it came to me on the subway

there’s something about even’s little nod in this scene 

because even knows. he’s not oblivious, he notices the way isak reacts to his presence, to him. he’s been noticing him for weeks, weeks before they first met. he saw the way isak was when he came over to his place the previous week, he saw the look in his eyes, the light in his eyes, he saw the way he smiled and laughed, he noticed the changes in his voice. he probably memorized his facial expressions and the things he said last friday. kept replaying them in his mind every single day, in class, before going to bed, when he was with other people 

earlier in that episode, when he came to give isak his snapback, in a matter of seconds, he understood that isak hadn’t told his friends he had gone to his place, he understood that he didn’t want them to know. because he sees and understands. he remembered the cardamom on the cheese toasties five weeks later, how they were sitting on the floor of his room as they ate them, he remembered isak saying he had a drop of water in his throat, he remembered isak talking about parallel universes. because he pays such close attention to isak and the way he looks and moves and speaks and all the things he says

do you think that even, who saw this boy on the first day of school, who was probably looking forward to seeing him even when it was just at school, in public, in rooms and hallways with other students, would not notice how isak was acting? notice the way he’s been looking at him the moment he showed up at his place for the pregame? the way he starred at him when he kissed sonja and looked at him straight in the eyes? how tensed he was as he told him about sonja and how they’d been together for years? the intonation of his voice as he said his okay’s (been together since we were 15. okay. can’t dump her. okay). do you think that even who’s been desperately trying to spend time alone with this boy he was falling for would not notice the smile that spread all over isak’s face when he realized that even was messing with him, the smile he was trying to stop it, in vain? do you think he would not sense his attraction to him? the vulnerability?

of course even notices. and since he came to see isak in his kitchen, he’s only been kidding, pretending not to be serious. but with that little nod, he grows more serious. with that little nod, it’s like he’s saying i see you, i see it, i’ve seen you for a while. it’s reassuring. it’s okay. it’s understanding. i know, isak. i know. me too

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Character: Min Yoongi x reader (oc)

Genre/words: Angst, Future Smut/Mature scenes, Arranged Marriage! AU / 10,648 words

Summary: He is the successor of his family’s business empire, and you are the female heir of yours. After the trouble his older brother had created in the past, he now must face certain requirements needed for the sake of the family’s future and to save his rights of inheritance, and you become his only way out. Everything might seem so simple, just the way they are supposed to. But everything isn’t always what it seems, is it?

a/n: for my curious babies, @ssconce, @the95liner :’)

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Berlin train coverage is good enough that you can just not worry about how to get places. In particular, I can leave in the morning, get off at the stop with the most interesting-sounding name, and wander for three or four hours just always walking towards the most interesting thing currently visible (I call this greedy tourism). 

And when I get tired of this there will be a subway stop nearby from which I can straightforwardly find my way back to my hostel despite not speaking a word of the language. The maps are clear and useful! The setup is intuitive! My pass pays for buses and subways and trams and trains for the whole week so I don’t have to pay more than twice the fare to turn around and leave through the turnstile I just came through (talking to you, BART) and there are little convenience stores and pretzel places and bakeries on the station so you can get a snack while waiting for your train (still talking to you, BART) which you will not do for very long because they come every 6 minutes. And they are clean and quiet and shiny. I want to take them home with me.

When I picture the perfect life, I imagine myself in a small apartment in a small town, but near to a big one so I can get lost in the noise if I like but I can also enjoy the peace. I would hang inspirational quotes all over the walls and small lights to brighten the place. I would have a bookcase with all my favorite books and a long list of books to read. I would take the subway to work every day and I would be able to make a living out of my ability to twist words. I have always admired the power of words to touch a person’s soul, you just have to say the right ones.
And last but not least, I would come home to my best friend who would excitedly tell me about their day and all the jokes they came up with during the day and we would just relax on the couch in front of Netflix. It might not be much but it would be perfect for me.
—  giulswrites
Suits: Part 1

New Got7 Mini Series

Genre: romance, mystery, crime, thriller

“Some people don’t change…they just find new ways to lie.”

Teaser  Part 2

The bustling sound of taxi cars speeding by and truck horns rang through your ears as you exited your townhouse. The foggy morning sky was quite the typical sight to see as you prodded down the concrete steps and onto the busy sidewalk. People were racing past, panicking to call a taxi within the crowded street as it was 8 a.m. crunch time – meaning kids had to be in school and adults had to be at work.

Fastening the last button on your peacoat, you kept yourself warm and your purse near as you made your way down the street, starting on the familiar path that you took every morning. “Excuse me,” you muttered as you would make your way through hundreds of other civilians, walking down the steps and navigating your way through the underground subway station.

You were quick to find your station number, having the digits 309 engraved in your mind after countless rides. As soon as the door opened, you made your way inside the car – quickly finding a seat and plopping down as other passengers soon began to file in.

People squashed in like sardines, packing into the cart as much as possible just as the doors closed shut and the driver announced for takeoff. Among those, multiple voices were heard. With some sounding not much friendlier than others as you caught a few high school girls pushing another girl into the corner, calling her obscene names and demanding that she get off “their” train.

It was obvious that the poor girl was being bullied – however, despite the ruckus their torment was causing, none of the other passengers said a word. You snapped your head around, shocked that people stayed on their phones and pretended like they were completely oblivious to what was going on in front of them.

A girl was being bullied right there and yet, no one did a thing to stop it.

The idea itself made you sick, not knowing how a society could be so cruel as to not even lend a hand when help was needed.

So you abruptly stood up and out of your seat, eyeing the group of girls as you stalked towards them.

“You should’ve just walked to school, seems like you could use the exercise.” You heard one of the bullies remark with a laugh while pointing at the poor girl in humiliation as the others began to follow suit and laugh. You quickly noticed this particular loud girl was like the ring leader, continuing to crack cruel insults and initiating trouble while the other three high schoolers giggled like hyenas beside her.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” The leader further demanded, instigating the situation even more as she circled the poor girl like a predator.

But as the helpless girl stayed completely silent, it only pissed off the bully even more. “You scared? Say something!” She yelled, launching forward and raising a fist at the victim before you came from behind and caught it in mid-air.

“What the hell,” the bully snapped before squealing in pain as you held her arm in a lock position. “What are you doing – let go of me bitch!”

“Now you weren’t about to hit my friend here – were you?” You smirked.

“It’s none of your business lady, now let me go!” She demanded before she swung her other fist at you.

With a bored sigh, you twisted her arm in a downward position, holding it in a way that made her yelp out and fall to her knees in pain. Her friends stayed put, not bothering to get involved as you had made their leader fall within seconds. “Apologize,” you scolded the girls.

“Fuck no,” the leader hissed before you twisted her arm once more. “Ow!!” She yelled before looking up to you, “Alright, fine. I’m sorry.”

“Not to me,” you interjected. “To her.”

She watched as your eyes diverted to the girl in the corner, “…I’m sorry.” The leader muttered, looking embarrassed as she kept her head down.

 “Good,” you approved just as the train came to a stop. “Now get out of here.”

Without another word, the bully and her friends obeyed your order – each exiting out of the subway but not without giving you dirty glares first, making sure you saw the anger on their faces before leaving.

As soon as the doors closed, you turned back to the victim, looking at her as she awkwardly stood in the corner. “You can have my seat,” you gestured, nodding in the direction of your now empty leather chair.

The girl merely nodded her head in return, almost as if nonverbally expressing her gratitude as she shot you a small smile and sat down.

“That was really cool of you,” a guy mumbled as you joined him in waiting near the door. As soon as your stop came into sight, you glanced back to him.

“It’s my job.” You answered with a grin before stepping off the train.

And indeed it was as you were an attorney – dedicating your life to defend those in need.

It was a risky job to say the least, being a part of such a prestigious firm – if you made one wrong move your head was on the chopping block. It’s a fast paced, highly intense type of work but you wouldn’t want it any other way.

But of course with power comes competition and amongst yours and the other firms in the city there were the best lawyers and attorneys otherwise known as the elites. However, despite the prestigious title, in this tight circle of people there were secrets and scandals everywhere you turned. Someone was always turning their back on someone and needless to say it was hard to trust the people amongst yourself.

But lucky for you, you found solace in someone.

A loud ding of the bell signaled your arrival as you entered through the narrow door. You were instantly greeted by the pleasant smell of comfort food as you wandered in, seeing the familiar sight of a jukebox and red and white checkered walls.

