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kim yoon ju: (about what she wrote on a rolling paper that she wanted jonghyun to change in the past when on blue night) i wrote that i wanted jjongd to stop singing during the ads. because i wanted to concenrate on the ads. do you still do that?
jonghyun: no …, because i sing along to the ads. (okdal laughs)

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Okay, I'm struggling a lot with Spanish grammar. And I was wondering if you knew of any websites or videos that explained it a bit better-particularly in relation to verbs and infinitive/subjunctive forms. Or if you have any posts that you could possibly link me to?

In my experience, you’re more likely to find people explaining the subjunctive forms and how it works rather than what it is or why.

The infinitive is just the default verb form left unconjugated like ir, ser, dar, ver, venir, caber, decir… they aren’t conjugated forms, so I call them “dictionary forms” since if you saw bailar “to dance” you’d see that it’s a verb and different from el baile “a dance” as a noun.

With subjunctive, it helps to know that English subjunctive doesn’t really exist as far as separate conjugations which is why it’s difficult for us to spot it. The only real subjunctive that exists for us in English is the imperfect subjunctive, but even then not always.

Subjunctive mood in its core is about wishes, desire, uncertainty, hypothetical situations, assumptions, or contrary to fact statements.

The most clear-cut subjunctive deals with specific verbs and an imposition of will. With these, it’s two separate subjects and two separate verbs; one will acting on another. This would be the difference between quiero poner la mesa “I want to set the table” vs. quiero que pongas la mesa “I want you to set the table”

In this sense, the que works to break up two conjugated verbs [which in a lot of cases for Spanish contain the subject tacitly; quiero only exists for yo so a yo is understood even when not stated]

These simpler subjunctive phrases can also include emotional or value judgements of an event, or sometimes doubt. This would be like… me alegro que vaya bien “I’m glad that it’s going well”, or es necesario que lo hagas “it’s necessary that you do it” [instead of necesitas hacerlo], or no creo que sea posible “I don’t think that’s possible”

(Side Note: pensar que and creer que are indicative… pienso que es buena idea while no pensar que and no creer que are subjunctive… no pienso que sea buena idea)

There are subjunctive clauses like antes que “before (something happens)”, hasta que “until (something happens)”, con tal de que “provided that (something happens)”, para que “in order for (something to happen) / so that (something happens)”, or others where they don’t always include a different verb. They do show up with things like es necesario que, es probable que but these shorter ones are more about cause and effect.

The more confusing present subjunctive deals with implied doubt or uncertainty because in a lot of cases it can be ambiguous when you’re dealing with words like si, aunque, and cuando

Cuando tienes tiempo. = When you have time.

Cuando tengas tiempo. = Whenever you have time.

It tends to deal with how much doubt you’re implying, or whether something is contrary to fact.

Aunque es de noche… = However, it is nighttime… / Although it is nighttime…

Aunque sea de noche… = Even if it is nighttime…

For aunque when it’s with indicative it shows up more as certain and it’s a “however” or “although”… for uncertainty or possible contrary to fact statements, it’s “even if” or “even though”.

*Note: That only applies to present tense, aunque in past tense is normally indicative; aunque era de noche “even though it was nighttime”… saying “even if it is” for present tense is possibly contrary to fact, or hypothetical

But for si and cuando the subjunctive is used for deference and politeness.

Most expressions that have an -ever in English would qualify as subjunctive in Spanish.

Haz lo que quieras. = Do whatever you want.

Lo que sea. = Whatever (it is).

como quieres = how you want
como quieras = however you like / as you wish

A quien corresponda… = To whom it concerns… / To whomsoever it concenrs…

Quien lea esto… = Whoever reads this…

Dondequiera que estés… = Wherever you are…

Adondequiera que vayas… = Wherever you go…

*Note: adondequiera “(to) wherever” vs. a dónde quiera(s) “(to) wherever you (would/might) want” are technically different.

Imperfect subjunctive deals with subjunctive in the past and now the future. In the past, it’s normally subjunctive phrases that happened in the past like me dijeron que pusiera la mesa “they told me to set the table” or querían que hiciera los deberes “they wanted me to do chores/homework”

Imperfect subjunctive in the future talks about hypothetical situations and contrary to fact, and is formally used with conditional tense.

This is the part that could look like English.

