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BTS Reaction to: Their girlfriend being their choreographer

Anon asked: “Hi! Bts reaction to you (their girlfriend) being their choreographer?“

Author’s note: Gif’s aren’t mine.x 


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The moment he saw you walking into the dance practice room he’d be confused, very confused. When you left this morning you said that you were going to work so what were you doing here? Before he could ask you what you were doing it clicked. Their new choreographer would be here today. Could it be that you were their new choreographer? Turns out Seokjin was right, you were their new choreographer. 

“Well Jagiya this is gonna be so much fun!” 

“Yes, maybe I can finally teach you how to dance!” 

The other members laughed at your words as Seokjin felt his cheeks heat up in embarrassment. He definitely wasn’t too excited about you seeing his dance skills, but then again he was happy that it was you, his girlfriend and not someone else. 


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He’d be super excited when he saw you were their new choreographer, but then realization hit him. He wasn’t an awful dancer but he sure wasn’t the best either. Yoongi was scared that you’d tease him because he wasn’t the best. However, when he saw that instead of teasing him you spend more time helping him he was pleasantly surprised. Yoongi slowly started to realize that he actually really liked that you were their new choreographer. After all you could even help him at home to get the moves down. 

“I might like this a lot more than I initially thought Y/N. You might be able to help me more after all.” 

“Of course Yoongi, we’re gonna spend 2 extra hours dancing every day.”  Yoongi stared at you with wide eyes, making you laugh as you playfully hit his chest.  

“I’m kidding baby, of course we’re not.” 


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Hoseok would be extremely excited. Dancing was his passion and he loved that his girlfriend had the same. He knew you were a very talented choreographer and couldn’t be happier that you were gonna teach him and his friends some new dances that you came up with. Even when you were at home Hoseok would ask you to help him perfect some dance moves, even though he already did them perfectly. Hoseok tried to do everything perfect. Not just because he’s a perfectionist when it comes to his dances but also because you’re his girlfriend and he wanted to impress you. 

“What do you say Y/N? Am I doing it right?” 

“Yes Hoseok you’re doing it perfectly.” 

“You sure? What about my arms? Should I hold my arm a little more to the right-” 

“No Hobi you’re perfect.” 

He smiled at your words before giving you a sweet kiss. 


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Just like Seokjin he’d be surprised when he found out you were their new dance choreographer. He knows how good you are and that would make him nervous. Namjoon knows you love him and that you’ll never judge him but he definitely caught you laughing at him a couple of times because he messed up. You asked him to stay a little longer so you could help him to really get the moves down. Namjoon really appreciated that you were willing to help him so much but hoped that whenever you two would hang out it wouldn’t just be about the choreography all the time. Luckily for him that wasn’t the case and you two still talked about plenty of other things.                 

“Y/N, I really like that you’re our choreographer. We can stay after hours and have a little fun by ourselves, if you know what I mean.”       

You playfully hit his chest as he laughed at his own words. Suddenly feeling embarrassed for what he just said.        

“Who knows Joon, we might.”     

His eyes grew wide at your words as a smirk appeared on his face. Namjoon pulled you closer to him as he started to leave wet kisses down your neck. 


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Jimin would be really excited but also scared. He loved dancing and was really good at it but he messed up from time to time too. So whenever he did he just flashed you his charming smile as he clung onto you like a koala. The dance practices were definitely a lot more fun now you were their choreographer and Jimin didn’t feel guilty anymore for spending most of his days in the practice room, because you were always there. Well, pretty much always. Of course you weren’t there when he stayed after hours just to perfect his dance moves. Jimin felt the need to impress you now you were around more often and that didn’t go unnoticed by you. You often had to drag him out of the practice room just so he’d go home with you. 

“Jiminie, you’re already doing it perfectly. You can go home now.” 

“Jagiya, just 5 more minutes I promise.” 

“You said that an hour ago Jimin. C’mon.” 

He’d lay down on the ground and give you a bright smile as he stared at you from where he was laying. You rolled your eyes at the sight before grabbing his feet and literally dragging him out of the practice room. 


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Taehyung was super excited when he saw you walking into the practice room. So excited that he practically lifted you from the floor and spun you around. The other laughed at his actions as you felt your cheeks heat up in embarrassment. You knew your boyfriend could be a bit extra but you didn’t expect him to react like this. Taehyung would definitely try to impress you and would want you to pay extra attention to him. He’d continuously keep asking you if he was doing it right and if you could help him. Taehyung felt jealousy wash over him when he saw you placing your hands on Seokjin’s hip to straighten his posture and would mess up on purpose just so he could feel your hands on him instead. 

“Am I doing it wrong Y/N? Maybe you should help me instead of Seokjin hyung.” 

It didn’t take you long to realize what he was doing and you felt your heart melt at his cute actions. 

