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oh mY GOSH how dare you offer this! I can't resist! (I'm not a strong person) def my fav, “Never mind, I know that look. They’re/you’re not done yet.” with Viktuuri? c: I don't mind who the victim is.. just.. let the power of snz take you where it may ~

[!!! featuring: sniffly yuuri, very observant viktor, and me not knowing when to stop typing]

[also lyubimaya and dushen’ka both mean darling in russian!!]

Viktor starts to suspect in the morning, worries throughout practice, and has a solidified ball of nerves in his chest by the afternoon. There’s nothing definitively wrong with Yuuri, no specific action to point to besides a collection of mumbles and tired smiles over coffee (which is eighty percent of their mornings anyway, so really, Viktor doesn’t know why he’s so worked up). The cold Russian air makes both of them congested, even on good days; Yuuri is always warm and sleepy in the mornings, draping himself on top of Viktor until he gains enough energy to change into workout clothes; practice is often quiet with the exceptions of Viktor’s soft commentary and the ever-constant slicing of ice.

None of this helps to uncurl the anxiety resting against his lungs, especially not when Yuuri skates over to the boards, breathless and cheeks flushed. This is a normal reaction to exercise, Viktor reminds himself, but just enough of their day has been slightly off and it’s slightly too early for Yuuri to be this flushed and slightly too late for him to still be congested from outside.

“Drink some water.” Viktor says instead of Do you want to go home? Hands him his water bottle instead of pressing a hand to his forehead (not that it would be accurate at the moment, Viktor reminds himself).

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Not to be unsympathetic, but if your lab safety technique is that piss-poor you only have yourself to blame if you die a horrible death.

I was already excited for 2B but now with the new little bits of sneak peak with jimon and Magnus dancing I actually cannot wait, I’m just so excited, like I can’t watch it until it’s on Netflix on the Tuesday morning but I’m gonna be dancing around work on June 5th like oh my god yasssssss shadowhunters is back


Speak Up. Speak Out. Just Speak.

I’ve been seeing a few posts about online harassment, cyber bullying, and even just self loathing over the past few days. And it’s driven me to the point where I need to speak up.

Originally, I wanted to have something larger planned for this; get some of my peers involved and make a grand gesture that people could rally behind. 

However, life doesn’t always go as planned. It took me longer than I had anticipated to complete this, and the momentum I used to try to get others involved waned. I’m no leader; I don’t have a commanding presence or the ability to inspire others. I’m a hobby artist with limited time.

But I still care. And I can still try.

If you find the time to re-blog this, add your story to this. You victories, your ability to persevere. The times you supported those who needed it most. Let your voice be heard.

You’re not alone.





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