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I absolutely cannot believe The Get Down just got cancelled - i was quiet for a while because I was frankly persuaded it was going to get renewed and didn’t need my help but I was honestly fooled in the air.

Its 2017. White privilege still exists. I was fooled. We all were. The fight is only beginning.

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: You're not getting a No Show refund just because you call and demand one

I’m sure every FDA has had this one before.

phone rings

FD: blah blah blah this is me hotel schpiel

AB: (angry bitch) I just saw that was charged this amount for a reservation I cancelled!!!!

FD: Let me see what happened there, can I get the name on the reservation?

AB: My name is Angry Bitch, and I canceled my reservation online

FD: looks up resv, sees it was charged for No Show It unfortunately looks like the reservation did not get cancelled and you were charged a no show fee of one nights room and tax.

AB: That’s incorrect, I cancelled the reservation. I did it online the day of before your cancellation time. After I did it, it told me I have no past or future reservations.

FD: thinking, what about “present” lmao Do you have a confirmation of the cancellation? One should be sent to your email, or the website itself provides you with a cancellation number.

AB: I don’t have a confirmation.

FD: thinking, well then how tf am I supposed to know you cancelled the reservation lady Are you sure?

AB: Yes, I was never provided with one.

FD: If you cancelled online, it should have given you a cancellation number or given you some type of confirmation.

AB: Well I never got one.

We go back and forth for a while with this, she doesn’t understand that I can’t just give her a refund based on “her word”

FD: Maam, unfortunately, without confirmation that you did indeed cancel the reservation, and that it somehow didn’t get cancelled in our system, I cannot give you a refund.


LMAO yeah ok have fun, he’s gonna tell you the same thing I did!!!!

By: dawctorj

3 ways repealing Obamacare affects millennial health care

What will replace Obamacare?

  • The Urban Institute released a study showing that if parts of the ACA are pulled apart — as was proposed in the vetoed January 2016 bill — without a replacement, nearly 30 million Americans will become uninsured, including 4.4 million children.
  • Republicans are now floating replacement plans, including House Speaker Paul Ryan’s “A Better Way” plan and a proposal devised by Trump’s pick for secretary of Department of Health and Human Services, Georgia Republican Senator Tom Price.
  • Price’s approach is to replace insurance exchanges and individual mandates with tax credits based on age to help people buy insurance themselves. 
  • The government could give grants to states to establish pools for those with high health care costs who cannot find insurance on their own.

Women’s birth control may no longer be covered.

  • Mandating that insurance companies pay for female contraceptives was a hornets’ nest of contention during the design of the ACA.
  •  The issue brought the eventual law before the Supreme Court, which, hampered by a vacant seat, sent the case back to a lower court.
  • Under the ACA, 18 types of federally approved birth control must be covered by health insurance plans offered in the exchange — with no copay and no out-of-pocket expenses.
  • While insurers, under the ACA, are required to cover a type of each of the 18 kinds of contraception for free, they are still allowed to charge women for name brand or more expensive versions.
  • Removing the provision could result in a shift back to private providers for contraceptive care.

Women’s costs may be higher.

  • Women may pay more for the same health insurance if the ACA is repealed. 
  • The ACA issued a final ruling in May highlighting its regulations that prohibit the discrimination of coverage based on race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability.
  • These protections have been in place for many years, but for women the ACA has made a big difference. 
  • Prior to the ACA, women were routinely charged up to 50% more for the same health coverage — and for some women it was as high as 81%. Even after the ACA was enacted, a gender gap sill persisted.
  • But with the final ruling this year, the practice of “gender rating,” or charging women more because they are considered to be a higher risk (i.e., they visit the doctor more, live longer and have babies), is illegal.
  • Still, some health care industry analysts believe that insurance companies should be able to use gender rating as a tool in charging patients more.
  • This suggests that without a mandate to keep insurance companies from charging women more, they may revert to a policy similar to car insurance, in which teenagers can be charged more because of their higher risk.
  • This would leave women without the protection of gender parity.

