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Lucky I decided to look through you blog before donating. I agree with your views as far as I can tell, but not your attitude. You attack people for saying something completely innocent because you assume they meant something, or that they are some way, with no information to support your assumptions, and when they want to stop being abused by you, your comment is something like "see! why don't you listen! this is why people don't understand what I'm saying!" What's the hell is that all about?

@o-ju is still mad at me, I see


In light of this newest shit with mixnine, I want to inform you all that he has always been a rampant misogynist. Proof? Well besides things like what’s just happened, his awful treatment of 2ne1, and his ignoring of every female in his company, let me introduce you to Swi.t

Swi.t was a three member girl group that debuted in 2002 under YG. They were honestly completely able to be big stars- YG himself admits that. Why didn’t they? Because YG purposefully ignored them. He did this because he had a crush on one of the members, Lee Eun Ju, and didn’t want her to become super popular. His disgusting sexist self completely screwed over these three girls’ careers because he was jealous of even the prospect of her being popular.

It was two years before they disbanded. They didn’t even have a second album. He said it was because Ahn Nai Young moved to America and Sung Mi Hyun was having family issues, but you have to wonder what would have happened had YG not decided to ignore them.

Eun Ju is his wife now. So he got he wanted. But I don’t want anyone to forget Swi.T and what he did to them. 2ne1 wasn’t YG’s first girl group. Swi.T, a group that had the potential to be famous, were. And he fucked them over.

Speaking of things I don’t understand. You know what I never really understood even though I’ve tried my hardest?

Strict, Conservative, Sexist Brown Families that send their daughters to expensive schools and colleges but they have the expectation that they should become housewives after they get married. Which for many brown girls is while they’re in school or jus graduated.

I was talking about this with a friend of mine a few months back and I think the logic and rationale behind this is like trying to boost ones stock. Like I’ve have a friend who went to a pretty prestigious Pennsylvania school for something crazy (I forgot what tbh) and the moment she graduated her parents got her married off and then she became a housewife.

Which don’t get me wrong, that’s completely and 100% okay if that’s what you wanna do. But I’ve been cool with this girl for sometime now and I know that’s not something she was okay with. But the choice wasn’t really in her hands since her parents got her married off to this one dude from India with an Engineering degree I think?

Feel me? As a parent why would you want to limit and set ceilings on your child for someone that may or may not be a halfway decent person.

I jus don’t understand it and I would like to apologize for any potential offense I might have caused. I’m jus trying to understand this better and any input would be greatly appreciated.

“I Don’t Want To Be Like Him”  ~  Draco x reader

“Hi there, love! Would it be possible to get a Draco x reader, please? One where Draco has a slight panic attack when he comes to the conclusion that he’s turning into his father. (Y/N) is there and she promises Draco that he’s nothing like his father and that she would make sure he would never become like his father either.” ~Anon

Hi! Thank you so much for the request! I was absolutely thrilled to write this! I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately (due to these horrible temperature and weather changes), so I had a bit of an excuse to sit inside on my laptop all day😂.

Anyway, I loved writing this. I hope you enjoy😊😘


“Hey.” y/n said, standing in the doorway of Draco’s dormitory. “Ready to head to dinner?”

Draco was laying on his bed. He looked at his girlfriend with a smile. “Of course I am, love.”

She giggled. “Well, let’s go!”

They headed to the Great Hall together, hand in hand. It was a lovely Sunday evening. Y/n sat down next to Draco at the Slytherin house table.

“I’m so not ready for class tomorrow.”

“No one is, Zambini.” she stated.

Draco was really quiet all throughout dinner, which was very unlike him. Y/n noticed, but didn’t say anything. After they ate, they got up and left the table, heading back to the common room.

“Are you alright?”

Draco nodded with a smile as he sat down on the sofa. “I’m fine.”

She smiled back at him. “You’ve just been really quiet and distant today.”

He didn’t reply.

Y/n yawned. “I think I’m gonna try and get some sleep.”


“Goodnight, Sweetheart.”

Y/n didn’t sleep well that night.  She never did on Sunday nights. There was something different about this one though. Something she couldn’t quite grasp. She got out of bed and headed to the common room. Maybe the giant squid would be visible.

