it comes out really clean looking

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My man Simon and I attended Monster Jam at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis last night. It was great! We had a pit pass so we got there early and looked at the trucks. The show was scheduled to start at 6:30. There were some qualifying by the mini trucks on the undercard that started before 6:30. The show started on time and was really non stop action except for when they had to come out and clean up a broken or overturned truck. There were 16 trucks at the start. When it was over there were 6 or 7 broken on the track. There was qualifying, head to head racing, a donut competition, intermission, and then the grand finally, freestyle.

It really got to the inner 12-year-old in me. It was loud, trucks flying in the air, parts breaking off. What more could you ask for? It was a very well run show. It was tight, not much waiting around. Lots of little kids and families enjoying the show. If you get your tickets early and don’t have to pay secondary market prices I think it’s a really good value. Lots of fun for the money.

Pro tip, bring ear protection and ear plugs. These trucks are loud!


Request: Can you right a Sam×Reader smut where the reader makes Sam super jealous and that causes him to be really dominant. – @jordynonfire

Pairings: Sam x Reader

Warnings: swearing, smut, I think Dom!Sam is a warning..

Word Count: 1838

These gifs… makes me feel things…

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

“(Y/n), you coming to the bar or what?” Dean called out to you impatiently. You rolled your eyes, looking at from the opened bathroom. “Can I at least wipe my face of water?” You asked, giving him a bitch face. He sighed, rolling his eyes and closing the motel door to yours and Sam’s room. You got a clean towel and wiped your face. You then head outside to see them sitting by baby’s hood.

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Green Eyes - Stiles Imagine

Prompt can be found here.  

You weren’t really sure of when it first started, possibly when Stiles got everyone copies of the keys to Derek’s loft, but after some time of random hanging outs, a game night was decided. Of course, the grumpy alpha wasn’t exactly thrilled about the prospect of having his place invaded by a hoard of teenagers staining his fancy table with take out containers and general loud atmosphere. Stiles was the one who sort of convinced him in the end, with a promise of cleaning up afterwards too. 

“Come on sour wolf, it can be fun. Look at it as a bonding experience.” It was met with a sigh, even he knew when he was defeated. And so it begun, most every Friday night when you weren’t running from monsters, or researching, or fretting over homework hoping to catch up with all the time spent otherwise occupied, you gathered at the loft and ate till you were sick and exhausted every game known to man pretty much. After a while, even Derek joined in. Turns out he was a master at poker, who figured, cleaning out everyone. He almost smiled that time. 

And here you were once again, celebrating after successfully getting rid of a creepy witch and restoring Isaac to his self, you gathered ready to relax and have a good time. Derek had even gotten ahold of some spiked beer for the wolves, putting everyone in a blissful and slightly tipsy mood. 

Somewhere in the aftermath, someone had the idea to start a game of truth or dare. Which normally, under any other circumstance would have initiated a riot. Playing with a room full of people who knew when you were lying took a bit of the fun of it. Then Allison had a good idea. 

“How about just dares, and if you don’t do it, you drink.” 

And so it began, one by one you took a turn drawing a piece of paper out of Isaac’s fancy hat. You almost fell out of your chair laughing as Stiles literally climbed Derek, who had no clue what was going on, and settled on his shoulders, hands resting on his head. “Hey there big guy.” His chuckle only grew louder as Derek’s scowl deepened.

Though you suspected the others had a different highlight. It was Lydia’s turn and a smirk crossed her face when she read the note and got comfortable in Allison’s lap. And then promptly started making out, raising the temperature in the room significantly.  A couple of cat calls later, they broke apart and the strawberry blonde sent a wink Scott’s way. “Your up Scotty.” 

Then it was your turn, and not even the alcohol could keep the anxiety at bay. Please don’t let me make a fool of  myself. Reading the inked letter’s on your paper, even you could her your heart raise at the sight. Okay, kiss someone. That should be easy.Your eyes scanned the room, finally resting on Isaac who smiled softly, grin growing even wider after the surprise peck. 

