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Oh My Baby - II

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 ||

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Word Count: 1426

“Why can’t you take him in?” yelled Chanyeol angrily into his phone. The person on the other line gave the same answer as the last two agencies he’d called.

“Can’t you make an exception?” he begged. Chanyeol waited for their answer, which was a no, before hanging up the phone and throwing it across the room into the pile of cushions on his living room couch with a frustrated groan.

Chanyeol rubbed his temples and scrunched his eyes closed, trying to calm himself down. He didn’t understand why none of the adoption agencies would take Eunwoo. They all gave the same answer, “If there’s any possibility that the child is related to you a DNA test must be conducted before we take him in.”

Chanyeol convinced himself that a test was a waste of time. Eunwoo was in no way related to him. For all he knew, the person who dropped Eunwoo off could’ve gotten the wrong address. Chanyeol held his head in his hands as he tried to think of another option, any option at all, that would get this kid out of his life. A month of Eunwoo living in his house was already too much.

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Every Now and Then I Fall Apart

A fic I posted on AO3 about a month ago before I had a tumblr

Fandom/Pairing: Batman-JayTim

Rating: T

Length: 1995 Words

The first time Tim Drake cries over Jason Todd, Jason doesn’t know about it. Jason doesn’t know because he’s dead.

Tim Drake stands unseen in the back watching Jason’s casket lower into the ground and remembers. Remembers photographing Jason on his first night out as Robin. Remembers how he could tell this was a new Robin because he moved differently from Dick Grayson. Where his flips weren’t nearly as graceful as his predecessor, his punches were much more powerful.

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The lights of the game danced off and around him as he mindlessly followed the beat’s pattern. The only light source in the arcade after hours, at least until…
“Freeze, Phantom.”
The boy turned as the score rang out a cheerful perfect, “Honestly, can’t you even pretend to be decent at anything? I’ve been here for days.”
“Surrender or–”
“Or what? You’ll take me by force? You were gonna do that anyway.” He brushed his hand up against the game. “Did you know Tuck loved this place? We’d play Crash Nebula here. Do you even know who that is?”
“Stand down, ghost.”
Blue eyes rolled up with an almost disappointed sigh, “Tucker Foley, son of Maurice and Angela Foley. I believe one of your men killed him last week?”
“If you hadn’t placed him under your thrall–”
A damp-sounding laugh and a strange crackling sound came from the boy. “There’s no such thing.” He pulled out a lollipop and swirled it in his mouth. “Are you gonna wreck this place too?”
“If you come quietly, there will be no need–”
“Told V-man that too, didja? Didn’t stop you from tryin’ ta explode his cabin, huh?” He shook his head. “The one time the fruitloop tried to be all heroic.”
“We have you surrounded.”
“I’m sure you do. Same formation you did to the Mansons’?”
“You are a threat to—”
The boy whirled around, eyes stained with watery ectoplasm. “Were the Fentons a threat too?” His tongue clacked the sucker against his teeth. “Was my family a threat?”
“If you had not seen fit to—”
Crack. Schwing.
One man fell to the ground, forehead frozen with a visible hole in his head. On the wall behind him was an icy lollipop stick.
“Head shot.” The offender chirped.
“Y-you…! How dare you!” They aimed and fired at the ghost scum. Specimens and tests be damned.
The boy simply smiled lightly, as if humoring a rather small child, and stretched out his arms and held his hands palms up. The ecto-bullets they shot froze, ectoplasm being drained and condensed into a fist-sized ball. He hummed lightly and rolled it in his hands.
At the exclamation of shock, the boy started in his own surprise as if he had forgotten they were here. Peeking up behind dark bangs, he laughed…sheepishly? “Guess I should share, huh?”
The next thing the General knew, all his men were down or dead. Struggling to his knees, he felt chilled hands shove him back down. He strained his neck to see the ghost brat with a vacant smile and reclaimed lollipop stick. Had he sharpened it?!
“Hey, hey! Let’s play dissection! I’ll be the doctor and you’ll be the patient.” He drawled, running a thumb over the icy stick.
The man struggled uselessly against the younger’s hold, spewing bile and curses at him. The ghost boy tilted his head, and it was so cute it was sickening, and reminded the other; “But weren’t you gonna do it to me? You totally wanted to see my insides!”
“W-wait, please you don’t have to do this!”
Phantom smiled coldly, “Neither did you.”

