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Author: Mikala

Characters: Loki Laufeyson x Reader

Word Count: 3,350

Warnings: Smut. Unprotected sex (please use protection, kiddos). Swearing. I think that’s it. 

Author’s Note: This is my first time writing Loki so I hope it’s good! Let me know what you think!

“Good evening, Loki,” you greeted, taking your usual seat on one of the couches in the living room. You were received with silence, just like you had been every day for the past three weeks. Huffing softly but indignantly, you tucked your legs beneath you, curling up against the arm of the otherwise empty couch. You dropped your attention to your book, opening it to where you’d last left off, but you couldn’t help stealing a few glances at the raven-haired trickster. He sat elegantly in an armchair that he’d pulled close to the glass wall, staring pensively into the distance outside.

Thor had brought his brother to the Tower in hope that the “Earth’s mightiest heroes” would be able to keep him under their watchful eyes, and maybe even have a good influence on him. So far, the latter part was futile; Loki hadn’t acted out at all, but he’d done nothing but brood in silence since he’d gotten here. Although, you could somewhat understand why—everyone else in the tower was either treating him with a cold shoulder, or making snide remarks to him in an attempt to rouse him up. You didn’t really understand what the point of provoking him was. You’d even attempted to break the ice with him, to no avail.

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Worth The Wait- Stuart Twombly

Author- @maddie110201

Pairing- Stuart x Reader

Words- 6,249 (uhhhhh)

Warnings- mentions of sexual assault (PLEASE DO NOT READ IF EASILY TRIGGERED), smut, fluff, swearing, idk of anything else

AN: I stated this months ago but decided to finish it and post it for Stu week! I really hope y’all enjoy this because i’m super proud of it!

Also, thanks to @dylan-trash-tbh for proofreading this for me. I love you, Bee!!!! <3 And also a big thanks to @thelittlestkitsune for keeping me motivated and believing me!!!!! ;P

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It was a Thursday night in the middle of August. The weather outside was rainy and cold and I could hear the sound of the wind rustling against the windows. I was sat alone in the library of my university, the only other person here being the little old librarian. She reminded me of my grandma: sweet and funny, and she always smelled like cinnamon. She also told the best stories, her stories.

I got up to put the book that I had just finished in the drop box.

“Finished already sweetheart? Didn’t you just start reading that about two hours ago?” I heard her sweet voice speak up.

I chuckled lightly, “I am. But you know me, I love to read.” I spoke softly. It was true though, the minute I open a book, I get lost in the beautiful words that litter the tattered pages.

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anonymous asked:

This is a cute article showing all the times Westbrook has posted about Taylor: sbnation(.)com/nba/2017/6/27/15878640/taylor-swift-congratulates-russell-westbrook-nba-mvp-award

Taylor Swift comes ‘out of the woods’ to congratulate Russell Westbrook on MVP award

Westbrook is a longtime Taylor Swift fan.

Russell Westbrook finally won the MVP award he has longed for on Monday night at the first-ever NBA Awards show. It was a great moment for Westbrook as he thanked his team, his family, and even the media. As the praise came rolling in on Twitter, one from Taylor Swift showed up on the Oklahoma City Thunder Twitter account.

The video from Taylor is significant for two reasons. Reason one is that Swift has essentially been hiding from the media since last summer. She’s said very little publicly lately about anything at all, yet she was ready to come “out of the woods” to congratulate Westbrook because Russ is the greatest. Excuse my pun, it’s a Taylor Swift song. Seriously, though, she’s been MIA for so long, it turned into a thing.

The other is that Westbrook is a pretty big Swift fan. We first found out about it in 2015 when Russ was singing along to “Bad Blood” in his car.

A post shared by Russell Westbrook (@russwest44) on May 22, 2015 at 3:06pm PDT

And then this happened.

And then Russ went to her concert.

A post shared by Russell Westbrook (@russwest44) on Aug 26, 2015 at 8:19am PDT

And again, when Westbrook was singing “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”


Congratulations again to Westbrook on his MVP Award. And as always, let Westbrook be Westbrook.


Cosa Nostra (Pt. 1)

Summary: You were just a girl who took some odd jobs from the Min Syndicate to make some extra cash. When Min Yoongi himself sends a request for you to come to his mansion, any semblance of your normal life gets thrown out the window. What sort of dangers will face you once you become associated with one of the biggest mob bosses?


Future Angst/Smut/Fluff

Word Count: 1.2k

Part [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

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Your name was (Y/F/N), and you worked for the mafia.

Well, you didn’t work for the mafia in the traditional sense, you were merely someone they paid extra cash to go and drop letters or packages off at random locations. For who or what, you didn’t know. They never told you any information other than what you absolutely needed, and to be quite honest you wanted to keep it that way. You didn’t even want to do anything that was connected to illegal practices in the first place, but after accumulating quite a large sum of debt from going to college, you needed all the cash you could get.

You sighed to yourself as you cleaned up the counter of the local coffee shop that you worked at, preparing to close the store for the night. ‘If only this stupid job paid enough to cover the bills, then I wouldn’t have to work for the damn mafia in the first place…’ You thought to yourself, exhaling sharply at the irritation you felt.

Once you felt that the store was properly cleaned and relatively prepared for the start of the next day, you took off the apron you wore and grabbed your things and walked out, locking the front door behind you. The cool night air made you shiver a little bit as you began your lengthy walk back towards your apartment. Your footsteps echoed in the street, which was eerily empty, even if it was late at night. You reached your hand into your bag and grabbed your taser gun that you had bought shortly after you started working for the mafia. Even though you had what was basically the lowest position, you still felt that you needed some kind of protection just in case anyone ever came after you.

It was then that you heard what you thought to be faint footsteps treading softly behind you. Timidly, you looked over your shoulder to see a dark figure of what looked like a man some distance behind you. He was far enough to where you couldn’t guarantee that he was following you, but he was close enough to give you a reason for suspicion.

Your breath hitched a little as you sped up your pace, ‘It’s okay, it’s okay,’ You tried to calm yourself as you continued your route to your apartment, ‘He just happens to be going in the same direction as you, that’s all. At any rate, you’re almost at the apartment.’

When you heard the gentle footsteps speed up, you knew that you weren’t just being paranoid. This man was following you. Your heart was in your throat as you turned around, your stun gun raised toward the man threateningly, “S-Stop right there!” Your voice quavered as you tried to intimidate the mysterious man, “I-I’ve got a taser, and I’m not afraid to use it!”

The man paused for a moment, before continuing his approach toward you but more slowly, his hands raised up in a half-hearted surrender, “Hey hey, there’s no need for that now, I’m not here to hurt you.” Now that he was closer, you could clearly see his face. He was a fairly handsome man with brownish colored hair and dark eyes. His face was slightly longer than your average male, and he couldn’t have been all that much older than you yourself. The smile on his face just screamed for you to trust him, even though you knew good and damn well that was a stupid idea. He probably used that innocent smile for anyone he wanted to trick.

Your grip on your stun gun tightened as you replied curtly, “Who are you? What the hell do you want? Why are you following me?” You were happy that your voice seemed to have found its strength, but the way your legs were trembling reminded you just how scared you were right now.

He cautiously approached you, but almost with a sense of confidence as though he were sure that you weren’t going to pull the trigger, “My name…doesn’t quite matter. What does matter is the message I have to deliver to you. It’s from Min Yoongi.”

The name rung alarms in your brain. From what you had heard from the man who recruited you, that was the name of the leader of the entire organization. The idea of one of the biggest mafia leaders in town sending you a message directly seemed pretty far-fetched, which only made this guy even more suspicious.

“Cut the bullshit, why the hell would a mafia boss ever send me a personal message?” You scoffed at the man, narrowing your eyes, “Unless you have some sort of proof, I suggest you turn around and walk away.”

The man smirked, and if you weren’t so terrified you might have even thought the man looked handsome, “Your name is (Y/F/N), you work at that coffee shop just a few blocks up, and you started working under the Min Syndicate about eight months ago.”

