it could be a thing idk

Pixelberry introducing ES' lis to me:
  • Pixelberry: this is Sean, he is hot, a good leader and an amazing friend who could sacrifice himself to save everyone.
  • Me: k.
  • Pixelberry: this is Quinn, she is the most adorable thing ever, very pretty and she brings joy where ever she goes.
  • Me: k.
  • Pixelberry: this is Estela, she is a badass, cute and with a good motivation, really awesome and capable of saving everyone.
  • Me: k.
  • Pixelberry: And this is Jake, a sarcastic piece of sh-

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Jack is having way too much fun with this. Also- fuck, if this is a fucking DANTI collab it explains why it took so long to edit. I mean Robin was on holidays and couldn't do anything so maybe teamiplier took it upon themselves? Idk im freaking out over the reborn thing too

just when we think we’re taking a breather, jack pulls out the big guns. that man, i swear…

or perhaps they were editing their respective characters? like mark doing dark’s parts, and then jack/robin doing anti’s parts now? who knows! it might not be a collab with them, but anything could happen! 

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Idk if you heard about what happened here in the US today, and I know requests are closed atm so I understand if you can't. but if possible could we maybe get a very short thing of the overwatch/blackwatch crew supporting a new trans recruit who's nervous because of stigma surrounding their identity and their ability to perform?

About the Transgender ban in the Military? I heard, I have a policy about not getting political on the blog but I’m here if anyone wants send a message to me just to vent. I’m going to leave it gender neutral beyond that they’re trans.

You shuffled awkwardly as you waited to enter the room, nerves wracking your body before you finally just grabbed the doorknob to open it. You had proved yourself to be recruited, Blackwatch eagerly seeking you out, but a part of you was scared they’d reject you.

You were more used to it than you should be, the whispers that would inevitably follow. Hardening your heart you stepped in, giving a small smile to the people in the room.

Reyes gave a smile to you in return, hoping to reassure you. You just shuffled in and looked around. A cowboy took a step forward and shook your hand, tilting his hat with a smirky grin.

“Names McCree,” he said, “It’ll be a pleasure to work with you.”

“Stop flirting,” Reyes barked and McCree just chuckled.

“This here is Genji,” he pointed behind him with his thumb to the cyborg who sat on the couch while playing on a hand held console, “He doesn’t talk much.”

Genji raised his hand slightly while still looking at the screen, his red eyes intently staring down. 

“I gotta go but I’ll see you later,” he said while giving a slight smile to you, your body relaxing at how friendly they were.

You went through the day, everyone beyond friendly and inviting, Reyes pulling you aside later to ask know you were doing.

“I know you were nervous,” he said, “so how was it.”

“Good,” you said, “Everyone was really nice.”

“They do that,” he said, “Overwatch and Blackwatch is for anyone who has the talent, nothing else matters. You being trans won’t affect your standing here.”

“Thanks for accepting me,” you said to him and he just chuckled, patting your back.

“No problem.”

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omg i just saw you got the vid down and PRAISE! he profits so much off of putting them in his thumbnails and i hate him so much bless. The strike means he can't do that anymore, correct?

it means i got that particular video down. idk about the other consequences. so i’ve heard that it can mean that he can’t have customized thumbnails and upload videos over 15 minutes for 90 days, but i can’t know for sure that /those/ will be the consequences. it could be something else. 

either way, if he waits for the 90 days, he has to do a thing called copyright school where they make u watch a video and answer some quiz, which i find absolutely hilarious.

also i’ve learnt through reading a lot of articles from creators who want to get rid of copyright strikes, that disputing a copyright claim of material that you did not credit, or like a copyright claim you’re not sure you’re 100% right, could end up on the termination of the account, so, it is recommended that if that’s the case, you just don’t do anything about it. will marcus / gleam dispute it? We’ll see. 

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3 scenarios for Imperial Babysitters: 1.) Piett letting Luke read aloud to him (gotta build up that confidence!), but Luke falls asleep on his lap, and Vader walks in on both of them in a pretty deep sleep. 2.) Luke gets sick while Vader is off doing Vader things. His uncles are keeping an eye on him with the medical staff. 3.) Vader watching Piett hold Luke as an infant (maybe the first time?) and Piett is either good or needs Vader's guidance. *Might* write #3. Art could convince me. Idk.

Baby Luke coming up next. These are all wonderful ideas, I may also end up making more inspired by these.  Pleeeease do write!  I would love to read it! :D

Guys my birthday is coming up soon and idk what to do because Bill is gone and tbh none of my friends are down here and I’m kinda broke :/ I’m turning 22 on the 9th and it’s been really rough for me these past few months, and my health has been getting worse. I have a lot of upcoming doctors appointments and shit (I might have some future updates on that- it’s kinda serious) and things have just been getting really hard but I’ve just been hanging in there so I’ve just wanted to do something at least but idk what. It’s kinda hard when you’re broke and most of your friends from school are far away, and the love of your life is in training. The only person I could really spend it with is my little cousin but she’s only 20 and can’t really go out to bars with me, so it kinda sucks. What should I do, y'all? Any ideas?


lux keeps many things under lock and key in her desk drawers… assorted stickers, lipstick, confiscated mobile phones. oh, and a gun. y’know… for professional purposes.

Let's do this

Alright, it’s time I actually do this.
So, if you ever look through the Jack, Anti, Chase or, anything along the lines of his egos tags. You might have seen people talking about the Suppressed, ignored, unpredictable thing so alright I’m going to talk about this.