The classic tunes of Elvis boomed through the diner as you found an empty seat at the bar before being greeted by a smiling face. “Morning Y/N, you having the usual?” Your friend BamBam asked as he rolled up from the other side of the bar.

“Of course,” you grinned while removing your coat and leaving it to hang on the back of your stool. “Hey Youngjae! Y/N is here. Fix her up the usual,” BamBam shouted towards the back kitchen before tending to the other tables as the morning crowd kept the server quite busy.

“Got it,” Youngjae casually announced, grabbing some ingredients before noticing you in the front. “Hey Youngjae,” you greeted with a friendly wave as you watched him through the small open window of the kitchen door.

“Y/N!” He called with a warm smile, “Been a while since we’ve seen you.”

“Oh I know, it’s been what? A whole 12 hours?” You admitted and he laughed while finishing the final touches on your food.

It was a traditional favorite you had been eating since you were a child – homemade buttermilk waffles cooked golden to perfection. With every comforting bite you took, you felt like you were back home at your grandmother’s house - waking up every morning with a plate full of waffles just begging to be topped with maple syrup.

“So what have you been up to? Anything exciting this week?” BamBam asked, sliding across the freshly mopped floor with his leather shoes. “Nothing lately, cases have been pretty slow.” You casually answered while Youngjae came out of the kitchen and set your plate down.

Your eyes lit up at the sight of your food, looking more appetizing than ever while paired with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. “Thanks,” you grinned at the cook before he leaned over the counter beside BamBam. “Ah, you never let me down. These are delicious, Youngjae.” You complimented after swallowing a piece of waffle.

“Only the best for the greatest attorney in the city,” Youngjae added, pretending to bow down to you before BamBam teasingly pushed him. “Oh stop it, you’re going to make my head swell up.” You laughed before the bell chime rung again.

You kept your attention on your breakfast, not bothering to look up as BamBam greeted the newcomer. “Welcome,” he routinely greeted. “What can I get you?”

“Just a coffee, please.” The newcomer’s voice responded. From the deep tone you could tell it was a man nearby as you could feel a newfound presence to your left at the bar. While taking another bite of your waffle, you heard BamBam towards the back bustling around and pouring a fresh cup. “Cream or sugar?” The server asked before you finally decided to look up at your surroundings.

And just as you did you laid eyes on the newcomer beside you.

He was tall and handsome – donning a head full of dark hair and a classic suit. He looked like an established young business man of some sort. His features were broad and sharp, giving him a captivating look like no other as he casually stood there against the bar. He was an eye catcher, far too good to look away from before you suddenly caught his eye.

And it was at that moment he had to take a double look – eyes now off the phone and attention purely on you before BamBam asked, “Cream or sugar?” once more.

“Black,” the man simply repeated while still keeping eye contact with you. He seemed in a daze as you slowly looked away, causing him to crack a smile before his coffee arrived. The man took a few sips of his drink before his phone began to ring again, causing him to inwardly huff a little before answering the device.

“Hello?” He answered into the speaker as you rummaged through your bag to fetch your credit card – needing to quickly pay before you were late for work. However, the man’s conversation was soon tuned out as you started to panic, internally freaking out as you opened your wallet and your credit card was missing.

“Shit,” you inwardly cursed before rummaging through the tote once more. “What’s wrong?” Youngjae asked, looking over at you with a raised brow. “Umm…I can’t seem to find my card,” you admitted as soon as you remembered you left it at home.

Your words had garnered the handsome man’s attention nearby, causing him to look at you once more as both BamBam and Youngjae both told you not to worry about it this time.

“Here,” the man announced, stepping forward and coolly taking out a platinum card out of his pocket. “It’s on me,” he added – shooting you a quick smile in return. BamBam nearly gasped at the gesture, grinning between the two of you before nodding and taking the man’s credit card before he returned to his conversation on the phone.

Not wanting to interrupt his conversation, you mouthed the words thank you to the kind stranger, making sure he saw you before you bid your two friends goodbye and headed towards the door. BamBam shot you a disapproving scowl from behind, sneakily nodding his head towards the stranger as if telling you to stay and talk to him.

You shook your head, almost laughing aloud until you continued towards the exit.

The cool air hit your skin as you found yourself outside, casually running a hand through your hair before you were suddenly called from behind. “Hey!” A voice called, making you turn around and face the kind stranger from before. He was no longer on the phone but instead walking towards you.

Raising your brows, you stayed put, curiously looking until he stood in front of you. “…Hi,” you greeted - wondering why he was looking for you in the first place. “You forgot this,” he soon declared before handing you your peacoat.

Your eyes widened, mentally scolding yourself for forgetting it in the first place. “Ah, today is just not my day,” you humbly mumbled. “Thanks.”

“Anytime,” he replied, holding back a grin from within as he looked down at you.

“And listen – about the food, I’ll pay you back immediately-”

“No need,” the man interjected. “Don’t worry about it.”

You blinked a few times, completely surprised by such a nice deed. “Well thank you…again.” You added with a small smile before noticing he was still eyeing at you. His gaze was intimidating at first but you noticed there was a sense of warmth within the way he looked at you. It was charming in a way, almost drawing you in as he held this sort of alluring presence about him.

You felt your cheeks heat up before tucking a chunk of hair behind your ear – quickly snapping yourself out of this trance. “Uh…well I- I’m going to be late for work so I have to get going…” you awkwardly announced. “Nice meeting you.” You added before turning to leave once more.

“Wait-” The man called, making you turn around as you were now a few feet away from him.

“Yes?” You answered.

“I never got your name,” he confessed, staying where he was as he held his coffee in one hand.

“Y/N,” you casually stated.

“Y/N,” he repeated in an appealing tone. “I like it…I’m Jaebum by the way.”

Jaebum. The name had a familiar ring to it as it sounded much more common to you than you realized. Where have I heard that name before? You mentally asked yourself – trying to uncover the mystery. However, you couldn’t put a finger to it as he didn’t look the least bit familiar.

“Well Y/N…I hope to see you again soon,” Jaebum admitted. “Maybe you can let me take you out sometime.”

“Ahh that’s nice, but I’m not too sure my fiancée would like that.” You teased before throwing up your hand and showing off your engagement ring.

Jaebum looked intrigued by the large diamond, raising his dark brows as his lips twisted into a smirk. “Fiancée you say?” He questioned before taking a sip of his coffee. “Lucky man.”

“Indeed he is,” you answered, causing Jaebum to chuckle in response. “Well I’ll see you around then Y/N.” He concluded. “Have a good rest of your day.”

“You too,” you replied before continuing on your way to your office. It was a block down from the diner but with crowded sidewalks and busy streets, you still ended up being late to work.

“You’re late,” you immediately heard as you raced down the hall towards your office – making you halt and turn towards the room you had passed. You were now faced with a demeaning glare, looking at you up and down as you entered the office.

“Sorry, I had a weird morning,” you admitted – closing the door behind you and leaving you two alone in the room. Your heart fluttered as you eyed the man in front of you, admiring how sexy he looked in the new suit you bought him.

“That’s not a good excuse,” he commented, cocking a brow at you as he leaned back in his large leather chair.

You smirked before setting down your tote and making your way towards the handsome man. “Maybe you can let me off the hook just this one time,” you suggested while coming inches closer to him and sitting at the edge of his desk.

“Hmm… I don’t know,” he playfully hummed, eyeing your legs in front of him.

You bit your lip as he slid his hands over them, caressing the smooth surface of your thighs as you spoke once more. “But Jackson, I promise I’ll be good next time.”

“I don’t think so,” he teased, looking up to you with those charming eyes you loved so much.

“I will.” You assured and a ‘tsk’ left his mouth. “How will you convince me otherwise?” Jackson asked.

“Hmm I have my ways,” you giggled before leaning down to your fiancée and grabbing him by his tie as you whispered, “Just wait till we get home.”

He showed his pearly whites as he cracked a mischievous grin, completely satisfied by your choice of words. “I look forward to it.” He purred before moving in and capturing your lips in a hot kiss. You held him close as your lips collided, quickly beginning to turn into something more if Jackson didn’t stop you when he did.

“I had one of the secretaries put a new case on your desk, it was supposed to be mine but I think it might put you out of your boredom.” He announced with a short laugh before you gave him one last peck and straightened out your pencil skirt. “Thanks babe,” you blew a kiss, earning a wink from him in return. “You’re welcome…now get to work,” Jackson ordered before you smiled and exited out of his office.