Your blood ran cold. You figured the mafia would do their research on you, but it was terrifying to know that literally any random mafia member could recite your information as though it were their own phone number. Gulping, you said hesitantly, “Y-You could just be a good stalker for all I know…”

Rolling his eyes the man replied, “Well I don’t have much else to prove to you that I was sent here by Mr. Min. He wants you to appear at this address at exactly 6PM three days from now. And believe me, you don’t want to find out what happens if you show up late or stand him up.” He held out a small slip of paper for you to take, which after a moment of staring, you hesitantly took it from him.

He smiled brightly once you took the piece of paper, “Thanks, you made my job that much easier.” He began to walk away, but turned back to you to add, “Oh, yeah, don’t forget to dress nicely. Like, really nice, otherwise he’d probably have your head.” With that, the man walked back down the dimly lit street in the direction that you had just come from, leaving you standing there reeling in shock.

Blinking hard a few times, you unfolded the slip of paper the strange man had handed you. On it was a single address, as he said there would be. You didn’t know where the place was for sure, but given the street name, you knew that it was in the more upscale side of town. You looked back up only to see that the man had long disappeared, leaving you to slowly walk back to your apartment again.

‘What the fuck is going on,’ You thought to yourself as you approached the stairs to your apartment complex, ‘Why would the leader of the ENTIRE Min Syndicate want me to meet him? He’s not gonna kill me…is he?’ You shook your head to yourself, knowing that if the man had wanted you dead he could have very easily made that happened by now.

You entered your apartment, your head spinning with thoughts as to why Min Yoongi was requesting that you show up, and in full glam no less. Sighing, you dump your belongings on your couch and make your way to your bedroom, where you promptly plopped down on the bed. You were too exhausted after the appearance of the mafia and them summoning you to…some sort of gathering. Anxiousness began to settle over you as your tired eyes slowly drifted closed. Whatever this was about, you just wanted it to be over with quickly. You needed to get out of this mafia business as soon as possible.

Remember the Promise, Carl Grimes.

A/N: I made another one! I hope you guys like it as much as you have the last ones!

Summary: The reader and Carl are in a “no strings attached” kind of relationship that is as complicated as can be. Due to the disapproval of the reader’s mother they’ve been sneaking around for quite some time. Despite efforts to stop it, they both feel it turning into something more.

(Flashbacks in italics)

Word Count: 15,247

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Our Daily Routine

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Request: You’ve liked me for ages and were really obvious about it and I didn’t like all the attention but now you’re over me I really miss it and fuck I think I like you too? – Imagine for Gaston?

Rating: T

Warnings: None
Word Count: 944
A/N: i just wanna say that luke evans has officially ruined me. thank you. Tagging @whoaheather

You and Gaston had some sort of routine that you both went through every morning. He would knock on your door, give you a huge bouquet of flowers, blabber on and on about how great he was (sometimes he says something about you in between), ask you to go to dinner with him, and you would say no then slam the door on his face.

Any other girl would have jumped at the thought of Gaston courting them, but not you. You had no interest in getting married to that pompous asshole whatsoever. Some people called you insane for not taking the opportunity of being the “great and handsome and dashing” war veteran’s wife, while others went green with envy whenever Gaston immediately chose you over all of them. By others, you meant the girls who were completely and utterly obsessed with him (those girls who always looked like they got hit in the face with flour and got berries spilled all over their lips, those ones).

Sometimes, you did see the appeal of being with Gaston. Even though his ego was bigger than Europe itself, he had his moments and you would consider the possibility of being friends with him. Underneath all of his tough exterior, you saw his rarely shown weaknesses. He was still a human with flaws, unlike what he was painted out to be.

During the first month, Gaston’s daily visits to court you was irritating and annoying, but eventually, you got used to it. You even rehearsed various possible responses to all his attempts of trying to woo you and got a special bucket to store the massive, colorful flowers he brought you.

You thought of all the possible ways to drive him away, but no matter how much you rebuffed or tried to drive him away, he would always come back every morning, even if it was raining or snowing, with a monologue about how perfect you two would be. It pained you to admit that you had grown rather fond of him, because there was a good chance his precious ego would inflate even more.

You never thought that someday, he would give up and stop coming back. After all, no one perseveres like Gaston.

Your family lived in a small, but decent house. Your family was never too big on money, but ever since Gaston started courting you, your mother started complaining and tried to pressure you to marry him. Luckily, your father was a bit more forgiving.

“Think about the money and happiness he could bring you!” Your mother sighed. The argument all started with you complaining about Gaston, and it escalated from there.

“I’d rather fall off a cliff like Aunt Collete.”

Stretching your arms up above your head, you yawned then jumped off your bed. Gaston would probably come barreling through your door soon.

You hastily put on some clothes and looked at the bucket you used to store Gaston’s flowers. In the middle of the bucket, was your favourite flower, which Gaston surprisingly found out. You didn’t want to know how he got the information. Still, it was nice to know he cared.

“Morning Mother!” You greeted as you walked to your house’s modest kitchen. Your mother was hustling around the place, preparing food for your other siblings and scrubbing viciously at a pan. She looked up at you for a brief second and smiled, returning your greeting.

Your siblings, on the other hand, were quickly making a mess on the breakfast table. Scraps of paper and fruit were lying about, and you cringed. Sometimes you wondered how your parents survived with all the chaos around the house.

Smoothing your skirt and preparing your best i’m-not-interested-face, you exited your home and went into the warm sunlight. As always, your neighbours came out and wished you a good morning before carrying on with their regular lives. Children were hurrying to the schoolhouse, afraid of being late and some vendors heading to the market offered you some food, which you politely turned down.

Gaston usually arrived at exactly 10 in the morning, with a fresh bouquet of colorful flowers and a speech about what your future would be like. You wondered how many kids you would have in his little daydream this time. You hated to admit it, but his plans for your future sometimes made you laugh. (You would never tell him that though.)

You glanced over at the massive clock tower. It was almost 10 AM, the shorter hand almost at the 10. Anxiously, you looked over at the curve Gaston appeared from.

Bong! The bells of the clock tower suddenly rang, and Gaston would start walking over smugly to you. Except he didn’t. He didn’t come out the curve, like you thought he would. No one came.

You chuckled. Maybe something happened? Perhaps a minor delay in Gaston’s egg eating routine? Oh well. You headed inside. Gaston was late sometimes, so you weren’t that worried.

The day after, still no one came. You waited longer outside this time, expecting to see the bright red coat that always brought flowers to you.

Days passed, but no one came, and eventually… all your colorful flowers he brought you were gone, replaced by their dead remains.

Ever Since You Left

A Shawn Mendes fanfiction. 

A/N: Part one. I swear I’ll update this one LOL. Shoutout to @whitechocolateperfection for literally everything about this lmao

“Don’t you think we should tell him?”

It was the question I’d been avoiding ever since Shawn’s coming home party had been scheduled. Now the day had arrived, and Shawn was on his plane, on the way. I was nervous, to say the least, as I always was when it came to Shawn. There was something between us that had never been discussed, that we’d never bothered to dip our toes in in fear of the pond being deeper than meets the eye. All throughout high school we played the game of will they or won’t they. We were close, and the feelings felt between us were strong enough to make our friends feel awkward when we went into our own little world. That’s all it was though, and all it would ever be.

I was with Brian now.

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He loves me, He loves me not Pt.3

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

A/N: It’s been so long since I posted something in writing. I advise you re-read the previous parts in case you forgot what’s happening. This is the last part of this request. I might post an epilogue, still considering though. Enjoy!

Part 1 / Part 2

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bones | 03 (m)

• pairing: jung hoseok x reader // min yoongi x reader, college! hoseok, college! yoongi
• genre/warnings: angst, smut, friends with benefits
• words: 9,356
→ summary: you were broken from a past relationship, and Hoseok wanted to fix you, but what price was he willing to pay? Would he end up worse off, or would you realise in time, that your best friend was the one…?
• note. inspired by this song here.

» playlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05

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Hi! Okay since again it seems like we’re not getting our Yousana update today I’ve decided to make part II of my last post. I had a lot of fun doing the chats so it’s mostly chat centered but it was a little bit of writing too. 

I hope you like it :D 


She knew they had arrived, it’s not like they were silent. She had told him that he could come, that she didn’t have a problem with him being there but that didn’t mean it was easy.

She was definitely not ready to see him, to be in the same room as him so he had spent the whole day in her room thinking of an excuse to get out.

She thought about asking the girls to hang out but being honest, she didn’t feel like it. So she took a deep breath and thought about who she wanted to be with in that moment, and two names came to her mind: Isak and Even. They’d always find a way to make her feel good even though they didn’t know anything that was happening in her life. She texted Isak asking if she could come over to their house, she was in fact a little late with her biology homework since that past weekend had been hell for her. Isak didn’t hesitate to answer with a big yes, although he said he did have to find a way to make Even promise that he wouldn’t distract them.

With the plan arranged, she finally got out of her room. She entered the living room where the boys were preparing the things to film their video. She tried so hard not to look at Yousef but as soon as she put one foot on the room her eyes went straight at him. He was already looking at her with a shy smile. He clearly didn’t know what to do. She took a deep breath and shook her head a little bit to concentrate before looking at her brother.

“Elias, I’m leaving so you can have the house to yourselves” she said.

“You don’t have to that Sana” Elias said.

“It’s okay, I’m meeting a friend to study”

“Which friend? Noora? Eva? Vilde? You can ask them to come if you want, I mean so you don’t have to leave” Elias said smiling.

Adam and Mutasim nodded enthusiastically, approving Elias’ idea. Mikael just stood there indifferent. Yousef on the other hand was feeling a little bit guilty because he knew he was the reason for her to leave.

“He’s a boy. Are you still so eager for me to bring him? So I don’t have to leave of course” Sana said rolling her eyes.

“Should I be worried about this guy?” Elias asked her acting like a protective brother

“It’s none of your business actually”

She motioned to leave but she stopped when her phone beeped. It was a message from Isak. She opened the chat while the rest of the guys, except Yousef who was still thinking about Sana’s mysterious guy, teased Elias.

She couldn’t help but smile at the text. She loved Isak’s and Even’s relationship, they loved each other but they didn’t force it, unlike some other people.

“A message from your boy?” Elias asked raising an eyebrow noticing Sana’s smile

“Bye Elias” she said turning around and leaving trying not to look at Yousef, who was still concentrated on her.


She was almost at Isak’s house when her phone beeped.

She smiled to herself. Yousef being jealous of Isak, now that was funny.


She had spent a great afternoon with Isak and Even. She and Isak had been studying biology while Even made them sandwiches and really tried not to bother them. After a while they had taken a break and the three of them had ended on the couch talking about random things. Once again she had felt so comfortable around then.

She was now getting ready to sleep when her phone beeped startling her.

 She still didn’t know what she was going to do but what she did know was that she was definitely going to bed with a smile on her face.

Sooo this is it. I hope you liked it. I know it’s not really good but honestly I just wanted an excuse to make more chats ‘cause it is really funny.

I don’t think I’ll write another fic until we get an update because I don’t want to like write a parallel story from the show

Thank you so much for reading. And again sorry if there are any mistakes

02. Mama Mo’s - Kim SeokJin Fanfic

AN*  So I ran across a “Bed Sharing AU” prompt list with 8 prompts and thought it’d be a great exercise to explore writing fanfics again. This is the 2nd in the series. I’m using all 8 prompts with different members.  8 prompts, 7 members… the 8th will be a surprise.

A special thanks to BTS… for giving me inspiration and re-igniting my passion to write again. (Gif isn’t mine.)

01. Kim NamJoon - Must Have Energy

03. Min Yoongi - You’re Mine

04. Jung HoSeok - My Hope

05. Park Jimin - Awkwardly Perfect

06. Kim TaeHyung - The BPP

07. Jeon JungKook - Call Me Kookie

08. BTS - Hawaiian Thunderstorm

Originally posted by jjilljj

Mama Mo’s

Prompt: The Classic™- The hotel only has a king sized bed, I guess we’re sharing.

Pairing: Kim SeokJin x Reader

Genre: oneshot, fluff, (a bit of skinship)

Word count: 5.3K

“Jin, I could kill you right now.” SeokJin just laughed but you were pretty frickin’ serious.

“Hey, not my fault your car got a flat tire…” he said staring in awe up at the sputtering neon sign.

“YES YOUR FAULT!” you yelled, swinging your purse and hitting his shoulder. “Who insisted on taking, ‘the shortcut’!?” you air-quoted. He winced in pain and jerked towards you, opening his mouth to say something but you interrupted. “IT WASN’T A SHORTCUT JIN!!!”

“Aiish…” he said under his breath. Then he mumbled, “You didn’t have to take it…”

“I didn’t want to!” You collapsed, hugging your knees in a squat position, forehead buried in your arms. “You wouldn’t shut up about it and I wanted peace.” You jerked your head to glare over at him. “And you swore… you SWORE it was the right way…” He shrugged and opened the trunk of the car to pull out your suitcases.

“Well, it’s fixed now…. I’m the one who fixed it… remember?” he was getting frustrated with you, and you gave him that… but you were so frustrated that you had to take it out on someone, and he was the only one here. Another issue…

“I should have gone with HoSeok….” like I wanted to… you added silently. You were all going on this trip together… supposedly. But due to numbers you’d had to take 2 vehicles. You wanted to go with Jung HoSeok, your ever friendly, ever hopeful, crush of the last year. But you and he were the only ones with cars that could handle the trip… so you couldn’t go together if everyone ended up coming. Which everyone did. And since HoSeok is HoSeok, sunshine magnet of the world, his car was PACKED with people… leaving you and Jin the only ones out.

“We would have totally beaten them there…” Jin said quietly as he rolled the suitcases over to you. “And admit it… we had fun until then.” He smiled down at you, his gorgeous face eerily lit by the light of the neon sign, and winked. You rolled your eyes at him, but inside you admitted it. Jin just seemed a bit full of himself… and to be honest, you didn’t really know him that well so you didn’t know what to expect. He had recently moved to town, and due to HoSeok’s sunshine, had become a new member of your group. And surprisingly enough, in the car he had been fun, keeping you entertained with stories of him and his old friends, picking fun music and singing to it way too loud, which made you laugh.

Then the country road had turned into a dirt road, then a single lane dirt road covered in all sorts of trash and debris. He still insisted it was the right way to go, so you kept going, running over the board that held the nail that caused the flat that Jin fixed…you sing-songed in your mind. You sighed heavily into your arms and stood up, your legs protesting being in the squat position too long.

The neon sign of the hotel flickered on and off in an ominous way and you looked up at it again. It read MAMA MO’S in bright flickering orange with a smaller, red Vacancy underneath.

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Study Dates (3/4)

Summary:  Finals week is approaching at Midtown High School and with her grades beginning to slip, the reader spends her time at the library with Peter Parker.

Word Count: 1,041

AN: i hope you guys enjoy :)) btw, i loOooove tom in this sweater im

Part 1 Part 2 Part 4

Originally posted by stallingdemons

Finals week was finally here. It came out of nowhere and caught Y/N completely off guard. Even after her study sessions with Peter after school, she’d come home and take a nap before looking over her notes for the rest of the night. However, the one day that she decided to take a break, she almost overslept and arrived at school a couple minutes before the first bell rang.

“You’re in, man! You’ve got all this action with Y/N and now you’ve got a date with her! Get in there, son!” Ned punches Peter’s arm after he spilled the beans over what happened over the last week.

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Giant: Ch. 11

You could still be,
what you want to,
What you said you were,
when I met you.

A bit of normalcy came after the shooting. As normal as either could hope to ever have once everyone knew of their relationship and a group of highly trained, well-funded operatives lingering on the fringes of their minds as an apparent constant threat.

