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isn't robin a marvel property?

This is true, Robin was Captain America’s side kick who died in ww2 :( Thankfully he came back as Arsenal or honestly I would have stopped reading

Like She’s Mine (part one) - Stiles Stilinski

so this is my new stiles series!

warnings: heavy mentions of sex (but not smut), swearing, this is a non supernatural fic (so scott isn’t a werewolf lyd isn’t a banshee allison isn’t dead fuck you jeff davis fuck you you piece of shit and yadda) 

“Al-Allison stop there’s a customer!” I hissed, but she continued throwing seeds at me.

“You deserve this!” She said, borderline yelling.  I gave her a mock angry look, bracing my hands up in front of me while she continued pelting me.

“I made one comment!” I whisper screamed, and eventually snatching the bag of seed from her.  “Would you cut that out grow up!” Allison giggled as I zipped it back up, and put it back on the shelf in the back room.

“Yeah yeah.  You go get those out of your hair and I’ll help the customer” Allison said, rolling her eyes.  I flipped her off just before she walked out of the room.

I re situated the blue apron tied around my neck and waist, with the ironed on Lou’s Flower Shop patch on the front.  I pulled your hair out of it’s ponytail, and at least twenty seedlings fell onto the ground.  A mental note was made to kick Allison’s ass later.  I made my way back to the employee bathroom, finger brushing my hair as more seeds came out until I seemed to be clean of them.

“y/n!” Allison called.

“Yeah?” I called back, and pulled my hair up into a perfectly messy bun.

“Customer wants to speak to the manager” My brows furrowed as I made my way into the shop.

“What?” She pointed, and I walked further in, seeing who our customer was.  “Stiles!” I grinned ecstatically, and raced towards him, jumping up and hugging him tightly.  His arms caught me immediately, as they always did.

Stiles, my bestest friend in the whole wide world, had been out of town for a lacrosse tournament for the past week.  Sure, we FaceTimed every night, and texted every day, (seeing that he didn’t actually play lacrosse) but it was weird not having him around.

“I missed you so much” I breathed, and his arms stayed wrapped around me as he set me back down.

“Yeah I missed you too” He responded.  “Thought I’d surprise you instead of picking you up for Lydia’s party” You grinned sheepishly.

“This was much more fun” I said, shrugging my shoulders as he smiled back at me.

“When does your shift end?”

“Now, I’ll cover for her” Allison said.  I turned to look at her.

“You don’t have to Alli, I’ve only got-”

“You’ve only got fifteen minutes left, so I got it” Allison said, waving her hand dismissively.  “Go out for lunch or something, you’ve been moping all week” My body wiggled slightly as he squealed and clapped my hands.

“Allison I owe you a big one!” I said, untying my apron faster than ever and hanging it up behind the counter.

“I know.  I’m the best” Allison said, fluffing her hair.  I danced across the floor, kissing her cheek quickly before grabbing onto Stiles’ hand.  

“See you tonight!” 

“You too!” She called back as Stiles and I walked outside.  He swung out hands wildly between us as we walked towards his Jeep.

“I liked the surprise” You said to him with a big smile while buckling in.

“Good” Stiles responded curtly.  “Now, where to for lunch?”

“I don’t care, somewhere we can eat outside though because this weather is amazing.  It’s actually sunny and not hot, what a strange day in California” Stiles chuckled as he pulled out of the parking lot.  When I looked back to the store, Allison was going outside to water the rose bushes.

“You still like working there?” Stiles asked, catching my gaze.

“I love it, it’s a perfect little job” I responded.  He seemed to like my answer.

“And here from any colleges yet?”

“Still just Berkeley” I responded with a shrug.  Not that I minded Berkeley, it’s just I applied for an assortment of universities that appealed to me, and Berkeley wasn’t really my number one choice.  “You?” Stiles shook his head, drumming his fingers on the steering wheel.

“But I also haven’t seen the mail in the past week, so there could be something there whenever I get home” I nodded in response as he continued drumming.

“Ever get to play?”

“Thanks for asking, but it really just hurts my feelings more” Stiles said, and I chuckled.

“Well I was thinking you could teach me some things, over the summer, and we can practice together” 

“You wanna play lacrosse?” Stiles chuckled, and parked on the side of the road.  I looked out the window to see the old cafe we used to go to.  Usually we would just order a coffee and a pastry.  but we always talked about eating an actual lunch there.  But… those crepes just always looked so good…

“Yeah” I finally answered.  “Why not? Maybe it’d help you, and it could be fun” I said, shrugging a shoulder.  Stiles smiled over me, and we unbuckled our seat belts.

“Alright, well if you say so then sure. but you’d learn more from Scott” I shrugged again.  “You pick a table and I’ll go get menus” He squeezed my shoulder and I nodded, making my way over to an empty table with an umbrella.  I pulled back the metal chair, and set my purse on the tabletop as I sat down.  Just as I’d pulled my phone out, checking Insta and Snapchat, a shadow fell over me.

“Stiles” I smiled when I looked up, but it wasn’t Stiles standing there.

“Hey, your table was empty you look like you needed company” I stared wide eyed at the boy in front of me.  He was attractive, to some standards anyways, but he held a smirk that made me shift in my seat.

“Thanks that’s very kind, but my boyfriend is coming back in a moment” I said promptly.  Thankfully Stiles came outside at that moment.  “Hey babe” I said with the biggest smile I could muster.  He was confused for a millisecond before his eye line cut to the boy in front of me.

“Hey y/n, I got the menus” He said with an equally large smile, then sat down across from me.  “Who’s this?” He asked.

“I’m- uh leaving” The guy walked off before anything else could be said.  I sighed in relief and leaned over the table, putting my hands flat on it.

“God bless you Stilinski” I breathed, and he smiled again.

“No prob, babe” I rolled my eyes and took a menu from him.

“I’ve got other plans” I said cheekily, opening it up.

“Like getting into Theo Raeken’s pants tonight at Lydia’s party?” I raised an eyebrow at Stiles.  “You eye fucked him all year y/n.  I figured tonight was the night” My questioning glance turned into a smug one, and I winked.

“As a matter of fact, tonight is the night.  And it’s going to be amazing” I said.  Stiles looked down at his menu, hiding his face.

“I think I’m gonna try a Paganini” He mumbled.

“You wanna help me with my outfit? Lydia was gonna do it but she’s prepping for tonight” But he continued to keep his face buried in the list of foods.  “Stiles?”

“Or no a sandwich sounds good?”

“Stiles” I snatched the menu from his hands and he opened his mouth to protest.  But I was faster.  “Do you want to help me or not?” He sighed in defeat.

“Yeah, yeah sure y/n” He said, and I smiled, and looked at my own menu.

We ended up ordering two different sandwiches, and switching because we didn’t like our own.  We talked more about his tournament, my job, ideas of things we could do over the summer, pretty much anything that came to mind.  That;s just the way our friendship was, we did whatever whenever.  It was easy really.  I don’t think anyone in history had a friendship as great as Stiles’ and mine.  We were unbreakable and irreplaceable.

When we finished lunch, we headed over to my place so I could get ready.

“You have no idea how excited I am” I said excitedly.  I was in a bikini at the moment, going through my closet to wear something over it.  Stiles was sat on my bed, watching every time I held up a possible outfit to wear over it.

“Too skimpy” He said as I held a pair of shorts and a strapless crop top.

“That’s sorta the point Stiles.  I want to wear something easy to take off when I’m with Theo tonight” Stiles rolled his eyes.  “Well? Do you think it’ll be good?”

“Why don’t you try the black leather skirt” I grabbed what he was referring to from my dresser, and pulled it up.  It fell to my mid thigh.

“With what top?” I pondered, wandering over to my closet now.

“The white tank top with no sleeves and the collar” Stiles said.  I pulled it out and buttoned it up, tucking it into my skirt.  I smiled at the outfit I’d pulled together.  Well, Stiles did.

“Wow, this actually looks good” Stiles rolled his eyes.

“Now sit down and braid your hair” He said, shaking his head with a slight smile.  I sat down on the bench in front of my vanity, surveying my reflection.

“Thanks Stiles, you are literally the best” I blew a fake kiss while tying my hair in a loose ponytail braid down my back.

“I know” He said cockily and pulled out his phone.  He took a picture of me, and from the typing he did I figured he was Snapchatting.

“Who to?” I asked, tying a hair tie at the end of my hair.

“My story.  I’m crediting myself for your stunning outfit” He said.  I gave a curtsy before pulling out my eyeliner.

“Cat eye right?”

“Girl you know it” I laughed, having to drop the wand as not to smudge as my shoulders shook.  He got up and looked at me through the mirror, standing behind me.  “You look great y/n” I smiled sweetly and he dropped a light kiss to my hair, squeezing my shoulders.  “I’m getting a drink, be right back” He said, and I nodded, going back to my makeup.

When he left the room, and I finished applying the sharp black wing, I checked my phone.  Instantly going to Stiles’ story.  There was a picture taken from the front seat of the jeep, an open road in front of it.  Then a video of Scott singing Hello way off key, with the caption HACKED on it.  At the end you could hear Stiles yelling at him to get off his phone.  After the video was a photo of the flower shop I worked at, and below it said surprising my favorite y/n today.  I smiled big at that one.  Lastly was the photo of me, grinning sheepishly as I was looking at Stiles rather the camera.  It was exceptionally candid, and Stiles had written she’s beautiful on her own but I think I did an excellent job for tonight.  I accidentally blushed, and shut off my phone.

