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this banana bread that i made……’s so Good…. it came perfectly out of the loaf pan without sticking, and it’s the perfect consistency, and it’s done and crispy on the outside but still juicy on the inside and im crying

My Protector (Sam Imagine)

“Let me just go over there to get the bread from aisle 7 okay babe” Sam my boyfriend said to me as he kissed me on the cheek and walked the other direction.

I didn’t like going out in public places very often with Sam because he was sort of famous and we always got mobbed. I was also worried that I would have another panic attack like I’ve had in the past. I was just standing there when I saw a large group of teenage girls crowd Sam. Oh no here we go again I thought to myself as I tried to stay as calm as possible. Just as I though things couldn’t get any worse they did, a group of girls are now walking up to me bombarding me with questions about me and Sam’s relationship.

“So how are you guys”

“You know he’s cheating on you”

“Why would he date a fat whore like you”

“Im sure Sam would like me a lot better than you”

Usually im confident and I don’t let the hate get to me, but in crowds I don’t do so well and I was feeling a wave of panic rush over me. I looked over to Sam but he was already looking at me now walking towards me. I knew he could see the pain through my eyes. He walked over grabbed my hand in his and whispered “are you okay” in my ear. 

I couldn’t say no, that would upset his fans even more I just had to act like I was fine.

“Im fine Sam don’t worry about it” with those words I kissed his cheek and pretended like everything was okay even though I was breaking inside.

I felt a little better with Sam being next to me holding my hand, but I could still see the girls surrounding us giving me nasty glares every so often. I heard what they said to me and I was starting to believe it. My heart started to beat faster, my palms started to sweat, my breathing got heavy. Yes I was having a panic attack. I had to get out before I broke down in front of everyone. I quickly let go of Sam’s hand and walked out of the store. I was sitting on the curb of whole foods balling my eyes out. What kind of a spaz am I and why is Sam dating a girl like me. All of these thoughts crept into my mind as I sat there one tear following another. I soon saw Sam coming at me from the corner of my eyes. Oh shit he cant see me like this! I wiped my eyes and looked at my worried boyfriend.


“Hey Sam whats up” I said as I wiped my tears

“(Y/N) whats wrong I see you crying, what did they say to you, are you having a panic attack!” He questioned me still looking worried.

I just broke down in tears. He imedeatly hugged me so tight stroking my hair telling me it was going to be okay. 

“those. girls. were. right.” Was all that came out of my sobs.

He looked at me dead in the eyes “(Y/N) were they being rude, if they told you your not good enough or anything there wrong so wrong. You are the pretties nicest sweetest most perfect girl I have ever met. I love you so much and I need you to know that they are beneth you and they are wrong. I know you don’t like crowds I should have got you out of there from the start. Im so sorry this is all my fault. I love you so much” Sam said and was basiclly crying by the end of it.

You just hugged him so tight and he hugged just as tight back.

“I love you Sam so much”

“I love you so much more” he told me. 

Nate imagine - Because she's perfect that's why

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I sat in the passenger seat and nate was driving, he held my hand cause he knew exactly how nervous I was to meet his parents. His parents weren’t very fond of me because me and him argued a lot, broke up numerous amounts of time then end up going back to eachother. They always end up blaming me anyways, so whatever.

“You okay baby?” nate says

“Nate your mom hates me, I’m nervous than ever to be going right now”

“y/n yes we’ve been thru hell and back but she’s going need to get over it, you my babygirl and my future wife and futuremother to my childen, so if she can’t except that then it’s their loss, your perfect.”

you looked up at him and smiled. You guys finally arrived to his parents house and were immediately greeted by his grandparents, and his father, and his mother but she was more hesitant”

“Nate! Honey! I haven’t seen you in so long, almost forgot about your mother cause your always with your girlfriend!”

you let go of his hand then Nate looked at you and then back at his mom.

“not true mom”

you and nate walked into the back yard and sat down. You guys were holding your own conversation when you over heard his mother talking to one of her friends

“y/n seems to be holding nate back, he has so much more to his future than this girl”

when you head that your heart shattered, “Nate im gonna go to the car real quick.” you said with a quivered voice. He gave you the keys and you walked out.

you were in the car for about 10 minutes now, and nate came looking for you. you were in the passenger and he got in and sat into the driver.