You plopped down in your seat as soon as you saw the familiar manila folders stacked onto your desk. “Let’s see what we got here,” you whispered to yourself as you opened each one, getting excited just like opening presents on your birthday.

And just as you did, you found the case you had been assigned. It was new and a high profile murder case awaiting trial soon.

But this was no ordinary murder case – no. It was one much different compared to anything you’ve ever tackled before as there, written in plain black letters was the name of the infamous Park Jinyoung.

anonymous asked:

Hi hi!! Can I get Jason Todd x reader ?? Like he meets them at a book store or something like that.,, pls and ty :)

Hi, just as you requested! Thank you for sending your request in and hope you enjoy! It might be short but nevertheless, I really do hope you enjoy this! 

Jason grumbles under his breath as he waits in line. Out of the things he could have done, he still can’t believe he is doing this. The things he does for Timbers, Jason mutters a curse under his breath, ignoring the appalled look the mother in front of him is giving him. 

The line is moving slowly and Jason is starting to get bored. He wants to leave, to go back to safety and the comfort his bedroom has to offer but he had already promised Tim that he will get the book for him. He would not have done this if his younger brother had not been extremely sick. 

Jason is minding his own business, playing a game on his phone when suddenly someone is pushed against him, causing him to lose which disrupted his winning streak. He almost swears but turns around instead to scold the perpetrator only to hold his tongue back. 

“S-sorry! I didn’t mean to, I was pushed,” You ramble off, feeling extremely embarrassed as well as mortified about what had just happened. You too had been minding your own business - counting the number of people left in front of you until you can get a hand on the copy of the latest boom by your favourite author - when someone became rather impatient and started pushing people forward. “I am so, so sorry!” Your cheeks are red with embarrassment and it also did not help the fact that the man you had just bumped in to has the handsomest face you have ever seen! 

On any other girls, he would have find this attitude very annoying but somehow, on you, Jason thinks it’s very cute. He shakes his head. “It’s alright - just an accident.” He rakes his brain, trying to find a topic so that he can keep talking to you. 

Though thankfully, he did not have to because one, the line started moving which cause the two of you to move accordingly and secondly, you started the conversation yourself. 

“I have been waiting for this release ever since they said they were going to release it! I honestly cannot wait to get my hands on a copy and then get a cuppa and sit and read.” You tell the man in front of you excitedly. The two of you are drawing nearer to the counter and you could almost feel just how close you are in getting that book!

Jason chuckles at your excitement. “I can’t say I relate to that.” He offers and when you tilt your head to the side (he finds this adorable too and Jason thinks he should probably stop because he just needs to!), he continues talking. “I am only getting this for my younger brother. Huge fan, I must say. He is currently on bed-rest.” Jason does not even know why he is telling any of this to you but he is. 

You smile, endeared by the thought that the man is doing his brother a favour. Then it was his turn to buy the book and in your excitement, you immediately forgot about the conversation. Getting your own book and having it signed by your favourite author was enough to make your day! 

Only when you stepped outside of the bookstore that you realize that you might have blown a chance to get to know the man earlier. There was just something about him that made him very attractive. You sigh at your lost chance and is about to walk towards the subway station when a hand on your shoulder stops you. 

You jump a little before turning to look at… the man from earlier! He is looking at you with an amused expression and you blush slightly. 

“Are you always this jumpy?”

“Only when you’re around.” You blurt out before gasping, eyes wide with what you have just said. “Oh my God, I am so, so sorry! I don’t know what came over me - I normally don’t go around insulting people I don’t know - I am so sorry!”

Jason chuckles. “Well you can make it up to me by coming alone to this cafe I saw on the way here.”

You open your mouth and promptly close it shut as you stare at the man in front of you. “What?” You ask dumbly. 

Jason grins at you. “My name is Jason and I’m asking you out for a coffee date.”

You blush at the invitation. “I’m Y/N… and yes, of course.” You accept his invitation because this is the first time you have ever felt any attraction to a man. “But what about your brother’s book?” You gasp. 

Jason shakes his head. “Timbers won’t mind waiting an hour or two. He still needs rest after all.” Jason explains, the last time he texted Alfred, the old man had told him that Tim only just went to sleep. So he has a few hours to spare before he needs to go back to the manor. “So shall we go, Y/N?”

You smile at him and nod your head. “Lead the way then.”

When I picture the perfect life, I imagine myself in a small apartment in a small town, but near to a big one so I can get lost in the noise if I like but I can also enjoy the peace. I would hang inspirational quotes all over the walls and small lights to brighten the place. I would have a bookcase with all my favorite books and a long list of books to read. I would take the subway to work every day and I would be able to make a living out of my ability to twist words. I have always admired the power of words to touch a person’s soul, you just have to say the right ones.
And last but not least, I would come home to my best friend who would excitedly tell me about their day and all the jokes they came up with during the day and we would just relax on the couch in front of Netflix. It might not be much but it would be perfect for me.
—  giulswrites
Cleopatra (Tom Holland)

Originally posted by j-murphy

Pairing: Tom Holland x Actor!Reader

Warning: Mention of death

Summary: Y/n writes letters to her ex-boyfriend, Tom when break up after he asks her to marry him. She writes all the letters in hope that he’ll come back to her. 

Author: Dizzy

A/N: Just a little fic I decided to write while listening to “Cleopatra” by The Lumineers.  Antony is the sequel with Tom’s responses to the letters Y/n writes.

Masterlist Request a Prompt

                                                                                                       May 30, 2017

Dear Tom,

It’s been two weeks since you left me and I really wish we hadn’t fallen apart. It’s been three weeks since we buried my father and I wish he was here to help me figure out how to move on.

But please, baby, you have to understand why I said no to your proposal. You asked on the first saddest day of my life, the second being your departure from my life, from our town. 

“No” just seemed to fall from my lips without warning that day. That makes sense though, believe me. I couldn’t get engaged the day my father was put to rest. 

Don’t you remember? I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep. Hell, you had to force me to take a shower by doing it with me, by washing my body for me. I was sobbing on the bed in my childhood room when you knelt beside me. When you kept the mascara that stained my face from staining those pink rose and white sheets. 

It was when my sobs subsided, when everyone stopped coming by to see how I was that you pressed that ring into my hand, the one my father gave you when you asked for his hand in marriage. The very ring he placed in my mother’s when he asked her to marry him. 

“Marry me.” was all you had said, so simple and effective. 

I was shocked, my face sticky and my mouth dry as it hung open and your lips pursed into a nervous smirk. 

“No.” fell from my lips and the tears once again began to flow, not from my eyes, but yours.

It was the first time I had seen you cry. The first time I had seen sobs take over your being as you repeated the question of “why?”

Yet, I couldn’t answer why I said no, why I allowed the answer to fall from my lips when I truly wanted to say “yes”, especially when you stained my bed sheets, the beautiful pink roses, with angry tears.

                                                                                                          Forgive me,


p.s. Happy early birthday. I hid a present for you under the staircase.

                                                                                                        June 1, 2017

Dear Tom,

I’d hate to rain on your birthday parade, but I couldn’t get you off my mind. You’re welcome for the gift, it was the least I could do. I still love you, you know. Even if we aren’t friends or dating. 

I have some news. I will be playing Cleopatra in the movie adaption of Cleopatra and Antony. I know you probably don’t care, but I am very glad to have landed such a large role. 

That day still runs through my head. That Sunday. 

I remember how I left the mud stains on my father’s beautiful white carpet when you chased me out of the rain and into the warmth of that little house on the hill. I remember the sticky and sweet smell of the rain on our skin, the way you shook you head to dry off. 

I still remember how it took you all day to find out that the mud on the carpet couldn’t be removed because of how it hardened and cracked like my heart did when you announced you were leaving me. 

That day, Sunday, had gone by so slowly. The rain droned on overhead. The umbrellas were all black except for yours, with it’s bright and odd blue that seemed to make us stand out more than when I came crashing into you with loud and overwhelming sobs. The rain didn’t touch you, didn’t seem as if it ever would, like it was scared of the strength you had. 

I know you loved my father as much as I did and your lack of emotion, or should I say your perseverance of emotion, was all to protect me from the dark and dreariness of the day. I know when you discovered the mud stains on the carpet had cracked and dried, your eyes didn’t glazed over and your brows hadn’t furl because of what you thought people would think when they saw it. I know that they did that because you, yourself, were trying to keep from crying at the thought of how my father would’ve joined me in making those stains in the carpet he hated so much.  

I took up his way of transportation, taking the subway instead of the cab. It’s better for me that way. The sounds of the conductor’s unintelligible voice and the rumbles of the train on the tracks keeps me distracted from all the strangers around me that remind me of you. 

