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Hey! Question, so you have a really good understanding of keith and I was wondering if you'd explain how being with the blade is a toxic environmenf? I'm not tryna argue against it I genuinely just don't get it haha

ahh thank you anon!! it’s actually kinda flattering you think i have a good understanding of him sksjsksksm i love my angel..

so, there’s a lot of posts that articulate this better than i can, and i can’t link you right now bc i’m on mobile :( but i’ll give you my short version:

the blade of marmora really emphasizes individual sacrifice for the greater good. this is fine, in theory, but keith has just come from voltron, a team where yes, there is plenty of sacrifice involved, but they care for the other members of their team and would go to rescue them in a heartbeat (this has stuck with Keith— we see this when he saves one of the other blade members last minute) and that’s….not healthy at least for keith?? like, he needs people surrounding him who would love and support him and save him if he was in need (even if he wouldn’t want them to). he needs that tight bond— and the blade of marmora doesn’t provide him with friendship or family. there are no close-knit bonds, little attachments. yes, this is what keith wants, but it’s not what he needs.

keith is pushing his friends away out of fear of being rejected (honestly, he probably felt quite rejected already when they got so angry at him, which is why he made the final decision to join the blade). what he needs to learn is that it’s okay to be vulnerable around people and it’s okay to let people in, to make friends, to have a family

the blade does not and cannot give him that. the blade sees him as completely expendable, because they see all of their members that way. and that’s how keith sees himself. he really doesn’t have a sense of self-worth—at least, not a strong one. sure, he knows who he is, but that doesn’t mean he likes who he is.

the team means everything to keith and we know this. the blade of marmora is him running away to a place that is cold and devoid of love. it’s what keith has known all his life. it’s not what keith needs

keith needs family, and he needs love. the blade is not any of that, and we know this

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Hi. i was wondering if you could give me some tips on commenting on writers fics? I've seen lots of posts saying that writers really like feedback and i want to leave good comments for them. but im kind of shy a lot and don't know how to review well.

Hello, anon! Thank you for asking me. However, I must admit that I myself am not good at reviewing fics, but I hopefully can give some advice on what I find authors typically look for.

  • Freak out. Authors genuinely don’t care if your comment is, “HJHGFBFFGF OH MY GOD DJGHJGGFJGHFXFG HOLY CRABCAKES FHFJHJGHHJS THAT WAS AMAZING FHHGFHGFXHGF.” So long as you are encouraging them and letting them know you enjoyed their fic, they will 100% be very happy. 
  • Let them know how their work made you feel. Did it make you smile? You laugh? Cry? Did it leave you feeling unsettled? Was it scary? Authors love to hear about the emotional impact it had on you. 
  • Quote a line or two that you loved. “I loved X, because X. It made me feel X.” or something along those lines. Even just quoting a line and then keysmashing lets an author know that it stood out to you and you especially enjoyed that part. 
  • Tell them you look forward to seeing more from them! If they’ve wrote something for a fandom you enjoy and you say something like this, they are more likely to provide more work for the fandom. 
  • Now, for a little more controversial: offer tips for improvements. Now, take this into account: not all fan authors want critique. If they don’t, just don’t provide it. A lot of fan authors just write for fun and aren’t really looking for serious critique. However, if an author would like critique and/or ways to improve, providing it proves very beneficial to them. Just make sure you know first. 

Rule of thumb: Just always be gracious and kind, giving advice, praise, and even critique with care and understanding. Do not flame. Do not be rude. Do not demand updates. Often times, being nice to an author and supporting them makes them motivated to put out more of their pieces for you to enjoy. If you really think about it, your comments = happy author. Happy author = more than likely more fan content for you to consume and enjoy. 

Anyway, I hope this was helpful. These are things I usually keep in mind when commenting on author’s fics. Thanks again for the question, anon! 


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OK but is no one going to talk about Pidge's expression when Keith attempted to kamikaze Haggar's ship?

Dude, I 100% agree, it’s interesting how they focused on the eyes.
Pidge looks so shocked with those furrowed eyebrows, lines under eyes and tears.
Pidge went through so much this season, she saw the death of that rebel lady and for a short time she thought that Matt is dead too. And in that moment I bet her heart was in pain because she was about to lose someone she cared about so much the part of her new family.
After all, she was the one who said  “We’re really gonna miss you” while hanging on his neck like a koala.

Her expression here is a clear despair. She doesn’t want to lose him. It was painful to watch. I fully understand her.

