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Andreil 2

2. “You’re too young to hate the world.”

Neil wasn’t particularly keen on doing talk shows, even though he wasn’t in hiding anymore, and even though Riko was no longer in the picture to make unexpected appearances and ruin everything. There are just some things that one never quite grows accustomed to, and putting on a friendly facade for the media is one of the things Neil knows he will never, ever get the hang of.

The whole lineup of the Foxes had been invited to TV shows all over the country to be interviewed after their historic defeat of the Ravens, and while Wymack got them out of most of them, there were some offers that he couldn’t back out of. Which is why on one particular Wednesday, the Foxes piled onto the bus to head to an afternoon interview with one of the most popular afternoon talk-show hosts in the Exy world.

“Now listen up you rascals,” Wymack hollered from the front of the bus once they had started moving, “don’t you even think about fucking around on this interview. If we want to boost our public image and show that we’re honorable athletes and competitors, be on your best behavior. Dan, you do most of the talking if you can help it. Kevin and Matt, you two back her up. Neil, I swear to god, if you even look like you’re going to be snide I will have you off that stage in three seconds flat.”

Neil, seated in the very back with Andrew at his side, nodded. He thought he could manage to keep quiet for a 20-minute segment, especially if there were eight other people up there with him.

He was wrong.

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Making Adventures More Hair Raising

Hi, folks. My Lovecraft LARP is this weekend, so here’s anther old advice article. Enjoy!

My latest D&D game ended with the defeat of Auntie Mengybone, the Elite Briar Hag that has been causing the PCs trouble for a while now. One of my players looked down at the carnage on the map. “That was really touch and go for a while there. I honestly wondered if we were going to win.”

In truth, so did I. Or at least, that was my worry the week prior.
The truth is, my players seem to think I have an uncanny ability to judge exactly how much they can take to make it seem like all is lost…but not so much as to overwhelm them completely. And I have some skill in that direction, it’s true, but part of it is that I’ve learned when to adjust my plans, when to insert a secret bonus, and when to make a monster do something stupid. And I’d like to share what I’ve learned with you. Hopefully, it’ll help you make the battles in your games seem that much more intense…the kind of battles that players feel like they succeeded by the skin of their teeth.

Careful Planning

It’s not shocking that the first thing I do when planning out an adventure is to look at the battles I expect to take place. While my games aren’t inherently battle-oriented, battles add tension and drama to an adventure, and they give the players a chance to show off their tactical skills. Let’s face it…when they’re exciting, battles are fun, so they get a lot of my attention as I plan an adventure.

As I’ve said in previous articles, I take the basic encounter concepts of 4E, try to make sure there’s an interesting twist or mechanic in any given battle, and pick monsters I think will be fun and interesting to fight. Once I have that framework, I might think about which monsters might go after specific characters, or special actions they might take. Will a goblin guard break from the battle to sound an alarm? Since the owlbear has so many dang hit points, will I let it run around in something of a frenzy, provoking attacks of opportunity (and giving PCs with special powers triggered by that a chance to use them?) Are there any dialogue bits or character quirks I might want to bring in? I jot some notes as I plan.

But I also prepare to throw it all out the window. As much as I want battles to be exciting and interesting, I also want them to further my storyline. I’m not a fan of battles as filler. I want them to tell the PCs something about my world, or move the story forward. And if abandoning a concept I had seems like it will further those ends, then I’m prepared to do it. I can always use the idea in another storyline down the road. The key to keeping things going is a level of flexibility.

Upping the Ante

Sometimes, as a story progresses, I find that the players are cake-walking through what I thought would be difficult encounters. Maybe I misjudged how effective their attacks would be, or how well they’d work together in a given encounter, or maybe the dice just fall a certain way.

Well, the nice thing about playing a game with a human gamemaster (as opposed to a computer) is that a gamemaster can make adjustments on the fly, deciding to change the difficulty of the situation. This can really mean the difference between a fight being memorable and being just another notch in the players’ belts.

One of the saddest things that’s ever happened in my game is when the Colossal Red Dragon I threw at my players towards the end of my 3.5 game was taken out in round 3 of a fight by a cleric with the Implosion spell and the roll of a 1 on its saving throw. Kind of sucked the challenge out of that fight, I can tell you. Thankfully, 4E doesn’t have the sort of “instant kill” attacks that earlier editions had, but it’s still sad to watch a monster meant to inspire fear and awe going down in a blaze of attacks.

Now, I don’t like to fudge dice that much. I might, however, occasionally give a monster a “nudge”. Are all their attacks hitting my ogre nightstalker? Well, when he gets bloodied, I might give his defenses a boost. My players know some monsters have special effects when they become bloodied, so this isn’t much of a stretch. It doesn’t break the game, but it keeps an important monster in the fight longer and gives them (and the players) a chance to show off all those nifty abilities they have.

Other on-the-fly adjustments I’ve made have included bringing in reinforcements, either more of the same coming in from open corridors, or even “summoned creatures” or “raised undead”. This works best if you have something set up in your notes, like giving a necromancer an ability as a standard action to create undead. That way, if you never need it, you can ignore it, but if you do need it, you can bring it into play.

It’s important to note that, whenever I do put in something like this, I give the players a way to take it away. If the necromancer is summoning undead every round, and the PCs kill the necromancer, then no more undead come into play. Auntie Mengybone had a way to heal herself through power she was stealing from her captive Archfey. Once the players realized this, they split their energies between fighting her and running a skill challenge to free the Archfey. Once the Archfey was free, they were able to quickly turn the tide of battle and overcome their foe. But until they did, it was, as previously mentioned, rather touch and go.

Toning It Down

Sometimes, despite good planning, good resource management, and good playing, fate just seems to want to kick your adventuring party where it counts. Most commonly, the dice fall the wrong way, and things just generally go wrong.

In instances like this, I’ll look for ways to help the party along. Maybe I’ll decide not to roll to recharge a specific power this particular round. Or maybe I let the monsters get a little cocky. They’re winning, aren’t they? Why not ignore the paladin’s mark? They have hit points to spare, and they can strut the fact that they can take it.

If I had reinforcements planned, maybe I’ll decide not to bring them in, or maybe I’ll make it easy for the party to prevent it from happening. Maybe the necromancer needs to make an Arcana check to summon those undead, and the party’s warlock can make an arcana check to counter-magic it.

Sometimes, you realize that it’s not the players or the dice causing the problem…it’s you. I recently realized that, although I’d converted some monsters from elites to normal, they still had elite damage listed on their sheets. This caused the players to burn through far more of their healing resources than they should’ve needed to and left them very weak against a very tough foe that was still fresh.

In a case like this, I find a way to give the PCs an unexpected way to heal or regain abilities. Maybe there’s a healing potion on the alchemist’s table, or a magic circle in a temple fight allows them to draw on the help of the gods for some aid. I hadn’t planned on this initially, but it helps make up for my earlier mistake.

