it buttons on the right side

I was appalled when you asked me how I know things about you when we’ve been together for more than a year; then it dawned on me that it’s probably the effect of your illness

So even though you’re physically, mentally and emotionally ill at the moment

Even though you questioned how I know how you sleep on your right side curled up

Even though you wondered how I know you’re 6ft tall with blue eyes and an extremely nice smile

Even though you were bemused because I’ve memorized your features

Even though you asked how I know you have a pink, blue and white shirt

Even though you laughed because I know that you wear blue jeans with five buttons

Even though you were puzzled how I know that you like toast and Greek yogurt

And even though you forgot a lot of things already, you still haven’t forgotten one thing

You still haven’t forgotten that you like me

And for me that’s enough

Dear Evan Hansen Aesthetics

I love how throughout Dear Evan Hansen, Evan becomes less of “Act 1 Evan” and more like Connor. The way he holds himself, the way he dresses. He still wears the blue button up or collared shirt, but during most of Act 2, he covers it up by wearing a gray jacket - just like Connor wore. Actually, right after “Good For You” when Connor and Evan are standing side by side, they are wearing identical outfits. I love when shows subtly use costume design to add so much more to the story. Evan was trying so hard to no longer be “Evan.” He now had that family he’d always wished for - Connor’s family. But in reality, he still is Evan. He’s still that awkward kid that plays with the hem of his shirt. That little blue collar peeking through the gray still shows that he’s still right there - just masked. The gray jacket just goes to show how much he was becoming (or already like) Connor. The good relationships that turned sour. The feeling of giving up on everything he worked hard on. The feeling of having it all, yet nothing at the same time. Evan and Connor are the representations of the same kind of person. They were the same person. They just chose different paths to follow. Well, maybe not. They both chose the same path at some point in their lives, but Evan’s path took a detour.

It’s notable to point out that Evan looses the jacket right after “So Big/So Small” - which if you haven’t heard yet, gives Heidi Hansen to chance to tell Evan how much he honestly and truly means to her - something that (as far as the audience knows) Cynthia Murphy never did with Connor. This sign of “losing the mask” or becoming someone new is such a poetic change. Something that only Costume Design could pull off successfully. You can actually tell during the Finale that during the year that we don’t see, he’s become more confident, more like the true Evan Hansen. I think it’s at that moment when we really see who he truly is.

Emily Rebholz may or may not get nominated for Costume Design for the 2017 Tony’s. (I personally think she should!) Regardless, that simple act of putting Evan in a basic gray hoodie speaks for so much of his character.

“That’s the challenge of contemporary clothing: We need to be able to translate a large amount of truth through how these characters appear.” - Emily Rebholz

Sims that react to clothing as if it is nude - Solve

Are your sims reacting to your sim or other sims as if they were nude, but they aren’t?

This is what you can do to fix this problem:

1. Open the custom content item in Sims 4 Studio.
2. Click the Warehouse Tab.
3. On the left side click CAS Part (You will have to do this for as many Cas Parts as there are).
4. On the right side scroll down until you see Tags & across click the button that sais Edit Items…
5. A window will open and on the left-hand side select “NudePart: NudePart_Always” and then select Remove.
6. Now before you exit this window click SAVE if you don’t then you did all this for nothing.
7. Now save your package and put this package back into your mods folder.
8. At last your sim is not penalised for being naked when they aren’t :)

The reason this happens is creators use the nude top or bottom as a base and don’t delete that little bit I mentioned above. ( I did this too before I learned of this trick). So now all you creators can do this little step so your clothing doesn’t act as a nude item in game. :)

@dreamteamsims there you go :)

anonymous asked:

48% (I'm on mobile so it doesn't show the decimal) Magnus taking Alec clothes shopping for a formal event?

between the warm wood, the soft glow of spotlights, the bustle and murmur of the store outside these walls dampened by a heavy curtain across the doorway, alec couldn’t put a finger on how he felt. all he knew was that as he stood there slowly buttoning one of the shirts magnus picked out for him, he couldn’t stop staring at him in the mirror.