Top Of The Class (Jungkook x Reader x Taehyung smut)


Words: 3232


A part of you knew that everything you were doing was wrong. All the teasing, the not-so-innocent glances and playful smirks when no one else was looking, all the staying behind after class had ended to get ‘extra-help’ which you certainly didn’t need. All the times where you’d walk to the front of the class to ask for help and Mr Jeon would gladly help you, taking his time to explain everything in detail while his demeanour didn’t falter in the slightest when your hand rested on his thigh, your fingertips drawing patterns on the soft fabric of his trousers. Everything you and Mr Jeon were doing was wrong, although you were both old and mature enough and he was only older than you by few years, you knew that it could cause the both of you a lot of trouble if anyone was to walk in upon your after class activities that took place in the closet at the back of the classroom. But the other part of you just couldn’t resist him. You couldn’t resist his tall and toned figure and the way it always fit so snug in his shirts or the way it fit so snug against your own figure. You couldn’t resist the sly smirk that toyed on his lips every time he looked in your direction when your lesson was almost over hinting to what was about to come or the way his hands cautiously touched your own when he came over to your table to see how your work was coming along. You couldn’t resist the way your name sounded falling from his lips or how his own name sounded coming from your mouth.

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Genre: Smuttie Smutty Smut

Members: Jeon… A.k.a #MrRudeAndFlirtLately

Word Count: I have no idea Just read fam

You are on a sweet date with your very own cute yet sexy boyfriend JungKook. The times you freely meet are rare so you are doing everything you like while hanging out at his place. 

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Little Secrets (Part 2)

Originally posted by guti

(part 1)

The team had decided to have a small get together at Marcelo’s house a couple months after the season ended. The boys and some of the kids went outside to chat while the ladies stayed in the house. We continued our little secrets chat and it was my turn to give mine. It was a little better than the one I gave before. 

“Well, Marco likes to steal my sweets when I’m-” 

Before I could finish my sentence Marco, Isco and Jr. came in. 

“Not around.” I smiled at him.

“Ooo, you got caught.” Isco said, letting Jr. loose.

“Is someone talking about me behind my back?” He asked playfully giving me a kiss on the forehead. He greeted the rest of the ladies afterwards.

“Maybe.” I replied, fixing Jr’s hair.

“You better be lucky I love you.” Marco said as he sat next to me.

“Ah, that’s all talk. He wasn’t gonna do anything.” Isco joked, earning a light punch from Marco.

Marco and I arrived home, with little Isco tagging along. Isco was going to be out with friends for the next couple of days so Marco and I decided to babysit the small one. I left him with Marco in the living room while I went to change into some comfy clothes. Once I came back though I saw Jr. with a lollipop. I knew who gave it to him because he was way too short to reach for the container. He gave me an innocent smile as a stood in front of him. 

“Mi pequeño, who gave this to you?” I asked pointing at the lollipop.

“No lo sé.” He responded looking back towards the kitchen.


I walked towards the kitchen finding Marco screwing the top back to the container of sweets. I cleared my throat causing him to jump. 

“I love you.” He said in his guilt.

I laughed a little, “I love you too, but stop eating my sweets.”

“Why does it matter, everyone knows my little secret anyway.” He responded giving me a wink. 

23 years ago, I had a bully. That was the last bully I ever had.

I was in second grade. Every morning, my dad would give me a Blow Pop lollipop that I would enjoy at my leisure. I usually ate it after school during the bus ride home. There was this bully whose name I don’t even remember, and he would always harass kids, and no one ever stood up to him. I do remember he was big for a fourth grader, and rumor was he was held back a grade (I never asked him, so I don’t know for sure, but it was likely, since he was a fucking moronasshole).