For Spanish, si fuera/fuese could be translated as “if I was” or “if I were”

Although there is technically a difference where “was” is past and “were” is future subjunctive, they’re the same difference in English translation:

Si fuera presidente/presidenta… = If I was president…
Si fuera presidente/presidenta… = If I were president…

*Note: Latin America prefers the endings in -ara/-iera, while Spain prefers the -ase/-iese endings for imperfect subjunctive. Latin America would use fuera while Spain would say fuese

Overall, there are three moods in Spanish: indicative, subjunctive, and imperative.

Subjunctive deals with uncertainty, desire, imposition of wills, hypotheticals, deferential ways of speaking, doubt, more polite commands… Subjunctive exists in present and imperfect subjunctive. There was a future subjunctive but it’s now obsolete, so that’s why imperfect subjunctive can be future or hypothetical futures as well

And imperative are the basic affirmative and negative commands.

Indicative is just… everything else, so most things are indicative: present, imperfect, preterite, future, conditional

The perfect tenses using haber can be indicative or subjunctive depending on how you conjugate haberhe hecho vs. haya hecho and había hecho vs. hubiera hecho

And as far as verb forms, there’s…

infinitive - the dictionary form, “to (do something)” which can be used as a basic non-conjugated verb, or to describe “the act/result of doing something”… hablar, comer, vivir, ser, ir, ver

progressive - the -ing form of a verb, usually conjugated with estar or a verb of motion to describe something happening at that moment… hablando, comiendo, viviendo, siendo, yendo, viendo

past participle - the adjectival form of a verb, often used with haber to mean “to have (done something)”, though they can exist by themselves as regular adjectives. It would be the difference between something like “to be” and “been” or “to eat” and “eaten”… hablado, comido, vivido, sido, ido, visto

Apocryphos: Slayer or Saviour?

After Leverrier he’s the #1 most hated character in DGM. A strange double standard: it is certain that Neah would erase Allen’s existence, yet people like him. In Apocryhpos’s case we aren’t even sure what he exactly intends to do with Allen, since there are mixed signs.

First he promises that Allen won’t be executed, then that he’d heal Allen, because the Heart is worried about him.

But as one can imagine, being touched by an Innocence when you’re turning into a Noah it hurts like hell. But still, the Cardinal didn’t kill him on spot despite him showing the signs of transforming. (On that thought, it’s pretty suspicious to me, that he starts turning when he thinks about trying to become allies with the 14th). He looks at Allen fondly and even compliments him.

One, as in he forces Allen to synchronize with him - just like Kanda later confirmed. But then arises the problem, that he is the one behind Cross Marian’s doubtful murder. The “healing” itself works,since the gray colour retreats.

And then Allen attacks him. And here comes the contradiction:

In another, maybe more fitting translation for this scenario:

Japanese is a beautiful language, but it’s hard to translate. But it’s most likely the second option:

So maybe that’s the fan’s problem that he wants to trap Neah-pon. Still, I think he really would like to help Allen, it’s just Allen can’t accept the fact that he killed(?) Cross and is most likely concenred that Apo-ko would use his firends to achieve his goal.

Another hint may be the 24th volume’s omake: Hoshino described him as an immature Innocence-stalker who’s obsessed with Allen. Actual canon: “You always do everything together with MY Allen. Meals with Allen. Baths with Allen. Snacks with Allen. Playing with Allen. Every day without exception, that flashy, gaudy golden body polishes itself against Allen. With Allen with Allen with Allen with Allen with Allen with Allen with Allen…”

I’m not kidding, this was seriously in the 24th volume. He’s jealous of Timcampy for being with Allen.  But the reason he destroyed Tim, was becauseTim isan ally of the 14th. And Apo hates the 14th, because he’s a Noah and wants to erode Allen.  There’s also a picture where Apo is stalking Allen who’s drinking tea.

So, in the end, I think he’s really just trying to help, its just Allen doesn’t want to accept help from someone who “killed”  Cross, Link and then TImcampy.

genesis would be the angriest nb person ever. switches gender presentation whenever they want. always on the androgynous or femme end, but always keeps it ambigious to fuck with people. (gender is a performance art and they will write their own script.) sets people on fire if they fuck up their pronouns too much.

sephiroth gets set on fire several times, because he’s just like “okay but /genetically/”. gender was not included in his education, and hojo is distanful of trans identity - always refers to genesis as ‘he’ and considers anything else indulging a silly whim. as far as he’s concenred, biology is destiny.

learning differently takes Sephiroth being set on fire four times, angeal pulling him aside and actually getting angry with him for the first time in memory, and a long involved lecture about gender identity and respect and pronouns.

