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Certainly fame is part of me. Does it have to be totally separate? I don’t think so. The fact that I have built this career is a big part of who I am. It’s not all of me, but it’s certainly part of me. The person would have to love that part of me, too. It’s definitely a challenge, especially when you’re with somebody who’s not in the entertainment industry.

The therapeutic work I described is to some degree a redress of the traditional presumption that masculinity is a site of emotional disavowal. Feminine boys present a challenge to that ideal, and certainly it is not without meaning that most often such boys come to the attention of mental health authorities because it is felt that they are too sensitive, they cry too easily, they are too flamboyant; in short, they are too expressive in a variety of ways. They upset what Davidson referred to as the ‘affective geography of gender.’ The colorful, sentimental, and hysterical themes that sometimes inform the play of feminine boys threaten the rugged, tight-lipped, stoic terrain of masculinity. Embarrassing excess looms. When emotion leaks, when tears fall, they are often seen as ill tempered, mocked as shrill, and diagnosed as feminine.
—  Ken Corbett, “Boyhood Femininity, Gender Identity Disorder, Masculine Presuppositions, and the Anxiety of Regulation,” Psychoanalytic Dialogues

Today, the world lost a woman who was a Princess, a General, and most certainly, a Rebel. Her humor, wit, and fearless attitude were inspirational and exciting to witness, whether it was on screen, on the page, or in real life. She challenged the stigma of mental health issues with candor and strength. And she was taken from us far too soon. Rest in peace, Carrie Fisher. You are one with the Force, the Force is with you.

Bad Conjunctions

In astrology, a conjunction (when placements share the same or very similar degrees) is considered a neutral aspect–neither necessarily good nor necessarily bad.  However, let’s just face it, some conjunctions are harder to deal with than others!  Here are the tough ones (which, of course, have their up-sides, too).

In the birth chart

Sun conjunct Neptune

There is an inability to understand/attain the self.  Neptune conceals and idealizes, and it’s certainly no good to have a false image of the identity.

Moon conjunct Mars

Emotions are directly tied to aggression, and the individual is prone to being rash, childish, and perhaps even violent.

Moon conjunct Saturn

Emotions are challenged, minimized, and denied within the individual.  There is an inability to reveal the deeper self.

Mercury conjunct Neptune

As with sun conjunct Neptune, communication is obscured.

Venus conjunct Saturn

Definitely has some good things about it, but the individual is still awkward, lonely, and emotionally repressed.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn

The planet of luck and expansion conjuncting the planet of challenge and constriction?  Clearly not an ideal combination!  Overly conservative and probably greedy.

In the synastry chart

Sun conjunct Mars

This isn’t that bad, but sometimes it’s too intense and the Mars person is overly attached to the sun person.

Sun conjunct Saturn

The sun person can’t be who they are because the Saturn person hinders their self-expression.  In all likelihood, this placement wouldn’t lead to a close relationship, anyway.

Sun conjunct Pluto

One individual is obsessed with the other…so sorry, but that’s not a good thing.

Moon conjunct Saturn

Emotions are challenged, minimized, and denied by the partner.  The moon person is made to feel bad about their emotions and inner self by the Saturn person.

Mercury conjunct Saturn

The Mercury person does not feel free to say the things they want around the Saturn person.  It’s not as bad as, say, a square or opposition, but the Saturn person is still limiting.

Venus conjunct Neptune

Any relationship where one person over-idealizes the other is dangerous, and that is definitely the case when the planet of love meets the planet of illusion.

This is not an exhaustive list, but these are the most immediately difficult aspects I could think of.  But, as always, anything can be worked around :)

Post Ep for The Calusari

For the @txf-fic-chicks /missing scene challenge and for @kateyes224 who requested a post ep for The Calusari. A quick moment in the aftermath of the Holvey case.

As he types up his case notes, Mrs. Holvey’s words stick to him, thick and tacky. He can’t shake them. What if it is true? What if one tragedy opens a person up to lifetime of bad luck? It certainly seems to be true in the case of the Holvey family, or what little is left of it. It was true for him too, whole life turned upside down at twelve years old. He’s never been able to get it rightside up again.

If it is true, what does that mean for the people around him…person, he amends. There’s really only one who matters these days.

There’s a soft knock on the door, her small knuckles tapping out “shave and a haircut.”

He untangles his crossed legs and sets the laptop aside as he gets up and crosses the room to let her in.