Putting It Together – A Concrete Example

The final battle with Auntie Mengybone was set. Besides the elite briar hag herself, I put in 3 bone golems that I’d dropped from elite to normal, representing that they were simply bone constructs, rather than full-fledged golems. I also added a displacer beast which Auntie referred to as “Fluffy.” It was a tough, but balanced battle for a group of 6 level 8 PCs.

In the middle of the fight, I realized that the bone golems were doing way too much damage. Although their hit points and defenses had dropped properly, their damage was still elite level. I hadn’t spotted this, however, until I’d hit the PCs with a few of their attacks. “That seems high,” I thought to myself, and then I realized the error.

Luckily, the session ended mid-fight, with all monsters but Auntie Mengybone slain, but the PCs in dire straits…almost all encounter and daily powers spent, and several PCs with either 1 or 0 healing surges left. If this had kept up, it would almost certainly have been a complete party wipe, due to my error.

In between sessions, I pondered how to fix this. I wanted Auntie Mengybone to be a memorable villain, so I didn’t want to depower her. I had given her a healing power representing drawing on the power of the Archfey she held captive. While I didn’t want to take this away (the PCs hate nothing more than a villain that can heal itself), I wanted to give the players something to draw on, too.

I expanded the skill challenge to free the Archfey. Now, if they made a hard success on certain skills, the captive Archfey would aid them. I allowed them to choose between giving 2 healing surges to members of the party, using a healing surge, or recovering an encounter power. This gave a concrete reward to those who chose to step out of combat to aid the Archfey, and gave the PCs a way to stay in the fight, even though their foe was still in good shape.

Because I didn’t want them to simply all jump into the skill challenge and overwhelm it in two turns, I gave Auntie a new attack, a little less damaging than her old ones, but one that would negate one of their successes. That made it a more back and forth affair.

Finally, I gave Auntie conditions under which she would flee. I would give the PCs plenty of chances to catch her, but I knew this would change the tactical landscape of the fight.

So the rhythm of the fight went something like this. The PCs waded in against Auntie Mengybone and discovered that she could heal herself using her connection to the Archfey. At that point, half of them broke off to free the Archfey, engaging in the skill challenge while the other half held her in place. Their Controller was particularly helpful in that situation, using his powers to keep moving her away from the skill challenge.

Once the skill challenge was complete, it become another “dogpile on Auntie Mengybone” situation, until she hit her retreat conditions. She used a power to move out of the fight and began to flee, causing the players to switch tactics to catch her and hold her in place, and then defeat her. When it was all over, the players let out a sigh of relief and admitted that they hadn’t been sure they were going to win.

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“Quit touching me. Your feet are cold.” For elucien please!!

Here you go, nonnie!


Elain and Lucien had been traveling together for a week when they found themselves stuck at an unfamiliar inn. The rain was pouring, dark had fallen what seemed like hours ago, and neither of them were much in the mood for conversation until the were warmer, dryer, and had something to eat.

When they reached the door of the only place in town with lodging, Lucien held it open and Elain entered without a word. This was going to be a long night, but if they could find a place to stay and take care of their basic needs, they just needed to make it to morning. Then Lucien’s magic would be replenished, and they could winnow to their next destination. Which, hopefully, would have more acceptable weather, as well as nicer places to stay.

Finding out that there was only room was just par for the course, then. Elain remained expressionless when Lucien broke the news, and merely waited for him to lead the way.

After eating a stew of mystery meat, barely-flavored water, and something that passed for vegetables, they took the opportunity to change out of their wet clothing, hardly a word passing between them. Lucien gritted his teeth when Elain crawled into the sole bed in the room, keeping to her side. This was not the way he pictured the first time they shared a bed. The place was wrong, their moods were wrong, the weather was going to make it impossible to sleep. None of it was conducive to a good mood, let alone intimacy.

Under normal circumstances, he might have appreciated the way that her slight hips just barely swelled out from her waist, or the way that she gathered her hair over her shoulder in a braid to rest on her breast. But now - no, even now, he couldn’t bring himself to considering that. Well, at least not enough to do anything about it.

With a sigh, he crawled into the other side of the bed.

They each tried to adjust, not quite getting comfortable, their range of movement severely limited by how awkward they felt to be sharing the same bed. They’d had moments together recently when Lucien thought that maybe, perhaps she had begun to return his feelings. But this was definitely not a moment when that likely to be a topic of discussion.

After finally finding herself in a comfortable position not to close to Lucien but also not falling off the edge of the bed, Elain allowed herself to close her eyes. When she felt something brush up against her rear, she jumped up, nearly screaming. “What was that?!”

Lucien sat up, shocked. He looked down. “It was just my hand, Elain. I’m sorry. What did you think it was?”

“Nothing,” she stammered in reply.

The sound of the rain on the roof was nearly deafening and unfortunately, the wind was causing a loose shutter to creak and slam into the side of the building. They both laid with their eyes closed and tried to ignore nearly everything around them - the sounds, each other, the cold, the disgusting aftertaste of their dinner. They slowly grew bolder with their movements, getting the sense of the space they had available without having to touch one another.

And then Elain miscalculated.

“Quit touching me, your feet are cold,” Lucien snapped.

Elain sat up again, turning towards him. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me. I’m already cold, I don’t need your tiny feet making it worse.”

“Fine.” She shuffled her feet closer to her side of the bed. “I told you it was going to rain,” she muttered into her pillow.


“I said I told you it was going to rain, Lucien,” she snapped back.

“And I told you I couldn’t winnow us to the next town anyway, Elain. I’m sorry. I tried.” Lucien sounded sincere enough that she turned over to face him.

“I know. I’m sorry, too.” They laid facing one another, contemplating what to do next.

Lucien spoke first. “Elain, I have an idea. A way I can make it up to you.”

She propped her head up on her hand, looking down at him. “How will you do that?”

“We can… get closer. For body heat. This room is pretty cold and I know your hair is still a bit wet, so if you wanted. You can touch me with your cold feet.”

Nodding, Elain tucked herself into Lucien’s warmth. She might be in a poor mood, but he was glad she wasn’t stubborn enough to refuse the offer of warmth that the drafty room certainly couldn’t provide. Elain buried her face in his chest and wrapped his hair around her fingers before he knew what she was doing. She stiffened slightly, and Lucien waited for her to move away, but she didn’t.


“Yes, Elain?”

“Your feet are cold, too.”


Drabble challenge

Library- Fred Weasley

Originally posted by clbuspotter

Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader

Characters: Fred Weasley, George Weasley

Warnings: N/A

Request: Anon- could you please write a fred weasley oneshot where the reader is an introverted and kind of reserved hufflepuff and he’s taken a lot of interest in her from afar and tries to talk to her 

Word Count: 757

Author: Charlotte

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All these thin people on my dash complaining that body positivity is pointless and how they hate it… God, it must be really easy to say that when you aren’t facing discrimination because of the size of your body, huh?

