it came out lame :(

More comics with no joke. IIII wanted to draw something with lostsa panels and arm movment. But at least it features my Reaper playing friend and their sassy mouth again lol.

(Dunno why U would but please don´t tag any ships but Reaper76 bruh)

(I love the little Reaper mochi things haha)

Wicked Games (Jungkook x Reader)

“Consider me surprised.”

Warnings: bondage, dirty talk

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Update on the lost episode.
Someone helpfully gave me a link. The thing was, the episode they uploaded today had the same name and picture as yesterday’s, so I assumed that was the one that got pulled. I’m sorry for that. Now… Here’s what I have found. 

Arin at one point says that the game is “fun and agony” and then says “it’s fagony” and Dan says “What don’t say that!” while laughing. Arin says something like “It’s just a mix of two words! It’s just unfortunate that it sounds like something else!” and Dan says something like “Yeah it’s hyphenated don’t get mad at us.” He also tells Arin not to say that “in the commercial”.

Next. When Dan wins a course he sings the theme song of the course and ends it with “Whites rule” and Arin says “What?” and Dan goes “I don’t know it just came out. That was weird… just kidding. White people are fucking lame.” they laugh, and then he continues “Everybody knows it. We can’t dance.” and Arin sighs and goes “That’s true.” Then as Dan is not paying attention Arin asks him to press the button and “stop thinking about white people” and Dan laughs and says “I’m sorry whites rule! Damn it! I’m back to where I started!” and Arin laughs and says “Whites drool” as a play on “x rules and y drools”.

There you go.

There’s what everyone was mad about.
I can’t say what people can and can’t or should and shouldn’t get mad at.
I’ll just say I don’t think this was worth getting mad about. Or getting people all worked up over.

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Why does Isak have a meme face as his facebook pic? They’re even on his walls. Like, I’m just. Major secondhand embarrassment lol

jkvjkvh leave the kid olooooone 

(but also. even sort of agrees with you. one afternoon, they’re chilling on isak’s bed, their backs to the wall and isak wants to show him this funny viral video he’s seen on facebook. and even sees it, that tobey maguire meme isak uses as his profile picture. and he asks him “is this your profile picture for real?” like he’s almost outraged. and isak just shrugs, like who cares anyway. “i’m really not a fan of tobey maguire as spider-man, like…how old was he when the first movie came out? thirty? grown adults playing teenagers is lame” and isak raises an eyebrow at him “are we really doing this right now?” 

and then even sits with his legs under him, facing isak and he looks at him for a second “your face is my favorite face. honestly this is totally a wasted opportunity” and isak just sighs and shakes his head a little and says “fine, fine, i’ll change it eventually” and now even’s the one raising an eyebrow at him before he reaches for his right pocket and grabs his phone. “just to be sure” 

“eveeeeen” isak kind of pouts at him as even points his phone in his direction. “baby, loosen up” isak can’t help the smile that reaches his eyes when he hears the word. even says  “let me take, like, five. tops” and isak replies “okay, five is fine” and he puts his computer on the floor next to the bed. and then even leans in and kisses him, gentle and slow. when he pulls away, isak’s eyes are half-closed and he whispers “why’d you do that?” and even puts a hand on his cheek and the corner of his lips form a little smile before he says “i love your face after i kiss you. it’s beautiful”  

so even takes five pictures, from different angles. he lifts isak’s chin up at some point, gives him a quick kiss on the jaw. and when he’s done, he hands out his phone to isak. “which one do you like best?” and isak looks at the pictures, pondering. “hmmm, i don’t know” and then he looks at even and says “wait. come here” and even goes to sit next to isak, and isak says “i think i know which one i want”. he opens the camera app, and both he and even appear on the screen. isak leans his head toward even and even understands, does the same 

later, when isak uploads the picture, jonas is the first one to “love” it, and he comments looking good :) and mahdi also likes the picture. and then an hour later, magnus leaves a comment and it says evak <3 . isak and even don’t notice it immediately, because they’re cuddling up and watching a movie. but when isak sees it, a couple of hours later, he shakes his head and lets out a little laugh. the truth is that it actually feels nice to not have that random and meaningless meme he’s had for over a year as his profile picture, it feels nice to want to share this. and when he takes a look at the picture again, and then glances over at even, he thinks to himself yeah, this feels nice)

third time isn’t lucky when it’s meant to be (harvey/mike)

The first time it happened, Harvey saw it coming even before Mike did.