She’s in her robe already, looking like the day has finally caught up with her.

“You sure?” he asks.

“We need it for the case file,” she sighs as she shuffles in. “Let’s just get it over with.”

He’d burned through an entire roll of film at the Holvey house, bagged and tagged every little bit of evidence he could get his hands on. Scully had been curiously short on details so he had to extrapolate based on the scene. It looked roughly as though a tornado had swept through. Scully’s movements had become more and more tentative as they worked through the room, which was when he realized that she might have taken a little more a beating than she’d let on.

He pulls the lens cap off and puts the camera between himself and her as she drops the robe, letting it hang at her waist. The alabaster skin of her back is streaked with maroon and purple blooms.

Do not pity her. She doesn’t want it. Collect the evidence.

He clicks the shutter, the sound making him jump a little every time. She is stock still.

“Enough?” she asks, her voice thin.

“Yeah, I got it,” he says, looking away as she draws the robe back up and pulls it tight.

“Did you take something?” he asks as he puts the camera away.

“Yeah, a couple Ibuprofen,” she says as she sits down at the little hotel table and looks absently at the evidence bags full of dust and other odds and ends collected from the Holvey house.

He stands and watches her for a moment, her eyes tired and wandering.

“Did I ever tell you that my family lost a baby?” she asks without looking up.

“No, you didn’t.”

“Between me and Charles. I don’t really remember. I was three, I think. Anyway, he came too early, his lungs weren’t developed enough.”

“A brother?”

“Patrick,” she says. “I never even saw him. I’ve only ever been to his grave once or twice. It was so heartbreaking for my mom. I remember her crying and crying when she was pregnant with Charlie because she was so terrified that it was going to happen again.”

“The case reminded you?” he asks as he sits down across from her.

“It did,” she says, her voice very far away.

“Charlie Holvey has a tough road ahead,” he says.

“He does,” she says, finally looking at him. “What’s happened to him is a tragedy. But he’s not marked now, Mulder. He’s not a Typhoid Mary of evil.”

She reaches out and squeezes his hand, a silent “and neither are you.”

“Bad things happen to all of us and we just go on,” she says as she stands up.

She drifts away and closes the door behind her. He stares at it for longer than he ought to. Maybe everything isn’t as upside down as he thought.
All 89 Diamond-Certified Albums Ranked From Worst to Best: Critic's Take | Billboard
Diamond-Certified = 10 Million in Sales

And look who tops the list:

1. Prince, Purple Rain (1984, 13x Platinum) A soundtrack that actually makes for a more coherent cinematic experience than the film it accompanies, Purple Rain is certainly in contention for the most perfect album in rock or pop history, expertly flowing from track to track while delighting, surprising and astounding at each bend. Personal and universal, familiar and challenging, romantic and narcissistic, religious and orgasmic, accessible to all and profoundly weird, Purple Rain rightly remains the cornerstone of Prince’s recorded legacy, almost too obvious in its brilliance to even be worth discussing at length.

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do you have any more charlie x pansy headcanons? i love them so much & tumblr seems to be lacking in them

this is for the @slytherdornet and @hprarepairnet trope challenge! this is for the “love confession” trope from this list.

  • pansy’s heart hurt, and as she listened to the heavy rain hit her window, she wondered if charlie was hurting, too.
  • she didn’t mean to raise her voice, and she certainly didn’t mean to make him leave.
  • she put her face in her hands and took a shaky breath.
  • why did she always push people away?
  • charlie was her best friend, and he was hardly ever in town.
  • why did she turn their time together into something painful?
  • she knew why, but she didn’t want to face it.
  • she was in love with him; she had been as soon as she met him.
  • she’d denied it for one year, five months, and three days.
  • but she could not deny it any longer.
  • she was about to owl him when there was a knock at her door.
  • her heart jump-started, and for the first time in a long time, she felt hopeful.
  • she hugged her body tight as she walked toward her door, and as soon as she opened it, she sighed from relief.
  • it was him; he had come back.
  • he did not say anything, and he remained in the rain. 
  • pansy watched as his hair became soaked, and watched as droplets hit the tip of his nose.
  • she could see his breath in the air, and it was as rapid as her heart.
  • “pans-” he started, but she interrupted him.
  • “i’m sorry, charlie. i’m so sorry.
  • “you have nothing to be sorry about.”
  • “but i do have something to be sorry about. i haven’t been honest about any of this.”
  • he perked his brow and crossed his arms for warmth.
  • she knew she should invite him inside, but her mind was racing.
  • “what do you mean?” he asked.
  • she opened her mouth slightly and closed it again. 
  • she swallowed hard.
  • she shut her eyes as the words came out of her mouth, “i’m in love with you. i have been from the start.”
  • she didn’t dare open her eyes, but she soon felt chapped lips on hers.
  • she couldn’t move; she couldn’t breathe.
  • and as he pulled away, he whispered, “i know.” 

