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what do you think of the jeanparnasse discourse?

oh boy~ Rant Time!

okay in all seriousness I was pretty much unaware of it until a few days ago when we got hate?? 

So it seems there are a lot of people who dislike JeanParnasse and thats okay! People can like or dislike what they want- they have their own tastes and personalities, but just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean you can put others down for liking it. 

I have seen artist and cosplayers and writers create amazing pieces on this/about this pairing and if it is inspirational to them thats brilliant! Some of the content- although limited compared to other ships in the Les Mis fandom - is beautiful and unique!

I like this ship because they balance well. They have only a little in common but they come to inspire and admire each others traits. They are both interesting characters. Montparnasse is very much capable of being good, just as Jean is capable of being fearless. 

The only issue I have with the ship is when people make Montparnasse the ‘bad guy’ or the ‘abusive partner/friend’, and Jean the ‘soft poet’ who cannot stand up for themselves.
I doubt Montparnasse would abuse their love just like I doubt Jean would shy away from serious confrontation- they are shy but strong! 

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God, I wish I could rp with you. but I can't, (even though I'm dying to!), is because I never go to someone first, super shy, and I just assume you're already busy with others and your health and writing. But I enjoy reading the roleplay you do via asks. I'm also really shy to come off anon right now, because you're like my role model, but you probably already know who this is. So yeah! Much love to you!

Haha, you and I are the same, dearest, and that’s upsetting, because I am sure you would be a delight to RP with.

Well, speaking of writing, I was talking to like…3 or so people when my maid was in my room, and she was like ‘oh my goodness—do you know how fast you type? You type faster than I can think!’ My typing skills are fast, so I can get through a 7 page story in under a few hours if I have the right thoughts. ;) Trust me when I say, as long as I manage my time, I am fine—nobody is a burden or a problem to come to me. I cannot say I can RP every day with some folks, but I do try to make room for everybody during the week~! If there’s a day I don’t want to RP, I just don’t RP and talk or sit and chill.

I am not a hardcore RPer—I let everyone do what they want, and I just try to make the story fun! I can do AUs and or story events from games; whichever people find interesting or enjoyable.

Do I know who you are? Honestly, with the anon mask, it is hard for me to know, dearest, but you should know there’s no reason to be shy around me. I am as social awkward as the rest of them. XD Also, my health is just fine. All I have is a cough now. ;)

Much love to you, honey, and thank you for the amazing words~

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Can you please take down post/157337710461 and post/157337712401 ? Both of the users don't have Tumblr and arent able to request themselves. Not to mention, one user is new to mmd and still learning. Thank you in advance!

if they find it, they can still send an anon ask to get it taken down

don’t need an account for it

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I use the tumblr and ARA apps so regularly how am I going to avoid concert spoilers all the way until the Chicago concert can you even blacklist tags on mobile aaaaaaaaa I just want everything to be a surprise or smth but that's looking ridiculous rn

it’s not ridiculous, it’s perfectly understandable. i use mobile most of my time so i downloaded (barley even use it tho) xkit mobile app (you have to pay for it 😞 but it’s only like $1.99? i think) and you can blacklist tags there! i’m not really sure about any other blacklist options for mobile besides that tho

also i’m tagging stuff as ‘wings tour’ or ‘wings concert’ if you want to blacklist that from me!

You’re Not Alone - Owen Grady x Reader

Request from Anon: Hey! first i wanna say that i love your stories :) second if you’re still taking requests i was wondering if you can do one where the reader is new to jurassic park (maybe they now work in the raptor section) and she’s having a hard time making friends and adjusting to her new life, like she feels really alone, but owen manages to cheers them up? (I’m currently still adjusting to college and its pretty rough so i thought this might cheer me up after the bad day I had today) Thank you!! :) :)

A/N: this is fluffy af I hope you like it. And I mean what I said. Hang in there. Stay Calm and Raptor Fluff On. 

“Oh my god, BLUE.” You shouted at the stubborn raptor from the catwalk, but quickly watched as many of the male employees turned and judged your incompetence with the girls. “Please, do not give me this shit today.” You muttered down to Blue, wondering if she could understand you.

Though, a part of you knew they could. The way they locked eyes with you, and the way their eyes softened when they could feel your stress and desperation rolling off of you in waves. Some days, Echo would pace the edges of the pen, trying to find out where you were on the other side. And Delta always behaved for you when you begged her.

A part of you felt like these raptors were the only ones who understood you on the whole island.

