it can say anything it wants

And that’s the thing,
They don’t fucking know.
And you can’t say anything because you sit and choke on your own tongue.
I’m haunted by versions of myself that have died every day.
They ask “Are you alright?” but don’t want the answer “I’m not f*cking okay
angst prompt list
  • “who do you think you are?”
  • “i gave you everything.”
  • “I’m a fool for not seeing this earlier.”
  • “don’t you dare pin this on me!”
  • “i’ve been thinking it over and this… this was never going to work out.”
  • “you don’t get to say anything after what you did!”
  • “you broke my heart.”
  • “i trusted you.”
  • “i loved you.”
  • “i’m not blind, i can see the way you look at them.”
  • “did i do something wrong?”
  • “please, please, i’ll do anything just talk to me.”
  • “i can’t stand the silence between us.”
  • “there’s nothing you can say that can fix what you did.”
  • “what do you want me to say? do you want me to lie and say i love you?”
  • “you cheated on me! you don’t get another chance!”
  • “tell me what’s wrong.”
  • “i never meant to hurt you.”
  • “this wasn’t supposed to be this complicated.”
  • “wait. i didn’t mean that. please, come back.”
  • “how can i hate them, you’re the one that made the choice to cheat.”
  • “how long has this been going on?”
  • “if you know what’s good for you, don’t come around anymore.”
  • “i never want to see you again.”
  • “trust you? how can i trust you if you never gave me a reason to in the first place?”
  • “i believed you!”
  • “you lied to my face.”
  • “i never loved you.”
  • “don’t make me out to be the bad guy.”

i may have finally convinced my dad to take me to the nuclear power plant sometime soon so i can go into the place where you learn about it and see if i can’t find anyone to ask questions to, but….im NERVOUS as all get out when faced with the actual possibility of getting to go ask about potential future jobs. i mean its an excited nervous, but it is absolutely a stomach-fluttering all-encompassing almost-shaking nervousness.

if you looked around this blog, you probably know what i draw and feel joyful about..right? did you take a moment…to think about why you really absolutely had to send me this…? :) 

shipping is inspired by canon but is separate from it.

fans have the freedom to create alternate universes that diverge from canon - all in the name of fun and expressing the joy these characters bring them.

you can sink what you want or float what you want in fanmade universes regardless of what happens in canon.

lastly, characters can and probably will grow and change in OW canon too.

that’s what i think since you asked. ill be planning my next drawings~ :)

Dear Evan Hansen Reverse AU: Heidi's Letter

“You want me to do what now?” Connor now sat at on his bed with an open laptop while Evan hovered nearby.
“Please, I just need to let my mom and Jared know it’s not their fault.”
“And I should help you because…”
“You’re the only one who can see me, I need you to type for me.”
“What if I don’t feel like it?” Connor quickly started to regret saying that when he saw Evan’s face. He looked like a kicked puppy.
“Please, I’ll never ask you to do anything again I swear! I’ll leave the second they get the letters just please…”
“Okay, okay, just don’t cry. Or whatever the ghost equivalent is.” Evan’s face brightened as he sat down on the bed next to Connor.
“So what do you want me to write?”
“Uh, well erm, I didn’t really think this far…we should start with my mom.”
The Hansen Household:
Heidi poked her spaghetti with the fork as she stared blankly across the table at the empty space behind the other plate.
“Evan’s late again…"She got up grabbing some Saran wrap from the cupboard and wrapping up the untouched meal. Opening the fridge she placed it next to last night’s meal, hamburger macoroni. She’s surprised he hadn’t eaten yet, he loves it when she makes that. Softly closing the fridge she’s about to head up the stairs when there’s a knock at the door.
Looking over at the clock it says 7:08 p.m. Walking over she takes a look through the peephole and sees a boy around Evan’s age standing there holding something. Cautiously she slightly opens the door.
“I’m Connor Murphy, I’m…I was friends with Evan. He wanted me to give you this.” Opening the door further Heidi saw Connor was holding a letter. Eyes widening she opened the door all the way.
“Come in,” a smile decorated her face as he shuffled in still clutching the letter.
“I, I just came to drop this off. I can leave if you want-”
“Nonsense, your already here. Have you had dinner yet?”
“No but I-”
“Good, I have leftovers. Spaghetti sound alright?”