The return of rescission.

  • One of the things the ACA brought you was the peace of mind that should you — healthy, active and young, the kind of person health insurance companies love — get sick, the company cannot cancel your policy.
  • The practice is called rescission. The ACA outlaws it. With the Republicans’ interest in fewer federal regulations and lower costs, there are no assurances that replacement legislation would have such patient protections in place. Read more

five shows more people should watch: V

I’m of the majority that started watching V to have Liz on my screen again, ngl, but now I can honestly say I care about every single character and storyline on this show. It has so many interesting dynamics that you won’t find anywhere else. I don’t think I’ll ever recover if it gets canceled.

We all know the fosters’ ratings have dropped since the Jonnor kiss. Please guys if you watch the fosters or watch the fosters just for the Jonnor storyline please if you have cable, don’t watch it illegally. Please support this show. Watch the show illegally once you’ve already watched it air on television but if you have the ability to watch it on television or watch it on a live stream that still supports the show, please do it, cause this show cannot get canceled after season 3.
—  Support it.
And All Nightmares, Dreams... (Chapter 8 - What the Heart Wants)

Another submission from my anon! Enjoy! :) ————– Chapter 8: And All Nightmares, Dreams
Day 1
5.08 am Mumbai, India

In the minutes before he hears all the noise, he feels the demon’s weight sinking into his belly, its terrible fist drumming on his sternum. His fingers reach to throw the creature off, waking to the pounding of his heart, his hands grasping air. His eyes are snap open. His brain presents his mind with this question: “Which one?”

Maks closes his eyes. Air barely escapes his lips, “please, please, please…” As the cacophony continues to cascade from his phone he knows it will be her. “Oh god, let it not be her.”

A powerful furious rage drags him pacing around the room. He circles into the bathroom, sees his reflection in the mirror. He face is contorted, unrecognizable. HE is the fucking demon. Somehow this is because of something he has done. He swings his arm back, ready to slam his fist into the glass. Slaps the tap handles instead. He turns on all the faucets until the sounds of water cascading in the shower and sink begin to compete with the noise in his head. As he strides back out he clenches his fist around his phone wanting to shatter it into silence. He’s going to smash it into the television. He walks quickly to screen and punches at the buttons searching for news.

Watching the reports about Meryl unfold on CNN, hearing the words, Maks begins to accept that this is happening. This is what is happening. All life that came before is forgotten except for the one person he must rescue from there and bring alive into this hideous new reality. He clenches his fists and prepares to fight.

Day 2
How is it taking so long to find a way to fly to her? Cancelled flights, weather, security alerts… He cannot get through to his brother. It is utter, inescapable, madness.

Day 3
Since the accident he has managed to speak with Val only twice. The information seems so vague. He can tell that his brother is exhausted. His distracted reporting is slow and perfunctory. He says things are difficult. There may be the need for surgery. She is still sleeping. Sleeping? When pressed, Val finally says the word, “coma.” The doctors are doing their best.

Maks has flown through a million nights to come for her. The moment the wheels hit the runway, he begins to reflexively dial Val then Alex. He feels his anger building as his taxi moves through the congestion with agonizing slowness.

His phone rings. “Maks? Where are you?”

“How is she?

"Maks… They… She, Val and Charlie are with her. They…”

Alive. Maks’ head slumps forward, he squeezes his eyes shut, feeling his body start to tremble as he loses hold of the tension. Tears are coming. He slams his fists into his thighs.

“Alex,” his voice breaking, “listen to me. I’m in Osaka. In a taxi. You will meet me at the emergency entrance. Take me straight to her. No more wasted time. He disconnects the call as his body revolts. So great had been his fear that he would never feel her heart beating. He collapses forward, his body wracked with sobs that progress to dry heaves.