Yeah, the movement is super flawed. This is why I prefer fat acceptance to body positivity anyday (although fat acceptance could stand to be more intersectional). But calling it unnecessary is ignorant and I honestly find it offensive.

When you already fit the mold of what is considered beautiful and you’re not being treated as subhuman for your appearance, it’s easy to say, “What’s the point?” But believe it or not, not all of us are that lucky. And not even just fat people, but all sorts of people whose bodies and appearance has been used against them.

Like, if you think body positivity is about women being appealing and sexy to men instead of ending discrimination based on people having different typed of bodies and appearances then you missed the point. If you think it’s about building up people’s ego and flattering them instead of challenging fatphobia and eurocentric beauty standards then you missed the point. I could go on.

And if that’s all you’ve seen from the body positive movement, well, I’m not entirely surprised. In my opinion, lots of thin people in body positivity miss the point too.

But to call it useless because it doesn’t help you personally is just offensive. And I really wish people would take the time to learn the point of body positivity and fat acceptance before deciding their is none.

You can certainly call them out for being problematic. I call out body positivity all the time. But don’t tell me the movement that fights for my right to be seen as human is useless.

-Mod Bella

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I am 98% sure I have been hexed or even cursed by this angry loser I've met on a Magick forum who disagreed with my opinions, he was clearly knowledgeable in Magick but certainly seemed like the kind who is quick to curse and became incredibly angry when someone challenged his bias. Anyway to reverse this?

Are you actually going through things that seem like a curse, though? 
If I had a dime for every witch or magician on the internet threatening to curse but not doing a damn thing, I’d be one rich witch. 
It could also be placebo too. If you think he cursed you, you might be creating the scenario. 

Now, what if he actually did? Well first of all, congrats, you found one of the magical people who hold through with their threats. 
It’s usually simple enough to reverse it on whomever cast it. 
Find a taper candle, preferably used. 
Anoint it with a bit of your spit. 
Prick it and say the name (or username) of whomever cast it. 
Light the bottom of the candle, not the top. Flip it upside down and let it burn.
“You gave unto me the magic bane, 
 and I send unto you the cursed flame.
 Every ill power, spirit, spell, or curse, 
 shall be made to return and reverse.” 

Semper Fidelis 1

@desperatelyseekingcannibals - I am on a mission to prompt everyone I can with ABO Tristhad so… ABO TRISTHAD PLEASE!! Maybe on a mission and keeping warm around a fire? Lots of f luff please, but smut is more than welcome if it goes that way XD

Congrats on the followers! I can’t wait to read the prompt fills <3

For #Tristhad Week. This is only one part, I’m still writing more. :)

Another day on horseback—such days could feel endless to a body stiff already from hours of riding. Tristan’s gaze naturally sought out the youngest of their band. Galahad rode to his left and was none the wiser to Tristan’s gaze or the way it lingered on his lower half as his corded thighs squeezed around his horse’s chest. None of the other men wore the Roman tunic and armor the pup insisted on; none of them felt the need to play such a role to be accepted. Galahad, pacifist and the sole omega among their alpha ranks, however, refused to be seen as weak. Despite his hate for their fifteen-year commission and the blood they shed, he wanted to look the role of the fierce warrior gender dynamic be damned. It was no secret that Galahad hated being an omega.

When he’d been recruited from his homeland, he’d been unpresented. Just like all Samaritan Knights he wasn’t worried, though. He was confident he’d be an alpha or at the least, a beta. He had no such luck. He’d gone into heat two years after he’d joined Arthur’s knights.

Galahad had been one of the last to arrive in joining their group; Tristan remembered when he’d brought to them flanked on either side by a Roman envoy. He’d taken to training with a fervor and had been shaped into a fierce and loyal warrior. He was a scout and archer challenged by none other than Tristan in skills—certainly no longer the boy he’d been. Again, Tristan’s gaze slid up the view of his calves and thighs. Definitely not.

He had a bite too. Galahad could be almost petulant at times with his uncharacteristic brashness. Quick-tempered and sharp-tongued, he had no shame to stop him from speaking his mind. In short, he was the most alluring creature Tristan had ever seen.

He had long realized how smitten he was, but how could anyone not be with Galahad? His tribe would have found him exotic with his cornflower eyes and the dark, chestnut of his curls, and beyond that, he was the ideal omega for someone of his tribe: spirited and with a tongue that was as deadly as his aim. When not in battle Tristan’s attentions often fell to the omega and he doubted it or the reasons why went unnoticed by any except the pup.

“There something interesting about Gal’s legs,” Bors rode up to Tristan’s other side with a grin far to knowing. 

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Hey PQ! First, I always love what you have to say! Second, I was talking to a friend and she said one of the things she doesn't like about asoiaf is that westeros is too hostile and a place where you can't trust anyone & the world is kind of depressing, but I remember reading a lot from you about the important good moments of asoiaf and how the series actually endorses the good characters, and I hoped you might expand a little on that? I couldn't find an especific post about it. Thank you !!

Thanks :) that’s perfectly fair, things do suck in Westeros, and not always in a historically accurate way. But it’s not grimdark, because GRRM’s focus is (almost) always on how his characters process these challenges to their values, and their responses are more powerful because they’re up against the world. Take, for example, when Brienne says to herself that she has “no choice” as a true knight but to defend children from Rorge and his crew even though she has “no chance” of winning. Her dedication in the face of the abyss is what being a true knight really means, and you need the abyss to make that point. Certainly, GRRM sometimes goes too far and just rubs our faces in despair and horror. But on the whole, I think he’s trying to put the value of characters’ choices at center stage by demonstrating that doing the right thing won’t automatically lead to social rewards, despite so much of the genre promising exactly that. 

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Any fic where lily is a reaaal badass ?

Here are some fics where Lily is different types of badass:

Title: king and lionheart ( Alive excerpt)
Author: fssquiggles
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 1 (out of 14)
Word Count: ~
Summary: The story of Prince James and his lionheart. All he’s ever done is watch her back, watch her leave, watch her protect him, because that is what a lionheart is supposed to do. James wonders why it can’t go both ways.

Title: Espionage
Author: thomasdean
Rating: Unrated
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~
Summary: Lily wasn’t supposed to be discovered at all, if she was being completely honest with herself, but it wasn’t her fault the demons running that university happened to place her in the same course and building as the person she was assigned to, and it certainly wasn’t her fault her boss had a sadistic sense of humour.  “This’ll build character,” he said, “An extra challenge. I have faith in you,” as he cackled his way down the hall. Lily hoped he choked on that lying tongue.