Ellen's Bar and Tab Update

Andi here…

I wanted to say that I’m so lucky to have a fam like this. All your well wishes and good thoughts have not gone unseen.

I don’t really have an update. I have to get an MRI for tumors on my liver. Don’t know if they are benign or not. Don’t know anything.

Which sucks. A lot.

I’ve been mindlessly crying and watching the boob tube.

I can’t write. I have no desire to. I’m not going to apologize either. I am going to say I’m sorry to have to back out of challenges. If I get inspiration, I’ll be sure to post.

If you’ll be so kind to spread the word, I’d appreciate it. Love you guys.

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bootyshakerkegrimm  asked:

How would Hizashi, Aizawa, and Toshinori react to their s/o wearing a virgin killer sweater?

I very much hope I could write it well enough and that you’re going to like it!


- He finds it hilarious and funny and, as long as his partner doesn’t feel a bit worried or secretly insecure about wearing the sweater, he jokingly asks them how many virgins they’ve had.

- Aside from that though, he doesn’t say or think too much about it. As long as his partner feels comfortable, he doesn’t really care. If anything, he can be convinced to wear a matching sweater.


- He’s amused and asks them where they found it, though aside from that, he doesn’t think too much about it. His partner should wear whatever they want to.

- The thing Aizawa cares about the most is that his partner is clean and comfortable, so as long as they love their sweater and are happy to wear it, he’s silently content too.


- He finds the sweater a little odd and bold, though he doesn’t mind his partner wearing it. Their comfort is important and if they love the sweater or find it funny, even if the joke goes over his head, is all that really matters.

- Though Toshinori can’t be convinced to wear the same thing or something similar, he rather sticks to his own oversized clothes.

What nonsense is this now?

…the show hasn’t even premiere yet and “some” of the individuals of this fandom is already ready to ship Alec with Sebastian? Sebastian, that guy? Him? The guy who canonically called Alec…“disgusting” for being Gay and want bring genocide upon the Downworlders? The one who wants to sleep with his sister? That guy?…What is with this fandom and the need to ship Alec with anything white and has legs? Some of you say you care about Magnus, but you can’t wait to see Alec with a white guy. You know, because everyone else in this poor media representation of a world is doing it. Why be different? I can put my hand into “media representation” of LGBT+ and pull out a hand full of favorite white same sex relationships…so rare that an interracial same sex relationship gets the treatment like Malec…but yet so “easily"for some people fall back to old habits. Let me ask these people…did you even think of shipping Magnus with Sebastian?

I know, it’s just “Fantasy” shipping…and you have all the rights to ship the hell you want. That I shouldn’t even post this…because apparently of that right of yours…that I shouldn’t worry…Malec is endgame.

I got every right to post this too.

No, what really bothers me is the reflection of this fandom. I have met a lot amazing individuals in this fandom and some of them just breaks my heart in all the wrong reasons…saying things like this…this show brings in a lot of diversity…saying that you rather see a white guy with another white guy is saying something…very consciously or very subconsciously…the message is there.

Ship whatever you want, but keep the Alec and Sebastian’s talks out of anything that associates with Malec and Magnus Bane. Don’t act surprised if you get negative feedbacks when you post this ship in a Malec and Magnus Bane tag…because you are looking a fight, consciously or not.

It’s important to have positive and strong LGBT+ characters and relationships, but you don’t go supporting diversity but only meet half way. That’s not how change works.

anonymous asked:

I've got 3 semester left before I graduate as an elementary ed major. The budget that's going to slash education backed by DeVos and Trump are making me want to change my major. I'm feeling really hopeless and tired from stress. I don't know what I can do outside of contacting my ass representatives that don't respond to my calls or emails (I'm in a very red state and I'm a registered independent). Is there anything you would recommend doing? Or alternative majors if it gets worse?

