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I really wanna get my nipples pierced, but I'm also a trans man, and thought I couldn't because It would mess up future surgeries... Is that not a concern?

i asked around about this A LOT before i decided to get it done. asked friends who have the piercings, a couple piercers, and other trans men.

and the short answer is: nope! 

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Whoo boy do I love Voltron fics, but as I’m writing my own, I keep encountering this enigma that are these healing pods. And the more I think about it, the scarier they are. I mean, think about it. These are kids in space. But they can’t be kids anymore, they have to protect the universe, and with that comes a degree of physical harm.

I mean, that in itself is pretty traumatic right there. Teenagers fighting a war will have incredible psychological impact. But then you throw the healing pods into the mix, and the story begins morphing into horror rather than science fiction.

On the surface, it seems fine. The healing pods are a blessing. Nobody dies or will have lasting permanent damage if they get in there soon enough. But think about the impact that this has on their young developing brains. A paladin gets his insides ripped open. Pop ‘em in the pod. And then they may have to face the monster that did that to them, because it’s their job. They don’t have time to recover.

You fell and broke your arm? Go to the pod. Good as new! Keep training. Shot while trying to protect innocent bystanders? That’s just your job. Get in the pod. do it again. 

I mean, this is going to have a lasting impact on how they view pain and injuries. Does it matter if you get hurt if you can just spend some time in the healing pods, and you’ll be good as new? If you never have to take into account your own injuries, then they start to feel insignificant.

The thing about this is, sometimes, getting hurt gives you time to rest. Think about it, these kids are fighting a war. And Shiro probably has a very double-edged relationship with the healing pods, because they weren’t an option for him when he was starving and bleeding and tortured. And they can’t undo old trauma.

Essentially the healing pods mean a state of hyper-mania. There’s never time to rest, to heal. You never get a few days to recover. You’re either fighting for your life or unconscious and healing and when you wake up, you have to do it all over again.

And then they’d start to lose a normal perception of pain tolerance. Like, with just one machine, your pain goes away. There’s no such thing as agony. Just a few uncomfortable moments before you are healed again. 

And there are two ways this works. Do the healing pods heal everything?  Can the paladins even get scars anymore? Are they just brought back to the state they were in before they got injured? That’s terrifying. Imagine Lance, looking at himself in a mirror. He’s been in space for almost two years, but the skin on his face and neck and chest, all smooth. Unmarred. He remembers nearly being disemboweled, but now he can’t remember if it was on the right or left side. He stares at his body, trying to imagine all the scars that should be there that aren’t and at this point he just can’t remember them all anymore.

And when the paladins finally, finally get to return home? Well, they look exactly the same as the day they left Earth. Lance’s younger siblings look older than him now. He hasn’t changed at all.

And all he can think is: is he even really human anymore?

But the alternative I think I prefer. The healing pods just accelerate the process, encourage the tissue to heal at an elevated pace. So they all have scars, too many scars. 

Hunk has to oil up his torso every night, because the scar tissue is getting too thick and it’s making it hard to move in some places. The tattoos he once imagined he’d get once he returned to earth are now just laughable dreams of his childhood. There’s no place to get them, no room to put them. His body is no longer a canvas, it’s a ripped sheet, held together after every tear by fraying thread. There’s no room for swirling images anymore. All that’s left are scars.

So many scars.

What are the lasting effects? Psychological trauma, for sure. But maybe physical, too. Stopping natural aging, or maybe nerve damage. After Keith got blown from the sky, his fingers constantly tingle, like his hand is perpetually asleep. Pidge can’t taste anything on the left side of her mouth. But it doesn’t matter, because there’s always another planet that needs saving, another injustice they need to fight. And if they get hurt, all they need is a quick tune-up before they’re back at it again.

Healing pods are scary.

