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{PART 15} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Jungkook decides to unleash the truth that he has kept locked inside his Pandora’s box. But you open up to him first; revealing something far worse than anything Jungkook could have ever imagined.

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My Favorite Games of 2016,Pt. FINAL

Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is probably as good an ending to the Dark Souls franchise (or at least the From made ones, Namco is unlikely to let this franchise just die) as we could have possibly gotten. After Bloodborne and Dark Souls 2 I had kind of accepted From was never going to make a wholly open game with a totally interconnected world ever again, and I was right, cause Dark Souls 3 is still a generally linear game, with no real sequence breaking possible and only a few branching paths about where you can go. However, the area design, enemies and bosses are all massively improved from Dark Souls 2, and of the three games it’s probably the most fun to fight shit in.

It portrays a dreary, dying world; a world significantly worse off simply because it isn’t allowed to die. Horrible monsters, worse than any in Dark Souls 1 wander the land, reality itself seems to be warping and twisting, the new plight afflicting people seems even worse than the undead curse (turning into horrible nervous system root dragons seems pretty fucking horrifying) and all it all it’s hard to see how any Age of Darkness could be worse than this. It’s the perfect end to the series; this world, in it’s current form, is doomed to an extent that you cannot save it. Not only can it not be saved, you cannot even stave it off. Could the Age of Darkness lead to a rebirth of the world? Who knows, but at this point it’s more than clear that there’s no point in continuing down the path that’s been kept all this time.

Miyazaki said he wanted the game to have a sort of quiet, solemn beauty, of a dying world. And it does. It also, thank god, doesn’t explain everything. Hell, it adds even more questions, with the new root monsters and the Profaned Flame, along with the ‘Age of Deep Waters’ (which could possibly be a Bloodborne reference, but let’s pretend it isn’t.) It’s not the ideal, but it’s damn close, and I put at least a hundred hours in it with more than a few builds, even doing some PVP with my garbage asshole cheater Estoc build.



Trails of Cold Steel 2

Let’s be honest here.

If you didn’t see this coming, you either

  1. Thought it was going to be Yakuza 6 or Yakuza Kiwami
  2. Haven’t been paying attentiont to my shilling
  3. Still don’t know this series even exists.

Trails of/Kiseki is remains the greatest series that nobody in the west plays, with even fewer converts than the Yakuza franchise has, which would be impressive if it didn’t make me want to burst into tears every time I think about it.

Trails of Cold Steel 2 is the sequel to Trails of Cold Steel, although the Kiseki games structured more like Digital Devil Saga with the two main games in each series (Sky, Crossbell, Cold Steel) forming together into one narrative and each game more or less directly leading into it’s sequel. And it improves on the already great Trails of Cold Steel in basically every way, as the conclusion of a story should.

Mechanically, not much is different. Things have been rebalanced, there are new Arts (spells) and Crafts (techniques), and a very prominent new battle mechanic I’d rather not spoil, but it’s really just an improvement on the already core mechanics, which makes it a pretty good JRPG with decent amounts of player agency.

But what really shines is everything else. Kiseki consistently has the best music, writing and characters of any games.

Period. Not JRPGs. Not RPGs. Period. Which is why it’s so upsetting that they’ve never really hit it big in the west, despite being pretty huge in Japan. Now, part of this is just bad luck. Most of the series is on a dead platform (PSP and Vitaaaaa) and part is timing (Cold Steel hitting long after the PS3’s prime) but also is just due to the lack of any marketting XSeed can do cause these are localizations done on an EXTREMELY limited budget.

Trails of Cold Steel 2 has one of the best climaxes and final (well, 'final’) dungeons of any game I’ve ever played and is everything I want out of writing and story-telling in a game. Every character has a great design and clear, unique voice, with a backstory and personality that make sense considering each other and leads to realistic behavior based on these two things. It avoids every single pitfall one typically gets annoyed with in 'anime’ games, sometimes bringing up said pitfalls to specifically subvert them.

It’s a fantastic game in a fantastic series and I recommend it just as much as I do the Yakuza series.

anonymous asked:

thoughts on the finale?

i know this is 2 months too late lol but i had mixed feelings about the finale, i liked some scenes (the ending was good, troian completely slayed the episode, the emison babies, the moms (!!!); the ‘big twist’ left me kind of ‘eeeh ok’, i wish they hadn’t gone through with the twin theory (but then again i wish a lot of things had been different for the last couple of seasons). it didn’t feel like a series finale but it could’ve been much worse.

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I'm dead Kat, I'm dead, I'm actually thinking of reading more sniperspy fics


Smoke Wisps - mumbling mice/tumblr user skooth

Mercyverse series - AnnetheCatDetective

He’s a Rebel - Usedtobehmc

Professional - windmill

Acadieverse series - orphan_account (definitely read the warnings beforehand)

Defiantverse series - AnnetheCatDetective

It Could Be Worse - Anonymous TF2er

remember to read the warnings and ratings never venture forth blindly

Best of 2014: 8/13 Shows - Angel: The Series

If there’s no great glorious end to all this, if nothing we do matters… , then all that matters is what we do. ‘Cause that’s all there is. What we do. Now. Today. I fought for so long, for redemption, for a reward, and finally just to beat the other guy, but I never got it.

The Stuff of Stories

Request: how about one where the reader is a journalist in a town that the Winchester boys are currently hunting in and she just happens to be close enough to hear when they interview a victim’s family, claiming that they’re reporters, and she knows they’re not real journalists, so she confronts them about it once they’re done talking to the family. She then finds out the real reason they’re in town and makes them let her go with them to check out the site of the haunting because by snooping through police records, she knows some things about the case that Sam and Dean need to know and don’t have easy access to. Sam likes the reader and thinks she’s helpful; Dean, on the other hand, thinks she’s a pain in the ass tag-along (but a very pretty one) and doesn’t want her to get hurt. She actually ends up saving Dean’s life and maybe they kiss or something idk ha(; Lol sorry, this is long. I like this idea; I just don’t have time to write it for myself, so it would be cool to see what someone else can come up with for it..if you have the time ha(: xx

Author’s Note: Thanks for the request, imaginethatlifex! This one shot was becoming long, so I decided that there’s going to be at least a second part. :)

Words: 1354

Written by: Castielle

Pairing: Dean x Reader

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You were waiting to speak with the family of the deceased for the article you were supposed to write up and have ready for tomorrow when you first saw the two men in cheap suits. They were talking to the father, mother, and brother of the teenage girl who had been found in her room, strangled by her own leggings tied tight around her neck. A tragedy, indeed… and there was something strange about this case that made you determined to bring all things to light, but right now, your attention had been dragged away from your story to the men who didn’t really seem the journalist type.

Usually, you would be polite and keep a fair distance away. Someone else’s story was someone else’s story and it was no use butting in. But something drew you to the two journalists that you have never seen before on your rounds… perhaps it was something more than intrigue. The shorter man, in fact, especially drew your attention, and you had to scold yourself to remain focused on the task at hand.

“Have you felt any cold spots anywhere in the house?” was the first question you heard as soon as you were in earshot from the taller man, who had shoulder-length brown hair.

“Or the smell of sulfur? Anything strange at all?” the shorter man added before any of the victim’s family members could even open their mouth to answer.

You narrowed your eyes. These didn’t seem like the questions normal journalists would ask – or any journalists, for that matter. Who were these guys?

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