it came to me on the subway

170222 Solar’s Diary

“Hello it’s Solar ^^
Today, I came here inevitably like this again ㅎㅎ

Today seemed like a memorable day especially to me. No matter how much I think about it, I feel very thankful for the birthday wishes from so many people. Very very thankful to our Moomoos ㅎㅎ

Because of Moomoos who cheer for us when we are having a hard time, who react even happier compared to anyone when we are happy, Mamamoo is able to get where we are today, and this applies to me as well ㅎㅎ

Starting from a few weeks ago, I have seen the advertisement boards ㅋㅋㅋ in the subway, bus and above the building. 
When I was little, I came across a celebrity’s birthday advertisement in the subway too. At that time, I thought wow.. that person must be very happy.
I didn’t know that there are ads here in the subway with one’s own face and birthday message?? I once had these thoughs, so now that I received them as presents… I honestly still can’t believe it. Because I have received such huge present from Moomoos, I don’t know how to feel about it honestly ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋHa.. I am very very thankful. Even my parents told me to transfer their thankfulness to Moomoos.

So from a few weeks ago, I have been thinking that there is nothing but singing to repay you all, that I should sing a song filled with my sincerity as a gift. Thankfully, you are able to listen to this song on my birthday about a person giving happiness. For this, I want to thank you again ㅎㅎ

Our Moomoos who made the advertisement boards for me, Moomoos who embarassingly knelt in front of the ads to take a proof shot, Moomoos from overseas who sent me beautiful pictures and letters, student Moomoos with no money who sent me hand-made presents made with sincerity, the students who wished me a happy birthday intensely today ㅎㅎ
There are so many, if I write it all out, you probably won’t finish reading it within today ㅎㅎㅎ and including the Moomoos who silently cheer for us diligently, I am very thankful. 

Although I feel sad when I read negative posts, when I receive sincere letters and supports from Moomoos, they really touch me deep in my heart. In which this makes me go oosha oosha ㅎㅎ Really, it is not an exaggeration that Moomoos are Mamamoo’s and my driving force ㅎㅎ

For this birthday, I have received many different things from Moomoos, so I want to repay you guys so much. It’d be great if I did this. It’d be great if I did that : I developed greed [to fulfill all of them], but I won’t be able to satisfy every single Moomoo right ㅠㅠ

However, what I said today isn’t just for today ㅎㅎ so don’t be disappointed. 

I will not forget Moomoos’ hearts, and will continue to give you good music and become the strenght of Moomoos. At least, let’s become each other’s strength and smile for each other ^^♥

Thank you once again to the Moomoos who read this all the way ‘til the end, and let’s keep moving forward together in the future ㅎㅎ

Moomoos who give me happiness, thank you ^^♥"

translated by tgc.

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Husband of the Year - Choi Minho

Originally posted by jinqki

Minho x Reader

Drabble Game : #65 “I’m Pregnant”

Request: 65 with Minho, we’re married.

Word Count : 815


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Queen (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Originally posted by marvel-freak

Prompt: Hiiii, I just came across your writing and it’s amazing! You write Sebastian so well! I was wondering if you could do something with him and the prompt “Please tell me you didn’t get on the subway like that?” You’re amazing! Thanks!

“Let’s pretend we’re strangers” Bucky angst OMG you angel, please!

A/N: Again, I combined two dialogue prompts in one. My apologies to the anon who wanted some Bucky angst, rather than Seb fluff. May I direct you to my Masterlist, which has Bucky angst for days. This was super cute and I think I might cry if this ever happened to me, regardless of Seb being present. Thanks to @entirelyyou for the other prompt! 

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anonymous asked:

Alright, story time. I'm a cis woman who has bigorexia, which basically means I think I need to work out because my body is too small. I have gotten help for it, but anyway, I was on the Subway (I live in New York) with two partner for a college project. A little girl, maybe four or five, then came up to us, and asked if I were a boy or girl, with her mom talking on her phone. I knew how kids were, and I knew most people get confused at first look. I smiled and told the girl I was a girl. (1/??)

The little girl smiled and me,said I’m really strong and she wants to look like me when she grows up, before her mom tugged her arm and they got off. Me and my partners had a couple of minutes until our stop. Suddenly, one of them (let’s call her Betty) who liked a little like Tumblr personified except white and of average weight, turned to me with a completely offended look. “Why didn’t you say that you were trans?” Betty told me. I was only muscular-I had long hair and was wearing a skirt(1/?)