  • Aries: even when you undress her
  • you are searching for me
  • I am sorry I
  • taste so good that
  • when the two of you
  • make love it is
  • still my name
  • that rolls of your
  • tongue accidentally
  • Taurus: you look at me and cry
  • 'everything hurts'
  • i hold you and whisper
  • 'but everything can heal'
  • Gemini: it wasn't you I was kissing
  • -don't be mistaken
  • it was him on my mind, your lips were just convenient
  • Cancer: she is water
  • soft enough
  • to offer life
  • tough enough
  • to drown it away
  • Leo: the world
  • gives you
  • so much pain
  • and here you are
  • making gold out of it
  • Virgo: to hate
  • is an easy lazy thing
  • but to love
  • takes strength
  • everyone has
  • but not all are
  • willing to practice
  • Libra: do you need me or do you need someone,
  • there's a difference
  • Scorpio: the idea that we are
  • so capable of love
  • but still choose
  • to be toxic
  • Sagittarius: this place makes me
  • the kind of exhausted that has
  • nothing to do with sleep
  • and everything to do with the people around me
  • Capricorn: the day you have everything
  • I hope you remember
  • when you had nothing
  • Aquarius: perhaps I don't deserve
  • nice things cause I am
  • paying for sins I don't
  • remember
  • Pisces: like the sky
  • my beloved is everywhere
  • but next to me
  • -
  • --
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Onions in Witchcraft

So I had two requests, one relating to onions, and one relating to sympathetic magic, and I couldn’t get the two out of my head, so I’m going to combine them and talk about using onions in general, but especially as a poppet! All the opinions are mine, except when stated and sourced otherwise

Onions and witchcraft kind of go hand in hand for me. As a kitchen witch, they also hold a special place in my heart. I found a post once that said something to the effect of, “the smell of garlic and onion cooking feeds my soul,” and it is absolutely so true. There is no other herb/ingredient I use more in my cooking than onion. They are versatile, delicious, good for you, and chock full of uses for witches. Just to list a few;

  • Can be used in protection charms
  • Also good for fertility spells!
  • Great for spirit work
  • Use them in healing spells (or recipes :D )
  • As scapegoats and poppets
  • Also great for curses!

And now, let us delve into these different uses! 

Using Onions For Protection

The reason I think onions are so great for protection magic is about.. 75% based on the fact that they have a very offensive smell. I mean that in both the “eww gross” offensive, and also like, the “actively aggressive” way, especially when it pertains to using them in witchcraft. The stench works for you in two ways. First, it acts as a repellent, it’s the most basic ingredient for any ward I do. The smell makes people (and some other nasties) want to run in the opposite direction! If that doesn’t do the trick, then we get the OTHER offensive side of onions, that literally attacks unwanted energies and entities. Onions are both scary looking and super strong, so just in case something has the balls to try to go face-to-face with your scary looking onion pal, it can then whoop the ass of that nasty! 

Using Onions For Fertility

I consider onions great for fertility related works because they are so easy to grow! Next to potatoes, there’s nothing I am better at growing than onions! Because they seem to reproduce faster than I can use them, I always have extra on hand. While I don’t have any uses for fertility spells necessarily, you can adapt fertility to mean a few different things, including “abundance.” In this case, it means that I use onions in areas where I need “more” of something. For instance, I might include onions in a spell for drawing extra money to me, or in a charm bag to promote an abundance of joy and good health in my home. You catch my drift?

Using Onions For Spirit Work

Alright so I don’t actually do spirit work (on account of my wife being a scaredy-cat but NBD), but what I DO is make a few spell bags and charms to keep ghosties out, and that includes a very large helping of onion powder. In fact, I would say that besides for salt, I use onion the most for everything. I associate onions with spirit work and dead people because they are buried in the ground! In Hellenic Polytheism, things that are buried in the ground usually reside in the realm of Kthonic deities, like Haides, and Persephone, as opposed to Ouranic deities, like Zeus, Apollo, Hermes(in some forms). I would love to hear from people who do spirit work on their opinions on this! 

Using Onions For Healing

Onions are scientifically proven to be super awesome for your body. They strengthen your immune system, help control your blood sugar, speed up the healing process while also being an anti-inflammatory, and much much more! Of course it’s a healing herb! That means I can use it in everything from spells and charm bags to full blown recipes, or even straight on my skin, raw! One of my most favorite kitchen witchy things to do is make Fire Cider every fall! It’s a perfect example of the almighty Onions healing powers! 

Onions as Scapegoats and Poppets

Because of the nature of onions, and their diversity, I find that one of the best ways to use them are for sympathetic magic. For me, onions are pure, basically a blank slate energetically, which makes them perfect candidates to use for poppets and the like. First, they are generally easy to take apart in some form or another, whether slicing it, or carving it like a pumpkin. This makes it easy to put items, herbs and other such things inside it when trying to go for the poppet thing or even just a taglock for the scapegoat idea. Another reason they are great is because onions do overtime have an outward change of state. So, after three or four months, that onion you made into a poppet to catch up all that negativity is looking pretty fucking nasty. Well, that’s an outward and obvious sign of the way your magic and science coincided. You have this physical proof that this onion has been affected by it’s environment, physically and magically. I happen to think that’s pretty awesome. 

