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I am in shock that ANYONE could even think that those articles are random? Really? Wow. Talk about delusional and out of touch with reality. Fabulous response, Sea!

Why are people so pressed that Louis could actually be an aware, educated, liberal-minded man? That he actually reads the news, follows world events, searches for and supports the history of his community? Why so quick to call others “crazy” who support this view?

I’ll say it again. Our beliefs are not as important as Louis’ reality. I don’t have any pride in defending my set of beliefs. But I want to hear what he’s saying, not deny him his voice, and the best way to do that is not to be closed-minded and shut him down, by treating him as a person without strategy or expression.

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I was wondering if any of you know anything about going to trans support groups (or individual counselling?). I think I could do with going since I can’t really talk to anyone about gender stuff. The main thing is that I don’t know what to expect from the individual or the group sessions that run locally. I think the group is accepting of nb people, but I just don’t know what I’d be okay to talk about etc.

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I run a trans support group, and we don’t have a lot of rules, but we require trigger warnings and full group consent before talking about a set list of topics (that was made up by the group). We also don’t allow slurs (even if retelling a story) but other than that there aren’t too many rules. 

However, you should ask the facilitator of the specific group that you’re going to what the rules are, because all groups are different. For individual counselling, the best thing to do is just ask, as all counselors do things differently.

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hey ; u ; pls don't feel bad for your sappy tags i love them. i am also a v emotive & loving person and i am so happy for you that you met jonghyun!! he is a person i really love as well and i can't imagine how happy you must be!! <3333 i hope you don't find me creepy to randomly pop out of nowhere in your ask box ; n ;

aaah no no i really don’t find you creepy at all my precious darling i’m actually

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people tell me this all the time especially @staerry-sky…. 


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he’s really something special, something amazing, something beautifully crafted. He’s such a gift to this world. I am so happy i get to live the same time as him. To be touched by his artistry and his personality and his entire being. I am happy I get to love someone like him.

Hey I’m having an existential/emotional crisis

If anyone could skype or discord their preeence would be really appreciated. I really feel like talking to someone and hearing them talk to me…

it’s so weird to me when people are like “we grew apart and i didn’t notice until it was too late” bc i notice the smallest of changes, i notice everything even if nothing is happening and my fear of abandonment and lack of emotional permanence would Never let me just miss a relationship starting to fade

So I was on @cartooncommubackup​‘s stream and a Camp Camp portal AU came into the conversation. Sorta realized camp must be a lot like Portal from Max’s perspective. Also friendly David GLaDOS who thinks the tests are fun for Max?? Anyway, this random thing became my warmup drawing for today.

“My mom went off when she found out I was gay. It’s not accepted in Jamaican culture. I had to pretend I was ‘over it’ just so I could stay in the house. I didn’t really have anyone to talk to about it. I was always getting in fights with other kids. I didn’t even have a real friend until I was seventeen. I joined my school’s volleyball team, and the coach paired me up with a boy named Winnie to work on drills. I was still in the closet. He was much more flamboyant than me. He’d make me laugh. We’d talk about other boys on the team. He showed me how to not take myself so seriously. And we had similar backgrounds too. Winnie lived in a single parent home. His mother didn’t accept his lifestyle either. Sometimes we’d talk on the phone at night. Or we’d get a slice of pizza after practice. These were things that I’d never done with anyone before. I never pursued anything romantic because I couldn’t risk the friendship. It was the first time I didn’t feel alone.“


“h.. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”


I like the idea of ???% signing even more than originally planned, i think i’m going to do more!

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my girlfriend and i have been trying to get jobs for the last few months and now that my foot is broken and won’t be able to walk on it for another month getting a job isn’t even an option at the moment

bc of that we’re struggling to provide for ourselves and it’s really tiring and stressful for the both of us so if y'all could send a dollar or something to my girlfriends venmo/paypal (both @linime) it would help so so much

  • People: I can't believe Damien's not a Slytherin!
  • Me: What? Have you ever met a LESS ambitious person? He could do literally anything he wanted to the world. He could start or end wars. He could restructure the government. He could end hunger and poverty. He could appoint himself king of everything. And what does he do? He skips lines and makes people tell him their secrets!
Skyline {V}

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Warnings: none

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word count: 3k

A/N: So I originally intended for this to be the last part of Skyline, but because things needed to be explained so much, the story is getting a bit longer than I anticipated.  For that reason, there will be a Skyline pt. 6!!  I almost wish there wasn’t, because I love the evenness and finality of five parts, but what can you do.  Special thanks to Zoe and Jen for helping me brainstorm ideas, and for giving me feedback!!  Also, just a reminder, I do not have a tags list!!  I really hope you guys enjoy pt. 5!!!

{part I} {part II} {part III} {part IV}

You really had no idea how Spider-Man did it.  How could he walk around in his civilian life, bursting at the seams with the secret of his powers, and not tell anybody?  How could he stay up half the night roaming the streets of Queens and keeping them safe?  How did he balance his hero responsibilities with those of a typical teenager?  You were sure that, if the radioactive spider had bitten you, you would not have been able to handle it like Spider-Man did.

You felt the change immediately when you woke up the morning after your night with Spider-Man. After crossing all those lines that the two of you had so carefully left uncrossed for months, you had stayed up almost all night, just talking (and also kissing a little bit?  But really, could anyone blame you?  He was a super hero).  Once Spider-Man had left around four am, you had had less than two hours of sleep once your alarm rang at six.  And by the time you made it to school, you had felt like death warmed over. That day had been a groggy fog of trying to stay awake and coherent until school was over, and you were tucked away in your cozy bed.

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