“Hello to you to.” Warmth colouring your cheeks, you hurried back to the safety of your seat on the couch where most of the eyes were blocked by Stiles and Erica, who sent an approving look when you sat down. Stiles however, refused to meet your eye, fidgeting with the zipper on his hoodie. Something was definitely wrong, but this wasn’t the time. You decided to wait until the moment was right, which occurred a couple of hours later when he dropped you off, staring straight ahead.

“Are you going to tell me why you’re acting so strange or do I have to get Scott to pry it out of you?”

“Hm, what? Nothing. It’s nothing.” 

“Right, so the fact that you haven’t looked at me for most of tonight is what, just in my head? I know you Stiles. At least have the decency not to lie straight to my face.” Suddenly angry, you started to get out of the car, stilling as a hand gripped your arm. 

“Wait, I’m sorry alright. You’re right, you don’t deserve that.” 

“So tell me, what’s gotten into you.”

“You kissed Isaac.” Puzzled, you met his auburn gaze. 

“Yes? What, now you’re going to tell me that you’re jealous or something?” Silence. Something clicked. This didn’t start until after you kissed the blonde. 

“No.” He quipped, swallowing as you raised a doubting eyebrow. “Maybe. Yes okay, I was. But it’s fine. You like Isaac and that’s- That’s fine. Whatever.” 

“Would you rather it had been you, Stiles?” Leaning closer, you could feel his warm exhale tickling your chin. “Because I do.”

“Kiss me.”You grinned. “I dare you.” 

I want to ban the word “dowdy”

There’s always been those annoying comments that “Anna cleans up well” whenever Joanne is out and about, either at award shows or public appearances, but I just really hate the backhanded compliments, as she looks so beautiful as Anna:

Is this not cleaned up well? Oh they mean, “she looks different in a costume and not dolled up to celebrity standards.” Well yes, the actress wears costumes on a costume drama to be the character… But look how pretty she is regardless. Why imply she looks horrid? Why imply that she needs gobs of make-up to look presentable and be worthy of attention?

And when it comes to the clothes, in just S6, one of Anna’s lady’s maids dresses is made from silk from France:

So if anything needs to be burnt from that outfit it’s the bad lace front wig, which isn’t Anna being “dowdy,” it’s just failure from the DA hair department (and dammit, I really do like that dress).

Sure, Anna wears a lot of black, but it’s more than one dress (heck she has four vs. two lady’s maids dresses in S6, and I am willing to bet that one of the maternity dresses is also silk), but she also had a lot of mix and match outside of work outfits as she attends three weddings and two other big events. And that’s just within S6. She might be a servant but she dresses pretty damn nicely. Heck, one of her S3 blouses was recycled in Mr Selfridge, worn by a character who is considered fashionable.

Just because Jo does glam well doesn’t mean that people have to put down her looks on DA, implying Anna’s wearing rags, and is a frumpy, weepy maid. More importantly, both Joanne as a real person and Anna as a character are much more than their looks and they clothes they wear, so I hate that their value, and women’s everywhere really, gets reduced as such.

Max really was excited to see Trent. He was crushing on him hard. Taking his time to go to the bathroom and get the bath started. He thought it’ll be a good idea to just do a bath, not a shower. Relax and just sit around looking at the other as they got clean. Waiting around naked, he got everything ready while he then heard the door to the room open. Popping his head out of the bathroom, he blushed. “Hey there babe…. —- Come on in when you want. I got it started for us.”

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Oh my gosh your writing is so great ;A; For a promp - Clack with U. - Coming home?

Aww… thank you worlds-shaking! I’m glad you enjoy my stuff. <3 Have a little Clack coming home! 

It was something that Angeal had tried to explain to him, back when he had been too young to understand. They had been climbing down from the helicopter after a particularly long and difficult training mission, both eager to get cleaned up and fed on something that did not come out of a sealed pouch. Zack remembered looking back at his mentor and thinking that the soft expression on Angeal’s face seemed out of character for the man.

He had spent months learning how to read the non-expressions of Angeal Hewley. He always knew just how much trouble he was in by the downward slope of Angeal’s heavy eyebrows or how funny Angeal really thought his shenanigans were by which side of his lips quirked up in a smile. He had never seen anything like the silly little smile and faraway look in his eyes in the time he had known Angeal.