Like now, for example. As I write this letter, there’s a little boy and his mother that sit across from me.

The little boy looks as if he could be your son, with the same tousled hair, the same big eyes and bright smile. He speaks of animals and the heroes in his little children’s novels with such intelligence, just as your mother said you had done at that age. 

Sadly, not the conductor nor the thunder like rumbles and crashes of the subway can keep me distracted from this child, this little boy who makes me wonder what would’ve happened if I kept you around. 

                                                                                                           I miss you,


p.s. I hope you have a great birthday. Say hello to Harrison for me.

                                                                                                     June 4, 2017

Dear Tom,

I went to a church today. It was magnificent, open and stained with colorful streams of light that came from the windows. The tragic faces of Jesus and the saints seemed to make me feel comforted for the first time in a while.

Yet, it still made me feel empty, still made me miss you somehow. 

Maybe it was the speaking of how the church discouraged the lust for you that burns within me or the way they frowned upon my own beliefs that made me yearn for your comfort more than that of those red candles that burned around me. 

So, I left. I couldn’t stay much longer and I don’t know if I really want to go back because the only gifts from the Lord the church spoke of so highly were birth and my father and the Lord already took one of those gifts away. 

But maybe you were a gift as well. I may never know since we’re drawn apart, New York and London. Across the pond and worlds away.

Well, I feel like I should talk about, that I must admit it. I would marry you in an instant. Hell, I’d be your mistress if that meant I could have you around, in my world, on my side of the pond. 

The way your tears stained my bed sheets, the way your rosy cheeks turned a fiery red when your sobs subsided and you looked into my eyes is still a permanent image in my brain. 

To answer your question, no, I didn’t think of you that day. I didn’t think about how you felt when you had to pull me out of the rain, when you sobbed on my bedroom floor or how you felt when you left town. 

I guess I was late in figuring things out. I’m always late, Tom. Don’t you know? I’m always damn late. In getting out on time, in getting things done, in figuring out that you’re the love of my life. 

                                                                                                I’m sorry, my love,


p.s. My new apartment has a master bed and a joint bathroom, a place for you. 

                                                                                                        June 7, 2017

Dear Tom, 

Yes, if the offer is still on the table. If you will let me.

                                                                                                             With love,


Danny squints at the cabin, taking in the walls, the roof, the chairs - hell, the bed.  He squints some more, highly suspicious, before saying, “You tricked me.”

Beside him, Steve shuffles.  “Yes.”

“This is civilization.  Well.”  Danny nudges his boot against the rocks around the fire pit.  “Mostly.  It’s civilized.  Civilization-adjacent.  As opposed to the nest of sticks I’d been expecting.”

Steve laughs, throws an arm around Danny’s shoulders to draw him close.  Tucked together, they amble into the cabin.  “You’re so dramatic, Danny.  A nest of sticks?  Were you also expecting stale bread and dripping for dinner?”

Danny scowls, abandoning his heavy backpack beside the table.  “You said we were going camping!  Kept droning on and on about ‘getting away’ and ‘returning to nature’ and other hippie-shit.”

“Nature is ‘hippie-shit?’”

“To one such as myself”–Danny plants a hand over his heart–”nature is absolutely hippie-shit.  Up means skyscrapers and down means the subway, and that is the way the world turns.  At least it was until you came along and sucked me into your life of sunshine.”

A mischievous gleam in his eye, Steve advances, toppling Danny onto the bed and crawling over him. He bops their noses together.  “I’ve got some bad news for you, Danno.  Jersey has nature.  And sunshine.”

Danny gasps, indignant.  “That is a lie.”

“Sorry,” Steve says, ever-so-gravely.  “But it’s true.  There are even confirmed reports of a tree.  Just the one, mind you, don’t worry.”

Danny’s hand, which had been doing something interesting between their bodies, wiggles free to poke a finger in Steve’s face.  “You take that back.”

“I can’t.  It’s on official New Jersey websites.  Who am I to disagree with the government of the Garden State.”

Despite himself, Danny can’t help but laugh, because Steve is such a goof and he loves him so very very much.  “All right, fine.  I will accept that there might be one single tree in my otherwise beautiful home state.  But this?”  He waves at the world right outside their doorstep.  “This is a lot of trees.  Why would anybody need this many?”

“Well, there’s this little thing called ‘oxygen’, but - mmrph!”

Danny interrupts him with a kiss, deep, dirty, full of promise and goofy-stupid happiness.  They indulge in the closeness that a kiss can bring, re-learning each other after such a hectic work week.  Eventually Danny pulls back, smooths his thumbs against the crinkles by Steve’s eyes.  “Why did you let me think we’d be slumming it?”

Steve shrugs, a full-body thing, and rolls away to divest himself of clunky hiking clothes.  Soon they’re tangled together, skin to skin, a nap on the horizon.  There’s something thrilling about being naked in the middle of the rainforest, sunshine streaming through the roof, canvas shutters rolled up and giving them a beautiful view of the beach.

“I don’t know,” Steve says, finally picking up the abandoned thread of Danny’s question.  “It was funny watching you act all stoic about the prospect of camping.  You were trying.  You were willing to sleep in a nest of sticks for me.  It was…” Steve trails off, flushed with equal parts contentment and embarrassment.  “It was sweet.”

“Well,” Danny says, “I am incredibly sweet, yes.  Finally you speak the truth.”

Steve laughs, and pounces, rolling Danny under him.  It’s going to be a good weekend, out in the rainforest, under the Hawaiian sun.

A Lovely Night (2/3) [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]


Summary: What happens when Lin’s path and yours cross while trying to make it into Broadway?

Word count: 2,568

Warnings: Alcohol mention and some light cursing. Also usage of some FLS content from 2012 even tho this story is set in 2007 oops. 

A/N: PART TWO IS HERE! This took me and Nat forever to figure out and I’m so glad @down4usnavy decided to help out because her idea was amazing. I really hope you guys like it! Also part three will (hopefully) come very soon!

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“Don’t make me physically drag you outside, [Y/N]!” Natalie barged into your room already dressed up, opening your closet and looking for something for a few seconds, throwing a yellow dress at you.

“I agreed to the party last time, I’m not going again.” You hugged your pillow and resolutely stared at her, ignoring the dress.

“But I saw you talking to a cute guy last time! And this time it’s just a bar, how bad can it be?” Natalie countered, her voice echoing in the hallway as she left your room.

You laughed into the pillow, rolling your eyes. “Yeah, a cute guy who left just as I was about to begin my rant. Total asshole.”

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170222 Solar’s Diary

“Hello it’s Solar ^^
Today, I came here inevitably like this again ㅎㅎ

Today seemed like a memorable day especially to me. No matter how much I think about it, I feel very thankful for the birthday wishes from so many people. Very very thankful to our Moomoos ㅎㅎ

Because of Moomoos who cheer for us when we are having a hard time, who react even happier compared to anyone when we are happy, Mamamoo is able to get where we are today, and this applies to me as well ㅎㅎ

Starting from a few weeks ago, I have seen the advertisement boards ㅋㅋㅋ in the subway, bus and above the building. 
When I was little, I came across a celebrity’s birthday advertisement in the subway too. At that time, I thought wow.. that person must be very happy.
I didn’t know that there are ads here in the subway with one’s own face and birthday message?? I once had these thoughs, so now that I received them as presents… I honestly still can’t believe it. Because I have received such huge present from Moomoos, I don’t know how to feel about it honestly ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋHa.. I am very very thankful. Even my parents told me to transfer their thankfulness to Moomoos.

So from a few weeks ago, I have been thinking that there is nothing but singing to repay you all, that I should sing a song filled with my sincerity as a gift. Thankfully, you are able to listen to this song on my birthday about a person giving happiness. For this, I want to thank you again ㅎㅎ

Our Moomoos who made the advertisement boards for me, Moomoos who embarassingly knelt in front of the ads to take a proof shot, Moomoos from overseas who sent me beautiful pictures and letters, student Moomoos with no money who sent me hand-made presents made with sincerity, the students who wished me a happy birthday intensely today ㅎㅎ
There are so many, if I write it all out, you probably won’t finish reading it within today ㅎㅎㅎ and including the Moomoos who silently cheer for us diligently, I am very thankful. 

