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About Damn Time

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Anon request: could you please write a dean x reader fic where they end up locked in a confined space together that starts as annoyance but leads to more? and they’ve been hunting together a while but always had an antagonistic/teasing relationship to cover up that they have feelings for each other

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,000

Warnings: SMUT (that’s right, I wrote some smut. Can’t say it’s good, but it’s there) language, mention of death, minor angst, lots of sass

A/N: This is also for @wayward-marvel-sommer1196​‘s sarcastic writing challenge! Sorry I’m a little late - honestly I’m shocked and thrilled it didn’t take longer to finish this. Thanks for the fun challenge, and have a great semester, hun! (my prompt was "Oh, I offended you with my opinion? You should hear the ones I keep to myself…" and is in bold)

A/N/N: Look guys, a thing that isn’t firefighter Dean! It’s a miracle!

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Plan announced for ban on transgender people in the military
Gay and lesbian troops have been able to serve openly in the U.S. military since 2011; transgender service members were allowed to do the same in 2016.

Trump’s erratic tweets announcing a ban on transgender members of the military are turning into an actual policy.

New guidelines from the Pentagon indicate that if and when the policy goes into effect, trans people will no longer be able to enlist in the military. Existing trans service members would be subject to removal depending on “deployability.”

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis hasn’t spoken much about the plan, and it’s not known how rigorously he would enforce a policy on transgender troops. Tom reports, “The big issue for Mattis is service. If you’re in the military, people who know him say, he’ll give a lot of leeway for keeping transgender people in — unless there’s some huge medical issue that prevents deployability.”

On July 26, Trump stated in a series of tweets that the U.S. would not allow transgender people “to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military.”

The president added, “Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail.”

This is hateful. It’s discriminatory. It sets the precedent that you can lose your job if your healthcare costs “too much.” And it’s certainly going to be challenged in court, where I imagine it will be swiftly destroyed. 

And Some by Virtue Fall

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Summary: When unfortunate circumstances force you to seek help from one of the dancers in a stripping club, your life gives a sudden turn for the unexpected.

Warnings: swearing. Strupper! Bucky which is a warning in itself… anyways this is dirty yo! 18+ Only

Word count: 4757

A/N: This is my submission for @marvelous-fvcks writing challenge! My prompt was “lap dance” and while this isn’t specifically a lap dance it certainly gets very, very close… *ahem*

I’m so exited a bout this and how it turned out… hope you enjoy!

A thousand thanks to my sweet yogurt wife Kumi @rotisserierogers for betaing this for me… I love you.

He is breathtaking. The stage lights shine bright above his head, drawing all the attention in the room to him in his black pants and shirt, hair tousled and falling over his eyes in soft curls. He looks almost angelic, standing in the middle of the crowded place.

It’s only too bad that he’s anything but.

The room comes alive the moment the lights turn on, the slight smell of sweat floating through the air, carrying a mixture of scents that you know all too well; excitement, drunkenness, lust. It’s a full house tonight; an important night. You see it in the glasses, filled almost to the brim with sweet liquor, in the delicate lace barely covering the girls’ bodies and the hooded eyes of the men who beckon them with their fingers; it’s in the soft moans and grunts that fill the room and in the hooded gazes thrown around like confetti. It’s in the very air of the place, sticking to your skin like perspiration and making your body tingle; hyper aware of every nerve in your body as you’re overwhelmed with the atmosphere of the club.

You don’t like it.

 Every single cell in your body is practically screaming at you to leave, unease bubbling in your stomach with every passing second and your heart beating faster every time the waitresses as much as graze a hair on your body. Even through your multiple layers of clothes, you still feel naked under the people’s gazes. But the second the lights dim and the reflectors come to life over the round stage, it’s as if time was pulling to a sudden stop.

 He’s the reason you’re here—the man walking up to the stage—and judging by the way the room grows silent at the sight of him, you can guess you’re not the only one particularly interested in seeing him. Even if your motives are entirely different than everyone else’s.

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Thoughts and Speculation for the Future of Stranger Things

Some of these comments are legit speculations, while others are just rambling thoughts I’ve been having about the future of the series.  Also, a lot of this is not specific to just the next season, but rather the future of the entire series.

