it can heal everything

I’m sure someone somewhere has talked about this before BUT

I absolutely adore the idea of Castiel healing Dean with kisses instead of his standard forehead boop. Like after a tough fight that has Dean all bruised and battered, Castiel just comes to him without a word and starts placing gentle kisses against a bruise on Dean’s cheek or a cut on his lip. And I like to think he can choose not to heal everything all at once, that maybe he takes his time to literally kiss Dean better one kiss at a time. And it’s not just about reaffirming that Dean is still alive and that they’re together; it’s also about comforting him and making sure he knows he’s loved.

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Sad things about being a practitioner.

There is ALWAYS more you can do. Another important message that needs to be channeled. Another healing you should perform. And you can never hope to do everything.

You can see when people walk away with the wrong interpretation of your message, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

“I’m not like, Long Island Medium or anything, but…”

You catch glimpses of things you’re not allowed to tell them.

You intuit you are not the right person to help in a difficult situation, and sometimes you just have to walk away.

You are called to help with so many difficult situations, rapid-fire, that it may be weeks or months before you can rest and get “you” time.

After a certain point, mundane friends and family just don’t understand any more.

There are things you’re not allowed to tell, to anyone. Not your closest friends. Not your spiritual support network. You have to bear the burden of necessary secrecy.

Nothing is the same as it used to be, back in the day.

A lot of cool shit happens behind closed doors that you don’t get to share with your community.

I don’t think that time always heals everything. Sometimes it can be weeks or months sometimes even years and I’ll probably still feel something at the sound of hearing your name. I always wanted things to work out between us but yes things turned out like this for some reason I’ll never understand. No matter how far we distance I’ll never deny that I felt something deep for you, and I always end up back in the same position of thinking so much about all that was said between us. I was so in love for the first time in my life that I really believed you when you said forever existed between us. We fought like enemies at times, but how much I loved falling asleep besides you and going everywhere by your side. Never did I feel life had limits when you were with me and now that I no longer see you I’m just thankful I at least met you because life seemed so perfect all in a still moment at some point. I’m not sure if I’ll ever feel the same feeling you gave me, but it was so beautiful. I try to forget your gorgeous face, and your laugh that filled me with such joy, but to me you were so flawless and that’s rare to feel that way towards someone. Maybe you don’t see me the same way anymore or the sound of my name doesn’t hurt you any longer, but I stopped trying to run away from these feelings long ago, because you were always the stronger one. I tried running for weeks and months, but still here I am writing about us as if our story never ends…
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Things That Would Kill: Park Chanyeol
  • The way you laugh to yourself whenever he starts breathing really loud without noticing.
  • When you batt your eyes at him whenever you ask, “You like me, right?”-
  • and usually he likes to tease you by saying ‘No, where’d you get that idea?’ but sometimes he’d say things like ‘No, I love you.’ and THE WAY YOU WOULD BE FREAKIN’ SPEECHLESS IS SO PRICELESS TO HIM.
  • How your smile can heal him from anything and everything,
  • like seriously one smile from you makes him feel so much which is why his lock screen wallpaper is a picture of you grinning.
  • Your positive outlook on life, but also that realistic side of you that keeps him grounded in the things he pursues.
  • Whenever you’re completely unafraid to go get what you want,
  • but also those times where you’re unsure and he has the opportunity to give you the strength you always give him.
  • How he can feel you smile against his chest when you guys are cuddling in bed and he starts singing,
  • and he loves it even more whenever you harmonize with him.
  • Him catching you listening to his covers on soundcloud.
  • The way you fit into his side whenever you guys are walking and he pulls you in really, really close.
  • The blush of your cheeks when he does something super sweet,
  • and how you also do super sweet things for him-
  • like taking pictures of things that remind you of him and sending it to him while he’s working. 
    • Picnics,
    • Midnight movie showings,
    • Random, on the fly outings (seriously, like one time after dinner you just went “I wanna bike” and off you both went)
    • Concerts,
    • Camping at the beach
    • Just every cliche date ever he’s a sucker for those~
  • You tiptoe-ing to kiss him and you still can’t reach,
  • and he kind of looks at you with that ‘omg she’s so cute’ look and then he tiptoes just to tease you.
  • The way you tap the rhythm of the music you’re listening to on his hand with your thumb while you guys are holding hands.
  • You taking pictures of his skinship moments with his members on TV with the caption ‘why don’t you hold me like this?’
  • Him: *puckers his lips after you both, while watching TV, witness him pulling Baekhyun into a hug on live television*
  • You: *pretends not to notice*
  • Him: *leaning in more to get your attention*
  • You: *takes your phone* *dials Baekhyun’s number*
  • Him: “What are you doing?”
  • You: “You want a kiss right? I’m telling Baekhyun so he can come over and kiss you.”
  • And finally, the way you press your ear against his chest, right over his heart whenever you hug him because that way, he knows that you can hear just how much he loves you without him having to say it.

