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The worst job I ever had was at a chain restaurant. My trial shift went fine and I felt okay but my actual first shift was a disaster. I started at five and by 6 the woman SUPPOSED to be training finished her shift. Everyone started to do the same and by 7:30 I was alone. This is my first real shift. I have no idea what sauces go with the meals and I’m having customers return food because it’s not warm enough. Thankfully a wonderful lady in bar came back to help and I left at 9 when I was supposed to. Got into my mum’s car and burst into tears. I was so stressed. Immediately left and have never looked back.

I am freaking out. I didn’t think that this post could get 400 notes! I could hardly believe it when it got 20 notes, imagine me now!

I’d like to thank all of you, you guys are the best!

Also, I decided to write a Part 2 for you guys as a small thank you.

•Their gray streaks came back with a vengeance

• Percy was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder.

•Grover and Percy’s empathy link wasn’t able to connect again because Percy’s mind was too powerful to handle.

•Grover one time noticed that they were late to breakfast, so he went to wake them up. He entered their cabin and saw Percy cradling Annabeth as she cried while he whispered, “As long as we’re together,” repeatedly.

• Grover fled the scene as stealthily and quickly as he could.

•When Leo and Calypso came back, Percy manipulated the water in Calypso’s body while screaming bloody murder. He was scaring off everyone, but he could care less. Calypso cursed his girlfriend blind, and this was payback.

•Thankfully Annabeth stopped him before he could kill Calypso.

•Percy felt extremely ashamed of himself because Annabeth looked terrified of him again.

• He almost ignored her for a day, but Annabeth cornered him and they talked about it.

•5 years later, they decided to get married. They had a small wedding in Camp, both of their parents were there and the Seven were there too.

•Annabeth and Percy tried to have kids, but couldn’t after several tries.

•They went to Will to see why they couldn’t have kids, only to discover that Tartarus had damaged Annabeth’s ovaries.


Separating these to make “fan” jerseys.  I actually began them before @simgigglegirl morphs came out (thank you!) so I stepped back to have the morphs. Thankfully my Milkshape is cooperating (generally with adding morphs it crashes, which is why some meshes have morphs of late and why some do not.)  I’m trying to decide (beside making separates) how to make them appear more “fan” looking or would it be better to just use separates?

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"Taste Of Revenge"~"Sequel To Striptease" a Daryl Dixon X Reader

{~Smut Warning because this is my blog and this is basically all it is so enjoy your newly found wet sheets~}

It has been a few weeks since that little…Adventure at the sex shop you and Daryl encountered. It has never left your mind since. You thought about it day and night, the way he touched you, the way his eyes were full of lust as he left kisses that led up your legs, how he teased you more then you thought he was as capable of. The thoughts were nonstop. You could only wonder if it was the same for him.

Back at the group Rick insisted that since you came back with nothing but thankfully each other, that you both went hunting. You both happily agreed and prepared for your trip. But what Dixon didn’t know is that you may or may not have taken some things from the shop..By maybe I mean you did. You started smirking looking down at the ground in your tent thinking about your plan for revenge when you heard Daryl yell, “C'mon sunshine I ain’t got all damn day.” You rolled your eyes “I’m comin’ Dixon don’t get your crossbow strings in a twist!” You grinned at your comeback as you put everything in your backpack and climbed out of your tent, grabbing your bow and gun and walking over to Daryl who was already ready by a tree. “Okay let’s go, Sunshine~” you whispered in his ear seductively which seemed to slightly catch him off guard. He grinned slightly and licked his lips while looking at you before nodding to Rick and walking away.