Title: King and Lionheart
Author: liiilyevans
Rating: Explicit
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 13,625
Summary: royalty + so you’re the rebel knight who has decided to conquer my land and oh shit with your helmet off you’re actually pretty hot au 

Title: A Matter of Timing
Author: preciselypotter
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Drama
Chapters: 6 [WIP]
Word Count: 88,633
Summary: Worn out from a war she’s been fighting for too long, Lily Evans agrees to spend a year teaching at Hogwarts. What she finds there is not only a temporary reprieve from the battlefield but also the whirlwind that will change the course of her life. 

Title: perpetuus
Author: gryffindormischief
Rating: T
Genre(s): Adventure, Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 14,397
Summary: Sometimes even an entire life of planning can’t prepare you for a pair of warm, millennia old, hazel eyes.

Title: Pirate Jily the First
Author: strangerslikem3
Romance, Adventure, Pirate AU
Word Count:
“Evans, are you listening to me?” barked Captain James Potter. To be honest, the reason why she was having troubling focusing was because Captain Potter decided to walk around shirtless.

Title: Girl Got Game
Author: Liebesbrief
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 22
Word Count: 120,708
Summary: Lily was not prepared to go to Hogwarts to live a life of gender bending and cross dressing just in order to be able to play a serious game of Quidditch. But that cute chaser James Potter just might make up for all of it…if he weren’t such a jerk.

Title: every victory has a taste that’s bittersweet
Author: thistlerose
Rating: NC-17
Genre(s): Romance, Smut
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,350
Summary: James and Lily dominate during a difficult battle against the Death Eaters.  Celebratory sex ensues.

Title: Demigod
Author: gryffindormischief
Rating: T
Genre(s): Adventure, Romance
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 12,608
Summary: Based (fairly loosely) on a prompt: so I’m a greek god and you’re a demigod who I turned up to curse because man you screwed up, but honestly that face is too cute to turn into a minotaur au

Title: Pretty Kind of Dirty Face
Author: a_lrightevans
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 4,687
Summary: Lily is a hitwoman but like, a hitwoman with a moral compass. and James is next in line for a bullet in the brain but instead of shooting him she falls in love with him and really its all very inconvenient

Title: Sunshine in My Eyes
Romance, Angst
Word Count:
Mr. and Mrs. Evans are killed when Lily’s only a girl, and she’s supposed to go to a home with her sister. Instead, a relative they didn’t know they had comes to collect them, and introduces Lily to manners, magic, and a life that’s just the slightest bit different from the life she was supposed to live.

Title: And the Wolves All Cry
Word Count:
AU. if a certain person doesn’t hear a prophecy, does it still come true?

Title: Lily
Author: petals-to-fish
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Drama
Chapters: 10
Word Count: 47,002
Summary: “The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.” Worried her ailing friend will be killed when he is drafted by the Aurors, Lily Evans masquerades as a pureblood to train with other recruits. Accompanied by an old friend from school, she uses her smarts to outwit the terrifying Death Walkers, impressing her Captain, James Potter along the way.

Title: Firelight Waltz
Author: cgner
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 12,038
Summary: “I’d like to assign the two of you a special, undercover mission,” Dumbledore says, his wrinkled fingers steepling on his desk. “I require two Order members to pose as a newlywed couple.” 

Title: Deliverance Disorder Descent
Author: Tedd.E.Bare
Rating: T
Genre(s): Drama, Mystery
Chapters: 16
Word Count: 40,000
Summary: It’s 1989, an election year; Lily and James are agents working for Phoenix, the secret security organisation that ensures members of parliament are kept safe from terrorist threats during times of crisis, in both war and peace. When a former foe returns for a new round, they’re sent in undercover to reveal what their enemy is planning. Will they survive the mad man? All-Muggle AU.

Title: Always The Accidents
Author: the-sassy-mango
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Crime
Chapters: 14 [WIP]
Word Count: 31.065
Summary: James and Lily are secret agents/spies working for the Order. They really dislike each other. Now, in order to recover the Philosophers Stone, they have to pretend to be a loved up couple.

Title: Fairy Tale Robbery
Author: preciselypotter
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Crime
Chapters: 4 [WIP]
Word Count: 12,919
Summary: Meet James Potter: modern-day Robin Hood, con man, thrill seeker. He and his merry Marauders have been hired to steal from none other than the highest in the land. Meet Lily Evans: the Queen’s sister, activist, (likewise) thrill seeker. Lily Evans is James’ mark. James Potter is in for a few surprises.

Clockwork Wings

Samifer Steampunk AU

Sam is the best inventor in the city. Lucifer is a war hero whose wings were damaged during his last fight. He asks Sam to make him new wings.

Read it on AO3

Wordcount: 2.4k

Warnings: Description of hurt wings, porn (though not very explicit and not very much of it), wing!kink

AN: I wrote this because of this post. That’s where the gif is from, too. @i-bleed-salt made a picture of Luci with steampunk wings to go along with it. Check it out here.

Tagging: @brieflymaximumprincess @annechuu @sassysupernaturalsweetheart @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell @coplins

The man had shown up in his workshop unannounced, and Sam was half in his mind to throw him out again. People that expected him to be available at any time were the worst kind of client. There were two things that held him back, though.

First, everything about the man screamed money. The well tailored black suit, the top hat that was adorned with a silver gleaming feather, the cane with it’s silver knob, his shoes that were barely dusty, which meant he must have come here in a steam carriage. Sam needed money right now.

Second, there was the way the man held himself. Like the world belonged to him, like he was used to getting what he wanted. Like it meant trouble to deny him anything.

And if Sam was honest with himself, there was a third reason, too. Those icy blue eyes that seemed to look right into his soul. Their gaze was always on Sam, even when Sam led the man into his workshop with all it’s chaos and half finished projects. All of a sudden Sam felt very inadequately dressed with his dirt stained shirt and pants with holes in them, protection goggles still hanging around his neck.

“Tea?“ Sam asked. He wasn’t sure, if there still was any left, but it would’ve been rude not to offer something.

“No,“ his guest said. “I’m not here for your tea, I’m here, because tales of your inventions are told all over the city. Do you know, who I am?“

Sam shook his head and smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry. I don’t get out much.“

“Name’s Lucifer.“

Sam couldn’t help himself, he gasped. Of course he’d heard about Lucifer. Second oldest of Emperor Chuck the Benevolent, who’d fought in the angel wars and come back severely wounded. Rumors had it that Lucifer’s wings were ruined, but he hadn’t let anyone see them since.

A small less than friendly smile tugged at Lucifer’s lips. “So you have at least heard of me.“

Sam lowered his gaze and shrugged. “Everyone has. And I feel very honored that you seek me out. How can I be of service?“

“I want you to make me new wings.“

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anonymous asked:

One thing that always bothers me about discussions about Aurora is that no one really discusses the likely circumstances of how she got pregnant in the first place. I find it hard to imagine that she deliberately sought to have a second, illegal, child. The pregnancy likely was an accident. And, perhaps like in our current society, when she realized she was pregnant, she decided not to go to medical and get an abortion. She made a choice, like women today do all the time. What's wrong with that?

