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my experiences with overwatch characters
  • genji: despite all the 'i need healing' memes, they're usually pretty nice. they know the entire team is watching and waiting for them to crash and burn
  • mccree: either spawn from hell or just here to have a good time (usually the latter). will probably try to say hi at the enemy spawn
  • pharah: very friendly. will almost never get their ult to go off but won't be salty about it. thanks healthpacks
  • reaper: KINKY. either cursed as shit or will say hello to anything and everything. anyone that mains reaper has dreamt of him crushing their head between his monster thighs
  • solider 76: VANILLA. it's okay though, most people want to fuck him but can't explain it
  • sombra: definitely only here to have a good time since she's basically useless until the devs give her a monster buff. if the player spams the boop voiceline you will hear that noise in your nightmares forever
  • tracer: very high chance they're gay. very high chance one of the enemy team will switch to tracer because they're annoying
  • ana: absolute sweethearts who will risk life and her other eye to keep you alive. secretly enjoys watching the person she's nanoboosted lose their fucking mind trying to make the most of it though
  • lúcio: again, really sweet. unless they're on ilios in which case he's public enemy number one and even if he's on your team you shoudn't trust him
  • mercy: probably picked healer because everyone else picked genji and hanzo. alternatively, a masochist. if the pistol is used a lot they probably mained medic in TF2 and don't fear god or death
  • zenyatta: most likely play competitive too much. another top tier picks for gays but they probably have clinical depression
  • symmetra: [flicking teleporter on and off] welcome to my reality welcome to my reality
  • reinhardt: in the top three most likely to say hi in spawn. please get behind him
  • roadhog: this one is skin dependent. normal roadhogs are like your weird uncle but roadhogs with the islander or junkenstein's monster skin are maniacs and will hook your entire ancestral line across the map
  • winston: i've only ever seen like three. cryptids
  • zarya: tied with tracer and zenyatta as a pick for gays. a good zarya will take your bullets and shove them back up your ass at mach-1 speed
  • the chaotic good of the universe. probably has play of the game before the match has even started
  • bastion: probably tried to play bastion in competitive once and that was enough. anyone that places him on that elevator thing in hollywood is a scorpio
  • hanzo: they take skirmish way too seriously
  • junkrat: THE CHAOTIC EVIL TO D.VA'S CHAOTIC GOOD. the sound of a riptire is actually an effective tactic to kill the enemy team irl because half of them will have a stroke out of stress
  • torbjörn: lava eating machine. all of them are cursed and i'm personally afraid of him
  • widowmaker: 57 shots, 1 kill. if they're using the odile skin they're probably a straight male
  • mei: fuck you to hell

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AU where Bitty and Jack both suddenly wake up, after having had a few years together, and find themselves in their beds on the morning of the day they met. Both remember everything that happened, but neither thinks the other does, so they both pretend not to remember (which only complicates things more). They end up reenacting a lot of their interactions and it kills them both to do things they know hurt the other but they don't want to change anything.

oh no buddy, I’m not gonna let this stay sad. I’m gonna draw attention to several sad things, but then I’m gonna fix it.


Bitty wakes up on his first day of freshman year. Again. He quickly decides that he can’t say anything to anyone. There was no way to prove that the life he had just been living was anything but a dream.

He goes through the motions as well as he can remember. If he lingers a little on the handshake when he ‘meets’ Jack again, well, who could notice a thing like that?

Jack wakes up in the Haus. He mirrors Bitty’s mental process, realizing that if he started talking about this he could lose the future he knows is on its way. He searches Bittle’s face for recognition, but is too afraid to say anything.

Jack takes a deep breath every day and snaps at Bittle, pushing every pet name out of his mind. Bitty forces himself to forget and relearn how to take a check. On the rink together for checking practice, neither can think of any way to ask if they’re going through the same thing. They both cry more than they did the first time around.

Sometimes Bitty just gets angry at having to repeat things. He tries as hard as he can to not mess the repetitions up, but he isn’t perfect. When Ransom and Holster start asking him what his type is, he rolls his eyes and replies “Men.” As soon as he’s said it he remembers that he had only said that later to his camera, but the damage doesn’t seem to be too great. Jack doesn’t seem to react to the change, adding to his mental list of evidence that everything else had just been a dream. He gets the list of eligible Winter Screw options a few days earlier, but everything settles back to what it had been within a week. Whenever he starts thinking about the next few years, he’s enraged about everything he’s going to have to sit back and let happen. Everything that was going to make Jack sad, and that he wouldn’t be able to fix. Everything that was going to hurt him that he couldn’t avoid. 

