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Yo so I was tagged by tobiotheturd a while ago for the 20 Beautiful People challenge, sorry sorry it took a while lol. I’m quite flattered! So here’s a couple selfies hahaha anyway I tag;

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Even though I don’t talk to half of you guys you’re a wonderful part of my day and I like seeing your cute faces pop up on my dash no matter how rare an occurrence. I tag all of my adorable followers as well! You see this on your dash? Take it as a request from me. 

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I'm so sad. All of my friends have a boyfriend. I'm 22 so things like 'don't think about it too much' or 'you just have to wait for the right one' or 'be positive' are irrelevant for me. I just can't live like this anymore ugh

you only 22 that’s still so young lol.  there’s nothing wrong with you jus because you don’t have a boyfriend.  you are still a whole, complete person who deserves and can attain happiness without being in a relationship. 

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Send me “bruises?” for my muse’s reaction to yours catching them secretly tending to their wounds.
Accepting [ x ]

It wasn’t necessarily a pretty sight, several bloodied spots and a completely ruined pair of formerly cute jeans. Splintered wood stained red sat on the table beside her as she sighed at the mess that was her legs. “Some asshole decided inventing a stake canon was a good idea. Rapid fires them like pew, pew, pew, an’ I dodged jus’ in time to avoid it hitting here.” She patted at her chest. “Dude owes me a new pair of pants; they were forty dollars.”

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peach ' v '

send me fruits!

  • peach - what i like most about your blog.

ooc. p f ff t……… most??? um ?? i honestly can’t go with just one thing. i mean?? what’s not to like? your writing is just phenomenal and your characterization of gray is completely on point. i’ve been following your blog for a pretty long time now and ju st?? your portrayal keeps getting better and better??? the aesthetics of your blog itself IS SO NICE. I LOVE YOUR THEME WTF. it’s so so so pretty and neat. 

a++ aesthetics for a FIVE STAR GRAY!

I’m like in this denial that nothing is going to go wrong with my grandma. Anytime any on mentions what to do if anything “happens” or like tonight she’s having a hard time breathing and my mom said something about her passing away and I just flat out Said it’s not happening that that’s just not even an option and I was pretty rude about it and said sorry obviously. It just comes out of me every time someone mentions that I’m practically shouting lalalala I can’t hear you and stopping me feet like a child. and I feel bad cause I’m,being mean,but I jus can’t think like that I can’t deal with death I just don’t I either completely ignore it and deny it ever happened/is happening or just get eaten up by depression. This is horrible and I just want her to be ok.

I dont even know where to begin. Today has been a very scary and sleepy day. It all starts off at 3am. Ju calls me a couple times but my phone was on silent to I didn’t pick up. I woke up later around 3:30am and check my phone. Ju is completely freaking out because he’s in the hospital. He’s so scared, he thinks he’s going to die and might not make it to see me. Of course I start freaking out too. I mean getting messages like those in the middle of the night is not somethning delightful at all. I start to beg my momto drive me to the hospital but she refuses. I understand I mean if you‘d look at my track record no one would ever trust me nor let me out of the house again. I keep calm and texted Ju all night while my mom kept a close watch on me just in case I snuck out or something. Ju isn’t getting any more patient with me so he keeps calling and texting for me to go and be with him. He guilt tripped me so badly at around 7:30 I told my mom, my friends and I were going out to grab breakfast. I cabbed straight to his house and slept with him for a bit until 11. I had to go home and prove to my family members I was home. My head started spinning and pounding. I felt so nauseated but I told myself to be strong and slept through it. Ju calls be back around 2 in the afternoon. He was so sad I wasn’t there when he woke up. I quickly rushed back to his side and all we did was pretty much sleep and cuddle until 6 which was when I had to go. I got home and went over to my aunts for dinner. It was a pattern, every Sunday we would go over for dinner. So here I am, after my super relaxing bubble bath. Lying in bed and reflexing in my day like I usually do when something big happens. Until next time…

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ok ok ok, if it isn't clear by now, i am completely obsessed with you and your steve. like sometimes i just go down your blog resisting the urge to like everything, because yikes! i'm a creep! you have his voice and his mannerisms nailed, and bring him to life with this comedic and vulnerable way without sacrificing his strengths, and it's???? aMAZING????

                           anonymously tell me what you
                          think of my character portrayal
                               & I can only post, not reply