Yes, I am also upset by Abby telling Clarke, “it’ll be your instinct to protect everyone” and Clarke being willing to risk her life at 16-17 to inform the Ark about the O2 because it was her dad’s desire. I think it’s a horrible situation to put a teenager in. Not that Clarke doesn’t do a kick-ass job saving the world with Bellamy Blake, but their parents did put a ton of pressure on both of them. Abby, Aurora, and Jake aren’t cupcakes, although they all had noble intentions. I don’t have an-

anti-mom bias. I love my mom dearly, and she’s amazing. But her own mother had 6 kids with a man who abandoned them all and subsequently tried to commit suicide and split up her kids to foster homes, where one was sexually assaulted and another lived under literal bridges. Today, a lot of my aunts/uncles have fallen into drugs, mental health problems, physically abusive relationships, deep debt, and one has stollen expensive real estate from the others through coercive practices. Some of my–

cousins are happy and successful, others are so depressed they can’t leave their rooms. I do, I guess, have a problem with moms procreating when they know point-blank their kid is being born into a horrible situation. Sorry. It’s great Octavia found a way out and gets to be a hero. I’m happy the story has a “happy” ending if we can call it that. But it’s like China’s one-child policy. Sure, the government is oppressive and totalitarian. But how much harder are you making your life by having–

a second child within it who can’t even make human contact with others from the day she/he’s born? On some level, you must have a slight problem w/Aurora’s choice to have baby #2. Unless she was raped. I’m not saying I support her aborting Octavia at all. But if she actively chose to get pregnant with her, it does make me raise my eyebrows a bit because she wasn’t just making choices for herself/risking her own life. She was risking Bellamy’s (& Octavia’s). But I do like that you’re getting us-

to think more holistically about the situation. I surely don’t support telling those who are poor not to have kids - that’s nuts. All my ancestors were poor when they came to the US. But if they were told the next kid they’d have would live in one room or under the floor, yeah, I’d have a problem w/that. I see it as child abuse. I’m sorry, but I do. I know it’s fiction. I don’t hate Aurora; I know she loved her kids & tried to do right by them. But she made a hard situation nearly impossible.

You say you don’t have an anti-mom bias, but you do. You just explained it. Where it came from and why. You blame MOTHERS for the world being fucked up and hard and the trauma they experienced and bringing kids into the world. You just blamed your grandmother for her husband leaving her and the subsequent generational trauma. You did. And your mom made it out and half your cousins did and you’re still blaming your grandma for the ones who didn’t. Not your grandpa, apparently. Which i find interesting. But pretty typical.

The one who takes on the burden of responsibility is the one who is blamed. The one who disappears is let off the hook. That means you blame mothers and not fathers. That is a bias. And that is part of our society. We ALWAYS blame the mothers. Where are the men? Gone. Let’s blame single mothers, poor mothers, mothers on government aid. The ones who have been abandoned to struggle in a world, taking care of children without help. How did Aurora get pregnant? No one knows. It was clearly an accident, a birth control fail. But someone was having sex with her. Someone fathered that child. 

And yeah, there are lots of immigrants who have children irl here in one room, as illegals, knowing they could be sent back, knowing that they’re poor and HOPING they are giving their children a better life. A chance. This is current reality. Children make life harder. Even if you have resources. That’s just the way it is. But they also give life purpose. 

We’re all fucked up. The world is fucked up. And it’s not your grandma’s fault and it’s not Aurora’s fault. I think so often, we blame the victims for being victimized and trying to regain some control and not being strong enough in the face of horror and suffering. 

I’m not saying that the Blake’s family life wasn’t messed up. It certainly was. But this does not automatically make Aurora abusive. She did what she could in this unfair and horrible situation and Octavia came out of it sane because she was loved. That wasn’t just Bellamy, it was Aurora too, she taught Bellamy to love, and she loved Octavia. 

You said she made a hard situation nearly impossible, but I’m going to challenge you on that, because what she did was create the heroes of the world. Hard doesn’t mean failed. Struggle doesn’t mean undeserving. Bellamy and Octavia are STRONG. They survive no matter what. Bellamy CARES for everyone. Octavia has an unswerving concept of justice (even when she goes wrong with it she never stops reaching for justice.)

People see hardship and confinement and they say villain and abuse. Completely ignoring the STRENGTH and FAITH it takes to persevere in impossible situations. 

Sorry. I’m not for Aurora hate, and that’s what a lot of it is. It’s not canon. It’s fan bias. We have so many reasons why we get to feel justified in blaming Aurora. It’s not actually a good world for mothers that we live in. We blame them for everything that goes wrong in a child’s life, and not the system that leaves them to care for children alone when men abandon them, when society doesn’t support their ability to provide. When they are disrespected on an institutional level. 

Y’all got your social justice causes. Poor mothers are not cool or sexy. They are easy targets to blame. Blame Aurora. Sure. Nobody cares.

I wrote this yesterday and it’s been sitting on my computer all day and night, because it turns out this issue is personal to me. I’m not going to say I am offended, because I think people jump to offense far too easily, and I understand that we are all a part of our society, and this ‘blame the mothers’ and ‘blame poor mothers’ is built into it. I thought this before I was a mother, so it’s not just about me going through it personally as a mother. And I do think people write Aurora and Abby as villains in their fanfics because society says that horrible mothers are uncomplicated conflict, because mothers are the ones that ruin their children’s lives, as a given. I also understand that not everyone has experience with poverty, which I am happy about, so they have a hard time understanding what it means to grow up in poverty, to try to find a meaningful, hopeful life in poverty, to have a family when you have no opportunity. But I’m going to post it anyway, and hope that you don’t take it as a personal attack, but, like you say, an attempt to shine a light on a cultural norm that is actually toxic and misogynist.

Bad Conjunctions

In astrology, a conjunction (when placements share the same or very similar degrees) is considered a neutral aspect–neither necessarily good nor necessarily bad.  However, let’s just face it, some conjunctions are harder to deal with than others!  Here are the tough ones (which, of course, have their up-sides, too).

In the birth chart

Sun conjunct Neptune

There is an inability to understand/attain the self.  Neptune conceals and idealizes, and it’s certainly no good to have a false image of the identity.

Moon conjunct Mars

Emotions are directly tied to aggression, and the individual is prone to being rash, childish, and perhaps even violent.

Moon conjunct Saturn

Emotions are challenged, minimized, and denied within the individual.  There is an inability to reveal the deeper self.

Mercury conjunct Neptune

As with sun conjunct Neptune, communication is obscured.

Venus conjunct Saturn

Definitely has some good things about it, but the individual is still awkward, lonely, and emotionally repressed.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn

The planet of luck and expansion conjuncting the planet of challenge and constriction?  Clearly not an ideal combination!  Overly conservative and probably greedy.