Jack wakes up every day and writes up a game plan. It’s hard to have to turn back years of learning and be worse as a captain, especially when he remembers every mistake he made in every lost game. So he writes down those mistakes as a reminder to himself to make them. Half of the mistakes are emotional, and that’s what really gets him. He’s forced to act like those years of growing as a person never happened, like they were worthless. He hates trying to make himself glare at Bittle when they’re on the same line, he hates telling him that it was a lucky shot, he hates being so close to his boyfriend except for the fact that he isn’t his boyfriend yet.

Then it’s the playoffs. Bitty steels himself all week for the concussion he knows is coming. It crosses his mind to try to avoid it, to spare himself the pain and potential brain damage. But he remembers that it was only after the concussion that Jack started texting him, and they really got close. He knows that if he went against the play he knew Jack was going to suggest, he’d only drive them apart. Besides, it hadn’t been that bad the first time.

Jack is confident he can find another reason to text Bittle over the summer. He’s thought about this for the whole school year. Whatever consequences could come from not seeing Bitty hurt like that would be worth it. He just has to convince the coaches to not put Bitty in at the wrong time. 

“Oh my god, I thought we got over this months ago,” Bitty mutters to himself. He doesn’t remember Jack getting so annoyed about playing with him during this game, but he’s at a point where everything has run together in his mind. 

“Jack, I’ll be fine,” he half-lies. He will, eventually. There’s something close to panic in Jack’s eyes. Weird, Jack had taken so long the first time around to show any tiny sign of weakness.

“Promise me you’ll avoid number three.” This is definitely different from before. Bitty stares at Jack. “Spencer, number three, don’t go near him when he’s on their side of the rink. Promise me, Bits.”

“You didn’t even call me Bitty at this point,” he says in shock. They stare at each other for a minute, eyes wide. 

“I won’t get the concussion this time and we’ll talk about this after the game,” Bitty blurts out. Jack nods vigorously. They play, and it’s brutal, but Bitty avoids the hip check. Once the game is over, they rush to get seats together in the bus. In whispers, they talk about the future they already had. Bitty mourned the years of school he had ahead of him that he had already completed. Jack complained about having to rewalk a long path to the Stanley Cup. They talked about teammates who felt like family but would still know them as strangers. Graduation, the Fourth of July they spent in Madison, their first Christmas together. Every important milestone of their relationship.

“And in this loop or timeline or whatever, we haven’t even kissed!” Bitty whispers, letting his head thunk back against the headrest. “I was at the point where I was out of college, happy with my career, and hiding a ring from you!”

“You weren’t!” Jack says out loud before dropping back into a whisper. “I was doing the same thing.” They both start laughing. It’s the perfect time to have a second first kiss. They lean in towards each other, their lips meet, and–

–They’re back in their apartment. Bitty sits bolt upright in their bed and turns to Jack. For a fleeting second, he thinks about pretending the last several months just didn’t happen. Jack sits up too, and their eyes meet.

“Did that just–”

“Your frog year take two–” They dissolve into relieved laughter.

“I thought I was going to have to take calc again!”

“I thought I was going to have to listen to you complain about calc again,” Jack says before Bitty smacks him with a pillow. “Kidding! Kind of! Wait, weren’t we just saying that we wanted to propose to each other?” He throws himself out of bed and runs to start rummaging through various coat pockets.

“Oh no, you’re not going to propose to me before I can propose to you!” 

Everything is as it should be once more.


“Are you sending me home?”
Magnus held up his hands. “I have no interest in telling you what to do, Alexander. I don’t want to persuade you to do anything or convince you not to do anything. I’m just saying that you might want to stop and think for a moment. And then you can decidewhatever you want to decide.”
Alec looked frustrated. Magnus could sympathize.