The both of you walked silently for awhile. You teased him along the way, such as humming, swaying your hips and even accidentally bumping into him at times. You could already tell it was messing with him and his thoughts. By this time he was obviously leading you somewhere. Somewhere you had no idea about. You just crossed it off as he was tracking something. To which he started to seem more and more eager to get to. “What’s wrong? You hungry?” You asked in more of a playful tone. His expression stayed plain as he spoke, “Yeah. Hope you’re hungry too ‘cause your gettin’ a hell a lot of meat tonight.” You blushed thinking something that he probably didn’t mean…Or did he? You looked away as he shot a few walkers and went about walking. There was no luck for deer or squirrels or anything. You were too far away from camp and it was too late to head back. Meaning you would have to camp somewhere as you both, well, you expected. “C'mon it’s too dark we’re gonna need to find a place to stay.” You said walking the other way. He just sighed and followed surprisingly. You knew where you were going, this being apart of your plan and all. Yesterday when you went for a walk with Maggie to get more wood you came across this cabin and when she saw you grinning she managed to get your newly thought of plan out of you. A plan to tease Daryl to such an extent he would for sure go crazy. Just like he did to you. She was all for it since she 'shipped’ you two in a way, she actually help you set up some sort of layer. A sex dungeon with all the things you took out of the sex shop without Daryl noticing. Maggie being your best friend other the Daryl supported you. Especially with this. She even gave you a box of condoms to prevent another baby. Though you insisted it wasn’t going that far she knew you were secretly planning that. You even had a little sexy outfit underneath your old dirty clothes for tonight.

Just as the sun was setting you both reached the cabin. You walked to the locked door and began opening it, considering you were the one who put it like that. “Hey hey hey,” Daryl stopped you “Ya don’t know if someone’s in there be more damn quiet.” You rolled your eyes over his protectiveness and went about opening the door. “The only ones in here tonight are us. And you’re not gonna be quiet that’s for damn sure.” You grinned to yourself as the door opened revealing a lightly lit room by the suns last ray of light shining through the boarded windows and through the curtains that hung over them. Still needing to be careful you checked the one room cabin for anyone. Which it was clear. Daryl entered doing the same then stopping feeling something turn on and vibrant underneath his foot. He jumped back and looked down seeing but a dildo. The dragon tail one you happened to tease him with. “The hell…” He wondered in confusion as he heard the door slam thanks to you.