One day, I was getting my Blow Pop out of my backpack and he saw me do it. He walked up to me and called my attention. “Hey kid, I see you with a Blow Pop every day,” he said. “My dad gives me one every day,” I said. Admitting to a bully that you have an endless supply of what he wants is a terrible idea, but I was young and naïve.

“Give it to me.”


He took it from me before saying another word. I protested and reached for it, and all he did was shove me away and I knew I had lost. He unwrapped it, while staring straight at me, and put the lolly in his mouth like he was trying to seduce my inner rage into a fight. I took Judo for a year when I was around five or six, but I knew that shit wasn’t going to save me. Most of what we did in that Judo class was trip other little kids when they’re holding you from a set position, and this big little asshole probably wouldn’t attack me with a karate chop so I wasn’t prepared to trust my martial arts training to prevent me from getting my ass kicked in front of a bus full of peers.

No, instead, I just took it.

The next day, I was getting my lollipop out, and Dickballs McThief came right up to me and collected it, once again unwrapping it in front of me and sticking it in his mouth while maintaining eye contact like he’s Cesar Millan and I’m a disobedient chihuahua. On the third day, I decided to eat my lollypop during lunch so I didn’t have to give it up to this turd later on. That’s when I learned what this little prick was made of.

“Where’s my Blow Pop,” he asked, like an asshole.

“I didn’t get one today.”

“I don’t care if YOU don’t get one. I want MY Blow Pop every day, and YOU are gonna get it for me.”

I tried to put up a verbal fight, but all he did was shove me and press on. All I could do was give in and agree to pay him his Blow Pop tax every day.

The next day, he got his lolly and gave me his stupid patented stare down. And the day after that. And the time after that. I got tired of not having a Blow Pop, so one morning I asked my dad for two, and he said no, that one was enough. I disagreed, and told him I needed two because I had to give one to this kid on the bus. My dad gave me a speech about bullies, and told me I have to resolve that situation, because I can’t live in fear and all that crap, but he also stressed that I shouldn’t fight him unless he fights me. Good, because I didn’t want to fight him.

That day, before school ended, I had a brilliant revenge idea. I went to the bathroom, unwrapped the Blow Pop, unwrapped my pants, and rubbed that candy all over my dick, balls, and asshole. I went to town on that shit. I spread my cheeks, I stretched my sack against it, I even pulled my foreskin back and got my glans all over it. By the time I was done, I had rubbed it on me so much that if someone sucked my dick they’d promptly be arrested for statutory rape, but ALSO, they would be like, “wow, your penis tastes like a Blow Pop.”

I shoddily re-wrapped the candy and headed to the bus. Like clockwork, Unbeknownst Cocksucker demanded the Blow Pop, and I gave it to him. He did his usual intimidating unwrapping ritual without relenting in his eye contact with me. Then he put it in his mouth.

My laughter was maniacal. He’s standing there with the lolly in his mouth, and I’m laughing like a Bond villain. Without waiting for him to ask what’s so funny, I yelled, “I PUT THAT IN MY BUTT!!!!” The kids in the immediate area started laughing at him, and I just continued to yell what I’ve done.

“I RUBBED IT ON MY BUTTHOLE!! I PEED ON IT!! [that was a lie, but the general idea is there]”

Kids started mocking him while I kept yelling what I had done in the most delirious tone imaginable, and he just threw the Blow Pop on the ground and started spitting. The bus driver got in on this commotion and wanted to know what was wrong, and like a little pussy, the bully actually told him. I got in trouble for it, and it escalated to the point where my parents were called to the vice principal’s office about my behavior. Nothing happened to the bully, as far as I’m aware, but he never ever fucked with me again.

And I enjoyed my Blow Pops in peace for another few weeks until I got sick of them.

Nothing To Be Jealous Of


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: I really wanted to do a Jealous Theo. So this is what came to mind…enjoy.

Another day but still the same old school routine of sitting in classrooms, being handed assignments that most students wouldn’t even start until the very last minute, and dealing with people who just got on your nerves.