The Bane Chronicles: The Course of True Love (And First Dates)

sg writers: make j'onn say he can read minds so he already knew alex is gay
sg writers, in the very same episode: make j'onn Forget about his ability to read minds therefore unaware that lena is just a soft gay with a lot of feelings for kara danvers who doesn’t want to have anything to do with her mother

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(1/2) What annoys me about Markiplier and Jacksepticeye's videos about Pewdiepie is that they're focused on defending him. They can "not agree with his actions" all they want, they're still defending him without calling him out on it. They're coddling him and trying to brush it under the rug because he's their friend and they know "the real him". Mark says people have to respect him as if respect is something he's entitled to. Jack says he can still be friends with someone and not agree with

(2/2) his actions, but it seems like you’re not gonna say anything to him about his actions. Sitting by and excusing this shit because you’re friends, whether you agree with it or not, makes you an accomplice. They try way too hard to be the voice of reason and avoid conflict by subtly staying neutral. They can’t do that here. That’s their friend, they have a bigger advantage of calling him out, but they want to baby his ass.

  • Ruby: Hey, Yang, guess who's got a date tonight!
  • Yang: Who?
  • Ruby: ME!
  • Yang: That's awesome! you excited?
  • Ruby: Yep!
  • Yang: Feeling confident?
  • Ruby: Nope, I've never been on one before, please help me I have no idea what I'm doing. Can you please come with me and watch from behind a bush and give me advice via an earpiece?
  • Yang: Don't worry, Ruby, You'll do fine on your own. Just put on some make up then go out there and be yourself.
  • Ruby: I can do one of those but not both.
  • Yang: Be yourself if you wore make up.
  • Ruby: Alright! Anything else?
  • Yang: Oh, yeah. You're going to want to bring protection. Some say it's the man's job, but they don't always-
  • Ruby, shoving magazines into her pocket: How many do you think's enough? Like, we're probably only going to run into muggers at the worst, so like, 50 rounds?
  • Yang: Actually you know what I think we should go with the bush idea after all.
  • Gray: Let’s escape.
  • Natsu: Escape?
  • Gray: We can’t fight anymore. Our mission has failed. We’ll retreat and wait for another chance.
  • Wendy: You’re right. We have no other choice.
  • Erza: Understood.
  • Natsu: No.
  • Lucy: Natsu?
  • Natsu: We can’t just say “another chance” like that. If we leave now, they’ll keep attacking anything in sight. We don’t know if we’ll be able to get in the fortress again. So, this is our only chance!
  • Wendy: That’s crazy…
  • Erza: Exactly.
  • Lucy: Happy and Charle are back to their original forms.
  • Happy: Natsu…
  • Natsu: (bits his lower lip) But, didn’t you all see it? Destroying Magnolia, our guild…and all we could do was watch quietly. I don’t want to see that ever again. I won’t let them do whatever they want! So, I’m going, even alone. I won’t give up now. After getting this far, all I can do is go forward!
  • Happy: Let’s go, Natsu.
  • Natsu: Happy…
  • Happy: If you’re going, I’m going too!
  • Natsu: All right! Happy, hold on tight! (jumps to the lower part of the base) That was close…
  • Happy: Be careful, Natsu!
  • Gray: Let’s go too.
  • Erza: Yes.
  • Lucy: We can’t let Natsu be the only one who looks cool!
  • Wendy: He really is leading the charge.

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Hi, so just wanted to preface this by saying I love your blog and you're doing such a kindness and I reallyyyyy appreciate all of you! And I was wondering if you could maybe add a tag for sensory deprivation? But not in the BDSM/ NFSW kink way. I'm thinking like the angsty/ torture kind of sensory deprivation- like white room torture. That kind of thing. Idk if you can find anything but thank you so much! <3

not the fun kind ):

Don’t Ever Let Me Go (I Can’t Breath Without You) by ooTheJokeroo (3/? | 5,829 | NR)

Derek Hale is kidnapped after he and Braeden go their separate ways. Derek is held for a couple days and asked no questions, only tortured. Then he learns the hunters kidnapped another pack member. A pack member that Scott and the rest of the pack apparently aren’t looking for. Who is it?

What You Can’t See by darkmagess (9/9 | 54,420 | PG13)

A new threat comes to Beacon Hills, putting all its supernatural inhabitants in danger. A true alpha and banshee are rare and valuable quarry, but Stiles and Derek are the easiest targets.

  • What they say: yeah
  • What they mean: I'm sorry I know you're talking to me but honestly my brain has gone completely blank and I can't think of anything to say and all that's going through my head right now is panic because you expect me to say something to keep the conversation going but I can't think of anything and now there's an awkward silence and you think I'm rude but in reality I want to say something I just can't think

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My lover and I, we often talk about forever but we're young, and I'm afraid that this won't last, even if I want it with all my strength. I want to stay with him for the rest of my life, but what if it doesn't happen? We're so in love with each other it's hard for us to imagine a life without the other, but what if we actually break up? I'm so scared and sometimes I can't think about anything else bit this, I don't know what to think.

