it cant be anything important


are there no headphones coming with this thing

shit shit shit

guys im so boned

it’s like? $220 at least for a new wheelchair charger and as im sure youre all aware i have nothing to my name right now

someone just sent me $50 which is almost a quarter of it

so please please can you reblog and donate

will do cute portrait art of u/ur friends/ur ocs/whatever for like $5

guys this is important i cant go out without this or do anything without it. i was supposed to be going to a really important rally tomorrow and now i cant and this just sucks so hard.

please reblog/donate/commission stuff.

UPDATE i got all of it!!! thank you all so much for your help. 

I dont have any problem with my friends having differing opinions than mine, in fact I think its important to surround yourself with people who have different opinions than you.

However I have a line, core values that i cannot compromise on. You can disagree with me on almost anything but human rights. When you are racist, misogynistic, homophobic or think any random group of people are less deserving of rights because of something as ridiculous as race, sex, sexual orientation, religion or anything else then we cant be friends. Human life is important, each life has value and i cant get down with you if you arent for equality. I will not compromise on that. 

you know what i hate?

i really want a gay pairing in wow to be canon, but we cant because the majority of wow’s player base would lose their shit if it happened

like so many of those dude-bros hate Anduin and call him “Gay”, and  GOD I WISH HE WAS, but it’s the same guys who’d lose their shit if blizzard actually decided to make him gay

gdi its their fault we cant have anything queer and i hate it, representation is important and i hate how Blizzard can’t even stand up and actually do something about this?