“I’m not trans-” I said, but Betty interrupted me. “Oh, you were scared her mother would judge you for being transgender. I understand. Cis people don’t.” At that point my other partner decided that it would be better to move away (smart man) before Betty would spew more of her bullshit. “I’m not trans. I’m cis-” At that point Betty decides she didn’t want to be next to a “transgender betrayer” (her exact words) and got off at the next stop. She won’t be getting credit on the project (3/3)


It’s funny, a couple of years ago, I would have been a bit skeptical about this, but now I have no problem picturing this incident. What a vile individual.

(and yes folks, bigorexia is real)


pt. 1  |  pt. 2  |  pt. 3  |  pt. 4  |  pt. 5  |  pt. 6  |  pt. 7  |  pt. 8  |  pt. 9  |  pt. 10

Stiles makes it home.  Mostly.  He has his hand on the knob but then kind of just sinks down to his knees and starfishes face-down over the threshold, half in his apartment and half in the hall.  This feels like as good a place as any to live out the rest of his life, gets a nice draft and everything.

That’s how Scott and Lydia find him when Scott gets home twenty minutes later.

Scott crouches down next to his head and squawks out an alarmed: “Stiles, Jesus, what happened?”

Stiles turns his head so his cheek is pressed flat to the floorboard and he can see Scott’s concerned puppy expression under his fringe.  “I met him.”  It sounds like a death sentence the way he’s said it, all croaky and broken.  In a way, it kind of is so fair play to Stiles.  “I—We talked.  He asked me to come back tomorrow.”  He props himself up with his hands on the floor, halfway to standing but not that invested in it yet.

Scott frowns at him.  “Why do you look like the world just ended then?”  Stiles flops back down unhappily and Scott points a finger in his face.  Literally in his face, cheek depressed under Scott’s fingertip.  He pokes a few more times, says, “Because that all sounds like really good news.”

Stiles shifts his cheek away from Scott, which puts him squashed-nose-down against their floor again.  He blinks into the darkness from his own shadow.  “I’m in love with him,” he mumbles to himself, groans.  “This is so stupid, I know, Lydia, shut up” he points at where she was standing against the doorframe before he returned to his friend the floor and stabs at her with his finger, “—preemptively shut up—but he actually is it.  He’s my person.”  Stiles rolls over like a depressed seal, sits up and digs the heels of his palms into his eyes, making starbursts and orange blobs bloom behind the lids.  “I’m… finished.  I just knew it.  He was sitting there, being all—” Stiles lowers his hands, blinks plaintively up at Scott and Lydia, “you know, with the face and the surliness and I thought, I thought, yeah, this face, this surliness, that’s my new forever.”  He drops back down, floor and spine smushed together again.  “Only it isn’t and I am massively, irreparably fucked because he has a girlfriend.  And even if he wasn’t unobtainable, he’s still unobtainable.  In an ‘I have to invent new words because there aren’t ones that so much as touch him’ kind of way.”

Lydia taps the toe of her high heel into his chest and tells him thoughtfully, “You’re depressing, you know that?”  She carefully sips from the same latte cup she had earlier, purses her lips.  “Also, did you say tomorrow?  Your computer science midterm is tomorrow.”

Stiles pops upright, eyes wide. Nooooo.  That can’t—it isn’t—goddamn it!   “Oh shit.  Shit.  Fuck.  Shit.  I can’t meet him tomorrow.”  His midterm’s not until late evening but he hasn’t even started the studying process yet.  Which consists of downing a bunch of his Adderall pills, holing up in the library, jamming all related information that’ll stick into the folds of his brain where it’ll later leak out to be replaced by song lyrics and Friends quotes, sobbing - bitterly, going to the corner gas station for 5am Red Bulls, an hour or so of unscheduled and repeated cat naps while he slaps himself in the face to try to spark consciousness, drooling, desperate crying, panicked reading and, finally, acceptance that he will not pass.  Until he miraculously does (about an 87% success rate on that).

There was no room for Derek in that.  Derek eclipses everything, even the Friends quotes.  Stiles can’t see him and retain anything to do with computers on the same day.