It’s okay angel. My S.O and I go through multiple nights of me crying and dealing with the same thing, always saying what if it isn’t forever, i can’t live without this, best years of my life, don’t ever leave me but he always tells me, “Hey, I told you I was here from the beginning, I told you I loved you and I mean it, forever.” It’s cheesy and in most of my relationships I heard the same and it still failed in the end you know. But a few weeks ago I decided to stop, and just go with it. I love him very strongly and he seems to love me just as much. I try to believe there’s a goodness in things and he is the one. Trust your gut, I feel like no matter how many times I nag him and ask him how much he loves me he still wants my presence and my bad breath in the morning, every single day. I trust it. If it isn’t though I’m prepared because the silver lining of it all is that I experienced love I thought was real, and it felt like a thousand fold of happiness for that long. That’s just my point of view though. TALK and COMMUNICATE!! it’s the best and the key to everything.

Full confession: “I’ve been hearing a ton of hate on the 4HW recently. I’m confused as to why, and have even read comments stating they lack in-ring and mic skills. You guys can say anything you want about the girls, but without Bayley, Becky, Charlotte, and Sasha, the women’s division would be in shambles. Having a few talents scattered around in the likes of Naomi and Natalya would ultimately fail. With Kelly Kelly returning, the fail of Emmalina, and Alexa’s tsundere, nerd-bait character, one can’t help but think that without the 4HW, we would still have two-minute piss-break matches for a butterfly championship. Whilst Lita, Trish, Mickie, AJ, and Paige helped in the Divas’ Revolution, the ball would not be rolling without the Four Horsewomen.”

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I just wanted to say very calmly... SANVERS KISS™ + MAGGIE'S SOFT HANDS ON ALEX'S SOFT NECK™ + -I HATEVDAY-METOO™ + CAKE™ + hear my gay-ass glitter rainbow ashes™ whisper for a week


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Harry is frustrated because the missus is insecure about showing her body

This kind of goes along with the last Harry Talk I just did; so, maybe they’ve been on a holiday for a while now and he’s getting a little disheartened that she won’t change into a bikini or a swimming costume or her normal evening wear in front of him. He’s not frustrated about the ordeal per se, but, he’s a little upset that she doesn’t feel comfortable enough to change in front of him like he can do in front of her.

So, one night at dinner when he’s treated her to a delicious meal along the beach front, he’d bring it up and talk to her softly and soothingly about it to try and understand what’s going through her pretty mind. He’d make her feel comfortable talking about it and he’d listen to her and he wouldn’t force her to say anything about it if she didn’t want too.

And when he finds out the true reason - that she feels a little insecure about her body in front of him - he can’t help but try and make her feel as secure around him as possible. Praising how gorgeous she is and just doting on her and promising her that he wasn’t with her for her body but rather for the time he enjoys with her.

“don’t care how you look naked, for Christ sake.”

“i care, Harry. i like to look nice for you and my naked body isn’t exactly the best.”

“don’t be so silly. there’s a reason i call you Gorgeous now.”

“that’s just a nickname, Harry. doesn’t mean anything.”

“means something to me, Gorgeous. i happen to love you naked. yeh look pretty beautiful when your sat on meh cock and ridin’ me.”

“you usually have your eyes shut though.”

“i catch some glances of you. you’re beautiful. trust me.”

“i trust you.”

“trust me enough to change in front of me now?” xx


Angel: “That’s stupid. I’m not going to leave you. We can go on like this. It’s sad now but look, I know couples that don’t have children! There’s a lot of other things to focus on. So…so we won’t have a family. So what? N-no big deal.”

Caleb: “You never knew how to lie, Angel. I want you to be happy. I love you so much and that is the only reason why I’m doing this. I want to give you a chance. That is why -”

Angel: “Don’t say it. Anything, just…not these words.”

Caleb: “It’ll be the best for both of us. You should go, Angel.”