It was the middle of breaks in between classes, you forgot to get the next book you needed for English so you quickly made your way to the locker. Searching through the mountain of books and papers that were scattered in your locker, you finally found the book you needed. Putting it on top of the pile you had to carry, you closed the locker and made your way to class.

Since you were late, the only seat left was near the back window next to some guy you barely knew, while Theo was sitting 2 seats across in the same row. The teacher gave you a stern ‘your late look’ before going back to address the class about today’s topics.

“Hey, sorry to bug you but my pen run out. Do you have another one I can borrow? Fingers crossed I will give it back” the guy seated next to you asked in a low whisper.

Digging through your pencil case, you found a spare and handed to him.

“Thanks gorgeous” he replied back. Giving him a friendly smile, you turned your attention back to the teacher.

Taking down the notes, it was a calm silence when the guy decided to talk again.

“Could you please help me with this question?” he asked, pulling his chair closer to your table….way closer than what he should have.

This was the first time that you proper got the chance to look at him, he wasn’t unattractive that’s for sure. And truth be told if you weren’t dating Theo, you would indeed flirt back a little. But you were with Theo, and he made you happy. There was no chance you were going to jeopardize that.

“I’m Caleb” he said, in the middle of you explaining the answer to him.

“Y/N” replying back.

“Pretty name for a pretty girl…cheesy I know” he laughed a little and you couldn’t help but smile.

“Is there anything else you need help on?” you asked.

“Well if you have any advice on how to get someone’s number, I would be eternally grateful”. He was not shy one bit, and he got more and more bold each time he spoke.

“I would make sure that the person isn’t taken first before asking” you gave him a apologetic look.

He instantly moved his chair back, “Oh shit…I wasn’t trying-” he was stumbling and you assured him that it was okay.

The bell rang loud and he once again apologized for coming on too strongly before leaving the classroom. Noticing that Theo didn’t wait for you like he normally did, you went to put your things away, grabbed your bag and exited the school.

Finding Theo standing beside his truck, you gave him a cheek kiss. But you knew something was off when he didn’t usually pull you back for a proper kiss.

Deciding to let it be, Theo got into his truck and drove home.

While your parents were out of town, Theo stayed over at your place. Opening the front door you were about to ask Theo a question, when he walked straight past you and into the bedroom. When you got there he was taking off his shoes and jacket.

“Theo why are you so mad? Did something happen at school?”.

He huffed and this wasn’t Theo just mad, it was way more than that. “As a matter of fact something did happen.” he stated, throwing his jacket onto the comer chair.

“Are you going to tell me about it?”.

He said nothing, and sat in the middle of the bed resting against the backboard. It didn’t click until now, but you had finally realized why Theo was acting all moody. Taking up the space next to him you just stared, and you mentally slapped yourself for not noticing the huge neon sign that was practically flashing out the word 'jealous’.

“I know what’s got you like this, last class of the day that guy that I was sitting next too. You heard our conversation, didn’t you? And I’m guessing it got you jealous”.

Theo stayed mute and continued to pretend to scroll through his phone.

“Admit it” you said poking is cheek, “Come on admit it…you were jealous” grinning at how hard Theo was trying not to crack. You went to poke him once more but he grabbed your hand and dropped his phone next to him.

“I was fucking jealous okay, seeing some other guy flirt with you like that. Baby I wanted to rip his throat out, you have no idea how hard it was to restrain myself” Theo said with a serious expression.

You moved into his lap and flung your arms around his neck, “But you didn’t and I’m proud of you for that. Yes he was sorta attractive, but that guy was no way near my type” admitting to your boyfriend who still hadn’t calmed down, his chest rising rapidly.

“Do I even want to know what your type is?” he asked.

Smirking you ran your hands down his chest, and brought your lips to his ear. “Let’s see, my type would be a man who is strong, handsome, definitely one that has charm”. You then moved your hips in a circle motion, Theo tilted his head back while you continued to talk. “A bit on the dangerous side, is cocky as hell and very protective”.

You heard him growl and his hands gripped your waist. He looked up at you and his eyes were darker than before, “I wonder who that could be? By the way you forgot to say someone who knows how to love you right”.