“y/n.. babygirl whats wrong?” he said grabbing your hand.
“You-u-r mom nate, I over heard her talking to one of her friends and she said im not good enough for you and that im Holding you back from your career”

Nates face instantly became full of anger. “y/n lets go, I had something planned for when we were alone tomorrow but guess it’s going to happen tonight”

you both walked back outside where the whole family was

“Uhm hello guys! can I get your attention?!” Nate yelled

“As you know I’ve been dating this beautiful and amazing girl right next to me, yes im sure me and her have been through hell and back, but she’s still the love of my life, she always has and always will, so that’s why I’m here to tell you guys I am madly and deeply I love with y/n y/l/n, so that’s why” Nate continued as he got on one knee “That’s why I’m here to ask the beautiful y/n to marry me, so babygirl will you do me the honor?”

you started crying and nodded your head as he placed the ring on your finger. As soon as he stood up and kissed you his mother came over “Nathan how could you?” “oh im sorry mother but I believe im a 20 year old man who can make his own choices” “Nathan out of all girls why her?!” she spat

“Well mother, because she’s perfect that’s why, and that’s why I asked her marry me, and if you don’t like it, then don’t plan on getting an invitation to our wedding” he spat back

“We’ll see you all later, seems like we aren’t very much wanted here anyways” Nate yelled to his family

Nates father looked at his mother and shook his head .. then walked up to nate “Im proud of you son”

We then left and got in the car “I love you so much nate you have no idea” “and I love you too y/n”

I hope you enjoyed this! Thanks for requesting .. KEEP REQUESTING GUYS💜💜

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Concilliabule - A secret meeting of people who are hatching a plot.

Fitz sighed a he sat on the posh leather seats in the back of the citys most discreet bar. Fitz sipped his drink as he looked around at the people at the bar who were ordering drinks and the one man who was trying to chat up the barmaid. Fitz was there to meet up with somone, someone he hoped he would not have to meet. Fitz was there to meet the boy his boyfriend had been cheating on him with, his name was Sebastian. On the phone this boy sounded just as shocked as him to find out that their boyfriend was not being faithful. 

Fitz saw the young man walk towards him. He found it hard not to feel jealous or check him out and even compare himself to him. What did this boy have that Fitz didn’t. “Hey, thanks for coming, do you want a drink?” he offered as he sat down in the booth he had claimed. Fitz bought out a folder of papers he had printed off as evidence. Fitz done some research and dug around in his boyfriends phone before he confronted him. “So… Im sorry to say but we are not the only ones, he… he has… he has others” he gritted his teeth as he showed him text conversation with two other boys. “I’ve asked them to come along so they should be here any minute” he sighed as he could not believe he had been fooled by this scumbag. 

Two boys who looked very like Sebastian and Fitz came over looking very sorry for themselves about being cheated on. The one who looked like Fitz had obviously been crying “hey boys, okay so we should meet on this day” he told him as he handed out flyers to all the boys “and we will confront him, I want it on video and we can shame him to everyone so he can never do this again to other people” he was out for revenge and wanted this boy to suffer. He had everything planned out, it was going to be perfect. “Well I have to go but thank you for meeting me here, Im so sorry we all got cought by this idiot” he smiled sweetly and made his way to the door. Fitz could not believe his eyes as he looked at a boy outside “Its him…” Fitz muttered angrily as he threw the door open to find the scumbag on a date with yet another boy “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!” Fitz screamed as he took the dates drink and threw it over the serial cheater as the other broken hearted boys watched as their plan for revenge fell apart.. 

