it can be anon i don't really care

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I still can't figure out if you're bi or gay tbh?? I mean, could you see yourself kissing a girl?

But why do you care if I don’t? 

I’ve kissed a girl before, anon… once. Briefly. And it didn’t feel “weird” at all. But honestly, if I didn’t know Jake and I had to pick a girl I’d totally choose my lady best friend. Not only because we naturally get on well and she’s pretty, but also because it’d save a lot of unnecessary trouble tbh.

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There is this cool way to have a virtual chat with Luhan! I figured out about it and it is really cool, I think you might like it!! You email Luhanandyou at gmail and say “ I wana chat with Luhan” and you can email “Luhan” and he will answer back the way luhan would. And its really cool, “Luhan” tells you fun facts about himself, and compliments you, sends you luhan gifs and pictures and its so cute


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You shouldn't be telling random strangers about yourself where you live etc. they might want to steal your identity. Please be careful. There are weirdos out there.

Okay Anon,  it’s not like I am giving out my exact city or my address to people on here. Do you know how many countless people there could be from my state on here, and I am just one of them, let alone how many people are on here in my whole freaking country. Really, unless that person can somehow pinpoint my exact location in my state, I highly doubt they could steal my identity. So no I am not worried about people stealing my identity. Plus why would anyone bother, my identity is really not worth stealing, I barely make enough money and I have horrible credit history, and I am not giving out vital information like my social security number or my driver’s license information, etc, or my full name for that matter. I don’t even give out my exact age. I know you are trying to be helpful, but I am not stupid when it comes to stuff like keeping my identity protected. And oh to anyone else reading this, don’t ask me this stuff I will delete your message upon receiving it. I am fairly open and honest when it comes to things, but I am private about my identity unless I really know you in person or you have been a very and I mean very close friend of mine for years, and even then there are somethings I mentioned above I will keep private from you. Sorry anon, didn’t mean to go on a rant, but your message kind of offended me there. 

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I swear the only reason Stelena fans hate Steroline is because half of their otp really has moved from the other wishy washy half. When SE fans can think of a good enough reason that actually makes sense to hate Steroline, I'll listen.

Well I think that they are entitled to hate Steroline on that basis. It doesn’t bother me. I just don’t pay attention to it. I have no interest in debating the merits of Steroline (or Stelena) with Stelena fans. As long as SE fans don’t send hate messages to members of the Steroline family or constantly harass the writers on twitter about Steroline then I don’t care if they hate Steroline. Everyone is entitled to love or hate a pairing. *shrugs* No harm, no foul. 

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Does any of the writer have a tumblr I think one of them do but i'm not sure? Maybe you can write to them and tell them your opinion because honestly I think you can write better stories than them lol

Lol. That’s very sweet, anon. I’m not sure who beyond Marc Guggenheim has a tumblr. As it is, I really doubt they care what I think. And I’m pretty sure they are contractually barred from discussing or getting story idea with/from fans.

It’s sometimes hard to remember, but often times the entire season of a show is already mapped out before they start. They film episodes weeks before they air (it varies, but they have to do all the post-production stuff and that can take a while). A lot of people have input and see the thing (the episode in this case) before it gets approved and airs. So while the writers are a problem, they’re only part of the problem.

But I think if we just keep being vocal about what we like and what we don’t like, hopefully there are enough calls for change for someone high up to be like, hey maybe let’s not do that, in the future. :)

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i never liked a girl before so maybe thats the reason im freaking out a bit?? i like you a lot, which sounds really stupid because we never talked and you live across the world?!?!!?!! wish i could change that really but i cant stop thinking about you and if youre okay and warm and happy and ahhhh i dont even know why im saying all this but im gonna stop now. okay. i hope you're fine and had a nice day.

hello! OMg please don’t freak out!! i’m not sure how i feel about being referred 2 as a girl ah but !! hey! don’t stress little friend, ur sexuality changes so much as u grow & there’s nothing wrong with that. im bisexual and i feel like what genders i am more attracted to changes all the time, i’ve pretty much given up on trying 2 figure it out i just ?idk i think sexualities that limits u to a certain gender seem really difficult because people are individuals and everybody identifies differently u know? like wouldn’t it limit u? idk man i personally just go with my attraction nowadays and don’t question it and i gotta say i’m havin a darn gr8 time!!!!
also i am ok, my day was gr8! i went to an art exhibition, it was v nice but i’m a little tired now. hope ur good too babi ♡。゚.