1) ELEVEN’S EDUCATION: So, how is Eleven going to enter the real world?  To me, this seems like one of the biggest challenges facing the Duffer Brothers, though I’m certain they’ll figure something out.  Even if Eleven was tutored extensively from, say, December 1984 to maybe August 1985 when high school starts, there’s no way she’d be at the point where she could enter high school.  Of course, this is fiction (and at times, far-fetched fiction), so I suppose it’s possible that she could join them in high school; it’d certainly make for good comedy.  But I still don’t see it happening; it’s way too unrealistic.  So what do they do instead?  I can see Nancy tutoring her—maybe with Dustin’s help (that itself makes a great little side story based on what we saw at the Snow Ball) since Dustin is kind of implied to be the smartest of the gang.
2) TRANSITION FROM BIKING TO DRIVING: The boys will be about fifteen and freshman in high school.  This could mean learning permits.  This also could provide some great comedic moments, especially if one of the characters is too scared to practice or even fails the test.  I can see this happening to either Dustin or Lucas, for different reasons.  I feel like we see Dustin on his bike more than any other character.  This could make the transition from biking to driving daunting for him.  Also, imagine Dad!Steve helping Dustin learn to drive.  I can also see Lucas having some difficulty driving, especially if his character is still close with Max, as it’s been shown that she’s driven before.  This would be a cute bonding moment for the two of them.  
3) MIKE’S HEIGHT: Finn Wolfhard is tall.  I read somewhere that he’s 5’7”, and he’s not even fifteen.  By the time they begin shooting season three, I’d imagine he’d have grown even more.  I really hope one of the boys makes a snarky comment about how tall he is.
4) DIVERISTY: I’d like to see more diversity and people of color in subsequent seasons.  We got a little more diversity this season, with Lucas’s family and Eight, but I think seeing even more people of color—specifically in larger parts—would be wonderful.
5) MILEVEN: As cute as it is, I think there will be significantly less adorable Mike/Eleven moments in season three.  I definitely think they’ll be around each other and hanging out, but I think—and hope—they cool it on their “romance.”  Here’s why: Finn will likely be fifteen and Millie will likely be fourteen when they start shooting again, and their characters will also be around that age.  Now, they’ve already kissed twice, and both kisses were very innocent.  Typically when watching a relationship progress in a TV show, the relationship does just that…progress…and usually that progression is physical.  Given that the kids are so young, I seriously doubt we’re going to see any progression in their relationship, and I think it’d be a little silly to make those poor kids keep holding hands and doing quick kisses.  Also, think about it: the characters haven’t actually spent that much time together.  I’d much rather watch them get to know each other and see Mike help Eleven navigate the outside world.  Honestly, I think I wouldn’t even mind seeing a bump in their friendship because up until now everything has been too peachy.
6) JOPPER: I think the main romance in season three, if there is one, will be between Joyce and Hopper.  They’ve lightly alluded to that, and if you look at David Harbour’s social media, you know he ships them.  I think Hopper will serve as a comfort for Joyce as she continues to get over Bob, and then maybe by the time the show starts, they are slowly starting to form as a couple.  I do think this will be a slow burn, however, and I don’t see them getting married or anything that dramatic any time soon.
7) EIGHT: I think it only makes sense for Eight to return.  And like many others have speculated, I think Eight, Eleven, and the other numbered children may have to come together Avengers-style to fight off some alternate dimension evilness.  This might not be in season three.  I can see them saving this for season four, which they said may be the last season.  
8) RETURN OF BRENNER: In season two, they implied that Dr. Brenner might not be dead.  I think he’ll definitely make a return in season three.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s out to get Eleven.  I can see him kidnapping her or even trying to kill her or Hopper or Will because they know too much.
9) ELEVEN EXPANDING HER FRIEND GROUP: In future seasons, I’d like to see Eleven become friends with both Will and Max.  As far as Will goes, I’m pretty sure they’re only even on screen together when Will is in the Upside Down or unconscious.  They don’t know each other at all, which seems so weird considering that their experiences are so intertwined.  Also, it’d be nice to see Eleven get to know Max and become her friend after their rough start.  I think it’s probably important for Eleven to have a female friend that she can bond with and learn from.
10) HOPPER’S DAUGHTER: I’d like to see Hopper think more about his deceased daughter Sara more in future seasons, especially now that he has officially adopted Eleven.  It’d be interesting to see Hopper imagine Eleven as Sara in certain moments, and then come back to reality and realize that Sara is still gone.  Also, I’m pretty sure Sara was only mentioned once this past season, and I think it’s important to show that she hasn’t left Hopper’s mind.
11) HOPPER VS. MIKE: I can see them both being wary of each other after everything that’s happened.  Mike might still be a little miffed at Hopper for hiding Eleven for a year, and I can see Hopper being a little nervous about Mike being around his new adoptive daughter.  Somebody even asked David Harbour on Twitter if he thinks Hop would give Mike the “don’t hurt my little girl” speech, and David Harbour responded, “As uncomfortable as it will be for both of them, kinds seems like he has to, doesn’t it?”  Even if Mike and Eleven’s relationship kind of cools down like I suspect, I can see some version of this happening, where Hopper pulls Mike to the side for a little chat.  
12) STEVE: What’s going to happen with Steve?  He will be done with high school in the next season, I’m pretty sure.  And I can’t imagine the writers sending Steve away to college, especially after he’s kind of become the season favorite this year.  Maybe Hawkins has a community college?  Or maybe Steve works with Hopper in some fashion?  Those are my two guesses.  Either way, I’m super excited to see what they come up with for Steve next.
13) BILLY’S ROLE: I think Billy will have a bigger role next year.  I think his story may intertwine more with the main story, and he may in some way wind up mixed up in the all the supernatural stuff that’s going on.  Maybe he rats on the kids to government officials, I don’t know.  I know that’s a vague statement, but I can see him being pissed off at Max or her friends and getting them in trouble with the ~bad people~.  I just see his evilness being put to work in a different, more dramatic way in the future.
14) PREMIERE DATE: I could be wrong about this, but I think it takes them between five and six months to shoot the show.  I also read or heard that they only just reopened the writers’ room like two weeks ago or something.  I have no idea how long it takes them to plan out the show or to write each episode—though I’m pretty sure they’re still writing when they start filming.  If I had to guess though, I think they’ll probably start back shooting in February or March.  Then there’s post-production, which I think took five months at least.  I know the Duffers said they were working on season two up until weeks before it dropped.  So my guess, is at the earliest, season three will premiere around Christmas time next year.  More likely, however, I think it’ll premiere in either January or February of 2019.  (I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed for Christmas though!)
15) JONATHAN’S FATE: I’ve been thinking about how the Duffers are going to up the stakes and if they’ll kill any characters off, and I’ve decided I think Jonathan is the most likely to go—and not because of his recent LAX incident.  I think it makes sense.  I can see Jonathan sacrificing himself to save Will (or even Nancy or the other children).  Also, it keeps the dramatics in the Byers family, although I’d hate to see Joyce have to suffer another loss.

Full Disclosure

destiel, PG-13, 3.7k

This fic was inspired by the following prompt I received from @imsounoplogetic:
So I recently came across this video. And me being the trash that I am, I immediately though of destiel. I was wondering if you could write something base off of this video where Dean is popular kid who Cas thinks is a jerk. Cas is a theatre boy and Cas comes by the rehearsal room and hears Dean singing and is completely shocked?

Thanks to @captainhaterade for their beta work!

AO3 link

Summary: Dean’s the popular kid, and Castiel’s the drama kid who holds a grudge against him due to an incident on his first day of school. They’ve stayed out of each other’s way ever since, until one night Castiel stumbles upon something completely unexpected in the drama room… 

“Cas? Did you actually hear a word I just said or are you too busy checking out Winchester’s ass?”

Ash’s typical laid-back drawl cut through Castiel thoughts, and he turned to the long-haired boy with a scowl.

“I was not looking at Dean’s ass,” he said, though it sounded more petulant than aggressive.

“Sure you weren’t.” Ash’s raised eyebrows were a pretty good clue that he didn’t believe Castiel at all. “So what did I say, then?” he challenged.

“You were talking about…” Castiel frantically cast his mind back to the last two minutes. Okay, so he had perhaps been looking at Dean. But certainly not at his ass. Not that there was much to look at (or so Castiel had convinced himself). His face, now there was a work of art. Especially those freckles that dusted his nose and cheeks and –

Castiel forcefully cut off that train of thought. Freckles or no freckles, Dean Winchester was a jerk. One of the popular, “cool” kids who looked down on Castiel and his nerdy, geeky friends. He was good at sports, got above average grades (to Castiel’s annoyance) and had a line around the block of boys and girls wanting to date him. Naturally, he only dated the prettiest people, and his circle of friends were similarly aesthetically blessed.

Of course, those things alone would not merit the descriptor “jerk”. Dean’s attitude towards Castiel, however, did. Castiel had transferred to Lawrence High at the start of his senior year, and he’d met Dean on his second day of school, in front of the classroom where Mr. Thompson’s English class was about to start. Dean had been chatting to one of his friends (Castiel would later find out that her name was Bella) and was blocking the doorway.

“Excuse me,” Castiel had said politely, meeting Dean’s ridiculously green eyes. Dean had given him a once-over, making Castiel feel like he was on display in a zoo, before grabbing Bella by the arm and pulling her towards him so Castiel could pass by.

“Sorry, dude,” Dean had said, frowning and looking troubled. Castiel had stepped into the classroom without another word, but he could hear Bella giggling and whispering something to Dean, to which Dean had responded with a derisive snort and a “he’s all yours – not interested.”

Castiel had felt humiliated, and ever since he’d avoided Dean like the plague, scowling at him whenever their eyes met, which usually had the effect of Dean looking down with a tight, unhappy expression. Dean was a shallow jerk, plain and simple, and Castiel wanted nothing to do with him.

The only good thing about him was that he was a member of the school’s LGBT+ Alliance, which was headed by Charlie Bradbury who was also their only mutual friend. But Castiel had always taken care to stay away from Dean during those meetings, and had sometimes avoided them altogether if he knew Dean would be coming. It exasperated Charlie to no end, as she was convinced they’d be great friends if they would only talk to each other and give it a chance.