“I’m back” Stiles hollered, walking into my room, and plopping back into his spot on my bed.  “Eyes look great” He said, giving me an okay sign as he drank from his glass of water,

“Merci” I said, posing for a short moment.  Then began to tidy up my vanity.  “Are we going to your house for anything? Are you gonna swim?” Stiles shook his head.

“No that pool’s gonna be crowded and I want no part of that” I chuckled, closing up the drawers and standing up.  I smoothed out the non existent wrinkles on my skirt, and looked over my room.  

My eyes landed on a necklace on the top of my dresser, and I wandered over to it.  My fingers looped into the chain, and I attempted to link it behind my neck.  After a minute of this attempt Stiles chuckled and came over, linking the hook and the ring together.  I looked down at the locket, and turned around.  Stiles smiled at it, opening it up, revealing a picture of him and I that Scott had taken last year.  We were at school, in science.  I was obviously sleeping, my head on Stiles’ arm, lying on the desk.  He was trying not to laugh, but was unable to suppress the goofy grin as he looked at the camera.  Allison had been sat in front of me, and tilted her chair back to give my sleeping self bunny ears.

“I’ll never understand why you chose that one, of all the pictures to put in a necklace” I said, whilst giggling and closing the locket.  It didn’t really look like one.  It was a metallic circular medallion.  A few swirl engravings over it.  When you weren’t standing right in front of me, it just looked like a plain necklace.  But to me it was beautiful because of what it held on the inside.  Stiles shrugged in response, and walked back to his glass of water on my desk.

“I don’t know, I guess it’s just one of my favorites” I looked down at the locket, still held in my fingers, then placed it neatly and centered on my collarbone.

“Yeah me too” I said with a smile.

“Are you nervous?” Stiles asked, parking in the street near Lydia’s house.  I pondered the question, unsure of how to answer without being totally sure of myself.  In a way, no of course I wasn’t.  It was at Lydia’s house, all of my friends would be there, I was slaying the look Stiles had picked out for me, and to top it all off, I was wearing my lucky necklace.  But on the other hand… well maybe a little.  Big crowds wasn’t exactly my strong suit.  If I was left alone in them for more than 15 minutes I began to get a little claustrophobic and self conscious.

“I don’t think so” I responded, and pulled down the sunshade to look in the mirror.

“If you’re nervous about how you look, you really shouldn’t be” Stiles said.  “Because you really do look beau-”

“y/n!” A bouncing and grinning Allison skipped up to the passenger’s door, pulling Scott behind her.

“Hey!” I said, getting out of the car to hug her.  Scott took her drink from her hand, probably so she wouldn’t spill it all over me.

“You look fantastic! Whose hips are you grinding on tonight?” Allison asked.  I could almost hear Stiles’ teeth grinding.  I put a hand on his arm as I replied.

“Theo’s” I answered with a simplistic tone.

“Ooooh” Allison batted her eyelashes.  “Well it’s ‘bout time.  I’ve been watching you two check each other out since last spring” She chuckled, and I rolled my eyes a little bit, biting my cheek so I wouldn’t smile too wide.  Stiles was clearly set off by the idea.  “Plus he’s like, mega hot” Scott coughed, and Allison giggled, her eyes darkened in drunkenness. When she turned to him, Scott smiled at her tightly.  “Don’t worry babe, you’re like… you’re… you’re… super mega hot times infinity” Scott laughed, and handed me the red plastic cup he’d previously taken from his girlfriend.

“Time to get you some water” He said, wrapping an arm around her shoulder.  “Good to see you y/n” He waved slightly, and I returned it.“See you in a bit McCall” I said, watching as he and Allison walked off to a more secluded area outside.  It was then I realized my hand was still on Stiles, to which I dropped it to my side.

“Wanna go in and find Lyd?” He asked, and I nodded, taking in a deep breath.  “You’re going to be fine.  Great! Besides, I’m not leaving your side until you tell me to” I smiled weakly in a silent thanks, then tucked my hand under his arm as I walked with him inside.  My eyes had fallen down to land on our shoes.  I was in black flats, and he was in old converse.  I smiled at them, how they’d somehow provided a comfort.  I’d seen these shoes a million times.  If it wasn’t these, it was Star Wars socks, or lacrosse cleats.  “You good?” Stiles asked me.

“Yeah, I think your feet just made me feel better” He chuckled, shaking his head as I looked up at him through my lashes.  “Tonight’s gonna be fun” I said, mostly to hear myself say it.  He nodded curtly.  “And we’re going to have a great time” Stiles nodded again, smile growing.  “Let’s go get a drink first”

“One, then we loosen you up in a few dances, then you go find your dream boat” He said the last part in a more sarcastic tone, but I giggled and agreed to the plan.

Three cups of beer later I was looser than the brakes in Roscoe.

I was cheering and dancing, swinging my hips and waving my hands up in the air.  Here and there Stiles would laugh and spin me around, dancing in funny ways to make me laugh then saying no no, this is my best move.  Every new one worse than the last.  But it made me laugh, and I knew that’s what he was going for.  While twirling, my eyes landed on a certain brooding boy that had been catching my attention lately.  I curled back into Stiles, one hand in his, the other on the back of his neck as I leaned in close to his ear.

“Theo’s watching” I whispered to him.  I could hear him swallow, and pulled away to see him looking for the dirty blonde boy.  “Dance sexy with me” I said quickly.  Stiles’ wide eyes shot to mine.

“What!?” He whisper screamed.“Dance sexy with me, we have to peak his interest” I said quickly, squeezing both of his hands.  “Please?”

“y/n” He whined, giving me a pouty look.“It’ll only be for a second I promise” I told him, and pressed my chest to his, slowly setting my elbows up on his shoulders, my hands in his hair in moments.  His own hands landed on my waist in no time at all.  I smirked at his reaction, looking down at my feet as they barely moved, but the whole rest of my body did.

“This will not end well” Stiles whispered, his lips barely brushing the shell of my ear.“No” I responded in agreement, and I’d never admit it, but it was an accident when I grinded against him, pure instinct.  “It’s gonna end great” I giggled at the feather light ticklish feeling of his hands wandering up to my waist.

“He’s looking for sure now” Stiles said, pulling away abruptly.

“Uh Stiles-” I clamped a hand over my mouth, trying not to look down.  His eyes lowered to his khakis.

“Damn it y/n you gave me a boner!” I laughed, I tried not to I really did but i couldn’t help it.

“I am so so sorry” I said between giggles.  “I mean that I really am” I said.  He was red with embarrassment.

“I’m gonna go and… fix it?” Stiles scratched the back of his head.“Do you need help-?”

“No definitely not” He chuckled.  I nodded, giving him an apologetic look.  I suddenly felt really bad… “It’s fine y/n, trust me, taking care of it will not be bad, for me anyways.  Anyone trying to get into the bathroom’s just gonna be grossed out-”

“Ew Stiles” My face contorted into one of disgust, and he just laughed.

“Okay well, call me if you need anything, enjoy lover boy and,” He stepped closer, putting a hand on my shoulder as he lowered his voice and looked directly into my eyes.  “Just remember you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.  If at anytime something goes wrong, or you don’t like something, or literally anything, call me, find me, anything you have to do y/n and I’ll be there in a second” I smiled softly at the protective side of Stiles.

“I know.  I know how to take care of myself” I snuck a secret glance to Theo, who was looking at his phone for the moment.  I took his downcasted moment to press he lightest of kisses to Stiles’ cheek.  He gave me a look of surprise.  “I would’ve hugged you, but I didn’t want to strain lil Stiles” I pointed down to his khakis, and he groaned, rolling his eyes.  Though it didn’t really seem like it was a ‘little’ Stiles stuck in there at all.  I blushed, and coughed.  “You go fix yourself, and I’ll go fix myself” I said, walking backwards towards where Theo was standing against the wall.  He gave me a thumbs up and turned around, swiftly making his way to Lydia’s bathroom.  I spun on my heel, confidently waltzing up to Theo.  His eyes caught me, and shameless wandered my body.“Well hello” He said in an amused tone.  “Where’s your little partner?” He asked, raising a brow.  I gave a slight pout.“He got bored of me” I said.  “Do you want to dance with me instead?” From the look on is face, I knew his answer was a yes, and that his mind was reeling with images of me dancing on Stiles.  I tugged on his hands.  “Come on, come play with me” I said, smiling cheekily as we were on the dance floor, again surrounded by people.

His lips were hot, and his kisses were hard and needy.  Mine were all the same, and I let his hands run down my sides.  We’d somehow gotten ourselves up the stairs and into Lydia’s room without breaking skin contact once.  I wasn’t sure how it wasn’t already occupied (poor Lyd she was always buying new bed sheets) but as soon as we’d come in, I kicked the door shut and locked it for extra precaution.

I finished unbuttoning my top, the first four had been ripped open, but I wasn’t in the mind to care about it.  In seconds I had it peeled over my head, and his hands had yanked open the back zipper of my skirt, hastily shoving the fabric down my leg.  His hands splayed around my hips, gripping tightly.  He mumbled a barely coherent “jump” against my mouth and I obliged, legs winding around his waist as his hands dropped to my ass.  I squealed, and giggled, and we fell back on Lydia’s bed.