He turned around “I said be quiet with that shit” he sent you a sexy glare seeing your smirk. “Riled up already, Dixon?” You said walking closer to him, placing your one hand on his hip and letting it glide across his belt. He stood frozen as you chuckled evilly and left him there, going around the room lighting candles with your lighter. He turned around to see a mattress with rose petals covering it that you and Maggie had collected the night before which were slowly rotting. There were candles that slightly lit the room in each corner, leaving the middle where the mattress was dark. Near the wall there was something hanging from the ceiling that looked to be rope with hand cuffs hooked to it. His expression said nothing, as always. But his eyes and his evil grin said it all. “The fuck is this?” He asked, standing in place. You let out a little giggle as you found the little CD player and put a CD in it. Letting it play the dirty slow songs on it. Thanks sex shop for setting the mood. Daryl looked at you confused yet holding back excitement seeing you take off your jacket. “What? Scared of a little…Teasing?” You asked teasingly as you removed your first layer to reveal a little black mesh dress that showed your dark red bra that had two straps that connected to your little dark red panties that also had little straps going down inches that then wrapped around your upper thigh. The strap on you thigh held a little square packet that was indeed a condom. You slowly walked towards him with a grin, he looked confused but couldn’t hide that smirk of his. “What do ya think your doin’” he asked. You simply didn’t reply as you walked over and put your one finger tip in the top of his pants, just enough to pull him close. His eye shot to your finger, his hands slowly moved towards your hips but you backed away, pulling him with you as you whispered, “Not yet” You winked as you led him towards the wall. He dropped his crossbow by the door and followed you closely. Keeping his gaze locked with yours as he slowly licked his lips. You slowly dragged your hand across his chest as you moved to be behind him, slowly running you hands underneath his shirt you whispered “I'mma show you the meaning of striptease tonight, sunshine.” He moved his head looking slightly back at you as he let out a raspy breath. You started planting little marks along his neck as your hands worked on slowly unbuttoning his vest. He kept his head turned so his gaze was fixed on you. You ran your hands up his arms and to his shoulders where you slid off his vest and let it fall to the floor. You ran your hands down his back then around his waist. Gripping onto the bottom of his shirt you slowly started sliding it up and off. He let you have your way and take it off. Once it was out of the way you started kissing his neck and down his back as your hands ran up and down his toned arms. You slowly kissed your back up and over his shoulder as you made your way in front of him. Once in front of him you grabbed hold of his belt and undid it, backing up and pulling him closer by his belt. He pressed you against the wall, placing his hands on either side of your head as he looked down at your gorgeous body. He started to lick his lips as you grabbed the rope hanging from the ceiling with the handcuffs you stole from Rick. “The hell is this?” He asked noticing the rope. “Hands up, sweetheart” you whispered against his neck as you slowly took his hands and put them in the cuffs leaving him with his arms up, handcuffed to the ceiling shirtless. You grinned to yourself now having full control over him. “I didn’t know ya where so damn kinky, Jesus Christ” he grinned down at you “Oh just watch. I’ve barely started yet” you winked at him as you slowly started kissing down his slightly toned chest {His arms is where it’s at holy hell ❤️😂💪😭🤒} and to the top of his pants. His breathing hitched as you unbuttoned his pants. You kissed down slightly further as you pulled his belt out and wiped it to the floor, making it snap as you made deep eye contact while bitting on the waist band of his gray boxers that were already tight by the looks and feel of it. You grinned at his excitement you caused as you slowly ran your fingers through the belt loops on his pants and and pulled them down with ease. Showing his hard on that was about to rip through then thin cloth cage that held it back. You looked him up in the eyes as you slowly ran your hands up his legs and to his hips while ever so gently and teasingly kissing his erection through his gray boxers. He grunted and yanked down on the rope to which it made a slight clanging sound thanks to the handcuffs. Your grin widened seeing this as you slowly latched your fingers onto the waistband and pulled his boxers down. letting his length slap against his lower stomach. Showing you just how big of a Dixon he was. Now he was very much naked and tied up. You stood up, chest to chest with him as you slowly pulled the black mesh dress over your head and let it fall to the floor. “I’ve been thinking long and hard bout what I’m gonna do to you, Mister Dixon.” You grinned and winked as you slowly ran your hands up his chest then back down and to his not so little arrow that you started giving a massage while looking him deep in the eyes. He moaned, His eyes being full of lust and desire, He glared, playfully at you as he tugged on the handcuffs again “Just ya wait till I’m out of this. I’m gonna make ya happily regent knowin’ the meanin’ of tease.” He growled. You giggled and looked down at his member while you spoke your words, “Who said you were ever getting out of em?” You look back up at him and wink before getting on your knees, slowly running your hands back and forth and gently massaging his tip with your tongue, which made him go crazy by the sound of him grunting just trying to get out of the cuffs. You teased him with your tongue until you looked up at him and saw him eye fucking you for sure. “Havin’ fun up there sunshine?” You looked at him innocently as you swirled your tongue around at his tip. He bit his lip and next thing you know he broke opened the cuffs and pressed you against the wall. His arms on either side of you as he looked deep into your eyes. Put his forehead to yours while whispering against your lips; “No more eye fuckin’. No more teasin’. Tonight, I’m gonna teach ya the feelin’ of bein’ sore and lossin’ your ability to walk.” You gasped at his sudden action. Just how strong he was you had no idea. Especially when being teased. You looked back into his darkened eyes, yours turning just the same as you spoke out, “Then don’t just say it. Fucking do it, Dixon.” You challenged him. He grinned as he picked you up and tossed you down on the bed. The rose petals flew as your body bounced but you were soon held down by his body on top of yours. He looked deep in your eyes, just as he went to kiss you you flipped so you were on top, little did he know you had another pair of handcuffs hooked to a strap on the side of the bed. To which you got him hooked up once again. His eyes wide as he growled and tugged at the cuffs, being tamed once again. You couldn’t help but moan feeling him rub against your center. He glared at you, as if sending a warning if you weren’t going to release him out of the cuffs. Which you just sent back a wink because of course you weren’t. You had this hot, sweaty, sexiest man alive underneath you and ready for a good long ride. You bit your lip as you moved your panties slightly out of the way and slowly slid down onto his member. Taking in his whole- Has to be at least- Nine inch member. You moaned feeling him stretch you out, filling you with pleasure. You placed your hands on his chest, rubbing his chest teasingly and just you went to start grinding he had broken free once again, flipped you over and held your wrists down to the mattress while giving you the deepest most passionate and desired filled kiss ever known to be given. He tugged on your lip as he found your entrance and slid inside. You both moaned into the kiss and you whined feeling him pull out to the tip, just when you thought he was just teasing you with pleasure he slammed back in full force. You screamed out his name, he grunted. He let go of your wrists and ran his hands down to your thighs as he continues to thrust at full speed he wrapped your legs around his waist. When freed your hands instantly gripped onto his hair, pulling him down closed with force. You both moaned with pleasure taking over your bodies. Every little movement, every little moan, every single droplet of sweat that hit the floor made this moment worth everything you both had been through.