But she was wrong – they were too different. Getting closer to Dean would only lead to disappointment. It wasn’t worth trying.

“About what, Cas?”

Oh, right, his conversation with Ash. Damn, Castiel really needed to sleep more – he was having a hell of time concentrating lately.

“About who we could cast to replace Bradley as Mal,” Castiel said confidently. He hadn’t been that zoned out, thankfully, and remembered just enough to answer Ash’s question about The Addams Family musical performance the drama club was holding at the end of the year.

Ash regarded him suspiciously for a moment, but then shrugged and let it go. “Yep, so me and Jo were thinkin’ maybe Garth could do it?”

Castiel considered it. “Maybe. But I’m not sure his singing voice is strong enough to carry Mal’s solo songs. Besides, didn’t he say he’d rather work behind the scenes? Last I heard he was helping with lighting and sound. Don’t we have any other candidates?”

“Not really – everyone else either already has a part or is helping out backstage. Yeah, Garth was assisting Kelly but she can probably do it on her own. I don’t see how we got much of a choice. We ain’t got much time left.”

True enough, they couldn’t afford to wait much longer to decide on a replacement for Mal’s part. Why did Bradley’s family have to take him skiing, anyway? Such a dangerous, expensive and completely pointless sport.

Castiel wondered if Dean skied.

Standing up with his now empty lunch tray, Castiel nodded at Ash. “I see your point. I’ll go mention it to Jody and Donna, then. See what they think.”

Ash waved his hand in a lazy salute. “Thanks man, ‘ppreciate it. Oh, and Cas?”

Castiel turned back around.

“You really should give Dean another chance. I know you guys got off on the wrong foot, and I don’t blame you for that, but he really ain’t all that bad once you get to know him.”

“And since when do you hang out with Dean Winchester?” Castiel asked, feeling betrayed. He’d had no idea Ash was even on speaking terms with Dean.

“Since he gave me a ride home in that beautiful car of his ‘bout a month ago when I was stranded here after my sis bailed on me. We got to talking after.” Ash waggled his eyebrows at Castiel. “He really isn’t just a pretty face, y’know. And don’t pretend you don’t think he’s pretty. You’re a terrible liar.”

“So what? The guy’s an arrogant jerk - his looks mean nothing to me. He basically gave me the Darcy treatment on my second day of school, Ash. Before he even knew me! As if I was even interested in him!”

“Yeah and we all know how that story ends, don’t we?” Ash was grinning now. “Look, I ain’t gonna deny that was a dick move, but from what I’ve learned about the guy, he tends to put his foot in it when he’s flustered.” He looked at Castiel pointedly. “Maybe something about you just throws him off his game?”

Castiel had had about enough of this conversation. The memory of their first meeting always left him feeling hollow and in a foul mood, and he needed to keep his spirits up to survive ethics class with Mr. Adler later this afternoon.

“Whatever it is, I’m not interested in finding out. I doubt I’m missing out on much. I’ll see you at rehearsal, Ash.” He walked away before Ash could say anything else.

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Coffee shits anon here to say I may actually have an intolerance to coffee and its making me feel really really sick so i was wondering if i could get some sweet byler fluff of either Mike or Will getting like a cold and the other having to care for them ?!

hey anon i hope you’re feeling better by now!!! i had already gone to bed when you sent this message last night, i’m so sorry! but i worked on this in my spare time today, just for you!!! it’s only a little piece of meaningless fluff, but i hope you enjoy it. :’)

“I can’t believe your mom finally let me into your quarantine zone,” Will says as he enters Mike’s room. He closes the door gently behind him even though the space already feels a bit stuffy.

Mike smiles from where he’s cocooned in his blankets. He struggles, but manages to sit up against the wall behind his bed with all but his head covered by the thick comforter, and Will feels the sweet, familiar warmth wash over him at the sight of Mike’s face. God, he’s missed him.

On the floor beside the bed is a trashcan overflowing with used tissues. A half empty bottle of cold medicine is tipped over on his bedside table (the grape kind - Will’s not sure how Mike has managed to choke so much of that down over the past three days).

“I think I convinced her that if you don’t come up to show me what I missed in calculus the past three days, I’ll definitely fail out of eleventh grade and have no choice but to become a rodeo clown traveling aimlessly across the midwest.”

The flu that’s been plaguing Mike since Monday has yet to leave his head and all of his “v”s come out like “b”s, and he sniffles after every other word. Will finds that it only endears him more to Mike - red nose, messy hair, and all.

He laughs as he sets his notebooks down on the corner of Mike’s desk and walks toward the bed, carefully avoiding stepping on any tissues that haven’t quite made their way into the waste bin thanks to Mike’s less-than-stellar aim.

Mike hums out a happy noise and unfurls himself from his blanket cave, reaching out with long, spider-like arms to yank Will close to him and pull him into a hug. The soft press of his feverish face against Will’s flannel shirt feels warm even through the thick layer of fabric, and Will’s mouth twists down into a frown.

“You’re burning up,” he says.

A soft, careful hand finds its way to Mike’s forehead. He ignores the mumbles of protest as he forces himself backward, out of Mike’s grip, so he can push the hair back from his face and make note of the glassiness of his eyes and the red-pink flush to his skin.

“I’m fine,” Mike insists with a shake of his head.

He grabs Will’s hand between his own and pulls hard, sending Will stumbling and falling face-first onto the bed.

“You’re a nuisance,” he bites out, but there’s laughter in his voice as he finds a way to situate himself among the various blankets and pillows tossed along the mattress.

Mike sighs in satisfaction, curling up to lie down with his head resting in Will’s lap, his low whisper of I missed you nearly lost among the rustling of the sheets as he tries to get comfortable.

“Mike,” Will says softly. “You shouldn’t let me disturb your sleep. I only came by to drop off your homework.”

It hurts him a little just to say it, because the truth is he’d rather be locked up here with Mike in his sick-den than anywhere else in the world. But he also doesn’t want to impede the process of him feeling better by keeping him awake when he should be sleeping.

Mike pouts and opens his eyes to focus on Will.

“Please stay. Just for a little while. I bet it’ll make me feel better.”

His voice is a little raw from the sore throat and a lot emotional from the three days of illness that has separated him from Will, thanks to Karen’s very careful regulation of her sick child. The most contact they’ve had was a ten minute phone conversation the night before, during which Mike blew his nose thirty times and then fell asleep on the line before Will could properly say goodbye.

Will’s heart pulls itself into a bind and he reaches down to run his fingers through the curly mess of Mike’s hair. He should definitely go, his rational brain tells him - he’s likely to get sick himself if he stays much longer - but he finds the too-warm sheets of Mike’s bed and the pleasant weight of Mike resting against him is making him feel lethargic and complacent right where he is.

“Yeah, okay,” he mumbles out, and Mike brightens a bit before furrowing his brow and opening his mouth to speak again.

“I can’t believe she kept you away from me for so long.”