“You’ve got… right?” I panted.

“Of course babe”

It was a night to remember for sure.  But not the way I wanted it to be.

I woke up alone in Lydia’s bed.  And instantly, my head ached and my legs throbbed.  I groaned loudly, the light from the windows making my brain pound against my skull.  I wanted to gouge my eyes out they hurt so badly.

“Thought you’d be up soon” I sat up slightly, just enough to see Lydia’s figure leaning against the doorway.  I whined, taking in my surroundings slowly, trying to remember the past ten hours.  “I brought you water and advil” She announced, and I thanked in with a breath of relief.  I took them quickly, licking my lips and blinking quickly.  My eyes landed on the empty space next to me.  “He left around two am” Lydia said.  I rubbed my hands over my face, still unable to form a proper sentence.  “Stiles is in the guest room, and he’s probably got a worse headache than you” She told me in a soft tone.  Lydia’s fingers ran through my hair gently.  “Need anything else?” I shook my head.  “Alright, well I’ll leave you be” She said, and left the room as quietly as she could.  

After continuing to rub my eyes, willing the pain to be gone, I forced myself to stand.  Tears brimmed at the dizzy feeling, which only made me hurt more, but I managed to walk into the guest room.  Stiles announced his presence by moaning.  Through the black spots of my vision I could see him lying face down in a silky pillow, under one comforter.  The ceiling fan was turned on medium, which made me relieved.

“ ‘m joining you” I mumbled, dragging my feet through the carpet as I made my way to his bed.

“y/n y/n y/n” Stiles mumbled when I crawled in.

“How much did you drink” I whispered so quietly my voice was a breath.

“Too much” He mumbled back, eyes clenched shut.  “I’ve been puking all morning”

“I can tell” I whispered.  “Your breath smells like mint and you never brush your teeth till after breakfast”

“Don’t mention food I’ll get sick again” He groaned, and I whispered an apology.  I curled my legs up to my chest, hugging my shins.  “You’re night sounded good” Stiles eventually spoke.

“I don’t remember it” I mumbled back.

“That’s too bad” He said sarcastically.  I laughed gently at his voice being muffled in the pillows.  “You came in afterwards, told me he fell asleep and wanted to talk”

“You were here all night?”

“When the party became a bust and people left, I came up here to chill out.  You came in a few hours later, maybe one thirty” He said, eyes remaining closed, but I watched intently as he spoke.  “Told me he fucked you so good you thought your brains came out of your ears” I groaned softly, putting my hands over my face in embarrassment.


“You don’t remember any of it?” He asked again, and I shook my head no.

“Nuh uh” I said, eyes slipping closed.  “But I know it happened” He hummed in question.  “Man cause it hurts.  I think he was like… super sloppy” Stiles made a sound in the back of his throat.

“Are you trying to make me puke”

“Sorry” I said for the millionth time.  Stiles chuckled, wrapping an arm over my legs and chest, hand landing on bare skin and the back strap of my bra.

“Are you not wearing clothes?” He mumbled.

“No” I hummed back, becoming drowsier.  He didn’t say anything else on the subject, just kept his arm over me loosely.

“When we wake up later, like.. Way later… let’s stay in all day and eat ice cream” Stiles said, and I nodded, head pressed against his chest.

“M’kay” Was all I could manage, before yawning, and falling asleep.Besides the throb behind my head and between my legs, the whereabouts of my clothes, and the scratchiness in my throat, everything was okay in the world.

haha…. baby you know what’s coming ;)

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All For You

Josh Dun x reader

Summary: Your heart breaks when you see Josh with someone else. Maybe if you close your eyes, you can move on too?

Words: 1,866

A/N: I am so sorry in advance for the huge cliffhanger since there will not be a part two. Also, blame Halsey for the ending. I’ve been listening to the stripped version of Eyes Closed since she posted it and it influenced the ending. (If you haven’t heard it, click here. The story will make more sense if you hear it, also it is just really beautiful).

“Hey Josh, Ty asked me to–Oh my God!”

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DC TV Watch: Tyler Hoechlin Teases Superman-Supergirl Finale Battle
THR rounds up all the major twists, new mysteries and more from this week in DC Comics TV shows.

Welcome to The Hollywood Reporter’s weekly DC TV Watch, a rundown of all things DC Comics on TV. Every Friday, we round up the major twists, epic fights, new mysteries and anything else that goes down on The CW’s Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl and Fox’s Gotham and what it all means. Note: Legends of Tomorrow did not air a new episode this week.


Evil Superman? | Has Supergirl had any better cliffhanger than a surprise evil Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) appearing out of nowhere on the Daxamite ship to knock out Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) with a punch, presumably at Queen Rhea’s (Teri Hatcher) command? The answer is definitely no. Fans knew Superman would be returning for the season two finale, but his appearance in the penultimate episode was a complete surprise. “I can tell you that obviously Queen Rhea is there and we assume that she might have something to do with this. That’s about all I can say about that,” Hoechlin told THR. “It was fun to open up the script and see something different for him. Exploring another part of him, everybody has things that make them angry or make them upset so to find what that was for him was cool to explore as an actor. I had done this character before, so it was nice that I got to do something fresh and new when I jumped back into it. There was even less pressure jumping back into it versus the first time around.”

Rhea and Clark | Because Superman’s story is tied directly with Queen Rhea’s on the Daxamite ship, that meant Hoechlin got to work closely with Hatcher, which lead to some fanboy moments of his own. “Lois & Clark was the one that I grew up with, so to me she was always Lois Lane,” Hoechlin said. “The first time I met her was in the suit, so that was a surreal moment. We had a lot of fun up on her ship.”

Cousin vs. cousin | Kara wasn’t able to get any punches in herself against her cousin because he had the element of surprise in this week’s episode. That will change in the finale, as the two Kryptonian heroes will go head to head in one big battle. “I know they’ve been teasing it as the battle of the century, and they definitely did not hold anything back,” Hoechlin said. “We spent a lot of time on this fight scene and then the stunt people did such a great job. I think everyone will be very pleased with how this looks. It’s going to be an epic battle. Sometimes you do a fight scene and it takes half a day, sometimes it can take the whole day. This took multiple days. I’m really excited for people to see that.”

A new dynamic | Hoechlin was pleased that he got to explore a new kind of relationship between Clark Kent and Kara this time around as adversaries (at least, at first) instead of allies. “The first two episodes that we did, it was nice to do that as family teaming up and taking on the world, but to be able to square off this time was definitely fun,” Hoechlin said. “Melissa and I always have a good laugh with this stuff so it was great to find the humor and face off against each other once they called cut. We get into some things with Clark and Kara, and it’s always nice when you get to step away from the action for a minute and see more of the heart that these people have and how much they care about each other. I’m most proud of his ability to be a part of a team as opposed to having to feel like he’s got to always be the guy to save the day or the one to take credit. It’s great that he’s able to be supportive and not having to, I guess, save the day.”

An answer worthy of Superman | When asked who he would pick to win in a fight between Superman and Supergirl, Hoechlin gave a very political answer. “I would love to see that fight,” he said with a laugh. “I’ve gotten really good at this over the years.”

Get your Superman fix now … | While Hoechlin promises there will be a suitable amount of the caped hero in the finale episode – “I spent quite a bit of time in Vancouver filming the finale so it’s fair to say it will be more than a quick hello and goodbye,” – he revealed there are currently no plans for Superman to return to the series again. “Nothing in the future,” he said. “I think even just jumping in doing the first two episodes, at that time it was just those two episodes. I was excited and happy about that opportunity. I was very open and eager to go back up if that opportunity came up and thankfully it did for the finale. I’m just taking it a day at a time at this point.”

Hoechlin’s wish | However, Hoechlin already knows what he’d want to see from Superman on Supergirl should he ever return. “I’d love to see more about what his relationship with Kara and the rest of her family,” he said. “I think it could be fun to see exactly how much he’s kept up with them over the years. And the Superman/Martian Manhunter [David Harewood] thing is such a fun story arc. And with Jimmy Olsen [Mehcad Brooks] too, there’s still a lot to explore with him and James. Obviously they have the greatest history of anybody on the show, so… now that he’s doing his thing, it would be interesting to see how Clark and Superman feel about what James has been up to [as Guardian].”

Dream Come True

Pairing: Jim x Reader 

Word Count: 1101 

 Warnings: none 

A/N:  “One of us thinks this is a date but the other thinks it’s an informal job interview” with Kirk requested by anon for my 300 Follower AU Celebration! I had fun with this one, so hopefully you guys do too! :D Also there’s pics at the end of the dress and suit style I had in mind if anyone’s curious.

“I don’t know if I can do this,” you said as your roommate zipped up the back of your floor length dress.

“You look beautiful, Y/N. if he doesn’t give you the job, I guarantee he’ll give you his number.”

“I don’t want his number. I want the job.”

“Oh please, like you’d really say no to sleeping with the infamous Jim Kirk.” You glared at your roommate in the mirror before sighing, defeated.

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‘I was deliriously tired last weekend and thought it was you making all that noise so I wrote you a rude note stating that you can’t get away with being noisy just because you’re super hot’ AU

Sirius dragged his body up the stairs, he wanted nothing more than to just drop his body on his bed and sleep for two centuries. He had had a full day of classes today and did two shifts at the shop-his and James(he had finally managed to get a date with Lily. Sirius had been there for the pining during all those years, he was glad that would finally be over.) Dropping his things on the couch, he crawled to his bed and closed his eyes, fully clothed. He was way too tired to even remove his clothes.