Raptors are pack animals, and so are you. Constantly surrounded by people, by laughter and by love–that’s the environment you are used to. But you left all your family and friends back in the United States to take this job working at Jurassic World. It feels unnatural and weird to come to work every day, trying to catch people’s eyes and smile and ask how they are doing, just to have them push right passed you. To head to Winston’s after work for a solo drink, wishing you had someone laughing at your jokes in the seat next to you.  

Do you regret it? No. Have you made friends yet? No.

But he would catch your eye when you smiled at him. And he would tease you, and help you with the cage when you couldn’t quite remember the complicated pattern of colored buttons to push and in what order.

Owen Grady was your friend. You think. Or was he just being nice? But you didn’t have time to deal with that anxiety today. Owen had split from the group and was heading right towards you

“Hey,” he slid over to the catwalk next to you. “Blue giving you trouble again?” He stood close to you. His arm brushed yours. His scent, leather and musk, mixed with your vanilla scented perfume and mingled with your senses. His presence comforted you almost as much as Echo’s did.

His green eyes gave you a once over, searching you for your tells of stress. Shoulders tense, foot tapping, lip chewed.

“Yeah, but like–” You turned to face Owen, but your thoughts immediately fell out of your head and disappeared into the ether. He was standing so close to you.  Echo clicked up at you, trying to gain your attention. But in this moment, Owen was the only thing you could see and hear. “Uh…” You shook your head trying to gain back your train of thoughts, but it was too late.

Owen smirked, and you knew he knew how attracted you were to him. But, it wasn’t because he was ruggedly handsome and beautiful. It was because he made you feel like you belonged. And if you had the Alpha’s stamp of approval…maybe it wouldn’t be so long until the others came around.

“Look.” Owen leaned in. “I know it can be tough here at first.” He glanced behind him at the rest of the team. “Why don’t you come out for a drink with me and Barry tonight? I’ll introduce you to the girls that work over at the research lab. I think you’d get along really well with them. AND, I know for a fact they are looking for someone else to join their book club.” He leaned in closer, “What do you say?”

“Book club?” You said wearily. “Isn’t that usually code for something?’

“I think it’s code for eating ice cream and drinking a bottle of wine each and telling work and boyfriend horror stories.” He winked at you. “Basically ‘book club’ is code for bonding time.”

Echo clicked louder, and more impatiently. She was practically screaming at you inside the pen.  

You sighed. “I could use some of that for sure.” You rolled your eyes finally turning your attention to the raptor. “What is it, Echo?”

But Echo just blinked at you, before trotting off.

“Are you– what?” You laughed into the pen, “ECHO. Come back here!”

Owen laughed, “See? You’re not as alone as you may think. At least you have Echo on your side..”

“I don’t know if I would call that ‘on my side.’” Your smile matched Owen’s. Maybe being here wasn’t so bad after all.  

I Really Don’t Care

Request: Can you do a deanxreader one,they are in a karaoke bar or something and reader sings creep by radiohead while dean is hitting on some random girl ,sad and fluffy please :) xo (anon)

Words: 1695

Written by: Castielle

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Theme songs: Creep (Lea Michele & Dean Geyer), Apologize (One Republic), and I Don’t Deserve You (Plumb)

Your name: submit What is this?

Surprisingly, you had been looking forward to this for a while now. It had taken Dean weeks of prodding, bribing, and pleading to get you to agree to sing at his friend’s bar for Thursday night karaoke, but you had finally given in.

“Please, Y/N,” Dean had pleaded. “You have a beautiful voice and Benny’s been at me for ages to make you come and sing.”

You had flushed and made some excuse about being too shy or too scared or too busy or Dean, there must be a ton of people wanting to sing. I’m not going to barge in and steal their limelight. But, finally, Dean had worn you down to the point where you couldn’t make any more excuses – in fact, you were even a little excited.

That didn’t stop you from being nervous as you walked up to the microphone. The people sitting around at various tables applauded – Benny up behind the bar counter applauding the loudest. He had felt like a kind of long-lost uncle from the moment Dean had introduced you, and you appreciated his support immensely.

“Umm… hi.” You were barely able to keep yourself from nervously giggling into the mic as you spoke. “My name is Y/N and I’m going to sing Creep by Radiohead. The clean version, ‘cause even though we have no minors here, we’ve got the young at heart, right?”

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Isayama needs to just hurry and kill someone..

I see this sentiment expressed often. I wonder though, do we really want someone dead, or do we just want something, ANYTHING, to be resolved? 

Here’s where I am. 

If the storytelling remains solid, everyone can live for all I care. I just want Isayama to quit being so stingy with answer to the big questions that continue to pile up in this series.