Using Onions For Curses

I also like using onions for curses, with the same sympathetic magic idea. One of my favorite ways to curse used to be to slice open a lemon, slide a name inside it, and to put pins through the whole thing. Now, I do that with onions and it works just as well! They also work well by slicing or dicing them and burying a poppet, piece of paper, or something else similar. I would even say that it could be interesting for a kitchen witch curse, to dice onions, shred a paper with the information for the curse on it, throw in a little bit of those *super fucking hot spices* and sautê it all together, only to dump it into the trash or in a jar to rot or what have you! 
So this is in no way an exhaustive list of what onions can be used for in witchcraft, i just wanted to give a little information about how I used them in my practice! 

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Hey! Love the blog and love me some Sterek! Is it okay to get an update for Jealous Stiles. I love me some angsty, insecure, jealousy filled Stiles! Thanks for all your hard work!

np friend

I Don’t Crash I Stop With Style by Nerdy_fangirl_57 (1/1 | 5,834 | PG13)

Stiles might have miscalculated the airtime on that jump. Maybe. But he didn’t crash, okay? Stiles Stilinski doesn’t crash. He stops with style. It’s how he got his nickname.

Then he notices a guy with the most stunning eyes Stiles has ever seen staring down at him. Shit did he die?!

(5+1) How Stiles Realized He Was Jealous and Maybe in Love With a Certain Sourwolf by scarlettletterr (1/1 | 3,317 | G)

Stiles is in love with Derek. He’s also a virgin, and ace, but Derek… Is not. Derek is hot, and has a very active sex life. Stiles knows that even if Derek would lower his standards enough to date him, he would never be able to give him what he wants.
So he observes from afar, jealousy overwhelming him every time he sees him with someone else.

It’s all part of the master plan by Littleredridinghunter (1/1 | 57,188 | NR) *stiles/derek/lydia

When Gerard kidnaps Stiles at the lacrosse game, nobody knows he was taken, nodoby knows how bad it was. Stiles swears Erica and Boyd to secrecy.

When the pack finally find out about it they do everything they can to help him heal and protect him from future threats.

Too bad that they don’t manage to do that.

When Dreams Were Made by ineachplace (1/1 | 6,792 | R)

“You’re kind of obsessed with him,” Scott muses, after throwing his 4th tater tot at Stiles’ face to take his attention away from where Derek is laughing with his mouth full over something that Isaac said. Of course he’s eating a goddamn cobb salad. Too sophisticated for the rubbery pizza that Stiles is currently shoving into his mouth.

“You guys don’t understand professional rivalry.”

“There’s nothing professional about the way you look at him,” Scott mumbles.



Derek Hale always beats Stiles out for the lead in the fall musical, and Stiles hates him. A lot.
Except he doesn’t. At all.

Be My Superman by tabbytabbytabby (1/1 | 1,167 | NR)

Derek gets cast as Superman. Stiles loves it, until he doesn't 

Medical Checkup

Part Two

Summary: Doctor Negan can’t resist one of his patients.

Word Count: 2819

A/N:  I really hope you enjoy this pure piece of smut as much as I loved writing it. I decided to end it on a slight cliffhanger since I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue. If you want me to write a part 2 feel free request one! Also, I would love to read your thoughts and opinions!

Warnings: Smut, Blowjob, Fingering, Swearing, slight Daddy kink? (the word is said once.)

Tagging: @jml509, @negansoutpost, @warriorqueen1991, @negans-network

So, I don’t know if you guys wanted to be tagged in everything I write or not, but if you only want to be tagged in ‘Life in her yet’ please let me know!

I’m also going to tag @jdmfanfiction, I really hope you’re feeling better and if you ever need somebody to talk to, you can always message me! <3

And for all the others, let me know if you want to be tagged!

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Doctor!Negan x Jade Graham (pre-apocalypse) 

Jade carefully stepped out of the steaming shower cabin, a towel tightly wrapped around her slim body. She instantly reached for the bathroom sink to get a little bit more support. Four days ago, she had a much-needed surgery on her left knee cap and now she’s stumbling around everywhere.

She opened the sliding door to let some of the humidity and steam out and also to not get her leg brace wet.