Sleep would have claimed him immediately if he had not heard the sound of someone dragging a couch. He scowled as much as he could with his face buried in his pillow but relaxed when he did not hear any more noise. Except two seconds later, he could hear feet stomping loudly, chairs being dragged and cupboards being slammed shut. It seemed to him that the noise came from the apartment next door. Apparently his hot neighbour thought it fine to make a ruckus in the middle of the night.

Dragging his body from the bed, Sirius grabbed some paper and a pen.

‘How dare you make so much noise in the middle of the night? There are poor souls like me who are suffering a lot from all that banging. Just because you are hot doesn’t mean I’ll forgive everything-maybe lots of things but not that. So you can just take your adorable face, curls and cute overbite and be silent. I’ll repeat myself, even if I want to snog your silly face, I will not tolerate noise.’

He knocked loudly on his neighbour’s door for a moment or two but when no-one answered, he sighed and just slipped the note under the door. It ought to get the message across anyway. All the noise had already stopped when he got back to his.


Sirius groaned as he heard someone violently knocking at his door like they wanted to crash it down. He let them continue and maybe, hopefully they would go. He was never lucky. If anything, they started banging their fists harder against the door.

Sirius wrenched the door open. “What the fuck do you…” He trailed as he noticed it was his next door neighbour-Remus- with an amused expression on his face. The tawny haired man quirked an eyebrow and it was only then that Sirius realised he looked probably disgusting with drool on his chin, his hair a bird’s nest and his clothes all rumpled.

“Erm maybe now is not a good time? I’ll go-”

“NO stay! I mean now is fine. Just give me a second I brush my teeth and I’ll be back.” Sirius was a bit frantic about the whole thing. It was not every day that his one-year long crush knocked on his door. He would not let him go that easily. “Just make yourself at home,” he said pointing towards the couch.

His face pinked when he noticed his things were still on it, but thankfully Remus seemed even more amused.


He came back minutes later, his mouth no longer feeling like a rat has died in it to find Remus laughing a bit at a note in his hand. And it was then that everything came back crashing to him. Last night. The note. Great! There was just him to be rude and declare his love in a note.

Joining the other man on the couch, Sirius prepared himself for the worst.

“So…long night?” Remus smirked, his eyes shining with mirth.

Sirius flushed immediately. “Oh I…I am sorry. I didn’t mean to-”

“-to tell me to be silent with my pretty face and curls?”

Sirius felt his face burning and wished the ground would open to swallow him immediately.

“So you don’t think that my face is pretty? Or my curls are?” Remus asked from way closer now. “It wasn’t me by the way. The noise I mean. I was sleeping with cotton balls in my ears, so not me.”

Remus touched his wrist and Sirius made a choked sound at the back of his throat.

“I was wondering whether you’d go on a date with me cause you know, I fancy you quite lot.” Remus said softly.

Sirius nodded because he did not trust himself to not embarrass himself in that moment. His neighbour only smiled and kissed him on the cheek, close to his mouth, lingering a bit. Sirius felt his skin tingling.

Remus rose from the couch. “I’ll be waiting for your text. My number is on the note,” he added at Sirius’ enquiring eyebrows.

Dear Sirius, it was not me making the noise. Though I would not be opposed to making some other kinds of noise with you, if you catch my drift. ;)

“You came back” preview. ArtRage Demo crashed on me so I lost EVERYTHING. Thankfully I took a screenshot before I lost it all, but I had a background and everything so I’m going to try and figure out a way to put a background. Will be posting the finished product soon! (hopefully) (And yes I know it’s not very good but I’m just practicing with colors and trying to get people drawn right :P) @leffie-draws-fanart here it is in color! 

The Little Game of Hearts (Part 2/2)

Requested by anon:  Hey can I request an Isaac/Theo story where the FemaleC is part of the pack and she had this friends with benefits thing going on with Theo during season5 but obviously there were also feelings involved. And after everything went down with Theo and the Dread Doctors, Isaac showed up with Chris to finish his senior year. Theo comes back season 6,FC and Isaac are only friends but at this party she kisses him in front of Theo so he gets the clue that she’s done with him-that as the background

A/N: Finally, here is the second part! This one is about Isaac coming back, the friendship developing and the confrontation with Theo after he came back. You can find Part 1 here: x. I hope you all enjoy, I had a lot of fun writing this!

Yes, Isaac Lahey came back to Beacon Hills. But with the two of you, it wasn’t necessarily friendship at first sight. To you, he was just another new guy and you decided that you would never trust those again. Never let them close to you or believe a word that came out of their mouths. You definitely were bitter but you couldn’t leave that part of you behind at that point. So you didn’t welcome Isaac in any nice way and you really didn’t make it easy for him to like you.

It was a constant bickering between you that drove the rest of the pack crazy. Whenever he expressed an idea at pack meetings, you argued against it and tried to find something fishy about it. You avoided him, reacted annoyed whenever he was around and fighting him was your favourite way to blow off steam. You couldn’t help but afflict him with the mistrust that Theo would’ve deserved. You saw Theo in him although Isaac wasn’t really like him. There were just a few similarities that sufficed, like the smug attitude, the confident demeanour (although it wasn’t as natural with Isaac), and the acting like he didn’t care what everybody else thought about him. In the first few weeks that was all that you noticed about him.

And then stuff happened. Even with Theo gone everything turned chaotic once again and you needed each other like never before. That was when something clicked inside of you. When you realized the most important fact about Isaac Lahey: he was loyal. He looked up at Scott, he trusted Scott, he did whatever was needed to protect him and his pack. Even you, although you had been a total asshole to him, simply because you were Scott’s friend. He would never betray him, which meant that he would never betray you.

That was the moment you realized that you had judged him wrong and that not everybody deserved to be treated like Theo. You had to admit to yourself that you projected the pain Theo had caused you onto him and it wasn’t right. And that you would only keep Theo’s betrayal alive by doing so and not pulling yourself together. You really had to try to live your life like he had never been a part of it.

It wasn’t easy but you made yourself apologize to Isaac. After that it turned out that the two of you were actually a pretty good team. He was a lot better at forgiving than you were and although he never stopped teasing you about your mean side, you became friends. Once you let him see the real you and opened up to him, you grew close. It was the weirdest thing ever but it made you love it even more.

All of that brings you to the angsty situation you are in now. Liam freed him. Theo was back. How are you supposed to act like he never existed when he’s back, roaming around in Beacon Hills? The others never learned about the little thing you had going on with him and therefore will never understand why you are reacting so stressed about this. That’s why you literally fled from any pack action, anything that could bring you close to him, and are now sitting in your living room with Isaac, going through some papers to do research that isn’t making any sense at all. You can’t even concentrate long enough to read a single line. It’s boiling inside of you and you are so agitated that you must reek to a werewolf.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?”, Isaac asks after a while and as you look up, you realize that he has been observing you the whole time. Damn those werewolf senses! You really need to find some human friends. While you look into his blue eyes, you feel yourself getting defensive quite automatically.

“Well, everything obviously”, you grumble, lowering your head so you don’t have to face him. “This town is going to hell and now Theo Raeken is back. I just hate that guy.”

“Because he made Liam kill Scott”, Isaac mused, still staring at you attentively. A little too attentively for your taste.

“Exactly”, you mumble and you feel bad because that really should be the reason but your true one is so much more egoistic and self-centred.

Isaac clears his throat awkwardly, then keeps silent again and it’s so obvious to you that he wants to say something but isn’t sure if he should. Finally he pulls himself together and blurts out: “Okay, that was a lie. Why do you really hate him?”

Of course he heard it. You sigh heavily, put the paper away and lean back in the sofa. Since Liam decided to resurrect your ex-whatever, you’re awfully tired. You take your time with the answer, rub your temples and try to get your emotions under control. Lying to him is not an option, therefore you decide to give him part of the truth. Not the whole story, though, you’re still too ashamed of that.

“It’s complicated, okay? It was just…we were a little closer than the rest of the pack…friends and stuff…so his betrayal hit me pretty hard and I honestly never want to see him again.”

“You had sex with him”, Isaac states drily.

You whirl around and stare at him in shock. He tries to stay serious but a little smirk tugs on his lips already.

“What?! No I hadn’t!”

“Yes you had. It’s written all over your face.”

When did he become such a mind reader? You could keep up the play but by now the heat is creeping into your cheeks and you know you lost. He really got to know you too well. The weird thing is: while you’re still feeling embarrassed about your mistake, it is actually a little freeing that you told someone about it. That it’s out there at last.

“Aright, yes. We had this thing without liabilities going on and I really thought I could trust him. And I was stupid enough to kinda fall for him, so after he turned out to be a total asshole, I was crushed. I got bitter, I hated everything and I tortured you for something somebody else did.”

“Ah, so that’s why you were such a bitch to me!”, Isaac realizes matter of factly.

You shoot him a glare. “Yes. You first-hand experienced the monster he created. I can’t have that again. I can’t deal with him. Since he came back, I constantly remember our last conversation and how he made me feel like the dumbest, most naïve girl on earth. And like I wasn’t good enough.”

You feel the weight of the truth of your words overcome you once again and you swallow hard, looking down at your hands because watching Isaac’s playful expression turning more sympathetic by the second makes it even harder. You can see Theo’s stern face in front of you just as the day he dumbed you in that forest. And you remember the heartache.

