PLEASE TAKE TIME TO READ AND SHARE. I hope to be able to enlighten a few souls out there.

What is reposting?

REPOSTING does NOT mean “reblogging”. Simply put, reposting is when someone:

1. Saves an artwork by whatever means
2. Reuploads it somewhere else

Some artists allow reposts and some don’t. Some allow reposts with certain restrictions. It varies. This is why it’s important to ASK. 

When is it okay to repost art? 

Only when the artist says it’s okay. If they do not say it’s okay, DO NOT REPOST. I believe this is the most basic thing you should remember about reposting. 

You have to ask permission from them yourself and pay attention to what they’re going to say. For example, if they ask you to tell them where you’re going to post and for you to send them the link, PLEASE GET BACK TO THEM WITH THIS INFORMATION. More than once had asked me for permission to repost (sometimes, even translate) some of my works (art and fics) and I said yes as long as they link back, credit and send me the link to where they post it. THEY ALL WENT “OKAY, WILL DO! THANKS!”. HOWEVER, NOT ONE OF THEM HAVE GOTTEN BACK TO ME. RUDE. This is why when someone asks me to translate Snare, I don’t plan on saying yes anymore.

But what if they say no?

That is their right as creator of the artwork. Please respect that. They are not obligated to say “yes” just because you asked.

But I asked nicely.

Please read what I said previously.

But some other people are reposting this artist’s work alraedy. Why can I not?

Again, unless you ask them yourself and they agreed, you MUST NOT repost their art.

I’ve asked but they haven’t responded yet. Can I post?

No. Silence does not mean yes.

I don’t know their language. They can’t seem to speak English. I can’t contact them even if I want to.

That still falls under “you haven’t been able to ask permission so NO, YOU MUST NOT REPOST”.

I don’t know where this artwork came from.


Artists should be happy that their work is being shared and appreciated

No, their work is not being SHARED AND APPRECIATED, it’s being STOLEN. Why would they be happy about that?

Why is it considered stealing? 

This is basic. WHEN YOU TAKE SOMETHING WITHOUT PERMISSION, THAT IS STEALING. Don’t give me the reason that “even if I take it, they still have a copy so it’s not stealing lolololol”. You’re stealing not only the art, but also the god damn CREDIT. Artists need to work hard to be noticed and market themselves. Every time you post an artwork without linking back, you are stealing an artist’s chance to be noticed or even just appreciated.

Art should not be about attention or money. They should do it for the passion.

That is none of your damn business. Passion is good but in case you haven’t noticed, artists are also people who—gasp!—need to eat and have bills to pay. Either way, this does not mean you can repost their work without permission. Stop making it look like the artist is the one in the wrong here. You’re not doing the world a favor. Shut the hell up.

Why do they want credit? To be famous? Are they using my page to be famous?

You are using their art for attention. Please stop pretending that you are doing this coz “I LUV TEH FANDOM” or “I WANNA HELP PROMOTE TEH ARTIST” or *Insert attempt to look like a public servant*. If you’re really doing this out of something that isn’t self-serving, then crediting shouldn’t be so damn DIFFICULT or, god forbid, OFFENSIVE to you. 

Artists should not post their work the internet if they don’t want it stolen. Once it’s online, it’s free for all.

Please take a deep breath, go to settings, and set “CIVILIZED HUMAN BEING” to “ACTIVE”. Just because something is THERE doesn’t mean it’s okay to DO WHAT YOU WILL. That’s like saying people shouldn’t have belongings if they don’t want to be robbed. So save the image to your hard drive if you will but for you to repost it somewhere else is entirely different.

Ah. That was a long thing. I’m not even sorry. I’m just really very upset about this. If anyone has anything to add, please do so in the reblogs. 

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-sadly I'm on mobile so I can't get to your rules. I truly apologize for being an inconvenience if I screw up. delete my ask if this sucks- Let's pretend Jonathan somehow comes back (at like maybe the end of part 4). Could I request headcanons on how the other Jojos (from parts 2-4 of course) would react to meeting him?

No rules have been broken, don’t worry at all! I hope these turned out okay!

☆ Joseph ☆

  • Joseph would get pretty emotional, actually; he says he doesn’t care much about family name, but having grown up without parents, he’d love to be able to meet his grandfather. He’s heard good things about Jonathan from Erina, so he’d love to meet the man himself.
  • Jonathan would be amazed; this is his grandson? What?? He’d also be very proud at Joseph’s Hamon ability and training; he may even ask that Joseph teach him a few things, or take him to Lisa Lisa, since Jonathan never got training of that level.
  • He’d be somewhat disappointed in his grandson’s attitude, honestly- he seems reckless and loud and very un-gentlemanly. However, when he sees how in love Joseph and Suzie are, he’d be filled to the brim with pride; he’d inherited some of the gentle Joestar spirit after all!