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Brussels, 22nd of march 2016

An enormous bang shaking the windows of the building, silence so loud you could hear a pin drop..and then confusion! Loud sirens everywhere, and then a sudden and immediate evacuation at a couple of minutes after 8AM..the first calls of people stuck on the highway unable to get to work, the first news dripping in that there was something going on at the Airport just a kilometre away.. a second bang soon followed like the world was coming to an end..escorted back inside the office and told to stay inside.

The gasps and the state of shock when we saw the carnage at the airport due to terrorist attacks..then the next attack in the heart of the city in the subway! Main Man trying to call me wanting to know if I was safe and not getting through..endless voicemail messages begging me to contact him..a call that finally came hours later..It was a day that shook Belgium to the core, the heart of Europe was under attack.

I’ll never forget the breaths of relief every time friends and colleagues posted their ‘I’m safe’ message on Facebook and then finally the moment we got permission to go home..driving by the airport realizing that so many people there never would go home ever again..I’ve never been happier coming home, and I’ve never seen my mother more emotional surrounded by her daughters, sons-in-law, grandchildren knowing they were all safe.

Today I light my candle for all those who lost their lives and for all those who helped strangers in need that day.

Never forget <3

anonymous asked:

My university has a study abroad program in Seoul and I'm thinking about applying. But I've read so many stories about Seoul not being a very friendly place for minority foreigners. That's kind of made me afraid to apply.

As I am not a minority, I can’t tell you about that experience. But I had minority friends who were also studying there at the same time as I was and they all had a great time. One of them actually came back to visit me recently in Seoul because she loves it here.
My opinion is, if you want to come to Korea, then do it. I saw a few women wearing hijabs on the subway the other day and no one bothered them at all. I can’t say that Korea is the most tolerant place, but compared to America when I left, no one here is going to be brutalized by police for having a different skin tone and there haven’t been incidents of cruel people threatening minorities to get out of their country while waving Trump flags or guns. Guns are illegal here. It feels safe to me.

- Admin J

3/19/17 - Yoga

I went to yoga for the first time in a while. There’s a free Sunday class included with my gym membership. I want to try and go more regularly. It felt hard to do somethings today, but easier to do others.

Thursday I did not go to mobility, but I did eat Subway. Friday and Saturday I did nothing healthy or productive. Just drank, ate, and laid around watching Netflix.

I think Yoga on Sunday morning really helps me reset for the week. One it gets me up early (9 am) which is better than sleeping into noon. It just gives me a good energy to start my week.

After yoga I came home and started meal prep. As long as all my food stays fresh, this week is gonna be great. Im going to make a Separate post with all my planned out meals later.


exo + otpschansoo (requested by anon)

“baekhyun and i became close in about 20 seconds and when D.O first came in the company, the first person he got closest to was me. we got close so fast that it was to the point where on the first day we met, we got on the subway and went home together. when i have worries or have something I need to talk over seriously with someone, I usually talk to D.O a lot. i also learn a lot about music. we have a lot of memories from when we were trainees. the route home was the same way for D.O and i, so we would go to apgujeong station often to eat takoyaki. we have a lot of memories and he is a friend that I can trust and depend on.“ - chanyeol

debunking mbmbam!!!!!


I came out of the subway and we stared at each other for a full 30 seconds and I said nothing. He was wearing a leather jacket. 

then of course he told me the name of my true love, and when I would die 

FanFic- Letter to Me (Riley)

Letter to Me

A/N: Concept based on Letter to Me by Brad Paisley. TBH- Not quite sure where this came from but it would not let me rest until it was written.


If I could write a letter to me and send it back in time to myself:

At age 13- I’d tell myself it’s okay to be nervous about taking on the world. The world can be a scary place. Hold your family and friends close. They will see you through it. The young man who pulls you into his lap on the subway will play an important role in helping you discover who you are, who your friends are. Dad was right, the secret to life is that people change people. Don’t ever be fast to change for anyone or anything. Know who you are and you will resist the temptation to fit in. Don’t let anyone identify you with labels that are just meaningless words. You are so much more than an adjective or a superlative assigned by someone who doesn’t really know you.