magnus was leaning up against the wall, his hands in the pockets of his pants and he had a pensive look on his face. his lips were pursed, his dark brown eyes catching some of the light, lit up at the sides showing just how rich that brown was. he was so stately always, he fit right into a place like this, with his fitted waistcoats and his beautiful button up shirts. he looked like a gentleman, like a tailors dream and he knew so much about all of this.

alec could remember the last time he had gotten fitted for a suit and the memory turned his stomach. the dread that had twisted his insides as he stood like this, but instead was staring at the impassive calm of his mother in the mirror, knowing that when this suit was done he was going to wear it to an event that might as well have been his funeral.

which was why when magnus brought it up, he hadn’t been too keen. 

but this day had been nothing like that. this day had been warm and full of laughter. this day had been magnus pulling him in to show him fabric and pressing cufflinks into his palm. this day had been magnus circling him as they took his measurements and winking, laughing so big and bright every time alec beat him to an innuendo. this day had been nothing like any of the other suit fittings he had ever been through in his life.

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I Meant It

A Shawn Mendes imagine


Y/N, come on, open the door. Please just let me explain. I know you saw the video and I know how freaked out you probably are.“

Shawn was pleading on the other side of the door, knocking every once in a while. I sunk down to the floor against the door, pressing the restart button on the YouTube clip, running my hands through my hair.

"Alright, Shawn. Hard hitting question we’ve got lined up for you.” The interviewer spoke, crossing his legs and looking up from his card at Shawn. Shawn made a goofily nervous face to hide his real nerves, cheeks blossoming in red as he ran a hand through his hair. “You and Y/N Y/L/N grew up together, is that right?” The interviewer started. Shawn swallowed and nodded.

“Yeah, she was my neighbour. We’ve known each other since we were four. Is that your hard hitting question?” He joked, laughing nervously. The interviewer laughed and shook his head.

“It gets worse. You and Y/N are very active on social media, and are always seen together on each other’s accounts and out in Toronto. We’re wondering if there’s anything about your relationship that you haven’t told the public? Or if anything’s happened in the past with you guys? I’ve noticed both of you are supposedly single, and there’s a lot of hand holding in these pictures.” He continued. Shawn looked visibly uncomfortable as he thought out his response.

“Y/N has always been someone I’ve admired and felt completely comfortable around no matter what. We’ve helped each other through so much and grown up together, right? That kind of history makes you close to someone. I’m very fortunate to have her in my life.” He replied. The interviewer raised an eyebrow.

“And are you just friends, or is there something more?” He asked, although Shawn was evidently avoiding the question.

“We’re not dating, if that’s what you’re asking. We’ve never dated in the past, either. I mean, my relationship with her has always been complicated in some way because people don’t think guys and girls can be friends. We’ve both had significant others that have broken up with us because they thought we were together. It must be the way I look at her or something, but yeah, I understand the confusion.” He replied. The interviewer jumped at him.

“The way you look at her? Care to elaborate on that?” He asked. It was obvious that Shawn hadn’t realized that he said that, and the blush he had grew to the tips of his ears.

“Well, y'know, I do love her. And not just as my best friend. I think that kind of honesty can always be seen in the way someone looks at someone else.” He shrugged.

I turned off the video and stood up, pacing up and down my front hall for a moment before stopping at the door and opening it quickly. Shawn stood at the other side, his sullen expression turning into immediate worry as he opened his mouth to explain, but I cut him off. “We need to talk about this for a sec. Jesus. Come in.” I said, shaking my head in disbelief and leading him to my room.

Shawn took a seat on the edge of my bed and watched as I paced in front of him, muttering under my breath. “Shawn, people are freaking out! I’m freaking out!” I cried, stopping in front of him. Shawn ran his hand through his hair and shook his head. “I had to turn my phone off because it was glitching from all the notifications. Everyone is flipping shit. Have you talked with your publicist yet? That fucking interviewer just kept pushing and pushing until you said what he wanted to hear. How the hell do you explain that to everyone on planet earth and have them understand?” I continued. Shawn grabbed my wrist to stop my pacing, and I turned to him.

“Wait- that’s what you think happened? You think I just said that to get him off my back?” He clarified. I stared at him, my mind going a million miles per hour.