The mattress shook, the rose petals all flew off du to the banging motions. The floor squeaked and the candle lights burnt out after your hours of back and forth. Daryl wrapped his arm underneath you, you kept your legs wrapped around his waist and your arms wrapped around his neck while your hands were in his hair. He kept himself inside of you as he stood up and slammed you against the wall somehow gently. You held yourself up and onto him with all your might. He presses you against the wall making there no space in between you ever possible at this moment. His one hand stayed gripping your ass and the other clawed at the wall as he grunted and grinded his teeth. His thrusts were so fast and non stop you screamed out louder then ever. You felt your high suddenly hit and instantly send fireworks through your body like the forth of July. Feeling you tighten around him he slammed his fist against the wall, leaving a dent as his high hit him as well and his glorious cream filled and covered you like dessert. You both gasped and struggled for air as you fell back onto the mattress. You laid on top of Daryl and he laid there letting you. Both wondering what exactly just happened and why has it took so long for this night to come. You both slowly calmed down, Daryl closed his eyes and broke the panting noises with his gentle yet still sexy voice, “Glad ya and Maggie set this all up.” He grinned. Your eyes widened. He knew all along??? Was this where he was leading you??? “Wh-What do you mean?” You tried to play it cool. He chuckled slightly “Glenn and I got worried when ya took so long to come back so we went lookin’ for ya. Saw ya in here, heard the plan, and set up a huntin’ trip just so I could have ya to myself so I could say what I wanted to say.” You laid there. A little pissed off he knew all along yet proud he was excited for the plan before you even left for it, and that he planned a 'hunting trip’ just for it. The last bit of his sentence made you think. Just what did he have to say…“And what did ya wanna say?” You looked up at him. His eyes stayed shut as he spoke his soft yet bold words; “(Y/N)…I love you.” He breathed out. You froze at his words, not being able to believe it yet you couldn’t deny your exact feelings for him. “Th-That’s just the sex talking.” You said. He shook his head and kept his eyes closed, his arms laying limply on the mattress. “It ain’t. Cause I felt this way for years. Your screams just gave me the confidence to say it.” He grinned towards the end of his sentence. You stayed silent for a good minute. Taking in that he actually loves you. “I love you too” you replied, nuzzling his neck and slowly closing your eyes. Though you didn’t see it he smiled. He wrapped his arms around you and held you tight as he said; “Ya got quite a taste for revenge don'tcha?” He grinned as did you. “Got quite a taste of it too.” You both grinned and happily chuckled while both drifted off to sleep, holding each other close and tight.

The next day after you two just laid and cuddled for almost all of it, you returned to camp, empty handed but in a way you weren’t. Because you both just ate each other last night for dinner. The group questions if your love for each other will make them actually sick before the need for food does.

💫 ~“Taste Of Revenge”~“Sequel to Striptease”~
{This was requested by: Anonymous. Written by: Me!}
If you have any requests make sure to send it to me and I’ll reply as soon as possible!
Detailed requests are more then welcomed! 💫


Loving the new heels :)

After far too long a break it’s been a fun weekend getting back into dressing and trying out my new heels! It must be 7 weeks since I last dressed and did my make-up, so I was a little concerned I might have forgotten how to do it. Thankfully it pretty much all came back and I was even able to try out a couple of new techniques.

Sadly I found my eyeliner had dried out so I wasn’t able to line my eyes as well as I would like. Please leave a comment, not just if you like my photos but also if you think there is anything I can improve, I’m still learning so can do with all the help I can get, thanks.

Hopefully I’ll get the chance to try these heels out with another dress tomorrow night. I’ve had so much fun putting this outfit together I can’t wait :)

MTVS Epic Rewatch #60

BTVS 3x08 Lovers Walk

Stray Thoughts

1) Why did Xander agree to the double date? I mean, A) Your girlfriend clearly wasn’t into it, and B) in what scenario would a double date with your girlfriend and the girl you’ve been secretly making out with be a good idea? But of course, this is Xander…

2) I am Willow.

“ Okay, so academic achievement gets me a little excited.”