because I’m sitting here staring at my WIPs like they’re going to start writing themselves, have a Life in Reverse excerpt:

Doom was at least three steps ahead of them, maybe more. He had the Tesseract, almost certainly - he was in contact with Thanos. He used magic and technology in strange ways that challenged even Loki, and as a leader of his country he almost certainly had an army at his disposal - not to mention his duplicate robots, and whatever army Thanos had in his possession. And they had…what?

Too little, and Loki knew it.

He rubbed his eyes and inhaled deeply. The cold truth of it was, he never should have let it get this far. You’re ours now, Natasha had said, and Loki wished he could believe that it would matter.

How long would he have, once it was done? Time enough, he hoped. But not too much.

Loki drew up his knees and rested his head on them, inhaling slowly and exhaling slowly. It will be worth it, he told himself. For them. For this young, small realm, just beginning to grow into its full strength.

Should You Fight this Hamlet Character?

Hamlet: As long as the contest isn’t fencing, he would be so easy to fight it’s a little sad. Fight him, he probably deserves it (be warned: he might try to talk you out of it…)

Claudius: Do not fight Claudius. There are eyes everywhere and he has loyal followers to stab you in the back while you’re distracted.

Laertes: You probably don’t have an option if you’ve been challenged. He’d almost certainly beat you by any means possible. Do not attempt if you can avoid it.

Horatio: Why on earth do you want to fight Horatio??? Beautiful cinnamon roll. Too good for this play. Too pure.


Roz/Guildy: Fight them. You’ll win. 

King Hamlet: If you offend him, he’ll leave at the rooster’s crow. Plus he’s a ghost so any attack would go right through him? Pretty pointless.

Polonius: Ask him his opinion about something and wait until he’s in the midst of giving terribly life advice. You will almost certainly win. Using drapery to your advantage is a plus.

Gertrude: She’d probably run away and call you mad if you tried. Leave her to heaven to judge.

Yorick: Is literally just a skull.

Fortinbras: Will show up 30 minutes late to the fight with Starbucks. Still would not recommend. He sort of has an army.

inspired by last nights pick up line battle here ya go nerds

also we hit 500 followers???? we must warn you that if youre following us we have no idea where we’re going

anyway thank you guys so much! <3 have this slightly longer scenario as a gift (it certainly won’t be the last of its kind :D)

“Is there an airport nearby, or is that just my heart soaring?”

A smile pulls at your lips as you turn towards your boyfriend. “That was too awful for words, Hikaru.”

Hikaru grins at you widely. “Hmmm? I thought it was pretty smooth, actually. But, you know,” His hand suddenly darts forward to grab yours, tugging you closer. “You look kind of familiar; don’t we have a class together? I could have sworn we had chemistry.”

“That was even worse. You can do better than that, surely?”

“Is that a challenge?” Hikaru asks, a glint in his eye.


“Well, I hope you know CPR,” He smirks, leaning even closer, “because you just took my breath away.”

“Weeeak.” You tease, pulling away from him only to circle behind and whisper lowly in his ear. “Of all the beautiful curves on your body, your smile is my favourite.”

Hikaru turns in your arms, and though his expression is still as mischievous as ever, you feel at spark of triumph at the sight of a faint splash of red on his cheeks. “I’m no organ donor, but I’d be happy to give you my heart.”

“Did you sit in a pile of sugar? Because you have one sweet ass.”

“Do you know what my shirt is made of? Boyfriend material.”

“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

“My doctor says that I’m lacking Vitamin U.”

“If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put ‘U’ and ‘I’ together.”

“It’s gotta be a crime to look that go-“


You both glance over at Haruhi, whose eye is twitching in a way that suggests she’s about to throw something at the two of you. 

You think it best to comply, and untangle yourself from your boyfriend with a chuckle. “Awww, weren’t you touched by our heart-warming display of affection, Haruhi?”