Suddenly, a loud knock echoed through the room and the big, hospital door opened wide. Her towel seemed to be startled by the sudden interruption and dropped to the floor which made her sigh.

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How Fitzsimmons can heal each other

So if they can get over this hump, it seems like there might be a happy ending in their future. But there’s still a lot in the mix, a lot of hurt feelings and a lot of pain. Whether or not they’re the ones who can help each other is a question we’ll have to answer next year…” Jed Whedon X

So before the finale aired, Jed said that both of Fitzsimmons are in a lot of pain, and we would find out next year if they will be the ones who are able to help each other recover. But then in this post-finale interview with EW, Jed says this about Fitz and Jemma:

If he’s ever going to get over it, she’s the only one who can help him. X

So in other words - yes. Jed has pretty much confirmed here that Fitz and Jemma are the only people who can help each other. And I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I’ve realised that he’s absolutely right. And it is giving me a lot of hope. Let me explain. Under the cut for length:

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Your Superpower

Did you know that you have a superpower? That super power is love. One way to use this superpower is by sending it. According to Klaus Joehle, in his book Living on Love: “The Messenger”, you can send love to any person, animal, place, and thing. All you have to do is imagine the object of your attention enveloped in bright light. That bright light is a form of love.

Send love to anyone and anything. This kind of action can heal, transform, and improve everything. Send it to a person who bothers you and to the person you love. Send it to a place that you are about to go to and to food that you are about to eat. Send it to yourself and to planet Earth. You can just visualize bright light filling and surrounding places, people, things, ideas, and anything else you want. Test it out and watch what happens.

Love is one of our most powerful healing tools. Not only can you help yourself with it, but others as well.

You can make a big difference in the world just by sending love.

Love and intention are two of the most powerful forces in the Universe and when combined, miracles happen. Fortunately, sending love includes both of these forces.

Instead of worrying about something, send love to it. Imagine the situation being surrounded with bright light. This is one of the fastest ways to let go, feel better, make way for solutions, and turn negative energy into positive energy.  

A guided meditation for sending love to yourself and planet Earth:

Close your eyes, take a deep breath in, and imagine a small bright light in your heart center. As you breathe out, imagine this bright light expanding, filling your entire body, and surrounding it. Take another deep breath in. As you breathe out, imagine bright light enveloping the entire planet Earth. Finally, picture people smiling and animals radiating with joy. Picture peace on Earth.

You may use the same method of sending love to specific people, animals, places, and things.

Let’s remember to send love to planet Earth on a daily basis—and that includes all of the beings on it. It is one of the sweetest, kindest, and easiest things you can do!

Not only is it as easy as breathing, but each time you send Love you receive more Love yourself because the Love comes from within you and must travel through you before it is sent out. And that’s an indescribable bonus.”

“You have an endless supply of Love. You cannot ever run out”.  —Klaus Joehle


Liam Dunbar X Reader

Word Count: 494

Requested: Anon

Request: Could you do a teen wolf imagine where the reader is blind, but she almost died so she had to get the bite and when she wakes up she can see but she starts freaking out because she’s never been able to see before and liam(her boyfriend) comforts her and calms her down and when she calms down he starts to teach her the colors. Thank youuu😘

Originally posted by kawaiixliam-blog

You closed your eyes but you wouldn’t have known that you were blind, so as you can imagine it was damn scary when you could suddenly see everything, you actually thought you were dead, you knew by sight, sound that this was your room but this was the first time that you had seen it. It was plain you had no reason to decorate.

Liam must have heard your elevated heart beat while the others were busy arguing about what to do if you didn’t survive the bite and whether or not you’d have your eyesight back because based on the track record werewolves couldn’t heal their eyes. He walked into your room and realised that you were awake and freaking out “(Y/N)?” he called gently walking to stand in front of you.
“Liam?” You asked.
“Yeah?” he asked sitting next to you, you reach out and touched his face, you
“Am I dead?” You asked.
“No.” he answered.
“Why can I see you, my room, my hands.” he heard your heart speed up again and took your hand in his and run his thumb over your knuckles.
“We had to make a choice… You were dying so Scott gave you the bite, your eyes healed along with everything else and now you can see.” Liam explained.
“So I’m a werewolf?” You asked looking at him, he nodded and you slid your legs swung round so that you could sit next to him, after a moment of silence you spoke again. “I’m not angry.”
“You not?” Liam asked.
“No, it’s a lot to take in but you know, but I can see for the first time in my life I can learn what letters and numbers look like and I can learn what colours are.” You smiled, you suddenly leapt forward and wrapped your arms around his neck and he grabbed you around the waist pulling you over into a hug.
“Do you want to go see the others?” Liam asked.
“Are they here?” You asked.
“Of course.” Liam smiled and you stood up racing down the stairs to see everyone.

