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mind sharing your thoughts about lauren and simon?

okay so disclaimer that i am only a casual fifth harmony fan so a lot of this is based on light observation rather than anything in depth.

in case anyone isn’t familiar, there have been rumours for years that camila and lauren are/were secretly dating.

i don’t know if camren is actually thing but i tend to lean towards no. anyway i’m not going to dwell on that because it’s not super relevant here. regardless of the legitimacy of camren, i *do* think lauren is gay (or at the very least, into girls too) and she’s pinged me for years. 

i’m not going to use my gaydar as a source obviously but more as a general introduction to my thought process and what led me to paying more attention to her.

i think that she’s not straight and that she’s basically the louis of fifth harmony and simon’s been punishing her for her sexuality for years.

okay, now onto the actual reasons why i think that.

1. first - she’s a BRILLIANTLY TALENTED SINGER and she gets pretty much no solos and no time to shine. she’s been shoved in the background for years. here’s a video in which you can gauge her voice for yourself.

and yet … 

2. THE VAMPS SONG. okay so lauren dated (’dated’?) a member of the vamps and then they wrote this song and it’s pretty transparently about lauren (there was tons of press about it and a lot of fandom drama:

3. she posted this on her tumblr (which obviously isn’t a confirmation or denial of anything but as far as i can tell from some lowkey googling it’s the most she’s said on the subject):

and here’s a link to that tumblr account from her twitter:

i haven’t really gone through her tumblr in detail in a long ass time but from what i remember, she struck me very much as an outspoken feminist who speaks up for and supports marginalized communities when and where she can (and i’m sure it pisses simon off).

4. she was papped with louis (not necessarily super relevant to my points but still worth mentioning seeing as she’s basically the louis of fifth harmony minus the fake baby):

so anyway, regardless of how lauren identifies, i think this is pretty damn important and i’m so proud of her:

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One of my the biggest fear is that Levi got a family, wife/husband and kids or even relationship with someone... Isayama gives us so big bullshit so it is possible, don't you think? Please, can you help me? I am broken.

Aye, like I said to the last Anon, anything is possible. But you know what?  I don’t really care what Yams does from this point on.  The story I fell in love with is pretty much over.  Apart from Levi, Hanji and Historia all the characters I cared for are dead or awol, the Titans have magically disappeared, the Survey Corps only exists in name and everything they once fought for now seems meaningless. 

However that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped caring about the Survey Corp Veterans and the world they fought for.  That doesn’t mean for one minute that I’m going to stop being inspired by Levi’s courage and kindness, being devastated by Erwin’s selfless sacrifice.  That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop shipping Eruri so hard that it hurts.   

So please don’t despair Anon.  Yams can do whatever he wants with his damn mango.  The one thing he can’t do is take Eruri away from us.  Erwin, Levi, all of the Survey Corps Veterans, are in good hands now, the fandom will take care of them and give them the life and love they deserved.

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You guys have seen those giant marshmallow tsums, right? Because I need to stop spending money, I told myself I couldn't buy them because they are too big when I'm moving around a lot during university. But I just found out that they are selling small tsums as well... And not just of Yuuri, Viktor, and Yurio... but also of Phichit and JJ who are my other loves (and Seung-gil, but I don't really care for him) like.... help me my self control can't survive this but I need to be saving money

The way I see it, anon, money can’t buy happiness. But it can buy you merch and that’s pretty dang close.

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Look at those Anons, even strangers can see what you don't. Ricks don't care about Mortys, I will breathe that into your ear until you understand it. My offer stands, Morty. Join me. You could find a place here, move beyond the isolation a Rick causes. You'd be appreciated here.

I…. I…. But… I mean I know a lot of Ricks are really awful but I really believe @askrick loves me! I don’t think he’s lying, I don’t think he thinks I’m a total idiot, he doesn’t always talk to me like I don’t understand stuff …. He likes to teach me, he tells me I’m doing well when I understand a concept and stuff…..

S-so I know a lot of people are down on Rick, and they don’t trust him…. And I know he’s a jerk…. I’m not denying he’s a jerk at all because he can be a real asshole…. But he’s saved my life more than once, and he doesn’t want another Morty…. He just… He’s really great in ways that no one really gets to see.

So NO! I won’t join you, not now and not EVER! AND I think y-you should stop! I think you’re blinded by h-hate and the s-stuff that happened to you and umm and YOU KNOW WHAT! I think you’re JUST LIKE A RICK! You’re a JERK!