Phew, Grayface, herein lies a pretty major dilemma that the nation is facing right now. Statistically speaking, people enrolling in college teaching programs is down across the country. The Washington Post says that enrollment in teacher programs has decreased 35%. 

I can’t really speak to other majors, or other careers. I also can’t speak to what our educational landscape is going to look like for the next four years. I’m scared too. But ultimately I think if you want to be a teacher, you will find a way. 

If you don’t, then other opportunities will present themselves and you’ll take them. Teaching continues to be a thankless career, and while I’m not a huge fan of how that fact has been glorified, it’s the truth. Public schools teachers are always at the mercy of those in higher power. Grayface, I suppose you could only work in private schools, but that still wouldn’t completely insulate you. It’s part of the job. Teaching is an act that is inherently political. 

Perhaps that’s your answer, your representatives won’t respond to you, but you can teach the next generation to be critical and open-minded. Maybe that’s how you make change, not like a crashing tides, but small, incremental waves washing across the shore.

I really can’t say much more than that, but I wish you the best of luck,


anonymous asked:

Ok so today I was at this amusement park, and I saw this person there who was wearing a very unsafe binder.(They had a tank top with large arm holes and you could see the clasps from the binder- it was a cheap Amazon one). I have personal experience with these shit binders(can't breathe right anymore!) so I really wanted to talk to them about the binder, but I also thought that would be odd. So my question is, if I'm ever in this situation again, what should I do? Ignore it? Or talk to them?

Kii says:

Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend saying anything if it’s a stranger. Think about how you would feel if a stranger came up to you and started trying to give you medical advice. It’s a little invasive if you don’t know them, and even though they made the decision to be unsafe, it doesn’t have anything to do with you so try not to let yourself worry about it.

I should be sad, crying, cutting, not eating, smoking. But I don’t feel anything. You’d say that’s a good thing but nothing comes easy. More like waves, I will be drowning. Drowning in the emotions I can not express, can not let in. I want to, to prevent the drowning but I can’t. I can’t reach my feelings and I’m so scared to go back to how I once was.

Or maybe it’s all okay and I’m just overreacting.

So This Is Love? (Part 1)

Annabella’s and Loki’s love story

Word Count: 3,404

Tagging: @speedypan @insideoflit @cupidjayne @coffee-randomness @guns-n-lilies

A/N: Guess who’s back and with a new series that no one asked for. Also Maia belongs to @royslittleharper

“Wait I have to go where now for what now?” Annabella asked as she looked up at Maia from her place on the couch setting her book aside.

“You’ve been invited to come to Asgard for a feast.” Said Maia.


“Because my father wants me to bring you.”


“Something about it being a reward for helping me and fighting alongside me I don’t know, just please can you come?”

“I don’t have anything to wear.”

“They already sent dresses for you and me.”

“There’s no saying to this is there?”


“Ugh fine. I’ll go. But you owe me.”

“Fine by me. Thank you.” Maia hugged her best friend before leaving to bring the dresses.


Annabella sighed as she smoothed down her dress for the hundredth time that evening. She pouted when she spotted Maia on the other side drinking with people. After looking around she decided to slip out seeing as no one would notice her absence.

She walked along the halls taking everything in. Despite being the daughter of a billionaire and being raised in the manor nothing prepared her for how things were like in Asgard. She came across a set of doors and looked at it curiously. Well there was no harm if she at least peaked. Carefully she opened the door and her jaw dropped.

“And I thought our library was huge.” She whispered as she entered. “What Jason would give to see this.”

She looked around in awe at the high shelves. She frowned when she realized she couldn’t understand the writing on the books, well not entirely at least. Still she grabbed one and opened it.

“Woah trippy.” She mumbled as the pictures in the book began to move.