☆ Jotaro ☆

  • Things would probably be pretty uncomfortable between these two at first; Jonathan is a gentle giant, and Jotaro is anything but. There might be some bickering at first, as Jonathan tries to offer advice to fix Jotaro’s attitude- it would be up to Holly to keep them from going at each other.
  • Once they’re settled and not fighting, they’d get into fairly deep conversation. When Jonathan learns that Jotaro is the one who permanently took out Dio, he’d have a new respect for the kid, and would want to spend some time learning about Star Platinum and Stands in general.
  • Jotaro would probably try and be the tiniest bit nicer around Jonathan; he’d never heard much from that side of the family, and the guy’s from something like a hundred years ago, so it can’t really hurt. He draws the line when Jonathan starts entertaining the fangirls and inviting them to date his descendant, though

☆ Josuke ☆

  • Although he’d be confused at how this was even possible, he’d be so excited to meet Jonathan! He’d never even known his own father, and now he’s able to meet one of the men at the head of the bloodline- this is great.
  • He’d want to show Jonathan around the entire town, showing him off to all his friends. “Can you believe I’m related to this beast? The two of them stop to pet every dog they see along the way, and that ends up with all the dogs following them home. They both look ready to cry when Josuke’s mom says take ‘em back.
  • Josuke’d heard a bit about Hamon from his dad, but given that Joseph isn’t in the best shape to teach, he’d ask Jonathan to show him how it works! He doesn’t quite have the talent for it, though; he can make a few sparks fly from his fingertips, but that’s it. Jonathan would be proud of him anyways!

Hey guys!

Sorry for being a bit inactive lately. We’re moving to Cali in less than two weeks, so we have a lot of packing to do. Fortunately, we won’t bring pretty much any furniture, because the person who is taking over the lease after us asked if she could buy the furniture from us. Of course we said yes, because that means that we can buy a lot more new furniture for the new house! I’ve been to Cali once since I spoke to you all last to shop for some furniture and put it in storage there, so we’ll at least have beds to sleep in, haha! 

I haven’t really been feling like myself lately. I’m tired all the time, and I think I might have food poisoning or something, because I’ve been very nauseous. And no, I’m not pregnant, I’m on the pill, so don’t get your hopes up. I’m gonna get this move over with, and if I don’t feel better by then I’m gonna go see a doctor.

By the way, I think you have given Aaden a new obsession @billionaire-heiress! Ever since you gave him that teddy, he’s been obsessed with stuffed animals! Everytime he sees one, he just has to have it, and if he doesn’t get what he wants, he throws a tantrum! So his bed is almost covered in stuffed animals right now, haha!

Love, Raegan

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Hi, I have been looking for this ChanBaek fic. I am pretty sure I found that fic in one of ur post but I can't find it anymore. I also looked over at your ChanBaek tags but no luck. So the fic was about ChanBaek long distance relationship. Baek went to a different school (something like sport school) because he is a swimmer & he met Jongin in there. He thought that he is losing Chan and that Chan was cheating on him because he is always with Kyungsoo. Could you please tell me the title. Thanks.

it is Unbreakable by geliestyle?

- alexa

i’ve been watching nail videos lately and i love whenever someone draws guzma with nail polish but i imagine if he’s anything like me he could easily get frUSTRATED doing his own nails lmao so why wouldn’t you do each other’s nails while venting about your day

on a side note i currently have pink to while gradient nails it’s pretty NEAT

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Send this to the 12 nicest people who you know or seem to have a good heart. If you get five back then you must be pretty awesome! <3 Ain't even going anonymous.

you know this is absolutely coming back to you, right?

listen friends, syerra is one of the sweetest people you could follow. has always been SUPER friendly and a total muffinfren and adorable and honestly all around good person. \o/ thank you so much for thinking of me for this!  ♡

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you've probably been asked this before but what was your whole chardee macdennis experience? would you recommend it? you're the only one i've ever heard talk about playing it and i just think it's a cool idea

i actually haven’t been asked this before oddly enough!

all told it was…. a pretty good experience? but we were playing it while broke and in a college dorm so i’d imagine it would have been much more fun if we’d been playing it in an apartment or something where we had more room and could be louder.

both times i’ve played it i ended up SLOSHED and full of regrets. but to be fair both times we were using….. much more hard alcohol than we should have used, bc we ended up running out of wine and beer

idk it’s a pretty good time! i fucked up my ankle a little bit in one of the physical challenges once, almost puked as a result of another one, and actually did end up holding back drunken tears for one of the spirit challenges. that said my team won both times so was it worth it? yes

I had a bunch of plans for this weekend which included going out to Korean BBQ with John.