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Beeb been suicidal anon here Hannah knows who I am (she's such a sweet heart and really caring) You guys have all touched my heart so much thank you 💜 I'm getting help. The help I've needed for a long time and you guys pushed me for that. It's gonna be a long and hard road but I think I might be able to do this. Thank you all so much 💜 Your support means the world to me. Maybe life can work out I don't know. But I think I might just live to find out. 💜💜💜



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I think it's crazy how much of the fandom is coming together over this. I've seen antis and Sha/adins and even Those™ Sha/adins asking people to take the leaks down. And it's cool that even if we don't all like each other we all seem to genuinely care about the show and the people that make it... (You know except the assholes that aren't deleting on purpose) but like dude, that's actually really cool imo.

same actually like?? im proud most of us can come together like this 

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STAHP. YOU GO TO SLEEP, HAVE A MIDNIGHT SNACK, GET A GOOD REST, AND TOMORROW NIGHT, take a fucking break, TAKE A BATH/SHOWER AND CALM YO DAMN ASS DOWN. REALIZE THAT DRAWING CAN WAIT. IT'L BE OKAY IF YOU DON'T FINISH. REALIZE YOU SHOULD BE DRAWING FOR YOURSELF, AND NOT FOR OTHERS. please take care of yourself. you are making me sad by being mean to yourself. i really mean this. please. we all value your health before your drawings. <3 (ace anon)


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Hi! May I add some stuff to your answer ? (for the anon who don't understand the hype around Todo ?) I agree with everything you said, Todo's grow keep being interesting to me too, but I also think his dorky side is really amusing. He's far too dense, almost obvious sometime, yet very caring for his friends. (that last chapter.) Sure, as he can, because he still isn't used to it. And that also what I found really nice with his character, that he's not only a kid who learn to deal with his (1/2)

(2/2) very serious and tragic past (which is already not a simple issue, and treated pretty damn nicely in the narative to me) but also just his lack of sociability ? He don’t really know how to reconfort, but he still. Tries. It’s kind of awkward, but he tries anyways, because he wants to help, because that’s what heroes do. Also dorky: see his hand crushing curse. So in short ? To me he’s far from the classical cold hero. More like a touching kid who tries his best to overcome what he lacks.

Yes, to all of this! Shouto is such a huge dork, and this aspect of his character is something of a double-edged sword, if you look at it as a character trait. On the one hand, it’s funny and endearing; on the other, it reflects just how badly socialized he was as a child, since we see that he was isolated and strictly controlled by his father. The implication is that Izuku is the first friend he’s ever made, and he may be a stone-cold badass but he’s still learning how to deal with people.

But he wants to learn. That’s an aspect of him that he shares with Izuku, and it’s what makes me love them both. They’re both focused on self-betterment, on growing and improving and learning from their past mistakes.

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Bellybutton piercing anon again, I think I'm going to get one, I like them and it's gonna be on my body so I don't really care what they say about it

Andy: Exactly, and you can always take it out if you don’t like it

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Can I add something to your perfect post? 1) Non CC fandom should rethink about what bullying really is. 2)I'm a 32 yo gay man and even if I don't need an actor to know that being gay is ok I also know how important is to new generations to have a sort of model to look up to and I can assure you, this straight agenda is rude, offensive and hypocrital. So yes, I sort of care if D is straight because if he is, he's failing in supporting the community. If he's not, he should be better than this.

Thanks anon and of course you can add. While no part of the fandom behaves perfectly I wish the larger parts of the fandom for D & C and the smaller ones for W & M would have some self awareness on how they behave. Supporting D’s straightness doesn’t get you a ‘get out of jail free card’ for shitty behaviour.

Your second point is a one that comes up frequently because representation really matters and the roles he’s famous for aren’t straight (he could be such a great role model), yet his publicity always pushes a ‘straight in real life’ tag line and I see how this makes him look disrespectful/ungrateful to the community especially as those roles were probably a major source of income and exposure for him. The current PR strategy makes him him look bad as an straight ally too - he’s committed some huge ‘foot in mouth’ errors (trevor project anyone!), but as a closeted actor I will cut him some slack because coming out is such a huge decision for anyone and maybe he isn’t ready yet or is restricted from doing so and maybe he could achieve more by doing it when he’s at the top of his game. I don’t know - ACS maybe the huge stepping stone for some mainstream fame where he could make a even bigger difference by coming out, but I can only speculate;).

In the meantime I will wait to see what will happen with the PR around ACS to see if the PR approach alters. At the moment with all the photos we are getting of D I am expecting some sort of pap shot of m/arren soon especially as M’s just got her hair done. Signs are there for a massive straight push too and I’ll happily discuss that with you too, but off anon.

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hi princess, so, i'm demisexual (recently found that out, my life makes so much more sense now) and I look at Harry and Louis' love, and I'm so jealous, imagine finding your soulmate at the age of 16 and 18. I was such a stupid person when I was 16, and now at 18 I can't imagine feeling so much love for one person. It makes me cry at how much in love these two are. I have doubts sometimes, and then i just look at Louis looking at Harry or vice versa. I think all the antis need to believe in love

hello, darling. i’m so happy for you!! yes their love is so rare?? like finding each other at 16 and 18 is just so wild?? they’ve have been together for almost 7 years now and they’re just 23 and 25. they’re so lucky and i would be jealous if i wasn’t so happy for them. 