Holding the book close to her chest she moved to an area where she could sit. Once she got comfortable she opened the book and began to flip through the pages. The door suddenly opened and a man came in his shoes slightly squeaked when he came to a halt as he spotted her. He was slightly panted and Annabella raised an eyebrow. They both heard a set of footsteps and he quickly hid behind a bookshelf and and motioned for her to stay quiet. Annabella shrugged and looked back at her book. The door opened again and Annabella sighed as she looked up with an annoyed expression she was hoping this would have been a quiet place, she noticed a very giddy woman standing at the door peeking in.

“Oh I’m sorry but have you seen Loki?” The woman asked, the man who was heading swallowed hard at the mention of his name.

“Tall, slick black hair, shit eating grin, and looks like he’s ready to murder everyone in the room?” Annabella asked, and Loki looked at her slightly amused.

“Um yes?”

“Nope haven’t seen him.” Annabella shrugged as she looked back at her book. The woman pouted and closed the door.

“I didn’t think you’d actually lie.” Said loki after a moment of silence.

He had been around when Maia introduced her and he had watched her hiding in the shadows during the feast. No one really seemed to notice her but he did.

“You obliviously didn’t want to be around her. I’m guessing she didn’t take no for an answer and I know what that is like.” Annabella shrugged as she looked back at her book.

“Yes well she takes her role as being my betrothed very seriously.” Said loki as he approached Annabella and sat next to her.

“Ah and you prefer to be a bachelor.”

“More like I prefer solitude.”

“And yet you’re still here talking to me.”

“Well it would be rude to leave in the middle of a conversation.”

“You aren’t exactly known for your kindness Mr. I-tried-to-take-over-the-world-twice.”

“Yes well spending years in a cell will change a person.”

“I’m sure it does.” Annabella whispered sarcastically as looked back down at her book.

“So what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be out there enjoying the party, princess?” Annabella sighed before closing the book.

“First of all parties were never my thing. Second of all I’m not a princess.”

“But are you not royalty back on Midgard?”

“No my father is just rich and owns most of the… huh… well I guess I kinda am a princess. Either way don’t call me that.” Loki held his hands up in surrender.

“So are you betrothed to anyone.”

“I’m pretty sure that custom semi died down on Midgard.”

“But you said a moment ago you knew what it was like.”

“Well I may not be betrothed but there are still men who are after me because of my name and the wealth that comes with it.”

“I see.”

“Well if you’re not leaving anytime soon why don’t you make yourself useful and teach me how to read this.” Annabella held up the book. Loki chuckled but took the book from her hands.

“Very well let’s begin.”


Maia looked around and realized she couldn’t see Annabella anywhere. She got a bit worried and began to track her. She sighed in relief when she noticed her instincts led her to the library but looked at the door in confusing when she heard giggling. The only time Maia ever heard Annabella giggle like that was when she was dating Roy. Maia quickly opened the doors only to be met with the sight of her best friend and her brother surrounded by a pile of books, both with smiles on their faces.

“What are you guys doing here?” Maia asked and the two looked up. Annabella blushed when she realized how long she had been gone.

“Um sorry you know how I can get in crowds.“

"I was trying to get away from Sigyn.”

“Sigyn is nice.” Maia frowns as she sits down with them.

“So you spent the time with Ayden?” He raises his eyebrow

“No I spent it with Skadi.” Maia motions towards the window “as you can see by the ice, it went well.”

“Sorry I should’ve stayed with you.” Said Annabella as she hugged Maia.

“It’s okay.” Maia hugged her back. “It would have been just me and her anyway, what have you been up to?”

“Just talking.” Annabella shrugs. “Loki was teaching me to read and speak your language when you came in.”

“She picked it up fairly well until she insulted me.”

“He still won’t tell me what I said.”

“What did she say?” Maia smiles Loki whispers it to Maia and Maia gasps and covers her mouth

“What did I say??”

“You called him a Dwarves penis”

“Really that’s it? I honestly thought it was something much worse. Unless that does count as a very bad insult in which case I am terribly sorry.” Annabella tried to keep a serious face.

“Well I guess dwarven penises are efficient for making lots of children.” Maia mused as Loki’s face hid behind his hands. “But yeah, it’s uh. Not encouraged to say, kind of like the c u next Tuesday, and I don’t think Loki would of expected you to say it.”