At age 15- I’d tell myself that it’s okay to want to try new things, meet new people, find new hobbies. This is the time to spread your wings. I know you’re thinking but what if I fall? I promise you, you don’t…you may falter but you will not fall. There will be times when you will feel as though your wings are made of lead but they will not fail you. Aim for the moon and you’ll land amongst the stars. Don’t let fear clip your wings. Take the time to learn and appreciate what makes you unique. The most important lesson of all is chase love. Don’t let your insecurities interfere with your happiness. No matter how anyone else makes you feel, you are worth it. You are worth fighting for. The most important lesson of all is that your feelings matter just as much as everyone else’s.

At age 17- I’d tell myself that it’s okay to feel like your world is ending when you break up, after being together for so long. I promise will you get through it and together you will learn from your youthful mistakes. You will learn the difference between need and want. The difference between fire and rain. The difference between friendly love and a love built on friendship. The difference between knowing who you are and accepting it. When you feel like your foundation is cracking and you find your faith is shaken, seek guidance from those that know you the best. You will get through it, I promise. After all, you’re still around to write this letter.

At age 21- I’d tell myself that it’s okay to wish for your own happily ever after, that you would be swept away in a fairy tale fit for a queen…. But only once you learn that you are indeed a queen and not a princess who needs saving. That the strongest couples are those that balance the trials and tribulations of life between them. A true king wants his queen alongside him, not in front of nor behind him.  He also wants her to maintain her own identity and not lurk in his shadow. When the time and person are right, it will all come together when you are ready.

At age 30- I’d tell myself that it’s okay to be anxious about having full responsibility for someone else. There is nothing more important than preparing one for their life’s journey…whether they are beginning a new one or nearing the end of one. Life is about the journey, not the destination. Life is the long game. It’s about what us does for them. About seeking forgiveness from those we have harmed and learning to forgive ourselves for our own shortcomings. It’s about believing in that which we cannot see. It’s about understanding that we are never too old to learn and at the heart of it all, life is about family and those that we allow into our inner circle. When life appears to be at its bleakest, their love will guide you, comfort you and give you the strength to persevere.

“Riley? It’s time.”

She puts the pen down on the notepad and stands from the bay window. Walking down the hall, she straightens her collar and runs her fingers through her hair and thinks:

At far too young an age- I would tell myself that I will find the inner fortitude to stand in front of those that have been part of our journey and speak with the eloquence the situation calls for.

“Thank you all for coming. Cory Matthews, beloved husband, devoted dad and legendary teacher would not want us to weep for him today, but rather celebrate the legacy that he leaves behind.”

it’s you

“i believe coincidence is the universe’s way of telling you something.”

(in which Riley never falls on Lucas’ lap)

(ps this is 5800 words idk how but yeah… I’m sorry please read it and let me know what you think)


In seventh grade, my parents had decided to loosen the reins on me and let me take the subway with Maya. Being so exposed and close to a large amount of people was pretty overwhelming especially when everyone had been pushing and shoving everyone else in the small subway cart. But I was excited to finally gain freedom from my parents and let my best friend show me the real ways to live.

The two of us were stuck standing in the crowded subway when I decided to take out my newly bought lipgloss and apply it to my lips.

“Woah, Riley! You don’t do lipgloss!” I smile proudly at her noticing the change.

“Oh! What I forgot to mention is that I’m completely reinventing myself. I ride the Subway now, I have kiwi lips now, and I’m just as cool as you now!” I grinned and Maya mischievously looks beyond me.

“Yeah, let’s see how cool you can be when you look at him.” I slowly turn around to see a really good looking boy slightly smile at us with my eyes wide and turn back to my best friend with a giggle. “You still wanna be like me?” She asks with a raise of her eyebrow, and her hand slowly lifting my hand from the pole that supported us.

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joanne-egberp  asked:

Credence explodes back into black smog, frightening me and Tina. But just as quick as it came, the aurors came and attacked credence firing curse after curse at the poor boy, and in the end killing him.

Newt watched in slight shock, but for everyone’s sake he pushed those emotions down. He fired one last shot from his wand towards Grave’s and the aurors quickly took control of the man. Newt took your hand and helped you up the side of the subway, and he raised his wand towards Grave’s and spoke.


Someone Like You

Warning: none
Gender: female

Imagine: you and Spencer talking about what you want in a person (romantically) and noticing that you guys are really talking about each other.

“Hey Spence.” You came in to your usual meeting place, a coffee shop in which you two would talk for a while and get in your caffeine in before going on the subway to work.