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hey! so i'm fairly new too bootlegs and i don't have anything to trade with. how do i start if i have nothing? i don't want to trick someone into giving me something, i want to do it fair and square.

a lot of people are really nice and will try to give you a bootleg you want even if you don’t have anything in return and then you’ll have something to trade in the future!! if you message me off anon im sure we can work something out because i think that everyone should be able to see the shows they really want to 

heres a lil nina who knows that sharing is caring :)

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Can you do how would your name be like in their phones for some pd101 boys? Like i don't really care who (well make sure bnm boys are there xd) ( i don't even know if this request makes any sense, sorry) (and thanks) (*whispers* iluvyo)

firstly phone-whisperer-anon…. /whispers. iluvyomoAR 

PARK WOOJIN: your full name with a heart at the end or this sign “~” or maybe if he’s creative enough something like my “beautiful dancer” maybe not or maybe my name on it lol

LEE DAEHWI: probably “my babe” or your name with an addition of something cute like “(name)-tan” or something cute like daehwi is the epitome of cuteness. think of something cute and that shall be thy name

IM YOUNGMIN: probably something of the norm like “jagi” (honey/babe in korean)

KIM DONGHYUN: more than likely something cringy like “the one who stole my heart” 

PARK JIHOON: “the one” “my wink girl” or “my person”

BAE JINYOUNG: “cheonsa (angel)” or a nickname made from your name

KANG DANIEL: i only got one solution for dis shit…. “bABE” well maybe not with that exact capitals lol more like dis >>> babe

YOO SEONHO: “the answer/cure to my stomach” or “my precious”

LAI GUANLIN: “sexy lady”

HWANG MINHYUN: “queen (cue your name)”

JUNG SEWOON: “my love from the stars

ONG SEUNGWOO: “girlfriend (yeoja chingu)” something dumb like dat probs or “my girl” or “my jeongmal jeongmal jinjja lyol daebak heol wanjeon girlfriend/girl”

KIM JONGHYUN: “lovely (name)” / ippeun (pretty) cue_your_name

KANG DONGHO: “little princess”

AHN HYEONGSEOB: “baby” “baby girl” “jagiya~~~~<3″ something v diabetes like also you would save him as “my puppy” 

KIM JAEHWAN: “that person” “you” just your full name or secretly “jaehwan’s number 1″ or something dumb like dat lol

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Just my two cents: as someone whose been overweight for many years due to mental health issues, Harry Potter was where I came to escape. What I've come to realise is that the way weight is used in terms of character notes has had a huge impact on how I view my weight in relation to if I'm a good or bad person. I don't care if JKR intentionally did what she did, but I've felt like a bad/irrelevant person for so long bc of how those characters are portrayed. These kinds portrayals hurt people.

This is going to be pretty much the last ask published on this particular matter, but anon, I totally feel you on this one. It’s really easy to internalise all of these negative images about yourself because of your weight, and it can be so damaging to your mental and physical health when you have this self-image based on negative media portrayals. I know I’ve had these issues, and I’m sure there are plenty of other people who have experienced this. Thanks for being brave enough to share, anon.

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mind sharing your thoughts about lauren and simon?

okay so disclaimer that i am only a casual fifth harmony fan so a lot of this is based on light observation rather than anything in depth.

in case anyone isn’t familiar, there have been rumours for years that camila and lauren are/were secretly dating.

i don’t know if camren is actually thing but i tend to lean towards no. anyway i’m not going to dwell on that because it’s not super relevant here. regardless of the legitimacy of camren, i *do* think lauren is gay (or at the very least, into girls too) and she’s pinged me for years. 

i’m not going to use my gaydar as a source obviously but more as a general introduction to my thought process and what led me to paying more attention to her.

i think that she’s not straight and that she’s basically the louis of fifth harmony and simon’s been punishing her for her sexuality for years.

okay, now onto the actual reasons why i think that.

1. first - she’s a BRILLIANTLY TALENTED SINGER and she gets pretty much no solos and no time to shine. she’s been shoved in the background for years. here’s a video in which you can gauge her voice for yourself.

and yet … 

2. THE VAMPS SONG. okay so lauren dated (’dated’?) a member of the vamps and then they wrote this song and it’s pretty transparently about lauren (there was tons of press about it and a lot of fandom drama:

3. she posted this on her tumblr (which obviously isn’t a confirmation or denial of anything but as far as i can tell from some lowkey googling it’s the most she’s said on the subject):

and here’s a link to that tumblr account from her twitter:

i haven’t really gone through her tumblr in detail in a long ass time but from what i remember, she struck me very much as an outspoken feminist who speaks up for and supports marginalized communities when and where she can (and i’m sure it pisses simon off).

