it continues into his adulthood

ok so i have another hal jordan-related hc and this one is a bit personal and might be projecting on my part so feel free to disregard this completely but i hc hal to have ADHD (the impulsive type)

“but using willpower requires a lot of focus!!! same with flying!!!” true true but the thing is?? when hal gives a shit, he has enough willpower to actually keep his mind on the task. but what is even more important is that both of those activities come to hal NATURALLY, he has automatized ringslinging and flying, you can esp see that when it comes to using ring – his constructs are instinctual, he never puts much thought into what hes about to create, whatever is on his mind works (he thinks ‘i need to punch that guy’ he creates boxing gloves etc). its all natural to him so he doesnt actually need to concentrate, it happens to him bc flying/using ring is just?? his second nature

now when it comes to just normal life… he can’t handle reading long texts, always claims that its just “boring” but its not, he just cant focus for long enough, his eyes skip around and he gives up easily. he doesnt like watching movies (unless theyre about a subject that fascinates him, then focusing gets easier – FOR EXAMPLE: TOP GUN). internet and mobile apps are a huge blessing for him, twitter is his favorite form of social media

he just says things without thinking them over, which makes others perceive him as brash and kind of a dick, when in reality, hal just doesn’t have that much of a restraint, he doesn’t pay attention to the words that are coming out of his mouth, he often says things only to say them, it’s like he has to be talking (which annoys his Brooding Superhero Pals)

justice league meetings are usually a torture to him, which is why he spends most of them playing on phone

the often “huh–? sry i wasnt listening” are mistaken for another sign of his arrogance AND YEAH HES ARROGANT but he doesnt listen to people because he thinks they arent worth listening to, he just tunes out of conversations a lot, sometimes he just sits there while batman is monologuing or something, words just become a weird mess in his ears and WELL, nobody can tell hes looking down to check his twitter if hes wearing that green mask

honestly hal having adhd explains a LOT of his actions… and i also think he was diagnosed with it as a kid, just when adhd was becoming a Thing in the child psychology. and his mom would use it as an argument as to why hal cant go to air force (”you can’t be a pilot with adhd!!”), which made hal REALLY UPSET FOR A WHILE THERE… but then his resolute 11 yrs old self decided to screw this and become pilot anyways… bc he has that much WILL

Why did Richard Ramirez kill?
(My amateur interpretation of the mind of a killer)

Why did Richard Ramirez kill? (My amateur interpretation of the mind of a killer) Probably one of the main reasons Ramirez killed, or needed violence in the first place was his childhood. His father was abusive, to the point where he used to sleep in a graveyard to avoid him. His fathers violent outbursts reportedly caused Ramirez to become withdrawn from his family and peers. Another strong influence is his younger life was his older cousin Mike Ramirez who served in Vietnam. He reportedly boasted about his ‘gruesome exploits’ in Vietnam including raping and decapitating local women. He is reportedly the person who taught Ramirez how to kill stealthily. When Ramirez was 13 he was present when Mike shot and killed his wife during a domestic dispute. Mike did minimal time (I think he pleaded insanity) and after a few years continued his influence over Richard. As a child, Richard also frequently abused drugs like weed and LSD, a habit that continued into adulthood. Most likely because of his childhood, Ramirez felt the need for, or an attraction to violence in later life, including in his sexual fantasies. This is why he would assault and rape women during his home invasions. Killing his victims may have been part of these fantasies, or may have just been to remove witnesses, however, the mutilation of bodies, and the up close and personal methods of killing some victims (hammers, tire irons and knives) suggests that killing was an experience he enjoyed and wanted to remember. Ramirez never expressed any remorse for his crimes, possibly because of 2 serious head injuries as a kid that gave him epileptic seizures into his teens, and may have caused damage to the 'human centre’ (a part of the frontal lobe that supposedly controls the emotions that make us human such as remorse) of his brain, and in turn have led to him feeling reduced empathy and remorse for his victims. Another factor that might have affected him was his religion- an avowed satanist-often making his victims swear on Satan that they weren’t hiding anything from him. Ramirez was deemed sane.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Heneral Luna. 

I bought tickets with the 50% discount. I watched it twice because it’s awesome. 

1. Cinematography. In the movie, the time when Luna’s mother visits him, they reminisce the old times when Luna was still a kid and it was a continuous shot of one era to another, from his childhood to his adulthood. Now having watched Pinoy movies, there has never been a shot like that, if ever there was, it wasn’t successfully delivered, then there’s this movie, and they did it perfectly! 

2. The Script (no, not the band -.-) 

 “Para kayong mga birhen na naniniwala sa pag- ibig ng isang puta!“ 

“Arestuhin nyo na, nauubusan na ako ng Ingles tangina naman!”

“MGA TRAYDOR!!! DUWAG!!” -Heneral Luna

3. John Arcilla. Why is he only given a main role just now? This country is too busy casting tisoys as pinoys and painting mestizas to look dark. They chose the perfect guy to play the part,  I’m glad Daniel Padilla wasn’t considered. 

4. The Sad Reality.  “Mga kapatid, mayroon tayong mas malaking kaaway kaysa sa mga Amerikano—ang ating sarili.” A Filipino’s death by a fellow Filipino. How could you?

5. 50% Discount. Even if it’s worth 250.00 I think I’d still buy tickets because it’s worth it *trumpets*

 Hey Star Cinema, I want my money back. 

My contribution for @neversayenevermore‘s Medieval BC!

Name: Adon Delmonte 

Age: 24 

Sexuality: He wouldn’t dare say he was attracted to both women and men, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t. 

Occupation: Knight 

Education: Adon’s father educated him in the arts of mathematics and physics, and his mother introduced him to “Western” literature and music. While he excels in math and physics, Adon has no patience for reading and has never been good at anything involving the fine arts. 

History and Family: Adon is the son of a noblewoman of Spanish birth and a wealthy Arabic scholar. His mother insisted on raising him as a Catholic, but his father insisted on teaching him the Qur’an nonetheless. The other children of noble birth looked down on him because of his heritage, something that continued into adulthood. It was for that reason that he left home as soon as possible and joined the Order of Santiago as a knight. Although Adon has never been one for large groups, he quite enjoys being a knight since he is truly good at heart, despite having a bit of a temper. 

When Adon was 21 years old, his mother died from spotted fever. After her death his father decided to travel to Morocco to teach at the university there. 

Living: Adon inherited his mother’s large estate in northern Spain after her passing. He has access to his father’s financial assets, although they remain untouched. 

Traits: Good, Hot-headed, Handy, Loner, Athletic

Why is he here? Mainly to “legitimize” his nobility. There are many lords and ladies who don’t want him to have the power he has. Adon believes that if he gets married to a European noblewoman, he will win their trust and respect.