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[Translation] Seohyun’s Grazia Interview

(by sinceyubingone)

“If you spend just a little bit of time with me, your perception of me will completely shift. Every time I meet someone for the first time, I want to hurry up and show them that their image of me isn’t all of me. But that makes me worry, ‘Do I have to start showing off already?’ but that’s just who I am. I love it.”

“People who know me well say I’m honest and playful. They also say I’m funny. there can be times I’m bizarre.” (she also says she’s closer to a ‘punsu’ than she is to her image..naver says this means ‘idiot’, google translate says this means ‘asshole’)

“When I said I wanted to drive in LA, all my friends tried to stop me. They said it’s too dangerous, they tried to scare me. They warned me that if I got pulled over, I had to park to the side and put my hands above my head. I even practiced it!”

“It’s nice having a manager who looks after me, but it worries me. When the time comes when I’m on my own, what do I do? I wanted to be more independent so I just up and left for LA on my own. It was fun solving problems 1 by 1 on my own.”

“’Moon Lovers’ had a lot of on-location shoots so the cast gathered for days at a time. We naturally got close, comfortable. I don’t get involved until episode 7 so I joined a bit later than the rest of the cast, but everybody was so welcoming.”

(About her character in ‘Moon Lovers’) ”You’ll see a very threatening gaze in my eyes. Like I’m going to kill no matter what. My dream roles were to play a killer or a spy so this is a dream come true.”

“I had to learn horseback riding and sword dancing for this role, and I found my hobbies through that. When I tried horseback riding, I realized it fit me very well. I got so attached to the horse I said I wanted to buy it.”

“I’ve had a few musical offers in the past but I couldn’t just take them. I didn’t have the confidence. I really want to play Glinda from ‘Wicked’. I even took vocal lessons for it. Also ‘Roxie’ from ‘Chicago’.”

“I have 4 friends who I’m really close with. With them, I don’t have to be SNSD’s Seohyun. I can be human Seohyun. I have a job where I have to be perfect but with my friends, I can be natural. It allows me to heal and also reenergize.”

“It’s unfortunate that everyone thinks of me as the image of SNSD’s maknae. I want to show more sides to myself. I’m not a girl, I’m a woman. I want to be in a Korean movie, acting as a woman. I think I’ll be able to surprise everyone.”

“I used to think ‘never get distracted.’ and ‘if you don’t properly use your time, your life will be ruined’ when I was younger and a part of me still thinks that way, but at some point, I realized, ‘you don’t have to go that hard’,  but I don’t regret how I used to be when I was younger. I realized what works for me and it allowed me to grow.

I got home from work today and was making my usual beeline for the new #Fender #Musicmaster that I am completely obsessed with, and as I passed the ‘69 #Gibson #SG Standard lying here in the case I swear I heard someone (or something!) whisper in my ear “DeeBeeUs™…why have ju forsaken me, amigo…why don’t ju play with me anymore..?” I was shocked… the #guitar spoke to me. And perhaps even more astonishing, it did so in a vaguely Hispanic accent*! And there was a profound sadness in its voice.

It’s going to sound stupid or annoying…or both…when I say that the one BAD thing (other than constantly being poor!) about having a #guitarcollection with several incredible #guitars in it is that, unfortunately, some of these guitars are bound to be neglected - if only temporarily. Sorry little SG.

“I didn’t want to hurt you. I’m sorry that I made you cry. I didn’t want to hurt you…I’m just a jeal… er…lucky guy (with a couple dozen really great #guitars!)” - J. Lennon 😆

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im sorry I’m in love w carrion as a name lmao. it’s so fuckin misery chick but I don’t give a single fuck. my favourite thing abt it is that it’s specifically completely lowercase. it’s carrion, not Carrion. anyway it jus rolls around the mouth so seductively and reminds me of my Tru Nature. screaming mystic dead girl full of poetry nd larvae.