“Tae, I know I’m your choreographer but I’m also your girlfriend. I don’t look at the others the way I look at you, okay?” 

“Okay, just as long as you know that Jagi.”   


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Jungkook would be excited at first. He liked the idea of seeing you every single day but when he saw you placing your hand on Hoseok’s bicep he suddenly felt jealous. Just like Taehyung he’d try to get you to pay attention to him, but instead of messing things up on purpose he’d just give you suggestive looks the entire time. (just like in the gif omg.) You didn’t notice it at first but after a while you felt like someone kept staring at you. When you turned around to look at Jungkook he was still looking at you like that. You tried your best to not let it get to you but let’s be honest, of course it got to you. After 2 hours of non stop practicing there was finally a break. The others used that break to drink something and have something to eat while Jungkook went to you and pinned you up against the nearest wall, breathing hotly in your ear as he whispered, 

“I don’t like you touching my hyungs baby. You’re mine and now we get to spend more time together I’ll make sure you know that.” 

You swallowed the lump in your throat before nodding at his words. Jungkook had an effect on you that you weren’t proud of but he couldn’t be happier with it. He made sure that you and his hyungs knew that you were his girlfriend and not someone else’s. 

20. Both are drunk and happy & 27.  “Sorry. You’re just…really adorable.”

for @moirabartons

Robert doesn’t know how they end up here, but somehow he and Aaron are propped up at the bar of the Woolpack, necking pints and playing the occasional dart game. 

They’re friends. Have been for weeks but this is the first time it feels it - Robert makes a stupid joke and Aaron hides a laugh in return. It’s easy, natural. It’s where Robert hoped they could get, a place where he can still have Aaron in his life even though he knows Aaron has moved on. 

Not that Robert ever will.

So he buys another pint, and another, until he has to piss every half an hour and he gets worse and worse at darts. Aaron keeps staying, buying more beers, asking for re-matches. It’s the most fun Robert has had in… he can’t remember the last time he had this much fun, and his cheeks almost hurt from smiling.

Seeing Aaron genuinely enjoy himself after the year they have had is more than Robert could ever have asked for, so he relishes it, can’t help but linger a bit too long when Aaron smiles, let himself bask in the sight of Aaron’s shining eyes and flushed face.

“What’re you looking at?” Aaron asks. He’s holding his pint in front of his face, looking at Robert over the glass. Robert swallows.

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So I went to Disneyland Paris for 3 days about a week ago

My first time ever and I loved it. Also nearly cried like, 3 or 4 times? It’s really emotional when you see your all-time favorite disney princess up close, alright? Also spent quite a lot of money. And only slightly regretting not getting any of the Beauty and The Beast pins, but Belle’s eyes looked really creepy on them. 

I really want to go back sometime, but even though we found a really good deal (just over 600 euros for 3 days and 2 nights for 4 people!), it’s just so expensive. 

Still, I don’t regret spending all that money at all. My little sister and I wanted to go there since we were little, and by convincing our parents to come along so we could take the car there and by splitting the total cost in two, it ended up being so much more easier to finally realize this dream. 

I know it’s late but gosh I just wanna give Mark a hug.

I’m so glad I could be here to watch him grow.

I’m so glad I could be here to watch him be happy.

I’m so glad I could be here.

Mark you made a community filled with so much love and acceptance and fun and happiness and I’m so so glad I could be part of it.

Thank you ^-^ thank you so much

Secret Sex Worker

No one knows this but I️ am a secret sex worker. I’m employed, have a great social life, a partner even. After reading Craigslist ads, I️ started meeting men to give them blow jobs and titty fucks. It was fun, nerve-wracking, sexually stimulating and emotionally exhausting.

I️ felt that I️ could keep the guilt at bay if my interactions to blow jobs. But I️ had a client that had an amazing cock and kept after me, wanting to fuck me. He could turn me on and so during one mildly drunk session, we fucked. Much to my surprise, it was pretty good. He minded his manners, wore a condom, and left a pile of several hundreds in my purse.

This convinced me that I could cross that line with enough encouragement from the right man and have bent my rules a few more times.

I’m still torn about my extracurricular activities and would prefer to find a Sugar Daddy to alleviate my guilt.

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Its really nice to see someone else use pencil and paper for once :D. I don't know if you answered this already but how long does it take for you to complete a drawing or comic? Your art inspired me to make a few Cuphead comics of my own and I hope that you keep up the good work! Love you and your work!

Aw thank you very much! It is hard to find traditional artists as well! x’D
and it all depends on the piece itself! A comic page could take either a day, or a few hours depending on how much details go into the piece. Full colored pieces take about 1-3 days again depending on the piece. :) 
and oh my gosh that’s great! :D draw what you love and have fun with the comic!!
and thank you so much again!