Instead I have been sleeping all day as I slept like poop last night. I’m calling this the flu and not a cold. A cold doesn’t make you bedridden for three days.

We have to take Baxter to the vet tomorrow so I’m staying in bed as much as possible to finish healing.

I would hate to think how worse this flu could’ve been if I didn’t get my flu shot. So far, this is my second flu since 1996 so my track record is pretty good.

Can we, like, talk about this?

Victor is quite obviously concerned about Yuuri’s well-being. He wants what’s best for him and wants Yuuri to succeed. 

However, it is likely that Victor has never been in this sort of situation before. 

Yuuri is “the figure skater with the world’s biggest glass heart.” He’s sensitive and wears his heart on his sleeve.


Victor does something pretty shitty.

I don’t think Victor quite handled this situation as well as he could have, but he did move it forward. He wants to forcefully motivate Yuuri, even if that meant breaking his heart.

This is when Victor realizes he fucked up.

He’s used to being selfish, so Victor probably hasn’t comforted anyone like this before.

And then we find out that Yuuri is more worried about Victor than he is about himself since his actions do have an impact on Victor’s reputation. (Oh, Yuuri… you selfless cinnamon roll…)

Yuuri obviously does have doubts.

And Victor does reaffirm that he doesn’t want to stop being Yuuri’s coach.

And Yuuri knows this. He logically knows this even if his nerves make him doubt this fact.

Continuing with the fact that Victor probably hasn’t ever had to comfort people in his life…

Victor feels like he has to rely on past experiences. I personally feel like this conclusion of Victor’s makes it seem as if he kind of wants to get through this uncomfortable situation. Kissing seems like the easiest thing to do, right?

But Yuuri refuses! Yuuri wants something more than a useless kiss. He wants Victor’s faith in him, even if Yuuri doesn’t have enough faith in himself. Yuuri wants Victor to have confidence in him.

This is very important. And Yuuri is demanding for Victor to stay by his side, come what may. 


I wanted to see if Koogi had any overall changes in her artstyle, so I did this. I’m not sure if it was worth it, but:

- Sangwoo’s eyebrows went to utter shit after chapter 2
- Chapter 1 and 2 could have pretty much been drawn by an entirely different artist, the style is REALLY different
- Bum is scared/shocked 110% of the time, I can’t blame him
- Sangwoo’s neck keeps getting thicker and thicker, also he seems to be getting more and more muscular

Overall, Sangwoo has changed a lot, but Bum’s pretty much the same.


Requested: Hi! First of all I just want to say that I absolutely love your writing. Could you maybe do one where you have a bad habit of popping your knuckles all the time and Shawn says it’s bad for you so he just holds your hands any time you start to do it? I know it’s kind of weird but I think it would be cute.



You’re seated next to Shawn in the car on the way to one of his interviews. You’re just coming along to be with him and to support him while he does some press. You’re staring out the window watching the trees rush by in a blur, and you absentmindedly start popping your knuckles. It’s just something you do whenever you don’t really know what to do with your hands. It’s a bad habit, you know because so many people have told you that, including Shawn. He thinks it’s going to hurt you, if not now then in the future.

You don’t even realize that you had been popping your knuckles until you feel Shawns large hand on top of both of yours. He pulls one hand away from the other, intertwining your fingers. Now you can’t pop your knuckles because one hand is in Shawn’s and you need both to pop your knuckles. You have a feeling that he knows that. You glance over at him, and he simply says, “It’s not good for you.” Before bringing your hand that he’s holding up to his and lightly kissing each of your knuckles.


I wanted a gif for the topbar of the blog new design, so I created one. But I can’t make it work - obliviously. 

Tomorrow I’m going to try again, in the mean time - Ta Dà! 

In the future I want to do something similar with their adult self if I find the time.

(Ps. The costume I chose for Yuuri is one of his old ones but the only picture I found is really small, so I’m pretty sure the necklace is wrong, but whatever. One day they are going to release some official art of Yuuri past costumes and I’m going to scream of happiness.) 

In the mean time the Christmas stuff is gone and we are only at a day from S. Valentine! It could have been worse.