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rfa and fake relationships


-Says he needs to fake a relationship with you for a publicity stunt, and although true he just wants an excuse to put his arm around MC

- Usually is confident and bold but seeing them in person made him a blushing mess

-So this is the perfect opportunity to make a move

-“Next party, can you be my fake date? I mean I am the most eligible bachelor, and I think it’d be good press if I was with the actual planner”

-“But I hate having my photo taken, and are you sure it won’t cause scandal”

-“It’d do the opposite! They want to see me in a healthy relationship after glam”

-Finally MC agrees

-They walk the red carpet together, arm laced around MC’s waist

-MC’s dress was the most beautiful thing, Zen was breathless

-Finally nearing the end a paparazzi screamed “Kiss on camera!”

-Right as MC was about to call the guy a freak Zen grabs her and kisses her full on

-In front of everyone

-Which almost turned into making out if MC hadn’t pulled away

-“What was that?” MC’s eyes widen

-“Just giving the audience what they wanted, Besides you kissed back” he winked and smiled

-MC couldn’t focus  the rest of the party and accidentally spills on themselves

-Zen pulls the cliche “you can use my jacket” bit, the nice formal men’s coat drowning her

-And let’s say that night Zen took her home;))))

-Finally the following morning they actually got together for real


-“Oops.. I might have told my dad I had a date to this executive dinner to replace Sara..”

-“And??? Why does this involve me?”

-“Will you go with me and pretend to be my date? I’ll pay you. How does $10,000 sound?”

-“Jumin I’ll do anything for you, you don’t need to offer money for favors,” (wink wonk)

-“Hah. Don’t say things like that to me. But thanks. The dinner is tonight I have a new dress I picked out for you in the closet and I hired someone for makeup. Be ready by five the limo will be here.


-He knew she was going to say yes no matter what

-Cheeky bastard

-The dinner was kinda awkward because it was more of just business discussion

-But MC nodded and tried to be supportive

-Until Mr. Chairman Han started asking her questions

-“So when did you and Jumin get together? How did you guys meet? What is your financial status?”

-“Father please stop you are scaring her,”

-“Just making sure she’s suitable for the Han lineage,”

-When they got back to Jumin’s apartment, MC ranted about how she thought his dad hated her

-“Baby, trust me, he adored you,”

-“Did you just call me baby,”

-It had just slipped out

-And Jumin was blushing

-“Oh.. Ha.. I mean,” Jumin never got choked up, “I was still in a ‘fake relationship’ mindset,”


-“However, tonight wasn’t just a ploy to rid Sara. I usually don’t partake in that thing called, “feelings,”, but I’ve found myself wanting to be with you, MC. You could live here and have anything you desire. Just please say yes, and don’t leave me,”

-And they kiss after MC agrees happily


-MC and Jaehee were ranting to each other about family issues one day when the subject of Jaehee’s parents nagging her to get a boyfriend came up

-“Honestly I just want to tell them I’m gay so they don’t think Mr. Han and I are a thing,”

-“Do it,”

-She chuckled, “Well, though they are accepting I think they’d like some proof, like a girlfriend,”

-“You could find someone to play said girlfriend,” MC hinted, “Maybe she’s sitting right in front of you, and is actually pretty decent at acting from studying Zen’s plays,”

-“You would do that for me?”

-MC quickly said of course and they giggled and continued to talk throughout the night

-Later Jaehee ends up calling her parents sharing the news and they asked if they could meet MC the following weekend on Jaehee’s day off

-When the day came MC was really nervous

-“What if they don’t like me? What if they are secretly homophobic? What if-”

-“Look, don’t worry. I love you, and I usually have a harsh sense of judgement, it’s very difficult to open me up. Yet, somehow you did in only a matter of a day. And If they were homophobic, they certainly didn’t have any objections over the phone. Don’t doubt yourself.”

-“You love me?”

-“Oh.. Well I mean in a friend way… I have a love for everyone in the RFA.. Haha…”

-MC was more disappointed then she’d like to admit

-“I love you too.. In a friend way,” She sadly lied.

-The evening went perfectly, and Jaehee’s parents were very fond of MC

-MC could see where Jaehee got her seriousness from

-They were exhausted, and Mrs. Kang thoroughly insisted they both sleep in Jaehee’s old room

-When they got in bed, MC was out cold.

-Jaehee leaned over and confessed to her

-She said what she had always wanted to when MC was awake

-Soon she followed into sleep, and ended up wrapping her arms around MC while doing so

-The next morning, however, MC had all the memories from the night before

-She was only half asleep

-She woke up before Jaehee and didn’t want to wake her, so she stayed soundly in her arms

-When Jaehee finally awoke, MC leaned in and placed a really soft kiss on Jaehee

-They ended up making out, not muttering a single word to each other until they looked at the time

-Jaehee was late for work.

-They quickly left The Kang’s residence, thanking them for the hospitality

-The car ride was a pleasant silence, the radio humming as they drove to the office

-MC spent the day with her as she worked, sneaking in little affectionate kisses in between

-After they went and got coffee, and though neither of them actually came out and asked each other out, they were girlfriends.


-Jumin couldn’t mind his own business.

-After spending a whole night playing LOLOL, and narrating it through the chat, Jumin got fed up with, in his words, “lack of responsibility and control,”  

-He called the one and only, Ms. Kim to his apartment

-Yoosung wasn’t aware his mom had been sent over to his place, so he had MC over,

-They were in a very intense game to say the least

-They both were yelling, trying to tickle one another to mess up

-It lead to MC pinning him to the couch, sitting on top of him,

-When his door opened,

-And low and behold his mother had walked in on MC straddling him,

-He was VERY flustered


-They both got up, getting back to their original spots

-“Oh um hi. I should have knocked. And you might be….?”

-“I’m MC,” she quickly panicked, “Yoosung’s girlfriend,”

-Yoosung’s complexion was the same as a tomato

-“About time you finally found yourself a girlfriend! I’m so proud! Why didn’t you tell me about MC before!”

-“Oh uh.. It was more recent. And why are you here?”

-“A friend of yours, Jumin, called and told me up were addicted to your games.  He sounded worried. He’s such an amazing friend, but anyways, came up to check on you.”

-Yoosung was a mix of mad, embarrassed, and really flustered.

-However he soon got over his anger at Jumin, because he realized having his mom around wasn’t the worst thing that could happen

-I mean he was cooking, had a ‘girlfriend,’ and his grades had risen dramatically

-By the end, He had ended up for the better, and his and MC’s relationship grew steadily


-“Hey MC! Couples get free drinks tonight at this local restaurant! We could fake it and get unlimited doctor pepper!”

-“Sev don’t you have unlimited soda already?!”

-“Yes but this is from hands of a mixologist! It’s totally different than drinking from the can. They add a little extra kick from the ice and the nice fancy glass cups,”

-“Or maybe it’s vodka,’ MC teases,

-“Either way it’s free! Plus don’t you feel better that your god Seven will actually eat something besides chips!”

-“I guess we could go out to dinner,” She giggled, “but I was looking forward to pizza and chips,”

-They both dressed up to the bare minimum

-Nevertheless, he thought MC looked breathtaking

-They took Seven’s red porsche

-“So tell me MC, what do I need to know if I want to properly fake date you?” He smirks

-She smiles, “A lot of handholding,’

-The ‘fake’ date went without a ditch

-They giggled about how great of spies they are and how they actually got away with their mission

-At the end though it left MC more confused than ever because Luciel usually pushes her away but that night she felt closer to him than ever

-Later they cuddles and watched a horror movie when MC decided to be honest

-“Ah, fuck it,” He gave up trying to stay as friends

-They kissed and it was everything they both wanted it to be and more


*** This one is pretty long because I wanted to keep it as a solid piece. I have enough sequels to catch up on, I didn’t want to add more and make you guys wait. Also I know these things weren’t taking place at the same time so please don’t try to read me 😂😂 Just using my imagination. The main reason that Jax was willing to get into bed with the cartel was because he was trying get alot of cash quick to get out for Tara but since he’s with you in this, I switched some of that around.***

“Look, all I’m saying is that I think you should just listen to your brothers and consider it. Working with a cartel is not a good idea. We all know that, even you. I know the club has money issues and you guys are getting buried but we can figure something out. Gemma and I can put together a fundraiser or something. Just…don’t do this Jax. Don’t vote for the cartel deal tomorrow.”

