it costs a whole quarter now



  • Almost 6 years at Barça 

“I remember my presentation, one of the happiest days of my career. I have been at this club for five and a half years now, in which, if things go well, you play every three days and the years and the seasons fly by”.

  • A Long-awaited inter-week rest

“Taking advantage of the long week, which we haven’t had in a while,it is good to unwind a little and enjoy time with the family.”

  • The team’s great moment 

"The situation is very good. At the beginning of season one imagines reaching these instances in this way, not only because we are well in the Liga, Copa and Champions League, but because of the good feeling that we have as a team. There is a lot left. The job is done well up until now, but we must finish it well, this is what this club requires.”

  • Overcome Adversities 

“The team has suffered and knew how to suffer. We lost the player number 12, 13 and stayed without the 14. Xavi was the captain and had many minutes being the first choice substitute. Pedro was very important and then Rafinha who had his turn as well, got injured. In addition we were left two months without Leo, we suffered from Neymar’s mumps, the two were out in the first match of the Club World Cup… We knew how to live with this situation, we were made strong in times of adversity. When a team pushed forward in these circumstances, it grows”.

  • 36 unbeaten matches

“Being sincere, personally, I don’t pay much attention to statistics. The fact of having going many matches without losing have led us to be in this situation. But on the first day of the season you set a goal to fight to win all competitions, you don’t think in a record of matches, in goals scored or matches without conceding… The people later remember what you have won.

  • The team transmits Security 

“Your performance is what generates security, which until now has been very good. You can win several matches, but casually. Security is when things go the way you want them to in matches, the way you practiced them, that’s the true security.”

  • The possibility of winning another treble

"I am very cautious, I know how difficult it is to win a title and until we don’t have the options of seeing it so close I keep thinking that anything can happen. In a season so long, one or two matches can heavily punish you. The treble came because it had to come. We do not think about it, we were winning and it came when we realized it was here.”

  • Hoarse in last year’s treble celebration 

"As long as we did not do harm to anyone… It was a unique moment and we had a good time”. 

  • Rivals for the Champions League Quarter finals 

“We first have to eliminate Arsenal with the due respect it deserves. We played a good match in London, but it would not be the first or the last time that accidents could occur. The rival issue is relative. Last year we had to overcome to the champions of the four major leagues to be champions. The important thing  is to be a good level, with healthy people, with sufficient substitutes. We need the whole squad now. And if we make it to the quarter finals, we can not pretend that the rival is going to be easy. If they in the Champions League,it is because they have their degree of difficulty. We know what it takes on the pitch. It cost us a lot to beat Bayer Leverkusen 2-1 in the group stage, for example”.

  • The secret of this Barça

“It is not a secret it is a reality - the team is a block. Then there are more breakaway players with greater importance and others with less. You have to make sure to get the ball to Messi, Suarez and Neymar well, run the 70 meters and let them receive ut in good conditions. And football is not only about attacking. It has several faces, many facets and there is where you see the block of a team”.

  • The great atmosphere

“The atmosphere has always been phenomenal during all these years. It has always been very good. Obviously when you win you have a more pleasant climate. And we had to live in difficult times as human beings. It helped make us stronger. The captains being key in that great atmosphere? The great atmosphere is not due to the captains. It’s because of the people, the good people.”

  • The permission for Neymar was from Luis Enrique 

“The permission for Neymar to travel to Brazil? The Captains do not get involved in that. This is decided by the coach. He had given him permission to have one more day off.”

  • Luis Enrique’s Role

“It would be a mistake not to acknowledge his merits for the team functioning. Barça is not eleven individuals, it is a block which needs a coach who will make it function. For everything to work there has to be an idea. And for that idea to triumph, a coach has to convince all the players. The merit of Luis Enrique goes beyond playing good or not. The team has evolved considerably in aspects of the game that we lacked. If have to track back, we do without fear, just like the counter-attack or possession”. 

  • The provoked sanctions

“I am not going to rest because of the coach’s decision, it was because of an accumulation of yellow card. Should Luis Suárez provoke his yellow card this weekend so he could be available for the Clasico? I am not the coach, he will assess the situation. I think all matches are important. When I arrived I didn’t care if the match was against Madrid or in the Copa against Ceuta. I have a duty to this club”.