“Honestly, Isaac, I don’t know what to do”, you admit weakly, feeling horribly vulnerable. Something you wanted to prevent under any circumstances.

Isaac observes you for a second, then doesn’t hesitate to get up from his spot and sit down next to you, putting an arm around your shoulder and pulling you closer. You rest your head against his chest, breathe in his scent and sense yourself relax almost momentarily while you listen to his steady heartbeat. It’s the first time someone comforts you about this and it feels good.

“Okay, Y/N, first of all: I already know that Theo guy is an idiot but if he dumbed you, he really is the biggest I ever met and that is saying something”, Isaac claims as he strokes your hair softly.

You snort. “You have to say that.”

“Well, yeah, but I also mean it. Come on, you won’t let him destroy your confidence, will you? I have some experience with people who knock you down and they’ll always stay with you in some way, but you can still grow out of it stronger than before.”

You turn your head and blink at him a little astonished. “Man that was really sensitive Dr. Phil.”

“I have my moments”, he retorts with a grin on his lips that somehow makes everything seem less terrible.

“So what’s the plan?”

“Well, I’m just gonna keep you away from him until he eventually screws up and will be sent back.”

You like the plan. You like it a lot.

It works for a while. There is only one error: Theo doesn’t screw up. It’s not like everybody suddenly likes him but they also can’t ignore what he did, especially for Liam, and don’t think that he deserves to go back to hell. Still, you manage to avoid him with Isaac’s help. At least before Lydia’s “Goodbye Highschool” party, which is obviously something you have to go to.

But you don’t know that Theo would come too until you get there, go to the bar for your third drink and run right into him. Literally. You dumb into a body and already start to awkwardly apologize as he turns around and you stare right into that face you connect so many horrible emotions to.

“Oh my”, you push out, taking a step back while his eyes widen after they recognized you. Your instinct to flee sets in but you are aware of how stupid and weak that would look, so you stay right where you are. Quite frozen, actually.

“Y/N!”, he exclaims a little bit too late. “It’s so good to see you. I…I wanted to talk to you since…since I came back.”

Great, there you go. Thankfully enough, the old anger finally builds up inside of you and that makes it much easier because it overlaps the disappointment. You cross your arms in front of your chest and glare at him.

“Yeah, I know. You informed the others about that a thousand times, but I though my non-reaction made quite clear that I don’t return that wish.”

“I know”, he retorts, quickly and gravely serious. He steps closer and puts his arms on your shoulders but you immediately pull away. His touch feels poisonous. “I get that you don’t want to see me, okay? But I need to…”

“Oh, don’t you dare say apologize!”, you interrupt him decisively. “You could’ve done that the night in the forest but back then, you didn’t give a damn.”

Theo observes you for a moment, inhales deeply and lowers his head for a second before he looks back up at you through his eyelashes with an awfully sad expression in his eyes. It probably would’ve gotten to you but you don’t know if you can buy it or if he’s just acting again.

“You’re right, although it’s not true that I didn’t give a damn. I was an idiot. But the things that happened to me down there…they changed me!”, he claims, only earning a snort from you. “No, really! I just…I need you to know that when we had that thing going on, I wasn’t using you. I wasn’t dishonest with you or something and you were not an idiot to develop feelings because it was the same for me. You were…are…amazing and I realized that, I was just too stupid to put you first.”

His words could’ve been like honey to your soul if they didn’t come so very late. The desperation he displays doesn’t change that you’re only turning even colder inside and not one bit softer. You don’t even think that he’s lying. You just don’t care.

“Fascinating, Theo. But I am not the kind of girl that comes rushing back to an asshole just because he noticed that he is one”, you clarify cooly. “You really aren’t that good.”

Just as you assumed, pride flickers in his eyes. He obviously hasn’t lost that little character trait. A second later, though, he’s back being his begging self. You are really hoping for some guest to interrupt this conversation but they’re all joyful, drunk and minding their own business. None of them pays attention to your discussion.

“Course you’re not. If you were, you would’ve seemed rather boring to me”, Theo now claims, seemingly not understanding what an awful compliment that is. “I’m not asking you to forgive me right here, I’m only asking you to give me a chance.”

“To do what?”, you laugh indignantly. “Get me back?”

“Yes”, he simply states.

You feel a stupid sting in your heart and turn your head so you don’t have to look into those brown eyes anymore. You wished so badly for him to say that about a year ago. You would’ve thrown yourself in his arms, kissed him, never let go of him. Now it only hurts and you’re so tired of him hurting you.

“Well, you can forget about that because I’m over you”, you finally say.

“Really?”, he retorts, not even trying to hide his scepticism. His mistake.

“Yes, really! I’m with someone else. A good guy this time because I learn from my stupidities.”

“Sorry, Y/N, but I don’t believe it.”

Smug. Confident. It drives you crazy and not in the good way. You shoot him a deathly look and you’re so fed up with him.

“Okay. See how taken I am for yourself”, you grumble and whirl around, throwing your hair over your shoulder demonstratively.

You haven’t really thought this through but there’s no way you won’t pull this. You won’t give him that joy. You let your eyes wander over the crowd, desperately searching for help. There you find him. Isaac. Leaning against the wall, holding a red cup in his hands and watching the crazy dancing people with an amused grin on his lips. He will understand. He will get it. And he’s definitely the best choice.

You walk over to him with as much confidence as you can muster. Your heart is pounding fast in nervous anticipation, which he’ll probably be able to hear. As you’re almost there, Isaac looks up, locking eyes with you as worry flashes up in his face.

“Y/N, is everything alri…”

“Please just go with it”, you whisper before you throw your arms around his neck, stand on your toes and press your lips onto his.

He is shocked for about one second, then he puts his arms around your waist, pulls you closer and returns the kiss affectionately. You forget that this is only pretend, only to show Theo how done you’re with him, in the blink of an eye. Suddenly you sink into it, blend out everything around you and the only important things left are you and Isaac and this amazing connection you’re feeling between the two of you. It’s like a spark deep inside of you turns into a flame and burns through your whole body. You press yourself against him, hungry for more of him and the sweet taste of his lips. You almost feel drunk although you know that alcohol doesn’t have any effect on you.

This isn’t like a shy, first kiss but one that is based on all the trust and familiarity you share. As you finally pull apart to catch your breaths, you are looking at each other, kind of surprised but also pleased. A huge smile appears on his lips and his blue eyes seem brighter than usually.

“Wanna go somewhere more quiet?”, he asks you cheekily and you feel your heart flutter at his suggestion.

“Absolutely”, you retort, taking his hand before he leads you through the crowd.

You totally forgot Theo and how this developed. It doesn’t matter anymore.

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Ethan drabble #2

It was official, you were going to kill Ethan.

He knew you hated parties and yet here you were, alone at the house of some big youtuber, your boyfriend nowhere to be found.

You stood in the corner of the living room where Ethan left you, promising he was going to be right back. Of course he probably got stopped by somebody and got lost in conversation, like he always does.

“You look like you could use a drink!” A voice that definitely wasn’t Ethan’s shouted over the music.

An average looking boy stood in front of you, two shot glasses in his hands, a smirk on his lips.

You shook your head, “No thanks, i’m waiting for my boyfriend!”

He looked like the type of boy who wouldn’t take no for an answer and you were right, he wasn’t having it. You were about to decline his offer for the fourth time when thankfully, Ethan came back.

“Problem here?” Ethan asked as he wrapped a protective around your waist.

The boy looked you up and down before shaking his head and walking off.

Ethan brought you into his chest, his grip tight, “Mine.”

You rolled your eyes as he spoke, but you secretly loved how possessive he got.

“Yeah, well don’t leave me next time.” You mumbled into his chest.


Yesterday I went to the theater to watch a play and didn’t get to study Eliot and Beckett cause I came back really late. Thankfully English is my strong subject and I managed to get 100/100 on my oral test!

Still have to study them for our finals tho :’(

Being in a poly relationship with Yuha and Roa would include...