He groaned and ran his hand over his face, agitated with everything. Things with the club had been going to shit and he’d been on edge on months because if it. Everything seemed to piss him off but at the moment, the only thing that was irritating him was you.

“Can you just stop? I know what I have to do. I don’t need some Old Lady telling me how to run my club.”

At that, you narrowed your eyes, your hands coming to rest on your hips.

“Some Old Lady? I’m not just some Old Lady Jackson, I’m your Old Lady. I’m your fiancé. I’m not trying to tell you how to run your club, I’m just trying to look out for you and our family.”

Jax chuckled to himself and stood up, his shoulders tense in anger as he paced around the living room.

“I don’t need you to look out for me, or for us. I have it handled.”

“Muling Coke isn’t handling it Jax. It’s taking the easy way out. Cutting corners never got anybody anywhere.”

“We’re done talking about this.”

He grabbed the remote from the coffee table and turned the tv on, trying to shut you out.


“That’s enough!”

You jumped at how loud his voice suddenly got, his nose flaring in anger as he looked at you.

“Clay and I are going to run this club how we think is best and that’s it. I don’t want to hear anymore from you.”

You stared at him in disbelief, shocked at his aggression. You knew it wasn’t your place to dictate what happened in the club but you couldn’t just stand by idle while he made a decision that could ruin so many lives. Your own anger surged at the thought.

“Yeah ok Jax, just shut me out. Shut me out the way you always do whenever someone calls you on your shit. Just close your ears and don’t listen to anyone except greedy fucking Clay!”

Refusing to hear any more, Jax abruptly stood from the couch and began walking to the front door, snatching his kutte of the back of the sofa.

“Jax. Jax!”

He simply ignored you, slipping on the leather and pulling the door open before walking out and slamming it behind him, the picture on the walls rattling. You stayed in place, staring at the now closed door. You didn’t turn away until you heard the rumble if his bike starting up. Blowing out a shaky breath, you pushed back the tears that threatened to spill over and sat yourself down in the couch. You shook your head and leaned forward, resting your elbows in your knees, your head in your hands.

You’d tried.

You just hoped it wouldn’t be in vain. You knew him going to bed angry the night before a vote was never good but there was no going back now. You’d been trying to be there for him and support him for the last couple of months and all he’d done was take his frustrations out on you. You were at the end of your rope and were out of ideas on how to get him to break out of this cold shell that he’d created. You sighed and headed off the bedroom, getting ready to take a shower. You’d head to the clubhouse in the morning before the vote and try to smooth things over with him. Regardless of the outcome, you’d always support him and you wanted to make sure he knew that.


It was a little past 8 am when you were walking through the clubhouse parking lot, walking into the entrance and seeing Chibs and Tig standing by the bar looking dead. They smiled at you gently as you walked in before they stole a glance at each other.

“Morning darlin’.”

“Good morning honey.”

You gave both Tig and Chibs a hug before setting down your purse on the counter and walking towards the kitchen.

“Coffee? Tea?”

“Coffee is fine baby.”

You nodded at Tig and pushed open the door to the kitchen, walking towards the counter. You could hear the two of them whispering to each other but you purposely busied yourself getting out the mugs, not wanting to eavesdrop as they were probably speaking about club business. With the cups on the counter, you began to spoon the coffee into the machine, Tig following you into the kitchen and sitting on the counter watching you.

“You’re here early.”

“Yeah. Jax and I got into a fight last night. He left and stayed the night here and I just wanted to come see him. Just apologize, you know. Figured I would make you guys some coffee first though because you look exhausted.”

Tig smiled softly and nodded but you noticed how his eyes narrowed a bit in confusion before he was hopping down from the counter and pressing a kiss to your hair.

“Thank you.”

You returned the smile but you could tell that something was off. With the coffee already brewing, you wiped your hands and turned around, getting Jax’s tea out and ready. Tig watched you as you started to prepare it, his eyes glancing back out into the clubhouse over and over. Putting the water to boil, you smiled at Tig as he stared you down. He returned it but you could tell it was fake. You also weren’t sure why he was staying right by you if his attention was outside.

“Everything alright Tiggy?”

“Everything’s fine.”

Without saying anything else, he walked straight out of the kitchen, leaving you alone. You shook your head and talked to yourself under your breath.

‘What the fuck is going on.’


With the tea and coffee done, you set the mugs on a platter and carried them all out of the kitchen. The rest of the Sons had woken up and had now joined the group, smiling as you handed everyone their respective cups. You noticed that everyone had went quiet as soon as you arrived though and were avoiding eye contact. When only Jax’s cup was left, you grabbed it and patted Happy’s shoulder.

“I’ll leave you boys to your business. I’m gonna go wake Jax up.”

You had almost made it down the hall before Bobby’s voice stopped you.

“Y/N. Come back here sweetheart.”

You walked back over to where everyone was sitting and found them all looking at you.


Bobby stayed looking at you, as did everyone else, but no one said anything.

“What is it? Jax’s tea is gonna get cold.”

Bobby looked around once before taking off his glasses and rubbing the bride of his nose, putting them back on and looking at you with an unreadable expression.

“Jax isn’t here sweetheart. He didn’t come here last night.”

You laughed quietly and shook your head.

“He came in late, 10:30 or something. We got into a little argument before bed so he probably snuck in when everyone was already in their rooms.”

“He’s not here honey. We were all out here drinking and talking ‘til 3 am. No one saw him come in. His dorm is empty.”

You stood there blinking as Piney confirmed, not totally sure how that could be. Panic set in quickly though as you thought about all the things that could’ve happened to him. What if he’d run into rivals on his way over? What if he crashed? The Sons all exchanged looks as you quickly made your way over to his room, walking in and finding the room empty, like they’d said.

“He hasn’t called anyone? No one’s heard from him?”

They all shook their heads, looking around just as confused as you were. Bobby knew where Jax was but he didn’t want to be the one to have to tell you, especially not with everyone there.  Jax picked up on the 6th ring and you blew out a heavy sigh of relief when his voice came over.


“Hey baby. Jesus, you had me worried. Are you ok? Where are you?”

“I’m fine. I’m uh, at the clubhouse.”

Bobby hung his head down as he heard Jax’s words. You however stood there motionless.

“Wait, where are you?”

“I’m at the clubhouse. I’m getting ready for church. We have that vote in an hour.”

Everyone was silent as they listened to Jax blatantly lie to you. You felt your ears go hot in both anger and humiliation.

“You’re in your dorm right now?”


“Well that’s weird because I just checked your dorm right now and I didn’t fucking see you.”

There was nothing but silence from his end and you growled, hanging up before he could lie to you again. You hadn’t wanted everyone to hear your business but you had a feeling that they already knew.

“Where is he?”

You eyed the men furiously and they exchanged glances before Clay finally spoke.  

“He’s with Tara sweetheart. He spent the night there.”

It wasn’t 10 minutes later that he was walking into the clubhouse, his eyes searching around for you. Chibs looked over at him and walked up to him, disapproval written all over his face.

“She’s in your room. Packing up her things.”

Jax’s feet hurriedly carried him to his dorm and he walked in to see you with your duffle bag on the bed, stuffing your clothes into it.


“Don’t talk to me.”

He blew out a breath and looked down at his feet, not knowing how you were going to react. He hadn’t slept with Tara, he had just gone to stay at her place, not wanting to come to the clubhouse and have everyone question him when he already had so much on his mind. He just wanted to be around someone that wouldn’t keep talking about the club. He doubted that you’d believe him though and he knew he’d fucked up. There was the option to lie again but he couldn’t bring himself to do that. Not after hearing how scared and worried for him you were on the phone earlier.