Getting up from his lap, he went to reach for your arm but you dodged it and Theo groaned. Turning back you played with the ends of your hair, “I would have but I was taught never to lie, and I don’t think his quite mastered that part yet”. You cheeky told him, as you pointed towards the bed.

Oh boy, did Theo launch himself off the bed and pushed you against the nearest wall. “I would be very careful on what you say next babygirl…because I’m not in the mood after what just happened”.

“Theo it was nothing, just a guy trying to flirt who thought he had a chance. Trust me no guy in Beacon Hills could ever compare to you. You just need to relax babe” you rubbed his shoulders, to try and help him relive some stress.

He sighed sharply, “I’ll relax once I can punch that guy in the face and tell him to stay away from my girl”.

It had gotten to the stage where Theo was too overworked to let it go, and since jealous Theo wasn’t a new experience, you had a few tricks on how to deal with him when he was like this.

“Theo, baby…” you ordered him, kissing him softly on the cheek, jawline, neck and then finally lips.

“Not in my nature” was all he responded.

“Then if you can’t let it go, how about you take your frustration out in a different way?”.

He raised his eyebrow and you swapped positions with him so now his back was too the wall. Your right hand slowly travelled down to his jeans, and unbuckled them without breaking the strong eye contact that was going on between the two of you.

Making your way down the next few minutes were all about pleasing him. He gripped your hair and cursed out your name, when he felt your lips come in contact with his member. Moving in circles, treating it like a lollipop it wasn’t long before he came undone. Cleaning up the mess that was just created, you stood up and Theo was still coming down from the pleasure filled bliss you had given him.

“Relaxed yet?”.

He used the table next to him as support until he knew his legs could hold him up again, “Starting too, have I ever told you how good you are with your mouth?”.

“You’ve mentioned it a few times…your still tense babe”.

Theo stepped out of his jeans and you guided him onto the bed, pinning him down you went down again. The next hour was purely a distraction so Theo’s mind would be on anything but wanting to punch the guy, who was supposedly flirting with you.

After the activities were done, both of you laid on your backs. “You know that’s unfair right? You can’t use sex against me Y/N” he said panting.

“Oh please, I didn’t hear you complain one bit. It’s a win-win, you get to focus on letting your frustration out in a more positive way and I get amazing sex”.

He got up and put on a fresh pair of boxes, while he threw you one of his spare shirts. Sliding it on, Theo said. “If you think I’ve gotten about that guy who was hitting on you before, then sorry to disappoint babygirl but I haven’t.”

You groaned loudly and fell onto the pillow, “Theo, seriously!”.

He smirked and crawled over to you. “People need to know not to mess with my girl, or they’ll have me to deal with”.

“You don’t need to fight every guy that talks to me” you told him, unimpressed with how he wanted to deal with a harmless situation.

“I’m deeply insulted, I don’t fight every guy. I leave McCall and Stilinski alone, don’t I?”.

“If you think your being cute, think again Raeken”.

He was being too stubborn and you knew if he took matters into his own hands, he would potentially make everything worse. Theo wasn’t good with letting things go, that you found out quite quickly.

He saw your expression and his turned to a more serious one, “Y/N all I want to do is protect you, tell me you know that?”.

Sitting up and taking a sip from the glass of water next to the bed stand, you faced Theo. “I know that, and the situation would be different if I was in danger…but I wasn’t. Babe I know you and Theo you hate it when a guy even looks at me, but starting a fight isn’t the answer. Please let it go…for me?”.

You could tell he was torn, Theo’s weakness was you. And if anyone had the chance to talk him out of doing things it was you. “I’m not making any promises, but if he so much as glances in your direction then I’m not going to be sorry for what I might do”.

It wasn’t what you were hoping he would say, but you had to find a compromise.

“As long as you try to contain yourself, I’ll be happy”.

Both of you smiled. Theo randomly pushed you back against the bed and hovered over you while you giggled at his suddenly movement. “I’m not good with saying this, but I need you to know that I do love you”.

“I love you too, even when your being slightly over protective”. Grabbing the spare pillow you hit Theo square in the face. Doubling over in laughter at his reaction, you slid from under him and ran to the other side of the room.