Although I feel sad when I read negative posts, when I receive sincere letters and supports from Moomoos, they really touch me deep in my heart. In which this makes me go oosha oosha ㅎㅎ Really, it is not an exaggeration that Moomoos are Mamamoo’s and my driving force ㅎㅎ

For this birthday, I have received many different things from Moomoos, so I want to repay you guys so much. It’d be great if I did this. It’d be great if I did that : I developed greed [to fulfill all of them], but I won’t be able to satisfy every single Moomoo right ㅠㅠ

However, what I said today isn’t just for today ㅎㅎ so don’t be disappointed. 

I will not forget Moomoos’ hearts, and will continue to give you good music and become the strenght of Moomoos. At least, let’s become each other’s strength and smile for each other ^^♥

Thank you once again to the Moomoos who read this all the way ‘til the end, and let’s keep moving forward together in the future ㅎㅎ

Moomoos who give me happiness, thank you ^^♥"

translated by tgc.

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My dad is a professor and cancer researcher. He also reads romance novels by the truckload. Usually regencies, and the smarter the heroine, the better he likes it. He used to ride the subway with a romance novel tucked in his back pocket, ready to whip it out at a moment’s notice. He did not care who saw him.

He also read my XF fic back in the day. I got a call from him once. “How many times can you hit the rec button at Ephemeral?”

Me: “ONCE, Dad. Just ONCE.”

But you have to understand, my father didn’t just like to know how I was doing. He liked to keep an eye on my “competition.” If I came home with a test, he wanted to know how I did and how that compared to the rest of the class. If I got a 98%, he asked what happened to those other two points! So Dad didn’t just read my fic, he started reading other people’s. He likes romance, remember? He used to call me up with thoughts about the latest piece from Meredith or Dasha or MustangSally. He was especially impressed with Fialka. I told him he should send feedback. I don’t t know if he ever did.

He voted in the Spookys one year. I have no idea if he voted for me or not–it would depend on whether he thought I legitimately deserved it!

What I admire about my Dad is that he just doesn’t care at all what other people think of him. He is his own self, no matter what. The women at the used bookstore he frequents have grown to trust his romance recommendations. Once, a newbie started working at the counter. She saw my dad in the romance section and tried to steer him toward the Tom Clancy. “No, no, dear. Yours are over here…”

He said, “I think I might surprise you.”

Indeed. Happy Father’s Day, Dad.


Lorde - Green Light


In the “Green Light” video, Lorde is a girl alone in an empty city. This is not an uncommon motif in the pop music video, girl alone in the city at night. Alone in the club bathroom, alone in the street. The details of this solitude: the pink dress, her glossy eyelids, her arm reaching out the open car window. I hear a sound in my mind, a brand new sound in my mind. Next shot: dancing on top of a car, the light red. I whisper things, the city sings them back to you. Girl in the city alone at night is also girl surrounded by song. Later in the video we see Ella put her headphones in.

“Your Type” - Carly Rae Jepsen (also a girl alone at night)

I remember the interviews before Melodrama came out, where she talked about riding the subways listening to her demos on cheap earphones to see how her songs would sound curling up inside of someone else’s life. 

This song is so good to sing along to, really it is. I listen to it on my car while driving down the highway too fast. I listen to it on my headphones while cooking breakfast. It makes me happy. Even so, though - it always feels like the words might get stuck in my throat. Like I might choke on it. Honey I’ll be seeing you wherever I go. Honey I’ll be seeing you down every road. A pause, here. The first ecstatic shriek: I’M WAITING FOR IT / THAT GREEN LIGHT / I WANT IT and then, again, Honey I’ll come get my things but I can’t let go. The near-apocalyptic glee of the chorus pushed right up against the yearning. I can’t stop thinking about how the word “honey” sometimes drops down into the very lowest part of her register, more like a swallow.

It is important, I think, that “Green Light” is not really a catharsis. It dwells. In “Green Light” we sit with a kind of grief that makes no promises of cleanliness, of sterility. Grief that’s sticky-sweet (honey, honey, honey). It rots. This single phrase repeated over and over: Honey I’ll come get my things. You go back. You pick your stuff up. Maybe it’s already in a box. Maybe you go inside and put the things you remember are yours in a bag, do the work of slowly, finally disentangling your life from somebody else’s. That’s awful! It’s awful. Even in the act of tearing yourself away you have to go back at least once, and in this song she repeats that return so many times, over and over. I’ll come get my things. I wish I could get my things. It’s horrific, we’re delirious with it. Still, this song is so happy. Enormous and ecstatic and solitary and happy. Pure Heroine was always filled with other people - friends, a team, a “we”, a “them”. The “you” in “Green Light” is really only there to remind us how solitary this song really is. Girl alone in a pretty dress and lip gloss in the middle of the night, not getting over it, a joyous shriek into the void I’M WAITING FOR IT THAT GREEN LIGHT I WANT IT. 

Green Light”, at least, introduces us to the soft ugly yearning that seeps through the rest of the album. Even the awkward metaphor about great whites and their teeth seems to be in service of this bruised wanting. She should talk about teeth all the time. Neon bright in a chorus of a thousand ecstatic Lorde voices: You thought that you would always be in love / but you’re not in love no more!!!! Everything ugly also glimmers in the light.


Requested BTS Fake Text: Liking the same girl! Pt.12

(Pt.1) (Pt.2) (Pt.3) (Pt.4) (Pt.5) (Pt.6) (Pt.7) (Pt.8) (Pt.9) (Pt.10) (Pt.11) 

It was 10:30 pm when I decided to head over to the club. I am so glad that the guys…well V invited me to have fun with them. It’s been a while since, I last heard from him, I’ve kind of wondered, if I was to harsh on him last time…but apparently he needed time. I headed into the subway station and waited for my designated train to come by, it came in 5 minutes. I gladly hopped in and sat until I arrived at my destination. I’ve arrived in 20 minutes and quickly headed out and walked towards the club, In a manner of minutes, I’ve arrived and quickly decided to look out for the boys. I’ve found them sitting down, drinking and talking to some new girl. “Who is she?” I asked out loud myself. I stood there thinking my head off but decided not too anymore. Quickly Hoseok spotted me, and he greeted me with the warmest smile. “We’ve been waiting!” he said sounding very happy.  “Sorry..I am late, I’ma I?” I asked. “Yes” he responded as he grab my hand and took me to dance. Once the new song  started. our bodies moved in harmony with each other. I got tired at the third song and decided to go to the table, the only one’s sitting down was Suga and the new girl, she seems like she’s enjoying herself with Suga.

 I sat in front of them. I could see that the new girl saw me and snickered and whispered something to his ear, making him grin and then winked at her. I  immediately felt jealous. Then she acknowledge me and said “Hi my name is  Hye-Bora”, she smirked and eyed me up and down and whispered “You’re no match for me..” I smirked and said “Maybe I am not..but I don’t look like a bitch” I smiled. She smirked even more and said “Try me”. I bite my lower lip and clenched my hands and didn’t move and then she was about to lunge at me but Suga grabbed her hand and said “Hey, you better watch out” he looked at her with cold eyes. “What?, but she started it” she whined. “I don’t think so” he said without looking at her. She gasped and then he grabbed my hand leaded me out of the club. “Umm…I don’t like her” I said as I looked backward. “Yeah, me neither” he confessed. I must hand a confused look on my face but then he asked worriedly, searching for any sing of blood or something “Are you okay?”. “Yes” I said. We where walking out of the club, when suddenly I tripped and fell to the floor taking Suga with me. I don’t know how we ended up this way but he was on top of me. “I am so sorry…” I stammered. “It’s okay” he said still on top of me and then he leaned in and kissed me. My heart raced through my chest, and the kiss was so passionate, that when he finished, he left me hanging. “I am so sorry…I didn’t meant to” he said. Making my heart stop in its tracks. He help me up and started to say once again “This…this is impossible Y/N… I can’t  get you out of my head. I can’t think straight wondering how you are doing throughout the day” he confessed his feeling towards me. I kept quiet, feeling once again my heart race. “What about Hoseok?” is the only thing that I managed to say. “What about him?” he asked. “You know forget it…I knew this was coming” he said while he left me alone. Leaving me with the unsaid words that were ‘I feel the same way…I like you too Suga’.