“…so you have an innate knowledge of your gender,” Sephiroth eventually says, eyes narrowed like they always are when he thinks through something he finds hard  to grasp, “which is fluid and unrelated to your biology.”

Genesis nods, pleased that it’s finally sinking in. They don’t normally have to set someone on fire more than once for them to get the point, and it’s a shame damaging Sephiroth’s lovely hair. “Some people,” they continue with their lecture, “Have a gender that matches what others expect of them,” at this point Angeal waves to indicate himself, “and some people don’t, or have more than one gender, or don’t have any at all.”

Sephiroth tilts his head, something in the bottom of his mind clicking into place. “None?” Genesis opens their mouth and then closes it again at Sephiroth’s expression. “….that’s an /option/?”

Genesis recognizes that particular tone of voice, and smiles, and starts talking about agender pronouns. (Sephiroth decides to use “he”, which bewilders Genesis a bit. “People will think you’re male,” they insist. Sephiroth shrugs. “I’m used to it. They’re just words. They don’t matter.” Genesis narrows their eyes and is about ot start explaining that words matter a /great deal/, but then Angeal pats them on the shoulder and tells them to call it a night.)

#3: kind gestures:

Badboy!highschool! 5SOS series:

previous parts here

A/n: here is part trois! hope you like it! and I’d like to thank everyone who sent me feedback, I really appreciate it and it’s very motivationnal

Also aknowlaging Iheartdonkeykong and her own series :3, oh and Ashton’s part was somehow inspired by this post


“Lilly! Stop running!” (y/n) was out of breath, chasing after her 5 year old sister. Lilly had begged her to go play with her outside, yet as soon as the two girls had stepped out the little munchkin ran away in a fit of giggles. And even though her older sister had tried to catch up, it was no use since she wouldn’t stop running, probably thinking that they were playing a game.

Suddenly, the loud giggles that lead (y/n)’s track abrubtly stopped and were replaced by a piercing screech. (y/n)’s blood ran cold; she could feel her breath hitch and the goosebumps cover her skin as her eyes searched frantically for any sign of the child.

“Lill-“ she began walking towards the sound, a sigh of relieve cutting off her previous words. “Thank god!” she mumbled under her breath, the sight before her eyes making her relax. Lilly was sitting on the sidewalk; tears streaming down her cheeks with a pouty lip. Kneeling in front of her inspecting her right knee was none other than Luke.

“Lillian, I told you not to run” she told the crying girl gently, careful not to make her feel worse by scolding her. Luke’s celestial-blue eyes darted towards her, panic clearly showing on his face. “I’m so sorry, I was on my skateboad and I didn’t see her come in.. she just- and I couldn’t Stop in time..” he was nervously blaberring as he stood up on his feet, his eyes rushing back to the wounded child whilsts his hands fiddled anxiously.

“No worries, I’m pretty sure she came out of the blue; she was running like a maniac” she offered him a reassuring smile, watching the tough boy bite his lip, guilt filling him up quickly.

“Come on Lilly, let’s go clean you up” she suggested, bowing down next to the sniffling kid, but Luke’s arm had already beaten her to pick her up.  

“You don’t have.. to-“ (y/n) suddenly felt quite bashful, her mind concenrating on Luke for the first time during their encounter. He was dressed in nothing but a low-cut tanktop and black skinny jeans, his snapback put on backwards, his tattoos that would be normally hiddden by the school uniform clear as the day. She only then noticed that he had shaved the scruff she had gotten used to. And somehow, the sight of her tall neighbour cradling her baby sister gently in his arms, smiling down at her with such tenderness managed to make her heart skip a beat.

“It’s ok, I’ve got her, and I was heading home anyways. If you don’t mind, can you just pick up my skateboad?” Sending him a small nod, she picked up the beaten-up skateboard off the ground.

Luke couldn’t fight a smile, looking down at the adorable little girl clinging onto him as best as she could, her head nuzzled in the crook of his neck. Once they reached the front door, (y/n) was about to take Lilly from Luke’s arms, but he had already walked in, setting the pouty child on the kitchen counter.

“Do you have any disinfectant?” He asked (y/n), his hands examining the gash on Lillian’s knee, already reaching for a wet cloth to get the dried blood off.