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The final, full color version of a daily sketch I did back in either November or December, I don’t remember but WOW…. I REALLY outdid myself this time around O.o This is just masterful work. The anatomy, blending, pose, lighting and everything really pulls it together and you can see the influence of Spider-Man come through in the pose. I am impressed with how this came out, I have improved so much and I am excited to start this comic book! MiniNova looks amazing and beautiful here! What do you think?

Sketched and cleaned up in Adobe Photoshop CC 2015
Inked and painted in Paint Tool SAI 2 and Manga Studio EX


I’m cleaning my room for a guest I’m having come over for the weekend and I’m looking through really really old sketchbooks to figure out what to keep or throw away and I just rediscovered two characters I made forever ago that I was super fond of and apparently still am cause now I can’t stop pacing back and forth all giddy and giggly because I really want to draw them again but I have to clean and go to work but MAN I gotta draw Odon and….and the other guy that I can’t remember the name of

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hey dr! i noticed that Sean from 1minADay recently did a water fast and his results look really impressive, as do some others i've seen. what's your take on this?

If you look at Sean’s diet and fitness in the last year it is the most consistent he has ever been.

Same with Rawvana. She wasnt into fitness at all when I first met her but now she is addicted and if she lived around the corner she would be riding with us every time we went out cos she understands the importance of cardio when it comes to ramping up ones metabolism.

Clean eating + bit of social adventure cycling mean = lean mother fuckers longterm.

3 Quick Tips for a Portfolio Website

The time has come for you to put together a site where you can show a bit of your work to anybody you’re trying to show it to. (art directors, other creatives, businesses). In this day and age, having a real website that is clean and simple will help showcase your work the best. People are going to judge your brand based on how your promotional materials look and feel. Showing only your best will help you here. I’ve come up with 3 things that will help out any person’s portfolio site.

The first thing is to get an address with a domain name. Although it is possible to advertise your work with a or an Instagram page, keep in mind that having a real domain name will really stand out more. people tend to see legit websites as more of a real serious portfolio.

The next thing: cut, clarity and consistency. Cut would be editing. Which type of work are you trying to show? Who are you trying to market to? Are you going to show 20 good images and 10 mediocre ones, or are you going to edit it down to the original 20. Clarity would be how polished the work is. This doesn’t mean super high-def, super produced images, it just means the artistic vision and skill is there. How clear is the message? Consistency is how good the work is from image to image. What do you think looks better: 10 good images in a row, or 3 good images, one bad one, one mediocre one, then 3 more good ones? What you put in determines what kind of work people are going to want to produce when they collaborate with you, so try to put in your best and what you’d like doing

The last thing: personality. If you’re a silly person, try to make your “about me” section silly. If you’re highly detail oriented and picky, write down part of your process that makes you a really detailed person. Link to your social media where you regularly post. Take people along on your journey.

An online web presence is going to help you these days. A domain name, careful editing, and a bit of personality are 3 things you could do this week that will help your photography grow. Tell your own story with your website, don’t just take my advice. Hopefully you got something out of reading this. Until next time, signing off. -D

Mex v PR

I’m gonna continue just updating this post as my liveblog of Puerto Rico vs Mexico. Just main points not a proper lb, but it’s something.