She leaned on the railing of the balcony over looking the common room. The giant squid wasn’t around, but something else caught her attention. She ran down the stairs with worry.

She slowly sat down on the couch. “It’s 2AM. What are you doing down here?”

No reply.

“Draco, Love.”

His breathing intensified, getting faster and heavier by each breath. Tears started to fill his silver eyes. Soon, his cheeks were reflecting the firelight from the torches on the walls.

Sitting up a little straighter, y/n put a hand on his arm and rubbed it gently. “Shh… breathe.” He was scaring her. “Breathe.”

He took a deep breath, but it only seemed to make matters worse. Y/n had never seen him like this before. “What’s wrong?”

“Idon’twanttobelikehimandI’mturningintohimandI—” he sobbed uncontrollably.

She slipped her free hand into his. “Slow down. Take a deep breath.” Her eyes were starting to water a bit.

“I-I’m t-t-turning in-to my fath-ther.”

“Sweetheart.” She shook her head slightly.

“Yo-you-you…” He continued to hyperventilate. “you said I wa-as b-b-eing qui-et and di-stan-t. Ever s-ince I-I’ve be-en Head of th-the Man-or, I ju-jus-t—” His breaths quickened again.

Y/n wrapped her arms around him tightly. “Draco…” She rubbed his back in different patterns.

He laid his head on her shoulder, still breathing harshly. “I do-on’t want to-o b-be like h-h-him. He’s c-cold. He-e’s dist-ant. And, now I-I am.”

“No you’re not.”

“Yes I am.”

“If you were, you would have pushed me away by now.” She sighed.

He finally could complete full words. “I didn’t because I love you, and you make me feel better.”

“Then why didn’t you come get me?”

“Because I didn’t want to wake you up.”

She let go of him and looked into those silver eyes of his. She gazed at him for a moment, unsure of what to say.

“I know you don’t sleep well on Sunday nights, and I didn’t want to wake you up and make you even more tired in the morning.”

She stroked his cheek with her thumb. “You’re nothing like your father.” Her voice was breaking a bit.

“Yes I—”

“No you’re not!” She sniffled. “If you were, you wouldn’t be awake right now. You wouldn’t be overthinking everything that came to your mind. You wouldn’t care about anything.”

“But I don’t!”

“Draco…” A tear rolled down her cheek. “But you do. You care so much. You didn’t even wake me up because you were afraid I’d be mad at you for making me more tired.” She sniffled again. “You know I’m always tired.” she giggled, still crying a bit.

He did the same. “Yeah.”

“What brought on all this?”

“Well,” he began, “I had a dream the other night that I became Head of the Manor, and you broke up with me because I was turning into my father. I didn’t want to talk about it, because I didn’t know how to explain it, but it’s all I could think about. So, I just stayed quiet, and then you said I was being distant, and I thought everything was really happening.” He looked into her y/e/c eyes. “I just didn’t want to lose you.”

Y/n stayed silent.

“I love you.” he said, just before placing his lips on hers. He pulled her closer with each movement. His cheeks were sticky from the tears that had not yet dried.

“You need sleep.” y/n whispered after pulling away slightly.

“I don’t know if I can.”

She slowly moved out of Draco’s grip and stood up. “Come on.” She reached for his hand and waited for him to get up.

They walked up the stairs and into y/n’s room. Y/n went to her dresser and pulled out one of Draco’s sweatshirts along with an oversized pair of pink fleece pajama pants. “Here.” she smiled, handing it to him. “I’m pretty sure sleeping in your uniform would be uncomfortable.”

Draco didn’t mind changing in front of her. All the other girls were asleep, so they wouldn’t know. He really didn’t want to leave her room anyway. “I like these pants.” he joked quietly.

“That’s the only pair I could find.”

He slid into her bed. “They’re really comfy.”

Y/n giggled. “They are.” She neatly folded his clothes and set them on her desk, getting into bed just after.

Draco held her close. “Sorry for keeping you up all night.”

She rubbed the back of his shoulder. “Don’t be.”

“If I ever start to act like my father, will you let me know?”

“If that ever happens, I will.” She nuzzled her head against his chest. “But, I highly doubt that you’ll ever have to worry about that.”