3) “Well, I think this is great! Now you can leave and never come back! Well, I mean that in a positive way. Get out of Sunnydale. That’s a good thing. What kind of moron would ever wanna come back here?” Boy, Cordy really meant that. She never came back to Sunnydale. 

4) And thankfully, this is the kind of moron that would always return to Sunnydale…

5) A few things on this:

Why did you do it, baby? Why did you leave me? We were happy here. YOU… STUPID… WORTHLESS… BITCH! Look what you’ve done to me.

First, the explanation on why Dru left Spike acquired a whole new dimension after Fool for Love, and I appreciate the fact that it wasn’t a retcon because the writers showed us Dru with the Chaos Demon just like Spike said in this episode, and also Spike mentions that “It was that truce with Buffy that did it. Dru said I’d gone soft. Wasn’t demon enough for the likes of her.”, and while it’s not exactly the “I look at you and all I see is the slayer” speech we get in Fool for Love, he clearly admits that Buffy was the most important reason behind their breakup. Spike was going to be in denial about this for a very long time to come (and also, he was telling this to Willow, he wasn’t about to blurt out how Drusilla said he was “covered” with Buffy…) 

Secondly, I think the way he seems to be “handling” the breakup/Dru’s rejection is very telling of who Spike is and who he will be for most of the show’s run. This is soulless Spike at his core. It is obviously a behavioral pattern for him, and we’ll see him act exactly the same towards Buffy, basically crying and moping and begging one minute and then getting scarily violent, with a “hate/destroy the thing you can’t have” mentality. And the way he is portrayed in this episode and will continue to be portrayed for most of the show’s run serves two purposes in my opinion. One, it clearly shows that soulless vampires (i.e., 99,99% of the vampire population) are utterly incapable of feeling “pure” love, for lack of a better term. Do they feel or emote? They certainly do. The human suit is not just a costume. There’s still a strong connection to their human selves, in some cases more than in others. I think they are also capable of empathizing to a certain extent. But these feelings or emotions they experience will always be tainted, corrupted somehow. As if filtered through their demon soul. Two, as pretty much everything and everyone in the show given its supernatural setting, Spike serves as a metaphor. Because there are real people who “love” this way. Or shall I say, there are people who miscontrue unhealthy obsession, manipulation and abuse as love, and they even have their partners believing that’s actually love. So basically the show was telling us: “You see this? This is not how love should be. This is not the way someone who loves you should treat you.”

6) Aww, Cordy had pics of Xander in her locker :(

7) And the Pez witch :(

8) And Giles is completely on board with Buffy going to college and giving up slaying and I love it.

With scores like these, Buffy, you could have a first-rate education. I’m not suggesting that you… ignore your calling, but… you need to look to your future. And with Faith here, it may be that you can move on. For atime, at least.

9) This is why I was talking about how, in my opinion, it doesn’t make sense that Willow and Xander just “quit” each other immediately after this episode.

I wish I wasn’t so attracted to you. I wish we could make it all stop.

I understand how after everything that went down in this episode they would want to stop their make-out sessions, in a rational “I know this leads to badness, we’ve hurt the people we love, we must stop doing this.” way. But attraction doesn’t work rationally, and you can’t just turn it off so easily, even if the mess they created would freak them out. I just wish there had been some sort of acknowledgement of their UST in later episodes, maybe see them talking about their attraction and making the choice not to act on it. I mean, they were talking about how they couldn’t help feeling attracted to each oher, earlobe-kissage was discussed, and the next episode… nada. 

10) Any idea how many Magic Box shopkeepers got killed throughout the show? 

You would’ve thought that after the third one, they would’ve gone: “Yeah… a magic shop in Sunnydale? That really doesn’t sound like the best investment…”

11) I think villains playing golf is a TV trope…

12) I love this! It implies that the Mayor had been a silent player in Sunnydale all along, and it ties in nicely with the Mayor references we got in season 2.

Well, yes, y'know, he was up to all sorts of shenanigans last year. We had a world of fun trying to guess what he’d do next.

Also, it’s a shame that Spike and the Mayor never met!

13) Hilarious.

She wouldn’t even kill me. She just left. She didn’t even care enough to cut off my head or set me on fire. I mean, is that too much to ask? You know? Some little sign that she cared?

14) I’ll always love Spike hanging out with Joyce

15) And this! (OMG I just noticed Joyce’s expression on this screenshot!)

16) Joyce’s comments kill me.

