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Hello! Could you explain why Mads and Hugh/Hannibal and Will are considered attractive? My friend just asked me and I can't quite put it in words. Thanks!

Ah, yes.  The age-old “who is this man and why hath mine jimmies been rustled by his presence?” question.  I once asked myself the very same thing…and, after many years of intense observation and research, I think I have it all figured out.

MADS MIKKELSEN: DENMARK’S 2ND HOTTEST EXPORT (overshadowed only by lego and tied with those little butter cookies that come in the blue tin omg those are so good)

HUGH DANCY: THE BRITISH ARE COMING AND SO AM I (aaay get it?  c’mon, somebody had to make that joke eventually…)


You might think the Pelicans should have played tougher transition defense to stop LeBron James from getting all the way to the tin on this fast break. But come on: do you really blame Jrue Holiday, Buddy Hield and Dante Cunningham from making business decisions when the King’s making a beeline for the rack and cocking the hammer?

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Listen, download, reblog, share! :D This is for everyone to enjoy.

Today is my Dad’s birthday! I know I’ve got some new people around here, so let me explain. My Dad, who walked on in ‘09, was a Tin Pan Alley singer back in the day. He was an amazing musician, seriously. You don’t hear voices like this too often anymore. So every year on his birthday, I share one of his songs. This one is Cinnamon Sinner. (I know this isn’t my Mom’s favorite of his, but I always liked it. Satan’s Sister! ^_^ )

My Dad felt that music and art should be shared freely and enjoyed, and he loved showing his music to whoever wanted to hear it. So please feel free to do whatever you like with this file: download, share it, burn it, whatever - it’s everyone’s now!

And if you like the sound, some of my Dad’s other songs are in my Jimmy Dee tag. 

(Okay, now that I’m listening to the lyrics with fresh ears, all I can think of is Matthias Helvar thinking this about Nina Zenik, from @lbardugo ’s 6OC duology. 

For she’s a marshmallow mama with a jellyroll heart 

She’s a sweet-tooth pleaser who can really play her part 

But I think she’s Satan’s sister wearin’ a disguise 

Of a cinnamon sinner tellin’ lollipop lies” 


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Why did you choose to make Yuri's parents' story like this?

Short answer: I made a bunch of HC’s about stuff when YOI was still airing. 

Longer answer: Before Kubo mentioned that “Yuri’s mom is an idol” here is what we get of Yuri’s home life/non skating life. 

1. a short black and white flashback with gramps, and “it’s okay that mom can’t come.” 

2. Various shots of gramps rusty tin can car, cooking, & drinking beer from a can etc. 

3. And of course there’s the line that just absolutely wrecked me where Nikolai was like, “My pirozhky aren’t good enough for you.” Which I INTERPRETED as that weird thing that happens where one generation is upwardly mobile (economically, educationally, etc) and the prior generation is happy for the younger, but legitimately does not understand some of the things the younger person has to go through. That episode may or may not have aired just after I had a similar conversation w/my mom. 

Until the idol news I situated Yuri’s family as solidly working class. You know trying for upward mobility but lacking the resources to do so consistently. So by the time I got around to writing this stuff in FAWL, I had a conversation with some friends and was like, should I stick with headcanons/stuff I’ve already alluded to, or try to slap on the bits that Kubo gave? And I guess Yuri’s mom being a small time actress/model is my way of reconciling that. 

If you have, “the eyes of a soldier” when you’re ten, you’ve dealt with some shit. Stuff that you probably should’t have had to deal with. Stuff that your parents might have tried to protect you from, but couldn’t because at the end of the day our parents are painfully human.

Plus I really like the idea of stark opposites with simultaneous extreme parallels. Like, rich boy whose lived all through Europe, North America, and Asia, whose parents were/are all professors, who basically lives in an “old money” palace…Falls for boy who lives in ramshackle house in Moscow, whose parents made lots and lots of mistakes, who is still learning all the subtle intracacies of wealth, money, and status. 

BUT they both had significant childhood trauma? Both skate beautifully? Both are talented, and driven, and the best at what they do and can only motivate each other to do better despite all their differences in upbringing and personality. Sign me the fuck up.  

Things that still bother me: The Six Thatchers

There are many things that still bother me about Season 4 but this has got to be one of the biggest when it comes to the plot.

Now I used to be in the Tin Hat club and this is one of the major reasons why.  However the way at which both BBC and the Writers have treated the fans SO despicably with the attempts at erasure, dismissiveness and gaslighting, has all been heavy indicators that no, there is no Lost Special coming.  And yes, the writers really do not give two wits about their audience.

Well if Season 4 really did happen, and everything in that season -actually- occurred…

Then what the heck is up with The Six Thatchers!?