“I see how it is, is that how you want to play it?” he got up and you ran like the wind blocking and ducking his attempts to catch you throughout the house.

You got to the living room thinking you had out run Theo. Feeling two sets of strong arms pull you in, he whispered “You are the biggest dork” smiling as you couldn’t help but laugh.

“What can I say, it makes me extra loveable”.

Theo leaned in and kissed you. While you hoped that your attempts had actually worked, and he had let go of the jealously he was feeling hours earlier.

modify as necessary! cw: death, drugs, violence, eye trauma.

  • Could we reserve judgement until we’ve seen the fucking place?
  • I know it’s gonna be a shithole.
  • I’m not being funny but we can’t stay here.
  • Do you think this is good? You know, going round in a boat, looking at stuff.
  • It’s called sightseeing.
  • What’s up there, the view? The view of what? The view of down here? I can see that from down here.
  • You’re about the worst tourist in the whole world.
  • What exactly are you trying to say?
  • You know, you’re just the rudest man. The rudest man!
  • Screw you, motherfucker!
  • This is the life.
  • We’re not staying here getting pissed.
  • It’s a bit fucking over-elaborate, isn’t it?
  • But we haven’t got any guns.
  • I used to hate history. It’s all just a load of stuff that’s already happened.
  • Getting past security men, it’s sort of my job.
  • Would you turn the fucking light off?
  • Someone’s in a mood.
  • Will you shut your fucking mouth, please, and go to sleep?
  • Altogether, I had five pints of beer and six bottles. No, six pints of beer and… seven bottles. And you know what? I’m not even pissed.
  • Just don’t get into any fucking trouble. We’re keeping a low profile.
  • You murdered someone for money?
  • Purgatory’s kind of like the in-betweeny one. You weren’t really shit, but you weren’t all that great either.
  • The things you’re taught as a child, they never really leave you, do they?
  • I believe in trying to lead a good life. Like, if there’s an old lady carrying her shopping home… I don’t try and help her carry her shopping, I don’t go that far, but I’ll certainly hold the door open for her and that, and let her go out before me.
  • At the same time as trying to lead a good life, I have to reconcile myself with the fact that, yes, I have killed people.
  • He was just trying to protect his brother.
  • He was a lollipop man. He came at me with a bottle. What are you gonna do?
  • Technically, your bare hands can kill somebody, too. They can be deadly weapons.
  • What’s a 50-year-old lollipop man doing knowing fucking karate?
  • That’s all because of me. He’s dead because of me.
  • I’m trying to get my head around it, but I can’t.
  • I shoot people for money.
  • I don’t wanna die just because of your fucking arrogance.
  • I know I’m awake, but I feel like I’m in a dream.
  • Of course you can’t fucking see, I just shot a blank in your fucking eyes.
  • My date involved two instances of extreme violence.
  • I’ve got four grams of coke on me and one gram in me, which is why my heart is going like the clappers, as if I’m about to have a heart attack. So if I collapse any minute now, please remember to tell the doctors that it might have something to do with the coke.
  • Why didn’t you wave hello to me today when I waved hello to you today?
  • Where the fuck am I supposed to stand in all this blood and carnage?
  • I don’t want to appear ungrateful, but it seemed like all the money he had.
  • Some people just aren’t cut out for it.
  • If you want to do your worst, do your worst.
  • It’s an inanimate fucking object.
  • You’re an inanimate fucking object!
  • Supposed to turn up to court here in two days.
  • I’ve been wanting to say I’m really sorry for karate-chopping you the other night. That was way out of order.
  • You can’t kill a kid and expect to get away with it.
  • I’m not going anywhere, so you can fuck off.
  • You’ve got to stick to your principles.
  • I really, really hoped I wouldn’t die.
Team Fortress 2. Lollipop Sniper

A headcanon for my Sniper. He doesn’t smoke, so instead, he’s got a lollipop— from afar, it gives an illusion of a cigarette. Also, it calms him down if he’s got something in his mouth Oooh that sounds so wrong.