“Is that not what happened?” I asked. Shawn let out a small laugh, running his hand over his face.

“Why do you have such a hard time accepting that people actually genuinely like you?” He laughed, “I confess my feelings for you accidentally on live television, and you automatically think it was fake.” I blinked, stared at the top corner of my room, then looked back at him.

“It wasn’t fake?” I said dumbly. Shawn let out a breathy laugh and leaned his forehead against my stomach before straightening out again.

“No, Y/N, Jesus. I meant it. I love you as more than a best friend, Y/N. I look at you differently because I love you. I actually honest to god really love you. I just didn’t mean to say that for the first time aloud in an interview, I didn’t mean for you to find out that way. I wanted to say it in person. I love you.” Shawn said earnestly. I took a deep, shaky breath, not looking at him.

“Oh.” I breathed. Shawn laughed again. “You love me. What the fuck, Shawn? You love me?” I said in disbelief. “Me?”

“Yes, Y/N, I thought we established this. I love you.” Shawn laughed, his callused thumb rubbing my hand as he held it.

“What the fuck.” I breathed, still in shock. “I’ve literally had a crush on you since second grade. But all this time you’ve been this weird, unattainable fantasy for me. You’re way out of my league. How could you possibly love me when you could have anyone on the planet?” I asked. Shawn’s eyes were bright as he smiled up at me.

“You’re out of my league, Y/N. Are you serious? You’re my best friend. You’re this witty, hilarious, passionate, beautiful girl. It would be impossible not to love you. No other girl can make me laugh like you do, or support me like you do, or know me like you do. And I don’t even want to bother trying with them, because I want you. Every single day of my life, Y/N.” he said, standing to his full height and looming over me, his hand finding the side of my face. I was awestruck. He really loved me.

“But, Shawn, we’re best friends. If we start dating, we either get married or break up. Those are the only two options. And if we break up, then what? Our families are friends, we live next door to each other. That could ruin it all.” I worried. Shawn tilted my head so I could look at him, and licked his lips. I was distracted by them for a moment.

“Y/N, I’m not going to propose to you right now. Not yet. And I know the thought of it all scares the shit out of you, because it scares the shit out of me too, but I love you. Through and through. And I don’t think I can ever stop that. You might stop feeling the same, but I don’t think I could ever stop loving you, Y/N. Even if we break up, I’ll still love you, and I wouldn’t let any of that get in the way of our families or anything like that, because I’d still be dying to see you everyday. I love you. Do you understand?” Shawn was near tears by now, and so was I. I searched his eyes and found the special way he looked at me. I found the honesty.

“I love you too, Shawn. Ok.” I said finally. Shawn barely gave himself time to smile before swooping down and pressing his lips to mine. Every inch of me tingled and my mind went hazy as we kissed, my hands on his neck and his wrapped tightly around my waist. I fit perfectly into his mold, flush against him. I didn’t ever want to not be kissing him. When we pulled away, we were breathless and giddy.

“I love you.” He breathed.


Mentor/Mentee Prompts

1) It furthered the mission-”
“-The mission? You think I care about the mission right now? You could have been killed.” 

2) “You really have come a long way, haven’t you?”
They glanced to the side, finding their mentor watching them with a soft smile. With unmistakable pride. Their stomach flipped.

3) “I don’t think I’ve ever been so disappointed in my life.”
“I never asked for your expectations!”

4) It was strange to see their mentor, normally buttoned up to the nine, in a state of unbuttoned relaxation. A hoodie, faded sweats. Soft-looking. It felt like a sight they were never supposed to see and it was instantly addicting. Mesmerizing.

5) “What are you doing? You shouldn’t be here.”
“Did you really think, after everything, that I would ever leave you behind?”

6) “No, I think I still need a bit more practice-”
“-I know you’re flubbing the move on purpose. Why?” 
The protest died on her tongue under the look on her mentor’s face. She swallowed, looked away. Said nothing. 
Their mentor sighed. “Come on, let’s go for a drink.”
And there was the problem. If she had learned everything that there was to know, and all that she could, what reason did they still have to see each other? She couldn’t bear the thought of never seeing them again.