In the synastry chart

Sun conjunct Mars

This isn’t that bad, but sometimes it’s too intense and the Mars person is overly attached to the sun person.

Sun conjunct Saturn

The sun person can’t be who they are because the Saturn person hinders their self-expression.  In all likelihood, this placement wouldn’t lead to a close relationship, anyway.

Sun conjunct Pluto

One individual is obsessed with the other…so sorry, but that’s not a good thing.

Moon conjunct Saturn

Emotions are challenged, minimized, and denied by the partner.  The moon person is made to feel bad about their emotions and inner self by the Saturn person.

Mercury conjunct Saturn

The Mercury person does not feel free to say the things they want around the Saturn person.  It’s not as bad as, say, a square or opposition, but the Saturn person is still limiting.

Venus conjunct Neptune

Any relationship where one person over-idealizes the other is dangerous, and that is definitely the case when the planet of love meets the planet of illusion.

This is not an exhaustive list, but these are the most immediately difficult aspects I could think of.  But, as always, anything can be worked around :)

Conquest characters and dances

Kamui: Was too unruly as a child to learn ballroom dances, but enjoys when Jakob teaches her the zouk;

Azura: Is a quick learner and, although prefers to dance alone, her favorite paired style is the bolero;

Felicia: Is forbidden to try any kind of dance inside Castle Krakenburg;

Jakob: Knows all about ballroom dances, and although would rather not dance, the one he enjoys the most is the zouk (he’s rather proud of his shakey hips)

Mozu: Can’t put one feet before the other in “fancy” dances, but she was the best at her village’s folk dance;

Silas: Since he’s of noble birth, he learned ballroom dances, but enjoys tap dance more;

Xander: Knows most of all kinds of waltz and some tango, but don’t ask him to shake his hips, they’re as stiff as his shoulders;

Camilla: Was taught all ballroom dances, but her favorite is tango;

Leo: He struggles with the ballroom dances and secretly practices in the dead of the night;

Elise: Knows she has to practice for ballroom dances, but loves the kalinka dance too much;

Laslow: Is a quick learner in all manner of dances, but his favorite is the sword dance in honor of his mother;

Peri: Doesn’t like being told what to dance, but enjoys playing kalinka with Elise;

Selena: Hasn’t learned much ballroom, but is a quick learner. Her favorite is Ylisse’s festival folk dance;

Beruka: Never danced before and is only willing to challenge herself to learn if it’s her spouse who asks;

Odin: In Modern AU, certainly Hip-Hop; Canon setting he generally has two left feet, but excels at the Ylissean folk dance;

Niles: Generally wouldn’t put himself in a dancefloor, but surprises everyone by excelling at the salsa;

Effie: The last man brave enough to ask her in a dance still hasn’t recovered from his injuries;

Arthur: Still hasn’t recovered from his injuries;

Nyx: Would rather not bother herself with dancing, however, if her spouse asks, she might abide to dancing a slow waltz;

Charlotte:  Excels at both salsa and zouk; would try pole-dancing if given the chance;

Benny: Someone saw him doing a kecak trance dance alongside some bears and started a rumor about how bears would try to rule the world;

Keaton: Has two left feet even during his own tribe’s folk dancing;

Flora: Learned the zouk to impress someone, but is too embarrassed to dance it; Likes bolero;

Gunter: He was quite good at the waltz in his prime, still has a bit of it left.

erinkatz  asked:

If you feel like it, is there any chance we could read something happy for our fictional Caps today?

I feel like a lot of people need this today, judging by my bracket challenge. 

One day the fictional Caps will win a Cup (one day the non-fictional ones will too!). Quincy, who’d almost resigned himself to always getting close but never getting there, to retiring as the ‘so close but so far’ captain, hoists it first with tears in his eyes (important to note that while the NHL commissioner in YCMAL ‘verse kinda sucks, he’s certainly no Bettman. No Bettman involved in Cup celebration! The most truly utopian thing I’ve written – wait there’s a 75% chance this year the winning team will visit Trump and me not having Trump as president is the most utopian thing I’ve written)


Jake’s entire family’s with him in the crowd (he got his own tickets and David Can’t Stop Him From Watching Him Win) and he can’t wear Caps merch but THEY can. YOU CAN’T EITHER, VOLKIE. TAKE THE JERSEY OFF, VOLKIE, YOU ARE A PANTHER. Em’s allowed.

Matty bursts into tears in the locker room after and Robbie and Wheels literally shield him with a  human barricade so that the media doesn’t get a shot of it while Crane talks him down – Robbie tried but he just kept laughing then crying harder, so he gave it to Crane, hoping he’d scare him non-crying (Robbie is okay with him crying? Like, no, crying makes him uncomfortable, and he doesn’t get happy crying at all, but mostly he just knows Matty wouldn’t want the media to catch that). Crane, unexpectedly, just hugs Matty for awhile and lets him cry it out while Robbie and Wheels fidget through their barricade duty.

Exclusive: The Walking Dead’s Melissa McBride on the Season 7 finale

“It looks like war is coming. And it looks like people are heading to the front lines and we just have to wait and see what happens,” actress Melissa McBride, who plays Carol on AMC’s The Walking Dead, said in an exclusive interview with Syfy Wire.

With war looming between Rick’s troupes and Negan’s Saviors on Sunday’s Season 7 finale (judging by the previews and clips that have aired), even Carol appears to have been drawn back into the fight. While Carol’s had her issues about killing, so much so that she left both Alexandria and the Kingdom to get away from people, Negan may just discover that you don’t mess with Carol’s friends.

McBride (The Mist, American Gothic) chatted with Syfy Wire about Carol’s return to the fight, which character she’s most worried about as a viewer and those Walking Dead death dinners.

I’m excited for the season finale and sad all at the same time.

Melissa McBride: I can’t believe it’s here already. It’s really weird. The first half is a little slow, even while we’re shooting it. It’s like when do we get to mid-season. And then after the mid-season it just flies. It’s crazy.

You weren’t on a lot of episodes during the first eight.

Yeah, that was real slow (laughs).

It was especially slow for you and Lennie (aka Morgan). But I think things have picked up since then.

But it is weird though. I mean no matter how many episodes, it seems like that first half is always … I guess it’s just because we were starting out. It’s grueling and it’s hot and it’s horrible. And in the second half of the season, [it goes by so quickly]. It’s done, and you’ve got to say goodbye to people.

What’s it like for you when you are not on episodes? Do you have any clue what’s going on with the show?

I still get the script, so I know what’s happening.

Do you know before you get the script if you’re going to be in an episode?

Vaguely. But you take it with a grain of salt because things can always change. They say you may or may not be in this episode.

It’s really interesting that Carol has had an evolution over the years, and now she’s having a re-evolution, almost. From being an abused wife to losing her child to becoming a protector of those around her. And then she left both Alexandria and the Kingdom in an attempt to go it alone.

