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I keep clear of most HP fanfiction, the ones I do read I tell myself 'no, this is fanfic, not actual after the fact.' Cursed Child is a multi-producer play, and the script is more for a visual-based experience. I CAN-NOT believe that some people think actual fanfiction is less fan-ficky than this. Fanfiction is just fiction within fiction, either way and I have seen wackier concepts. So I recommend reading the entire series (with cursed child) before any fanfiction. It gives a better experience.

I definitely agree that the play really read like it was written for the visual experience. From the descriptions I found myself thinking “I would love to see that” because it really seemed like it would look magical in a theater. At this point I think it’s hard to read the full series, including Cursed Child, before reading any fanfic. Many people finished the series 9 years ago and have been reading fanfic ever since to fill the void. I don’t think fanfic is a bad thing and I don’t think reading it before you read Cursed Child affects the experience of reading the play.

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In Yoongi's new mixtape , he opens up about mental issues and honestly, I am so proud of him. I know how difficult opening up can be especially if you're as private of a person as Yoongi is. But, not only that; but to know someone I look up to and someone I care for dearly knows what its like to go through what I am going through as of now, is really amazing. It makes me feel closer to Yoongi as a person.

Honestly Anon same for a really long time i said that Yoongi is basically my long lost brother and that we are similar in many many aspects. And this mixtape didn’t disappoint it only made me love him even more and i thought that’s not possible 

How you said knowing that someone you respect and love so much goes through the same things as you makes it at a little more bearable, he’s the person i look up the most in this life, not my family not anyone him i want to be a person min yoongi would be proud of and i want one day to be able to say it to him personally 

He’s making me not give up on music and do what i want i love him for that i love him for opening up to us i love him for every single thing that he does

He has a heart of gold and loves everyone so much …he’s so precious i really can’t and i understand everything he went through so so much he can’t even image

I’m so proud because he’s doing it he’s going towards his dream and i want him to always be happy and proud of what he’s doing

I want him to never doubt it anymore 

I’m so sorry for this long rant but I LOVE HIM SO MUCH i can’t even say it in words i’ll just cry some more anyway i did this for the past hours 

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Being a writer who gets no kudos, likes or reblogs, it's hard to believe all these positive "your work matters" posts. It feels more like "You suck and no one likes or cares about your work."

I’m assuming you’re sending me this in reference to this post.

The post, as I understood it, was meant to be encouraging for people who struggle with feeling like their work isn’t worth the effort. I reblogged it partially for myself, because I rarely find my work making rec lists and other stuff. I won’t lie, that bums me out because I work really hard on what I write, just like everyone else. Sometimes it feels unfair that some fics are way more popular than I think mine will ever be. But I’ve only been here for a year, and I like to think that that means someone will read my stories someday.

I also like to think that if one person can read one of my stories and feel impacted by it, then the effort is worth it. Even if the story is not shared, liked, or given kudos, the thought that one person might smile because they like my gay stuff is exciting. I reblogged the post to remind myself of that personal motto. I wanted to give myself the reminder that even the smallest of audiences can take something away and have their own private reactions. 

Someone really loves your work anon, even if they struggle to show it. 

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What music are you into?

hm, well my music taste has been evolving. there are times I discover new artists and genres I’ve never heard before and I find myself adding it as an absolute favorite of mine.

im pretty chill with anything except country. i listen to K-Pop, Pop in general, alternative, electro, rock, rap,–

But what I /really/ /really/ dig is indie. I don’t care what kind it is. The soft voiced kind, the loud rockish kind, the kind with poppy tunes,,,I find myself loving them all. they evoke emotion

I also really like ambient and simple instrumental music,,,a lot,,, I used to stumble upon them a lot on YouTube (you know, /that/ wonderful side of YouTube)

people I listen to:
Bloc Party
Blood Orange
Bon Iver
Brandon Flowers
Los Campesinos
Cigarettes After Sex
Cigarettes in the theater
Cloud Nothings
Godspeed You! Black Emperor!
The Pillows
Ludovico Einaudi
Mac DeMarco
Matt and Kim
Melanie Martinez
Milo Greene
Mother Mother
Passion Pit
The Lumineers
Tom Odell
Vance Joy

to name a few,,

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And yet, Noel Fielding seems to like Damien Hirst

adorable. he also likes adam ant and sometimes he dresses in yellow, two things that i don’t really care about. once he said that he isn’t a foodie, i mean what the fuck

chris evans likes american football and romcoms.

sebastian stan…well no, actually sebastian stan is perfect.

anyway, long story short:

my boyfriend and one of my best friends both love the game witcher and i still don’t give a shit about it.

but cool.

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[ people who judge others because they have exclusives really piss me the fuck. off. 

just because someone is exclusive, doesn’t mean they’re heartless, doesn’t mean they don’t care, and it doesn’t mean they don’t pay attention to other portrayals. although it is up to the mun, they may very well find other portrayals just as accurate if not more, but they won’t role play with them because they already have a partner to themselves.

and it’s not from bias! though i do make exclusives based on people agreeing with my headcanons and their canon portrayal, not everybody does that. some may make exclusives because that muse meshes with their character really, really well. maybe they’re best friends and they’re comfortable with each other.

i saw this one post a couple of months ago that said: “people who are exclusives are assholes.” no, you’re the asshole because you are interrupting how someone role plays and second-hand guilt-tripping them / second-hand bullying them and making them feel uncomfortable.

how about instead of judging how someone role plays, why don’t we leave their preferences alone? ]