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Ed also announced on Nick's show that he is performing with someone at the Brits who nobody is expecting and it's going to be a debut of some sort.

When did he say that? 

ETA: from anons who heard the show, it sounds like the debut he referred to is his own music, so if he is bringing on a guest it could really be anyone.

OK since my inbox isn’t flooding with emo Reggie headcanons I guess I have to make my own? 

Because he’s had so many writers and storylines this is a very generalized post. Some of this is just canon in some versions too. 

*Reggie secretly has a huge crush on Archie but he only admits that to himself when he’s alone at night, trying to sleep 

*Reggie is diagnosably depressed and at times suicidal. 

*Reggie feels like he was spoiled because of the fact that materially, he was. However, anyone who took the time to really look could see that he was emotionally neglected 

*Veronica and Reggie could totally bond over the shared experience of being materially spoiled but emotionally neglected and they would make such a great couple 

*Reggie doesn’t love Midge, he loves the idea of her 

*Can we talk about how Reggie probably takes it way too personally and looks way too deep into it (secretly, on the outside he’d say it was no biggie) when he’s not invited to small things like going to Pops or something 

*If Reggie ever opened up his friends would be way more accepting of him ???

Feel free to add on to this <3 

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"it's going to be a debut of some sort" Ed is going to debut his new single tomorrow, there's a clip on the breakfast show twitter. He also was like "we're the penultimate act to perform" and of course everyone is panicking lol . But the debut part was about his single.

Ahhhh ok. Yeah I never heard what he said. So the debut is his own music then. So if he brings on a guest, it could really be anyone.

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Ur doing really noice at that.. model of urs... Only if I could do dat shit..

((lmao thanks

but i mean like really, anyone can do it! i had very little 3d modeling experience before this, and i managed to pick it up and learn the basics in like a single day. all it takes is a little dedication. watch a bunch of beginner’s tutorial videos, follow along with them in the program, do whatever you can to learn it

i really do implore artists to learn more mediums than just one, because they can all connect and help you improve everywhere!))


“h.. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”

ok so you know how genji cuts the pumpkin in his halloween highlight intro and it’s the same jack o lantern than reyes uses as his head at the party/in his ‘pumpkin’ skin

but genji’s not at the halloween party

thus the only logical conclusion we can draw from this is that the last thing genji did before leaving for hanamura to singlehandedly take down the shimada clan is cut reyes’ pumpkin head for him 

Bellarke + Harry Potter AU

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The Netflix Series of Unfortunate Events is turning out to be awesome! Super stoked for season 2. Loving how VFD members are getting a lot more screen time too! And Lemony Snicket!! And UNCLE MONTY!!!

Hey Voltron fandom - what do you call the things inside these circles?

Are these - handles? Control sticks? Control levers? Joysticks? Handle bars? Push-pull-things?

What are these?