Title: Your owner


Member: J-hope/Jung Hoseok

AU: Puppy Hybrid

Genre: fluff, smutishhhh

A/N: Okay, this was a request so I tried to keep it the way it was requested. However, I’m thinking about making a second part.. SO EVERY FEEDBACK IS APRECIATED. As is every request.<3 


4 years ago

 19. December

“Dear Santa Claus, this Christmas I want a friend. It can be a furry friend too. Something like a puppy. This year I have been a good girl and I have been listening to my parents. I believe that you will make my wish come true”

Paper after paper, letter after letter. It has to be perfect. Even though I know that Santa Claus is only my precious parents this letter has to be perfect. I’ve been asking for a puppy since I was six. I have a feeling that this year is going to be the year. This year I will finally have my puppy. A brown one, almost red and it will be one of those little creatures that will turn into big guarding dogs.

With the thoughts of my future friend, I ran down the stairs from my bedroom to the living room. My mum was in the middle of heated explanation how the latest book she was reading made absolute no sense while dad was listening and smiling as if he sees mum for the first time. Their love was adorable, their love for pets…not so much.

“It’s done. Mum here. It is even written on Christmas paper. I put a lot of effort in it.”

She smiled at me with her really warm smile that always made me believe that there is hope. Of course she knew what I wanted, because every year I ask for the same thing.

 “I know honey. I’m going to give it to Santa and let him decide. How about that? Now go to bed.” 

“Yes mama. Dad, good night. I love you both.” I feel like this time I made it. This puppy is mine.

Running up the stairs back to my room, I jumped on the bed, curling in the blanket, hugging my little stuffed bunny and dreaming of endless games with my new furry friend, who I was sure I’m getting. He is going to be my little bundle of hope. Hope, this is going to be his name. Hope.

25. December

The moment my sleepy eyes opened, I felt the Christmas rush running through my body. I jumped right through the door of my room.

“Christmas!!!” The shout pierced the air, leaving little feelings of Christmas joy though the air, just like snowflakes.  “Darling, I see you are excited.” really mummy, really?

“Why is that?” “Like every other kid I’m waiting for my present.” Suddenly a loud knock on the door interrupted my I’m still a child speech. “Will you please go to open the door? I’m little busy making Christmas food. Your Grandmother is coming for dinner.”

Opening the door left me with tears in my eyes. He was everything I have ever wanted. He was brown-red, fluffy, small creature that is going to become my big guardian and he was cuddling in my dad’s arms.

“Merry Christmas.” Dad was all big smiles. He hated dogs five days ago, but now he looked so happy as if my mum gave birth again.

Tears from happiness were making a new Niagara under me while I muttered only one word 




 “You are legal. Congrats on being able to buy alcohol in which you are gonna drawn yourself, because you have no boyfriend. Your best friend, Anni.” Read I out load, looking at my best friend, not knowing what to say. “Should I say thanks or should I smack you with the biology book, which by the way is 550 pages.” “I’m only honest. I love you so much, but you have to find yourself a man. Even I, the biggest nerd have a boyfriend.” She said looking at the direction of our legendary football team and particular at the leader of the team, Sehun, who Inna has been dating for almost a year now. “Thank you for reminding me, even on my birthday, that I’m miserable. I appreciate that.” My mood was slowly dying, no matter the fact it was my birthday. “Always here for you. Look, I am saying this as a friend, the only thing you love in your life is Hope and your parents. And Hope is a dog. A big, big dog, but a dog none the less. You can’t expect a boyfriend when you treat your dog like one.” “Excuse you, but actually I prefer Hope to man. If Hope was a man…then he was going to be the perfect man. But he is a dog. So I prefer the dog instead of a horny hormone creature.” Daggers were send my way as my BFF only rolled her eyes and sighed deeply.

Anni, actually, has been my best friend for the last three years and no matter the situation I know I can always rely on her. Through the day she is a good student following the rules, queen of the school, through the night she is the queen of the parties.

However I wasn’t. Parties have never been my thing. Too loud, too sweaty, too many bodies in the same places, too much smell of sex. On party you can meet boys our age, but almost all of them are only horny bastards waiting for a quick fuck.

“The dog can’t bring you the pleasure a man can.” She looked at me with the face *Got you* and she actually did “Don’t you dare telling me you don’t touch yourself at the thought of a handsome stranger ravishing you. I know all your kinks. I have gone through your phone.”

Flaming red spread on my cheeks. It was true I had some kinks and that whenever I feel like it or I was bored to death at home my fingers instantly disappeared under my pajama shorts. I am an experimental kind of person. I have tried all kind of things on my feels. Inna calls it “NOT HAVING A MAN”, I call it “Learning about myself.

“But still…I want to find a man that fits into my criteria list. Not some random dude that won’t even be able to satisfy me and my needs. I am a bratty little creature sometimes.” “You tell me that. Sometimes even I don’t know how to live with you.”

As the talk was progressing from 0 to 100 real quick, we heard a “There you are.” And came face to face with Sehun.” Happy birthday pup Y/N. You will be able to buy alcohol and get drunk because you have no boyfriend. Congrats.” This two have been going out for too long. They even say the same things now. “Are you two a couple by any chance? Because just like I’m gonna hit her with the biology book, I will hit you with the philosophy one, which is just as big.” I said smiling sarcastically at the tall giant standing in front of us. He smiled back with his *you won’t do it* smile.

“Guys, listen. As my only friends I proudly invite you to at our family dinner dedicated to my birthday. This is an exclusive invitation that no else has the privilege to become.” “Does it involve your mother chocolate German cake?” they said at the same time looking at me. But I have already predicted this question “For who do you take me? Of course it has my mums’ chocolate German cake.” “We are in.” they said together again. Sometimes I’m thinking if their minds are just two halves of only one. The sound of the bell interrupted our chat about the dinner table tonight. And the teacher walked into the room like a dictator and I was ready to fight this math class.

Thank God the clock decided to move faster and in no time school was finished, the subway came fast and on time, I was home earlier than expected. The moment the door opened I was greeted with a bark of happiness and no light at all.

The house was empty and almost no sound could be heard, expect for the steps of a giant dog coming my way. “Hope! How have you been big boy? Have you eaten yet?” he barked and I knew he haven’t eaten yet. ”Okay, I understand. Since you have been a very good boy lately and I have birthday today, I brought you something special.” I said pulling out his favorite snack, small white chocolate granules, puting them in his cup and sitting next to him. His brown fur turned more red with time and by now it is almost dusted red.

“Hope, I recently had a dream. In it I had a boyfriend. He was really handsome. Somehow it reminded me of you. Can you imagine if you were a human? I imagine you being really handsome. If you were a man, then I would’ve gladly fallen in love with you, because I know you will be great.” 

And for a moment Hope stopped eating and looked at me. Like he actually knew what I was talking about. Like he understood me and any second he was going to turn into human. But he didn’t do anything. Only continue watching me. 

The front door cracked, heels making noises on the marble floor of the house and I hear my most favorite voice. Mum is back home.

“Honey, are you home?” this honey voice is the reason why I am a good daughter. “I’m in the kitchen with Hope. We were having an interesting chat. ” “Can you help your old mother to do the German chocolate cake. Are Anni and Sehun coming?” “Of course they are. They are my only friends.” “Good, that means less trouble for me. Come here and give me the eggs from the fridge.” 

3 hours later, lots of laughing and joking on our little family birthday dinner, made me so frustrated that I can’t explain it. The handsome stranger. He was stuck in my mind. But also the look on Hope’s face. He was strange lately. Following me around, cuddling me whenever he could. I tell you, just as if he is going to turn into human every second now. I got so distracted in thoughts that I hardly heard when my best friend said “Y/N time to blow your candles and make a wish.” Mum brought out everyone’s favorite cake with so many pink candles. I love pink, therefor my candles were pink, just like the icing of the cake. “Make a wish.” Said Anni, smiling like a proud mother. ”Oh, and don’t tell us about it.” Just as I was about to make a wish a lick on my knee reminded me that Hope was here too. Mum saw him under the table and called out his name. He went next to her and stayed like the perfectly trained dog he was. But his eyes. Those eyes weren’t the eyes of an animal. I swear to god those eyes are human. And I knew what to wish *I wish that my handsome stranger is a real, breathing human being that will satisfy my boyfriend to do list. I want nothing more and nothing less than that.*

The flames from the candles died down just like the family dinner. Soon after everyone were happy and full from my mother’s cooking, we all went to sleep. My father drived both Sehun and Anni, because he didn’t trust the tall giant of a boyfriend. For her my father is like her second father. Always taking care for her like his own daughter.  I helped mum clean the table and soon after I was tugged in the warmth of my blanket in my favorite oversized shirt.

Just as I was about to fall asleep I felt the bed sinking and a giant fluff ball lying next to me.

