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Proof That Jughead is Aromantic - Masterpost

*so we know he’s asexual in canon. but he could still feel romantic attraction!!1!1

what’s this? a screenshot from the writer’s twitter??? doesn’t prove anything. that’s just one comic. i’ll put an asterisk next to the comics by this guy to prove he’s the only one writing Juggie as aro.

i’m not convinced. that’s pretty open to interpretation; he’s probably interested

well… maybe that could mean he’s aro?

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anyway,,,, if u don’t think that tim could take down all of the members of the bat family (excluding cass and probably babs, and including bruce) if he got angry and stopped holding himself back in fights ur high key crazy and have never read a tim drake comic in ur life

Ok so I already head canon that Percy is sort of this enigma at school because he disappears for months on end, has been expelled from multiple previous schools, has weird scars and a tattoo, rarely talks in class, has a brooding resting face and looks like a trouble maker, and is just kinda known as this intimidating guy (but is super friendly if you actually talk to him) etc etc etc.

But I was rereading the Lightning Thief and it suddenly occurred to me that Percy could possibly have this huge rep as someone you definitely don’t want on your shit list and is seen as highly highly intimidating because now all I can imagine is some kid at his high school going “You know, Percy Jackson sounds really really familiar” and looking his name up on google or something and-

“Oh wow he was that kid that went missing with his mom a couple years ago”

“And there was nation wide man-hunt for them and he was all over the news”

“And… he fought a bus driver for control of a bus and… basically just caused this mile-long pile up to get away from his captor… who then exploded the bus”

“…And then this guy exploded the Gateway Arch. The Gateway Arch.

“And holy shit this kid finally got away from this psycho after having a shotgun-to-rifle gun battle in Los Angelos which ended in this huge explosion that destroyed five police cars oh my god”



guys ive been up all night but like hear me out…..lars x lance as a crossover ship…..they’re prob around the same age…..they’re both the Funnyman…..lance’s positivity would compliment lars’ negativity…..both canonically have self esteem issues….they’re both from a beach area….the list could go on and i’m calling it larance

Seriously, though. My problem with the whole Gil-JIll-baby thing… It’s not Gil asking ‘hey, do you want to have a baby? Jill would be our surrogate.’ It is ‘Jill wants to have a baby and wants me to be the dad.’ Like… this seriously feels like a straight woman fantasy of having her gay best friend father her child, in some nutty ‘if we’re both single at age X, let’s do this thing’ kind of scheme.

There is a world of difference between ‘I want to have a kid’ and ‘my best friend wants me to father her child.’ The former could have been a solid foundation of a character arc where potentially Gil decides that he wants a child - or not, if a romanced Ryder says he’s uncomfortable with it. Instead, this is a straight character deciding she’s getting pregnant and wanting to use him as a glorified sperm donor.

Frankly, I find it really uncomfortable that the gay guy is the only one getting pressure to reproduce. Like why is this starting with Gil? Why not, say, Liam, the guy who is canonically attracted to women? Why is Gil the only one getting this pressure? And the answer is not ‘because his friend is a reproductive tech,’ we’re talking big picture. Why was it decided by BioWare to write the gay character as being pressured to reproduce?

Yeah, if you’re charitable, you can call it well meaning, intended as a thumb to heteronormativity. But in context? It is the gay guy - and ONLY the gay guy - getting pressured to reproduce. THAT is the problem here.

A Simple Truth about Gay Ships in SNK:

First of all, YumiHisu is a canon ship. Which is a big deal and a wonderful blessing for gay representation<3, especially in Japan. But the confirmation of these two being a romantic couple ALSO tells us a couple other very very important things:

1, There are gay pairings in SNK.

2, We should be on the look out for them.

and 3, subtextual evidence is indeed valid evidence for their existence…

Thanks to something called heteronormativity, Ymir x Historia would be a question up in the air had it not been confirmed. Because unless a pairing is made up of a male and a female, any interaction between them will be interpreted as apparent friendship by default among readers. Which really sucks, to put it lightly. What I mean by that is that had Isayama or Araki not said these 2 were a romantic couple, people would still refuse to accept it as canon or argue that ‘it could be, and more likely ought to be, interpreted as friendship/sisterhood’… However, that would have been a fallacy on the fandom’s part, because they were indeed a canon pairing all along, and we simply need to accept the subtext as text.