Standing back, her heart swell at the sight of the big mighty wolf making a five year old giggle in order to take her mind offof the stinging sensation as he rubbed the disinfectant on her injury. Giggles echoed through her ears, but her eyes were gazing at the genuine wide smile on Luke’s face, a smile she hadn’t seen him wear during school for years, a smile that truly belonged to the shy boy she grew up with, a smile that looked so breathtakinly beautiful.


Walking in the rain was honestly one of her most favorite things; the relaxing sound of water droplets hitting the wet surface made her feel in sync with the surrounding nature.

However, when her hood is not damp-proof and she doesn’t have an umbrella, it’s a whole different thing. She was drenched to the bone, goosebumps covering her skin, lips quivering due to the cold.

Her ears picked up the sound of footsteps approaching her, before something warm was draped over her shoulders. She looked up with a wide eyes meeting Calum’s, a warm smile on his face.

“I thought I had told you to bring an umbrella this morning” he reminded her, drawing her attention to the blue umbrella he held over her head. She bit her lower lip, smiling slightly as she noticed that he had given her his jacket that smelled amazingly like him and felt just as warm and inviting as the kiwi boy. Only then had she noticed that he was only dressed in his school button up that was getting damp, the raindrops falling on his hair making it turn into perfect little curls.

“Cal! You’re getting wet! You’ll end up sick” she scolded him, her hands reaching to take off the jacket off of her shoulders. His hands quickly covered her smaller ones, forcing her to keep the piece of clothing on, her face heating up at the sudden proximity of the two.

“Keep it on baby girl, I’d much rather you don’t get sick” he smiled down at her, pulling away with a smirk at her flustred face “You won’t be so sure of that once your nose is runny”. Hearing her remark, Calum playfully nodged her “Hey! I’m trying to be a gentleman here! Stop trying to ruin my attempt!” he jokingly pouted, trying to sound upset. “You’re such an idiot!” she mumbled under her breath, chuckling at his words.

Ever since the English project, she and Calum had gotten quite close, learning more about each other. She absolutely adored moments like this; when Calum would drop his badboy façade around her, turning up to be the biggest dork ever.

“At least take the umbrella, it won’t fit us both and I’m already warm now.” she tried one more time, because as much as she appreciated his kind gesture, she didn’t want him to get sick on her expense. “Hmm, it won’t fit us both, true. But we can always fix that.” She frowned at his words, unable to undertand what he meant, until his left arm went around her bringing her towards his body to decrease the space between them, allowing them both to stand under one umbrella. “See, I’m much warmer now” he commented nonchalantly, whilst (y/n) was biting her lip; the feelings of being pressed against him making butterflies- more like bees- erupt in her stomach.

 Calum looked down at her, enjoying how she was nuzzled against him, a smile involuntarily forming on his lips at the sight of her. “Cute” he mumbled, but not loud enough for her hear. They both stayed like that, even after the rain had stopped and the cold wind decreased, talking about everything and nothing until they reached her house.


Ever since (y/n) had opened up to Michael, things between them slowly began to change. It started when Michael stopped making comments about her on class, even stopping others from talking, then it evolved into exchanged hi’s and smiles when they’d see each other, followed by small talks before class would start, until it turned into an actual friendship between the least compatible two. There was no use in denying that they enjoyed spending time together; even the ridiculous small alks about weather between the two could easily evolve into something fun and playful. Seeing eachother in different lights allowed them to have a better understanding of ther other person, building up a friendship upon understandement and acceptance, something no one could ever foresee.

Michael’s head was banging against the locker that his back was leaning on; he normally hated school, yet somehow he managed to despise it even more that day.

“’sup loser!” he heard (y/n)’s voice call him and sit next to him crossed legged. He tried to smile at her, knowing that she didn’t deserve to recieve the other end of his frustration.  He took a deep breath to calm himself down, before opening his mouth to talk “The fucking principal won’t stop nagging me about my outfit! It’s always something with her! She wouldn’t stop talking, so I missed lunchbreak. So if you can’t tell already, I’m pissed as hell!” he vented to her, irritation filling him up once more as his stomach grumbled loudly.

Calmly, (y/n) opened her bag which was lying by her feets, and handed him a small lunch-box. He looked at her warily, taking the item in his hands. “It’s a sandwich Michael, not venom” she teased him when he raised a questionning eyebrow at her, a chuckle escaping her lips.