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Let me feed you.. tempeh bacon wrap with roasted jalapeño hummus, fresh avo & hierloom tomatoes..

Like music, foods can be a big part of our healing. Everything has a frequency and vibrates at a certain rate. It’s all connected in a certain way, in a deep kind of way. The art of making music and making food is all about the chef and the composer’s images that will take on the flavor that you add to the food. The food is a reflection of one’s taste and is a unique combination of spices and herbs that you blend like a DJ.

Won’t Back Down — The Captivity of Palden Gyatso

The human body can bear immeasurable pain and yet recover. Wounds can heal. But once the spirit is broken, everything falls apart.”

—Palden Gyatso

In 1950 Chinese forces under Mao Tse Tung invaded Tibet, the large mountainous country that is now located in the southwestern corner of China.  Against the Chinese Army, the 5,000 strong Tibetan army stood no chance and was swept away within the matter of days.  During the initial occupation by the Chinese, for the most part little changed in Tibet.  Tibet remained a de facto autonomous region and communist reforms were enacted slowly and incrementally.  That all changed in 1959 when the Chinese Communist Party decided it was time to radically change Tibet.  Programs were immediately put in place to transform the Tibetan economy along Maoist ideals while severely restricting Tibetan religion and culture.  What resulted was a nationwide uprising against the Chinese occupation composed of both peaceful protestors and armed guerillas.  The Chinese responded with extreme brutality, causing the deaths of between 80,000 and 90,000 Tibetans.  One of China’s goal was to completely gut Tibetan culture, most especially Tibet’s cultural cornerstone, the practice of Tibetan Buddhism.  In that year, the Chinese destroyed over 2,000 monasteries, arresting or executing thousands of monks.

Palden Gyatso was a 28 year old monk when the Chinese arrested him and destroyed his monastery near Lhasa.  For the next 33 years, he was forced to live hellish existence in various Chinese prisons and forced labor camps.  Along with his fellow monks, he endured harsh treatments including communist indoctrinations sessions, beatings, torture, and starvation. 

His captors offered a simple way to escape their tortures; if he merely renounced his religion and his country, he would be set free.  He refused.  During his 33 year captivity he was fed very little.  Often, all he was given to eat was a bowl of soup so thin that he could see his reflection in it.  It wasn’t uncommon for his guards to deny him food for days on end.  Him and the others monks survived by eating boiled leather, tree bark, leaves, grass, and insects.  When Palden Gyatso was finally released, he was described as a walking human skeleton.

Worse than the starvation was the torture, which commonly occurred after indoctrination and “re-education” sessions.  The guards viciously beat the monks routinely.  In one particularly horrific torture, the guards hogtied Gyatso’s hands and feet behind his back, suspended him from the ceiling from a rafter, then slowly dripped boiling water down his back, yet still he refused to give in.  In the 1980’s the guards began using cattle prods, jolting them with powerful electric shocks across the body.  Often the guards would sadistically tease the monks by pretending to shock them but holding back, only to randomly shock them later.  One guard jammed a prod into Palden’s mouth, the blast of which knocked him unconscious.  When he awoke, he was lying in a pool of his own bodily fluids and found that he no longer had any teeth.  Regardless, he refused to denounce his convictions. Today he wears dentures.