It was raining outside, evident by your wet hair and slightly damp jacket, but that didn’t stop him from hugging you.

“Oh my god,’ you saw two cups and a muffin. "Is one of those for me?” You pointed and smiled. 

“Of course.” Spencer smiled with you. You put the jacket on the back of your chair and then you both sat down and started talking.

“Spencer, what for you are the perfect qualities in a girl?” Spencer shrugged and took a sip of his coffee, a look of confusion and surprise covering his face.

“Why do you ask?" 

"I don’t know.” You shrugged. “ Just answer it you doof.” You cut in the muffin in half and gave it to Spencer who had a small on his face as he thought for a second. 

“Well, someone intelligent, so I don’t have to explain everything I’m talking about, but doesn’t mind me rambling when I have to. Not a lot of people like it.” You let out a breathy chuckle.

“I happen to find your rambling enchanting.” You patted his hand, causing him to smile again.

“What about you?” He asked and you but your lip in concentration.

“Well, along with the intelligent thing, someone I can nerd out with. Like our usual Dr. Who movie fests. Plus, the special weekends when the Harry Potter Movies come on ABC. And someone who knows me, like how when we watch the movies you bring just the right snacks and I place blankets over the windows so it feels like we’re in a movie theatre.” Spencer nodded in agreement and you smiled at the memories.

Your phone beeped, signaling that you two should start making your way to the subway to meet Emily.

After you threw away the trash, you turned around to find Spencer holding out his jacket out to you. 

“What are you doing?” You asked as he placed it on your shoulders him still holding your jacket.

“Your jacket is still wet.” He said simply, walking over to the door and opening it for you. You blushed slightly and smiled.

“Why thank you my kind sir.” You joked, both of you walking down into the subway. Your phone buzzed, Emily saying she got an earlier start that day.

“So is that just it? Intelligence?” You asked as you both stood waiting for the / to arrive.

“Well no, not just intelligent. Someone who cares about me. Like when I’m sick you always just come over instead of coffee and make sure I’m okay." 

"Well that’s what friends do.” You mumbled, both of you boarding the /. You both held on to the pole, although you still kept falling into Spencer.

“I know that I want someone I’m comfortable being myself around. Someone who will always make me feel beautiful and know that sometimes I don’t want to go to public places." 

"But you are beautiful.” You both blushed slightly.

“You’re just saying that.” You dismissed, grabbing his hand and stepping back into the subway when it was your stop. “And besides, relationships aren’t based off of looks, at least for us anyway. But I swear that any girl would be blind to not give your handsome face a deeper look and get to see the Spencer Reid I know.” You saw his smile and gave him one in return. You both started heading to work.


It was later that day, the team basically working on paperwork, which was boring.

You felt something poke your head as you were sitting at your desk, but when you turned around no one was there, but there was a little paper airplane by your feet.

You smiled and opened the folds, finding one of Spencer’s terrible doodles and a fact about paper airplanes.

You chuckled under your breath and began to write back when a loud Garcia and Morgan walked by, doing their regular ‘we-flirt-but-aren’t-dating’ things.

“So is it just the intelligence and caring personality? Not any of the regular things like, good dancer or something like that?” You scribbled down, looking around to make sure Hotch wasn’t watching before throwing the airplane back to Spencer’s desk.

A few minutes later you recieved a reply.

“Well, kind yes, no one would want to date a jerk. I would prefer someone funny, to put up with my silly antics. Like who else would dare to throw paper airplane messages in an FBI office, even though Hotch could see at any moment.
And someone who likes my science-magic, but probably not as much as you.”

“That is true, your science-magic blows me away.” You wrote back.

“What about you? Anything else you’d prefer?”

“Hmm..” You mumbled.

“Someone who doesn’t take things way too fast, but that’s kind of a long-shot because it seems like every guy most days aren’t looking for a relationship.”

“Not everyone is like that.” He wrote back.

“Not everyone is a true gentlemen like you.”


“Hey Spence.” You greeted as he stepped inside your apartment. “I got take-out. I even asked for a second pair of chopsticks so you could attempt to use them again.” He laughed as you two went to your couch and sat down, you handing him a few unopened boxes. He gave you a look.

