it came out so perfect im cry

my laptop got broken somewhat last night, so my online activities beyond reblogging will be more sparse than usual until i can get it fixed. but in other news here are some nice happenings:

• my pal brought me a big box of instant ginger tea (she let me have some when i was sick once and i asked her abt it) and its heavenly im gonna make a big cup of it tomorrow
• the same pal is cosplaying 707 from mystic messenger and she was styling her wig today, and tbqh i was skeptical that the wig color was too bright!! but she came out of the bathroom with the bangs done and i wanted to cry!! she looked radiant it was perfect!!! so proud of her!! i love my friends!!!
• we finished b99 season 1 together and i forgot how good it was :’) my pal kept going “OH this what this meme’s from!!” like yes!!! for once u can trust my recommendations 😂 (tho i couldve sworn adam sandler wasnt in the first season… wat was he doing there…)
• i also downloaded mystic messenger & its cute… hopefully itll distract me from missing my laptop 😝
• worked on oc design today… ormolu finally has a look im happy with lmaoo