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Inspired by this post.
I hope y’all like it!  I meant to stay true to the comic, but then I added extra dialogue and stuff b/c I’m terrible at following any plan ever.

Alex was so done.

He was exhausted, soaking wet, and he had to be up entirely way too early in the morning.  And yet, he still had so much to do.  

Make flashcards for microeconomics.  Study for torts.  Watch an online lecture.  

He climbed the stairs to his dorm room, trying to ignore the way his hands were starting to shake.  His textbook was soaked, probably ruined.  Which he didn’t have time for.  Or the money.  Or the mental stability.

No time, no time, no time.

By the time Alex pushed his way through the door, the shaking had moved from his hands to his shoulders.  They were started to tremble.  He blamed it on the cold rather than the panic starting to unfurl in his stomach.  

“Hey, Alex!” John was grinning from his desk.  “You’re back late.”

Why was he so happy?  How could he be so happy?  Why was everyone happy and content, and Alex couldn’t seem to stay afloat?  Why was he weak?  Why was he even here?


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Vampire Heather Chandler! 

AU Where JD’s dad is just a monster hunter which is why they travel so much. And while JD was able to kill 2 werewolves with Silver ich lug bullets Heather managed to slip under his nose till it was too late. 

Then he realizes the whole school is just a bunch of monsters


GRIMM | 6.09

Anybody else seen anything in your mirror since?


leaked klance fusion from my twitter. his name is laith and i hate him so much, he’s beautiful


my favorite two scenes out of Wanted: Bebop & Rocksteady. 

Donnie and April are very concerned about their puckboy and his recklessness. hurt/comfort feelings are abound.


a cluster of dorks.

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do you know the fic where lance, keith, and shiro are all captured by galra and the only way to keep shiro and keith from getting shit is lance has to drown himself?? it's hella sad and angsty but it's one of my faves and i can't find it

skfhkj ohmygoodness here ya go!
- Vallie

Fighting the Surface by tommino (11/11 | 19,809 | Teen and Up)

“Humans have shown quite the impressive drive for survival,” the Galra commander grins. “I want to see you fight against that. The druids claim drowning is quite the painful way to go.“ He tips Lance backward over the water, as Keith and Shiro struggle against their bonds. “If you surface, they die.”

Lance’s eyes widen and he’s pushed backward with a splash.


Keith, Shiro, and Lance are taken captive during a mission planet-side. The commander decides he only needs two paladins for interrogation, and decides to have a little fun while they wait for extraction. Lance is thrown into the deep with the threat that if he swims up for air, one of the other two will be shot. Obviously Lance would rather die than allow that.

Later chapters will, of course, deal with Keith and Shiro losing their damn minds thinking Lance just drowned himself for them.

//major character injury

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may i just say that i'd be happy to let your roleswap!elizabeth the 3rd step on me


(also!! i will be answering most asks tomorrow!! ^o^ (i’ve been busy lately and i haven’t had the time to answer T_T) it’s really late now and i have classes in the morning so T_T)

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Seeing that post you reblogged about that mom crushing on Adam, made me think of his sexy voice and then about Tumblr user Asoeiki and the post they made of Ignis noises edited to sound totally nsfw. Have you heard it? Cause if you haven't...TREAT YOURSELF. It's tagged nsfwignis on their page

Omg really what okay hold up lemme check this shit tf out

Okay so I went to the blog, and I found the Japanese audio one but I can’t find the English one

I searched the tag but it didn’t pop up



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Can I have a comforting little space? Maybe, Anxiety has a long day and begins slipping, but he's in public and Patton knows how much he doesn't like being in public. So, its a rush to get him home and comforted (sorry, long day today:( )

(I’m sorry love let me know if there’s anything I can do to help)

Even on good days, Virgil has his limits with doing things like going to the mall. But after a full day of exhausting activities and waking up on the cusp of little space, he can’t do it. He just can’t. Silently, he tugs on Patton’s sleeve and gives him the saddest look Pat thinks he’s ever seen. No words need to be exchanged for the message to get across.

“Home?” he asks softly.

“Yes please,” Virgil says, tears welling up in his eyes.

Patton quickly pays for their items and slips the final bag onto his arms. The moment he does so, Virgil grabs his hand and holds tightly. “Baby, you have to let me put these in the trunk,” Pat reminds, extricating himself from Virgil’s grip and throwing things into the back seat. After shutting it, he helps Virgil into the front seat and buckles his seat belt for him so they can go home.

He doesn’t bother to unload the car when they get home. Virgil fumbles with his seat belt while Pat gets out and goes to his side to help him. “Let’s get you in your jammies, yeah?” He says, carrying Virgil inside and up to the room they share to watch cartoons. Virgil sucks on the tip of his thumb until Pat replaces it with one of his pacis.

“Nooooo,” he whines, refusing to put on pants under his oversized shirt.

“Okay, okay.”

Patton tucks the covers around Virgil and passes him his favorite stuffed animal, a cow named Mimi. For the rest of the night, he cards his fingers through Virgil’s hair so he can fall into a peaceful sleep.

Merlin Whump

Character: Merlin

1x4- Merlin saves Arthur by drinking from poisoned cup, sick throughout episode.

3x1 & 3x2- Merlin is stung by a serket, almost dies

4x1 & 4x2- Merlin almost dies to protect Arthur (by weird spirit things hard to explain). Bonus: Super whumpy scene where he’s carried by knights.

4x6- Chest injury during fight, worried Arthur. Later kidnapped plus cute Arthur missing Merlin moments and even cuter reunion moment.

5x8- poisoned by Morgana, almost dies, injures leg after being pushed. Arthur asks about limp.

5x10- shot by an arrow in the leg.

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do you like being around your step brothers and sister? nod yes or no so you dont feel pain <3


((’The little mermaid’ M!A @ask-thenorthamericanfam, @ask-united-mexican-states))

On fanart/fanwriting

I generally am cool with receiving stuff, y'all don’t really need to ask permission to make it- If it’s something similar to what I’d draw in theme then it’d be all fine. Genyatta, Mchanzo, etc- all good.

That said though, oh my god, please do not gift me adult oriented art or fic, or base such content off my stuff, without asking me in advance. Please do not do this to any content creator.

And I can’t believe this has to be said, but ESPECIALLY don’t do this if it’s abuse/noncon/dubcon/underage/incest.


I LOATHE that shit, I’d rather you just unfollow me. (And maybe delete and stick to private twitters so me and everyone else who also hates that content doesn’t have to see it in the tags. )

Thanks. Consume content responsibly.


I have no idea what I was doing the entire evening, but it was worth it, I guess.

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2nd task anon back- i loved that so much 😍😍 but what about before they get to the surface, where after geno sees sid frozen in the water he goes into a blind rage, throwing powerful spells at anyone who would dare get in the way. Ovechkin is above talking like "yes malkin family very powerful, but good natured people dont really show their might unless provoked haha better not do that" and then like 3 merpeople are blasted out of the water

Omfg I’m imaging like merpeople being launched out of the water and the non-Durmstrangs are like WTF?!?!?! but the durmstrangs and their headmaster are like L O L look at our Zhenya make S A S H I M I