it comes out april 1st

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OMG HAJIMAMA NOTICED ME~ I'm sitting at 00:41 in the morning on April the 1st celebrating cause Season 2 comes out within the next 24 hours! I has a question for you mama, then I will sleep. If the 104th and the vets could go anywhere in our modern world, where would they go? Goodnight, mama~!

I hope you had a good rest :)

Mikasa: Disney World
Reiner: Moulin Rouge
Bertholdt: Venice
Annie: Las w Kleczanowie
Eren: ISS
Jean: Madrid
Marco: Grand Barrier Reef
Sasha: New York
Connie: Bahamas
Historia: India (Like travel the country)
Armin: The wreck of the titanic
Ymir: Gay and lesbian kingdom of the coral sea islands
Levi: London
Hanji: Oxford
Erwin: The great wall of china
Nanaba: Paris
Mike: New Zealand (Travel the country backpacking)
Moblit: Honolulu

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wait is there really going to be a LT cartoon coming out? I'm really behind on the news

On 1st April, it was announced by Stefan Karl that he was going to London for “Lazytown business”. Then some news went around, saying that a cartoon would actually be made. Despite the excitement, many people were skeptical abt this, given the date it was announced, turning the Lazytown fandom into the equivalent of this gif for a brief moment:

Originally posted by moa8

Also, Stefan uploaded “concept art” for the cartoon on Instagram, only to delete it a day later. It was assumed the cartoon was just a joke.

However, on the 29th April, someone sent a text to Stefan, asking whether the cartoon was really happening or not. He replied that it was actually happening, which is why some fans have been making posts abt the potential this cartoon can have.

As of now, people have been sharing ideas for possible episodes, suggesting a raise in the age demographic, as well as wondering if the original actors will voice their respective characters (tho honestly that doesn’t really matter to me as long as Jodi keeps voicing Stingy, haha.)


#254~ My Hero Academia- Midoria’s Costume

Since the second season of this anime is coming out on April 1st, I thought it’d be neat to make some of the designs from the anime! (Also it is my spring break, so I have time to make some designs this week!) I made the outfit when he’s not wearing the mask or hood.

Pants: Cargo Pants (What I used)/ Frog Costume Pants (Anything similar)
Shoes: Lace-up Boots

April Fool
  • Tsuna: "Stupid Hibari-san! I hate you!"
  • Hibari: ".........Tsunayoshi, you know I don't partake in such nonsense event like April Fool."
  • Tsuna: "Eh? Today is April Fool?"
  • Hibari: ".......................................................................*frozen*"
  • Tsuna: "AAAAH!! It was a joke!! I was lying! I know today is April 1st! Don't sulk! Hibari-san, come back!"
  • Mom: so did you hear Star Wars is coming out on April 1st?
  • Me: ahahaha COMING OUT hahaha that's a good one, mom- do you get it? COMING OUT? As in, out of the CLOSET? AHAHAHA no wonder Poe and Finn exchange clothes- what else are they supposed to do in the CLOSET!! They've got some real explaining to do, huh, mom?
  • Mom:
  • Mom: *never brings up Star Wars again*
Reaching My Autistic Son Through Disney

In the year since his diagnosis, Owen’s only activity with his brother, Walt, is something they did before the autism struck: watching Disney movies. “The Little Mermaid,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Aladdin” — it was a boom time for Disney — and also the old classics: “Dumbo,” “Fantasia,” “Pinocchio,” “Bambi.” They watch on a television bracketed to the wall in a high corner of our smallish bedroom in Georgetown. It is hard to know all the things going through the mind of our 6-year-old, Walt, about how his little brother, now nearly 4, is changing. They pile up pillows on our bed and sit close, Walt often with his arm around Owen’s shoulders, trying to hold him — and the shifting world — in place.

Then Walt slips out to play with friends, and Owen keeps watching. Movie after movie. Certain parts he rewinds and rewatches. Lots of rewinding. But he seems content, focused.

We ask our growing team of developmental specialists, doctors and therapists about it. We were never big fans of plopping our kids in front of Disney videos, but now the question seemed more urgent: Is this good for him? They shrug. Is he relaxed? Yes. Does it seem joyful? Definitely. Keep it limited, they say. But if it does all that for him, there’s no reason to stop it.

Here’s a fantastic article from the New York Times by Ron Suskind. He adapted the article from his own book, Life, Animated, which comes out on April 1st of this year.


According to the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, beginning April 1, 2014, biological females will no longer be covered because the FDA hasn’t approved most testosterone products for use of (biological)females. This means transguys with BCBSM insurance will NOT be able to get their T through BCBSM even with a doctor’s diagnosis/prescription. Biological males will also likely have problems receiving the testosterone they need because even with a doctor’s prescription they’ll have to go through a process of prior authorization. (These changes effect commercial members except those with MESSA plans)

This means that these drugs aren’t going to be readily available:

  • Androderm
  • Androgel
  • Axiron
  • Depo-Testosterone
  • Fortesta
  • Straint
  • Testim
  • Testosterone cypionate

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE talk to your doctors about your options and make sure you aren’t left out of luck come April 1st, 2014. My doctor has suggested writing letters, e-mails, phone calls etc. to the FDA and anyone in a position of power to try and knock some sense into these people. If a licensed and honest doctor diagnoses a patient of sound mind with the medication that they need and have been receiving, they should be able to continue to get their medication.


Pictures from the latest issue of Pokemon Fan!

Here is a breakdown of news, from top to bottom:

All Monster Collection (Moncolle) Figures - March release (includes Mega Evo packs, monster ball sets, super size figures and normal size, with Mew!)

Candy figures - release beginning of March

Attack Kids - release beginning of April

The new Pokedolls coming out March 1st were previously announced but they look so cute, I included them. I love little Pancham!

Bonus picture of a Dedenne pumpkin pudding!