“I can’t take your lunch, I’m not that hungry” he lied as he handed her the lunch-box back, but she only shook her head at him. “I packed it for my part-time job, but my boss called and cancelled. Apperently, she’s going to be out of town so I’m free for this week. Now, eat up!” She ordered him with a reassuring smile.

Turning her head away, she pulled out a book from her backpack, her fingers flickering towards the bookmark to continue where she left off.  However, she missed the look of awe Michael was sending her though he still wondered how a person could read that much!

“You’re such a nerd-ass” he teased her, gently patting her on the head. (y/n) lifted her gaze towards him, cheeks flaming because of how gentle his voice sounded. But Michael’s attention was already directed towards the homemade sandwich he devoured.

“What are you even doing out of class?” he asked in confusion once his stomach was full enough for him to think properly.

“It’s my free period. Did you really think I’d be out of class?”

“Nah, I just dream that one day my favorite nerd would skip with me.” He teased her back, his hand lifting to pinch her cheek. “Dream on Clifford” she playfully hit him before focusing back on her book, until he stopped her to ask if she could read for him out loud.


Trying to read if the adress she was given was correct, (y/n) stood in front of a small ice-cream shop, debating on whether she should go in or not.

The past weeks with Ashton had been an absolute delight; their realtion was the kind that was so easy and natural, not feeling forced at all. It felt like walking next to an actual sunshine; he radiated hapiness the way the sun would emit its warm rays.

However, (y/n) was bothered that she couldn’t spend much time with him outside school due to his part-time job. When offering him to keep him company at work, Ashton would always shrug it off, telling her that it was just a family shop. Ashton would never give away its name or location, and (y/n) eventually started wondering why. And there she was, standing outside the adress, her legs itching her to just walk in already.

Inhaling in a deep breath, she pushed the door open, the bell ringing annoucing her arrival. The place was quite cosy and cute, and a few booths were full however there was no one behind the counter. She silently took as seat at the back booth, watching the other customers. Most of them were young kids or elderly couples, chatting whilr enjoying their ice-cream.

“Ash!” she heard a loud scream, soon noticing a small child running towards the counter that was no longer empty. Her eyes grew wider, watching as Ashton himself wrapped his arms around the young boy, lifting him back in the air, both of their giggles filling up the small place.

“How’ve you been little man?” he asked the smiling boy whilst setting him down on the ground. An old lady was making her way towards the two; she too was smiling at the view.

“Hi Mrs. Adams, How are you?” Ash greeted her in courtesy, his dimples showing off as his smile grew wider. “I’m good my boy, but Toby here insisted on having ice-cream from here!” her eyes darted towards the sheepishly looking child.

(y/n) couldn’t contain her gigantic smile, observing as the tall boy served the two customers that looked like regulars. She had to stiffle a laugh as Mrs. Adams lifted her hand to pinch Ashton’s cheek, calling him her little sunshine, and then gently patting his reddening cheek.

She couldn’t get over how kind and lovely Ashton was being with them; it was enchanting to see the boy whose reputation scared everyone on his radar turn into the gentlest puppy.

Once they had left, she finally made her way towards the counter, smiling widely at her friend.

“You really are the sweetest ray of sunshine!” she teased him with the words spoken by the old lady, her own hand pinching his cheek. Her smile only faltered once she realised that Ashton’s shocked expression hadn’t changed. She lowered her hand, looking up sheepishly him.

“What- How did you-“ he stammered, a hand reaching up to comb through his curls.

“I might have asked Michael?” she answered warily, watching his frown grow. Ashton knew very well that (y/n) was still careful when it came to his friends; she was truly at ease when it came to him but has never approached the other three. And to hear that she went to ask Michael himself to get that piece of information…He didn’t know what to think.

“Don’t be mad!” she blurted out quickly, “I just wanted to come visit you at work, and you didn’t seem to want that, so I got curious” she spoke softly, gauging his reaction.

“(y/n)..” he sighed, “I’m not mad, I’m caught unawares. I’m just not really used to have people visiting me here” he replied with a grimace on his face, his hand now rubbing the back of his neck nervously. But when (y/n) shot him another wide smile, he couldn’t help but smile back at her.

“Don’t worry, no one will know about it beside me and your pals. That wouldn’t go with your reputation and all, would it?” her reassurance was enough for Ashton, though he still wondered how Michael could’ve given (y/n) the adress? Deciding on asking him later, his attention was redirected towards the smiling girl who was asking him for flavor recommendations.