“I was hoping she would say it to Faendral.” Loki said with a chuckle.

“Okay well I will refrain from using it. So I know this probably a hopeless question but is there any food left? I’m hungry.” Annabella asked as she looks up at Maia.

“Yeah, there’s still more coming out.” Maia nodded. “Brother will you be accompanying the princess of Gotham?”

“I um sure I guess.” Loki stands up and holds his hand out to her. Annabella hesitantly takes it and looks back at Maia as they walk away.

‘What are you planning’ she mouths.

“Oh geez these books are great.” Maia says pretending not to notice Annabella mouthing to her.

“Are you okay?” He asks her quietly

“Yes I’m fine.” Annabella smiled shyly.

Loki smiled and led her to the table “do you know everyone?”

“Um not really.” Annabella semi latches onto his arm. “Just Thor and your father. And Maia’s mother. I swear these things are worse than galas.”

“I can understand why you hid after meeting Skadi.” Loki laughs “over there are our other siblings Tyr, Baldur and Angela. And there is Sif, Hogun and Faendral, he will try and sleep with you. And that man next to Skadi is Drifas step father Ullr.”

“He can try but he won’t succeed. Also I didn’t actually meet Maia’s mother, she just pointed her out and I decided to avoid her I don’t like the sense I get from her.” Annabella slightly scrunched her nose before focusing on the food table.

“She does not have high opinions of mortals.” Loki nodded with a smile “and over there is Njord and his children Lauri and Eluf.”

“He looks like a dude bro.” Annabella mumbled as picked some food up.

“What is a dude bro?” He asked her with a confused look

“Um it’s a phrase used for a young man who is in very simple terms annoying. Usually pretty self centered, doesn’t have a wide vocabulary range, drinks a lot, but can also be overly muscular.” Annabella casually explains as she eats.

Loki nods “that would explain most people here, but yes that would explain him and Thor well.”

“But Thor is like a giant teddy bear. Plus he’s very sweet.”

 "I’ll believe that when the norns have a sense of humor.“ Loki rolls his eyes

"Well someone’s salty.” Annabella mumbles as she walks over to the drinks.

“I can assure you that I am not salty.” He frowned as he looked at his skin. “I have been nowhere near the salt all night.”

Annabella laughs but quickly covers her mouth. “Sorry that’s not what I meant.”

“Perhaps I should get someone to fetch my sister as a translator?” He asked her

“What’s wrong? A god can’t handle the mortal language.” Annabella teased as she picked up a cup and carefully smelled it before putting it down.

“What’s wrong? A mortal cannot handle dwarven wine?” He playfully teased back

Annabella raised her eyebrows at him mouth slightly agape before grabbing the cup and drinking it all.

“Perhaps I am wrong.” Loki chuckled  "so my sister says you can speak to animals.“

"I um yeah.” Annabella slightly shook her head. “Yes I can.”

“That must come useful.” He mused. “Do you have any interesting stories?”

“I found out I could speak to them when my grandmother cut the head off a chicken and I heard it scream in my head.” Annabella blinked several times. “Oh… you probably meant silly stories didn’t you heh.”

“That is fascinating.” Loki nodded. “And what is your silliest story?”

“When my brother started to date and he would try to sleep with girls at the manor I convinced a snake to slither into his room. I still have the video of my brother screaming as loud as the girl.” Annabella giggled.

Loki chuckled whimsically and his smile grew. “That sounds like it was delightful.”

“It was.” Annabella reached for a new cup. “My father would give me a new pet every time I would prevent my brothers from sleeping with a girl.”

“Your father sounds wise. If I may, I shall continue that tradition.” He chuckled

Annabella smiles before looking around nervously. “Is there somewhere we can go where there’s less people but a bit more open aired?”

“Follow me.” Loki smiled and offered her his arm, Annabella took it and stayed close to him. 

Loki led her out of the room and through the halls and out to the gardens.Annabella gasped as she looked around.

“This is bigger than the one I have at home.” Annabella smiles as she walks over to look closer at the flowers.