4. she was papped with louis (not necessarily super relevant to my points but still worth mentioning seeing as she’s basically the louis of fifth harmony minus the fake baby):

so anyway, regardless of how lauren identifies, i think this is pretty damn important and i’m so proud of her:

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Hey taha can you maybe rec some blogs like yours that ONLY post about harry and not about the others ashdfhdsfjd it's not that i hate them i just don't really care to see what their doing on my dash all the time! Thanks if you do!!

Aah okay i’m gonna try anon and rec only those kinda blogs! Here we go:

@harrysalbums, @alexindunkirk, @harrysbeauty, @hughaz, @harrystylesasalex, @harryispink, @leesh, @mitchharry, @thighstattoo, @matilda-breeze, @actorharrystyles, @bambiharrie, @stylespastel, @glossharry, @floralharries, @hrrystyles, @yeahloads, @lirryonce, @actingharold, @imaharrie

@harrywithfionn, @harrysera, @harrycharts, @givelovechooselove, @breadrry, @witchyharry, @daintyharru, @theepinkalbum, @stylesfilm, @tigerthightat, @harryingrey, @harrysvoice, @kenbutnobarbie, @hadaharry, @heypopstar, @styloff, @stylesrecord, @harrysflowerpetal, @divineharry, @henristarrs, @gucciloafer, @dinobraidsharry, @dunkirkalex, @robotharru, @onlyhangel

@greeneyesharry, @thereignofsoloharry, @kalelube, @aintreallygood, @harryhateblog, @harrysgolden, @harrybo, @harrsys, @hotharreh

If I missed someone out its probably because I wasn’t sure if you post just Harry! and hope this helps anon.

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I know you don't know me and maybe you don't care. I just failed the special program I've had mental breakdowns over for the past two years. I still get to go to my college and graduated high school fine but fuck it just feels so shitty. And no one I can talk to is up. So I thought of you. And how much I don't want you to feel like this. I want life to be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious for you, I really do. I don't want you to feel like this ever. I hope you don't.

Hi Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Anon!

I’ve always looked forward to seeing you in my inbox. For the past years, it’s been a wonderful surprise each time you wish me a good day. I know I don’t reply to most of them, but I want you to know that I wish the exact same for you!

Thank you for sticking by me, even after I stopped posting. Similarly, even if the program didn’t work out for you, I wholeheartedly believe in you overcoming what comes next!

Look at you! Doing so well to graduate and push forward! That’s awesome!

Much love!
–Some comic artist!

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One of my the biggest fear is that Levi got a family, wife/husband and kids or even relationship with someone... Isayama gives us so big bullshit so it is possible, don't you think? Please, can you help me? I am broken.

Aye, like I said to the last Anon, anything is possible. But you know what?  I don’t really care what Yams does from this point on.  The story I fell in love with is pretty much over.  Apart from Levi, Hanji and Historia all the characters I cared for are dead or awol, the Titans have magically disappeared, the Survey Corps only exists in name and everything they once fought for now seems meaningless. 

However that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped caring about the Survey Corp Veterans and the world they fought for.  That doesn’t mean for one minute that I’m going to stop being inspired by Levi’s courage and kindness, being devastated by Erwin’s selfless sacrifice.  That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop shipping Eruri so hard that it hurts.   

So please don’t despair Anon.  Yams can do whatever he wants with his damn mango.  The one thing he can’t do is take Eruri away from us.  Erwin, Levi, all of the Survey Corps Veterans, are in good hands now, the fandom will take care of them and give them the life and love they deserved.

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Sketches are sketches yes, but sketches are good for practice as well. They help build the foundations of what comes later. For example a talented chef does not always create a three course banquet. This does not mean when the Chef makes a simple Mac and Cheese that this is not tasty. To those who like Mac and Cheese it could be really really good, and they rave on about it. But the chef might not listen because it is not what it normally can make. In other words, don't worry too much. Have Fun.

Funny thing - if people talk about something philosophical and try to support somebody (mostly in art)  they give as an example cooks

Originally posted by raenchels

Maybe sketches will help me, maybe not. Now i feel like i can do only them

anyway, thanks that you care about me, its very nice and i feel a little better 

i`ll try my best for you

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I don't agree with your anon. At all. Harley was really like a son to Tony. Peter is more like a mentor-student relationship. Truth is, Stark couldn't give less of fuck about Peter, that he'll feel guilty if the kid dies? YES. of course, because Tony is an amazing person and very responsible but not because he cares about Peter lmao. He was more annoyed with him than anything, he was trying to get rid of the guilt he feels for bringing the kid to an adult battle. My opinion only.