“What? I was hungry. And you were like, five minutes late. I waited for you as long as I could but Spencer, I didn’t think you wanted me to starve. What kind of friend would do that to the other?” You playfully teased, tossing a blanket over the both of you as you looked for something to watch.


“Spencer stop trying to punish the chopsticks.” You teased, watching him fail at using them. The food he had grabbed an was just about to go into his mouth when it fell back inside the box
He gave you a sheepish grin before watching you use yours perfectly. 

“I have an IQ of 187 but can’t use chopsticks?! How are you doing that?” He saw you pick up some rice and eat it smugly. 

“ I guess I’m just naturally talented.” You smiled and shrugged playfully. Spencer rolled his eyes but had a smile on his face.

“See, I want this as well. Someone who’s just content to eat takeout and watch tv, just talking, laughing, it doesn’t have to be special.” You said, taking another bite of your food, referring back to your conversation earlier.

“It’s pleasant. Plus you don’t have to go out to a fancy restaurant to have a good time. I like hanging out here, with you.” Spencer’s eyes locked with yours. “I want someone like you.”

“Why not the original?” You asked quietly, your breath hitching in your throat. You set down your food and turned to him.

“I didn’t think you wanted to be anything but my friend.” He mumbled.

“For a man with 187 IQ, you’re kind of clueless.” You mumbled, the both of you leaning in closer. 

You stopped, feeling his lips ghosting over yours, eyes fluttering shut as he gently pulled you in for a long-awaited kiss.

one time while i was working at subway i was cleaning the windows on the inside and a guy came in blasting metal through his headphones and my coworker told him to turn it down and he said he couldn’t cause the volume was stuck so she refused to serve him and he went outside to gather himself and came back in and when she served him again he repeatedly called her a c*nt and a b*tch to her face and someone else came in so she served him and my other coworker served the asshole instead and he kept saying those things over and over again about her but to the guy who was serving him and he paid and left the building and by this point i was washing the windows outside and he got on his bike and yelled “FUCK YOU SUBWAY” and spat at the door landing like half a foot away from my face and left


I came across these two weeks ago and I think it’s the best day to post them haha 

Happy Birthday TaeTae  ♥

Hello everybody. On October 27th, 2013, I was at Rockaway Beach, and I got the message that Lou Reed had passed. It was a solitary moment. I was by myself, and I thought of him by the ocean, and I got on the subway back to New York City. It was a 55-minute ride, and in that 55 minutes, when I returned to New York City, it was as if the whole city had transformed. People were crying on the streets. I could hear Lou’s voice coming from every café. Everyone was playing his music. Everyone was walking around dumbfounded. Strangers came up to me and hugged me. The boy who made coffee was crying. It was the whole city. It was more… Sorry… I realized, at that moment, that I had forgotten, when I was on the subway, that he was not only my friend, he was the friend of New York City…

His consciousness infiltrated and illuminated our cultural voice. Lou was a poet, able to fold his poetry within his music in the most poignant and plainspoken manner. Oh, such a perfect day. Sorry… Such a perfect day. I’m glad I spent it with you. You made me forget myself. I thought I was someone else. Someone good. You were good, Lou. You are good.

—  Patti Smith, inducting Lou Reed into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

So baby, tell me what you say@5sos

aus/prompts that need to happen

  • “out of all the places on this empty subway tram you could have sat you sat next to me and i’m honestly upset because i just wanted to be alone and now you’re asking me what’s the matter and i can’t believe i’m venting to you” au
  • “i wrecked my bicycle trying to get some food and you saw it all and came over to help me and you’re honest to god very nice but i’m still very hungry and even though i’m bleeding i’m going to get my food can i buy you a dollar burger or something to thank you” au
  • “it’s the third week of class and some freshmen keep moving and stealing my spot can i sit next to you and make fun of our douchebag professor sometimes - fuck we got kicked out for laughing too hard and that lecture was really important now what” au
  • “i work at this fucking starbucks and i hate it because you come in trying to flirt with me and im honestly just trying to make a living but Landon Pigg’s “Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop” keeps playing whenever you come in and I’m upset about how cliche this is but your flirts are actually really pathetically funny” au
  • “you follow me everyday on my commute from my apartment to work and it’s so fucking annoying but i know it’s just that we have the same commute but i can’t stand it anymore so i’m telling you off about it before i walk into work - shit are you my new boss.  why.” au