I know. It’s her pattern. But this one is less superficial. It’s not just putting on a sweater … This one she was just at her end. Like she said there is just nothing left. Going through the days knowing what you’ve done, and what you’re capable of doing if you had to, there was just nothing left. I mean if that is what you have to do, just the death and destruction, [losing your] humanity, everything, not knowing who to trust, knowing that maybe you’re just like these people that you’re fighting, and trying to protect yourself … You become the monster. All of that stuff. She just had to go to either save herself or just do away with herself.

But apparently she didn’t move far enough away from the Kingdom. For some reason she’s been surprised when everybody keeps showing up.

It was kind of funny I thought, for somebody who just really wants some solace and time to sort through and think about things. And ding dong. Ding dong.

What area your thoughts about the Kingdom?

I like the Kingdom. It’s a beautiful place. Just hitting that against the darkness of the world. Going from point A to point B is just so dark, and then all these other groups are infiltrating your space. And then going and killing people in their sleep. The Kingdom is just a paradise.

It did appear that the initial attack on the Savior facility and Carol’s efforts to save Maggie when they were captured, might have been the breaking point for her. Why wouldn’t Carol want to stay in the Kingdom? I think of all the places you could live if I was in that world, the Kingdom is the one I would want to live in.

There’s this colorful king and there is music and there are children laughing and running around and that’s really beautiful. I don’t even think Carol thought she was even worthy of a place like that. Anyway she had work to do on herself.

Now she’s back in the fold it looks like. In the previews, we see Carol with the Kingdom group holding a gun and looking ready to go after Negan. I know you can’t say much but can you tease us about the finale?

Well, there is certainly the culmination, as you could see in the preview.

Looks like a war is coming.

They have what looks to be like procured guns now for the Alexandrians and Hill Top. It looks like the Kingdom is on board.

And they’ve got the people from the dump. It appears Rick’s got everything lined up now, but we’ll see.

What scares me as a viewer is that Eugene is over there in the naughty camp.

Yes he is, that bad boy. I just talked to Josh McDermitt.

You did? What’s he doing over there?

He’s like why is everybody beating down on Eugene? He’s just trying to survive.

I get it. I understand.

Not that Carol has gotten any criticism for her actions.

Exactly. But he’s over there directing traffic and moving things along.

If Carol does not survive, what do you want to say to fans?

Thank you for watching (laughs) … I love you … Thank you for the support. Thank you for rooting for Carol like I did.

And if she does survive, what are your hopes for Carol?

I would say the same things to the fans as well if she did survive (laughs).

It would be nice if she found some peace.

That’s my hope for everybody.

Not too soon though. It looks like Carol’s got another battle to fight.

You don’t have a show if everything’s all peaceful. And then something awesome happens and it’s all done. And that just can’t happen … It’s just so strange to think of a world like that. You’ve just become so totally immersed. It’s everything that Carol was fighting herself against becoming that thing that feels so awful. But it has to be done the one way. Is there really another way? If she’s just going to come to the realization that is the only way. And is that some sense of peace? I don’t know. All of them sort of carry that battle, that this is the worst humanly thing possible. But there has got to be some beautiful things to make it all worthwhile. There has to be. And I want them to experience that beautiful thing. And that’s what keeps them going and going and going.

What has been your biggest challenge this season as an actress?

My biggest challenge this season? I think it certainly would be that you get a momentum going when you’re shooting and then it’s cut off. And then you wait a couple of episodes and you go back. That’s kind of challenging doing that stop and go. But then it’s exciting too because there’s a lot more story to tell and you have an expanded cast.

It’s a big cast now.

You get to go to the set and watch people shooting and stuff, those things that you’re not in.

There are basically six communities interacting.

I know. One of the things that was fun was going to set on a day off where you can just mosey around and check out the sets and things like that, and some sets are just monumental. That whole heap set was incredible. That was seriously just mounds and mounds of trash.

The garbage set?

The Heapsters.

Oh, the scavenger garbage people.

The trash people (laughs). The Trashsters? I don’t know what it’s called. Yes, the heaps of the trash. I mean the set is just wondrous to stand there and behold the piles of trash that’s on the lot where we shoot. Like where did they get it? Who piled it up? How did they make it so cool and how did they keep it up? It’s crazy.

You’ve got the Heapsters, the Oceanside women. And you’ve got Negan’s Saviors, as well as the Kingdom, Hill Top and Alexandria.

Yes. That’s a lot of people. That’s a lot of sets, and a lot to shoot. A lot of stories to uncover.

What has surprised you this season, the thing you weren’t expecting?

The trash people. They were a surprised. The fact that Eugene’s selling into Negan’s camp over there.

He drank Negan’s Kool-Aid.

Yeah, that’s a surprise. It’s hard since we’ve been out of production on the season and I’m trying to remember a lot about it. Even in the finale there’s several surprises in this finale coming up. This script, just reading through it, I found myself saying, “What!!! No, no way!!!”

It appears likely we’ll lose some characters this week in the finale. When characters die, what’s it like for you? There has to be some emotion attached to the deaths.

It has a lot of emotion attached to it. And then also we’ll usually get notified ahead of time when that happens. But it always makes just reading the script … you want it to be good. This better be good. But to lose a cast member and to think that they’re not going to be around in that capacity anymore, anyway it’s sad. And there’s mourning and there’s also celebration, personal celebration among us for the one moving on. It’s just a celebration that they were with us the whole time that they were and that they’re undoubtedly going to do well moving forward with what they do.

I heard that there’s a death dinner.

Yeah. It started off in a restaurant and then I think the walls were too thin for the amount of crying that we wanted to do. So we moved it to a safe place where we can emote and we wouldn’t have to hold back, and we could really just be able to celebrate that person.

When is Carol’s time? What thoughts do you have about her dying?

Well, I kind of don’t. I mean it’s become part of the water. It’s not just a bubble in a water. It’s just become part of the water that that’s going to happen. So I don’t necessarily go there. I just don’t think about it as much. It’s an inevitability, I suppose. My overall general thought is, like everybody else, this just better be good. I don’t want to fall through a crack and drop twenty feet to my death. That wouldn’t be fine.  

It’s got to be a worthy death. A chance to save everybody or something.

Yeah. I just hope she doesn’t trip and fall. That’s all. She saves somebody and she’s all happy and then something happens, but she didn’t have her eyes open.

I hope at some point Carol finds happiness. In some ways I think she’s had the toughest road of all of them.

If everybody were happy this would just be a totally different show.

Yes, it would.

I kind of like the show.

It would be nice if she could be have a little peace though.

What I want is hard, tough, horrifying challenges ahead. That makes it interesting. With something beautiful in-between. That makes it all worthwhile.

Do you have anything else coming up you wanted to talk about?