“Hope, is this necessary? Can’t you sleep on the floor like the other dogs? Or at least don’t sleep on my head.” He looked at me like I’m stupid and not able to understand his reasons for doing this, which I really did not understand. But he didn’t move and I just gave up. “Fine, this is the last night you sleep here. I will let you since is my birthday.” At that time I had no idea how wrong I am and soon sleep took over me and the train to dreamland drove off.

 Morning sun flooded my closed eyes so naturally I hid from it turning to the side of the headboard on my right. It was so cosy and nice and it had abs. The headboard caged me between its arms bringing me warmth and safeness. Wait…MY BED HAS NO HEADBOAR. A HEADBOAR HAS NO STRONG ARMS. AND IT DOESN’T SMELL LIKE HOPE’S SHAMPOO. My eyelids instantly opened and I wasn’t wrong. Caging me between his arms was a stranger. My stranger. The one I dreamed about with the dusty red hair and handsome features. He was lying on my bed half naked, only in grey sweatpants looking like a God while sleeping like a baby. It was a sin to wake him up, but I can’t just let my parents see a total stranger cuddling with their daughter on a Saturday morning. So lightly shaking his arm, the words fell of my mouth “Excuse me, who are you? What are you doing here? Please wake up.” And he did.

 Slowly opening his eyes, I was greeted with a pair of blue orises which I will never mistake. Those were Hope’s baby blue eyes. “Oh you are awake. I’m sorry I didn’t want to scare you. Are you okay?” “Who are you?” a wide gummy smile lit his features making his handsome face even more handsome. “You can’t recognize me? I’m your handsome stranger, the one that came in your dream.” The feeling of shock overtook me. The only breathing creature on the planet knowing about my dream was Hope and he was a dog. ”How do you know about this?”

“Come on Y/n. You really don’t know who I am? My name is Hoseok, but for the last four years you have been calling me Hope.”

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Kim Donghyun || Post-it Note

Genre: Fluff

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“Ideal type? I don’t care much about looks. I like a girl who I can have fun with, connect with when I talk to her, and I’d like it if we shared a lot of the same hobbies.” Y/N couldn’t help but blush as she held her phone in her hand, watching Donghyun’s, one of her fellow trainees at Brand New Music, V-Live and talking about his ideal type since a fan had asked him what it is. ‘Could I possibly be his ideal type?’ Y/N thought to herself, slightly squealing as she thought that she might actually be his ideal type.

Y/N continued watching Donghyun’s V-Live, scrolling through some of the comments and thinking if she should send in a comment herself, especially since she uses a fake account that doesn’t reveal her identity. As she was contemplating on whether or not she should send in a comment, Donghyun mentioned his subway ad and how he’s never visited it before. Y/N thought of an idea and smiled to herself. She checked the time on the right corner of her phone and grinned. ‘It’s only 6:20, I have some time before I have to train again.’

Y/N frowned slightly as she exited out of Donghyun’s V-Live, since she didn’t want to miss out on it. ‘I’ll just watch the rest of it when I finish training.’ She turned off her phone and stuffed it in her jeans pocket and sat up, telling Rhymer that she’s gonna go out for a moment. Rhymer just nods and Y/N walks out of the building, making her way to the subway station, where Donghyun’s ad is located at.

Y/N spotted Donghyun’s subway ad and her mouth gaped in awe, amazed at how beautiful it is. Totally not because Donghyun is beautiful, right? Y/N approached Donghyun’s subway ad and blushed, wanting to take a picture with it, but she didn’t want any fans to see her taking a picture with her own fellow trainee, she didn’t want any rumors or scandals to happen.

Y/N grabbed a few post-it notes from the side of his subway ad and a pen from her pocket and thought of what to write. Ever since she started training at Brand New Music entertainment, she’s always looked up to Donghyun since he was the first one to greet her and show her around the whole building and become close friends with her. She always admired him, and had strong feelings for him but doubted that he’d ever feel the same way. She noticed how hardworking and passionate he is, and thought he deserved the best.

Y/N nodded as she finally came up with what to write on the post-it notes. As she was writing on the post-it notes and stuck it onto Donghyun’s ad, Donghyun stood behind a pole watching her as she left. He watched her walk up the stairs of the subway and saw her leave. He approached his ad and took off her post-it notes, looking at it and read it.

‘Kim Donghyun! Seeing you work so hard and push yourself to the top makes me so happy and aspires myself to do the same. You’ve done so well during the show, and I enjoy seeing you smile as you continue succeeding and following your dreams. You’re so amazing and anyone will love you at first glance. You’re already a real idol in my eyes, not just a trainee. And I’m already a fan of yours. Continue working hard, and I hope that smile never leaves your face! You deserve the best!’

Donghyun smiled to himself and felt his heart beat fast. He thought back to Y/N and all of the moments they shared together before. She’s always loved hearing him sing and once asked him to sing her a song while playing his guitar. She’s always been interested in him and his talent. He’s always appreciated her company and loved how she’d always smile while being around him. He held Y/N’s post-it notes in his hand, planning to re-read them everyday from now on just to smile at how sweet and kind she is, which made him love her even more.

He held out his phone in front of him, taking a selfie in front of his subway ad, noticing his manager taking a photo of him taking a photo of himself. He held Y/N’s post-it notes in his hand while taking selfies. As he finished taking selfies, he took all of the rest of the fans’ post-it notes and carried them in his hands as he walked back to the Brand New Music building, hoping to see Y/N there.

As Donghyun opened the door to the training room, he noticed Y/N training. And by training, she was actually dancing to I Know You Know. Donghyun chuckled as she saw her trying to do the body wave move on the ground. Y/N’s eyes widen as she heard him chuckle and saw him through the mirror. She turned around and saw Donghyun standing by the door. Her face was all red and sweaty from dancing, and she ran over to the stereo and turned off the song before Donghyun approached her.

“Y/N, you dance to my song well.” Donghyun says, grinning. Y/N blushes and looks down at the ground, fiddling with her fingers nervously. Donghyun’s heart melts as he sees how flustered Y/N is and leans down, staring up at Y/N. Y/N’s eyes widen and she tries to avoid eye contact with him. He smiles and holds her post-it notes in the air.

“I read your notes.” As he says this, Y/N stares up at him holding her notes and widens her eyes. “I really loved it. It made me so happy, you don’t even know.” Donghyun said. Y/N blushed furiously and couldn’t think of what to say.

“I just want to say thank you. So much. You’ve always been there for me, and I just get so happy when you’re around. It’s such a strange feeling to me, you know? I get all happy and excited when you’re near me, I just don’t want you to ever leave.” Donghyun felt himself blush as he looked at Y/N, staring her straight in the eyes. “I really like you.”

Y/N’s eyes widen once again and she felt like she was about to faint. She noticed how serious Donghyun looked, and she knew he meant everything. “D-Donghyun I-I like you too.”

Donghyun smiled widely, getting all giddy and his heart beating 100 miles per hour at this rate as the girl he likes the most just confessed to him too. He leaned closer towards Y/N and pulled her into a tight hug.

“H-hey, don’t hug me, I’m all sweaty and gross!” Y/N complained as she was being squished by Donghyun’s chest. Donghyun didn’t care, though, and continued hugging the life out of her. He pulled back and kissed her cheek, making her blush a dark shade of red.

“You’re so cute, Y/N~” Donghyun sang, making Y/N both embarrassed and flustered from Donghyun’s sweet yet cheesy words.

“Stop, you’re embarrassing me.” Y/N whines before Donghyun pinched her cheek. “And also, about your ideal type…”

Donghyun widens his eyes and blushes. “W-why? Did you already figure out that I was talking about you?”

Y/N’s eyes widen and she shakes her head. “N-no! R-really, though?!”

Donghyun nods. “I never really had a set ideal type, but that was until I met you. You became my ideal type ever since we began hanging out with each other.” Y/N turned into a blushing mess at this point from Donghyun’s sweet words. Donghyun leaned in and gave Y/N yet another kiss on the cheek. “Now come on, I’ll go buy us some melon milk.”

I wanted to share a truly amazing customer interaction I had because there aren’t enough of these people.

Im the store manager of a Yankee Candle store that we recently found out would be closing. We’ve been going though a crazy closing sale which is painful in more ways than rude customers, especially when you love your store and your team and your job (for the most part). It’s been difficult accepting that the store is closing, and I’ve been pretty down.

This older woman that I’ve never seen before in my life came into the store and she was the most kind person I’ve ever met. She spent about an hour in my store, shopping and chatting back and forth with me. She gave me some fantastic life advice, and told me that I don’t have to be so nervous and anxious and that I’d find another place I love as much as I love the store I’m closing.

