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Merlin Whump

Character: Merlin

1x4- Merlin saves Arthur by drinking from poisoned cup, sick throughout episode.

3x1 & 3x2- Merlin is stung by a serket, almost dies

4x1 & 4x2- Merlin almost dies to protect Arthur (by weird spirit things hard to explain). Bonus: Super whumpy scene where he’s carried by knights.

4x6- Chest injury during fight, worried Arthur. Later kidnapped plus cute Arthur missing Merlin moments and even cuter reunion moment.

5x8- poisoned by Morgana, almost dies, injures leg after being pushed. Arthur asks about limp.

5x10- shot by an arrow in the leg.

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Imperial Problem Child-verse. Luke tolerates a lot of comments about Rogue Squadron's apparent lack of discipline. He knows they're more... laid-back than their Imperial counterparts. But there are times Luke's tempted to give his father exactly what he claims to want and have the Rogues drop their friendly behavior. Let the Imperials see exactly who the Rogues are when they fly. Luke can't stand to hurt his pilots that way, so he doesn't ask.

An aside:
There are moments when Luke and his pilots remind Vader too much of the days when he was Anakin, as he had that level of casual interaction with many of the clones he fought alongside. Those are memories he doesn’t want. They pull inevitably back towards dearer faces and sharper losses and why can’t she be here to see him, to see how he’s grown up? Oh. Yes. Because of me. And that just makes him more irritable than is strictly necessary.

But yes, when the Rogues are all business, they are a bit surprising to the Imps. One particular image that was floating about my mind when this whole au was just a vague idea was Piett and a handful of soldiers and Luke and his Rogues in the same city fighting a common enemy and meeting in the middle. By that point, the Rogues aren’t even talking. They’re silent, angry (I don’t know what their enemy did, but they’re not playing around) and communicating with just looks and gestures and Piett is like “….the heck? Oh this is a more dangerous situation than I thought”

Said mental image usually involves Vader landing on the field, as it were, to put an end to the resistance and Piett just sort of wordlessly gesturing to where Luke and friends have already captured the guy responsible for the mess. Luke and the Rogues look up, stoic, and just go back to questioning him like this is totally normal.

I can’t believe!!!!!!!! Someone fucking stole my fanfic!!!!!!!! They rearranged a couple words here and there and removed Iwaizumi to make it an Oikawa x Reader!!!!!!!!! What the actual fuck!!!!!!!!!!! 

And they had the audacity to say “this isn’t how I usually write I’m trying something a little different”

Oh!!!!!!!! My!!!!!!!!! God!!!!!!!!!!!!