  • Pique’s Periscope

“We are used to social networks. People are interested in this, being able to see for 20 seconds what the players can do before going back to Barcelona. It won’t hurt anyone. We live in a world where football is a business which you have to sell for the good or the bad. Now they’ll talk about this for 20 days and don’t talk about football at all. The players living in a bunker? I talk about myself, I can’t change the world. Whenever I have been asked, have gone to an interview".

  • Mascherano and social networks 

“I am a weird guy, sincerely. It is not that I do not like to show my private life, but it is hard for me to sell myself, I do not like. I try to limit my private life to the people around me, to cause the least damage possible to it”.

  • 13 titles with Barça

‘It takes a lot to win titles, winning this many is a blessing.”

  • A forced Center-back

“I came here to help, not to replace Touré. I played very little in midfield, yes. When I arrived I knew what was coming, it was an armed team that came from winning the sextuple. I knew that I was not going to be a starter. It was very clear, but with more than 60 matches per year in a team like Barça, I knew that I was going to play because Sergio Busquets would have to rest. My idea was to give my all. I have no problems to recognize that a player with whom competing is better than me. Sergio is the best midfielder in the world and is the ideal one for Barça. What if I felt mistreated by the criticism when I played midfield? It is like when someone plays in Leo’s place. It is going to take notice. Sergio is also unique and it’s notable when someone plays in his place. If you would be wrong if I want to be like Sergio. He is very complete, he defends and builds. I have not built in my life. The only thing i can build is a dollhouse for my daughter. I am more defensive”.

  • His famous tackle on Bendtner (Arsenal) 

“On that day, it was a hit , but in many others I’ve had many misses. This is a game of hits and misses”.

  • Midfielder at heart

“I’m not going to be a center-back forever. Someday I’ll play as a midfielder in another club. It might seem odd that I play in one position with the club and in another with the National team, but those are two different teams, and I feel comfortable in both positions. I am a midfielder, and I am not going to renounce it.”

  • Enjoying at Barça 

“I didn’t say I suffer, I said I don’t enjoy it, it’s not the same thing. Being in a tensed and focused climate, prevents you from enjoying.”

  • His future at Barça

“I do not know how many more years I will be at Barça . It depends not only on me, it also depends on what the club thinks. It does not concern me. Signings in my position of Center-back? Barça has to have the best in each position. One cannot be a fool and think that Barça will not sign players for your position even though things have been going well. The team has to reinvent itself and improve.”

  • About to leave after 2013-14 

"I do not know if you had decided, but I had the chance to go. I thought that my cycle had been completed here. I said so to the then sporting director, Andoni Zubizarreta, and he said no, no way, they still counted on me. And then Luis Enrique arrived, and told me that I was staying. But in this life no one is indispensable. Going to Benitez’s Napoli? I did not talk to anyone, but it was an option for sure”.

  • Not taking a penalty to score his first goal 

“Record of most years at Barça without scoring? I’m way passed Reiziger’s record… It’s not an obsession of mine, a goal, a goal will not change my life. Taking a penalty? No way.”

  • Messi and Barça’s History

“It is hard to find something different to say. He is a unique player. From what I have seen, he’s the best in history, with terrible a degree of competitiveness. He has helped make club bigger than it already was. To my understanding, he is the most influential player in the history of the club. Build him a statue? For Messi, much more beyond a statue, he will forever be remember in this club. But let us not be too hasty, there is still time.”

  • Criticism for Leo in Argentina

"No one is perfect for the whole world to like and accept them. We live with the praise and criticism ever since we were younger,without a problem. He knows the kind of player he is”.

  • The Memory that Mascherano will leave

“I would like you to remember me as I am, a natural person, who has passed through here and has been good person. The most important thing is that I am remembered as good person”.

  • A Coach in the future

“I will try to be, let’s see if we can. The players try to be coaches one day, but when you have to be one, it gets complicated. I would like to try it. A coach at Barça?No, in Argentina”.

[tranlsated by me]