This lollipop idea came from a really old OC of mine who’s also a sniper.

Just dropped Lachlan off at Brussels AirPort and saying goodbye to him was honestly the hardest thing I ever had to do. The past 8 days I spent with him were amazing and it crushes me that I don’t know when i’ll get to see him again since he literally lives on the other side of the planet. During my semester abroad I didn’t just find myself, I also found the love of my life.

I was sobbing on the train and two Asian ladies came and sat down beside me and gave me a lollipop. I feel slightly better now because they’re so kind but I miss Lachlan so much already.

What Am I To You?(Taehyung)

Originally posted by myeong-su


Word Count:1,707

Summary:It was a new start, a good time, that was until I fell for him and everything fell apart.

A/n:I hope you enjoyed this! It was a little series I had wanted to do but never got to so I hope you enjoy part two will be out soon.~J

Part One//Part Two//Part Three//Part Four

                                                   (Y/n’s P.O.V)

It was my first day at my new school, I tried to style my hair this morning but I ended up wearing my regular hair since I thought that it looked dumb. After countless minutes of trying to find the perfect make up look and then wiping it all off, I decided to go with some concealer and that was it. I looked at the mirror before heading down frowning at the mirror, I thought I looked like a troll. My father was answering another phone call and my little brother was heading to the bus already, it was my first time going to school alone with no siblings and in a new city so it was a bit nerve wreaking. My stomach didn’t sit quite right and I could barely swallow my breakfast, I was so scared about how the people in my new class would think of me. After my dad finished his call he looked over at me and smiled taking a sip of his coffee.

“Are you ready for your first day?” He asked setting down the cup and looking at his watch.

“Yeah I guess” I answered lying I wasn’t ready for anything I just wanted to hide.

“Well lets get going I have a meeting to attend” he said taking his brief case and coat. I nodded and got my school bag and headed with him to the car, I looked out at the window my stomach became even more worse than before. The closer we got to school the worst my self esteem became, and I started to panic my dad noticed and his smile became a worried expression. “Honey I want you to know that your new school is not going to be like your old one and you’re going to be fine.” I instantly felt a lot better. When we finally got to the school my dad gave me a kiss on the forehead before he drove away leaving me alone.

I walked to the administration office getting my classes and locker, I headed to my locker observing the people in my school everyone seemed to have their own group and that’s when I felt like I wasn’t going to make any friends. I opened my locker and put my coat into the locker, locking the locker I went to class and I waited patiently for the teacher to introduce me I just looked at the class while standing beside the teacher, waiting for kids to fill the room.

“Kids please sit down we have a new student named (Y/n) (L/N), please be nice to her” The teacher started “you can sit next to Taehyung” The teacher pointed to the boy next to the window. I nodded and sat next to him pulling out my note books and tried to catch up with the class studies which wasn’t hard since it was the first day of school for everyone, just everyone had friends last year that also went here.

“Hey” Taehyung whispered looking at me, smiling.

“Hi” I smiled back, maybe this would be my new friend.

“You wanna eat lunch with my friends and I?” Taehyung smiled.

“Yeah I would love to!” I smiled widely.

Class ended and Taehyung grabbed my hand and pulled me to the lunchroom where we got our food and sat at a table, we were chatting and laughing together and soon more people came to sit with us. They were all in my class and they were really nice I felt as if I felt belong.

“So Y/n tell us why did you come to our school? Not complaining or anything just wondering how our school got a beautiful girl to come to our school” Namjoon asked while he borderline flirted with me, or at least I thought that was flirting.

“Well I got bullied at my last school and so I left the city and started a new life, I know it sounds cowardly but it was better than doing self harm on myself.” I answered it felt nice to get that off my chest.

“I’m so sorry that happened to you, but I think that you were strong enough to leave a city and start fresh.” Jin smiled “also I’m glad you left because now you have all of us!” I smiled, I was glad that everyone was nice to me and I was glad Taehyung had asked me to come eat lunch with him.