This whole being able to see thing was easy to explain because your parents were involved in the supernatural world, they were the only reason that you had met the pack in the first place and so now Liam spent his time teaching you numbers, letters and colours. You were sat in your room with a book in front of you Liam behind you as he taught you different colours. “So do you have a favourite colour?” Liam asked resting his chin on your shoulder.
“Yeah.” You nodded. “It was the first colour I saw.”
“Really, what one?” Liam asked.
“You’re blue.” You answered.
“My blue?” Liam asked looking over you.
“Yeah, your eyes, that blue.” You smiled and he smiled back.
“But we can’t paint your room my eye colour.” Liam smiled.
“Well, then I guess it’s (F/C) then.” You smiled.

Requests and general question!

Let’s Make a Deal {Part V}

Author: Zoe

(A/N: I had so much fun writing this series! Thank you all for reading, everyone!)

Mobster! Cassian x Reader

Plot Summary: 1954. All you cared about was earning money and surviving in the concrete jungle that we call New York City. However, ever since WWII ended, crime was rampant all around, and you managed to land right in the heart of it all. Cassian Andor was one of the local crime bosses, and the two of you managed to cross paths.

“Cohen, please make sure you take at least four people with you before the deal. Actually, bring Jyn along as one of them, she’s a good shot and we don’t want any casualties with this one.” He nodded and you leaned back into the whiskey shelf, sighing.

“Hey, Y/N, the new beer selections came in.” Bodhi popped in through the front door, as you smiled.

“Thank you for taking care of it. Have Joey’s team unload.” You made your way around the bar to stand in front of him. “How’s Cassian?”

You heard a familiar voice from outside chime in. “Doing just fine.”

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Guild Message of the Day: Welcome to <Pirates of Arcadia>!
Remember to keep chat friendly and NO EMOJI!!

once a wow nerd always a wow nerd


Mermaid!Hearth  AU

:) I like this one I might work on this one as well. 

As a “deaf” merman, Hearth can´t catch the waves mermaids use to comunicate. He isn´t able to sing and hunt sailors or seals either. He is basiclly useless for his people, and he ends up being thrown away of his colony. He wanders for days and maybe weeks, almost unable to eat. One day, he is to tired to notice the boat over him. He suddenly gets caught in a web, and desesperately tries to swim away, only getting even more stuck and chocked. He rips some parts of the web with his teeth and claws and manages to escape. He is hungry, tired, hurted and lost. 

 A man named Blitzen finds him the next day, laying half-dead next to the beach he had been pushed to. Blitzen, knowing that he couldn´t  just let him die, decides to take him home.  

More under the cut:

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Daisy (Husband!Taehyung)

Plot: #22: “How do I even put up with you?” + #23: “I said get rid of it.” + #25: “Just don’t buy a goat. I don’t care what you do, just no goats.” with husband!Taehyung

Word Count: 540

A/N: so I feel like I haven’t written for Tae in forever bc in the last series, his part was already done so I wanted to write something for him today, I decided to throw in some vet!Tae, I haven’t written it but I could see him as a lil vet bc he loves animals so much but the link for this is husband!Tae (here)

Taehyung was an animal lover. He loved everything from dogs to hamsters to horses, small animals, big animals, furry animals, feathered animals. If he could give a home to every animal he saw, he would in a heartbeat. He had dedicated so many years of his life to learning how to care for them, how to help them with their injuries, how to make sure they felt as little pain as possible. He did a lot of work with farm animals, working with a local farm that held injured animals until they were fully healed.