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Hey mamanari, do you perhaps need help with your ex-boyfriend problem? What is it that's happening? Is he annoying you??

I’m an adult who can take care of herself haha. Thank you though. 

I’ve had a few people ask about what happened, so for those curious, a short summary is: A while back I jokingly mentioned in a post about having a stalker cuz he liked me enough to visit me in Japan. Well, I ended up dating him for a year only to break it off as I was only dating him as I thought he deserved to be happy and I made him happy. But after a while his absolute need to pay for anything and everything, ordering for me at restaurants, needing to follow me everywhere, and his making of plans years into the future was too much and I said we needed a break so he could find who he is outside of our relationship. He didn’t take it well at all and I had to call the cops when he sent me suicide notes. Turns out he has BPD and I was (am) his “favorite person”. I didn’t hear from him for a few months as he dropped out of college and went back to his hometown. Then a month or so ago, I thought I was paranoid seeing him around. Turns out my paranoia was justified when I started getting messages from him again about wanting to meet up and how next time he sees me, he will come after me. Though not in a dangerous way, but out of extreme love. He said he’d literally do anything for me, even after I broke up with him. But I should be okay as he doesn’t know where I live and I finished up my Japanese degree so he won’t be able to wait for me around that part of campus anymore d(^-^o) But ya, it was stressful for a while as he chose finals week and the start of my new job to barge back in.

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What do I do when I still love my current partner but Its all cane back to me that I also may still be in love with my ex partner, I don't want to hurt anyone or myself but I don't know what to do anymore

If you really care about your current partner you should talk with him and be open that’s been happening and ask him for a break for you to get your mind straight about who you really care.
Even if you don’t want to I feel like you’ll always hurt someone, and that somebody might even be yourself and there’s no need in that if you can just be honest with yourself and them and true to yourself and your feelings.

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(Western Wall anon) I can't believe you got so much hate & accusations of anti-Semitism (I mean, what??) for my ask & your response to it. I just want you to know that it really did help me to know that someone else had the same visceral reaction as I did to seeing that photo.

Thank you so much, Anon! Honestly, though, I’m in the same boat- getting your ask helped a lot, because I felt like I was overreacting also.

I don’t really mind that a bunch of shitty Trump supporters think it’s fun to play games of trigger-the-liberal with me, because it’s time they’re not spending targeting someone more susceptible, or even worse actually being a political force in this country.

It’s reminding me, though, of something I ought to remember more: they see caring about things as a vulnerability to be exploited, and that’s bullshit. We’re stronger for believing in things (secular as well as religious). And they can’t do shit if we’re not willing to be embarrassed by it.

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I don't like Zayn and Liam because they just want to show off they just want money and don't care about fans

Ok listen things are clear: you don’t have to necessarily like them, it’s ok if you don’t, as long as you don’t insult them and the fandom.

They need to show off, that’s the promo basis. They need to catch the attention in order to drop the bomb and have good results, and everyone does it on their own way (if they’re allowed to, but it’s mainly pr team’s choice). If they don’t do that, if they don’t do promo, it’s really hard for them to achieve good results, we’ve already seen that. *sighs*

You say they only want money. I don’t agree but even if, do you have problems with that? They’re young, and they’re rich. They were little boys coming from a totally different world (holes on Liam’s shoes anyone??) and everything changed in a couple of years. It’s normal to behave like: “wow I’m rich and I can buy everything I want now, and I’m gonna show the world how rich I am, I’m gonna show all the people who denigrated me who I am now” and you know what? I think they’re fucking doing right, those people need to see and kick themselves in the teeth.

And as for the not caring about fans part, I won’t even comment. If you say so you don’t really know them. And if you don’t know them, you shouldn’t judge.

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as a survivor i'm gonna say that the whole "shipping to cope" thing is ridiculous bc it 1) still creates harmful content (especially /especially/ regards to csa) and 2) it's always being done in a public space where minors and other survivors can see it. if these shipping to cope people actually cared they wouldn't be doing it where they can hurt other people

^^^^^^^^!! yeah

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What was Ruth saying to those people? I always wondered if she messages people back..but someone once said she's kinda crazy. Part of me thinks she really just doesn't like B, for reasons unrelated to BG but shading BG is a way she can feel she's shading B since she clearly doesn't care for her.

She said she’s not ok with the babygate situation and I think she totally knows what’s going on. There’s pics of her and B (+ the Clarks) from before bg started and she didn’t had any problems, but now she’s constantly shading. I think she didn’t thought things would last this long and now she’s pissed she was ever included and that B keeps lying