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Double Berry and Cream Candy Gummies

The joy of homemade Double Berry and Cream candy gummies is that I can sweeten with sucralose and not enter a pact of the devil with the bathroom the moment Maltitol goes past my lips ;) 

Ingredients (make 50 gummies)


  1. in a saucepan empty two of the jelly powder sachets and 15g of unflavoured gelatine. Add the 400ml of water, keep on stirring until all is dissolved and simmering
  2. Pour the water based gelatine in the moulds taking care of filling each mould just up to the middle.
  3. Put the saucepan back on the stove with the remaining 23g of Jelly powder and 15g of unflavoured gelatine, this time though, add the coconut milk and stir until all is well mixed and dissolved.
  4. Pour the coconut milk gelatine in the top half of each mould. Do not overfill cause you’ll have to take them to the fridge and if overfilled they might spill.
  5. Rest in fridge at 4c for 45 minutes to an hour. De-mould :)

Nutritional Values per candy: 19 calories, 0.3g carbs, 1g fat, 1g protein.

ameriacns dont even look at this post but uk ppl r u ever watching a video and ur so desensatised to us accents that like u dont even notice them so u have to concenrate to tell if its an american or a british person bc ur brain d

Imagine being in high school and getting pregnant and your friends treating you differently. Dean, the father of the baby, comforts you.

(Both over 18 but I love this gif of young Dean anyway.)

“I can’t take this anymore” you let a groan, huffing as you threw your school bag on the bed.

“What happened this time?” Dean’s concenred look made your anger fade a little bit but certainly not your sadness.

“It was-” you stopped, swallowing hard and looking down at your feet.

“Baby” Dean whispered, taking a few steps closer to you until he had his arms wrapped around your waist. He didn’t hug you very tightly to himself because of the small baby bump that had already started to show.

“What did I ever do to them Dean?” you looked up at him with watery eyes, your vision blurry from the not spilled tears.

“Wish I knew baby girl” he kissed your forehead, cupping your cheek and rubbing his thumb over it.

“But please don’t- don’t let them get to you this time” he rested his forehead against yours.

“Easier said than done” you mumbled, brushing furiously a tear that rolled down.

“It’s not- it’s not as if it was enough that I became the subject of interest for almost the entire school, all those chicks and even guys talking about and whispering things behind my back, now- now it’s my friends as well. They are acting so weird a-and I can’t understand what I did to have to deal with this. Was it- was it so bad that I ende dup pregnant? Was it so bad that- that I slept with my boyfriend and didn’t prove to them that I am that innocent girl they- they think-”

“No hey hey, stop there. Stop right there. You are still you, ok?” he cupped your face making you look at him fully in the eyes “Nothing’s changed and all those sluts should sure as hell think about themselves first before talking. They’re not saints. They sleep around every week with a different guy and hey now decide to pick up on you because you decided to-” he took in a deep breath “-you decided to give something so special” he rested his forehead against yours, his one hand moved to your small though showing belly, rubbing softly “And in a few months something even just as perfect as you”

You smiled weakly at him as he continued “I know it’s hard baby. Being 18, a student and pregnant sucks. Especially when you have so much potential in having a much better life but I am going to be here for you, every step of the way.”

“And I don’t want it any other way Dean” you spoke up “I would never have wanted it any other way. I don’t care to. All I just want is this, a family with you. No matter how uncoventional it is with you hunting and all”

Dean smiled down at you, leaning in to kiss your lips softly “We will go through this” he whispered when he pulled away for a second “You know it right?”

“Yeah” you avoided eye-contact.

“No hey, I know when you’re trying to avoid something. We will get through this, trust me. Those bitches and assholes can go to hell and as for your friends… you know they will understand in the end. It is just… weird for them to understand. But all of them will eventually understand. Hell probably they don’t understand they’re acting differently, who knows?”

“Yeah I suppose” you mumbled, resting your forehead against his chest “I will just… try to keep going.”

“For us… and for this baby”

11/9/1938 Tonight we remember the Reichsprogromnacht (Kristallnacht was the Nazi term and shouldn’t be used anymore, because it belittles the horrors that happened):

  • 1.000 synagoges were burned down
  • 30.000 people were arrested and confined in concenration camps
  • Over 7.000 Jewish business were destroyed
  • Hundreds of people were murdered or commited suicide.

This is what can happen if you vote for demagogues.

Never forget. You have been warned.