"Sir, sir…” The taxi driver yells as he cranes his neck to see what is happening in the back of his cab. He slows, veering toward the curb.

“No!” Maks manages to say. “Please. The hospital. Please.”

Alex sees Maks stumble from the taxi before it is fully parked.

“Maks,” he calls running to meet him. Alex stuffs a wad of bills into the driver’s hand. Grabs Maks’ elbow and turns him into a tight embrace. They pull back, each studying the other’s face searching for clues about what the immediate future will hold. All they read is devastation. Alex hoists Maks’ bag, takes him by the arm and turns to lead him to where he needs to go.

“Wait. Wait…” Maks escapes into a restroom. No time for this. He splashes cold water on his face and steadies himself. If she will feel his presence it must not be jagged and lost.

The change Alex witnesses is almost complete. Here he is ,their older brother and guardian.

The last corridor leads to rooms that exist in perpetual night. He slows down allowing his vision to adjust. Alex gestures to the door to Meryl’s room and retreats.

Nothing has prepared him for this moment. When he walks into her room… He cannot find the outline of her in the bed. He takes one step closer, studying in desperation.

His brother’s form is lying there? But he sees her pale face. Val’s arms are wrapped tightly around her. She IS there. Her heart beat sounding from the monitors. Her eyes are closed. Val’s eyes are closed. Maks inhales. He stands silently as confusion builds.

Val’s eyes open. He doesn’t move. His arms remain encircling Meryl’s unconscious body. He meets his brother’s gaze. His look is defiant and protective. They stare at each other. Something inside Maks explodes. With fear. With fear and love. With fear and relief. With fear and fury. He wants to tear Val away from Meryl.

Val does not move. He looks at Maks. His guardianship of the woman he is holding finally lessens as he realizes his brother has finally arrived. His eyes beg for understanding. He is protecting Meryl, after all. He is loving Meryl, after all. He is the one who has been here. He is the one who is holding all of her.

Charlie wakes up. He registers Maks. His movement is startling. Maks focuses, the intensity of Charlie’s gaze is accusatory, but then Charlie’s eyes fill with the dull realization that all of this pain is his to own. His gaze shifts to Val and Meryl. And then back to Maks. His heartbreak stops Maks’ reactions immediately.

The woman they all love is… Unaware.

Seeing the profound guilt in Charlie’s eyes, Maks strides across the the room and grabs him up. They embrace to stop the world from spinning. To change the trajectory of the universe. Charlie feels the message and slumps forward, sobbing. All is sorrow and grief and love and the desperate need for hope.

As Maks turns, he looks over Charlie’s shoulder and sees that Val remains still. Maks stares intensely into his brother’s open, wide eyes. His gaze shifts to Meryl. It’s obvious that her long hair is gone. Her dark eyelashes cast barely discernible shadows on her cheeks… She is as pale as the sheets that cover them. Her form, hidden by his brothers embrace, is thin beyond belief. A ventilator is taped into her mouth. Maks grips Charlie harder, more for his own support than for Charlie’s heaving, wracking need. His eyes meet Val’s again. Hard and questioning. After long seconds, Val silently mouths the words, “family before everything.” For the first time in his life, Maks doesn’t know exactly what those words mean.

Finally, with Val making no indication he is ready to move away from Meryl, Maks steers Charlie from the room. Maks slowly asks Charlie all the questions he has formulated on his journey to Japan. What happened, what do the doctors say, has anyone been able to contact Meryl’s parents, what is the next step? Should they arrange to fly her home? Who does he need to talk to? He is trying to gain traction and understanding but Charlie is in his own world of suffering. It’s all too overwhelming. Maks knows his battle begins now. He is her husband, his brother, his friend, everyone’s protector.

He begins to extricate himself from Charlie’s pain. He has to touch his wife. To feel her breathe. As he reaches for the door handle, he turns back to Charlie. “How long has what’s going on in there been happening?”