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HONESTY HOUR: this iteration of Pokemon... might be my favorite? The character writing is so seamless and the gameplay is familiar but what they add is just so wonderful... it's so positive and gorgeous. The music is great... I just got Ultra Sun and have been playing it so much and it's always so fun and positive <3

i could not have said it better ❤

If you missed it yesterday, @wolfinthethorns had some wonderful ideas about John Segundus and Michael Godfrey being estranged siblings. I liked the idea so much that:

I wrote a drabble about it.

Here’s part 2:


John Segundus did not often visit places like these. Places (how to put it politely?) of no morals, where men of a certain stamp could find men of a similar stamp, and together they might discover ways of aligning those stamps in a most satisfactory way. It was, in short, a Molly house.

Poor Segundus feared the danger that accompanied such places: the threat of discovery. Thus he avoided them for as long as he could, living his celibate life in his small scholarly way and taking care not to think of anything that might lead him into longings of a carnal sort.

Alas, Segundus was unable to avoid such longings forever. Indeed, sometimes those longings grew so palpable, so thick, that he was forced to set about satisfying them. Hence this night, when he had felt driven to enter the Molly house, there to find some long-desired male company.

You must not think here that Segundus was an innocent in such places, and yet it must be admitted that he was not entirely au fait with them either. Why, he visited them only once every few years, to relieve his most urgent desires, and then he would quickly pack himself off to his life of quiet solitude once more.

In particular, Segundus was not au fait with the Molly houses of London (for he had been in that city but a few months). Not only did London host several such establishments, but Segundus had not quite expected how large the house he found himself in would be! How full it was of people!

Never entirely comfortable in large crowds, Segundus steeled himself for what must be done. Looking around at the busy room he had just entered, he fancied that he might do well to get himself a little drunk. Then he would choose the first man that showed any interest and gain as much knowledge of that man’s body as was possible in a short space of time.

It was upon the first of these tasks that Segundus set out, and he looked to find a serving boy who would provide him with some wine. As this first room did not appear very promising in that regard, Segundus passed through a doorway into another. This new room contained many candles, a large mirror upon one wall, and a group of Mollys listening to one (rather inebriated) gentleman sing a song about his “Dear Richard”.

Segundus frowned, looked about for a serving boy, and then returned his gaze to the group of Mollys. One of them, with a large blonde wig and a purple dress, had such a compelling sense of familiarity in her face that Segundus found he could not stop looking at her. He did not quite know… He had seen her before, had he not? Surely…

She looked up, and apparently felt that same stroke of recognition, for she did not look away.

They stared at each other across the room.

Segundus was at a loss for what to do. He did not wish to see any familiar faces here, and yet hers was so…

Thankfully, the Molly ended Segundus’ indecision be getting up and walking over to him. She placed a hand on his elbow and leaned close to his ear. “I have a room,” said she.

Then her hand was gone and she was heading to the doorway, and Segundus, blushing, followed.

It seems that the room the Molly had meant was a bedchamber, covered all over with lace and frills. There was a bed, a dressing table, and a changing screen. Segundus shut the door as he stepped through it, and the Molly turned to him. The paint on her face made her eyes look ever so wide.

Segundus, blushing some more, cleared his throat. “I beg your pardon for… but I… your face…”

The Molly nodded, and still looking at Segundus with those wide eyes, she took him once again by the elbow and this time pulled him over to the dressing table, upon which stood a looking glass.

They looked into it together.

“Oh,” said Segundus, quietly, as the reason for his confused recognition became all too apparent. It was no wonder that he hadn’t remembered where he had seen her before; it was not a face that he had ever needed to commit to memory, yet he saw it every day in his looking glass when he washed and shaved.

Her face was his own.

Certainly, it was true that they weren’t exactly alike, but the nose, the eyes, the mouth…

“Is it magic?” wondered Segundus. “But magic is no longer practised anywhere. It cannot be.”

The Molly frowned at him in the looking glass, then stepped away.

“Your name?” she asked.

Segundus turned to her. (And he was still so surprised that he didn’t even think to apologise for not introducing himself sooner.) “John,” said he.

She looked at him with an impatient air, then gathered up her skirts and sat down on the bed. “Your surname?”

Segundus flushed. He had not meant to give out his full name in a place like this.

The Molly appeared to understand his hesitation. “I will not use it against you,” said she gently. “It will not leave this room.”

Segundus flushed some more, but acquiesced. “I am John Segundus.”

The Molly frowned and scrunched up her face. (Segundus found himself wondering if his own face ever made the same strange expression.) “I do not know the name.” She looked at him. “In this place I do not use it, but in my public life my name is Michael Godfrey.”

Segundus took a breath. “Oh! But Godfrey was my mother’s maiden name.”

Godfrey looked at him some more. “Your year of birth?” She removed her wig, revealing a head of black curls.

“1771,” said Segundus. His heart was racing.

