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Just now I was able to find one of my old stories on here only from a search of a few key words, and I'm happy about that. I'm glad this blog is here as a catalogue of some of the greatest moments of mine and others' adventures. Thank you.

Woo! Comments like these are the best compliment we can receive. Thanks for reading and sharing your awesome quotes with us! <3

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Waiting and Watching and Believing

Sometimes things are not as they first appear in life or in this fandom. We have seen it time and again.  Something happens and we think one thing and then a few days later, something else happens which changes our perspective.  I do not put much stock in photos, people and/or narratives that materialize from unknown sources for unknown reasons.  I prefer to take my cues from Sam and Cait.

Over the past three years, Sam and Cait have shown a special connection, one filled with a love, respect and admiration that I believe exceeds that of very close friends/colleagues. I could catalogue the list of reasons I think they are together, but others have done so previously and I do not want to go on for pages.  If I only reflect back over the past six months - to the WCC campaign, Caitriona’s birthday tweets, Sam’s forehead in Paris, checking the baws photo, supporting each others’ charities, the ECCC announcement video, the Golden Globes Twitterfest, the Trainspotting 2 premiere, the People’s Choice Awards thank you video and Q&A video, the behind the scenes photos - wow, that is quite a list.

Here are two other reasons I continue to believe in Sam and Cait:

  • their integrity and decency as human beings, as attested to by many who know them, have worked with them or have met them in real life and
  • the sheer joy they show when in each other’s presence.

In my opinion, you can’t fake integrity or joy. And so, I wait and watch and believe.  There is always more to the story.

The Stories of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

Observable Story

Everyone and everything wants to stop our wild ride, but we’re too fast, too furious.

The ride entrusts us with a motorcar. Nothing–not citizens, infrastructure, the law, or even an oncoming train can stop us. Only after the hordes of Hell threaten us and the ride returns us safely to Toad Hall do we stop.

Experiential Story

We want a carefree lifestyle, but our actions have repercussions.

We take a wild ride. It leads us through a downward spiral of property damage and public endangerment that results in our death. Once we’re threatened by an eternity of literal hellfire, we take it down a notch.

Sherlock has like 14 different hair gels and they all have very specific purposes based on the day’s temperature, humidity levels, what sort of plans he has made for the day, etc. Each bottle is labeled and its uses are catalogued in a little notebook he keeps under the sink. The pages are laminated so it doesn’t get all wet and ruined when it’s in the splash-zone (that’s what John calls the rest of the loo when his posh boyfriend is doing his hair). John thinks that this system and all of the time Sherlock has put into organizing it is absolutely adorable. He especially loves the fact that there is one bottle on the shelf labeled only with a heart, which - according to the catalogue - is reserved for “dates with John.” He loves the smell of it. It smells like home.

You give me flowers resembling Chinese lanterns.

You give me hale, for yellow. You give me vex.

You give me lemons softened in brine and you give me cuttlefish ink.
You give me all 463 stairs of Brunelleschi’s dome.

You give me seduction and you let me give it back to you.
You give me you.

You give me an apartment full of morning smells—toasted bagel and black
coffee and the freckled lilies in the vase on the windowsill.
You give me 24-across.

You give me flowers resembling moths’ wings.

You give me the first bird of morning alighting on a wire.
You give me the sidewalk café with plastic furniture and the boys
with their feet on the chairs.
You give me the swoop of homemade kites in the park on Sunday.
You give me afternoon-colored beer with lemons in it.

You give me D.H. Lawrence,
and he gives me pomegranates and sorb-apples.

You give me the loose tooth of California, the broken jaw of New York City.
You give me the blue sky of Wyoming, and the blue wind through it.

You give me an ancient city where the language is a secret
everyone is keeping.

You give me a t-shirt that says all you gave me was this t-shirt.
You give me pictures with yourself cut out.

You give me lime blossoms, but not for what they symbolize.

You give me yes. You give me no.

You give me midnight apples in a car with the windows down.
You give me the flashbulbs of an electrical storm.
You give me thunder and the suddenly green underbellies of clouds.

You give me the careening of trains.
You give me the scent of bruised mint.

You give me the smell of black hair, of blond hair.

You give me Apollo and Daphne, Pan and Syrinx.
You give me Echo.

You give me hyacinths and narcissus. You give me foxgloves
and soft fists of peony.

You give me the filthy carpet of an East Village apartment.
You give me seeming not to notice.

You give me an unfinished argument, begun on the Manhattan-bound F train.

You give me paintings of women with their eyes closed.
You give me grief, and how to grieve.

Rebecca Lindenberg, “Catalogue of Ephemera,” Love, an Index


captain america is not here to lead the country. i’m here to serve it. if i’m a captain, then i’m a soldier. not of any military branch, but of the people. years ago, in simpler times, this suit and shield were created as a symbol to help make america the land it’s supposed to be. | insp.


The next Sentai, Space Sentai Kyuranger, has recently been unveiled to investors and merchandisers in Japan. While Bandai tries their best to keep things under wraps, leaks always manage to find their way to the fans. As usual, we get the toy catalogue listings first and some blurry photos.

The main motif is constellations while a secondary motif seems to be planets (in the form of spherical collectibles called Kyutama/Kyuball). There will be nine members of the team though there is speculation that there will be a main team of five with four auxiliary members (similar to Kyoryuger). 

  1. ShishiRed (LionRed) -> Leo
  2. SasoriOrange (ScorpionOrange) -> Scorpius
  3. OokamiBlue (WolfBlue) -> Lupus
  4. TenbinGold (BalanceGold) -> Libra
  5. OushiBlack (BullBlack) -> Taurus
  6. HebitsukaiSilver (Snake-CharmerSilver) -> Ophiuchus
  7. ChameleonGreen -> Chamaeleon
  8. WashiPink (EaglePink) -> Aquila
  9. KajikiYellow (SwordfishYellow) -> Dorado

They transform by inserting a Kyutama into the Seiza Blaster (Constellation Blaster), which is a gauntlet-like device. Each Ranger has a corresponding Kyutama that they use to transform with (i.e. Shishi Kyutama). They are also armed with a weapon, which can be formed from a combination of the KyuAxe and KyuSpear. ShishiRed uses the KyuSword, SasoriOrange uses the KyuSpear, OokamiBlue uses the KyuClaw, TenbinGold uses the KyuCrossbow, OushiBlack uses the KyuAxe, HebitsukaiSilver uses the KyuSickle, ChameleonGreen uses the KyuRapier, WashiPink uses the KyuShot, and KajikiYellow uses the KyuSlasher.

Other Kyutama include Kujira (Whale -> Cetus), Kenbikyou (Microscope -> Microscopius), Ryouken (Hunting dog -> Canes Venatici), Andromeda, and Perseus. Each Kyutama, when inserted into the Seiza Blaster, acts as a ‘joystick’.

The main mecha of the Kyurangers is called KyurenOh. It is formed from Shishi Voyager, Ookami Voyager, Oushi Voyager, Chameleon Voyager, and Kajiki Voyager. KyurenOh has a secondary combination formed using Shishi Voyager, Sasori Voyager, Tenbin Voyager, Hebitsukai Voyager, and Washi Voyager.

Credit to Dukemon22 and CraneJoe for these listings.