“I was at Tara’s.”

“I know.”

He froze. He didn’t think that they would’ve told you. He knew the fact that you had found out on your own only made things worse.

“I didn’t sleep with her, I swear. On the club baby, nothing happened. I just spent the night there.”

He was expecting you to get pissed, to scream at him and maybe even hit him. Or maybe you would cry. What he wasn’t expecting you to do though was to finish packing your bag and then turn to look at him with cold eyes.

“All I was trying to do was look out for you. Try to get you to see the bigger picture, to protect you and this club. And what do I get in return? I get fucking humiliated in front of everyone by getting told you spent the night with another woman. Your ex no less. You left me at home because you were mad at me for caring about the club, to go be with a woman that hates the club.”

You laughed humorlessly and shook your head.

“I don’t even know who you are anymore. I barely recognize you. You’re not the man I agreed to marry.”

Jax felt his jaw tighten. It pissed him off to hear you say that but deep down he knew you were right, and he was more angry at himself. He’d been losing his grip on things lately and it seemed that in the midst of it, he was going to lose you too.

You slung the bag over your shoulder and began to walk out, stopping when you got right next to him. You brought your left hand up and stared at the ring on your finger with a sad smile for a couple seconds and Jax felt his heart drop.

“I love you Jax, but I don’t know if I can marry you. Not right now. I feel like I can’t trust you. I don’t want to be wasting my time anymore. I spend my time loving and supporting you, trying to help you and all you did is shit on me. Lying to me and embarrassing me like this. I’ve been by your side for years but I refuse to stick around and watch you ruin everything. Between getting involved with the cartel and running to Tara, it’s obvious that you aren’t thinking clearly. I was willing to stay by your side no matter what you did with this cartel shit but you just had to take it a step further. We were supposed to get married.”

Jax heard your voice crack a little but shook your head, willing your tears back and held your head high.

“You can come find me when you figure it out. Until then, I think it’s best if we take a break. Take your ring.”

Jax shook his head furiously, taking your hands in his.

“Please don’t.”

“Jax, you-“

“I’m a fucking idiot, I know. I’m an asshole and I don’t deserve you but I can’t lose you. I’ve been treating you like shit lately and you don’t deserve any of it. I just throw it at you because you’re the closest one but I don’t mean to. The clubs going downhill and I’m caught between a rock and a hard place. I feel like this cartel is our only break and I know you don’t agree but I need you. I only went to Tara’s because I wanted to be somewhere that I wouldn’t hear about the club. If I went to the clubhouse, the guys were gonna want to talk more. I drove around for an hour and went to a bar by the desert and then I just went to her house. Even she was mad at me for showing up, she knows we’re engaged. Nothing happened. I was drunk and passed out on her couch, I didn’t even take my shoes off. It was probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever done but I swear it won’t happen again.”

Jax took a deep breath as he finished his rambling. You stayed looking at him, searching his eyes.

“You didn’t even take off your AF-1s?”

He stared at you for a couple seconds before he laughed lightly.

“No. I was too drunk.”

You nodded and looked down, your head killing you from the stress of the day. From thinking something bad had happened to him, to getting lied to, to thinking he was cheating on you, all before 10 am, you’d had about all you could handle.

“Look Jax, I’m just gonna go home. I’m pissed the fuck off but we can talk more tonight, I can’t concentrate right now.”

He nodded quickly, relief flooding him that you would at least give him a chance make it up to you. He took the bag from your shoulder and put it down on the floor before he lifted your hand up to his mouth and kissed the back of it gently.

“I’m sorry. I love you.”

You nodded and pulled your hand away from him gently, not wanting him to think everything was alright.

“I love you too stupid. I’ll see you at home.”

Sundance Kid - Part 2 - McCree x Reader

A/N: So here it is. The second and final part of Sundance Kid. There was an overwhelmingly positive response to the first part that I wasn’t expecting so I was inspired to write this. I want to thank everyone who liked, reblogged, and commented on it. It keeps me going!

BTW, McCree calls you Etta because that was Sundance’s lover in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid …and in real life :)

Part 1

Words: 1,937
Warnings: None

When McCree mentioned working on your poker face, you were sure he was joking, but here he was standing in your doorway with his hat in his hands.

“McCree? What are you doing here?” You found yourself smoothing down your hair and clothes. You had been relaxing in sweats and a t-shirt, reading a book.

“To work on that,” he points to your face, “Remember?”

“What’s wrong with my face?” you ask, offended.

“I ain’t mean it like that,” he starts.


“’Cause you sure as hell ain’t ugly…” You blush and look away, “…but we gotta work on that poker face.” He walks into your room without being invited and you gasp, but you don’t stop him. You rush past him and star tidying up a little.

“I’m sorry for the mess. I wasn’t expecting company.”

Keep reading

Bts Hyung Line badboy!au


-          A thoughtful, lonerish sort of bad boy

-          Seems a bit unapproachable to many because of the people he hangs with, his height, and his very insular aura

-          Rockin’ that purple hair that he wears so well

-          Raps with Suga and Jhope on street corners, and sometimes alone as well

-          But when he’s not rapping, he can be found hiding out on his own writing lyrics, usually sitting outside as long as the weather is nice

-          And even if it’s raining, he’ll find an awning with a table to sit under as he scribbles away at his notebook, cranking out verses

-          Has a few usual places he goes

-          There’s this one ramen place that he frequents, the owners know him and they’re pals, so he asks about how their kids are doing and stuff like that, and they occasionally give him a free side dish because he’s a nice guy

-          And there’s this one bench he likes at the park because it overlooks the river and there’s a bridge and a field a little ways away where he can just watch people

-          In fact, that’s a common theme with his favorite places to write, is that he can people watch from them, whether it be at a park or from an outside table at a restaurant or through the window of a library

-          So he was at the ramen shop one day, just people watching as he slurped up his ramen before getting to writing

-          And in you walked to see your friend, a niece of the people who owned the shop

-          And you noticed it was awfully busy and one of the employees had called in sick so they were having a hard time handling it, so you decided to lend a hand, and you smiled as the woman thanked you

-          And he couldn’t help but watch because you seemed really happy and thoughtful

-          So he casually stole somewhat prolonged glances in your direction as he ate, and once he finished eating, he continued to watch absently as he pulled out his notebook and started scratching away with his pen

-          Until he caught the attention of the woman who ran the shop, your friend’s aunt, and she was like ‘ohOOH I seeeee…’ and he looked down a little embarrassed and went back to writing, so the woman sent you out to take care of his table

-          So you, completely unaware that he’d been staring a little, went over, took his dishes and asked him if you could get him anything else just then

-          ‘Oh, yes some tea would be great, thank you.’ He was very polite and gracious, and you returned with the tea shortly after

-          ‘If you don’t mind me asking, I come here all the time so I know everyone in this shop, but I don’t recognize you. Are you a friend of the family?’

-          So you told him how you were friends with their niece, and why you were working there that afternoon, and you small talked a little as you brought and refilled his tea, and he’d steal more glances as you cleared tables around him, and maybe you stole a few of your own while his nose was buried in his notebook, pencil in hand, working furiously as his eyes narrowed ever so slightly in concentration

-          And once he’d finished with his writing for the day, he stood up, paid, and waved goodbye to the owner before turning to you

-          ‘If it’s not too much, I don’t think I caught your name.’

-          So you gave it to him

-          ‘I’m Namjoon. It was good to meet you, maybe I’ll see you around here again.’

