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jeonghan = chronic fiddler

i love how hannie always mindlessly/subconsciously fiddles with things in the vicinity be it someone’s neck/hair/ears/clothes, his hands have to always be kept busy especially when he’s tired or bored. it’s cute how the members become so used to him doing it. his usual targets seem to be woozi and shua~

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Comfort Food

Wherein cultural differences run deeper than expected and communication is key.


My rant vent-fic about something that really bothers me about MY culture.

(On an unrelated note: The fluff was needed because I need to read THE ROAD by McCarthy for a term paper and it’s so fucking depressing (and good)…. sickening fluff is the only thing helping at this point)

Also many happy returns to the birthday boy!


Comfort Food

[Fandom]:Voltron: Legendary Defender

[Rating]: Gen/ Gen

[Genre]: Friendship, Team as Family, Hurt/Comfort

[AU]: Shenanigan(g)s series, college AU

[Word count]:  4.400

[Warning]: deals with touch starvation, lots of fluff and comfort

[Status]: completed

Original AU by @taylor-tut


Shiro had noticed a lot of things about Lance in the three weeks he’s been living with them now.

One included the fact that the boy was undeniably loud. It was a strange contrast between the student who monitored his volume in class (with mixed results) and the incessant chatterbox following around whichever of his roommates was available at the moment, talking loud enough for the both of them.

It was interesting to see how fast Lance could adapt and make the best out of a crummy situation, using or rather misusing objects for purposes they were not intended for, improvising when the situation called for it. It was as if Lance instinctively knew how to work around life’s little mishaps as effortlessly as possible – something he very much liked to let everybody in the flat know. And if one of them was kind enough to remind him of the time he almost set himself on fire trying to fix their old, rickety oven… well Lance was very vocal about not being able to remember this supposed accident.

But there was something else that Shiro had taken note of: the fact that Lance was a very affectionate individual. When he talked, his hands would be in motion constantly to illustrate his point, would find their way onto a shoulder while he was listening to Hunk as he vented, would ruffle through Pidge’s hair when she was hanging in front of her laptop for more than two consecutive hours, caught the few times where, whenever they sat at the kitchen table, he would nudge Keith to egg him on to accept the ‘challenge of the day’ as Pidge had mock dubbed it. Shiro himself frequently felt a fist gently nudging him in the shoulder as a sort of greeting, whenever he left or just came back home.

It was something they were getting used to. Not that they hadn’t enjoyed sitting together in the same room, close to each other – which was inevitable with how small their couch was – but with Lance, Shiro felt that there was an edge to these casual touches that held some sort of restlessness, as though he was holding back.

It was hard to grasp and even harder to describe.

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i have this headcanon that hunk and lance grew up in a beach town together, so here’s them having bday slushies at the beach!!

Title: Bitten by the Love Bug

Author: jingyeolbaeks

Status: Complete

Rating: nc-17

Length: Oneshot, 22k

Genre: neighbors!au, romance, fluff, smut, slight!angst

Summary: Chanyeol’s no exterminator but he’s always there when he hears his next door neighbor screaming about a bug.

Admin Shiba: THIS WAS SOOO HOT! another fave from BAE, I keep on forgetting to rec my faves from BAE but here we are now. This one was adorable ;-; and the GYM SCENE WITH SWEATY CHANYEOL AND BAEK DOING SQUATS . i died