First let’s just think about this, what could this all mean? It had to do with the egos right? Specifically Chase, Schneeple, Jackieboy man, and Anti considering where it came from was written in zalgo which when it comes to Jack is associated with Anti, but what could this mean?

Suppressed-forcibly put an end to.
Ignored-refuse to take notice of or acknowledge; disregard intentionally.
Unpredictable-not able to be predicted.
Which ego was suppressed? Which ego was ignored? Which ego is unpredictable? I’ve seen it in a few different ways

Chase: Suppressed
Jackieboy man: Ignored
Schneeple: Unpredictable
But I have seen people say anti for ignored and unpredictable while that all makes sense I have other theories about the egos and I have had so many say Chase has already switched sides and basically joined Anti so wouldn’t that make him unpredictable? I still think jackieboy man is ignored but schneeple is suppressed doesn’t that make sense in some way? I honestly have been starting to think Anti has already gotten Chase making him unpredictable. But this is theory on it all. It’s all up to Jack to decide what will actually happen if something does happen.

We’ll just need to wait and see won’t we?

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I saw your post about people with a broken heart and it really hit home for me right now cuz not too long ago my gf and I broke up because she felt as if she wasn't ready for a serious relationship yet and that we still need to grow as people and that maybe in the future we can get back together I agreed to breaking up because I care about her so much but like we still talk everyday like normal but I can't stop loving her and it's been hurting so much idk I just thought you'd be nice to talk to.

I’m glad I could help! I’ve been through a pretty tough heartache both with romantic interests and friends, and i’ve come out of it. However when you’re in that moment it kind of feels like: “I can’t believe this happened I will never find something like that again” the thing is: you will. Just every relationship is a little different and that’s okay.

I’m happy you respected your partner enough to let them figure things out, and the fact you didn’t pressure them shows your true character. Whether or not you get back together, I hope you can enjoy each other’s company. If the love goes on unrequited and being around them too long hurts you; don’t be afraid to let them know you need to distance yourself for your own mental health.

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How would you feel about someone wanting to get one of your existing Tony drawings tattooed on them?

It’s a complicated situation.

On one hand I would be so very flattered that they liked my art enough that they’d choose to put it on their body permanently!

On the other hand, I have drawn multiple tattoos for people before and I always got paid for those (except for one but that was a birthday gift for my uncle).

On the third hand (because yes, those exist), it would depend a lot on which drawing it is. Some are very personal to me and I don’t know how I would feel about another person having it on their body.

Idk, I know that I at least would want the person to contact me first, then I’d know which drawing it is and I could discuss it with the person who’d want the tattoo. So it’s sort of an individual thing, a case by case thing. :) 

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ok so this band au thing i'm imagining their first tour after becoming mainstream having team not-dead, the electro synth experimental funk band (have you SEEN their outfits??), opening for them and honestly i'm not exactly sure how the logistics of that would work bc like overlapping members but it could work because time travel and shit? idk

I love the idea of Team Not-Dead being a band, but maybe they were a band that Twelve was a part of before the Event Horizon days, when he and Missy were in the middle of some Proper Fight and not speaking/working together

in the fic, their opening act is Ashildr, who is a kind of Lorde-style solo act who goes on with nothing but a recording/loop pedal system and their own voice

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Hi! What js your opinion on red arakan (aradia x kanaya)? I dont particularly ship it in particular but I think it could be interesting. Also sorry I know you dislike quadrants but I couldnt figure out another way to phrase it 😓

theres a revolutionary human concept called girlfriends idk if youve heard of it maybe its just a lesbian thing BUT

while it has my support bc its a girl ship i just never thought about it at all theyve talked like three times in canon and two of them were super ploty heavy convos with multiple ppl

again it has my support but im not really into it or ill probably ever draw it in my free time

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I hate myself, who I am. Idk what to do about this. I think I'm a mistake and that everyone secretly hates me. What can I do to make this go away?

You start loving yourself. Start with the small things, start with the things you don’t hate about yourself. Maybe you could start with liking the colour of your eyes.

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I just wanna say that I respect you so much for not getting a photo when you could sense he wanted down time ect. idk it's just so polite and I know not many people would've done what you did x

Thank you! Social boundaries are important, even with celebrities and people as loveable and outgoing as Van. I know I sure as hell wouldn’t wanna take photos with strangers first thing in the morning lol.

psa   –   big huge reminder that i’m a man!!   so like.   if everyone could stop referring to me in feminine terms that’d be great!!   i’m not a lady or a girl or any of that.   idk where everyone seems to lately have the idea that she/her   &&   feminine terms are the right thing to use for me because they’re really,   really wrong.   he/him/they/them are the only acceptable pronouns to use in reference to me. 

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Thats one thing thats so hard about stepping out of the larrie bubble, is realizing that some people just aren't who you thought they were? I would like to imagine that Louis wouldn't be the kind of person to pull away from a friend because of gay rumours, but he's pretty much saying thats what happened... I mean I guess harry could have been the one to pull away first but idk I feel like just based on past issues we know who it probably was. And it sucks realizing Louis kinda is that guy.


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Helloooo I wanted to ask something. Idk if you know how these things work but I don't know who else to ask. Two Ghosts was supposed to be released as Harry's second single on July 25th but they changed it for August 8(?). Do you have any idea why they did that? And could it be Harry's own choice so he didn't have, for example, to "compete" with Louis because the two releases were too close? Or only his label could make a decision like this? Thank you anyway.

It’s usually strategic based on a lot of different things. Louis’ song release may have had something to do with it, and Harry would very likely have a lot of input into the timing if he felt strongly, but under ordinary circumstances, the label will make that call.