it came out so perfect im cry

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1997-1999 James. YES. YES. YES! ReLoad is a like the sexist album ever imo lmao. Nothing else gets my blood pumping like Fuel does. I scream my soul out to that song. The way his hair came out/how he re-grew/re-styled his hair *-* (I'm crying lmaoooooo) its so sad that hair only lasted 2 years. He still got the looks today lmao he should do it again I mean look @ Kirk and Dave still w the curly hair (I know Kirk had it short and even Dave had it short one time but yeah ya get what im sayin right

Such perfection with this hairstyle ❤️️ I don’t know if he could grow this hairstyle nowdays (I mean he sort of did grow it back out in 2004, but it just wasn’t the same!)