Spike:  You do me now, you’ll never find the little witch.

Joyce:  Willow’s a witch?

Buffy:  And Xander?

Spike:  Him, too.

Joyce:  What, Xander’s a witch? I…

17) And the speech…

You’re not friends. You’ll never be friends. You’ll be in love till it kills you both. You’ll fight, and you’ll shag, and you’ll hate each other till it makes you quiver, but you’ll never be friends. Love isn’t brains, children, it’s blood… blood screaming inside you to work its will. I may be love’s bitch, but at least I’m man enough to admit it.

18) Then there’s this thing we all wish never happened…

19) And thus began the “Cordelia Chase deserved so much better” saga…

20) For some reason, I always laugh too hard at Spike banging the vamp’s head against the table while saying “Baby like his supper? Baby like his supper?”

21) “I’m gonna do what I shoulda done in the first place: I’ll find her, wherever she is, tie her up, torture her until she likes me again.” Uh-oh… serious Crush deja vu… ouch.

22) Did anyone fall for this?

23) Aaaand he didn’t say sorry. EVER.

Yes, he bought her flowers, and yes, he was about to say something when Cordy cut him short, but then he just walked away. 

24) Casually brooding for no reason…

25) This scene was good.

But… the Bangel “I love you / I must quit you” thing got tired this season…

26) I love the juxtaposition of all the Scoobies being all mopey and sad and Spike rocking it out of Sunnydale. He literally came, wreaked havoc in everyone’s lives and left feeling awesome.

27) One of the most memorable episodes in the whole show! How much do you love it? 

These Words are a Lie ~A Joshifer Fanfiction~ Chapter Seven

A/N: Well hello everyone! Happy Thursday! Sorry to keep you all waiting a little longer than usual with this chapter. I just did not have that extra little push of motivation to write, and so when the original posting date rolled around, I was left empty hand. But thankfully, with the extra time, my motivation came back around, and I was able to finish off chapter seven for you all! About time, right? 

So glad I took that second week, because I was able to tie in some real life situations that I’m sure you’ll notice once you read. So really, it was all worth it in the end lol!

Now, as usual, I appreciate any and all feedback for the story. Any comments are accepted with the utmost gratitude, as they fuel me to press onward and continue with the story. I appreciate all the support you have given me thus far.

Speaking of support, big thank you to catching-dandelions for all her help, and for her patience to listen to my late night babbles.

The previous chapter can be found here [x]

All chapters so far can be found here [x]

And without further adooo…

“What…what is it? What’s wrong?”

I could have just stuck with the first question. I could have simply inquired as to why my publicist is standing outside my hotel room past midnight.

But that’s just the thing; Liz normally doesn’t come a calling this late at night. So there has got to be something problematic going on, I just know it.

What’s strange however, is that I cannot wrap my finger around what that thing may be. I cannot recall the last time I was papped. I don’t remember the last time I was misquoted in an article, or was featured on the front page of a tabloid, wrapped around lies.

Everything has been relatively quiet; the last large issue at hand was my incident with Nick. And even that, was resolved without trouble.

I simply informed Liz that same night that Nick was threatening me with violence, and intended to stalk me, and she shot down the problem in a heartbeat. She conferred with his team, and they agreed on a restraining order of sorts. The darkness receded as quickly as it had arrived. Nothing more had happened since.

“May I come in?”

Liz’s voice breaks me from my thoughts, and I stare at her with wide eyes, my gaze strung with confusion.

“I was thinking we could chat a bit on your couch, if you don’t mind,” she continues on, “And I’ll tell you what’s going on.”

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There Really Is No Excuse To Steal Music Anymore (Not That There Ever Was)

by James Shotwell

Confession: I work for a company that specializes in fighting music piracy, but I have definitely illegally downloaded my fair share of music from torrents and file-sharing sites over the last decade. I’ve never been busted by the police, nor have I ever had my internet service cancelled, but I will admit to my parents having received one or twelve letters from Comcast threatening to throttle our connection speed if said piracy should persist. Thankfully, things never came to that, but looking back now, they easily could have, and I would have almost certainly been at fault. Something changed, however, and it wasn’t my income or my parents’ willingness to support my addiction to new music. It was my understanding of entertainment not only as an art form, but also as a business, and it was at that moment I understood the true impact piracy has on the industry at large.