In the 1960’s he managed to escape from a labor camp, however a short time later he was arrested for placing “free Tibet” posters on buildings in Lhasa.  He was finally freed in 1992 under international pressure, espcially by Amnesty International.  Before he departed, Gyatso and the other monks managed to convince the guards to sell them the instruments of torture they used, which he now displays during his speaking tours. 

Gyatso was smuggled out of Tibet, escaping to Dharmasala, India, now home to the largest community of Tibetan refugees in the world. Shortly after his captivity, he wrote an autobiography detailing his experiences. Today Palden Gyatso travels the world, speaking to audiences about his experiences and advocating for Tibetan rights and freedom.  When asked if he hated the guards for what they had done to him, he responds that he holds no ill will against them, rather that he pitys them for being caught up in a system that has stripped them of humanity, and understands that what they did, they did out of ignorance.  Gyatso’s most common speaking venues are high schools and universities.  His advice to the youth,
Treasure your religious and political freedom.  Try to live your lives well. Realize how fortunate you are. Don’t waste your time, be respectful of your time. It behooves you not to waste your opportunities.”


For: Anon

Imagine: Your boyfriend, Eric, hates himself after the war, and you have to do everything you can help him heal.

Song Prompt: “Scars” ~Tove Lo

The war was over, Jeanine was dead, and you and your boyfriend Eric were safe. After everything Eric had done, he had been able to prove himself worthy enough for forgiveness, not only this, but he had also retained his leadership position. There was only one person in Dauntless who hadn’t forgiven your beloved boyfriend, and that was Eric himself.

“Scars we carry

Carry with memories, memories burned by the dark

Try to see clearly

Tears we bury

Bury in vain cause the pain got us falling apart

Try to see clearly”

The memories of the past haunted him; he would secretly shed a tear when he thought that no one was around. You would always know, you could always see right through him, everyday you’d tell him the same thing, “Eric, baby, you have to see things clearly, what happened wasn’t your fault, everyone knows that, now you just have to believe it.”  He tried to make himself believe it, but he’d always fail.

“Now let the healing start

The fires out of guns

We keep it in our hearts

We’re like a thousand suns

Ooh, yeah, every day, step by step, we dare to love again

And if we lose our grip, meet you at the end”

“Eric, you may have hurt me, but I’ve forgiven you, step by step, I’ve fall as deeply in love with you as I used to be,” You would say.

“Why Y/N, why did you forgive me? I don’t deserve it; I don’t deserve to be loved.”

“The war is over Eric, and the healing has started, you need to let yourself heal.”

“Know they’re cutting you deep

Feel the scars in your sleep

“What didn’t kill us made us stronger

Stories left on our skin

Wear them with everything

What didn’t kill us made us stronger”

“I know that it hurts you Eric, but guess what? You didn’t die in the war, do you wanna know why?”


“Because you were meant to live. Eric it didn’t kill you, because it was meant to make you stronger, not weaker. You have to be strong, if not for yourself then for this faction, you’re a leader, an-and for me. You have to be strong for me Eric, I need you.”

“Don’t feel lonely

Loneliness kills all the thrill from standing alone

Try to see clearly”

“You’re not alone Eric, you have me, you will always have me.”

“I love you Y/N,” he whispers before pulling you in for a kiss.

“I love you too Eric.”

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Can you enlighten me on crystal healing? I understand that everything has its own energy it gives off but I feel the "healing" is more based on your state of mind..

Inner alchemy is most definitely done within but like you said everything has its own energy or frequency .. so certain stones / crystals / metals carry specific vibrations or energies that can aid in healing , protection , clairvoyant , manifestations etc .. but not every is even intune to the point that they can feel the vibration of a stone so they dismiss it and think people are just collecting rocks lol

“why are hanzo/widow/zarya/winston/zenyatta no”

i hate playing sniper (ana’s cool because she also focuses on healing but i hate everything else), i can’t get the hang of zarya or winston, and i never really have a reason to play zenyatta? (i main lucio/mercy and i’m trying to main ana, they all seem more efficient than zen)