“You are welcome to come back and visit if you desire.” He said kindly. “Especially when my sister visits. Take one”

“Heh no it’s okay.” Annabella slightly blushed but kept her eyes on the flowers.

“I insist.” Loki picked one up and tucked it into her hair. “When Drifa was smaller I would take her for small trips to Midgard, and when she got back - her mother would insist that she make sculptures out here, and she would create mortal constructs and creatures.” He chuckled

Annabella smiled as she looked around the garden. “That does sound like Maia… are the creatures here different than the ones on Midgard?”

“Yes. For example sleipnir has 8 legs rather than four like the horse or the Bilgesnipe.” Loki nods. “Our brother the oaf currently has one. Then we have the wolves Sköll and Hati who help with the sun and moon. We have a lot of wolves here. They are cautious with strangers, but they are behaved and social.“ He nodded as he lead her through the gardens

Annabella paused. "Watch this.”

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Her eyes glowed white as she slowly opened them. She smiled softly as she slightly turned her head.

“Hello little one.” She greeted the wolf.

Loki watched intently as she communicated with the wolf and watched as it warmed up to her.

Annabella giggled as she pet the wolf’s head and cooing at it as if it were a puppy.

“Would you like to pet him?” She asked Loki.

“Of course.” Loki smiled and patted the wolf who licked her hand. “So this is what you wish to do with your life?“

"It’s what I’ve been doing for about four or five years. I help save animals make sure they have a home, that they are healthy. They are gifts that we often take for granted.” Annabella pet the wolf one last time. “Go play with your siblings.”

When the wolf was gone Annabella’s eyes shifted back to brown and she slightly stumbled. She quickly grabbed Lokis arm as she pressed her free hand to her nose.

“Sorry it’s hard to keep that up while intoxicated.”

“It’s fine.” He said holding her steady and helping her balance. 

“You’re a remarkable woman.” Loki smiled to her and looked into her eyes and smiled gently at her.

Annabella blushed and looked away as she pulled her hand away from her face to see the blood.

“Not that remarkable when suffering a nosebleed.”

 Loki frowned at the sight. “Let me get you a napkin. Wait here.”

Annabella nodded as she wiped some more blood away. Loki disappeared before her eyes and reappeared seconds later with the napkins from the table. Holding it, he wiped the blood away.

“Sorry.” Annabella whispered.

“What are you apologizing for?” He asked her confused

“The blood. You don’t have to do this.” She says as she takes the napkin and finishes cleaning up.

“Believe me this more of a common occurrence but I normally am the  spectator.” He chuckled “however it is no bother.”

“Heh, it’s been awhile since this has happened. I’m actually feeling a bit light headed.” Annabella slightly rubs her head.

“Perhaps I could take you to my sisters quarters so you could rest or perhaps I could ask for her to take you home?” He asked

“Yeah that sounds nice.”

“To go home?” He asked her to clarify

“Um no to rest I don’t think I’d be able to handle another teleport even now while drunk.”

 Loki nodded and led her swiftly through the halls and opened a door. 

“Please make sure no one disturbs the room.” Loki told the guards in the hallway, Annabella looked around the room curiously.

The room was filled with a giant bed and a mirror, a small blue dress hung on a cupboard next to it. There were books and small toys collected to the side on a shelf. A large collection of pillows sat in front of a glass door leading to a balcony. The tapestry and furniture had different shades of blue blending together. Annabella smiled as she sat on the bed.

“Blue always was her color.”

“She was extremely stubborn about it.” He laughed and looked around

“She has a comfy bed.” Annabella mumbled as she laid down and curled up on her side.

“And yet she still refused to sleep in it mostly.” He chuckled. “Would you like me to stay?“

Annabella smiled and nodded tiredly

"Just rest.” He said as he started stroking her hair

Annabella quickly fell asleep and began to purr. Surprised at the sudden sounds, Loki stopped but continued when he realized they were sounds of content. The door opened and Loki turned to snap at the intruder but saw Maias face look in.