Godfrey nodded. “I was born in 1769,” said she.

Segundus thought about it, though he could barely keep his mind upon the figures. “That is the year before my parents were married.”

Godfrey nodded again. “Your place of birth?”

Segundus felt faint. “Kent,” said he.

“Kent also,” said Godfrey.

They looked at each other.

“I have never met my mother or my father,” said Godfrey. “I was raised by friends. Though they weren’t very friendly.”

Segundus realised that he was about to cry only a few seconds before the tears fell. “I…” said he. “Forgive me.” He sniffed and scrabbled in his pocket for his handkerchief.

It was just as Segundus had found his handkerchief and pressed it to his eyes that he felt two arms wrap themselves about his shoulders.

“I believe,” said Godfrey gently, “that you have found a brother.”

OCs in Motion

Holy moly. Y’all really wanted me to do this. xD I got tagged by: @kawereen, @hansaera, @buttsonthebeach, @jirelle, @shannaraisles, and @idrelle-miocovani! Thank you all so much! This is a fascinating thing and I have never thought of doing these face claims before, because I have such an odd way I imagine my characters in my head. So I did some digging and actually made two fun discoveries. I had a bit of fun, so I’ll stick it below the cut!

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I'm sorry if you've been asked this before but how did you get into art? And how did you realize it could be more than a hobby?

I got into art through comic strips and Norman Rockwell. I liked the drawings so much that I spent a lot of time copying them into notebooks, and eventually started drawing my own stuff. By (I wanna say 5th grade?) I was writing “I will be a professional cartoonist” into a notebook 5 times a day because I’d read somewhere that Charles Schulz did that before Peanuts. I was a ~fun~ kid.

J/B wedding speculation!

Fellow J/B peeps, I have an idea for how GoT could write a J/B wedding mid-season at Winterfell. This is probably too much to stuff in amongst everything else in 6 episodes, but I think it’s fun as a starting point for discussion.

Within the first couple of episodes, Jaime and Brienne admit they love each other and they’re so happy to be together they hope they never have to say goodbye again. That much is established, first.

And later, when the Winterfell crew (read: everyone except Theon’s bunch and Cersei’s peeps) are trying to figure out how to defeat the snow zombies, Brienne has an idea and brings it to Sansa!

(Background: in ACOK, Renly mentions “Tarth arrows” as part of his forces. So let’s assume Tarth is known for training lots of talented archers!)

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IM SCREAMING, I CANT BELIEVE ITS CONFIRMED THAT ARI FIRED SCOOTER OVER DW!!! i mean i had a strong feeling that was the case & jasons song was about him BUT TO SEE IT CONFIRMED OML.... ariana rlly is surrounded by yes men! & scooter was smart enough to realize dw was bad business... he knew she really shouldve stuck with her image from ME. it was much more iconic -- EVERYONE wanted to dress/look like ariana. she started SO MANY TRENDS. and then this dw mess... now im sad jfkdkskks

it’s okay- we’re moving on to new stuff

we’ll get the dwt movie which could be fun - then it’s onto ag4!

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your pencil art is the most beautiful thing i've ever laid eyes on. i love all your work and i love you. this has been a psa

thank you ive been really enjoying using my pencils! its so much fun and it feels organic. natural. i avoided using pencils for so long that i was starting to forget art could feel like this. its deeply cathartic 

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Hi Ara :) If you could be roomates with an Exo member,which one would you choose and why? XOXO

Oh this is hard! I’m not sure… I would choose Chen, Xiumin or Baekhyun. You might wonder why not Kyungsoo but.. like I wouldn’t be able to do it… like I would probably try to stay as far as I could because I wouldn’t want to annoy him.
Anyways I would choose Chen because every since they debuted I felt like Chen would be my best friend if I knew them. And honestly it would be pretty fun, we would probably never sleep and just play video games or go out or whatever.
If not, I would choose Xiumin because he’s adorable and so sweet and I would love to be his friend and roomie and he’s kinda the perfect roommate material.
As for Baek I love the boy too, like I would probably laugh all the time and have so much fun but I also think we could be pretty close and honest with each other. Like we could be laughing so much one moment and the next we would be taking about some deep serious stuff at 3am. xoxo, Ara~

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I really want to hear about Mitch and missus relationship because tbh I feel like I don't know Mitch that much because he never talks but ugh I wanna know him xx

I could definitely have some fun! I don’t think he’d replace Grimmy as her closest/best friend but she’s so comfortable around him whenever they’re together. Always teaming up to play tricks on Harry in the studio, chatting together on the jet towards a new city, and they’ve got inside jokes together, and Sarah and Mitch always double date with them and go out as a four. I definitely say she’s close to all Harry’s band, for sure. She’s known Adam for as long as Harry has so she’s already pretty accustomed to him. xx