Beside you, Hikaru tuts. “Such a shame. I thought it was quite moving, myself.”

Haruhi looks less than amused, and you take this as a sign to leave. Quickly.

Before you can take more than a step, however, Hikaru stops you with a light tug on the wrist. When you glance back at him, he smiles, entwining your fingers together.  “Hey,” he purrs softly, and you try to ignore the way you heart thumps at his tone. “You should tie your shoe laces.”

Hikaru leans forward, inches away from your face, and you can feel his breath ghosting over your cheeks. “I don’t want you falling for anyone else.”

You stare at him for a second, fighting back a grin. “…Gotta hand it to you, that one was pretty suave.”

He pulls back – much to your disappointment – triumph clear across his face. “I know. Does this mean I win?”

“Pffft. No chance.” you tease, beginning to walk away again. “Consider this an intermissio-“

You cut yourself with a loud yelp as you plummet forwards, the world speeding around you for a few terrifying seconds before snapping to a sharp halt as you hit the floor. Painfully. You lie there for a few seconds, dazed.

Much to your irritation, you can hear Hikaru snickering above you. “I wasn’t joking when I told you to tie your shoelaces, you know!”

Scowling, you reach out to grab his leg as he saunters past.


He crashes to the ground next to you with a startled yell. “Real mature, _____.” he groans into the floor.

There’s a few seconds of silence, before you turn to him with a smirk.

“…I guess you could say we really fell for each other.”

On the other side of the room, Haruhi snaps her pencil.

- Admins Kits and Beckett

Fun drawing ideas, mainly for character design

If you like to study from different art books and tutorials, that is awesome! It is a great way to learn and improve your at. I’m certainly still learning myself, but if anybody wants some tips from a fellow amature, I have discovered a few things that have helped me.

We often learn how to draw characters that have pleasing shapes and lines, which makes sense, but be careful! You can lose variety when you are too uniform. This can also depend on your personal style, if it is simple or realistic. I’m certainly not going to criticize anybodies technique or designs; I just wanted to share some things that I did which helped me when making characters.

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Gradblr Challenge Day 16


Well, I almost certainly failed my exam today! Yay! But everyone else felt like they did too so maybe he’ll curve, idk. He said that he has portions of the final exam dedicated to the previous material, and that if you score higher on that material, he’ll use that score to replace your exam score. So I just have to study really hard for the final now. On the other hand, my meetings with my rotation PI and advisor went well, and my advisor said I was cruising my way to an A in the class I’m taking with him, so I feel pretty great about that. Now it’s time to do some relaxing before I convince myself to go to the gym. How was everyone else’s day?


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Well if anything I'd still like to thank you for our conversation. Please don't think my asks were an attack on you in any kind. I was trying to understand your way of thinking and I did. It's a shame you didn't answer them all but at least you were willing to step outside an echo-chamber unlike many others a little even if it made you uncomfortable (which will pass if you continue challenging your own views in order to strengthen yourself). I wish you all the best. Good bye.

i wasn’t uncomfortable, and i’m certainly not in an echo chamber– i know too many people with views similar to yours to count, my parents included. i hope you can understand why it gets tiring to talk about this when it just ends up being a circular conversation. like i said, it all just comes back to whether people want to believe me or not when i say i’m a man. there’s very little i can do to change those beliefs, so i just have to accept it, but it wears down on a person over time

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Question for Bowsario. So Mario, it's obvious that one Bowser can be quite the challenge but what if there were two or three of hi? How would you deal? Would it drive you mad? Because it would certainly drive me, mad. No offense Bowser, you're awesome but the thought of more than one of you...

“Wow, talk about rude! What, did I kick your butt at kart racing or something?”

“Hmm. You know, I suppose that depends. If I had multiple Bowsers, that sounds nice to me. But, if another Bowser had his assumed personality and developed a genuine hatred for me like most others see, well…that wouldn’t work out very well.”

“What?! Oh, come on! I’d protect you from anyone! I’d even fight myself to do it, honest! I could handle it!”

“That’s nice, but also I’d rather not see you get hurt in a way worse than what we’re used to. And I’ve seen you take a lot of beatings over the years.”

“Is there a good resolution to this concept? One where I’m not being hanged and dragged by everyone?”

“Oh, if you want me to stop here, I can do that. But, I was going to mention the part that being surrounded by multiple Bowsers that were into me would be such a treat. And then I was going to mention the part where I’d rather not have more than one Bowser, because the one that I have gives me more than enough love. But, I know that you’re upset, so we’ll end it here.”

