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DARE OR DARE: You guys either have to kiss for a full minute (arms around each other, all the good stuff, if you please) OR stare soulfully into each other's eyes and sing the entirety of the song "sticks and stones may break my bones but whips and chains excite me". :) Extra points for pelvic thrusting--whichever dare you decide to complete. ;) Y'all gotta do one of these or Larry will have a horrible accident!

*Jedediah fiercely blushes as he reads the question aloud to Octavius*

Octavius: I should prefer if we were to do the first dare…

Jedediah: A-ain’t that so?

Octavius: Yes, it is.

Jedediah: I mean, guess that’s the easier one… *points at the computer* They jus’ wanna see us kiss, eh?!

Octavius: *laughs and places a hand over Jedediah’s hand* I would presume that to be true.

Jedediah: You sure we can’t jus’ let Larry deal with an accident?

Octavius: Jedediah!

Jedediah: I know, I know…

*Octavius gently smiles, and after laughing once, Jedediah smiles back. Assuming that Jedediah would be uncomfortable with initiating this kiss, Octavius wraps his arms around Jedediah and gently kisses him. He feels Jedediah’s arms slowly hug him back, and he smiles into their kiss. As the miniatures continue to kiss for longer, Jedediah moves one hand against the back of Octavius’s neck, and when he feels Octavius press against him and make Jedediah take a step backwards, a squeak escapes past his lips. Because it had been a minute, Octavius breaks the kiss and laughs while Jedediah furiously blushes*

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Review: Episode 4

Bok Joo: Not much really happened with her other than her crushing on Joon-hyung brother. I’m sure we can expect some issues to arise next week when she finds out that she needs to gain weight for her next division instead of losing weight and Joon hyung taking complete advantage of her for keeping her little secret haha.

Joon-hyung: He was the scene stealer for me this episode. I love that he’s doesn’t fall for his ex-girlfriend’s antics. He was firm and direct at how selfish she was when she broke up with him and I’m glad that he didn’t get back together with her. We also got to see that his birth mom seems to have left him when he was young and moved to Canada? And that’s when his condition developed? I expect the mother showing up at some point in the drama.

Joon-hyung/Bok Joo: I still love how much he teases her. I appreciate that the writers are showing their growing friendship in small ways, like him always scaring her at the pond and the bicycle ride. <3

Shi Ho: Honestly, I expected some scheming but I didn’t quite expect her go about it like this. She saw that Joon hyung is fond of Bok Joo, says that she’s her roommate to sit with them and get close to him again and then later directly ask for her help in getting back together with him. Tbh, I hate how kdramas do that, have one party run after the other and just say “let’s get back together.” Before he reminded her of it, she didn’t even consider his feelings about it or even ask if he wanted to. And asking Bok Joo for “help” is just her way of using her to talk to Joon hyung, it’s expected of an exgirlfriend but meh. It was just all very uncouth and unlikeable.

Nothing intense happened in this episode so I’m kinda hoping we get to some more bonding moments between Joon-hyung and Bok Joo next week or something. I’m fully expecting Joon hyung to tease Bok Joo a lot next week because she’ll want him to keep her secret so that’ll be fun at least! This obviously isn’t one of those dramas where we can really theorize stuff, but it’s still fun and cute.

I couldn’t handle the noise and the sheer amount of people in my grandparent’s house so I walked to a Starbucks and sat there for a while. A super nice girl sat down with me in complete silence for 5 minutes before she said anything, after that we introduced ourselves and chatted for three hours together.

“You know that feeling you get when you take socks out of the dryer and put them on? I felt like that when you sat down and chatted with me. I wasn’t having the best day so thank you”

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