When Harvey arrived at the church he told Ray that they just needed to wait for a bit, that they’d be making a cross state trip within the hour. He didn’t even bother walking into the church, he just stepped out of the car and waited, right there on the sidewalk.

The only surprising thing about the day was how long it took for Mike to come rushing out of the church doors. Harvey thought they’d be on the road by now, but he didn’t begrudge Mike in the least. This was the hardest thing Mike was ever going to have to do, of course he wanted to take all the time he could, while he still had it.

When Mike emerged and saw Harvey standing there waiting for him, there was a flash of surprise before his face melted into rueful acceptance. “How’d you know?” Mike asked.

Harvey just looked at him, incredulous. “I know you,” Harvey replied, and it was enough.

They got in the car and Ray started driving, already knowing the destination. It was going to be a long drive, ninety minutes of the nerves and anticipation ratcheting up to boiling point. Harvey wanted to distract Mike, but every idea he came up with was too lame to say out loud, so in the end he left it up to Mike.

“Talk to me,” Harvey said gently.

Mike huffed out a laugh. “That must be the first time you’ve ever asked me to tell you about my feelings. Normally you run for the hills whenever I get within five feet of the topic.”

Harvey smiled slowly. Even in his darkest moment Mike was giving Harvey shit. It was stupid, but it somehow made Harvey think that maybe things would be okay. “Well, you’ve got-” he checked his watch, “-seventy minutes to spill feelings all over me without me complaining. When are you gonna get an offer like that again?”

Mike smiled weakly at him, but didn’t reply straight away, so Harvey started to worry it was all for naught.

“Rachel’s going to hate me.”

Harvey rolled his eyes. That girl was crazy about Mike and anyone could see it. “No, she won’t.”

“I’m not going to ask you to look after her while I’m gone, because that would be patronizing and she doesn’t need it. But … just, look out for her?”

“Of course.”

Mike spent the next few minutes looking out the window. “I’m scared,” he whispered, and Harvey could feel his heart splitting into a thousand pieces.

Harvey wanted to tell Mike that everything was going to be fine, but he couldn’t lie to him like that. He wanted to tell Mike that he was scared too, that he was terrified that prison was going to change Mike. And for all that Harvey gave Mike crap in the early days of their relationship, as much as he tried to mould and better Mike, the truth was that he didn’t need it. Mike was perfect the way he was, flaws and all, and he didn’t want prison to beat the goodness out of Mike like it had so many others.

But he didn’t say any of that. This was about Mike, not Harvey, so instead he slowly reached over to where Mike’s thumb was continually tapping against his thigh. He covered Mike’s hand with his own, squeezing it, and before he could pull away Mike gripped back, holding onto Harvey like a lifeline.

They stayed that way for the remainder of the drive.

When the car stopped outside of Danbury Mike immediately got out of the car, like a man on a mission. Harvey, confused, hustled to catch up, and he was barely out of the car before Mike was there, throwing his arms around Harvey in a hug. Harvey immediately wrapped his arms around Mike, holding him tight.

“I’m sorry for hitting you,” Mike murmured.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“And I need you to know, no matter what happens in there, I don’t regret it. Not a single day. Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me, and it was worth everything that’s happened since.”

Harvey felt himself welling up, but he tried to push it back down. He needed to be strong, for Mike. “I’m getting you out of there, Mike. I swear it.”

Mike nodded, said, “Okay,” and then he pulled away, turning and walking into the prison without looking back.


The second time it happened, Harvey was completely blindsided.

The wedding, though small, had been planned for months. The caterer had been booked, dresses and suits carefully chosen, an uncle of Rachel’s had been enlisted to perform the ceremony, Harvey had combed through his record collection to find the best music to be played at the party…

Mike never said a word.

Harvey had taken Mike to Vegas for a five day bachelor party two weeks prior to the big day. It was just the two of them, and they’d spent their days exploring, going to the Grand Canyon and the Neon Museum and Red Rock Canyon. Harvey even managed to get Mike onto a golf course, which of course he sucked at, much to Harvey’s delight. And then they spent their nights on the town: eating fabulous food, drinking, gambling with obscene amounts of money and winning more often than not because of Mike’s genius brain. There might have even been a tipsy skinny dipping session late one evening in the hotel pool. They had an amazing vacation, and throughout all that, the days and nights they spent together, the copious conversations that they had, Mike never once mentioned that he was having second thoughts.