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  • You have like the two best girlfriends ever
  • it happened rather unconventionally 
  • their dance instructor was one of your close friends and she had asked you to come help her out teaching the girls the new choreo 
  • you instantly were taken aback by Roa’s beauty 
  • Roa was shy around you but she was always polite 
  • Yuha on the other hand thought you were super cute the second you walked in and she talked to you the most
  • talking with yuha was fun because she was so easy going and made you laugh 
  • when it was time to leave yuha asked if you’d be back 
  • you said you weren’t sure, you’d only come as a favor to your friend
  • that night when yuha was nonstop talking about you to Roa she noticed that Roa looked rather somber
  • so yuha asked her what was wrong 
  • Roa confessed that she thought you were cute too and was a little regretful she didn’t talk to you 
  • Thankfully though you came back next practice and Yuha was determined to get you and Roa talking alone
  • sure she liked you but she loved roa to bits and if anything she wanted a fair competition for your heart, which wouldn’t happen unless Roa felt comfortable talking to you
  • Yuha would find any opportunity to get you and roa alone
  • So when the girls took a break and agreed to grab some Popsicle from the corner store yuha volunteered to go with roa
  • on their way out yuha asked if you’d like to go 
  • you said yes and as the three of you walked to the store she tried to find something you and roa had in common
  • when you got to the store yuha dashed off and left you and roa alone, now you two had to talk 
  • you didn’t say anything at first, you were too shy, and so was roa so it was just kinda quiet for a few seconds
  • but then some guy bumped into Roa and didn’t apologize 
  • so you tapped his shoulder and when he turned around you demanded he apologize
  • the guy apologized and walked away
  • Roa smiled and thanked you for standing up for her
  • Now that the ice had been broken you two had a nice conversation and found of you had the same taste in music
  • when yuha came back with the ice cream she found you and Roa huddled together looking at the music on your phone
  • she wasn’t going to lie she felt a little jealous but mostly happy you two had finally found something in common
  • on the way back to the dance studio you and roa were practically attached to the hip, forgetting yuha was even there 
  • when they all had gone back to the dorms that night Roa noticed yuha was a little moody and asked her what was wrong
  • yuha told her how she’d felt and roa took it to heart. She told yuha that she could have you, roa didn’t want to pursue her feelings for you if it meant hurting yuha
  • but yuha knew she’d feel guilty if she kept flirting with you knowing roa liked you and that you had shown interest in her too 
  • so that night she thought it over and the next morning she told roa that a good solution would be to share you
  • Roa wasn’t sure about it at first but Yuha had brought her around to the idea
  • the next time they saw you they both asked you on a date, you were kinda confused
  • “So it’s a date with the two of you?”
  • but it turned out to be the best date you’d ever been on
  • yuha brought out your more energetic fun side while roa brought out the calmer more mature side of you 
  • lots and lots of dates at restaurants or street shops, hell even going to the convenience store to grab snacks is a date with them
  • Roa takes such good care of you it’s not even funny
  • she’s not just doting on you but always sends you good morning and night texts 
  • Roa also texts you throughout the day making sure you’re okay and eating well and getting exercise and fresh air in
  • Roro is also really chill compared to Yuha so if you guys are trying to decide where to go out and eat she usually is fine letting you or yuha pick 
  • you and yuha cringing at Roa’s attempts to do aegyo and laughing until your sides hurt
  • roa laughs along too because she gets embarrassed
  •  you and roa try to resist it when yuha does aegyo to get you guys to check out a new restaurant but ultimately yuha gets her way
  • your dates with roa are usually a lot more relaxed, like going on a walk or to a book shop or getting ice cream
  • your dates with yuha are a lot more active like going to amusement parks and fairs, checking out cool restaurants and playing laser tag
  • I feel like they’d both be into bowling dates and yuha would get super competitive, but roa would always win because she’s like super good at it
  • yuha demands another two games and when she wins one of the two she’s satisfied and really to leave
  • your girlfriends are very caring and would do anything for you, they each bring out different sides to you and you bring out something new in them too. they’re lucky they get to have you and you’re thankful you never had to choose 

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My Monday had this rather WTF-ish je ne sais quoi thing going (as in everything [well, mostly everything] turned out wrong and I could not put a finger on why it was like that the entire day). Thankfully, I came across these from ze back-up folders. Makes me wonder if I should give it another shot.

EXO Reaction You Flinching at Him [OT9]

Disclaimer: none of these gifs are mine unless otherwise stated.

[If you have any specific requests or questions, you can submit them here] Here’s the masterlist for more imagines and scenarios/reactions. enjoy :)

Xiumin: Minseok had left his clothes lying around the house for the 5th time and you were tired of always cleaning up after him. “I’m not your slave, Minseok! All I ask is that you put your dirty clothes in the hamper or at least the room wear the washer and dryer are!” He takes a deep sigh in irritation. “I get that you’re tired when you come home, but it takes 2 damn seconds to put your clothes in the correct place!” He raises his arms hands fold his arms and sees you raise your hand to protect your face as if he were going to hit you. He slowly brings his hands down to cup your face in his hands. Generally quiet anyway, Minseok just looks at you and sees how scared you are. He brings you in for a tight hug not letting you go and just letting you cry into his chest. He knew you weren’t that upset over clothes, but he knew about what happened to you before and felt guilty.

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Kai: You’d been looking forward to your third anniversary with Kai all month. He’d forgotten both of your previous anniversaries and promised to make it up to you this year. You had a great day planned out with him and expected to get mini surprises from him through out the day. After he finally woke up, you two ate and prepared to go to the beach. You’d be there 3 hours before getting tired of sand burning your feet and salt waves crashing into you every 10 seconds. You went home and washed up before heading to Lotte World to spend the day pigging out on junk food. You were afraid of heights, so Kai understood when you didn’t get on many rides. You walked around catching up on times you missed when you were busy with your schedules. 

You’d spent 5 hours together and he hadn’t given you any gifts yet. Maybe he’ll give me something at dinner, you thought. It was close to dinner when you home. As you prepared for dinner, he cluelessly asked you, “Today’s been amazing and I’m not complaining, but what’s the occasion?”

You became irritated at him for not saying something in the awkward silence he created with something to relieve your frustration. “It’s our anniversary!” you scream. 

His eyes widen. “Y/N, I’m so sorry. I’ve just been busy—”

“Obviously too busy to care about our relationship.”

“No, that’s not what I meant, Jagi, please list—” You continued to scold him and when he lifted his hand to place it on his forehead, you stepped back scared. He looked at you with worried eyes. He took your hand and pulled you in for a hug. He rubbed his hand on the back of your hair to soothe you and kissed the top of your head. “I would never hurt you, okay?” You nodded your head knowing it wasn’t a rhetorical question.

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D.O: You had been learning how to cook from Kyungsoo and after a month’s practice, you wanted to show off what you had learned. You made him a basic kimchi since you were still a beginner at cooking. When he came home you noticed he was already in a bad mood, but you thought your cooking would make him better since he’s the one who had taught you. You prepared a plate for him as he sat on the couch. You brought it over to him and extended your arms out to him, but when he rejected the food you said, “I worked really hard on this, oppa. Just have a bite to see if it’s good.”

“Jagiya, I said I’m not hungry,” he said a bit more irritated.

“Just one bite, and I’ll leave you alone, please?”

He stood up quickly to comply to your request and get a fork from the kitchen but when you tensed up and dropped the plate on the floor, shattering it. He stopped and looked at you as he saw a tear come from your eye. “J-Jagi, were you scared of me?” You didn’t answer, so he assumed it was true, which he was right about. You quickly went on your knees to pick up shards of the plate off the floor when Kyungsoo quickly walked over to you, grabbed your shoulders gently and brought you to eye level with him so he could kiss you. “Y/N, please don’t ever think you need to be scared of me. I would never do anything or let anyone hurt you.”

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Chanyeol: You never told Chanyeol about the abuse you suffered from your previous relationship. You also hadn’t planned to tell him so soon into your 2 month relationship, so when you almost fell trying to get away from as quickly as you could when he moved the slightest just to put his hands on his hips while you two were arguing, he was confused. He stopped being upset and was worried. “Y/N, what’s wrong?” he diligently asks. “Are you ok?” Other than the fact you had been upset over what you were arguing over, now not remembering because you were so scared. “Do you think I was going to hit you?” he asked as he, now, towered over you. You nodded a bit ashamed, you knew he would never hurt you. Chanyeol is just a big, cuddly, friendly giant. He brought you in for a hug, placing his chin on your head and you wrapped your arms around his back and he said, “I could never hurt you, Jagiya. I love you too much. How could you ever think that?” You sighed and sat him down on the couch telling him about how your previous boyfriend would hit you and make you feel worthless, but he wouldn’t let you leave until you had to run away and call the police on him. You also told him about the night terrors you have from remembering the two year Hell you went through with him. “Aigoo! How could he disrespect a woman like that? Especially, you! You’re beautiful. I will tell you everyday and you mean the world to me.” He once again pulled you in for a hug.

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Baekhyun: Like always, Baekhyun was being too loud for you to concentrate on your studies. “Baekhyun, oppa, please stop being so loud,” you called out to him. Obviously, he didn’t hear you because he was still singing at the top of his lungs. Flustered, you slammed your pen on your desk and stormed out of your room. You yelled at him. “Ya! I ask you all the time to please be quieter while I’m studying. Why can’t you stop yelling for 5 minutes? I need to study for my exam.” You continued to yell at him before he came walking towards you, it wasn’t a walk with force, but almost instinctively you crouched into a ball with your hands up readying your body for a blow. He looked down at you and when you didn’t feel anything, you looked back up at him. He was confused. “Jagi,” he said taking your hand helping you back up to an upright position, “what are you doing?” 

“I-I I thought.”

“You thought I was going to hit you?” He furrowed his eyebrow at you. He took your hand a bit tighter. You looked down at the floor but he took you by the chin and made you look him in the eye. “Did you think I was going to hit you?” he asked. You looked away not being able to tell him the truth. “Y/N, you’re breaking my heart to think that. I would never.” A tear slipped from your eye as you see him hurt as to see you so scared of him. “I promise to be more conscious of my noise when you’re studying.” You looked back at him and he kissed your nose and wiped your tear.

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Chen: You and Jongdae could not decide on what you wanted for dinner. You had been arguing for the past 20 minutes over whether to get chinese or thai food. You want thai, while he wanted chinese. It was stupid that you two were arguing over food, but you always ate whatever he wanted and just wanted to finally eat something you were actually interested in having. “Jongdae we eat chinese food almost everyday, we always eat what you want to. Why can’t we change it? Why can’t I have a turn?”

