it could almost be heroes for hire

Can’t Take The Sky (1/3)

She knows how to find people. He’s got a fast ship. They need each other - and neither of them is happy about it.

… in which Emma Swan and Killian Jones team up to apprehend an armed and dangerous military deserter, who just so happens to be Killian’s brother. Shenanigans ensure - in space. Sci-fi AU inspired by all the things I love, for day 4 of @seastarved‘s Fantasy Pretzel Week.

Huge thank you to the ladies at the CS Writers’ Hub for the cheerleading and the feedback and everything! You’re all wonderful.

Blaster fire lit up the alleyway around Emma, flashing as it hit the grimy walls, the high-pitched whirr of the guns drowning out noise of the speeders from the street beyond. She flung herself into the meagre cover of a waste disposal unit, breathing hard. Her back was still hitting the wall when her companion joined her, whirling around to fire at their attackers as he backed into her.

And kept backing up.

“Hook,” she pressed out as his shoulders obscured her view, the scent of leather and soap almost overpowering the smell of the alley. “You’re crushing me.”

“My apologies, but I’ve no desire to get shot,” he gritted out. “Where did all these fellows come from?”

“You’re the one who poked the gundark den,” she reminded him sharply. “Why’d you break cover? You were supposed to wait for my signal.”

She’d known going in that this mission was a huge risk. It had gone well at first; they’d landed on Dathmun without any of the trouble that Killian had predicted, and he’d even managed to talk the dock officials out of the usual trumped-up customs charges. Up until give minutes ago, Emma would have said that the place was perfect—easy in, just busy enough to provide cover and distractions, and no weapons bans.

She might still be saying it now, if her words weren’t going to be drowned out by the blaster fire.

“Did you see how he was looking at you?” Killian demanded, edging carefully forward to snap off two quick shots at their attackers.

“How—“ Emma felt her eyes widen, something fast and hot and angry rising inside her. “You got jealous?”

“No,” he shot back, a little too quickly. “You were about to be made.”

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Defenders Countdown: 24 Days

Matt and Danny

    Another dynamic we can’t wait to see in the MCU is the one between our two resident martial artists. By linking the Iron Fist legacy to that of the Hand/Chaste, the Marvel/Netflix writers have tied Matt’s past– and possibly present and future– directly to Danny’s. How this will impact their time together in The Defenders remains to be seen, but for now, here is a quick look at their friendship in the comics!                  

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Hooves rapidly struck the forest floor, crushing and tossing up the colorful leaves that decorated it. The swift steed and it’s rider roared through the dense foliage, seeming almost eager to reach their destination. The pure ivory stallion moved like thunder, and shook the world to life just as such a boom would. It’s master’s armor clinked whenever the metal plates that reinforced the leather would strike, like heavy drops of rain colliding with the earth. The hunter and his ride were like a storm rolling through, and they might as well have been.

Ezekiel took the mount and plates with him, because they felt almost necessary. Horses and armor was never exactly Ezekiel’s style. He would have preferred to take his bike, but the path he chose simply wouldn’t support it. The iron on his chest and arms would normally feel like dead weight, but if what he’d heard of his prey was true and extra layer between it and his heart couldn’t hurt. This contract didn’t sound nor feel like just another kill, it felt so much more challenging and so much grander. Ezekiel loved that feeling. Dashing through the woods on horse back to slay the demon that lurked in the dark. From hired gun to dashing rogue knight. He’d felt like a hero before, but this almost seemed like it was taken straight from a fairy tail.

After what only felt like moments, Ezekiel could see the maw of a cave before him. As he approached, it felt as though the world around him had suddenly faded away. With each yard the horse left in the past, signs of life in the trees and shrubs died away. Chirps became distant ringing, snapping twigs were only the work of his silver friend, and not another leaf even seemed brave enough to fall from it’s branch. In only a handful of heart beats, it felt as though the hunter was the only creature still wading through the sea of trees. This feeling was false, and he knew that without a doubt, but it was still oddly thrilling. As distance between him and the earth’s mouth lessened he could feel that which resided inside.

After only a second or two, the horse refused to take another step. Ezekiel slowly dismounted and approached the lair. Stepping into the archway, staring into the darkness and allowing the last rays of sunlight that could still reach him wash over his body, the monster slaying beast drew his blade and called into the shadows.

To whatever amalgamation of sin and fire that’s in there. I hope you’re ready to face your end. It’s name is Asher, and it wishes to make this pleasant, but brief. The young man chimed, a little smirk dressing his lip.

What I don’t understand is how Robert always pretty much always does the same scheme but stupid White’s still fall for it.

Robert got two people to fake rob the house to play the hero, same as getting Tim to almost run over Chrissie so he could, again, “play the hero”. Chrissie actually hugged Robert. What the actual fuck

Also, when Robert hired the rentboy so he could get rid of him for Lawrence, same applies with getting rid of Tim.

They are so stupid, you can’t even be mad at Robert for doing it, like, they should know by now. Seriously, shame on them for not knowing.

Don’t get me started on the amount of times Robert showed Rebecca he couldn’t care less about her 😪

Lachlan knows but he doesn’t care about his family, so it’s the same really. Way too easy to manipulate too.

anonymous asked:

If you could be a comic creator in any previous decade which would it be and why?

Excellent question. I have thought about this because I have talked to so many of my heroes from generations past and heard their tales of woe and triumph.

 it seems that we are living and I am working in the best generation for comic creators. I am standing on the shoulders of many talented people who have worked very hard to allow me freedoms both in the work for hire and obviously creator owned work. freedom that you would  almost take for granted because it’s been available to me since my very first days as a creator.

 others have struggled sometimes their entire life to get what was handed to me as the norm. so although I do look back on certain generations with awe and nostalgia I do know that we have it best.

now let’s hope we don’t fuck it up.