“There she is.” Maia smiled as she walked in “I was wondering where you two had gone.”

“Let her stay the night.” Loki told her and Maia nodded. “You may have my quarters for the night.“

Annabella abruptly stopped purring and slightly whimpered in her sleep. Loki turned back to her and continued stroking her. 

"What do I do?” He asked and turned around to see his sister har already taken her leave. Annabella gripped the sheets as she continued to whimper.

“Stay there.” He whispered before rushing out and looking around and groaning.

Hearing Maias giggling he quickly teleported to the source and grabbed her, before teleporting back into the room.

“What?” She grumbled at him as he looked worriedly at Annabella.

Maia climbed onto the bed and lay next to her, stroking her back, then began whispering into her ear in Spanish. Annabella slowly let go of the sheets. She breathed heavily for a few moments before finally relaxing. Slowly she began to purr again as she snuggled deeper into the pillow. Loki looks at his sister and relaxed into the chair.

“Perhaps it wasn’t the wisest decision to bring her here.” Loki said. “But I’m not displeased with your decision.“

"The norns must hate us or like us I can’t tell.” Maia said back as she looked at him, slightly slurring her words

“And why is that?” He raised an eyebrow

“Because you are not like this with anyone.” Maia said

“I was with you.” Loki argued

“We’re family.” She rebutted

“We are not.” He said plainly “I was adopted.”

“And so was I.” Maia said icily. “Even still she’s gained your interest, and I shouldn’t have to tell you not to mess with her or I will get involved. But you chose not to use your magic on her, so that is a good sign. Although Father may have a heart attack.”

“I will weep.” Loki replied dryly

“Maia?” Annabella slightly woke up and stared up at her friend in confusion.

“Where’s Loki?” She asked her voice slurred

“Hey sweetie, he’s still here.” Maia smiled before shooting him an unhappy look that Annabella is slurring

“He dared me to drink the wine.” Annabella giggled.

“No she mocked me for not understanding her mortal language. I simply mocked her for turning down the cup of wine after only smelling it.”

Maia just facepalms and hides a small laugh before shaking her head. “You two are supposed to be more sensible than me.”

Annabella giggled before shifting a bit and pouting.

“Maia.” She whispered. “I can’t sleep the dress is uncomfortable.”

“If you want to undress, I’ll send my brother out.” Maia reassured her “I didn’t plan on us staying the night and my clothes here are extremely too small.”

Annabella struggled to keep her eyes open.

“Never taken me out on a date and you’re asking me.. to.. take..” Annabella snuggled closer to Maia as she drifted back to sleep

“Just as a reminder, don’t let her drink. You remember the last mortal to drink our wine didn’t go so well.” Maia sighed 

“I thought Foster was simply a lightweight.” Loki shrugged 

Maia shifted so she was laying comfortably and wrapped her arms around her and saw him try to leave.

“Uh uh no. You stay.” Maia shook her head at him.

“And shall I sleep in the chair too?” He asked

“Or the pillows.” Maia shrugged and sighed. “Thank you for taking care of her.“

"It was a pleasure.” He nodded “she is gifted.”

“She definitely is.” Maia nodded, she yawned and slowly fell asleep.

Loki stood up and carefully covered them with a blanket. He removed the flower from Annabella’s hair. He didn’t know exactly what he was feeling for the mortal but it was strong and it was warm and he was scared.

Hwanung’s fan project!

Guys! Remember when I said yesterday that we can’t do anything for Hwanung anymore? Well, I was wrong! 😄 I have seen this project on twitter that a fansite is intending to do and I have to say that it sounds amazing. They are collecting fan messages and fanarts and with everything they receive they’re going to make a book that will be sent to Hwanung.😍 You know what is the best thing about this project? They want us, international fans, to participate too! 😭 We have an opportunity to show him that, even if he has been eliminated, he still has a lot of people supporting him and I know that he would be very happy to see that he has many international fans too. 

If you want to participate, here you have all the info that the fan site posted with the instructions. I think that it’s a great way for us, international fans, to give him love and make him happy! Hwanung deserves it guys! 😙 Let’s debut Hwanung!