Charlie looks up in shock followed by confusion, then anger. “What the fuck, Maks? I’ve told you everything, I lost her, she fell, she’s been in a coma… they drilled into her head…it’s been… days and she’s still not waking up!”… Charlie’s voice is rising with every phrase until it reaches a hysteria that Maks can only step away from. Charlie does not understand that Maks is asking about Val… About Val and Meryl.

Maks realizes that Charlie, even in his own nightmare, is more right. With shame, he wonders how his thoughts about what he witnessed can even matter?

Val hears the commotion outside the door. Maks has finally arrived but what the hell is happening? Charlie’s distress in the hallway is becoming alarming. Still, it takes him a thousand breaths to imagine leaving her alone. It takes all of his will to move his arms away for her. He cannot leave her in her far away world. He stays motionless, feeling her breathe. She’s breathing. She is living.

Finally, he moves slowly away from her and then quickly into the hallway to interrupt whatever Maks and Charlie are involved in.

The door to Meryl’s room flies open and Val, wide eyed and obviously angry, steps out. He grabs Maks’ arm and puts his hand on Charlie’s chest. Everything stops. Val looks at Charlie and jerks his head toward the open door. Charlie nods and slips back into the darkness within.

Val and Maks face each other. Val’s bare toes curl against the cold floor. They finally fall into each other’s arms, their first sobs synchronized. Maks tries to regain his composure. He inhales slowly and deeply. The scent of Meryl rises from Val’s skin. Maks wants to push his brother away. He wants to keep holding him until they both can breath.

Somewhere in the beginning Val felt the need to tether her to this world. To make sure she didn’t die. To give Maks time to get here from wherever and whatever the fuck was more important than her. Why wasn’t Maks here? What was more important this this?

Charlie was too fucked up to help. Val, himself, was breaking. As they both had waited for Meryl to come out of surgery, his mind fell back to her strength. Her beauty. Her aliveness. Her gentleness, her unique talent. When she was finally wheeled back to the ICU, when he was finally able to see her, he forgot about Charlie. He forgot about Maks.

And then she was lying there amidst all the beeping and the tubes, and Charlie was retreating into his own oblivion. That was when he had crawled into her hospital bed and stretched himself alongside her and held her tentatively. And then more tightly. It was his responsibility to keep her from slipping too far away. For Maks? No. For her. For him. And for all the world that was made beautiful because of her.

But now everyone was here. Their worlds have been in orbit around Meryl and now they are collapsing into each other with an impact that is just as powerful as fragile bone on hard ice.

Maks needs to carve a path through all the noise. To be with Meryl. He needs to acknowledge Charlie’s pain and guilt. He knows he needs to relieve Val’s sense of responsibility and, dare he think it, love. But, more than anything, he needs to go in search of his wife and bring her back to him.

Finally he pivots from Val and opens the door to Meryl’s dark hospital room. Val follows until Maks turns and puts his hand on his brother’s chest. He sees the pain in Val’s eyes but he cannot comfort him now. “Please,” he whispers. He slips inside, alone.

His eyes find Charlie, sitting at Meryl’s bedside, holding her hand pressed to his forehead. Maks puts his hand on Charlie’s shoulder and after a fleeting smile he tips his head toward the door. “Charles,” he whispers, “I need to be alone with her.” Charlie nods and silently leaves them.

As the door closes and the light from the hallway is pinched out, Maks finally has his moment to look at his wife. He feels a violent sob escape from his chest. He doesn’t know where it is safe to touch her. He fingers reach out to stroke her cheek, he traces her lips, accidentally dislodging the oxygen tube taped between them. Before replacing it, he quickly leans forward and kisses her mouth. Her lips are dry and chapped. His tears are coming now, they spill into the hollow of her neck, pooling there. Robotically, he grabs at tissues and dabs them away.