What does that mean? It means SNK is not playing by heteronormative rules. I think it’s pretty safe to say that Isayama is a very liberal guy, so be on the look out for any evidence that a homosexual pairing is romantic. And there’re a few other major contenders for canonically gay pairings in SNK that I can think of with lots and lots of evidence to support them, so just remember to read the story with an open mind to the non-straight possibilities. Because those possibilities are indeed likely.

A Different Kind of Chatfic

Day 2: Social Media or Celebrations (¿por qué no las dos?)

OG-angel has entered the chat

mrsplisetsky15 has entered the chat

yurislover_1997 has entered the chat

yurislover_1997 changed chat name to !!!!!!!!

yurislover_1997: guYS DID YOU HEAR

OG-angel: you mean abt otabek and yuratchka?!?!?!!

yurislover_1997: YES OMG

yurislover_1997: im crying help

OG-angel: im not going to be any help wtf do u think im doing

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i love how (almost) every time we plot out a stucky fic on tumblr, Bucky is like this absurdly incapable city boy who can't deal with life outside of Brooklyn, gets his survival instincts from television, and who really makes you question the rude awakening he would have gotten being thrown into war. BUT the beauty of it is that I really feel like this is the person he could have been in the right circumstances.

it just feels so RIGHT.

like, as you say in the right circumstances, he would be the guy who gets talked into going on a trip to a farm ‘to experience nature’ and ends up getting attacked by chickens and goats. he returns to brooklyn with one of his ass cheeks hanging out because a billy goat thought his pants were delicious.

I literally just saw someone defend the White Fang plot by saying the oppressed can be as bad as their oppressors, which is literally the whole problem with the White Fang plot as it exists in the show.

TWF could have been nuanced bad guys instead of canon fodder, but instead they literally exist to hold up the stereotype that anything other than peaceful protest is considered terrorism. Especially as committed by minorities.

Hamilton: a guide to the principal characters
  • Alexander Hamilton: +10 for style, -11 for having no chill. Probably has severe anxiety disorder (I, too, imagine death so much it feels more like a memory, Alex). Dies from having no chill.
  • Aaron Burr: Is obsessed with being the only character who has some actual chill. Since he goes batshit murdery when he loses his chill, this is understandable.
  • Eliza Schuyler Hamilton: Perfect angel child of Jesus and Beyoncé. It is unclear whether this role can be played by anyone but Philippa Soo. Actress' vocal chords must be Olympian gymnasts.
  • Angelica Schuyler Church: Patriarchy-murdering lady rapper with historically inaccurate crush on Alexander Hamilton. But hey, we all have historically inaccurate crushes on Alexander Hamilton at this point.
  • And Peggy: Everyone's precious baby. Dies offstage. The actress comes back on in the second act as life-ruiner Maria Reynolds and actually I am not ready to talk about this
  • Hercules Mulligan: Possibly a horse abuser? But also a lovable ruffian? Unclear.
  • Marquis de Lafayette: Our Lord and Savior. He was a baby child who made America a thing with his awesome rapping skills, then went back to France and survived the Revolution so he could go on to become the CANONICAL LINK BETWEEN HAMILTON AND LES MIS by walking in Lamarque's funeral procession. Also, great hair.
  • Thomas Jefferson: haha no fuck that guy
  • Thomas Jefferson: great hair, though.
  • James Madison: should have been captain of the cheerleading squad. Never quite got over it.
  • George Washington: is such a good father to Alex, Laurens, and Lafayette that the entire audience forgets he owns slaves.
  • Philip Hamilton: nope nope nope
  • King George III: Beyoncé loves his walk.

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I have a feeling that finnrose is going to happen in the last jedi. And it's not like I'll hate it, but it's not stormpilot you know? I try to stay positive about stormpilot happening but I've been queerbaited before and it seems unrealistic that they'd actually make them canon :(

Well, tbf we have no idea who Rose is (all we know is that she’s a technician for the Resistance), from the different interviews I don’t feel like she will be Finn’s girlfriend. 

Ofc I may be totally wrong.. But at worst it will be an interracial couple between a black guy and an asian woman, which is already awesome. 

However I still have hope, it was confirmed there will be a gay character, John and Oscar especially hinted many times that stormpilot could happen. Keep faith !

