it could happen

i need cas to be reckless on hunts. i mean charge-in-blind-and-hope-i-die kinda reckless

i need dean to go up to him after a particularly bad hunt with his jaw clenched and then for cas to avoid his gaze

and then for dean to grind out ‘look at me’

but cas doesn’t

so dean cups cas’s face in his hands and forces his head up, brushes his thumb along a cut on his cheekbone

and for unspoken words to pass between them. cas doesn’t think he’s worth it. he needs penance. he needs punishment.

and i need for dean to just stare at cas, anger being replaced with broken frustration

and then i want dean to grind his teeth together and say; 'i’ve lost you once. i’m not losing you again. you’re worth it. always have been.’

I'm gong to invent a Period Survival Kit

Its contents will include: 

  • Bananas for cramps
  • Strawberries with sugar so you can snack and be healthy and not make your period stick around any longer than it needs to 
  • Heating pads for your back and tummy because fucking ow
  • Chocolate
  • A boyfriend pillow to cuddle with
  • Porn
  • A million pads and tampons
  • A sack full of nickels, dimes and quarters in case you’re away from home and didn’t bring any feminine supplies with you
  • Potato chips because salt cravings are a struggle
  • Two pairs of new grandma panties so you don’t ruin your cute undies
  • A copy of Mean Girls
  • Boxing gloves because PMSing is a bitch
  • And a gift card to Starbucks just because

When Tony and Ziva have kids and their kids are about to get their license, I can see them being like, “Now never get distracted while driving. Like, ever. Especially if the distraction is the love of your life because you will get blindsided. Trust us, we know.” And their kids wouldn’t understand but we will cos we were there.