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Wanted to say I completely agree with you. If warriorsredux wants to make a world where gender/sexuality doesn’t matter, why does it clearly matter?? What with -flower/-path and (female) cats being looked down upon for not having kits. It’s too bad, the fic started off good. Oh well.

i cant even confirm whether this is true about the female cats thing (guess I could ask my friend) but it wouldn’t surprise me if it were. But yeah its an oxymoron having gendered suffixes/roles in a society where gender doesn’t matter lol…

@johnconstantfine is absolutely right this time

          “It’s like a stranger had a key, came inside of my mind, and moved all my things around.”

  I know – John sighed. He felt bad for getting so frustrated with him under the angel’s influence. Ain’t that enough proof f’ye, tho? It’s gotta go, an’ soon. I don’t…I jus’ want y’back. Wholly an’ completely. It scares me, y’know. Reckon some days all they wanna do is come between us, rip y’away cos y’make me so goddamned happy an’ y’know – I dunno if that’s allowed. Me bein’ happy.

         It was a strange situation, because Matt wasn’t currently arguing the necessity that was the angel leaving and he wasn’t asking for proof, but he didn’t use the description he had lightly.  If anything, he was downplaying it all, as usual, but he felt completely out of sorts, and it was getting worse.  He was losing blocks of time where things obviously happened; he had new injuries and found himself in different places, sometimes just on the other side of the room and others across the city.  Other times, he didn’t fully black out, but felt more like he was observing from a backseat - listening and feeling, but not interacting with the world.  Those moments seemed brief, like little splashes of power over him, and they slipped in and out so subtly - and felt so real - sometimes that he couldn’t tell if it was something else exerting its will or just him losing his mind.  John had said that the human body wasn’t made to hold something like this, that it would wear on him, but he’d expected the physical.  Was it affecting his mind, as well?

         "Don’t be so egotistical, John.  The entire universe is hardly out to destroy your happiness.  There are bigger concerns than your usually pitiful existence.“  The words slipped from his lips without a thought, with that same quality like he wasn’t really there, just a tired witness to the destruction being wrought in his presence.

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More evidence that Raven isn't a terrible af mom: she kept Weiss in a single place long enough for Yang to find her. Raven was jus trying to get her baby dragon a decent gf. Lol, god knows where the last one is.

   “Yeah!  That’s totally it!”  Raven slid the randsom note under the rug.  “I mean, I knew Beacon was going to fall, and knew Yang would find me sooner or later. “I mean, look at how happy she was during that hug?  It was a moment that makes any heart of ice melt.  That is completely what I was going.  The rest was for the show.”

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i wanna learn choreos and start dancing but i have NO rhythm and i am afraid of failing and looking bad/it just looking off when i dance??? (usually it looks like i put 0% energy into it when i dance????) do you have any tips??? i dont have the time or money or ways to go to dance classes but i still want dancing to be less of a challenge for me (mainly coordination wise and remembering the moves :///)

uhhh i can give you classes !!! for free and stuff lol just give me ur skype handle if you’re comfortable. jus know that i’m not a professional lol but otherwise, this is a hard question to answer…

all dancers will look off when they start a new style; that’s completely normal. you still haven’t found your confidence or a groove w the genre yet, so don’t feel bad if you look awkward/feel awkward. it’s all part of the growth. 

in order to push yourself to a more professional n polished standard, you’re gonna have to make a fool of yourself. the only reason you “lack” in energy is because you’re afraid to go wild. nobody’s judging you, and if they are, you just dance harder/better/faster/stronger and prove them wrong. be so fucking good they can’t ignore you.

you’re gonna feel so fucking stupid when you do certain things with (what you think) is too much energy, but honestly? that’s usually how pros do it, so you’ll just look normal next to them. being a fool and testing your boundaries, seeing what looks good, what feels good, what is flattering on your body is how you improve. if you don’t try out different things and embarrass yourself while at it, then you’re never going to grow

for coordination, that’s also an acquired trait. the best way to get your upper/lower body connected is through practicing slow –> fast. right now, try to look for beginner combos that have less movements within eight counts. that way, you can improve on your dancing without having to worry as much as being on the music. 

remembering the moves also comes with practice. once you start becoming familiar with a style, you’ll find that movements are similar or repeated often, which means that it’s easier to replicate something you’ve practiced before!