Nope (laughs). I may take a nap in about five minutes. We can talk about that.

anonymous asked:

Why does (well, did) Naito hate the ic title so much?

Naito treated the IWGP Heavyweight Championship belt with similar disregard (he threw it into the air and then left without it the night he beat Okada at Invasion Attack 2016), but not with the same intense hatred, I think. He certainly never damaged it.

Naito and the IC title have some history. Back in 2013, when Naito was a babyface, he won the G1 Climax and was set to challenge Okada for the Heavyweight title at Wrestle Kingdom 8, which ordinarily would’ve made him the main event. But the fan reaction wasn’t great so NJPW held a fan vote that year asking what the fans wanted to be the main event. Tanahashi vs Shinsuke received twice as many votes as Okada vs Naito. Tanahashi and Shinsuke’s match was for the Intercontinental Championship. This was a big deal, the Heavyweight championship has main evented Wrestle Kingdom since Wrestle Kingdom II. So not only did the title steal his chance to main event the second biggest wrestling show in the world but he was also publicly humiliated. 

So that’s probably part of it.

Here’s what he told Smol Interviewer Man (who alluctor informs me is named Yamazaki):
'Once Upon a Time' Star Lana Parrilla Talks Robin's Big Return
Warning: This story contains major spoilers from the midseason return of Once Upon a Time. Read at your own risk! Regina might have found her second chance at love with Robin. During Once Upon a Ti…

Regina might have found her second chance at love with Robin.

During Once Upon a Time‘s midseason premiere, Regina (Lana Parrilla) was reunited with her late love Robin (Sean Maguire) in the Wish Realm — but this version of Robin is not the leader of a merry band of thieves who rob from the rich and give to the poor. No, this is Robin of Locksley, who basically just steals for his own benefit.

However, Regina still jumps at the chance to bring Robin back to Storybrooke, with the duo safely touching down at the end of the hour. “He gives her a feather, and that for her represents hope,” Parrilla tells EW. “There’s something sort of real about him. She doesn’t really think he’s going to make it through the wardrobe, but he does, and that gives her a lot of faith and hope that maybe there is another chance, or maybe this is her second chance, at love with him.

Introducing Robin into this new world won’t be easy for anyone involved. For example, he’ll experience difficulty “learning how to use a light switch and a microwave,” Parrilla says with a laugh. “He’s kind of back to the Robin that we knew, which all these characters that came into our modern world didn’t really know how things worked. When you’ve seen them come into Storybrooke, they really don’t know how things operate, and how things work, so she’s dealing with that.”

But it certainly goes into much more emotional territory, too. “Every time she sees him, he looks just like her Robin Hood, but he’s not, and so she’s a little confused on, how far does she go with this?” Parrilla says.

As difficult as it is for Regina, it’s also a challenge for Robin to face his legacy in this realm, with executive producer Edward Kitsis likening Robin’s feelings to what Regina dealt with when she believed everyone in the Wish Realm was better off without her. “Robin is looking for a fresh start,” Kitsis says. “We know that his life in the Wish Realm wasn’t as desirable as he let on, but it is very hard to go to a new place where you’re constantly reminded of a better version of you.

In the same respect, Regina is a character who often lets the past get in the way of her future,” Kitsis continues. “When the whole Daniel thing happened, she decided to become the Evil Queen to get back at Snow [Ginnifer Goodwin]. She separated herself from the darkness because she didn’t want the weight of that around her, and she wanted to embrace the future. Bringing a bizarro version of Robin back, some of them — at least Snow White — are going to be very concerned that maybe this isn’t the best thing for her. That is a journey she has to go on.
Amy Winehouse Remembered by Jared Leto
'Her passing hits close to home'

A few weeks ago we were asked to replace Amy Winehouse at a festival in Europe. We agreed to fill in for her, and were curious as to why she cancelled the date. We confirmed the show and soon heard about her fateful concert in Belgrade and the subsequent cancellation of her entire tour. I remembered running into her father a couple of years ago in the lobby of Universal Music. I was reminded of the frustration, pain and dysfunction that is such a big part of the life of the addict, and unfortunately everyone else involved.
I didn’t know Amy personally, but her recent passing hits close to home as the disease of addiction is a very familiar part of my life. It’s a  brutal and savage condition that wreaks havoc not only on the addict but those around them as well.

Having played over 250 shows since our last album came out, we  understand all too well the challenges of life on the road. We have  been touring for about two years now and it can be tough. I couldn’t  imagine it in the midst of an active addiction. I certainly would not be able to do it.

It seems that many in the press had no problem acting as though her disease were as trivial as the latest “hot beach bods” spread.  Maybe the next time someone exhibits the classic behavior of an addict in trouble, rather than using it as tabloid fodder, more energy could be spent attempting to help the person. Laughing at the behavior of a person in the throes of addiction, or dismissively treating it as entertainment, is no less unforgiveable than making fun of someone who has begun to deteriorate from the damages of any other chronic and debilitating disease.

I understand they have not confirmed the cause of death but it seems obvious that she suffered deeply for many years. I feel for her and those closest to her, for the pain of these years and for this tragic ending. It’s a heartbreaking loss, not just of an incredibly talented artist, but of a beautiful and blessed young woman in the beginning of her life.

Jared Leto is the lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars and an actor.

The Journey - Part Two

Thank you @jia911 and @bluebelle18 for your help!

Part One can be found HERE.

Timeline for Part 2:

This part focus on the events between episodes 10x21 and 10x22 and goes through to the developments of episode 22. Cristina was upset about losing the Harper Avery Award and was being constantly invited to other places to give a speech, ultimately deciding to go to Zurich. Derek invites Amelia to join him on a case of conjoined twins and treats her like an idiot in front of everyone.

The Journey – Part Two 

Derek paced back and forth outside Owen’s office, waiting until the chief’s meeting was over so he could finally talk to his friend. After long fifteen minutes, a woman who Derek knew worked at the legal department walked out, making room for the neurosurgeon to finally go in.

“Hey, Hunt, when you have some time, there is something I want to talk to you about. I have finally made up my mind about the Cooper twins’ case,” The neurosurgeon revealed.

As it happened often, the chief of surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital got a weekly load of requests from patients all around the country applying for cutting edge procedures. Owen had forwarded Derek a case of conjoined twins who had done their research and elected GSMH as their place of choice to have the risky surgery that might finally separate them after years. Derek had met them just days before, promising he would look over their case very carefully before making a decision on whether or not he’d agree to operate on them.

“I want to give it a shot.” Derek said with conviction.

“Good.” Owen furrowed his eyebrows, not quite understanding why Derek seemed borderline angry about his decision. If he had opted to take on a case as difficult and challenging as the Cooper twins, the least he could show was a bit of excitement.

“I’m going to need you to sign off so my sister can scrub in with me.” Derek said between his teeth, apparently angry.

“Your sister?” Owen frowned in confusion, not following.

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