  • At the start here, PR’s defense seems surprisingly well-organized. They’re on the defensive a lot and Mexico has most of the possession, but they’re really limiting Mexico’s chances at goal.
  • Mexican keeper got taken down hard when he came off her line to clear a ball out. Took her a second to get up but she looks fine. Scary moment for Mexican fans for a second there.
  • 18′ Dominguez scores for Mexico. Assist from Monsivais. Mex 1 - 0 PR.
  • 22′ Garciamendez scores for Mexico off a corner kick. Separated herself from her defenders to get the header in. Mex 2 - 0 PR.
  • 23′ PR go on offensive, Mexican keeper Santiago has to come off her line for a big save to keep the Mexican clean sheet. Results in a PR corner, which Santiago punches out.
  • 33′ Dominguez had a great chance. PR keeper Gustafson made the save and one of her defenders cleared the ball out of danger. Mexico had a solid chance there but couldn’t break through to get the goal.
  • 35′ Total dive from Mexico but they get the set-piece. Ugh not a fan of going down easy like this, especially in the women’s game. Mex take the free kick and PR manage to clear things out of danger.
  • Halftime: Mex 2 - 0 PR. I’m surprised at how this game as gone, considering Mexico is ranked #26 internationally compared to Puerto Rico ranking #108. PR’s defense has been organized and stopped a lot of chances. Mexico have been rather bad at finishing. There’s some flashes from brilliance from the Mexican team but overall pretty lackluster considering the disparity between the teams.
  • 47′ Shot from distance from Rodriguez for PR. Forced a big save from Santiago. That was close, woulda been a stunner of a golazo if the keeper hadn’t managed to tip it over.
  • 51′ Dominguez scores for Mexico (getting herself a brace). Great ball in by Romero, Dominguez manages to get in front of the defender, giving herself a 1v1 with the keeper. Beautiful play. This is the sort of play I was expecting to see from Mexico. Mex 3 - 0 PR.
  • 54′ Mexico goal by Rangel. Mexico free kick results in a great initial save from Gustafson, but she had no defenders to clean up the rebound and Mexico have the easy close shot. Mex 4 - 0 PR.
  • 70′ Great tip over the bar from Gustafson.
  • 73′ Wow, I thought Dominguez was gonna get the hatty there. Surprised that she skyed that ball.
  • 80′ Ehh, I like the no-call on that maybe handball. It was obviously unintentional and she had her arm in against her body, trying to make herself small. I agree with the ref on that one.
  • 89′ Oof late PK. The PR defenders are clearly getting frustrated. Dominguez converts the PK, earning herself the hat trick. Mex 5 - 0 PR.
  • 90′ If that PR striker had waited half a step then she would’ve had an amazing run there. Unfortunate it was offsides though.
  • 90′ + 1 Johnson scores for Mexico. Smart run, good cross from Mexico. Sloppy defending from the PR backline to leave that channel open for Johnson to run though. Mex 6 - 0 PR.

into-the-wreck asked:


Do I have a favorite dream?
Well I have so many extremely vivid dreams, I’m not actually sure which is my favorite. But I’ll tell you one that I really like.
Okay so in my dream I start at the beginning of a maze. The maze has concrete walls and thick ivy growing from the bottom and thinning out the higher it goes, and you can’t see the top because there is a thick most above me, and there is very clean light coming through the mist. I start walking down the hallway and notice a little girl in a white nightgown with long black hair standing behind the ivy, when I look at her she disappears. I turn the corner to my right and hear running water and there is water trickling down the wall running through a very intricate sort of Aztec design carved on the wall, and there is the girl again, lost in the thick ivy. And she disappears again and shows up behind me, this happens a few more times until I turn another corner to my left and as soon as I looked up, I was in the middle of a whole lot of business looking people who are all lost in there ways and talking loudly and trying to get places, and to the right of me is a window that is the size of the whole wall (incredibly large) and outside it was nighttime and there was a huge city with lots of bright lights, and I walked up to the window and placed my hand on the glass and just watched the city in awe.
I was never scared, I was very content, but just mesmerized.

syzygy-art asked:

Knowing there is a new Mirror's Edge on the horizon has me ridiculously excited; I loved the first and I know I will love the second. However, I kind of miss the dated aesthetic of Mirror's Edge, that turn of the millennium look that's been scrubbed squeaky clean. The most futuristic thing about it were a few concepts and the plot; most of the technology was something out of early 2000s or late 90s. What do you think of Mirror's Edge: Catalyst's science-fiction look?