Maybe it’s silly, that three days has felt like so long, but Will has been showing up to the Wheeler house every afternoon with Mike’s missed assignments in tow only to be stopped short by Karen at the front door, all calm mom-smile and friendly-stern voice. It’s taken them far too much time for Will’s taste to convince her that he really does need to see Mike; and Will has felt each and every hour of those three days somewhere deep inside his chest. In the lag of his pulse. Like someone has reached inside him and formed a fist around his heart, squeezing just this side of too tight.

“To be fair, you’ve been pretty sick,” Will reasons, because he likes Mrs. Wheeler and he can’t really blame her for wanting Mike to get better.

Mike coughs on a laugh and reaches up to run his fingertips over Will’s face, lingering on the mole above his lip and settling finally at the hollow of his throat where he catches the humming buzz of Will’s pulse with his ice cold hand.

“Yeah, but you’re my boyfriend,” he says. “You’re supposed to be here when I’m sick. To take care of me or whatever.”

Will blushes, a pleasant carnation pink blossoming over his cheeks, and swallows hard.

Boyfriend. He lets the word sit at the front of his mind, wants to repeat it out loud just to feel the tender weight of it against his tongue, to hear the timid way it will leave his mouth - embarrassed and shy, yet somehow entirely certain at the same time. It’s not a word they let themselves use often, because in Hawkins it’s better not to risk the wrong person overhearing it, the name for this secret, erroneously forbidden thing between them.

And so to hear Mike say it out loud - so casually, like it’s common knowledge half the world over - it makes a slow warmth unwrap itself and settle like a new coat of paint into every crack in Will’s heart. He takes a deep breath and catches Mike’s hand with his own, intertwines their fingers.

“It’s not like she knows that,” he says. Then, softer: “She can’t know it.”

The words come out a bit more melancholy than he’d intended but it’s hard to hide it sometimes, how much it hurts to pretend Mike means nothing more to him than any of his other friends. To pretend he doesn’t daydream about the whisper of Mike’s hand against his own beneath the table in chemistry class. To act as though his breath doesn’t tangle itself into an unmanageable knot and wrap itself around his lungs with expert precision whenever he catches Mike’s eye from across the hallway. To pretend he doesn’t look at Mike and see his whole damn heart projected back at him, doesn’t taste the promise of some kind of future with every fleeting kiss they manage to steal.

Sometimes it just gets a little hard, pretending.

“I wish she could.”

Mike’s voice is soft as he says it, wistful as he opens his eyes and presses their intertwined hands to his warm face to place a kiss against Will’s knuckles.

“I wish everyone could know how much I love you.”

Will’s heart does a stutter-stop in his chest and he thinks for a moment that it must be the fever talking. Either that or the cold medicine, because he and Mike…they haven’t said that word yet.

Sure, Will’s thought it hundreds of times: certainly every day over the last nine months they’ve been together; probably ever since his return from the upside down and his multiple brushes with death and also with the soft weight of Mike’s hand against his own; possibly since the first time Mike placed an arm around him in first grade when Will had fallen off his bike and skinned his knee so badly that the blood had run down into his sock and gone all tacky against his foot as he’d limped home. He’s thought it for years. An entire lifetime, maybe. But they haven’t said it.

He looks down at Mike and expects to see that same feverish glaze, a faraway look on his face like his brain is certainly somewhere else, lost in the haze of illness. Instead all he sees is soft, quiet confidence and the kind of sure and steady gaze that Mike is so expert at - like he’s daring Will to challenge him on this. But this isn’t something Will is going to challenge him on. Not today. Not ever.

“I love you too,” he says, and the words feel big but taste pleasant and it’s okay right now, that no one else can hear it. That no one else can know.

They don’t deserve to know, Will thinks to himself as Mike nuzzles against him with his lips pulled up into a sleepy smile.

“You know, I think I’m starting to feel a little better already,” Mike says, his tone playful and sweet. “Looks like I was right. You’re healing me after all, Byers.”

Will rolls his eyes but he can’t keep the fond look off of his face as he whispers dork and pulls the blankets further up around Mike’s shoulders. It doesn’t take long for Mike to begin nodding off with his head still pillowed in Will’s lap, his breath coming out in soft, whistling snores that make Will giggle silently in the evening-dark of the room.

“Will you still be here when I wake up?” Mike forces his eyes open long enough to ask, wrapping his arms around Will like he’s trying to ensure he can’t get away even if he wants to.

Will hums out softly, rubs his hand over Mike’s back.

“Yeah, Mike. I’ll be here.”

Mike’s asleep before he can hear his response, but it’s okay. He already knew the answer before he’d ever asked the question. And it’s okay, when he wakes up an hour later bleary eyed and pouty as Will insists he needs to get home before his mom begins to worry.

“Are you gonna let me kiss you goodbye, at least?”

He looks so pathetic, with his frowning lips and his stuffy nose and his hair standing up in every direction, and Will is tempted to say no because they have midterms coming up and he really can’t afford to be sick.

But instead he just laughs and half-protests that it’s gross as Mike presses a kiss to the corner of his mouth with warm, chapped lips. (It’s not gross and he missed it and he loves it and he loves Mike, god he loves him.)

And even when Will is lying in bed the next week, coughing and sniffling and downing cold medicine every few hours as Mike spends his afternoons apologizing and bringing Will homemade soup from his mom in a bright red thermos - he still can’t help but think that it was very much worth it.


A/N: Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I thought this could make up for it! I have so much stuff in my drafts that I need to post, I just don’t have to confidence to post it lmao

Pairing: Theo Raeken X Reader

Warnings: Angst (kind of, more like bickering), smutty smut - I’m being serious…

Word count: 3.5K

Originally posted by chimeracuddles

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DIR EN GREY Kyo [2017.08.04 - MIND-V Vol 4- Interview]

“Which is why, I am simply, a voice and nothing more. “ - Kyo

Vocalist Kyo’s identity is something that has received high appreciation not only in Japan, but the world over. But, according to the man himself, just to what esteem does he hold himself?

Regardless, to solely believe in oneself self alone is the peek of self confidence.

But to the Kyo san who continues throwing his voice out into the world through DIR EN GREY and sukekiyo, just what is his reason to continue?

His visually shocking front page spread together with his thoughts and imagination, Kyo san shares all.

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Andreil 2

2. “You’re too young to hate the world.”

Neil wasn’t particularly keen on doing talk shows, even though he wasn’t in hiding anymore, and even though Riko was no longer in the picture to make unexpected appearances and ruin everything. There are just some things that one never quite grows accustomed to, and putting on a friendly facade for the media is one of the things Neil knows he will never, ever get the hang of.

The whole lineup of the Foxes had been invited to TV shows all over the country to be interviewed after their historic defeat of the Ravens, and while Wymack got them out of most of them, there were some offers that he couldn’t back out of. Which is why on one particular Wednesday, the Foxes piled onto the bus to head to an afternoon interview with one of the most popular afternoon talk-show hosts in the Exy world.

“Now listen up you rascals,” Wymack hollered from the front of the bus once they had started moving, “don’t you even think about fucking around on this interview. If we want to boost our public image and show that we’re honorable athletes and competitors, be on your best behavior. Dan, you do most of the talking if you can help it. Kevin and Matt, you two back her up. Neil, I swear to god, if you even look like you’re going to be snide I will have you off that stage in three seconds flat.”