Alright, so here we go. This has all been stuck in my head for a long time and I just really need to get it all out.
I have anxiety. Like really, really bad anxiety. I also have OCD, legitimate OCD, not the whole “I can’t not color code or clean” shit, but the legitimate “I have a thought or action that won’t stop going through my head or I can’t stop doing and it’s causing me incredible amounts of stress”.
Something that’s always helped me is tv shows and books. They generally lessen my stress and calm me down.
Of course ships cause me infinite amounts of stress.
I didn’t really say this for a while because I thought people would call me childish or think it’s stupid or say “it’s just a tv show”, but Klance is really, really important to me. I’m bisexual and Cuban and to see that being portrayed in a show is so important to me.
But I’m so, so worried that Klance won’t be canon. It’s caused me so much stress and anxiety in the last couple days especially. Guys listen, I know it’s a fictional couple in a fictional show, but I just- it’s so important to me.
If you honestly believe klance is going to be canon, please, please send me a message. I just really need to talk to someone who’s hopeful and honestly believes Klance has a chance.
Guys, I’m not looking for pity. I’m just so tired of being so fucking stressed and anxious all the time. I’m exhausted mentally and physically, and like I said, I know it’s just a ship but if you have OCD or Anxiety you know it doesn’t matter what it is. Please, just shoot me a message if you have hope in Klance because I really need some right now.
Please guys.

The end of an era

Seems like moons ago when I fell in love with these two’s sizzling chemistry, yet I remember it as if it was yesterday.

This is the scene that got me and never let go. In a nano second I realised that they had the potential to become the world to each other in the most healthy way possible. They could make each other better without even trying to, and ultimately they did. 

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The could haves and what ifs will surely haunt me for the rest of my life, just like those select few OTPs that could have been and never were. I guess that on some level heartache is part of the beauty of this pairing. Turns out Bonnie and Damon were the true star crossed lovers of this story; two souls absolutely perfect for each other in both fanfiction and canon, who tragically never made it to our screens. 

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But hey, we’ll always have the Bamily right? That’s something to celebrate! We have all grown so much guys! Trust me, as an Original Bamonator I know! I’ve seen fans come and go and still miss some of our Bamon pillars who have since disappeared from social media (yes, I’m looking at you guys NasraDSalvatore and Signalfire15. I hope y’all are well). I am grateful for all the amazing Bamonators I’ve met throughout the years. My love to @Bonniefan, Aubrey, Nasracita, Gildacita, Huda and Bree for the amazing convos, cheers to @bonneibennett for her always inspiring metas, kudos to @bamonnineties and @bamonwithdrawalsyndrome for putting up with this show for so long. To all the folks I’ve forgotten to mention, and all Bamonators really,

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Let’s not kid ourselves, it is going to be a crapfest, but we’re used to it by now. As for me, I’m just going to enjoy blogging with you guys, watching your fan videos, reading your metas and fanfictions, and just enjoying your company because at the end of the day that is what matters: cheering on our beautiful ship, our diverse fandom, loving ourselves and the color of our skin, celebrating our individuality and accepting each other.

Originally posted by chrianna4l

Bamonators, this has been an honor. No matter what happens, remember that you are beautiful inside and out, and that YOU MATTER. Keep badassing.

Peace out.


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Album 6 Theory??

Okay so like. On this tour, the EMØTIØNAL RØADSHØW tour, RED is the focal color. And on the Blurryface album, red was present but only as an accent, as Blurryface was represented more by Tyler’s black paint. Red was represented in Josh’s hair and makeup. But now Red is the main color of the tour, everything from red suits to red lights to red things in the showmanship that I won’t list here bc spoiler-y. And also, the tour recap videos focus HEAVILY on Josh, and so does a lot of the showmanship. This tour is a blend of Vessel and BF as opposed to being BF-centered which means they aren’t really promoting the album, they’re just on a second tour for the fans which is awesome because they’re going bigger than ever.

But that pesky color keeps showing up: Red. Red. Red. Everything Red. Early fans will note that in the official logo, Red represented Tyler and Blue was Josh. But as of this album cycle, Red has seemed to be the only surefire thing besides a pitch-shifted voice that showed Blurryface was present. But now they’re embracing the color. So maybe BF is defeated? Or maybe he is so highly present that they don’t realize he’s there? Idk. That’s not on me, you guys can answer that. My theory is regarding the *possibly* soon to come next album.