In his mind, he sees Val lying next to Meryl, arms encircling her. He takes off his shirt and slips out of his shoes. He moves into her bed, carefully reorienting the tubes so he can fit his body to hers. He doesn’t lie down but braces on his elbow sliding his left hand under the nape of neck. He needs to be able to study her face. His right hand strokes her arm. She feels unbearably fragile.

Unthinkable thoughts fly into his mind. Even though the monitors prove her heart beats, he wraps his fingers around her wrist, feeling for her pulse. His eyes settle on her throat, watching for any tiny throb. He leans forward, placing his cheek to her lips, awaiting the smallest movement of air. He kisses her chapped lips. He began to talk to her. “I’m here. I’m sorry. I’m here, I’m sorry. I’m here, I’m sorry.” Babe.. Meryl… I’m so sorry.”

He doesn’t know how long he has been holding her when a shaft of light enters through the opening door. He blinks rapidly, adjusting his vision as three figures move into the room.

A stranger enters followed by Charlie and Val. He gets up as quickly as he can, looking from the white coated doctor to Charlie and Val. There is an exhausted wariness in their eyes. Maks moves forward, slipping on his shirt, offering his hand. “I’m Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Meryl’s husband. I’m sorry, I was in India when this happened, but I’m here now.”

The doctor’s eyes are inscrutable. He looks from Charlie to Val, who, after a long, tense pause, nod their heads in unison. “My name is Dr. Kurosawa, can we speak?” He gestures to the hallway.

Maks listens intently to Meryl’s neurosurgeon. Fractured skull. Contrecoup injury. Induced coma. Internal bleeding. Surgery. Stabilization.

Soon it will be time to stop the IV that administers the drug that keeps her asleep. It’s time for her to wake up, if she can.

Maks holds his face in his hands. Processing all the information.

“This is good news,” Dr. Kurasawa says. “But you must be prepared that only small signs may be seen at first. It can be difficult. Every patient is different but she has recovered very well so far.”

“I will be there,” Maks says.

“Oh yes. It may help for her to hear your voice. All of you, he gestures at Val and Charlie.

They watch as the medical team of enters the room and follow them in.

Maks holds her hands as she begins her journey into awareness. His heart leaps as feels her grip tighten. Slowly, her fingers move to struggle against the discomfort of the various tubes and catheters. Below consciousness she fights against the world. Her medical team joins to hold her thin frame down. The strength of her, as she wrestles back to concsiousness, is as awe inspiring as it is frightening. He places his hands on her rising shoulders and puts his lips to her ear. “Please wake up,” he whispers. “I’m right here. I love you. Please wake up.” Her body seizes. He is, they all are, holding on to her flailing limbs, trying to restrict her grasping hands, trying desperately to bear the tortuous sounds escaping from her lips. Minutes and minutes pass in her epic struggle. “Stop it,” he finally pleads.

The IV drip is reactivated. Meryl falls back into her quiet darkness.

Charlie flees from the room. Val hesitates before following after him. He finds Charlie sitting silently in the men’s room. Val slumps down to the floor unable to find the words to erase what they witnessed or the will to comfort him. Alex sees their escape from his personal encampment in the waiting room. He waits, as he has done for these many days, before joining them.

With Maks here, Alex convinces Val and Charlie to come away to the hotel suite the hospital has arranged for them. He is meeting Tanith at the airport and he wants to bring her to Charlie here. While Charlie showers, he calls room service.

"Val, Tanith is arriving tonight… I told her to come.”

“What?…Good. That’s good… Very good.”

“You gotta make sure Charlie stays here. It’ll be better for her to come here first?”


“I found Meryl and Charlie’s parents, too.”

“What?! When? They are coming? Why didn’t you say?”

“They were pretty far off the beaten track,” Alex shrugs, smiles a little. “They’re trying to get here but I don’t know when. They haven’t made contact with their plan yet.”

Val reaches toward Alex and kisses his cheeks before hugging him. “It’s been so hard. You’ve done everything we couldn’t.”