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While I really respect you for calling out youtubers, I want to say I disagree with you about South Park. Most of my friends who do watch it are perfectly good people, and the show's social messages mostly defend people's rights and it doesn't try to offend for the sake of offending, only to call out hateful or stupid people. I'm not saying it hasn't said questionable things, but please don't make the whole show out as hateful (and if you want evidence I can give truckloads of it).

I’ve seen a lot of episodes when I was a young teenager, and while I will respect you if you like it regardless, it’s overall message is “If you give a shit about anything you’re a fucking idiot.” Matt and Trey may make fun of both sides of the political spectrum, but that doesn’t make them geniuses of any kind.


Nathanny: “So here we can find The First?”
Primrose: “Um, well… Yeah, not
literally in this house but here… somehow…”
Vivilly: “
Somehow? Can you plese use words that can tell us anything? How the hell she can be here somehow?!”
Primrose: “It’s a little complicated…”
Nathanny: “A little? What a little means to you then, huh?”
Primrose: “Weeeeell…. Look! Fishes!”

Nathanny and Vivilly felt the urge to say something… mean - very mean - to her but they only sighed. Primrose didn’t want to let them know something important now so probably it wasn’t something for them. Maybe they used to get all the necessary informations in the past but in this moment nobody wanted to allow them to access most of the data. They weren’t important anymore.

Nathanny: “And what’s this? He or she is a fisherman or what?”
Krystyn: “He’s not. He just likes to scare people with rotting fishes… He’s kinda
Vivilly: “So The First is
Krystyn: “Um, no. This house belongs to some Sixamian who can lead us to The First. He knows how to do find them.”
Nathanny: “Nice. Another
someone.”, she sighed. “At least he’s Sixamian so maybe he’ll understand my jokes.”

Everyone gasped at the thought of Sixamians’ jokes. Maybe they were the wisest race of all but their jokes weren’t funny at all. They were ridiculously stupid.

  • Noragami Voice Meme

You’ve heard of trashcans, now get ready for a talking trashcan! Watch as I do this on the first take without reading the questions or preparing answers beforehand.

Rules: Say your name (or the name you go by online), username, where are you from, who is your favorite character, least favorite, otp, favorite quote, how you started reading/watching it, favorite arc, character you most relate to and tag Noragami buds you’d like to hear from! You can also add whatever else you like to it.

You can omit anything you don’t want to say. It’s up to you.

You can choose whatever language you wish to speak in as well! Anybody is welcome to do it!!! If you see it and would like to do it then go for it!

Tagged by @eerna. I tag @sunflower-yukine, @paperypiper, @bishoujohiyo

I grew up being told by guys from other races “I’d never date a black girl. Y'all just not appealing. At best, I’d fuck. That’s about it.” Constantly. Over and over. This was the message sent to me from middle school all the way through to college. And the black guys would say “I just prefer mixed or light skinned. She can be black but only half. ‘Regular’ black girls aren’t cute.” For a long time I would just assume nonblack men didn’t want anything to do with me and black men only wanted me because I looked a certain way and not because of who I am as a person. I also resented the way darker skinned women were treated. It was just instinctual for me to care for people who were mistreated, even if I wasn’t directly affected. But I also felt like I couldn’t speak up because who tf was I? I’m light skinned with curly hair. I’m the girl guys use to put darker women down. Do I really need to open my mouth? Then as I got older I learned how to utilize my privilege to fight for dark skinned women. Thank got for that. It still makes my stomach hurt when guys tell me I’m pretty because I “have that mixed look” or I look “foreign. Not like a 'regular’ black girl.” Like bitch what does that even mean? Every black girl is pretty. All of them. From every country, every culture, every background. All black is beautiful I’m not understanding? And I still automatically assume that nonblack men don’t want shit to do with me.

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I don't know why, but I see UF Sans saying this to frisky bits. "You are an adorable piece of shiz," and Frisk being stuck between being happy that he complemented them or confused that he didn't cuss.

Honestly, this is the only situation I see Fell Sans ever saying anything completely nice to Frisk…

Sorry I made you wait so long, anon! I was working on the ending of UnderGlitch and then I jumped right into my next comic. And then I wanted to try a new style and new fonts!! Ahh I got the pixelated Comic Sans font used in Undertale and a better normal font!! I get very excited about fonts… Anyway! Again, sorry it took so long!

I love you so much. You keep saying no one wants you yet here I am. I love you so fucking much but I don’t know why you don’t want me. You are my everything yet I am nothing to you. How can you not see how much i love you and would do anything for you