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Lance likes to blast kpop even though he doesnt know a word they’re saying.
Keith hates it
Mostly because he knows every word.
After a while it gets to the point of Keith just blasting spanish music to get back at lance.
It evolves to the two making their music louder and louder to top each other.
The others tried to stop them but the music was too loud.
By the time they finish they are half deaf and yell everything.
Luckily the cryopod can heal their broken ears.
They learned their lesson but now and then they would randomly dance and sing to a certain popular song from their respected categories and giggle about it.
Oops my hand slipped

I don’t think that time always heals everything. Sometimes it can be weeks or months sometimes even years and I’ll probably still feel something at the sound of hearing your name. I always wanted things to work out between us but yes things turned out like this for some reason I’ll never understand. No matter how far we distance I’ll never deny that I felt something deep for you, and I always end up back in the same position of thinking so much about all that was said between us. I was so in love for the first time in my life that I really believed you when you said forever existed between us. We fought like enemies at times, but how much I loved falling asleep besides you and going everywhere by your side. Never did I feel life had limits when you were with me and now that I no longer see you I’m just thankful I at least met you because life seemed so perfect all in a still moment at some point. I’m not sure if I’ll ever feel the same feeling you gave me, but it was so beautiful. I try to forget your gorgeous face, and your laugh that filled me with such joy, but to me you were so flawless and that’s rare to feel that way towards someone. Maybe you don’t see me the same way anymore or the sound of my name doesn’t hurt you any longer, but I stopped trying to run away from these feelings long ago, because you were always the stronger one. I tried running for weeks and months, but still here I am writing about us as if our story never ends…
—  baefiveoneoh (March 9, 2015 12:50 AM)
kunikida w/tattoos

right. due to some of the posts ive been seeing (mostly by @kunikidazai, @mr-reblogbutton and @thelampisaflashlight) i decided to chip in and add a few of my own hc’s about good ol’ kuni and his tattoos

☆ as someone who’s been inked, it doesn’t hurt as much as a lot of people would think, but it’s still. irritating. like several thousand bee stings but without the poison and anxiety.

☆ now, kunikida? super high pain tolerance. tattoos would be a walk in the park for him compared to what he’s grown up with

☆ (this guy used to get into fights as a kid and canonically hates authority figures. my guy has to have some sort of tolerance for pain if he got away with constantly being in fights)

☆ you wanna tell a tiny, delinquent kunikida doppo he won’t get a job if he gets a tattoo? sure. but you can bet your entire bank account and your ass that he’s going to get the biggest, most easily hidden tattoos he can find and hold down a job, just to tell you that you were wrong

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anonymous asked:

do you know any healing practices? any reccomendations?

i know tons!!! just depends on what you’re working on healing. here are a few:

  • writing-journaling, or just writing whatever is weighing you down is so powerful! especially if you burn or destroy it afterwards
  • water-dissolves negative energy. drink it. imagine it washing negativity away as you shower. visit the beach and cover yourself in water from the sea. spritz water based toners on yourself (rosewater raises ur vibration)
  • creating-this is very healing to me. draw a picture. paint something. write a poem. create anything you want. i often find myself slipping into a peaceful state when i create something
  • meditation-even if it’s just a few minutes each day makes a huge difference. it can help with PTSD and is overall great for feeling peaceful/energized/connected. get an app. take a break and headspace are good. there’s also youtube videos and even spotify channels. 
  • read-find a book that covers whatever topic you’re focusing on. it’s amazing that people live through stuff and write books about it. so much knowledge out there. 
  • crystals-find a crystal that caters to ur desired area of healing. carry it with you and rub it when you’re feeling worried or like you need protection
  • aromatherapy-essential oils, burning sage, burning incense. scents are connected to our memories and feelings and there are so many different ones that do different things for the body 
  • exercise-find ways to move your body. yoga is especially healing but all forms of movement are beneficial. this can literally move stuck energy from your cells. and you’ll feel better no matter what! frustration/aggression needs to be channeled into something
  • use affirmations-Louise L Hay has some of the best affirmations. she also encourages us to use mirrors when doing our affirmations as this is a great way to work with the soul 
  • edging-yo i came across this technique where you masturbate and right before you feel like you’re about to cum you stop touching yourself and send all of that built up energy from ur genitals to ur heart chakra
    havent tried it yet but i guess if you’re consistent about it it can improve your relationships and boost ur moods. i guess you can direct the energy to other places in your body that need healing but it’s easier to start with the heart chakra 
  • releasing-releasing the resistance in your mind/body. it’s as easy as noticing it’s there, acknowledging you don’t want it to be there, and sending it off with peace in your heart. 
  • forgiveness-there are so many different ways to forgive!! can be direct. to others, to yourself. whatever it is you need healing from, forgive everyone involved. once you’re not as easily emotionally triggered by whatever it is, you’ll know that you’ve forgiven and that space has been cleared for more productive energy
  • LOVE-that’s the ultimate key to healing. love yourself, others, things, love everything you can. find reasons to love. they’re there, just look for them.