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What if harry fucked your really hard and rough one night and the next day you're so sore. You keep wincing and he can't keep the smirk off his face knowing he fucked you so good you can still feel him. And when he came up to you and apologised and asked if you needed anything you'd smile at him and say 'don't. I like it. Love knowing you fuck me so good I can barely walk the next day' and his cock would twitch in his pants and all he'd want is to bend you over the table and make you even sorer

“If you aren’t careful, sweet girl, m'gonna make it hurt even worse…” with a little smirk and a kiss to you cheek. Maybe a squeeze to your butt. Mmm

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Hi, I was wondering if you could help me? I consider myself vegan and I agree with veganism 100% but I don't see how boycotting products with less than 1% of animal derivatives is going to make a difference. Like I'd never eat meat, milk, eggs or honey, but if say a cereal has casein in it, I can't see how not buying it does anything for the animals

Hey anon

Veganism is about trying to do your very best in your situation. In my personal opinion if you have the option to get a vegan cereal that is affordable and accessible than you would have no reason to buy a cereal with say casein in it. The point is to show companies that vegans want all vegan products, not just half way or anything like that. All about that Supply & Demand life. I personally wouldn’t eat casein but it’s up to you depending on your situation. There are things like medications and pills that are pretty much all tested on animals and lots of pills have gelatin in it, but honestly what can you do??? If you need them to survive that doesn’t make you any less of a vegan than the next person you know? Like I said, it’s about doing the best you can and if you have access to the vegan alternative to certain products and it’s affordable than you should definitely be purchasing those.

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Hey just wondering is it ok if non mutuals reply to your tweets on twitter? Like sometimes i wanna say something but then i think it might be weird because we arent mutuals and i dont want to bother you or make you uncomfortable or anything D:>

yeah of course u can!

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i just saw someone say that julie demonized yousef to the point of no redemption????? I really don't understand this fandom???? A single teenage boy kissed a girl????? How is that demonizing him???? Why does that mean he can't be redeemed? Some people in this fandom are so dramatic

i think the fandom can be a little extreme sometimes, i think there’s still redemption for yousef tbh 

let’s talk about skam guys (or anything you want)

On a somewhat serious note,teen suicide on papers

It gets covered gets frowned upon gets forgotten real quick .my friends said that most of their younger siblings legitimately thought that they wanted to die and y'know if you’re from around here you’ve heard of this thing called the blue whale
I can’t believe it’s still so influential but then again it’s among the younger kids and anything and I’m saying anything promises to solve their problems and confusions gets spread around like a plague
But it’s not their fault either nobody tells em what to expect and what to do not their schools not their parents the kids got nobody to turn to or talk to
So of course they want to solve it themselves like when you’re a kid you get in fights get in troubles get bullied you don’t tell nobody not your teacher not your counsellor not your parents you go on and try to solve it on your own and bite right into the shit lasagna
It’s not like the kids don’t want help or anything it’s just too difficult to ask for it
most adults here are never trustworthy and I remember when I was a teen I didn’t know what was I feeling most of the time and when my parents asked I didn’t know the right words to say.honestly I didn’t even know the wrong words to say,it’s just when I thought about myself I got absolutely nothing and so I say nothing
So like instead of stacking up statistics and whine about how vulnerable this younger generation is maybe try to be a responsible generation and help them as adults don’t just bloody stand there and watch your young kill themselves off
K I’m done ranting


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Hehe, that's funny.

I’m serious. Most days I don’t feel amazing or talented or anything you (and others) have told me, I (like a lot of people,) focus so much on how we could improve or be better we don’t see what we already have. We all want to be at 100%, but since we always can be better, 100% will never come. Please, and this is to myself as well, be as kind to yourself as you are to others.

I know you weren’t lying when you told me those amazing things, and I hope you think of me as a good person. Then why, would I lie when I say you have amazing qualities too?

Besides, sun says we’re both amazing and what that woman says is kinda the law

sorry kiddo i don’t make the rules  ♡