Neil, seated in the very back with Andrew at his side, nodded. He thought he could manage to keep quiet for a 20-minute segment, especially if there were eight other people up there with him.

He was wrong.

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Love is an Open Door (Platonic Prinxiety)

@maya-tl asked: May I have some platonic Prinxiety where they both freak out over some Disney movie? | Bonus: Patton comes over to check on them because loud noises and is so proud his kids are getting along.


It was one of the sides movie nights, but sadly, this also fell on a busy night for Logan. After Tangled in the beginning of Frozen, he had to leave to continue the project he’d been freaking out about for the past month. Then, Patton decided he was craving some popcorn (not an uncommon occurance) and got up to make a bowl.

So there they were. Anxiety and Creativity, Princey and Virgil, watching Frozen, together.

“Wait, so you have how many older brothers?”

“Twelve older brothers.”

He looked over at Virgil sitting across the couch. They’d been getting along better since the apology. Still, they hadn’t been alone much.

“… and one day she just sort of… shut me out… and I never knew why.

"I would never shut you out.”

The music started and Roman suppressed a smile. Surely Virgil wouldn’t hear him if he hummed along?

But hear him he did, and so Virgil quietly sang Hans’ first line.

“I’ve been searching my whole life to find my own place, and maybe it’s the party talking, or the chocolate fondue.”

Oh. Oh, this was a moment. This could’ve been a sweet moment, but Roman only had until the end of the line to decide how to react to this. So, he decided it was a challenged.

“But with you…” he sang, just slightly louder.

“But with you, I’ve found my place.” Oh yes, that was certainly louder, if just by a small amount. Challenge accepted.

“And its nothing like I’ve ever known before…” Woah, Virgil really came through on the harmony there, too.

They continued, crescendoing through the chorus.

“Love is an open door-”

“With you-” Roman’s head snapped to look at Virgil.

“With you-” Virgil glared.

“With you-” Roman got louder.

“With you! Love is an open door…”

They took a seconds pause during the interlude, and continued again, getting progressively louder.

Then the bridge came.


“And I-”

“Were just meant to be…” And yet again, they absolutely nailed the harmony together.

“Say goodbye, to the pain of the past, we don’t have to feel it anymore-” Another harmony, and they killed it. Loudly. Wow.

Another chorus, and the end of the song.

“Love is an open door-”

“Do-o-or…” Roman trailed off, finally allowing himself to quiet down despite having been near screaming seconds before.

“Hey, can I say something crazy?” Virgil asked, in time with the movie. “You’re a pretty good singer.”

“Can I say something even crazier?” Roman replied. “So are you.”

“Oh… my god…”

Both sides on the couch’s heads snapped towards the door.

“This is the cutest thing I’ve ever, ever witnessed.” Patton said to them. “I’m so, so proud. My kids are getting along!” Seemingly overwhelmed, he retreated, taking the popcorn with him.

“Wait, Patton, who won the contest?!

“Patton, the popcorn, Patton!”

My day began feeling heavy and alone. At times, I wish I hadn’t decided that a divorce was necessary. I know we are not alone, but here with supports that are unimaginable at times.

I have often wondered why the death of my cousin is so challenging for me. I have such wonderful memories of him. My mom says that those we love most can bring such joy yet also cause the most pain. All good reasons to keep walls up and not let sticky feelings in. However, joy was first. I think Joy outweighs the pain.

What if I hadn’t known him? I certainly would not be feeling grief periodically. But I would not have developed into who I am today without his constant example of love and strength… He was a bit of an ass too.. but he was my pain in the ass. 😉 He would tease me and push me.. but always an outpouring of unconditional acceptance of others. Knowing how much he loved me helped me to love others and to not feel jealous of his time.

Today, I had a similar experience. Physical touch is important to me. It brings strength, connection, and energy. I asked my Home for help. Although, he is different than myself in his method of healing, he is unconditional in his acceptance and seeks to support where he can. Knowing that the desire to support, even when not physically capable due to life is such a strength. . leaving light and comfort with me.

Making Adventures More Hair Raising

Hi, folks. My Lovecraft LARP is this weekend, so here’s anther old advice article. Enjoy!

My latest D&D game ended with the defeat of Auntie Mengybone, the Elite Briar Hag that has been causing the PCs trouble for a while now. One of my players looked down at the carnage on the map. “That was really touch and go for a while there. I honestly wondered if we were going to win.”

In truth, so did I. Or at least, that was my worry the week prior.
The truth is, my players seem to think I have an uncanny ability to judge exactly how much they can take to make it seem like all is lost…but not so much as to overwhelm them completely. And I have some skill in that direction, it’s true, but part of it is that I’ve learned when to adjust my plans, when to insert a secret bonus, and when to make a monster do something stupid. And I’d like to share what I’ve learned with you. Hopefully, it’ll help you make the battles in your games seem that much more intense…the kind of battles that players feel like they succeeded by the skin of their teeth.

Careful Planning

It’s not shocking that the first thing I do when planning out an adventure is to look at the battles I expect to take place. While my games aren’t inherently battle-oriented, battles add tension and drama to an adventure, and they give the players a chance to show off their tactical skills. Let’s face it…when they’re exciting, battles are fun, so they get a lot of my attention as I plan an adventure.

As I’ve said in previous articles, I take the basic encounter concepts of 4E, try to make sure there’s an interesting twist or mechanic in any given battle, and pick monsters I think will be fun and interesting to fight. Once I have that framework, I might think about which monsters might go after specific characters, or special actions they might take. Will a goblin guard break from the battle to sound an alarm? Since the owlbear has so many dang hit points, will I let it run around in something of a frenzy, provoking attacks of opportunity (and giving PCs with special powers triggered by that a chance to use them?) Are there any dialogue bits or character quirks I might want to bring in? I jot some notes as I plan.

But I also prepare to throw it all out the window. As much as I want battles to be exciting and interesting, I also want them to further my storyline. I’m not a fan of battles as filler. I want them to tell the PCs something about my world, or move the story forward. And if abandoning a concept I had seems like it will further those ends, then I’m prepared to do it. I can always use the idea in another storyline down the road. The key to keeping things going is a level of flexibility.

Upping the Ante

Sometimes, as a story progresses, I find that the players are cake-walking through what I thought would be difficult encounters. Maybe I misjudged how effective their attacks would be, or how well they’d work together in a given encounter, or maybe the dice just fall a certain way.

Well, the nice thing about playing a game with a human gamemaster (as opposed to a computer) is that a gamemaster can make adjustments on the fly, deciding to change the difficulty of the situation. This can really mean the difference between a fight being memorable and being just another notch in the players’ belts.

One of the saddest things that’s ever happened in my game is when the Colossal Red Dragon I threw at my players towards the end of my 3.5 game was taken out in round 3 of a fight by a cleric with the Implosion spell and the roll of a 1 on its saving throw. Kind of sucked the challenge out of that fight, I can tell you. Thankfully, 4E doesn’t have the sort of “instant kill” attacks that earlier editions had, but it’s still sad to watch a monster meant to inspire fear and awe going down in a blaze of attacks.

