it can't hurt to ask

I can’t believe!!!!!!!! Someone fucking stole my fanfic!!!!!!!! They rearranged a couple words here and there and removed Iwaizumi to make it an Oikawa x Reader!!!!!!!!! What the actual fuck!!!!!!!!!!! 

And they had the audacity to say “this isn’t how I usually write I’m trying something a little different”

Oh!!!!!!!! My!!!!!!!!! God!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I woke up this morning ready to put yesterday behind me. Then I logged on tumblr.

I’m not exactly sure who has decided that @mellygrant and/or @m3llybaby are foot soldiers of the devil, but lapelosa’s continued insistence that one (or both?) are trolls seems to be founded in the fact that she doesn’t like what they are discussing.

Listen, I am totally understanding of the fact that some of the theories and rumors posited yesterday were unpopular to say the least. HOWEVER, here are some important facts to remember:

•NO ONE I talk to (or follow for that matter) has even REMOTELY suggested the band has broken up
•NO ONE I talk to has suggested that Louis is HAPPY working with Simon – I think we can all agree that if he IS working with Syco, it’s begrudgingly
•NO ONE I TALK TO has claimed to have any outright knowledge of anything. In fact, we’ve all made it pretty clear that what we are presenting are RUMORS and THEORIES.

This continued campaign to paint two bloggers as liars and/or trolls is insidious. First and foremost? Claiming that two people who have similar ideas are obviously the same person is a straight up anti tactic. I expect better from people who claim to be logical. Trolling looks less like bloggers having an opinion and occasionally agreeing with each other and more like sending mostly identical anonymous asks to two blogs. Also, when presented with proof that what you’re saying is resolutely false, continuing to lie is just bad form.

I’m honestly flabbergasted by the responses I saw from people yesterday and in to today. From people I respect, people I consider friends. One of the things that I have always thought was best about this fandom is that we knew how to disagree – yesterday completely proved me wrong. Disagreeing with ideas should not result in the kind of personal attacks and outright slander that I am seeing.

Furthermore– NONE OF THIS IS NEW?!? mellygrant has been talking about solo rumors for the better part of a YEAR? And m3llybaby has been posting her take on contracts and what that may mean since JANUARY. The fact is no one has had much to say until now. I guess my only question is why.