Alex turns away. “You did everything I couldn’t.”

“Make sure you both of you eat something. I’ll be back.”


Dr. Kurosawa touches Maks’s shoulder and steers him out of the room. If the scans continue to be positive we will try again tomorrow. It is necessary for her to accomplish this, no matter how traumatic it is.

Maks stands over her. He feels a poisonous pain rise from his belly to his brain. He closes his eyes and wills himself into her calm, comatose universe.

The incessant beeping of the monitors doesn’t change. Her heart doesn’t know he is here. He slides under the sheets and carefully wraps his arms around her.

“I love you, мой драгоценный , драгоценных девушка. You are my life. I found you and you will not leave me. I will never lose you. Weariness washes over him and he sleeps.

Day 6
Day 7
He cannot manage it. Her struggle is too frightening to allow. Maks pleads for it to stop when he hears the pain escape from her lips.

Day 8
It begins again. Maks is ready now. He is determined to outlast her painful fight. He closes his ears and holds her struggling body. He talks to her. He repeats their vows. He reminds her of their island. Of the Contamessa II. He holds on and on. He talks about their life yet to be lived. He describes their dances to her, counting her through the choreography as if he was still her teacher. He tells her there are more than seven seas and he will swim with her in every single one of them. He promises he will learn to skate. He describes the Italian villa where they will live. He brings her a puppy. He places their firstborn in her arms.

The team of interns and nurses keep watch and they witness the struggle of her awakening. Her legs curl up and stretch out in spasms of unknowing. His palms press down on her thighs. He grips her hands as they struggle to find release from the tubes surrounding her.

“Meryl… Please wake up.”

Minutes and then decades pass as he tries to cast a magic living spell over her. He never stops whispering their long, forever story into her ear. He promises every god who will hear him that if they intercede on her behalf he will pay all their prices.

She finally breaks through into consciousness, her body still tense, her eyes roll open and stare at his face. “Fucking hurts,” she curses as one thin arm lifts fluttering fingers toward her head.

Maks glances quickly at the nurses. “She’s in pain.”

As an injection dulls her pain, Meryl’s eyes stare into his. “Maks?” she whispers. “Where’s Charlie?”

Maks’ heart soars as she falls asleep. Her eyes have seen him and she knew his name.

He presses his face into her pillow. His tears disappear silently into the fabric. When he feels a hand on his back, he turns to see Val and Charlie and Tanith. Their faces are wet as they cling to each other.

Val moves to stand away, Charlie leans into Meryl, finally able to speak to her. Even if she is asleep he believes now that she can hear him. He grips Tanith’s fingers as he whispers his painful apology. Maks holds Meryl’s hand and then reaches for Charlie’s as he watches him struggle for words.

This is the scene that Cheryl and Paul and Jaquie and Charles witness upon their arrival.

As Maks places Meryl’s hand into her mother’s, he whispers, “she was awake and only sleeps now because of the pain.”

Cheryl cannot respond except to clutch her daughter’s hand to her heart. Paul nods at Maks before joining his wife’s clasp.

It is the first time Maks and Val have had time to be alone together. A kind of uncomfortable silence separates them as they walk down the corridor. Without thinking they find themselves sitting over paper cups of vending machine coffee in the dark cafeteria.


"When did you get married… ARE you married?” Val asks.

“We are married. At least we are to each other.” Maks tells him about the island off the Florida coast.

Val nods understanding the truth of it.

“Val…” Maks begins. “Do you think you love her? I mean, do you love her?”

The sound that escapes Val’s lips is half a derisive laugh, half a sob… As if he is insulted by the question.

“I love her.” He closes his eyes, leaning back, searching for his own truth.

“She had… Has… So much power. I saw it the first time you danced with her. Then when she was mine,…” Val inhales remembering her self possession. It had been both submissive and demanding. “She became something so special to me. Not exactly a sister… But also not like a…” Val searched for a word. “Not like a lover, either. She was just this fierce, unbelievable person who I wanted to always have in my life.”

