it called love


you made it babe, don’t worry ugly colouring bye


- you just turn it on like a switch. turn it off.

Hey fam!

I think I finally figured out a name to do a trial run with, which is insane, because I’m the absolute worst at making decisions.

Anyway, I think I’m going to try out the name Rainn for awhile. I’ve always thought it was an interesting name, and I really like rain and the letter R.

I’ve never been that happy with Allison/Al, but at the same time, it feels like nothing fits at all. Like, everything I try to call myself sounds weird…

But you gotta be named something, right?

So, hopefully Rainn will seem right!

so today at work I got the pleasure of serving this guy from Alabama with the thickest Alabaman accent I have ever heard

he was aggressively polite and answered “yes ma’am” and “thank you ma’am” like it was a fucking drill call. such a well-meaning yet terrifying place Alabama must be.   

pyroinquisitor  asked:


Yes! I completely agree! Especially since Canada seems to hoard so many amazing people (you guys know who you are).

Canadian AU would probably involve shinobi having to fight in heavy snow, while wearing layers of winter gear (and closed toed shoes, maybe). I imagine young Team 7 wearing those bulky snowsuits they put on children, where your arms stick out at your sides.

I love that in Canadian AU Naruto, Kakashi has a beard instead of a mask. I need more sexy bearded Kakashi. Hell, the world in general needs more of him. In flannel.

yikes there’s a bunch of drama abt bts ‘’’’queerbaiting’’’’ on here and i’d just like to say,,, they never said they had an lgbt concept. their concept more focused on brotherhood than anything tbh and it was some lgbt armys that assumed that they were being gay (which! no faults to you i guess; you wanted representation and that’s fair). however, you can’t get upset when their concept turns out to not be lgbt-focused because they never. said it was. you can’t call them out on queerbaiting because they never implied that there were lgbt relationships in their concept. anyway that’s just my opinion but yeah y’all need to chill

1D Hiatus: Day 612

* Louis is in NYC to do some ‘Back To You’ promo at MTV and iHeart Radio studios 

* Louis flips a fan off when they tell him he’s tiny but no one’s even mad because we know he loves us (”exactly”, says Louis via Twitter)

* Louis meets fans and a particularly disrespectful stalker while out in NYC

It’s Aug 17th, 2017.

On this day a year ago: #248

Can all my fellow pagans actually fuck off with this ‘I OWN THIS GODDESS FROM A CULTURE I DON’T BELONG TO’ shit. Artemis is part of a pantheon from a long gone civilisation that you choose to worship based on the limited amount of sources you have on her. You basically headcanon her as lesbian. Which is fine. That’s the way you wanna worship. However, not even all Pagan’s headcanon her as lesbian (since you know, the Orion thing) so can you stop pretending you’re the ultimate authority on Artemis to non-pagans like other pagans can’t see you doing that shit. Ya’ll ain’t cute just because you think non-pagans won’t be able to call you on this bullshit.
—  @toxicrants

if you’re reading this (its too late)  no i’m just kidding. if you’re reading this — know that i love you.  you are beautiful and unique and wonderful.  everything you are, if one would list it, outnumbers the stars by an inconceivable amount.


✖┋❛ &. happy 1 month, villas ! › emoji edition.

part two ft. margaery, vera, romina, nina, kaia, teagan, & zara !