Lunch was over and some girls had approached me they were nice and I ended up exchanging my numbers with all of my class I was so glad that I made so many friends. After school I waited for my dad to come and pick me up, his car pulled up and I picked up my bag and went into his car.

“How was school today?” My dad asked started to drive further away from the school.

“It was the best day I’ve ever had at school, I made a lot of friends and everyone is so nice!” I told him smiling.

“That’s my girl! See what did I tell you” My dad said with pride.

Months have passed and my friendship with everyone grew especially with Taehyung and his crew, I guess they were also my crew now. I was never this happy I felt like I belonged here and it was great, although I did have some feelings for Taehyung okay a lot of feelings for him. I wanted to tell him how I felt and I decided to talk to one of my other friends to see if she had any ideas on how to tell him.

I went to class and went up to her desk, she was texting someone so I sat down next to her waiting for her to finish texting the person. She looked up and smiled at me “need help with something?” She asked I nodded.

“I want to tell Taehyung about my feelings for him” I said hoping she had something that could possibly help me.

“Okay, how about after school you tell him while you guys are walking home?” Bora suggested. I thought about it and it seemed like the best idea possible I nodded.

“Perfect” I smiled heading back to my seat and waiting for Taehyung to come back. Taehyung came into class with a lollipop in his mouth and he was holding another one.

“Y/n! Do you want a lollipop? It’s strawberry flavor one of your favourites” Taehyung said giving me his signature rectangle smile. I smiled and took one and popped it into my mouth, we talked for a while before the teacher came to class. That’s when class started and we had to finish writing notes for our upcoming test, which I was pretty ready for.

Class was almost over and I was waiting for the clock to strike three so I could tell Taehyung about my feelings for him, as the clock turned closer to three I could feel my heart pound faster. Finally class had ended and I grabbed all my stuff before Taehyung grabbed my hand and pulled me outside of the school and we started to walk home, this was the moment, the moment where I would tell Taehyung how I felt about him.

“Hey Y/n, are you okay? You haven’t been talking too much” Taehyung asked me. I took a big breath before telling him my face became even redder and I could hear the sound of my heart pounding loudly.

“Taehyung I have something to tell you” I started my face was turning even more red than before.

“Go on” Taehyung said looking scared.

“I really like you” I blurted out as fast as I could not even looking at Taehyung my face was super red now.

“Oh Y/n I didn’t know you felt that way about me” Taehyung started “I would accept your feelings but I’m already dating someone.” My heart stopped how could I forget such a big detail Taehyung had a girlfriend, it was my fault that I forgot and now Taehyung said that to be nice. He probably never looked at me as something more than a sister or a really close friend he would never date. “I’m really sorry” Taehyung said I looked up at him my face was still red but it wasn’t because I was blushing it was because I was about to cry.

“It’s alright, it’s my fault for forgetting about your girlfriend” I said trying to act as calm as possible I even faked a smile hoping he would buy it, I would have remembered her if he brought her up more than once.

“Great! Maybe sometime this week you guys can meet!” Taehyung smiled trying to cheer me up, only made me feel worse.

After Friday was the long weekend giving me plenty of time to eat ice cream and forget about what happened, I was just wearing the casual sweatpants and a t-shirt with a blanket that clings on to me while I watch movies on my laptop. I was feeling better until Taehyung texted me.

“Come outside now” He texts me.

“Why?” I text back.

“I want you to meet someone” He texts me.

I roll my eyes I didn’t want to go outside and I didn’t want to see Taehyung until I got over the whole embarrassing situation.

“I’m not home” I texted him obviously lying.

“Liar I know you’re home, your brother doesn’t watch disney movies” He texts me.

“Ugh you caught me I’ll be out in a sec” I text him.

I decided to leave my comfy spot for a bit so Taehyung would leave me alone, slipping my shoes on I get outside seeing his car parked outside of my driveway I see him and a girl in the same car. Although I can’t see who she is because of how far away I am from Taehyungs car, Taehyung opens his car door and so does the girl. He puts his arm around her shoulder as they walk closer to me, the closer they walk towards me the more familiar she looks to me.

 Then it hits me, it’s her the one person I never wanted to ever see.