7) “My office. Now.”
“Oooh, now you’re in trouble,” someone muttered.
“Oh shut up.” My stomach dropped as I followed.

8) “I’ve always admired you, you know.” 
You admired me?” 

9) “How could you leave me when I needed you most?” 
“You’re not the only person in the world who needs me.” And, sometimes, a mentor needed someone too.

10) “Oh my god, just talk to them!” my friend finally snapped. I’d been hovering, searching for the right way to approach, for fifteen minutes. Terrified of interrupting an Important Conversation. My friend gave me a colossal and unfortunately literal shove in the right direction.
“Hi!” I squeaked. “I just wanted to thank you for all your help.”

something else that has been on my mind lately is modern au zevran hanging out in starbucks for long enough that the staff would ordinarily start getting pissed, except that he is so pleasant and keeps giving tips, smiling and chatting at the baristas in between using their free wifi to research his next target

he crinkles his eyes when he sees a phone number written on the side of his newest cup, and teases and flirts until the barista retreats back behind the counter with their hands over their face. sips at his triple vanilla pump soy macchiato with a dash of hot cocoa and narrows down his target’s location for the evening with a few presses of a button, his mouth twisting in what could almost be a smile as he wonders what that cute barista would think of him in the morning. probably the same thing he thinks of himself right now, he decides, and pushes himself up with a small sigh before bidding each of the baristas a dramatic farewell by name, ending with a wink and a smile for still blushing barista


alright, here are the prologue spoiler images that i have! (some i got from my own vita, i own the game.) at the end, i’ll go through each design and break it down so you know what to go for?

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  • me: are they ever going to make a bee movie 2? i ran out of material 1 month after starting this blog and have just been pulling shit out of my ass, biding time until jerry seinfeld gets his fucking affairs in order, calls up stevie spielgerb, and says "ready player one? more like ready player none, it's time to make our dream happen" spielberg: "you mean--" seinfeld: "you know it" they both go to their bookshelves and each pulls out the other's biography; their bookshelves spin and they wind up in the same room. they acknowledge each other's presence with slight head nods and walk towards a huge desk with flashing lights and glowing buttons and they each go to one side (seinfeld on the right [facing him] and spielberg on the left) and they each open a plastic case above a lock, and they each insert a key, and they each nod at each other again, and seinfeld turns his key, but spielberg is hesitant--he's sweating like a fucking pig--but seinfeld yells "COME ON, YOU FUCKING COWARD" and spielberg does it, lets out a huge, wet sob, clutches the sides of his head, and jerry seinfeld laughs in truimph as steven spielberg kneels to the floor and screams out in physical pain, tears running off chin and wetting his jacket, and a screen arises from the desk and shows screen capture of a computer buried some 2.5 miles underneath mount shasta sending an email to a reporter at USA Today or something about how there's gonna be a bee movie 2, along with some character descriptions, perhaps a poster, and a bit of trivia that they'd appreciate if it could be in it. why jerry doesn't announce it on a late night show is beyond me, but he doesn't for whatever reason. but that would obviously be the better way to go, right? am i right? anyway. once that happens I'll be able to post some screencaps from that and my url will make sense again
Miss You

Deadpool x Reader based on this prompt. 

Requests open! 


Originally posted by ivanv

The other Avengers had been thrilled when Y/N informed them all that she had met a man. But they seriously questioned her mental stability when she had announced her boyfriend was the Merc with a Mouth. 

They couldn’t fathom how someone as intelligent, level headed, and polite as Y/N could date someone so… Well, frankly, insane. Deadpool wasn’t exactly known for being polite, calm, or kind. But Y/N had insisted that she saw another side to the man. 

To the world, he was Deadpool: the flirty, loudmouth mercenary who had a habit of finding trouble and pushing buttons. 

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Awkwardness // Kim Yugyeom

Originally posted by hoseokz

Pairing: Yugyeom x Reader

Genre: Fluff // Some mentions of slight smut

Summary//Request: Yugyeom scenario pleaze. Where the girl is hnry but he isn’t lol. Can you make it awkwardly fluffy? :P

Your eyes flickered to Yugyeom’s mid section as he walked out of the shower with nothing put a towel draped around his hips. As you bit your lip, you examined his nicely defined muscles, his prominent V line that travelled below on either side of his belly button, before he grabbed a pair of basket ball shorts and boxers and went back into the bathroom to change. You sighed in frustration as you felt yourself becoming more aroused by the second.