Now, I don’t like to fudge dice that much. I might, however, occasionally give a monster a “nudge”. Are all their attacks hitting my ogre nightstalker? Well, when he gets bloodied, I might give his defenses a boost. My players know some monsters have special effects when they become bloodied, so this isn’t much of a stretch. It doesn’t break the game, but it keeps an important monster in the fight longer and gives them (and the players) a chance to show off all those nifty abilities they have.

Other on-the-fly adjustments I’ve made have included bringing in reinforcements, either more of the same coming in from open corridors, or even “summoned creatures” or “raised undead”. This works best if you have something set up in your notes, like giving a necromancer an ability as a standard action to create undead. That way, if you never need it, you can ignore it, but if you do need it, you can bring it into play.

It’s important to note that, whenever I do put in something like this, I give the players a way to take it away. If the necromancer is summoning undead every round, and the PCs kill the necromancer, then no more undead come into play. Auntie Mengybone had a way to heal herself through power she was stealing from her captive Archfey. Once the players realized this, they split their energies between fighting her and running a skill challenge to free the Archfey. Once the Archfey was free, they were able to quickly turn the tide of battle and overcome their foe. But until they did, it was, as previously mentioned, rather touch and go.

Toning It Down

Sometimes, despite good planning, good resource management, and good playing, fate just seems to want to kick your adventuring party where it counts. Most commonly, the dice fall the wrong way, and things just generally go wrong.

In instances like this, I’ll look for ways to help the party along. Maybe I’ll decide not to roll to recharge a specific power this particular round. Or maybe I let the monsters get a little cocky. They’re winning, aren’t they? Why not ignore the paladin’s mark? They have hit points to spare, and they can strut the fact that they can take it.

If I had reinforcements planned, maybe I’ll decide not to bring them in, or maybe I’ll make it easy for the party to prevent it from happening. Maybe the necromancer needs to make an Arcana check to summon those undead, and the party’s warlock can make an arcana check to counter-magic it.

Sometimes, you realize that it’s not the players or the dice causing the problem…it’s you. I recently realized that, although I’d converted some monsters from elites to normal, they still had elite damage listed on their sheets. This caused the players to burn through far more of their healing resources than they should’ve needed to and left them very weak against a very tough foe that was still fresh.

In a case like this, I find a way to give the PCs an unexpected way to heal or regain abilities. Maybe there’s a healing potion on the alchemist’s table, or a magic circle in a temple fight allows them to draw on the help of the gods for some aid. I hadn’t planned on this initially, but it helps make up for my earlier mistake.

Putting It Together – A Concrete Example

The final battle with Auntie Mengybone was set. Besides the elite briar hag herself, I put in 3 bone golems that I’d dropped from elite to normal, representing that they were simply bone constructs, rather than full-fledged golems. I also added a displacer beast which Auntie referred to as “Fluffy.” It was a tough, but balanced battle for a group of 6 level 8 PCs.

In the middle of the fight, I realized that the bone golems were doing way too much damage. Although their hit points and defenses had dropped properly, their damage was still elite level. I hadn’t spotted this, however, until I’d hit the PCs with a few of their attacks. “That seems high,” I thought to myself, and then I realized the error.

Luckily, the session ended mid-fight, with all monsters but Auntie Mengybone slain, but the PCs in dire straits…almost all encounter and daily powers spent, and several PCs with either 1 or 0 healing surges left. If this had kept up, it would almost certainly have been a complete party wipe, due to my error.

In between sessions, I pondered how to fix this. I wanted Auntie Mengybone to be a memorable villain, so I didn’t want to depower her. I had given her a healing power representing drawing on the power of the Archfey she held captive. While I didn’t want to take this away (the PCs hate nothing more than a villain that can heal itself), I wanted to give the players something to draw on, too.

I expanded the skill challenge to free the Archfey. Now, if they made a hard success on certain skills, the captive Archfey would aid them. I allowed them to choose between giving 2 healing surges to members of the party, using a healing surge, or recovering an encounter power. This gave a concrete reward to those who chose to step out of combat to aid the Archfey, and gave the PCs a way to stay in the fight, even though their foe was still in good shape.

Because I didn’t want them to simply all jump into the skill challenge and overwhelm it in two turns, I gave Auntie a new attack, a little less damaging than her old ones, but one that would negate one of their successes. That made it a more back and forth affair.

Finally, I gave Auntie conditions under which she would flee. I would give the PCs plenty of chances to catch her, but I knew this would change the tactical landscape of the fight.

So the rhythm of the fight went something like this. The PCs waded in against Auntie Mengybone and discovered that she could heal herself using her connection to the Archfey. At that point, half of them broke off to free the Archfey, engaging in the skill challenge while the other half held her in place. Their Controller was particularly helpful in that situation, using his powers to keep moving her away from the skill challenge.

Once the skill challenge was complete, it become another “dogpile on Auntie Mengybone” situation, until she hit her retreat conditions. She used a power to move out of the fight and began to flee, causing the players to switch tactics to catch her and hold her in place, and then defeat her. When it was all over, the players let out a sigh of relief and admitted that they hadn’t been sure they were going to win.

CS FF: This is Us

Summary:  Emma and Killian experience important moments in her pregnancy together.  (Includes some missing scenes from 7x02.)

Rating: G

Note: Well, I am mourning CS and I wasn’t all that happy with their last episode.  I was especially disappointed that we never got to see any important moments in her pregnancy and didn’t get to see them with their baby.  I was hoping we’d at least get a few little snippets.  So that’s what fanfics are for and that’s why I wrote this one.  I hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph

…This is Us: Part 1/1…

Emma smiled as she finished lighting the last candle on the dining room table.  She glanced at her watch.  Killian would be home any minute now.  She wanted everything to be perfect when she told him he was going to be a father.

They had been trying to conceive for a long time.  Emma was starting to worry that they wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally and would have to explore alternatives.  There had been a couple of false alarms.  Emma was late, but when she took the pregnancy tests they were negative.  Her doctor attributed her late periods to stress.  

There was a part of Emma that feared she might never be able to have a child with Killian. She worried that maybe she was being punished for giving Henry up all of those years ago.  But Killian, always understanding, had soothed her fears, assuring her that when the time was right, they would conceive a child of their own.  She wanted nothing more than to raise a child with her husband, her true love, right from the start of its life.  

About a week ago, she realized that her period was a couple of days late again.  She wanted to tell Killian, but he had been so disappointed after the last two false alarms.  This time, she wanted to be sure before she got his hopes up.   So she took a pregnancy test and it came back positive.  Two more confirmed it.  Still, Emma wanted to be absolutely sure, so she had confirmed it with her doctor this afternoon.  The joy she felt at knowing she was carrying Killian’s child was indescribable.  She wanted to run and tell him, but she resisted.  They had waited this long and she wanted it to be special when he found out he was going to be a father.  

Emma heard the front door open and then slam closed.

“Emma, I’m home,” Killian called.

Emma smiled at the sound of her husband’s voice. Even after years of marriage, his voice still made her heart race.

“In the dining room,” she replied.

Killian appeared a moment later, a smile on his lips at the romantic dinner before him and his wife in the dress she’d worn on their first date.