We’ve seen a lot of red. We haven’t seen blue in years, even on-stage. The boys have stuck to red and black (except for the metallic color of Josh’s mask) and we’ve been lacking blue. Which makes me wonder. Could Blue be the theme of the next album? Red represented Tyler and Red represented Blurryface. But could this next album be Josh focused?

Perhaps you’ve seem the Heathens theories (which I enjoy but don’t know if I should accept as canon for sake of the song being for a film) that the higher-pitched voice may be Josh’s guiding voice or his insecurity? Especially considering you can hear hints of Blurry on the track so it can’t be that BF has a high voice now. I LIKE that idea. Not accepting it fully, but I will accept the part about Josh having a voice that may not be his alone coming soon.

Perhaps what we’ll see is a “Blue” character. This character may take the place of Blurryface as an antagonist for Josh (who is bound to get love at some point hopefully soon.) This character may represent what Josh fears and give Josh and Tyler a new enemy to battle, a new great villain. Someone representing maybe Josh’s optimism and how it can be exploited. Of course, there’s no guarantee that it WON’T be a villain that is evil. It could just be the manifestation of another set of worries for the boys that this time stems from Josh. Perhaps the Blue, like the Red will become a darker shade representing the blues. Maybe the representation of their battles with Depression now that they’ve defeated or addressed their insecurities?

Or perhaps, (and this is the part that is entirely my own making and my own being hopeful, this isn’t derived from other theories like parts of the last one were), Blue will be an antagonist for Blurryface because Tyler has said seriously that he writes about Josh in the music. And that Josh is his inspiration and his best friend and keeps him above water and keeps him alive. Maybe Blurry will still be present. Maybe he’ll be defeated but at great cost. In both of these situations, I’d love to see them go out of character and write the happier songs for themselves and not us. Have Josh’s radiant charisma shine through the album as an inspirational voice or character and give Tyler and us the strength to persevere through the emptiness and to defeat and address our insecurities. I would very much like that. But I don’t believe it’s entirely likely.

In summary; we’re focusing heavily on Ty"s color but Josh as a person, perhaps there will be a focus on Josh’s color in the next album. This focus may be a new character. The character will likely be a different set of problems that the boys face. But perhaps the character will be very Josh-like and give the boys strength to face their problems.

Either way, I look forward to 2017 and all the new music it may likely hold, as Tyler has yet to fail to live up to his standards of a mildly predictable album cycle (every 2 years with a release since No Phun Intended in 2007). If I’m correct though, it’s likely I’ll have to change my blog to fit. -shrug-

I’ve been thinking a lot about how bi!annabeth could actually come into canon and I’ve decided this is how it happens (I may have pulled from my own experience slightly, but only briefly).

  • Annabeth had never considered her sexuality being anything other than straight until she turns 17.
  • She starts to question after realising that she has had too many ‘girl crushes‘ to not be properly attracted to girls, like why she ever thought it straight to feel the same way when a pretty girl comes along as a cute guy is beyond her.
  • She’s dating Percy by this point, and so she feels bad thinking about it, but she figures it doesn’t mean she loves Percy any less?
  • At first, she wanders if she’s a lesbian, but her feelings for Percy are too strong for her to contemplate that for too long (she is pretty sure her attraction is real).
  • She decides to go to Rachel for help, who had recently came out as gay and is now dating Reyna. This is the main reason she is worried, because Rachel used to think she liked Percy too? What if she is lying to herself?
  • Rachel explains that even though she thought she had feelings for Percy, it was down to compulsory heterosexuality, and that when Rachel had really thought about it she had known all along her and percy were platonic (and that she was forcing herself to like him because she was in denial and scared). 
  • This confirms to Annabeth that she hasn’t been stringing Percy along, because no matter how much she tries she cannot stop thinking about him shirtless.
  • She’s scared of what Percy will think, but at the same time she knows Percy, and she knows he would never be horrible about anything (especially stuff like this).
  • He’s the nicest and most understanding person she knows, so she tells him first.
  • She goes to the beach with him later, and at first it’s really hard for her to find the words but soon she explains and says that she doesn’t want it to change anything. Percy immediately jumps to comfort her, saying he would never think she was more likely to cheat, and he understands that, despite her attraction to girls being completely valid, that doesn’t stop her being his girlfriend and loving him.
  • She nearly cries about how supportive she is.
  • She struggles at first, when she thinks girls are cute she doubts herself (thinking she’s gay) and when she thinks guys are cute she doubts herself (thinking she straight), but eventually she finds a comprimise, no matter who she likes at the time, she is always bisexual.
  • She likes to wear the bi pride colours (pink, purple and blue) literally every day. Even if it’s just her bobbles or earrings (or something else small).
  • She manages to get Pecy to go to pride with her, once he also tells her he’s bi a few years later.
  • She does struggle a bit with jealousy about percy being bi at first, but she quickly pushes it away, reprimanding herself. He still loves her, that doesn’t change.
  • They both paint the pride flag on their cheeks (the bi flag on one and the rainbow flag on the other) and they meet loads of really cool people.
  • She is happier than she has ever been now that she can be her complete and authentic self.
Controversial(?) Lazytown headcanon/opinion