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So @moyabird​ sent me a message requesting more of this prompt fic about a forced marriage between Credence and Graves. (Originally a request from @kamikazesoundsociety who is too good to me, tbh). Technically what I wrote is longer than I would usually post on Tumblr and also it’s totally unedited.

But this is what I did with my weekend.

WARNINGS: idk I implied lots of sketchy stuff but no one does anything sketchy. It’s blink and you’ll miss the implication sketchy.

Rated T for heavy kissing.

“I could officiate the ceremony,” Seraphina says, after she’s put Credence back in a cell with armed guards.

“And?” Percival asks.

“Well,” she begins. “There are certain ways to enchant objects — a ring, perhaps — which limit the wearer’s magic. Something which would prevent him from using his magic against you or any of us.”

Percival looks at her. He knows the kind of magic she’s speaking about. It has an ugly history: It was last legally used on a wizard who was found guilty of using magic in assistance of a No-Maj revolt in Louisiana in 1811.

It seems to be an endorsement of how serious Seraphina finds this problem that she would even suggest it.

“Absolutely not,” Percival says.

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The Team Plays Matchmaker

Anonymous asked: Hi Meg! I love your blog! I was wondering if I could request an Avengers one-shot? Maybe the reader likes Sam and Sam likes her, but they are both too shy to say anything? Maybe, the other Avengers help get them together and, in the end, it actually helps strengthen them as a team? (Takes place after the events of Civil War). Is this okay?

Here you are, lovely. I do not own ANY of the Avengers. They belong to Marvel. 

Warnings: FLUFF!

Pairings: Sam Wilson x fem!reader, the Avengers and Bucky Barnes

Originally posted by dailyteamcap

You blushed when your eyes met Sam’s. It was another one of Tony’s game nights. After everything that happened between him and Steve, Tony had been trying his best to smooth things over. Steve and those that sided with him had moved back into the Tower,  but things were still tense. So, Tony and Clint came up with the idea for game night. You didn’t mind, except when you ended up across from Sam.

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are you into a "things we said when we were on top of the world" of the nouis persuasion?? 😍😍

somehow this became 3.3k of a high school vampire au? (10/10 rec this song

If you’d asked Niall what he’d do with immortality, super strength, and heightened animal instincts, he wouldn’t have answered “high school.” It’s a bit of a lame joke, innit, since those Twilight movies came out and just about ruined vampires and werewolves for everyone. Even Niall, who’d sat through one of them at the movie theater because he’d taken Holly Nielson on a date and she absolutely insisted – even Niall remembers sitting in his creaky movie theater seat thinking, Well, that’s a wash. If he was a vampire, he’d spend the whole of it larking about, going to shows, doing a bit of shopping, buying the biggest TV he could find.

Anyway, turned out the joke was on him. Junior year of high school, he’d opened the door to receive a pizza and the deliveryman dropped the box on Niall’s nice new sneakers. Then he’d lunged for his throat. Niall woke up in the hospital to the doctor’s guesses about an animal attack. He tracked down the deliveryman to the police station, where he’d already established himself as a bona fide nutjob. The police wouldn’t let him have the blood he swore he needed to survive, had him locked up in a mental hospital instead.

So that’s why Niall’s trudging through the hallowed halls of Franklin High with a bunch of other teenagers whose sneakers squeak too loudly on the laminate floors. Their voices bounce off the metal lockers on either side of the hallway like the whole place is the inside of a set of clashing cymbals, and Niall chews on the inside of his cheek, squinting against the pain.

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while open world games are, by far, my favorite genre, i think i might have gotten burnt out on them? in the sense that my brain is kinda tired of endless side quests and collectibles. i noticed i breezed thru the uncharted series and i played that amidst a slew of sandbox games that i was struggling to get thru. now i’m sludging through horizon: zero dawn and while it’s amazing and i absolutely love it, i’m noticing myself avoiding the side quest markers. i kind of just want to see what happens in the story and move on.

i legit don’t think it’s the fault of the devs as they put together an awesome game i’m just tired of this routine in what i’ve been playing lately.

so i got into minecraft and i’m probably gonna start Night In The Woods after horizon. maybe what Remains of Edith Finch. then i’ll probably get into Metro Redux and Journey.

bottom line: i gotta spice up my games bc i think that’s what’s been slowing me down recently.