“What’s all this?” he asked, placing a kiss on her cheek.  “Did I forget a holiday of this realm?”

Emma shook her head and took his hand.  She led him to his seat.  

“I wanted tonight to be special,” she said, as he sat down.  

Killian cocked an eyebrow and looked up at his wife. “And why is that?”

Emma moved to the hutch on the wall behind him and picked up a bottle of rum. She came to stand in front of him and placed the bottle on his plate.

“This should answer all of your questions.”

Killian looked down at the bottle of rum.  A label had been printed and affixed to it that read:  




Killian stared at the bottle, his mouth dropping open in shock.  Emma scanned his face, trying to gauge his reaction.  

His gaze finally lifted to hers. “Are you…You’re…We’re having a baby?”

Emma felt tears fill her eyes as she nodded her head.  “Yes, Killian, you’re going to be a father.”

“And you’re sure?” he asked.

Emma nodded.  “Three pregnancy tests and my doctor confirmed it.”

A huge smile swept across his lips as realization finally dawned on him. “I’m going to be a father.  We’re going to have a baby!”

Emma laughed, as he grabbed her hand and pulled her down onto his lap.   She looped her arms around his neck, as Killian’s lips met hers.  They pulled back a moment later, their foreheads still touching.

“I can hardly believe this is finally happening,” he breathed.

“It was the right time, just like you said,” she replied with a smile.

Killian placed his hand on his wife’s belly.  Emma covered his hand with hers.  “Turns out, you were right.  I do have a little pirate in me.”

Killian laughed and then kissed his wife again.  “Or princess,” he whispered.

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Library- Fred Weasley

Originally posted by clbuspotter

Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader

Characters: Fred Weasley, George Weasley

Warnings: N/A

Request: Anon- could you please write a fred weasley oneshot where the reader is an introverted and kind of reserved hufflepuff and he’s taken a lot of interest in her from afar and tries to talk to her 

Word Count: 757

Author: Charlotte

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Getting Asks

A lot of people on my dash seem to feel disheartened by the lack of asks they receive.

While it is good to communicate how you feel every now and then and that it is completely understandable to feel dismayed at the lack of response from other people when you reblog an ask (it happens to me too!), it’s not very effective motivation to call people out on their ‘failure’ to send asks. A gentle nudge, a gentle reminder that we appreciate receiving asks is great. But.

Here’s the thing. No one is obligated to send you anything. In the end this is all for fun. No one likes being guilted, so let’s not play the blame game. Instead of going at length about that, here’s what I think:

I DO think it’s common courtesy to send someone an ask before reblogging (I certainly do it, and make an effort to choose questions that might be interesting/challenging) but it isn’t necessarily a requirement.

It’s a two way street. You may be doing things that put people off, and I’ll tell you what and how you may improve interest from other people.

1. Make your characters accessible.

Here is the number one thing that personally stops me from sending asks for more people, or responding to some asks. I don’t know anything about some of your characters. I know some off the top of my head, but for people I don’t know very well, sometimes I’d like to get better acquainted. Then I get to their blog. No links to profiles. No links to character tags. I don’t even know the character’s full name, so I can’t even look it up on lodestone. I have no face to put to a name. I don’t even know what race this character is.

People are curious. Let them be curious, but point them in the right direction! Put stuff about your character where people can easily see, on your sidebars/links. I have encountered interesting characters just by reading before sending an ask.

2. Don’t reblog 50 ask memes in a row.

As fun and as tempting this is to do, a stranger going to your blog and seeing nothing but reblogs is… off-putting. It’s hard to approach someone you don’t know so well. It’s much easier to send asks to a blog with a personality, which brings me to my next point.

3. Original content makes your characters attractive.

Maybe you like drawing your character. Maybe you’re good at taking screenshots. Maybe you’re good at edits. You don’t even have to be good at visuals per se. You can write drabbles. Or maybe you have a wicked sense of humor involving your character and you can make memetastic content. Go for it. People will be curious. People will get to know you and have a better idea how to approach you. Put your heart into it, show people who your characters are, what they like, little scenes of their lives. People like stories, so tell them a story.

Put you and your character out there, and people will recognize you. People won’t know anything about you or your character if you don’t take this step.

4. Don’t JUST send asks. Talk to people.

Sending asks is only ONE part of the give-take. Get to know the people around you. IC and OOC. Sometimes sending asks isn’t enough. If people have only seen a name a couple times, interacting with them to send one symbol and disappearing, never to speak to them again, it’s not a memorable thing. Talk to the people around you. Befriend them. Get to know THEIR characters. Show interest in theirs, outside the ask box, on a more personal level and with luck, they’ll show interest in yours. Have fun with other people, share silly things you do with them. It helps. It’s easy to want 328490 anon asks, but it’s also very satisfying to receive asks from friends who understand your character.

5. Reblog the 'correct’ kind of ask meme.

You’re free to reblog any ask meme, just understand that if the topic is not one other characters can relate to easily, people aren’t going to send you asks. If it requires intimate IC knowledge of a character, it’s difficult to send asks to you. If you want a wider audience, here’s a litmus test: reblog memes that you can easily send to a stranger without shame. You don’t really want to send one like [MY OC DIES IN YOUR OC’S ARMS] especially if that sort of a thing only elicits an IC reaction when your character personally knows them. Speaking of which, people usually love memes that have your characters gauge theirs. Sometimes you’d be surprised to know your character may feel antagonistic or attracted towards someone else’s. Or even ones that ask your character questions without putting their own character in it, to see yours have a fun reaction. It’s a two way street, and if it’s fun for them to read, chances are they’d love to come back and send you more.

6. You have 50 characters.

This isn’t a bad thing but this is related to points 1 & 3. It’s hard to get to know and remember so many characters. You might wanna put one in the spotlight if you really want to maximize interaction. I have difficulty getting attention for my alts but that’s because I personally hardly produce content for them. I love my alts, and I want people to know them, and I’m sure some of you do as well, but realistically, if you want equal attention on your characters? You need to put equal effort into posting about them.

7. Sometimes people won’t send you anything.

THIS IS THE REALITY OF LIFE. Sometimes you’re SUPER into a set of questions that people are coincidentally not. Maybe they’re busy. Maybe your reblogged it at a weird hour. Maybe they’re feeling shy. In any case, this happens. If it does, move on. Don’t dwell on it. You’ll only feel worse.

anonymous asked:

I've had enough with those people accusing Sam having a better childhood and that Dean suffered so much to provide Sam a loved environment. It's not a goddamn competition! And why did they always, always ignore the fact that Sam did LOVE Dean, he's the one who complimented, encouraged Dean! I don't even remember when had Sam guilt tripped Dean into sth while Dean did it all the time. Sorry for getting carried away, I just wanted to ask which tag would you suggest me to search? Thanks!

Me too, Anon! If you want to read a ton of really great analysis on this very topic, check out our Young Sam tag. That one is undoubtedly the most likely to yield results specifically about the concerns you have, but these may also have some relevant analysis: sam and familysam and abusesam and formative experiences.