“When she was so hurt and so damaged… You don’t know Maks! They told us that swallowing… SWALLOWING… would be a major achievement if she ever came out of that coma.” Val’s voice rose with the memory.

“It was like all her power was reduced to this one little, tiny flame and I knew that all I wanted to do was hold my hands around it and keep it from going out.”

Maks sits silently listening as Val tries to find his path. Where it might lead he cannot know. He watches his brother through hooded eyes.

“I don’t know… I guess I thought you would always keep her in my life. And then when she might be dying, and you weren’t here…” Val’s voice faded away.

“She’s not like a sister to me, Maks… But not Iike… It’s not like… Maybe it’s not like that kind of love, either… But it could be. I just need her to live.” His shoulders suddenly shake with emotion he cannot contain.

Sensing that Val has reached his limit, Maks finally reaches his hand across the table gripping his brother’s tightly. “She’s your sister-in-law… My beautiful, alive wife… And I will do everything in my power to keep her in your world.”

As a fan I don’t think I would be satisfied at all. Is it an entertaining hour of television on its own? Yes, it is. It’s a finale, so there’s going to be twice as much action and twice as much emotion, plus people die and that always seems to be something that draws people in for some sick reason (laughing). I would be disappointed if we weren’t able to complete the story, if we didn’t come back for a final showdown.

Elizabeth Mitchell

Feminism In Supergirl

I just read a negative review about the pilot saying it’s not feminist ENOUGH to be considered true feminism.

Are you fucking kidding me? It’s bullshit like this that gives modern day feminism such a bad reputation. Feminists these days draw more lines in the sand separating each other than society ever could in separating the genders.

What the fuck gives any of you the right to dictate what real feminism is and who is and isn’t one? I remember the original message of feminism. It was about equality, about an equal playing field between the sexes.

Feminism is a message, it’s an ideal, it’s not a blunt object that you swing around like a hammer. Feminism isn’t something you wield, it’s a message that you aspire to. Saying someone or something isn’t feminist dictated by what you say defines it is spitting in the face of what feminism is truly about.

Personally I felt like the Supergirl pilot did it the right way. It made its stance known without trying to hammer it into your skull. This is going to be a show that’s geared towards women, and personally I have no problems with that, but if it goes on too much of a feminist rant then it WILL alienate people.

One recent show that kind of failed in its feminist message was Agent Carter. It’s whole “bring men to their knees” promo and how they depicted 90% of the men on the show as misogynistic, incompetent idiots was not the right message to send out. The empowerment of women should not mean the disempowerment of men. That’s not equality, and that’s not what feminism has been trying to achieve.

Although feminism was present throughout the entire episode, it never felt like it was taking over the show, it actually kind of felt like it was simply a part of it. It was meant to be more inspiring rather than a call to arms like so many feminists these days believe feminism should be.

Agent Carter is a good show, but it wielded it’s feminism like a weapon and barely got renewed. I would personally like to see this show do better than that. Personally I felt like it had just the right level of girl power enthusiasm without alienating people. That’s a delicate balance.

Female superhero shows are just starting to take root, but it’s still in an early enough stage to be torn out quite easily if you push too hard. Supergirl can be a great start, or it can be a true disaster that discourages further attempts. Now is not the time for self-righteous anger. If we want more female superheroes on television, it’s extremely counterproductive to blame the show that could lead the charge for not being feminist enough for your unrealistic demands.

If this show cannot get the viewers, it will be canceled. Alienating the viewers is the best way to kill a show. And guess what, there are plenty of people out there who constantly feel like they’re being attacked by angry feminists all the time on the internet, they don’t want to watch a show where they feel like they’re being attacked even more.

So good for this show on keeping the feminism present, but not forcing it on people.