“No we don’t, stop overreacting,” he snapped.

“I’m not overreacting! I’m just tired of you never taking into consideration of what I want.”

“What do you mean?! We always do whatever you want! Why are you being like this?!” he shouts. You look at him scared and as he continued yelling, you backed away slowly, though he never got closer to you. When he finally calmed down a bit, he noticed how far away you had gotten. He slowly walked over to you and reached his arms out and even though you were still were a bit scared still, you knew Jongdae had calmed down so you went into his embrace and rested your head on his chest. “I’m sorry if you felt like I was going to hit you. I know I hit a lot of things, but you will never be one of them.” You nodded your head. “Let’s get Thai.”

*the hug he gives you*

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Lay: A guy came onto you as you were in the grocery shopping for the house and Yixing went back to the previous isle to grab the paper towels that you had forgotten. While he was gone, you tried everything in your authority to kindly tell him to fuck off, but he wouldn’t leave. You relentlessly tried to tell him that you had a boyfriend and to please leave before he comes over and makes a scene, but when he started to get physical with you and as you struggled to get away from his grip, your boyfriend, thankfully, came back from getting the paper towels. When he saw you being grabbed by a strange man, he immediately ran to you and pushed him off you. “Don’t touch my girlfriend!” He stood in front of you with his back towards you and a puffed up chest. You had never seen Yixing so mad before. The man scurried away before things got anymore serious than it already was. 

“I told him to leave me alone,” you said in a low voice as he you placed your hand on his shoulder. 

He quickly whipped around at your touch and you quickly stepped back scared that he might take out his anger on you as well. When he noticed you were frightened, he turned back to his sweet, gentle self and raised his eyebrows saying. “No, no, don’t be afraid, Y/N. I’m sorry if I scared you.” You pulled him in for a hug and it took him a few seconds to adjust to your short body hugging him but after 5 seconds he hugged you back.

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Sehun: Sehun was always fussing at you about things such as school work and working harder as an idol. He thought since he was the maknae of EXO and finally found someone a bit younger than him that he’d get to tell you what to do. He’d always help you practice your dancing since you weren’t as good as the other members in your group. You were learning the choreography to one of their songs, Call Me Baby, and you had been putting in all of your effort, but Sehun didn’t believe you were. You already weren’t the best dance and you didn’t know what he expected from you. “Again, Y/N. This is so simple I don’t understand why you can’t get it,” he scolded you.

“I’m not you, Sehun! I can’t pick up on things like you can. Why are you teaching me this anyway?! It’s too hard!”

“It’s not you’re just not trying hard enough! You keep dazing off too, pay attention.” He frowned at you and turned to face the mirror so you could go over the same 8-count for the seventh or eighth time.

“No, I’m not! You’ve been working me to death all day! I need a break.” 

You could tell he was getting irritated. He walked over to you and as he raised his hand wipe the sweat from his forehead, you jumped. He looked at you and furrowed his eyebrow. He took a step back and examined the situation to see why you were scared. Once he realized that you thought he was going to hit you, he sighed and pulled you into him by your waist and said “I’m sorry, Jagiya,” he kissed your sweaty forehead, “I’m not trying to hurt you. You’re right we need to take a break.” He grabs your hand and you walk out of the dance room and you two go grab a quick snack.

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Suho: Suho had been under a lot of stress lately with writing songs and learning choreography for their comeback. As a result, he’d been getting agitated at you more easily and you’d been fighting more often. You would argue at least twice a day over simple tasks like whose turn was it to wash the dishes, cook, or what to have for dinner. Often he would just walk away to calm down the tension in the room, but today was different. It was your third argument in the two hours he had been home. The first was as soon as he walked through the door and sat his dirty, gym bag at the door and you asked him to take it to the utilities room where the washer and dryer are and he argued that he was too tired. The second was over what you were having for dinner, going out or staying in. He wanted to stay in while you wanted to go out and pick something up. After the 10 minute argument of why you should go out and him rebutting your every sentence, you decided to stay in and cook ramyeon for both of you. Then you had begun arguing over what tv show to watch. He wanted to watch Running Man, but you wanted to watch The Return of Superman. “We watch The Return of Superman every day! You have to be sick of always watching those kids!”

“Well, aren’t you sick of Running Man by now? You have to have seen EVERY episode by now.” By now you two were having a screaming match over which tv show is better and Suho had enough and slammed the empty bowl of ramyeon on the coffee table in front of you. You jumped and already mad, and now upset, you jumped from his force. 

There was a silence as he looked up at your worried face. He sighed and slouched over in his seat. “I’m sorry if I scared you, my love. I’ve just been so stressed with everything.” You scooted towards him little by little seeing that he’s calmed down a bit as he rants to you and finally are right next to him and pull him in as he lays his head on your chest as if it were a pillow. You let him rant to you as he laid on you and just played in his hair.

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I got into green day when I was 12 years old, just after American Idiot came out. I missed them on tour near my hometown by a few days by the time I really got into them. I'm 23 now and I just saw them for the first time in November, saw them again in April, and I'm seeing them again in august...gotta make up for all the concerts I've missed over the last 11 years. And I've met the coolest people at shows too! This community is a great family to have. 💚

FUCK i know how that feels, i got into green day literally right after the last time they came to my city and they have not been back since!! thankfully i did get to see them in LA so i can’t complain 💖that’s amazing though i’m glad you’re catching up!! also i feel ya i’ve met some pretty incredible people because of this band and i’m very grateful

My Dog Was Lost for Three Days. What Came Back Wasn't My Dog.

As a kid, I was raised in a small fishing community on the Eastern side of Canada, surrounded by the gulf of Saint Lawrence and the Boreal Forest. The entirety of the land was close to 4000 foot square with an even smaller number of residents sprawled out over “main street”, the main road running straight through our little town, and farming houses spread widely between areas of trees that were changed to domestic residential homes when agriculture stopped being profitable. In total, our community is surrounded by a vast expanse of ocean, and a seemingly endless barrage of trees that’s spread over 55% of Canada’s entire country. I spent most of my life hunting in those woods, so you can imagine my joy when my parents got me a “hunting dog”.

Sandy was a Shetland Sheepdog, and while they were more fit to be herding and tracking sheep over grassy plains rather than rabbits and deer through dense forest, it didn’t stop me from taking him with me on every excursion I possibly could. Sandy had been by my side for enough hunting trips that he’d grown accustomed to waking up just before breaking daylight, and on a few occasions helped track down small game like squirrels and rabbits through considerably large areas of forest.

Sandy wasn’t my property, and wasn’t treated like he “belonged” to me. Sandy was a member of the family, my best companion, and my truest friend. I think fondly back on all the times he’d sit in the front seat of the truck without being told, ready to go for a walk in whatever part of the forest I took him to. I can honestly say that there will never be a dog that will fill the void Sandy left in my life. I find that dog lovers relate to that sentiment more than others.

It was October 30th, the first day of deer hunting season. I had been talking with my family about taking Sandy, my hunting gear, and some essentials to one of the cabins my Grandfather owned in his heyday off an unmarked road a few hundred miles into the wilderness for a few days. This was met with a lot of protesting, but nothing could stop me from getting in some time looking for wild game in an area that wasn’t already picked clean by illegal hunters earlier on in the month. Everything was packed into the old blue ford, Sandy included, and a few hours of driving later we were setting up camp in one of my Grandfather’s secluded old cabins.

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Worship me. (Yongguk)

Hi! ♥ AHEM. Ladies and Gentleman ((???)), my first full smut! And what on fuckin earth, it’s 8 pages long. EIGHT. I thought it would be ridiculously short but this is my longest scenario so far. I started it on March 1st when I had a fuckton of shitload of Yongguk feels, it was horrible, and I gave up on it. So yup, sex sex sex. Super long smuts are probably the most boring things ever, mea culpa.
Also let’s say it’s a gift for hitting 200 followers~ everyone loves Yongguk.
P.S: you know you have to play Body & Soul hehe. also got kiiiiind of inspired by Selena Gomez’s Write your name

In which Yongguk thinks having sex to get inspiration for his lyrics is a good idea.

Today was finally the day of your interview for a job you had been eyeing for months. If your boyfriend didn’t push you to apply, you would still be rolling around in your bedroom wondering what to eat for dinner. You felt like you just spent centuries sitting on these uncomfortable chairs at the office and your butt was about to fall off. All you wanted was to give up and come back home to cuddle with Yongguk who had his week off. You remembered his words: “You’re not allowed to come home until you’ve done this interview!”

You slowly walked home, and opened the door just as slowly, dragging your heavy and numb feet that quickly got sick of heels. The clicking of those got you noticed by your boyfriend, singing out from upstairs: “You’re back!”

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Words That Turn Babygirl On – 1

This one is over 2k words!

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 (AJ Styles)

“Don’t make me spank you….”

Since AJ decided that he would rather be in Luke and Carl’s face, I decided I would take Xavier’s offer to go dance. He and I had been friends since we started with the company years ago. He was like a best friend to me and I to him. But I may or may not have taken the offer to get AJ’s attention.

By the end of the song, I knew he would be red in the face and angy as hell. Just the way I liked him. Here I was in the blue body con dressed and matching heels that he had picked out for me and he couldn’t be bothered with me. Xavier grabbed on to my hips holding on tightly as our bodies rocked to the beat. We always danced when we went out to clubs together so this was nothing new. Xavier’s hip rolled into mine to the beat of Rihanna’s Work as I sung outloud to myself.