You can say the responsibility aspect of Tony and Peter relationship play a huge part, but saying he doesn’t actually care for Peter and he’s more annoyed with him that is just incorrect?? It is contradicting when you say he is ‘very responsible’ but he actually couldn’t care less. Responsibility is objective, but feeling responsible is subjective, you feel responsible because you care not because you have to (no one is pointing a gun to your head and tell you to feel responsible on certain things, if you don’t give a flying fuck about it you don’t have to and you won’t feel responsible or guilty). Caring and feeling responsible are feelings that intertwine with each other and affect every decision you make I just can’t imagine how you can separate them.
Here’s a list of things Tony does for Peter because he cares:

  • builds him a multimillion dollars suit months in advanced before he actually meets Peter (Tony: *sees the Spiderman Youtube videos* Tony: this boy needs an upgrade)
  • gifts him the suit and assign Happy as Peter’s hotline (you would ask why not do it himself, first remember he has a lot on his plate, Accords, Avengers, heartbreak, Rhodey’s recovery, SI, and second this is Tony ‘this is not a hug we’re not there yet’ Stark, he doesn’t want to get too close too quickly, it’s out of his comfort zone)
  • KAREN, baby monitor, a tracker, a god damn heater, a parachute along with millions other features Tony puts in the suit because he’s paranoid about the safety of Peter
  • keeps an eye on Peter when he’s in the suit 24/7 even he’s in India, and thank god he does otherwise Peter would have drowned
  • suggests Peter to think about college and offers to help if he wants to go to MIT
  • actually listens to Peter’s voice messages, knows about the lady and the churro, when did Peter quit band
  • calls Peter to compliment him on his work in D.C.
  • actually listens to Peter’s concern about the alien weapons and calls the FBI to investigate further 
  • ‘What if somebody had die, different story right? ‘cause that’s on you.’ He doesn’t want Peter to shoulder that guilt of having people die on your screw ups
  • ‘And if you die, I think that’s on me.’ you can see his worry and concern bleeding through his eyes if you watch it again, and you say he doesn’t want Peter to die because he doesn’t want the guilt, yes and why would he feel guilty if he doesn’t care
  • [Peter: I just want to be like you] ‘And I want you to be better’ Don’t be like me, and I already see you as better than me
  • Takes away Peter suit because he’s concern about how his recklessness is endangering his own safety and the others, and more importantly he wants Peter to learn and see that Peter Parker is worthy to be Spider Man, they’re one already, the suit is just an accessories not an identity.
  • And then he goes back to his lab and build him another brand new suit, patiently waits for the boy to earn the old suit back and this new suit
  • so proud and pleased with what Peter did and has learned, and is ready to offer what Peter has always wanted because he has earned it, the Avengers membership, even calls for a press conference just in case, because he’s extra like this
  • Even more proud when Peter turns down his offer, calls him ‘young bud’ fondly, and later personally writes a post note ‘This belong to you’ attached to paper bag with the Spider man suit in it and have it deliver to Peter’s bedroom. 

I can’t comprehend why you would think he doesn’t genuinely care about Peter, and that he is more annoyed by him??? whaT? He’s not in the movie a lot, but every time he shows up he’s been showing how much he cares. He doesn’t have to do any of those above, he could have just dropped him off, return Peter safe and sound back to Queens and that’s it. He could even offer to fund school fee and college as a thank you just so it seems not heartless, and appreciative of Peter’s help. And that could be it, if he didn’t care about Peter like you said.

Sure, feel free to interpret the relationship between Tony and Harley and Tony and Peter differently. The two relationships have different dynamics. Harley doesn’t see Tony as anything other than the mechanic who breaks into his garage, and Tony takes comfort in not having to be this Superhero Iron Man, he can just be Tony. Tony bickers with Harley a lot and Harley has a way to let Tony open up a little bit more than usual. He witnesses Tony’s weakest moment and even helps him through his panic attack, the two form a special bond, it is a solid friendship that for sure can develop into a cool father/son kind of relationship. And yes, in contrast to Harley, Peter sees Tony as the Superhero Iron Man Tony Stark, Tony is his idol, someone he looks up to, so Tony in a way has to live up to this image a bit, he can’t just be Tony around Peter, yet. But boy, if you put this into post civil war context, Tony needs that. Peter’s presence has a positive influence on Tony, his genuine excitement and childish glee of all things is like a warm ray of sunshine to Tony’s cold and broken heart. Just imagine how depressed that car ride home would be if Peter wasn’t there, Peter gives Tony a reason to be back at his game just 48 hours after Siberia, he jokes around and smiles though he’s still hurting, Peter is one among the (small) group of people Tony deeply cares about and doesn’t want to disappoint, seriously they are the people who keep Tony from falling into the pit of depression and nothingness after civil war, and knowing that he’s somehow a role model for Peter even he probably thinks the boy should look up to someone better than him, it motivates him to be better for Peter. You don’t have to agree that they have a father/son like relationship, but it’s no deny that Tony and Peter have mutual love and respect for each other. 