“Wait, what?! No, no, you were just getting to the good parts! That’s what I wanted! Mario? Mario, get back here! Please? Aw, come on already! I love you too! Can’t I win just once?!”

first impression

A/N: for @drinkyourjuicerodriguez as part of my 3k follower giveaway: the first time Kaidan and Shepard sparred on the Normandy, and they tailor their fighting style based on their first impression of the other. Enjoy! :D

When Kaidan reached the makeshift gym in the shuttle bay, he realized that it was already occupied. There were a couple of people he was completely fine sharing the gym with. Ashley was probably his top pick, because they could make fun of one another and challenge one another. She won more times than he cared to admit. Garrus and Wrex were okay too, but their workouts were mostly just punching things, or trying to wrestle one another. And for that, they certainly didn’t need a designated space. Tali and Liara were down here so infrequently that he didn’t really have a way to judge.

But Shepard… Shepard being down here was a little nerve wracking. It had happened maybe once before, but Ashley had been there. Ashley was always the best to break the ice and get casual conversation going. Of course, Kaidan could talk to her, and it was fine, but being alone with her… was a little scary. At least with Shepard, he knew she’d kick his ass.

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I’m torn between the two thoughts and ideas of you. You are kind, thoughtful, funny, caring, and all around wonderful. I am lucky to be in such good company. Every conversation we have, every minute we spend together, is never time wasted. It is always knowledge gained, perspectives challenged, and of course, occasional cuddling. But, when I’m not with you, I feel something different. Sure, there’s a longing to see you again and a hope that it will be soon, but there’s more. There’s a disconnect that I certainly feel, but I wonder: do you feel it too? Are you so busy and engrossed in life that I am an afterthought? Or does it not even cross your mind? I bet it doesn’t. You probably think everything is fine, and trust me, I want to think that too. But I don’t know sometimes. I really don’t.
—  11:27pm thoughts// but your company is lovely, you are lovely, but I just don’t know sometimes

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What if Harren managed the one in a billion Dornish Miracle and managed to take out Aegon and Balerion, whether or not Harren survived, how do you think the other Targaryens would have reacted? Would Visenya be the new queen? Would the conquest have ended? Would Orys be raised up? Perhaps a split between Visenya and Rhaenys?

Well, Visenya would be the queen since she’s older than Rhaenys. Unless Orys finds himself a dragon and challenges Visenya directly, I don’t think he’d be the ruler, though he would almost certainly be a senior leader and ground forces commander in some fashion; he’s just too good of a tactician to not use in that role.

As to whether they would continue the conquest, what it really comes down to is Visenya’s wishes whether or not to continue the war. She is probably avenging Aegon I, and if she wants to remain a queen she would need to protect her new Riverlander vassals from Harren’s wrath, but losing Balerion and Aegon that early is a serious blow. She would certainly have to take a consort, otherwise the family line is dying out, and she could choose to find one of the Valyrian-blooded houses to keep the bloodline pure, or look to take a Westerosi husband. Visenya in the timeline of the novels has been seen doing both (in advising her son Maegor), so I would guess that she would pick the more practical option, whichever one she determined to have more of an advantage, rather than having an ideological bent one way or the other.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

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GASP!! You're doing more Alpha?!? I can't wait! I wanted to respond to your question about chapters being too long. HELL. NO. Of course, I would say that if your chapters were "too short" as well. I honestly would read whatever you put in front of my face, however it's structured. I will say that long chapters present a challenge of scrolling back through to find ALL the points I want to review about, but I'm certainly not going to complain about that!

Yes! I think we will release two more installments this year. The next one will be this summer. I’m so happy to hear your gasp! I hope you’re as excited as we are.

Thank you for answering my question! Candidly, I asked about the chapter lengths because I’ve noticed a drop in readership since my chapters broke the 5k mark; Nocturnes especially, which has been nearly 10k the last two installments, and some of the recent Amortentia one shots. I was asking to try to determine whether I should restructure in order to shorten the chapters, because I know that it can be a lot more difficult to find time to read that much in one sitting. But if everyone is okay with it, then good! Carrying on as planned. 

And please know that I do hugely appreciate it when you (the plural You) are able to leave thoughtful reviews, particularly because I understand that it must be incredibly difficult to process 10k words by the time you reach that little box!