it came out really bad though oops

Y'all.... part 4 !!!!!

I ran into Tony at LA Fitness this morning !!!!! I felt somebody watching me while I was doing squats. I wasn’t tripping cause niggas usually do that anyways. So I kept doing my thing or whatever and I feel a light tap on my shoulder.

I turn around and there Tony is standing like the God of Beauty he is. I was so struck. One, cause damn nigga like you really here and two, he ain’t have no damn shirt on. Lawd have mercy on my hoe soul. I kept my head forward. Didn’t show any facial expressions. I just said “Wassup” he laughs and says.

“It’s been a minute. How have you been?” I shrugged. “I been chilling.” He nodded or whatever. And says “I know we didn’t leave on a good note.” I rolled my eyes. No shit. “Yeah last time I saw you , you were getting your ass beat by lumberjack.” I said.

“Who lumberjack?” He says. 👀 oops lol. Welp. Um. “The girl. Who was hitting you.” I said. He laughed. “Oh that. That’s dead asf now. She a crazy ass ex. I didn’t even know she was coming over.” He said. I was silent. Nigga you lying.

Then he says. “I came over to apologize though. I’m really not that bad of a nigga. Shit just came out of nowhere.” He said. Awwww. How sweet of him. So I said “thank you. That’s really nice of you.”

He then proceeds to say. “I really wanna know, is you as freaky as your friend ? She put it down.” ………….. Nigga. What? I should punch you in your balls right now? Who the fuck ? Says that ? Why would you ? 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

So I say. “Wait y'all had sex ? Damn. That’s fucked up.” I said picking up my gym bag preparing to leave. He laughs. “It was a one time thing. You wouldn’t be a one time thing to me.” He Said. I laughed. “Oh nah. That’s not why it’s fucked up. She was supposed to wait till her results came back. She wasn’t supposed to have sex…. But I mean she grown… I’ll just let her tell you that. But it was nice seeing you again.”

LA fitness gone have a fun time mopping his mouth up off the floor I know that much. He tried to follow me to my car but I locked the doors and sped off on his ass. Yeah I’m petty.