About Time

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Anon requests: hey hey hey :) i was wondering if i could request a jughead x reader where they’re best friends have been for as long as anyone could remember, but they’ve been in a relationship for quite a while now and nobody knows until the others (betty, kev, veronica and archie) notice one night when they’re all at pops that reader and jughead are sharing quick glances and yeah i think you might get what i mean, you don’t have to but i thought it was pretty cute :) x

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: The reader and Jughead have been keeping their relationship a secret, but their friends are growing tired of the sexual tension

Warnings: none

Word count: 715

A/N: so we hit 300 followers today?? This is insane, thank you guys so much for the support, you are all incredible!! Enjoy!

The heels of my boots clicked against the floor as I walked down the school hallway.  I scanned everyone’s faces, searching for my boyfriend. An arm grabbed me and pulled me into an empty classroom.  I looked up and saw my boyfriend.

“Jug!” I giggled as he wrapped his arms around my waist.  “You know I have to get to French class in a few minutes.”

“I know,” he smirked, “which means we have a few minutes.”  I laughed and wrapped my arms around his neck.

“The bell’s gonna ring any second,” I whispered, my face inching closer to his.  Jughead’s smirk faded into a smile as he leaned in.

“Better make every second count then,” he replied.  Our lips were millimeters apart when the bell rang, causing me to jump out of his arms. When I saw him pouting, I winked before exiting the room.

“Au revoir, Jughead,” I called over my shoulder.  He rolled his eyes, but there was a smile etched on his face.

Later that day, I was sitting with Betty and Veronica at lunch.  

“So you’re still coming to Pop’s tonight, right (Y/N)?” Betty asked.  I smiled and nodded.

“Of course!” I replied.

“And will Jughead be joining us tonight?” Veronica asked, her lips curving upwards in a smirk.  I rolled my eyes but nodded.

“Yes he is,” I responded. Betty and Veronica shared a smirk, causing me to shake my head.  “Oh my god, guys, I know what you’re thinking.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Veronica waved her hand, dismissing me.  “I know what you’re gonna say.  You and Jughead have been BFFs since day one and blah blah blah ruin friendship and so on so forth.”  She shook her head.  “Whatever. You know what we have to say, and it’s your choice.”  I laughed to myself, amused by Veronica and Betty’s lack of knowledge about mine and Jughead’s relationship.  For a second, I considered telling them the truth.  Instead, I just smiled and shrugged nonchalantly.

Jughead was the first person to arrive at Pop’s that evening.  Once I arrived, he perked up and waved me over to the booth.  When I sat down, he pecked me on the lips.  I playfully pushed him away.

“Our friends are going to be here any second,” I scolded him with a smile.  He laughed and rolled his eyes.

“We have to tell them eventually,” he reminded me, and I nodded.

“I know.”  The jingle of the bell signaled someone new entered Pop’s, and we turned around to see Veronica walk in.  I waved at her and she quickly caught sight of us, striding over to our booth.  She slid into the seat across from us.

“Hey lovebirds,” she greeted with a smirk.  I smiled back at her, unbothered.

“Hey, V,” I said. Kevin, Betty, and Archie arrived soon after, and we ordered our food and fell into a playful conversation. Occasionally, Jughead would steal some fries from my basket.  In retaliation, I would take his onion rings.  Our other four friends noticed these playful exchanges.  At first they said nothing, but when Jughead and I started to lightly shove each other, Kevin stopped us.

“Oh my god, just date already!” he shouted, slamming his fists on the table.  Jughead and I shared a glance, then burst out into laughter.

“What?” Archie questioned, all four of our friends looking back and forth between me and Jughead.  I bit my lip and smiled up at Jughead, ignoring our friends surrounding us.

“Oh my god,” Betty muttered, her eyes widening.  “You guys are…”  She couldn’t finish her sentence, her train of thought lost in shock.  Veronica and Kevin gasped.

“Are what?” Archie asked, still not getting it.  Veronica rolled her eyes.

“Dating, Archiekins,” she explained.  “(Y/N) and Jughead are dating.”  His eyes widened.

“You guys are dating?” he gasped.  “Since when?” I shrugged, not making eye contact with any of them.

“About a month?” I said, looking at Jughead for confirmation.  He nodded.

“Sounds about right.”

“And you didn’t tell us?” Kevin demanded.  I bit my lip guiltily and shrugged.  

“We were waiting for a good time to tell you guys,” I explained, but it came out more like a question.  The whole table groaned at us, but everyone wore smiles.

“Well,” smiled Betty, “it’s about time.”