“Damn, girl. You got some extra umph in those hips tonight,” Xavier joked into my ear.

“You know what E says,” I yelled back to him, “These hips don’t lie.”

“Sure don’t.”

Turning my back to his front, I caught AJ’s eyes. Luke and Karl were so into whatever they were discussing at their table to realize AJ was no longer looking at them or paying them any attention.  Never taking my eyes off of my boyfriend, I reached my hand back to grab the back of Xavier’s neck pulling him closer to me. “What are yall doing after this?” I asked. The answer didn’t matter to me, all I wanted was for AJ to see me whispering in Xavier’s ear. I knew it would set him off.

“I dunno, probably go to a barcade. Wha-,” he paused to follow my line of sight then stepped away from me. I watched as AJ moved his eyes from mine to AJ. “Wait. Are you using me? You gotta tell me these things.”

“It comes with the best friend territory, X.”

“Hmm,” Xavier snorted, “Well, I guess your plan worked. Here he comes and here I go.” He gave AJ a slight wave, AJ nodded to acknowledge him. He grabbed and pulled me to the table Luke and Karl were occupying. “I’ll see y’all in the next town, I’m gonna take her back to the hotel she needs to lie down.” He told them doing their handshake. Marching my way in front of him, I made my way through the club until I was outside waiting for him to join me. He was laughing about something when he was next to me, I wanted to know what was so funny but I was still mad at him for ignoring me.

With a hand at my back, AJ guided me to his car in the parking lot. He opened my door before climbing in on his side. It was a ten minute drive to the hotel and I planned on holding my tongue until we got there.

“What’d you think you were doing back there?” He asked stealing glance at me. I met his gaze then turned back to the window letting him know that I had heard him, I just was not answering him. Every time we go out and his stable mates are there, he ignores me for them. I’m over it.

“You don’t hear Daddy talking to you, princess?” One of his hands left the steering wheel finding its place on my thigh right below the hem of my dress. I looked down at his hand then back out the window. He sighed moving his hand back to the wheel, “You’re gonna be that way about it?”

When arrived at our hotel, I didn’t bother waiting on him to give the valet his keys. I got out and bolted inside to the bank of elevators. Unluckily for me, AJ had made to my side just as the elevator came. Putting his hand to my back again he ushered me inside thankfully we’re only going to the second floor.

“I know what you were trying to do,” he said softly. He removed his hat shaking his hair out a little leaving the cap off.

“And what is it that you think you know, AJ?” He looked a little surprised that I had spoken. The elevator dinged just in time, freeing me from the close proximity. There was sexual tension between us, something I didn’t want to give in to.

We made it into the room without an issue, he stood back with his hands in his pockets while I opened the door, entering after I did. I started to take off my heels but was snatched up into AJ’s arms. “You have two strikes against you, princess. So I suggest you start acting like the good girl I know you are.” He whispered harshly. A shiver ran up and down my spine knowing that dominant AJ was coming out and had no plans of going back in. Not yet anyway.

“For what?” I pouted snatching away from him. “Not like you would notice.”

“Keep it up,” he warned tossing his cap on the dresser. Watching his jaw muscles jump from him clenching them as he removed his shirt then shoes was starting a fire in my body that I couldn’t control. Picking this argument and making the small scene for him at the club was my plan to get his attention.

“I don’t even know why I come out with you guys. You’d rather be with them than me anyway.”

“Is that sass I hear, Princess?” He asked looking up from his seat on the foot of the bed.

I scoffed in response kicking my shoes off in his direction. “Clearly so, AJ.” My eyes traveled to the tent in his jeans. My mouth watered and my body clenched thinking of him being inside of me. “And don’t think we’re fucking any tonight because we’re not. Why don’t you go ask Karl or Luke they would be willing I’m sure.”

“That is ENOUGH! You do not talk to Daddy like that or use bad words and you know it,” he yelled now standing over me, “You’re treading thinly. Don’t make me spank you, Princess.” Instead if responding I folded my arms across my chest giving him the hardest eye roll I could muster up. AJ wasn’t bluffing about spanking me but there was no way I was giving in on something I was right about. “Oh, I see,” he chuckled to himself, “You don’t think I will. You think because I let you slide the last time that I’ll let you this time.” He smiled smugly as he turned me so that my back was to him. He wrapped my hair in his hand pulling my head back so I could look into his eyes. “Look into these baby blues,” he ordered, “Not tonight, princess. You’ll be lucky if you can sit tomorrow.” I sucked in air as he peeled my dress off of me leaving me in my black lace panties, his fingertips slightly grazing my skin.

AJ left my side after tugging at my hand for me to follow him to the bed. He reclaimed his spot at the foot of the bed while I stood to his side next he was tugging me across his lap, my face against the soft comforter. AJ massaged the skin below my ass working his way up to the top of my panties. I tried to squeeze my thighs to stop the throbbing from my center but a strong pop from AJ to my thigh stopped me.

“You know better than that, princess. You don’t get off unless Daddy says that you can.”

I moaned out as he pulled my panties off of my ass and down my legs. “Well hurry then.”

“Let’s recount your offenses, shall we, baby?” AJ secured on arm across my back right above my ass while his other hand massaged my ass and the skin beneath. “You were dancing with Wood to make ma jealous and you know Daddy doesn’t like to be jealous. Then you ignored me when I was talking to which is very,” he paused to drag his fingers through my slick folds, “Very rude. You know better than that. And lastly, you yelled and cursed at Daddy. Are you supposed to do those thing, Princess?”

“N-no,” I moaned out against the comforter. A sharp slap to my left cheek had my crying out in pain and pleasure. AJ growled in response, “No, what?”

“No, Daddy.” I could hear the smile spreading across his face. His smugness made me want to roll my eyes but I knew he knew me as well as I knew him. Had I done it, he would have known.

“You’ve got fifteen. You stop counting, I start over.”

His hand left my thigh for a moment then came down with a loud slap right below my ass, again on the opposite side and he moved up to my ass. Slaps rang out as he covered my ass with his handprints. The sounds I was making were ungodly but that didn’t stop AJ or his growing erection poking into my stomach.

“You did so good, baby. So, so good,” he cheered pulling me up right in his lap. He left kisses in my hair then on my face, lingering when his lips found mine. The spanking only made me want him more, damn me not getting his attention earlier tonight I have it now and I’m not letting it go to waste.

I rose from his lap ignoring the slight pain in my backside then crawled up onto the bed relaxing my upper body onto the mattress my head lying on a pillow leaving my ass in the air for him. Whenever he spanked me, this is how he wanted me so he could fuck me. The bed dipped then his hands were at my waist pulling me back to meet his dick. Using one hand he rubbed his dick at my entrance teasing me, my body naturally moving back into him.

“You want my attention? That’s why you started this, isn’t it?” He asked gruffly.

“Yes, Daddy,” I moaned clenching the sheets.

“Mmm, why do ya want it, baby? Tell Daddy what you want?”

“I want you to fuck me, Daddy.”

“I will but not like this,” he let my hips go then patted my hip with his right hand. “I want you on top, baby. I want you to show me how much you want it.” As I rose up from my spot, AJ eased down onto the bed, dick in hand waiting for me to climb on top of him,

Without a pause, I straddled him, and slowly lowered myself down until I felt the tip of his dick touching my pussy lips. I held myself there for a second, savoring the moment, before letting myself drop down, slowly driving his long, thick dick deep inside me. I arched back and let an out a deep satisfied groan. God he felt good.  Once I was resting on AJ’s hips, his dick fully inside, I sat still, wanting to savor the feeling. After a few minutes I began to slowly ride him. Small movements at first, because I wanted this to last, and then longer ones, until I was raising myself up until just his dick head was inside, before dropping slowly down, impaling myself on him.

With each downward move, we both grunted and groaned. As my movements became faster, AJ began to thrust his hips upwards to meet my downward move, driving his dick as deep as possible.

“Yes…yes…fuck me…fuck me hard…yessss…” I shouted.

Suddenly my orgasm crashed over me. My movements became frantic, and I pumped myself up and down faster and faster. With a final downward thrust I collapsed into a half-conscious state of satisfied contentment and rolled off of him. In another moment his hands on my hips, and his dick rested on my ass. I raised my hips, and then felt the head of his dick pressing against my pussy.

He slid it into me in one long slippery thrust and I arched my back groaning loudly with pleasure. AJ then proceeded to slowly fuck me that way. “You like that baby? Take this dick like the slut I know you are,” his fingers dug into my hips. “Fuck, I love the way you feel, Princess. You make daddy feel phenomenal.”

After a few minutes of long slow fucking, his hands snake round my front to cup my breast. He pulled me up and kissed and bit my neck as he continued to slowly fuck me from behind.

“Fuck me faster, Daddy. Fuck me…” I gasped. AJ picked up the pace, and the position from which his dick was being thrust in was hitting my spot. He pushed me back down onto my face, and fucked me fast and deep, meaning he was close.

“Fuck, baby. I’m so close. So. Fucking. Close.” He slammed inside of me with each thrust.

“Me too, daddy. Come with me,” I plead reaching back to grab his wrist.

The two of us cried out together as we rode out the second orgasm. He stilled inside of me emptying himself in me. Once he was done, he pulled out causing me to wince then collapsed on the bed beside me pulling me into his chest.