“What gives him the right to be so god damn sexy?!” you screamed internally as you threw your head back on the sofa, hating that he had such a strong effect on you without even trying at all. You closed your eyes, imagining him on top of you, pressing his weight firmly down upon your small frame as he kissed your neck, ghosting over the sensitive skin and making you shudder in anticipation. You pinched your thighs together, feeling yourself getting more turned by all of your dirty imagines.

You quickly snapped out of your daydream as Yugyeom walked back into the room, his hair still slightly damp from his shower. He flopped down on the sofa beside you, letting you take in his smell of shower gel and aftershave which only made your situation worse as he smelled positively divine. He reached over you to grab the TV remote, pressing his weight slightly on you making you think back to your thoughts of him before.

“Okay, I’m ready! What did you wanna watch baby?” he asked you, his voice full of innocence as flicked on the TV and began switching between channels. You didn’t say anything, for all you could do was think about how much you wanted him right then and here. You decided to be a little brave, scooting yourself closer to him and wrapping yourself around him, to which he passed no remarks as he moved his arms around you to hold you in closer before giving you a small kiss on your head. “You decided yet?” he cooed down at you.

“Hmm..” you hummed in response. You weren’t one bit interested in watching TV with your boyfriend. All you could think about was him ripping your clothes off and making love to you on the sofa, right then and there. You began drawing small circles on his chest with your index finger, wondering if he was feeling the same way right now.

“(Y/N)? You okay?” he asked, noticing your lack of response.  After all, it was your idea in the first place to come over and watch TV with him, so he had assumed you had something in mind. You swallowed hard, before suddenly getting up on your knees and straddling his waist, making Yugyeom widen his eyes at your unexpected movements. He sat the remote to one side, before putting his arms around you lovingly.

“Someone’s needy today” he cooed into your face, feeling a little nervous as you began to kiss his neck gently. He stiffened his body under your touch, wondering what was going through your mind to make you like this.

“Baby talk to me…what’s gotten into you” he giggled into your face, making you pout and sigh at his aloofness. You were beginning to think that you were going to have to spell it out for him in black and white for him to finally get the message.

“Yugyeom…I’m….horny…”you said shyly into his neck, making Yugyeom smile coyly as he lifted your head with his fingers, looking you in your eyes, giving you a gentle smile before kissing your cheek lightly.

“Baby, I just had a shower and I wanna relax with you. Later okay? I promise~” he cooed into your ear, making you pout even more in frustration. Yugyeom chuckled as he turned you around on his lap and placed your back against his chest, cuddling you from behind and giving you small kisses on the nape of your neck. You felt embarrassed and stupid, but Yugyeom just held you tight as he put on a random TV show for you both to watch.

“Don’t pout (Y/N), please? We can have some fun after a few episodes, you have my word. I just want to have some snuggle time with my baby first, mmkay?” he said cutely into your ear, knowing that you couldn’t resist it when he talked like that.

“Hmph, fine” you teased back, causing him to giggle, baring his teeth as he laughed. You sighed as you rested your head back fully into the crook of his neck, placed your hands on top of his around your stomach, as you began to try and absorb yourself into the TV show while impatiently waiting for what was to come later.

Never Be Alone - Theo Raeken Imagine

I had this imagine idea in my mind with Theo x Reader so I decided to write it down and share it with you guys. I hope you guys like it! Enjoy!


Pairing: Theo x Reader
Note: Cuteeee
Word count: 907

You slipped on a green top with a deep neck, it covered on shoulder while the other was exposed, showing of the strap of your bra. You went over to your desk, took a rubber band and put you hair up in a messy bun, letting a few strings of hair fall free down from each side of your face.
You grabbed your laptop and made yourself comfortable on the bed, lying down on your stomach as you typed in ´movies 2016´ and then pressed the search button. As you were scrolling down and searching for a good movie to watch, you heard your phone ring. You grabber your phone that was right next to the laptop and looked at the screen. It was a text message.