I thought about this too, i have really come to love the look of the first game. but i am willing to try something new, i may come to love it aswell. i’m excited either way :D

Honestly one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life but I’m so happy I did 😻✨ so happy from what I achieved. It’s so intense tho omgg. it feels so weird being able to sleep in a proper bed again and eat proper food lol. I feel like living out of my back pack for a few days made me realise how much I take things for granted. Little things like sleeping in a bed, access to clean filtered water and having a roof to live under is something we really don’t appreciate. I can’t stop looking at everything around me and feeling so blessed😇 I can’t wait to do a much harder hike in a few moths when I’m more fit! The whole time on the tramp, not gonna lie I was so upset and wanted to come home but still glad I did it and an amazing feeling afterwards 😌

jaspers and relatives from the latest rock hunting haul! The only one that’s had any work done on them is the pale grey banded jasper on top left, who’s being my crash test dummy for working with jaspers. 

It’s a crying shame that I couldn’t have gotten the fancy and zebra jaspers intact, sob. There’s still hope for the others though! If they come out nice after a little clean up, they’ll be put up as prizes in the Gemsona OCT along with a nice unique gem character design for each<3

It’s looking like some of these are stromatolite jaspers, and others might be really dull tiger iron based on the slight metallic reflectivity of the dark stripes. All of the above get marketed as banded jasper, so they’ll probably be catalogued the same way unless I’m totally sure they’re something specific.

Bare Knuckles || Closed


She looked at him, ashamed of the wetness in her eyes. She quickly blinked it away. The attack had come out of nowhere, the ponies had been their only warning, and the moment Oda had seen their ears perk and their shoulders tense, she knew something bad was about to happen.

“I’ve never seen an Orc before,” she admitted, sniffling as she watched him clean her knuckles. “I could’ave got someone hurt, jus’ bein’ in the way.” 

She was shaken, visibly so. Oda often wondered how much Nári really needed her, or if she held him back, kept him from going out and having a life of his own. Fili’s small admission, though, that surprised her and she searched his face. 

“You’re a prince, what do you need with a little jeweler nobody? I can’t even hold my own in a bar fight.” 

Continued: X ( )

cybercochise asked:

“I realise you don’t know me, but please help me, I think I’m going to pass out.”

Harley looks up from the glass he’s cleaning, raising an eyebrow at the boy at the bar. He’s been sitting here for a little over two hours now, just moping and ordering drink after drink. If he didn’t have such great taste, Harley might’ve sent him away by now.

Alas, it was Chris’ lucky day.

“Really now, kid? Need me to call you a cab or somethin’?”

He glanced towards the door then back to the kid, sighing. The sun was going to come up in an hour, and the bar was just about closed down. Just need to get this kid out of here.

Maybe he should just help the kid out. A hefty cap fare wouldn’t make whatever shitty night the kid was obviously having better. 

“..Or I could just drive you home. Give me like..15 minutes to finish drying these glasses.”

Random Story

Guys my mom just came into my room and was trying to figure out what the sweet smell was so she picks up the hand sanitizer and starts smelling it to see if that’s where it was coming from. I’m looking at my iPad when I just here her sniffle and gasp. I look over and she’s suddenly looking really weirded out and embarrassed and I’m like “DID YOU JUST SQUIRT THAT UP YOUR NOSE?” And she doesn’t answer, walking away in shame to go clean the nozzle of the hand sanitizer. Then she comes back rubbing it with a tissue while I laugh and she yells “IF YOU DON’T STOP LAUGHING I’M GOING TO POST ONLINE THAT YOU GOT YOUR HAIR STUCK IN A VACUM CLEANER!” To which I screamed back “YOU’RE THE ONE WHO VACUUMED IT UP! THAT’S NOT FAIR!”

So for future reference my mom squirted hand sanitizer up her nose and vacuumed my hair. Just thought y'all should know.

To follow up my last post…

Good things right now:

  • My room is clean
  • I rearranged my bookshelf by height and it looks so much better than rainbow order
  • I care less about what I look like than I have for a long time
  • I keep forgetting to turn off the LED light string I got from the $1 section of Target so it keeps being on even though normally I would be worrying about wasting battery (this is good because it’s pretty)
  • The water coming out of the sink upstairs has been really cold lately so the water in my water bottle is always a good temperature
  • Carolyn continues to be a really forgiving and good person

I want to type Amen here because it feels like it fits.