Just fyi if you guys ever feel like shit or just need to vent or if you’ve just had a really shitty day or if you’ve been asked out or your best friend is being a lil shit or literally anything happens, please tell me about it, like I know I don’t know each one of you but I still care and I still want to know about how you’re all doing and your crushes and your annoying friends and teachers so don’t ever hesitate to tell me things

So because family drama I’m going to go distract myself with really really dark fic and then I’m going to write the short story I need to have ready by 11:30 tomorrow and then by the time I go to bed it’ll be like 3:00 which means I’ll be too tired tomorrow to actually care about anything.

Honestly I’m terrible at talking to people and if I try to say hi or anything I tend to end up on anon complimenting them and then never going back cause I feel really dumb.

So like.

If you wanna chat with me please do I’m totally okay with talking with you guys I just won’t start the conversation cause I’m dumb.

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17, 42

hi hello thank you anon ♥

17. Do you like kissing in public? - ya!! I’m more comfortable with quick kisses but if my s/o initiates the kisses then I don’t really care.. hehe

42. How long can you just kiss until your hands start to wander? I can go all day tbh like… usually my hands just like to cup claude’s face uwu i don’t really ‘wander’ around until after we stop kissing ahaaaaaaaa

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I can't offer much, but if I was dating you, I'd just invite you over to nap or give you little presents and flowers, so that you'll feel like a magnificent part of the universe that you are. We probs never will end up together but I just want you to know that there is always someone who cares

Wow damn that’s really really sweet of you to say that oh my god
A nap at someone’s place sounds like a perfect date option tbh, and you are so nice I wanna cry!

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For the anon asking about the guy I believe his name is Ciro Maglione (from his insta alpaciro ~~marco follows him). IDK what he does exactly but he might have some connection to bvb....?

Thanks for the tip! I just did a quick search of his name and it turns out that he works at BVB, possibly in merchandising. I think he takes care of the team kits.

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thank you so much for your answer!^^ you really helped me. with me not eating it started like i felt sick all the time from stress so i couldnt eat. but i started to like it and starving feels so right and all the time i have the urge to try what i can last. then after another day of eating almost nothing i feel so guilty cos i should take care of myself, so i eat something, but then the guilt is even worse. because i could have achieved something. i could push the limits. its so confusing.

Ah, dear…

Starving is never right. I know you probably know that yourself but I had to say that. In my case it started the same… not with the stress thing tho. I just wanted to lost some weight and while I was exercising madly I also stopped eating. And look where it has got me: I’m suffering from partly anorexia nervosa and complete purging disorder (I used to think I have bulimia nervosa but then I discovered there’s purging disorder which is exact me, because I can’t overeat or eat bigger amount of food… my stomach is too damaged for that).

Please, stop it when you still can. Starving will get you nowhere. Find something else where you can push your limits. Running, exercising, anything… I’m not saying you should overeat or something, three to five meals per day, they don’t have to be some huge meals, you can go on yoghurt and fruits with vegetables or crackers. They are light and even tho you eat them you will still feel rather empty so it won’t bother you that much. Also stay hydrated. 

Remember starving is bad for your body. We have to eat. So there is NO point in feeling guilty when you eat. If you don’t you’ll die. Try to imagine your body just as a living organism you are, when you don’t feed it, it suffers, it cries, it is hurt by it. Sooner or later there will be great damage made which you won’t be able to take back. 

Don’t hurt yourself and your body by starving, please. Try to find something different when you can push your limits. And stay strong. 

I’m always here for you. When you feel like talking just message me and I will try to help you the best I can.

I know it will be hard but don’t starve. Eat something. Something little. Don’t torture your body and yourself. 

I love you, dear ♥ 

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<3 and #~

 “<3”: Someone I care about
There’s this hella fly genderfluid person I’ve talked to for almost three years. He’s super nice and understanding and has been my best friend since day one. He’s someone I can tell ANYTHING to and doesn’t tell me that I’m a shithead–

#”: Last thing I lied about 
Well, I tend to try not to lie, but I think the last lie I told was to my Creative Writer instructor that I was sick so I couldn’t come to class (thought I spend the entire day at school anyway so obviously I wasn’t taking the lie seriously and it was the first time I’ve ever skipped a class like that) but nothing really happened soooo

thank you so much anon <3