The first album I remember downloading illegally is Hit The Lights’ Triple Crown Records debut, This Is A Stick Up, Don’t Make It A Murder. There are probably hundreds of songs or records I’ve downloaded over the years without having much excuse for doing so — aside from lack of money — but this album I specifically remember because it leaked well over a month in advance of the official street date. At that time, I was just reaching the end of my time in high school, and Hit The Lights had been the pop-punk soundtrack that fueled my last few years. The town I lived in had a venue, and it was through interning there I was first exposed to working in the industry. I would book shows and promote them throughout the county, including more than half a dozen performances featuring a then-unsigned Hit The Lights. They were some of the first traveling musicians I felt were like family, and whenever they came through town, they were free to sleep on my parents’ living room floor. When they played thirty or forty miles away, calls and texts would be exchanged so that we could spend time together while they were in the area. We were, for lack of a better description, as close as people could be in this business without being contractually tied to each other.

I can still clearly remember the rush of excitement that swept over me when a friend informed me between classes that they had heard the Hit The Lights album leaked online. I ran home as quickly as possible and began downloading every track, one at a time, through our family’s 56k dial-up connection. I think it took over two hours for every song to complete, but when they were finished, I quickly burned two copies - one for home and one for my car - then sped off to find empty country roads to roam while blasting the record as loud as my speakers would allow. It was an incredible album, and even though several of the songs were updated versions of tracks I already knew, the entire experience felt like a first time encounter. I was head over heels from the first spin, and nearly a decade later I can still recall the way that love initially felt.

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Chapter 117 Spoiler Talk

Basically this chapter in a nutshell. 

Hey everyone, long time no see! I had finals last time a new chapter came out, but thankfully I’m back in action and ready to do some more discussion on my last post of 2k15 and with one hell of a bang am I right? Thanks to the amazing @hisazuki for providing an insanely early translation, however, please respect and do no reposting, and thanks to Kusanagi-sensei for the amazing work!

Some things I will be talking about in this chapter include, The Dragon Warriors and Gods, Soo-Won and his confrontation, my girls and one who I SWEAR THAT BETTER NOT BE A DEATH FLAG, and future expectations.

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As the thunder rumbled you sighed and reached for the remote to turn up the volume on the tv. Then you snuggled deeper into the super soft blanket on the huge tufted taupe couch. Being up since 6 AM a Supernatural marathon on Netflix was always good when there was no going back to sleep with the crazy weather going on. The pounding rain and lightning flashes kept you from your usual morning jog. You were going to miss it. Your day never felt the same when you didn’t start with a run. Being half Italian definitely gave you good genes but it also made you love food.

The long dark hair, dark eyes, and tanned skin came from your mother. Thankfully you inherited your laid back temperament from your dad’s side of the family. Especially from his sister Joan. She had known that you were like her in so many ways. That’s one reason Aunt Joan left you her home when she passed away eight years ago. There has also been a sizable trust fund to go with it. You smiled at the thought of traveling the world with Aunt Joan when school was out for the summers and of all the holiday get togethers and parties that were held in this house. She was always the most gracious hostess and always dressed to the nines in designer clothes and shoes. But she was always ready to color and bake cookies with her only niece.

This home was so special to you. From the big walk-in closets you played hide-and-seek in as a little girl to practically swimming in the big soaking tubs in all three of the bathrooms. The three bedrooms were always kept impeccable and ready for guests. Most of the amazing furniture she bought was still in the house. The hardwood floors brought back memories of when you first practiced skateboarding down the hall. You thought surely Aunt Joan would be mad when she caught you but instead she’d laughed and tried to give it a go herself. That was just like her though…adventurous and courageous. Thank goodness you’d gotten that from her as well.

Thankfully you had also made smart investments and weren’t rushed into choosing a career right out of college. Volunteering with several children’s charities and being on fundraiser boards for children and the arts kept you busy and fulfilled.

You clicked off the TV and headed to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat. By the time you were finished eating, the rain had stopped but it was still overcast.

Since it was nearly 10 AM, you knew Sebastian would most likely be up and back from the gym by now. You went to the bedroom to grab your iPhone to text him.

A: Hey…plans today? I don’t want to just sit at home. But this weather is fucking crazy.

After a few minutes, the phone chimed a reply.