-          And with that and a smile to boot, he left

-          And it was a little while before the two of you were in the shop again at the same time

-          Almost three weeks to be exact, one lunch time on a Sunday

-          But you can bet that the woman who ran the place was sure to put you to work attending his table when that day came, bless her little heart

-          So you greeted each other, both by name, and continued with the pleasant chatting as you served him his ramen, poured tea, and cleared away his dishes throughout his stay

-          And then it happened again about a week and a half after that, so soon relatively speaking probably at least in part because he’d started favoring this spot above his others for some reason… can’t imagine why…

-          This time you guys actually got to talking about what he was doing with that notebook of his, so you found out that he was a rapper and that was his lyric book

-          And then again a couple more times the following week, and you’d talk and laugh not just as you served him, but as you served tables near him and cleaned up, and glances were taken more and more frequently, often resulting in brief but steady meeting of eyes, followed by the both of you returning to your work with barely perceptible smiles gracing your lips

-          A short time later, he went in to write one evening, towards the end of the dinner rush

-          So you served his table as usual, and he stayed, eating ramen and drinking tea as he wrote until the other customers had left, though there was still an hour till closing time

-          So you cleaned around him and when you were finished, the owner poured you some tea and you brought it over to enjoy Namjoon’s company in a more concentrated dose than you could have while you were busy working

-          So he set his notebook aside and you two talked for a while

-          And a few minutes in, you took the leap and asked him if you could see some of what’s in his notebook

-          So he smiles lightly and hands it to you, and you take it very gingerly as if it’s the most delicate and valuable book in the world, and you slowly open up to a random page towards the beginning, and you read through lyric after lyric

-          After a little while of looking at them, you point out one of them to him, and tell him that it’s your favorite, because it reminds you of some important transitional period in your life, and you talk about it, and the whole time you’re doing that, he’s just looking at you

-          Stolen glances have now given way to forward, unabashed stares, and when you look up from the book, you hold his gaze

-          After a while, he rises up slowly from his seat and rests one palm on the center of the table to support himself as he leans over it

-          And he rests the other one hesitantly on your cheek, silently asking permission to keep going with his eyes, and you consent by leaning up a little and looking down at his lips

-          Slowly but surely, he leans forward and down until he is only a centimeter or two away from you, and he pauses, for a split second, before he closes the rest of the gap

-          He kisses you very gently and slowly, delicately stroking your cheek with the pad of his thumb a few times before he moves his hand back behind your neck to slide his fingers into your hair

-          The lady who runs the shop peaked out to refill your tea, but as soon as she saw what was going on, she froze, smiled proudly, and snuck back on into the kitchen so as not to disturb the scene before her

-          From that point on, you two met at the shop near closing time often, a few times a week, sharing in hushed, late night conversations, passing, innocent touches and secret kisses

-          It was a couple of weeks later when the two of you exchanged numbers and he asked to introduce you to his friends

-          From then on, you graduated from the secluded meetings to a real relationship in broad daylight

-          So you started going out with them when they rapped on the streets, and you’d accompany him to his other writing spots, though the ramen stop was still his favorite

-          He liked sitting across from you so he could look at you

-          He also loved holding your hand, so you’d do that whenever you were walking somewhere, and he’d absently fiddle with your fingers with his off hand while he wrote lyrics with his main hand

-          When you came out with him and the boys late at night, he was always a little tamer with you around than he’d been with just the boys


-          Doesn’t give a what sort of bad boy

-          Looks on people who judge him prematurely with a judgement of his own, like how dare you, if you’re that quick to judge then your opinion doesn’t matter anyway

-          Regularly found sleeping at odd hours in music practice rooms

-          Also regularly found up and about as if its midday when in reality it’s three in the morning

-          When he’s up and not with friends, he spends his time writing raps, listening to music, and rapping in tunnels and on street corners

-          And he usually gathers quite a crowd, because not only is he a fantastic rapper, he writes really deep, meaningful stuff

-          When he is out with friends, usually Namjoon, sometimes he raps with them and sometimes he’s just out goofing off late at night

-          So you guys first meet because he’s getting chased out of some wealthy neighborhood for disturbing the peace by a cop who was tending the gate

-          And you’re walking out of the convenience store that you had the late shift on, and it’s completely dark inside, and you’ve just closed up

-          So he sees the chance to hide, so he rushes in, kind of not thinking through the fact that you were right there, and he kind of bumps into you half way, and you both kinda start to fall, but he manages to get you both back inside, and the door closes behind you

-          And you’re about to scream bloody murder because what the flip, but he whispers as soon as you’re both inside “oh my gosh, are you okay? I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to run into you, I just needed to hide for a sec.”

-          And you’re like “why are you hiding?”

-          “I was out rapping in some rich neighborhood, and someone called the gate guard, and apparently he has nothing better to do than chase me out.”

-          So the two of you just sit tight in the dark store a little back from the door as the guards are standing in the street, clearly confused about where he went, checking down alleyways, and jiggling doors, for about a minute, until they finally leave

-          When he says at a normal volume now “*whew, sorry about that. Thanks for not getting me caught.”

-          “Heh, no problem. Everyone in that neighborhood is a snob, they come in here all the time and they complain the whole time they’re here about our ‘poor selection.’ We’re a friggin convenience store, not an organic farmers’ market.”

-          “… Hey listen, while I’m here, can I grab a soda?”

-          “Sure can, they’re right along that wall.”

-          So this guy who hid from the cops in your store for petty disturbing of the peace just buys a soda after closing time, thanks you for not turning him over, and then just leaves. Just like that

-          So that was kind of an interesting night for both of you

-          Partly because of the whole hiding from the cops dealio

-          And then also partly because huh, he was strangly flip about the whole thing, which was intriguing, but also didn’t seem like a total jerk…?

-          And because wow, you were oddly chill with the fact that he was like ‘oh hey, can I hide from the cops in your store?’ and you were just like ‘oh yeah, those jerks, here have a soda while you’re at it’…?

-          So a couple days later in mid afternoon when he woke up after sleeping since four in the morning, he was back

-          Totally just for the soda though

-          “Hey, disturbing of the peace boy. You look like you just woke up.”

-          “I did.”

-          “… But it’s two in the afternoon.”

-          “Yeah. I went to bed at four.”

-          “Oh. Okay. So who’s neighborhood were you terrorizing?”

-          “Just the docks off fifth street.”

-          “Nice. So the ducks. You were terrorizing the ducks.”

-          “Yeah.”

-          And that was how it was with you two. He’d come by for a soda every few days, and you’d banter back and forth until he was done buying his soda, or chips, or whatever he was there for, and then he’d leave

-          That went on for a couple of weeks, before one day he was in, and he decided to just go for it

-          “Hey listen, I’m doing a collab with a rapper friend of mine a couple of streets down, you wanna come see? We’re doing it at five.”

-          So you were like this is awesome. This is great

-          So obvi you said yes

-          So you went to see, and you got there at like 5:05 and filed through the crowd so you could see them

-          When he saw you in the crowd he shot you an eyebrow raise and a smile as he went on ahead and just casually spat some fire, as he does

-          So you watched for the whole thing, and clapped with a big smile with the crowd because wow, this was really impressive

-          And then when they were done, they all started packing up, and you helped them a little and then while the rest of the guys finished up, Yoongi and you chatted for a while

-          Like, quite a while

-          You just started and didn’t stop

-          And then there was a pause, and then he was like “Do you wanna go out and get a soda somewhere other than your convenience store?”

-          And you were like “h#ck yessss”

-          So you two walked a couple blocks down to this OTHER convenience store, because it’s not your convenience store so it’s not like work for you, so that qualifies as a date obviously

-          And you bought sodas, and then kept walking a bit

-          And then wound up at an arcade

-          And then wound up sneaking copious amounts of snacks into a really crappy movie

-          And then threw left over bready snacks to ducks

-          And got more sodas

-          And then improvised raps on the spot about everything you were seeing as you walked around

-          And before you knew it, it was like two in the morning

-          And so you had to be getting going, so he walked you back to where your car is, and before he left, you leaned up and kissed his cheek, making him laugh to try and cover up the nerves as he couldn’t contain his gummy smile

-          “See you around the shop?”

-          “Yep, see ya.”