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You guys have seen those giant marshmallow tsums, right? Because I need to stop spending money, I told myself I couldn't buy them because they are too big when I'm moving around a lot during university. But I just found out that they are selling small tsums as well... And not just of Yuuri, Viktor, and Yurio... but also of Phichit and JJ who are my other loves (and Seung-gil, but I don't really care for him) like.... help me my self control can't survive this but I need to be saving money

The way I see it, anon, money can’t buy happiness. But it can buy you merch and that’s pretty dang close.

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Dude I totally understand! I have some hudge scars on my face from something I'd rather not talk about and im a super anxious loser. I didn't go to school for almost 2 weeks after the incident and kept my hoodie up for basically the rest of the year. But I realized people didn't really Care! Lol i met my gf cause of my damn scars, she came up to me when I was at the mall and said I looked really cool. Just don't be ashamed your perfect the way you are!! -that one lesbian anon

R: I’m diggin’ all this positivity!
R: Maybe I can date somebody who loves me and my scars. Physical and well..Mental? 

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Look, Black Hat! I'm not trying to be offensive here, but I don't think you really know how to be caring. I know you want to be nicer to Dr. Flug now. The way you're going about though is what most humans would call creepy. You're acting more like a stalker than a friend.

Fucking… can I give up?

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Hi I'm 16 years old and my parents say they have to right to control what I eat the say I'm overweight and unhealthy I don't care what they think i want to be beautiful the way I am I don't want to change for them i would only ever want to change for me but do they really have the power to tell me i have to be healthy because they're my parents? It's my life my body but they don't care they want me to be healthy and I don't want to

Hi anon! I’m so sorry your parents are body shaming you. It sounds like you know what you want and I hope you always know you are beautiful and your body belongs to you alone. Let me know if I can offer you any other support!  I am happy to speak off anon if you want to speak privately. Sending you love and light. 

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When I was younger, a family member abused me. Wherever I see people shipping MortyxRick, I feel like my abuse is completely invalidated. As if it's normal. And okay. But, it's fucking not. I don't know if those shippers realize this, but those types of ships make abuse victims feel like what had happened to them is something that they should like. It perpetuates this notion that incest n pedophilia is okay. I don't know if they see that. Either way, it's fucking gross.

I’m sorry I didn’t answer this ask sooner. It got pretty flooded in here.

Anon, I’m really sorry this happened to you and I agree with you 100%. It gives M*Ps and p*dos and apologists an excuse and it allows them to think it’s okay but it never will be.

This blog will always fight to take down inc*st and p*dophiles as well as their apologists.

I’m always here to talk to if there’s anything I can do. Take care of yourself.

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Beeb been suicidal anon here Hannah knows who I am (she's such a sweet heart and really caring) You guys have all touched my heart so much thank you 💜 I'm getting help. The help I've needed for a long time and you guys pushed me for that. It's gonna be a long and hard road but I think I might be able to do this. Thank you all so much 💜 Your support means the world to me. Maybe life can work out I don't know. But I think I might just live to find out. 💜💜💜



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Agree with other anon. I used to enjoy your blog and seeing what you were getting up to but lately it's just been months of you whinging and being rude when people ask you questions, I don't mean the really shitty anons I just mean the anons asking you things because they like you. If you don't like getting rude anons or any anons it all it seems, you can disable it. I just don't like how everyone who asks you things has to start with "I don't mean this the wrong way" as to not upset you.

Dude. I don’t care. I don’t run my blog for other people. I don’t cater this to other people. I’m pregnant. It’s shitty. I complain and I ache and I am regularly in a bad mood. When people send me invasive or ridiculous questions about my life - which shockingly is not entirely public property and not entirely documented here - making assumptions or thinking they know anything about me besides my carefully tailored image on tumblr, yeah, I get pissed off.

Remember that this is my blog. If you dislike me or my content, do yourself and I a favour - just unfollow and move on.