Too many people assume that because Sam’s experience was not equivalent to Dean’s, it was not challenging or damaging. Additionally, too many fans unquestioningly swallow the image of flawless-parent-Dean and take any assertions that Sam had a tough childhood as accusations against Dean, which they most certainly are not. There are also way too many ridiculous headcanons bouncing around in the fandom that a bunch of people accept as canon, like this one which queen-of-carven-stone so effectively refuted.

Dean certainly had many rough and harmful experiences that Sam can’t understand. Sam had many equally harmful experiences that Dean can’t possibly understand, too, and I think too many people forget that.

A short and incomplete highlight reel of Sam’s childhood experiences:

  • Sam has never known home or a mother’s love. The only life he remembers is the itinerant lifestyle of a hunter.
  • It’s the only life he’s ever known, and it is also a life he has never really felt a part of. He spent his childhood feeling unworthy and impure. His attempt to leave and seek a place he might belong ended up with his father disowning him.
  • Dean knew about hunting from a young age, but Sam was lied to for most of his young life and left alone in motel rooms as young as 9 years old and (and quite possibly as young as 5). Sam was dragged all over the U.S., dropped in motel rooms alone, and no one would tell him why they were doing that.
  • His English teacher when he was fourteen was the first person who asked what Sam wanted out of life rather than assuming that he’d go into the family business.
  • He had lost his mother and desperately wanted to know about her, but was yelled at when he asked. He didn’t know any/many of the details of her death until he was 22. He never knew Dean carried him out of the fire until then, either. He spent his whole freaking childhood seeking revenge for a loss he was never allowed to be a part of. Is it any wonder he thought to look elsewhere for a place to belong?
  • So many people in fanon assume that Dean always (or even often) supported Sam when he stood up against John. However… canon has scant evidence of this. In fact, most of the evidence points to Dean taking John’s side. 

That’s not unusual at all, of course. Dean seriously shouldn’t have had to bear the burdens placed on him from such a young age, but neither should Sam.  Sam’s experiences were no less harmful than Dean’s, and the effects of his unstable childhood have followed him into adulthood and beyond.

Certainly fame is part of me. Does it have to be totally separate? I don’t think so. The fact that I have built this career is a big part of who I am. It’s not all of me, but it’s certainly part of me. The person would have to love that part of me, too. It’s definitely a challenge, especially when you’re with somebody who’s not in the entertainment industry.

anonymous asked:

“Quit touching me. Your feet are cold.” For elucien please!!

Here you go, nonnie!


Elain and Lucien had been traveling together for a week when they found themselves stuck at an unfamiliar inn. The rain was pouring, dark had fallen what seemed like hours ago, and neither of them were much in the mood for conversation until the were warmer, dryer, and had something to eat.

When they reached the door of the only place in town with lodging, Lucien held it open and Elain entered without a word. This was going to be a long night, but if they could find a place to stay and take care of their basic needs, they just needed to make it to morning. Then Lucien’s magic would be replenished, and they could winnow to their next destination. Which, hopefully, would have more acceptable weather, as well as nicer places to stay.

Finding out that there was only room was just par for the course, then. Elain remained expressionless when Lucien broke the news, and merely waited for him to lead the way.

After eating a stew of mystery meat, barely-flavored water, and something that passed for vegetables, they took the opportunity to change out of their wet clothing, hardly a word passing between them. Lucien gritted his teeth when Elain crawled into the sole bed in the room, keeping to her side. This was not the way he pictured the first time they shared a bed. The place was wrong, their moods were wrong, the weather was going to make it impossible to sleep. None of it was conducive to a good mood, let alone intimacy.

Under normal circumstances, he might have appreciated the way that her slight hips just barely swelled out from her waist, or the way that she gathered her hair over her shoulder in a braid to rest on her breast. But now - no, even now, he couldn’t bring himself to considering that. Well, at least not enough to do anything about it.

With a sigh, he crawled into the other side of the bed.

They each tried to adjust, not quite getting comfortable, their range of movement severely limited by how awkward they felt to be sharing the same bed. They’d had moments together recently when Lucien thought that maybe, perhaps she had begun to return his feelings. But this was definitely not a moment when that likely to be a topic of discussion.

After finally finding herself in a comfortable position not to close to Lucien but also not falling off the edge of the bed, Elain allowed herself to close her eyes. When she felt something brush up against her rear, she jumped up, nearly screaming. “What was that?!”

Lucien sat up, shocked. He looked down. “It was just my hand, Elain. I’m sorry. What did you think it was?”

“Nothing,” she stammered in reply.

The sound of the rain on the roof was nearly deafening and unfortunately, the wind was causing a loose shutter to creak and slam into the side of the building. They both laid with their eyes closed and tried to ignore nearly everything around them - the sounds, each other, the cold, the disgusting aftertaste of their dinner. They slowly grew bolder with their movements, getting the sense of the space they had available without having to touch one another.

And then Elain miscalculated.

“Quit touching me, your feet are cold,” Lucien snapped.

Elain sat up again, turning towards him. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me. I’m already cold, I don’t need your tiny feet making it worse.”

“Fine.” She shuffled her feet closer to her side of the bed. “I told you it was going to rain,” she muttered into her pillow.


“I said I told you it was going to rain, Lucien,” she snapped back.

“And I told you I couldn’t winnow us to the next town anyway, Elain. I’m sorry. I tried.” Lucien sounded sincere enough that she turned over to face him.

“I know. I’m sorry, too.” They laid facing one another, contemplating what to do next.

Lucien spoke first. “Elain, I have an idea. A way I can make it up to you.”

She propped her head up on her hand, looking down at him. “How will you do that?”

“We can… get closer. For body heat. This room is pretty cold and I know your hair is still a bit wet, so if you wanted. You can touch me with your cold feet.”

Nodding, Elain tucked herself into Lucien’s warmth. She might be in a poor mood, but he was glad she wasn’t stubborn enough to refuse the offer of warmth that the drafty room certainly couldn’t provide. Elain buried her face in his chest and wrapped his hair around her fingers before he knew what she was doing. She stiffened slightly, and Lucien waited for her to move away, but she didn’t.


“Yes, Elain?”

“Your feet are cold, too.”


Drabble challenge

Rules Part One

•never say outright that you like them
•never talk about being a tease, just do it
•never admit to flirting
•deny deny deny
•get defensive when they insinuate that you like them
•keep an innocent attitude
•get confused when they point out that you’re flirting with them
•sway your hips whilst walking
•pout lightly when you don’t get what you want (purse your lips and/or huff out a deep breath)
•play with your hair
•don’t act ditzy, show they just how intellectual you are from the get-go
•challenge them, make them compete for you
•never let them objectify you because you are a human being not a pet, not a toy, and certainly not a slave
•stand your ground
•don’t touch them while teasing
•do not be too inappropriate, just enough to mess with them and be subtle about it, don’t make it obvious to by-standers
•tug down slightly at your skirts and shorts as if you didn’t mean to wear something so short
•drink out of straws whenever it is available, sucking out of a straw drives people crazy in the best way
•kneel or sit on your heels when that’s an option
•remember that you are worth more than some object of desire
•remember that you are more than a nymphet, you are you
•try to incorporate your personality into your nymphet style and behaviors
•don’t forget who YOU are, always stay true to you