-          So you guys kind of slowly unnofically became a thing? It wasn’t like “lets be bf/gf,” it just sort of… happened? Like friends but with the chemistry and the skinship and all

-          He chilled in your shop a lot (as long as the owner wasn’t around so he couldn’t get in trouble for loitering), and you two would go out and just roam the streets at odd hours of night

-          And once you got comf, he’d throw his arm over your shoulder a lot as you walked, and you’d kiss his cheek, bringing out that gummy smile


-          Prettyboy bad boy

-          Like not really a bad boy, just kinda hangs out with some badboyish people

-          And when he’s not being an absolute goof, he can look kind of ethereal sometimes so it adds to the MYSTERY (“OOOOOOH” hand waviness and random smoke and sparkles coming out of nowhere)

-          Honestly, he’s the momfriend of the badboys. Like why does the badboy friend group even have a momfriend?? Like they spend their time staying out until the early morning, disturbing the peace, loitering, and generally being rowdy…?? Idk, but it’s him, he’s the momfriend

-          Wears ankle boots with legit tread and a zipper

-          Also a jean jacket, but somehow manages to look kind of soft but not in like a ‘he needs to be taken care of,’ sort of way, just gentle…??

-          So he and the other all dark and mcbroody doods are all out wreacking a reasonable amount of havoc (well, they’re wreaking havoc and he’s trying to kind of keep things at least somewhat safe and in order)

-          So the first time you see each other, the other boys are throwing empty soda cans, trying to hit something from off of a street light, and Jin is all like ‘guys, really, stop throwing soda cans’

-          And you happen to be walking by and the boys weren’t paying attention, and Jin was on your side of the road picking up after the guys, and he saw them throw a can and it was about to hit you and it just… he just… he caught it. No one knows how and it was such a bossin thing to do, it was like in those cheesy movies where the guy saves the girl from getting hit in the face with a ball except minus the diving jump and the slow motion, but STILL (and it’ll literally never happen again, because this guy is kind of uncoordinated and I’m honestly amazed that it happened even this once)

-          So he says across the street to them ‘Guys, you almost hit this poor girl, behave

-          And then he turns to you to apologize for them, but he kind of pauses for a minute and then smiles a little because oh… she’s… cute…

-          ‘Sorry about them, I’ve been trying to get them to stop… I don’t know if I… can’ he says chuckling kind a nervously and holding up the soda can he caught as he laid out the terrible pun

-          You couldn’t help but chuckle a little at his quirkiness, and he was cute, and just had this wholesome feel in spite of the fact that he hung with the bad boys, and you couldn’t help but smile because he seemed so caring

-          So you said ‘It’s fine, it was a soft drink anyway, I’m sure it wouldn’t have hurt too bad.’

-          And he laughed good naturedly and it was a little awkward but kind of sweet because you were exchanging puns with a complete stranger and that was nifty

-          And he, being the friendly guy that he is, decided ‘hey, she seems cute, and sweet, and we have extra sodas, and these boys are being insufferable rn, why not offer her one and wind down?’

-          So that’s what he does, and you say yes, because after all, it was mid-day, and it wasn’t super busy but there were other people around so it was safe enough

-          So you stuck around and talked, he told you about the boys and how they met, and the music that they did together when they weren’t getting into trouble, and he asked you about your hobbies, and job, and school, and you just talked

-          For like an hour

-          Before the other boys were ready to go, and they shouted at Jin “Hey, say goodbye to your new girlfriend, lets go get food!’

-          And Jin chuckled kind of awkwardly, and so did you, and after a moment of silence of you two kind of just standing there, he says ‘Hey listen, if you want to do meet again we come out here most Saturday afternoons, so we’ll be here next week, if you, I don’t know… want to… do this again’

-          So you kind of mull over it for a week

-          And by the time the next Saturday rolls around, you still haven’t really decided

-          But oh darn, would you look at that, you’re out of doritos

-          And naturally, you can’t go a day without doritos

-          And, I mean, you could just go to the grocery store down the street…

-          Or you could walk for ten extra minutes both ways and go to the convenience store with the worse selection

-          And I mean, so what if it just happens to be the same one that you met that guy Jin outside of, and where he said he probably would be today, and I mean you weren’t sure but you felt like they were having a sale on doritos or something last week, so maybe you could get a second bag for like 50% off, and that was totally worth an extra twenty minutes of walking in this kind of chilly weather, right?

-          And SO WHAT if you happened to run into him again, right? It’s not like that was your plan, it would just be a funny coincidence and maybe you’d stay and chat… just, for like, a minute or forty

-          So you walk there and OH WOW what a surprise

-          ‘Oh hey! It’s good to see you again? Shopping?’ He smiles as he asks you

-          ‘oh, yeah, just needed some doritos.’

-          ‘Let me get you a lot better than doritos. There’s a coffee place down the block, we can go for a cup if you want.’

-          And that’s how it starts

-          You trade numbers after coffee, and you text a lot, and Saturday afternoons becomes official date time for you guys. You start to go out more and more often in between as well, but Saturday afternoon, you always go to that coffee shop

-          And he always insists on paying for you every time, and he’s such a gentleman, which feels out of place with the leather jacket and the people he hangs with, but it’s also nice

-          And as you get to know the guys as well, you help him keep them out of trouble

-          And they’re not bad kids, they just need some chaperoning on occasion

-          So as you roam around the city, he stands on the outside of the sidewalk, with his hand on your back, or with his fingers intertwined with yours, leaving the occasional kiss on your temple whenever the mood moves him

-          On those two nights a week after your work or school when he comes over for you guys to eat dinner and watch dramas (your relationship is filled with habits), he loves to cook for you, and he’ll teach you the recipes he knows, and then while you’re relaxing on the couch, he’ll sing to you in his sweet voice

-          Mmmhmm such a bad boy

-          But someone’s gotta take care of the other boys, and now that you two are dating, that’s just double the mama power to handle the job

Happy Birthday, spooning-always-leads-to-forking!

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Happy birthday to @spooning-always-leads-to-forking from all of us here at @everlarkbirthdaygifts! We apologize for posting so late in the day, but hey, this way you get to party a little bit longer, right? ;) To help you celebrate, @shesasurvivor has written a story just for you! Enjoy!

Title: If you like making love at midnight

Rating: M

Author’s Note: Happy birthday! Enjoy this little piece of Everlark-on-vacation, with slight influences from The Piña Colada Song! ;)

“Mind if I join you?

I try not to let myself look as annoyed as I really feel about this question. The entire reason I came out to use the hot tub so late at night was precisely because I wanted to be left alone, and not be bothered by the other loud, annoying hotel guests. I know it would be rude to make that apparent, though, so I put on the most fake smile I can muster, and turn to nod assent to the intruder.

I stop when I see him, caught off guard. He’s not what I’m expecting, not by a long shot. He’s my age, which immediately would make me coil away, my guard already up. But there’s something about him that already puts me at ease. Maybe it’s his gentle eyes, which I think are blue, but it’s so hard to tell for sure in this dim light. Or maybe it’s the kind smile plastered across his face as he looks down at me, genuinely awaiting my approval.

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When I’m With You || Minghao || Pt. 2

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // 

Word Count: 2595

Genre: comedy, fluff, ex-mafia!au, casual writing

Summary: Minghao was unfortunate enough to be born into a mafia family. Although his dad had learned from his mistakes and was now leading a clean life, it didn’t deter his old enemies from bothering his only son. In order to avoid them, Minghao moved to a different country. Here, he thought, he would have peace at last but then he met you and you might be harder to deal with than the gangsters he faced back in China. At least the trouble with the gangsters made sense but with you? You were just dead unlucky.

It was the dream. Waking up a little later than an early morning and skipping breakfast as him and his best friend rushed out of their particularly luxurious apartment and scrambled to the bus stop after they belatedly realized they were ridiculously late for school. There were no parents, no housekeepers. No one to nag them. It was a good morning. Save for the fact that Junhui would not stop talking.

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