Pokemon X/Y Sentence Starters (Part VI)

  • “Bad to the bone without a care in the world! That’s us all right!”
  • “Dude… you got the power!”
  • “You’ve got to take care of yourself!”
  • “They prefer unsanitary places.”
  • “Something about the word ‘lost’ always piques my interest.”
  • “Tomorrow is the only thing that comes to you even if you don’t do anything.”
  • “Is this cold I feel coming from the snow and ice around me or from the shame of my defeat?”
  • “We can cuddle up to keep each other warm.”
  • “I told you not to budge an inch…”
  • “Just a little bit more, and I would’ve won!”
  • “I’ve been defeated. Whatever shall I do?”
  • “I may have lose to you all, but I still haven’t lost to myself!”
  • “Are you trying to thwart my attempts at love?!”
  • “Eyes often say more than words, you know?”
  • “Why should we care about saving people who aren’t on our side?”
  • “I wonder how much energy there is inside you.”
  • “With my wife gone, my life has become very lonely.”
  • “Don’t be distracted by your surroundings. Focus on unleashing your true power.”
  • “I’ll never regret becoming a trainer.”
  • “You can go anywhere as long as you never give up!”
  • “Don’t you get the feeling that you’ve been down this path before?”
  • “A ritual to decide your fate and future. The battle begins!”
  • “Create your own path. Let nothing get in your way.”
  • “Unproductive fools are consuming our future…”
  • “We will use the ultimate weapon and wipe the slate clean.”
  • “Today our special is… get out of here or else!”
  • “Saving the lives of all is impossible.”
  • “You are here to stop me. But I ask you to wait.”
  • “I prefer relaxing breathing exercises to battles…”
  • “You’re far more capable than our useless grunts.”
  • “Wow, you came all this way?”
  • “Wow, we are sooo lame.”
  • “You put out my fire… I’m nothing but cold ashes now…”
  • “It sure does feel good to let loose every once in a while!”
  • “Heheh… looks like you and me are practically after the same thing, yeah?”
  • “Everything will vanish again.”
  • “Do you want to know unending pain… like I have?”
  • “Follow me to my chambers.”
  • “The only thing left to do is put the plan in motion.”
  • “You’re the one I’ve heard so much about!”
  • “I need to do a little research on you!”

[part 1 of run bts! ep 11 meets basketball!AU] snapshots (as seen through class president park jimin’s eyes)

in which min yoonji transferred to bangtan academy on a basketball scholarship and the first time the class went to cheer her on was during a provincial finals match and– they saw something they never imagined (and then died of heartache)

more parts coming soon .

yall need to leave yourselves alone honestly. sophmore year of highschool i had just gotten out of an incredibly abusive relationship with a dude that policed everything i did on a daily basis and constantly made me feel like garbage for everything i liked. He wasnt the first, every boyfriend I had up to that point had treated me the same way, and I was constantly looking for approval from everyone pretty much 24/7.

Then that stupid fucking pony show came out and it was lame and dumb and i remembered that me and my sister watched it once on summer vacation and had a blast making fun of how stupid it was the whole time. so i watched it and it was horrible and dumb and i was so embarrassed but i thought: You know what? Fuck it. Ima keep watching. so i did. then my friends also started watching. yeah we were the ironic hipster bronies that bought all the merch and drew fanart insisting that we only liked it because it was stupid, but none of that matters. nothing about the show actually mattered. that experience taught me to give new things a chance despite being made fun of. it taught me to enjoy something even if its unpopular and people look down on me for it. every time i see something cringy or shitty i just think to myself “maybe this’ll be like my little pony, maybe theres something in this that will improve my life” and i always give it a shot.

if not for the pony show i would have never stuck with Steven Universe through the slower first episodes where the art was kinda lackluster and steven was an utter annoyance (you can pretend your son is pure and perfect all you want but pearl herself admits that steven was obnoxious before he started to mature) if not for the pony show i probably wouldnt even wanna be an animator, because while i always loved cartoons i was too ashamed to admit it to friends or family and would always have nightmares of them finding out and making fun of me

everyone has a piece of media that influenced them in this way. for some people its anime, for some people its superwholock, for some people its tumblr itself. and all of you look back at your first fandom you joined on your own and think how cringy it was and feel shame but im here to tell you dont. 

maybe supernatural isnt the cinimatic masterpiece you thought it was, and maybe there isnt anything really that artistic or insightful about the pee scenes in elfen lied. but you liked it, and through liking it you were able to give other more deserving pieces of media a chance. and for that you should offer yourself a little more respect, and give the new generation of people learning to be themselves through media a little more respect. thanks and goodnight

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can i request ushiten or semishira? thank you for reading, and sorry if this bothers you.

of course! I hope its alright i just went with ushiten!