I was ringing her purchase, continuing to talk with her. As I finished, she asked me what kind of coffee I like because she was going to go to Starbucks. I didn’t know what to say at first, and insisted she didn’t need to purchase coffee for me. She pressed for it even after a few more times of me saying it wasn’t necessary, and I decided to give in and told her what I liked after she told me that she never had kids and ‘needed to be a good mom to someone’. I expected her to come back with a small cup of coffee because Starbucks is expensive.

This woman came back with not only a large peppermint mocha (because our Starbucks makes them all year round) for me, but also a gift card to the Subway in the food court so I could buy myself lunch on her.

I’ve never been so grateful for working in a retail store. I’m so glad that I happened to be touched by this woman’s kindness and generosity. I hope that she has an amazing rest of her life and brings happiness to everyone she meets.

I’m still in awe three days later.

Books Can Be Heavy At Times(Dan Howell)

Requested: Yes!
Summary: (Heyy.. can you make an imagine that y/n moves to the apartment next to dan and phil and she doesn’t now that they are youtubers and she starts to have a crush on Dan. I know it’s very specific but I just like the idea Thx) Of course I would do this imagine it sounds very fun and cute. I like the idea as well so hope you enjoy anon!

Paying the moving people I thanked them one last time then grabbed the box next to me and headed upstairs. I cursed myself for leaving one of the heaviest boxes for last there wasn’t even that much in it just books but lot of books in one can be pretty heavy.

Walking up the last flight of stairs I could feel my arms hurting. To my luck I saw one of the people who lived on the opposite apartment from me coming out. Stopping on the last stair I said

“Hey could you help me with this box please?” I asked slightly out of breath

“Umm sure” Said the guy taking hold of the box making me sigh in relief

“Thank you so much.” I said sitting down on the stairs closing my eyes for a minute and taking deep breaths “Who knew books could be so heavy huh?” I asked letting out a slight chuckle

Finally opening my eyes I couldn’t help the smile that came from seeing the guy in front of me. He was tall, slightly pale skin, he also had beautiful hazel eyes and curly short hair. Still looking at him I got up unable to stop looking at his face, he was just that attractive to not stop.

“Well books can be heavy at times…” He said smiling at me which made my stomach feel like it had butterflies

“Uh you- you must be one of the front door neighbours. I’m (y/n), I’m your new neighbour.” I said stretching out my hand but pulling away after remembering he was still holding my box

“I’m Dan, I believe I should say welcome to the building or something like that.” He said to which we both chuckled “I do want to apologize in advance if we’re noisy at times, we get way competitive at times when we play games” He mentioned with a half-smile

“I do recall the landlord telling something about that, but don’t worry I actually find it nice that couples get competitive once in a while” I said with a fake smile thinking of who his girlfriend must be

“Oh no no!” He said with wide eyes “I live with my best friend. Besides I… don’t have a girlfriend…” He said the last part quickly and shyly

“Well that’s good. That you live with your best friend that is…” I said hoping he didn’t understand I meant it because of the girlfriend thing

“Yeah I guess it is” He said getting a bit red as he looked down at the box “What about you? Are you moving in with anyone?” He asked to what I could tell was nervous

“Oh no… Sadly I’m moving in alone. No best friend, no boyfriend” I said mentally palming of my poor attempt of flirting, looking down at the box in his hands I opened my apartment door before turning back to him “I’m sorry I totally forgot about why you were still here. I can take the box from here.” I said coming close and taking the box from his hands “Thank you so much again. I guess I’ll see you around?” I said but came out as more of a question than statement

“You welcome and of course. I’ll see you around too” He said to which he made a face clearly not meaning to say the too part making me giggle

“Thank you again Dan” I said to which he nodded and started walking down the stairs as I closed my door


Two months later

I was currently on my office doing some paper work and checking emails but got distracted every once in a while because of the conversation I was having with Dan. After briefly meeting when I moved in we kept bumping into each other until I ended up asking if he wanted to hang out. Ever since then we’d been good friends, I got to meet Phil after a short time after and he was really nice as well. We all got alone really well and hung out as much as we could but it was always at my place for some reason. I was okay with it at the start but after a while it made me feel strange in a way like they were my friends but to a curtain point. It also made me feel a bit hurt since I had developed feeling for Dan, they weren’t huge feelings but the constant crush I had on him drove me crazy to the point were sometimes I couldn’t get to close to him because of it. An hour later I finished up everything I was doing, looked for my bag and making sure I had everything I needed walked out of the house and headed to 7 dials. Since I moved I really hadn’t been out much pretty much to work then back home so I needed to get out of the house for a bit.

Once there I headed to one of my favourite book stores searching for something new to buy. Looking around I headed to the young adult section, looking at every book when I spotted one that made my eyes go wide. On the cover was Dan and Phil with the title ‘The Amazing Book Is On Fire’, next to it was another one with the name 'Dan and Phil Go Outside’. Taking hold of the first one I took a look through it before closing it again and heading to the cashier to buy it. Getting out of the store I headed to a small café I’d been with the boys before, ordered a hot chocolate and sitting down near a window I took the book out and started reading what was inside. I couldn’t believe I had a book written by the boys I’ve spent so much time with lately, I was learning so much about them meanly what they did for a living, it explained why they were so noisy at times.

After finishing my drink and reading almost half of the book I put it back in the bag I had it in and started walking to the subway ready to head home and talk to them.
Taking a deep breath I knocked on the boys door and waited for someone to open, shortly after the door was pulled back and Dan came in view.

“Hey” He said coming to hug me “ I thought you’d be working till later tonight” He mentioned with a frown

“I was but I finished early.” I said taking another deep breath before continuing “I went to town after, I went to the café we’d been to before. I also went to the book store and I saw something very peculiar…” I said holding up the bag in my hands

Dan looked like he’d seen a ghost as he went paler than he already was and his eyes went wide with shock and nervousness. Looking down at the bag he took hold of it and slowly pulled out the book inside. Revealing one of their books.

“You.. found out.” He said looking back at me

“Well by the looks of it you guys are big. I was going to find out eventually..” I said with a raising an eyebrow

Walking closer to him I took the book from his hands and out it back in the bag. With a half-smile I took hold of his arm and lightly squeezed it making look at me.

“Could we go inside and talk about this, please?” I asked to which he nodded

Moving aside he let me get in and closed the door before we both walked up the stairs. Walking to the living room and once there I could see things about them like something about the brits and a few awards. Once sat down on the sofa we had a little moment of silence before o broke it.

“Why didn’t you guys tell me?” I asked scooting closer and grabbing his hands

“I just…” He started sighing before continuing “When we first met I thought maybe you knew and as we got to know each other more I realized you didn’t know and I would’ve told you but.. I started to like you and have have feelings for you… I just wanted you to like me for me and not the 'Dan Howell’ me..” He finished off

“Dan…” I said grabbing his chin and tilting his head up so he would look me in the eyes “I like you because of you. And I would have liked you because of you not because of what you do. But because of who you are as a person. You’re an amazing guy Dan and any girl would be lucky to have you. I love your personality, how incredibly sweet you can be and how good of a friend you can become. That’s why I like you not because you’re some internet sensation” I said to which we both laughed

“I’m sorry we didn’t told you before. Phil was going to tell you about it but I told him not to, at least not yet… I’m sorry” He said moving his hand up until it was on my cheek

We both smiled before starting to lean in until our lips touched and moved little by little in a gentle kiss. Pulling away we looked at each other with the biggest smiles Is ever seen or felt.

“You know I did see one video of yours on the way here…” I said with a smirk

“Oh no… What video did you see?” He asked closing his eyes and frowning

Getting straight I moved my arms and said [Hi, I’m Dan] then started laughing my bum off. He squeezed his eyes shut even more and got up leaving the room.

“Oh come on Dan it’s an adorable video” I said laughing as I got up and went after him


Prompt: You fell asleep on me in the subway and I should probably wake you up and it’s my stop next but it’s ok, I can always catch the subway back…

Pairing: Brohm


Ryan sighed as he waited for the subway to come. He was coming home from a late night at work, and he was really tired. Ryan just wanted to get home and relax for a bit. Sadly, the subway was a little bit late, so he had to wait even longer.

When it finally came, he let out a sigh and got in. It was empty; it usually was at this time of night. Ryan sat down in a spot that seemed the most clean and waited. He was mindlessly playing a game on his phone while he was waiting for his stop.

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