Tell your story; part 2

Being gay
At the age of 4-6 I lived in Mississippi with my mom an dad. At the age of 7 my mom an dad gave me to my grandma . So I had to move states. I live in Alabama now a small town. Moving states meant I had to make new friends but didn’t really bother me. Age 11 I had my first crush with this girl a grade ahead of me. I was in 3rd an she was in 4th. We didn’t start talking till the 5th grade. Well when I was in 6th grade she moved schools to the middle school. During my 6th grade year I started noticing guys but didn’t pay it any attention. I thought maybe it’s just me noticing more people. So I didn’t let it get to me at all. Well during my 6th grade year I stayed in trouble a lot. I was like the class clown I guess. I made everyone laugh an was part of the popular group. Well one day I was called to the office. I was told if I wasn’t homeschooled I would have to be put in private school. so I became homeschooled. Age 15 I graduated homeschooled an finished school completely. Being homeschooled i stayed to my self didn’t have many friends. So I started looking for other things. One day on Facebook I got a message saying hey your 5th grade crush wants to talk to you. I Didn’t have a phone. So I downloaded a texting app an texted her. We started dating on an off. I never got to see her though. so the year of 2015. I didn’t let the fact of noticing guys get in my mind at all. 05-24-15 I met this girl we were friends for about a week I asked her out she was my first kiss my first everything we dated for 3 months literally did everything together all summer she was with me. Well during those 3 months I started looking at guys more asking my self is this really happening to me. Well I broke up with her because I lost feelings for her. I went back to an ex for a couple weeks an left her as well. I started asking myself is this really me. So Christmas break 2015 I was on This app an met this guy. Well that Saturday he picked me up to hang out. He said he was home alone an so he took me to his house. I was thinking is he going to try an have sex with me or what. I didn’t know the guy lol. But he didn’t he stayed to himself an so did I. We watched brain games an just talked you know just as friends. I said to my self this is the type guy I wanna be with. So I asked him out that night. 05-19-15 he said yes 👨‍❤️‍👨❤️🔒. He’s my first boyfriend my first time kissing a guy my first everything. January 7th my birthday I’m 17 now. I posted my coming out video. Let’s time lapse an go back to November of 15. I came out to a friend that I was bi so then it got out hey he’s bi everyone accepted me but my grandpa I can’t tell him. My grandma died she was the only person here for me I could tell her everything but she’s not here for me to tell. Ok back to January I came out to the world an everyone that im gay. It takes a lot to do that. I literally cried in all 4 of my videos but the 5th I stopped crying an managed to make it perfect. I was depressed stressed didn’t eat or anything. I thought people hated me I just wanted to die I tried to commit suicide but I realized you know there not worth my life. If they don’t accept me then fuck them it’s who I am. An I’m gonna be me. My YouTube video is kool whip coming out 1-7-16 if y'all wanna watch it. Well this is all for now

by @koolwhip07

Matt Espinosa Imagine

there may be some typos because I’m writing this with a broken hand so I’m sorry:)


Y/n’s POV

“well, look who decided to show up…” I sighed as my boyfriend of one year, Matthew Espinosa, ran into the restaurant an hour and a half late. This is the 3rd time he has blown me off, and frankly I’m sick of it.

“sorry babe, me and the boys were hanging out, I totally forgot” he sat down across from me

“well, enjoy your dinner” I say getting up and walked outside.

“y/n what the hell? where are you going?” he followed me outside

“obviously you have more important plans matthew, I don’t wanna talk about this, I’m leaving”

matt grabbed my wrist and turned me around

“we are not done with this conversation! I simply forgot y/n! everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect” he scoffed

“I understand people make mistakes but not the same one 3 times! You don’t pay any attention to me anymore matt! your always with the boys” I sighed

“What so now I’m not allowed to hang out with my friends?! so now i have to spend all my time with my clingy ass girlfriend!!” Matt yelled

I stood there stunned, tears brimming in my eyes

“make that ex girlfriend” I choked and got into my car

“fuck, y/n wait! baby!”

I parked the car in front of my house and ran in, throwing my purse on the floor, wiping tears from my face

“hey honey, how was your da-” my moms face dropped and she gave me a sympathetic look as I ran up the stairs into my room, slamming the door behind me

I tore off my dress and threw on sweatpants and one of Matts hoodies and laid on my bed, curling into a ball.

my phone was blowing up, but I didn’t dare look, instead i hugged my knees and sobbed to myself

I felt so stupid and worthless crying over a boy but I loved matt so much, and I still do, tonight was suppose to be perfect but instead it turned into my first heartbreak. After crying for what felt like hours, i was finally able to fall asleep.

I was awoken by a quite nocking on my door and it slowly opened

“baby?” Matts raspy voice came from the door

His hair was a mess, eyes were puffy and red and he just plain out looked like a mess. Just looking at him, especially like this, sent me back into tears.

he walked over and laid down next to me and pulled me into his arms

“im so sorry baby, I was such a dick to you, I love you so so much” He pretty much sobbed out

“I’m sorry for being clingy matt, i just love you so much I don’t wanna lose you” 

“dont apologize baby, your not gonna lose me, I was the wrong one” he wiped my tears and placed a soft kiss on my lips before pulling me up at the top of the bed and cuddling me to his chest.

We stayed that way for a while, just sitting in a comfortable silence.

“how did you get into my house?” I looked up at him

he chuckled “i have my ways babygirl”