The Six Thatchers is not only a title of a case that Sherlock and John ALREADY DID and was already written about on John Watson’s blog, but the entire blasted thing i basically repeated in the show… and neither John or Sherlock comment on this!? WTF!?

So John blogs about this case that he and Sherlock did…

In this case, there was a series of break-ins, where thatcher busts were being stolen.

There were SIX thatcher busts being stolen, exactly the same number as the thatcher busts being stolen in the show.

Not only that, but these six busts were being broken open.

And Lo-and-behold, an object with someone’s initials on it is hidden inside of the last bust. Same as in the blasted show.

The entirety of The Six Thatchers is basically a complete repeat of a case that sherlock and John ALREADY DID and john already wrote about.

Sherlock is supposedly this highly intelligent and observant individual. You would think that he would notice that a case he ALREADY DID was happening all over again and, oh I don’t know, comment on this!? But no, he doesn’t even bat an eye.

Just like the glowing skull, there is absolutely no explanation given for any of this.

Are the writers just really THAT LAZY and do an ENTIRE REPEAT of an entire case of a show!? 

Why even?  And then give NO explanation as to WHY this case was repeated… and everyone in the episode just goes along as if it is NORMAL.  John or sherlock should have said or indicated SOMETHING, but it is like they have this huge void of suddenly somehow forgetting that the case had already happened.

Like it does not even exist.

An entire repeat of a case from the blog in the show and you just don’t care!? This is like the pinnacle of lazy writing.

Complete case repeat. No explanation as to how or why.

WTF Mofftiss!?

What. The. F*ck.

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: One can appreciate the beauty of a spiders web and still feel that the spider is icky.

Taurus: Lust has its place. For now, let things come to you as they wish.

Gemini: The white six armed things in the woods may look terrifying but they hunger only for rotten things. You are not rotten. Yet.

Cancer: You never noticed the extra key on your key ring. Do not search for the lock it fits. 

Leo: Kind thoughts are just that, thoughts. A kind action can save a life.

Virgo: The batons that the police carry are based on a centuries old piece of Japanese farming equipment. Humble origins and necessity forms nations.

Libra:  You have heard of several card games but do not know how to play them. Are they real? How can you be sure?

Scorpio: Things dont really come in tins anymore. Do not underestimate the utility of a tin.

Ophiuchus: Remember the neutral angels. 

Sagittarius: Those who dismiss the work of a soup kitchen have never seen a friend go hungry. Pray that they do not and continue your work.

Capricorn: There is no secret to getting someone to stay. If you have to get them to do anything you have already lost.

Aquarius: Visit a national park.

Pisces: Consider the land as it was before you. With no structures or noise. Consider it after you. With structures but no noise. 

Sherlock x Reader (Part 1)

It was Christmas Eve and everyone was getting together at 221B Baker Street. Lestrade had arrived with a bottle of scotch, Molly had come with a tin of homemade cookies, Mary and John had brought some sandwiches, Mrs.Hudson had made her famous mince pies. And you had brought brownies, they weren’t ordinary brownies they had fudge hidden in the middle! Everyone was milling around upstairs talking, chatting even Sherlock who was as antisocial as a brick. You were sipping a glass of champagne and listening to Mary talk about her hair product but your mind was else where.
“Thinking about Sherlock again are we?” Mary said with a giggle.
“No…” You said unconvincingly with a blush. Mary just scoffed and went back to talking about her hair product. You would never admit it but yes you did like Sherlock. His wonderful hair that was beautifully silky looking. His quiet but muscular physique and his cheekbones, God his cheekbones! His little smile when he found something funny or his deep chuckle that was infectious. Yes you liked him the only problem was you were sure he didn’t like you back. Over the course of the night your eyes kept wandering back over to him. You swore you might have seen him looking at you but you convinced yourself it was wishful thinking.
It was getting hot and stuffy in the little apartment so you excused yourself and decide to get some air. Also the quiet snow covered street looked absolutely beautiful and you wanted a closer look. You threw on your coat and headed down stairs. Opened the door and stepped out into the street. You breathed in the fresh air.
“ You okay?” A deep voice said behind you.

You nearly jumped out of your skin. You turned around to find the one and only Sherlock. “Yep, I just wanted some fresh air, and the snow looked absolutely stunning!” He tilted his head to the side in a confused manner. “No… there’s, there’s something bothering you I just can’t figure it out.” You started to feel nervous. Did he know? Did Mary tell him? Your heart started to beat a mile a minute. “Me? I’m fine Sheryl, don’t worry about me.” You just hoped you were convincing enough for the detective. He analyzed you a moment longer before giving up and sighing in defeat. He turned around to go but stopped himself. “You would tell me if something was wrong wouldn’t you?” He questioned in his deep but quiet voice. “Of course.” You chuckled. He turned to leave opening the door and disappearing up the stairs. You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding in.