…Am I the only one who thinks that it’s highly likely that canon Glanni (NOT fanon) has antisocial personality disorder? 

Like, after watching the play three or four times (probably more times than that tbh)…I realized that Glanni shows A LOT of the signs of aspd 

  • People with aspd are known to manipulate and deceive people by using their wits and putting on a air of superficial charm (him disguising as Rikki to trick the town. Stina/Bessie is the biggest example of him using fake charm. Lying, conning, and using an alias is common.) or they intimidate and use violence (I think he threatens Haninn repeatedly, and also hits him) 
  • When trouble they caused arises, they may blame others (He blamed Halla for stealing the sportscandy, and let Solla take blame for poisoning the town)
  • May show arrogance and think lowly of others (I’m pretty sure he called the townfolk “stupid” or something like that behind their backs at one point) 
  • They tend not to feel any guilt or remorse for their actions and for what they do to people, also struggle showing empathy for others (after all the shit he’s done to everyone, he seems to only regret the fact that he got caught) 
  • They are known to be reckless and impulsive, not really considering what they do or the consequences of their actions before they do them. Also struggle to learn from actions, even from punishments (Glanni’s name LITERALLY means “Reckless”. He’s an ESCAPED convict- meaning he’s been arrested BEFORE. Everything he does seems to backfire since it’s honestly…not well thought-out…only for him to think up something else immediately after and have the cycle repeat. I think he does things as he goes rather than having a big plan ahead of time. I mean- he couldn’t even figure out what to tell Stina when she asked how much money he had) 
  • They also tend to have a temper that’s hard to control, especially when frustrated. (We see this CONSTANTLY from Glanni- he is SO QUICK to lose his cool. He got frustrated with the Mayhemtown gang for running late, at the kids for talking about Ithro too much, at Nenni for asking him the password to the sweat shop, at Haninn for just LOOKING at him, I’m sure there’s more I am missing) 
  • The biggest, KEY COMPONENT of aspd that disinguishes it from other personality disorders is displays of misconduct and inappropriate social behavior…such as theft, and other crimes. (Glanni is a CRIMINAL, guilty of multiple types of criminal offenses.) 

You might be thinking “Nawww…Glanni is only this way because he’s supposed to be a criminal. Because he’s the villain.”  -Hear me out. Statistically, nearly 50% of male prisoners show signs of or are diagnosed with aspd. 

NOT ALL people with aspd are criminals, and Glanni’s case seems to be more severe and possibly even a bit exaggerated, it’s still very possible that his character could have it, and I honestly think he might’ve even intentionally been written that way. Even if Magnus didn’t have that in mind…he’s STILL meant to be written as a criminal, …and a lot of criminals just happen to have aspd. 

…The reason why I’m asking you guys about this though is because I kind of want to explore this idea some more in my own writing (I’ve kind of already started to) Because I just really think the way canon Glanni was written is interesting. …But I don’t wanna upset anyone because yanno….for all I know someone reading it could have aspd themselves (but again- that ‘s just the way canon Glanni IS. Magnus made him, not me….) 

What do you guys think? Is intentionally trying to write Glanni as someone whose struggling with aspd a good or a bad idea? 