S: Hey, Anna! I was just thinking about texting you. Nothing planned after a meeting with my agent at 2. Maybe we could have dinner tonight?

A: Yeah that sounds good. I missed you while you were away doing press! :/

S: I missed you too, mandra (tr. sweetheart). My manager told me about a great new place if you want to try it? :)

You grinned at the pet name. As long as you’d known Seb he’d called you that. The two of you had been friends forever it seemed.

A: That sounds good. What should I wear?

S: Something nice. Dress and heels? I just got a new suit jacket I’m thinking about. I’ll pick you up at 7?

A: Works for me! See you then!

Heading to the huge master bedroom, you put in calls to the amazing hair and nail girls you saw regularly. Appointments were scheduled in an hour for beautification. You grabbed a white tshirt and some black skinny jeans from the dresser. Digging in the closet you found your favorite grey cashmere cardigan and slipped it on. New hot pink converse on your feet.

You grabbed your Louis Vuitton tote and left the house. You locked the house up behind you and headed for your black BMW. Grinning on the way to the salon, you couldn’t wait for tonight.


When you got home hours later with new hair and blush painted nails and toes, you headed to the bathroom. It was nearly 5 so you had a little time to indulge in a soak. Super hot water and your favorite bath soap sounded divine after the yuck of the New York streets today. You pinned your hair up carefully. Katie had said it would be fine if you did. It wouldn’t mess up the blowout she gave your newly highlighted chocolate brown hair. Slipping into the water you gave a long sigh and closed your eyes for a bit.

Nearly two hours later you were dressed and almost ready to go. Just need the black Manolos from the closet and finishing touches on your nude lipstick. The dark purple dress fit your body perfectly. Showing off your perfect breasts and it was snug around your butt. You had it in the back of your closet for awhile and this seemed like a good time. Maybe an evening with your best friend would boost your mood.

Grabbing your favorite diamond studs out of the top of your jewelry box and your heels in your hand, you headed downstairs to the living room. Standing at the foot of the stairs you slipped on the shoes and you added the earrings as you made your way to the foyer to grab your clutch. You checked yourself in the mirror over the foyer table one last time.

You saw Sebastian approach the door before he rang the doorbell. A shadowy figure through the privacy glass in the door. Your face broke into a grin as you unlocked the door and opened it.

When your eyes landed on him, there was heat pooling in your belly. That was new. Seb was a handsome man, and you’d always known it of course. But the longer hair and the scruff from his last film stayed with him this time. You loved this look on him.

As he turned from scanning the street, he smiled but it faltered as he looked you up and down. His blue eyes shining as he looked directly into your brown ones. “You look amazing, mandra (tr. sweetheart). You always do but especially tonight.”

You lowered your eyes at the compliment. “Thank you, Sebastian. You look very handsome as well. Love the hair.” You smiled at him.

Sebastian had his hair pulled back with a band. The white open necked button down shirt emphasized his physique, and the black suit jacket fit him perfectly. The black dress pants hugged his thighs snugly. Thank goodness for trainers on the movie sets! He looked fucking huge.

“Are you ready to go?” He gestured to the car and driver sitting in the street. Holding his elbow out for you like the gentleman he was, you gladly held onto his arm. As Sebastian maneuvered you down the wet stairs carefully. When you got to the car, the driver opened the back door.

“How are you this evening, Miss Anna?”

“I’m fine, Matt, and yourself?”

“Doing wonderful. Thank you for asking, ma'am.”

You smiled at him and slid into the car all the way over on the leather seat. Seb ducked in and sat next to you. Matt walked around the front and got in.

As the car pulled out into traffic Sebastian reached over and took your hand. “I feel like it’s going to be a good night, Anna.”

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“Look, these fuckers fucked up my car and you guys fucked it up even more! I want a damn refund, kid!” the man yelled, pointing at his car. “Look, I don’t know who you were talking to but neither Pete or I talked to you the other day.” Typical, Lee sighed, with the travesty of Cloverbrook’s fourth of July event, it was no wonder that someone pretended to work at the repair shop. Due to the loud booming of the fireworks, Peter decided to take Lee somewhere over the weekend where the fireworks weren’t so intense. When the two of them came back, the shop was broken into, and thankfully, not too much was taken. Both Peter and Lee were stressed about some random teenagers stealing some money and items from the shop, and having to deal with this guy was not making it any easier.