Green-blooded Bastards: An Argument Against Hemocyanin

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A counter-argument to a fascinating discussion that blossomed from @storiesfromstarfleet‘s kickass headcanon on Vulcan skin tone. Namely, why it’s not more green.

That spawned an analysis of the differences in hemoglobin and hemocyanin, and raised the burning question, “If Spock’s blood is really copper-based, shouldn’t it be blue, instead?”

I won’t be rehashing the entire conversation. My friends @elsa-lost-in-translation, @outside-the-government, @starshiphufflebadger, and @gracieminabox each made some excellent points, which you can read if you follow the links. 

I’m here to tell you, in a word -


Spock’s blood is green, dammit, and his skin is… well, what we see in TOS. Fleshy-pinkish-yellow-funky-almost-jaundiced-looking-greenifyousquint.

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((Hey guys! May 15th will be mod’s birthday and also a monday, so I thought we could have a munday thing. Send me ooc asks about the blog, the fandom, or really anything you’d like to ask the mod, and I’ll compile and answer them in a single post on the 15th. I’ll also answer the previous ooc asks that have been sitting in my inbox. Ask away!

PS. I’m still busy with school for this week, but finally out of my creativity block! I’ll do my best to get Katsuki and Yami back on track!))

You know… I just want to enjoy Star Wars. I like analyzing the story because I love these characters and I want the writers to do right by these characters. They are setting us up for Rey/Finn/Poe/Kylo for taking over for the next trilogy correct? Isn’t that a logical assumption?

I want all the haughty SW fanboys and the antis to take a long good look at themselves and wonder: why am I wasting my time hating? Why don’t I use my time constructively to analyze what I’ve been shown and use sound judgment to guess what the future could have in store? Maybe I should grow up and realize it’s not about me or what I want but is in fact the job and the duty of the writers to write a story that will be enjoyable? Character development makes for a good story. Plot twists make for a good story. Rey/Finn/Poe/Kylo will ALL get character development. Nobody’s job is to cater to your selfish demands or your own personal headcanons for this universe. You are not being paid to create and envision material for this franchise. No matter what happens can’t you all just watch with an open mind and an open heart? This story has been in the works for YEARS and I’m telling you: they’ve thought all this out. It’s not an accident.

Nothing the Reylos have pointed out or discussed over the past year is illogical. It is FUCKING RIGHT THERE in the movie. In the novels. In the director’s own words. In the acting. You guys need to at least come to terms with the possibility of Reylo (and I don’t mean romantic, I mean that they have a connection and are vital to each other’s stories in a meaningful way) or else you could be in for a world of hurt. The Reylo dynamic is there. It has always been there. The shippers take it up a few notches and see a possible romance in the future, but in canon THIS VERY MINUTE the Reylo dynamic has already been born. It has already been nurtured carefully into something SO MANY of us are interested in. Why? Because we are *meant* to be interested in it.

Not to pat ourselves on the back or anything, but EVERYTHING we have been saying is coming true slowly but surely. We’re not here to hold anything over your head, it’s okay if you want to deny what’s there but like… don’t come after us for analyzing correctly? It just makes you look so foolish. Step back. Breathe. Admit that you could be wrong and you interpreted incorrectly. The Reylos aren’t stupid. In other fandoms when you’re on the fence about something you weigh all the possibilities and read the metas and delve completely into the canon materials and you formulate opinions based upon the greatest evidence. The Reylos have put in hours and hours into so much dissertations and meta and analyzations and psychological explorations and the list goes on and on. The first time I left TFA I was convinced FinnRey was going to be the trilogy romance and that Kylo’s destiny is to die. After seeing it again and after further dissection of all the canon materials at hand and trusting my own gut instincts upon said further inspection, I became *thoroughly* convinced that 1) Kylo is not going to die at Rey’s hands and 2) he and Rey will have some kind of extremely interesting and important dynamic. We didn’t just decide one day “Oh I’m going to make all this shit up and piss people off by saying Rey’s not a Skywalker…” we think this way because of evidence presented. At this point I am 100% sure that the possibility of Reylo far outweighs the impossibility of it. When two people become able to see eye to eye (as a Force connection could help them do) there is bound to be some change of heart. They are young, human, angry, strong with magical powers, and they are going to blow all our minds… count on it!