[10:07pm Theo;] Are you at home?

You rolled your eyes at the message, not in the mood to deal with Theo’s bullshit right now.

[10:09pm Y/N;] No.

You tapped the send button, locked your phone and put it back next to the laptop where it was earlier. You continued with your movie search when suddenly the doorbell rang. You let out loud sigh when you roll out of bed, grab you phone and walk down the stairs to open the door. Before opening the door, you look through the window to get a glance of who it is. The male figure outside your door notices you and a huge smile appears on his face as he waves to you. It´s Theo. Again. He points at the door, telling you to open it but you shook your head and flashed him a play full smile. He reaches down for his phone and types something as you observe confused. Then your phone makes a buzzing sound.

[10:20pm Theo;] Please.

[10:20pm Theo;] :(

You look up from your screen and glance over at Theo, who´s standing there and flashing you his adorable puppy face. You open the door and let him in.

“You look very tempting.” A devilish smile appears on his face while his eyes looks up and down, studying every inch of your body.

“I told you I wasn’t at home.” You said as you turn around and walk upstairs with Theo following right behind you.

“Yeah well, I could hear your heartbeat from outside.” You turn your head to look at him, only to see a smirk playing on his lips.

You mumble ‘whatever’ under your breath as you enter your room. Theo walks over to your bed and sits down, his eyes glances over the laptop then back at you.

“Movies 2016, huh?” He chuckles and you roll your eyes.

“What are you doing here Theo?” You ask as you sit down next to him.

“I wanted to talk to you… About us.” You raised an eyebrow, confused about what he´s talking about.

“Us?” He looks down at his hands then back up at you.

“I feel like you still hate me. Like everybody has, kind of, forgiven me except for you. I´m not saying you´re rude towards me or anything, because you´re not, it just feels like you´d rather not be around me or talk to me.” You felt the guilt build up inside of you.

“I understand why it´s so hard for you. I mean I hurt you the most.” He continues as the memories of the two of you starts running in your mind.

It´s been almost a year since all the of the Theo Raeken drama, the dread doctors, the beast and so on. And since Theo has helped us with the supernatural stuff, repeatedly, the pack have started to, well not to hate him anymore. As humble as Scott is, thinks he deserves a second chance but I somehow can´t let him in, not again. Last time I did he hurt me really bad and now I´m afraid he´ll do it again. But the thing is I never hated him, I tried to but I couldn’t and the sexual tension between us didn´t really make it easier. The truth is I´d always care for him.

“You wanna know why I came back?” He asked while looking down and I nodded as response.

“I came back for you, I want to be there for you, I want to protect you. I want to be there for you like when you were there for me. You´re the only one I ever had. Scott, he has friends, family that do anything to protect each other, he has you, the pack. I- I don´t have anyone like that, not anymore, Scott does.” You´ve never seen this part of Theo before. You took his face in your hands and made him look at you.

“You have me.” You said as your right thumb caressed his cheek.

You looked deep into each other’s eyes as you both slowly moved closer, your face leaned closer to his, his nose slightly touching yours. Your lips finally met, his lips brushed against yours while your hands rested on his neck. The kiss was sweet and passionate, just like you´d imagined.
His lips left yours but slowly trailed down your neck, then to your exposed shoulder as he left wet kisses all over.

“Sorry… I´ve been dying to do that for so long and you just look so damn beautiful.” He said flashing his adorable smile as his forehead rested against yours.

“It´s okay.” You barely whispered before pulling him in for another kiss.

It’s About Chances - It’s About Balance Part 002

It’s About Balance Part 001

It’s About Firsts - Part 003

I am so grateful to each and every one of you who read/liked/reblogged/said a kind word or two and showed interest in a companion piece. Who knew I could spin 1.30am delirium into something like this? This is for all of you, I hope it doesn’t disappoint. x. 

Vague mentions of daddy!kink, but nothing very involved (it’s mentioned a handful of times).

Thanks @inkedferns for holding my hand and assuring me this whole concept wasn’t rubbish. 

You have tried, and are still trying, very hard to forget that night with him. That’s easier said than done when you’re still dotted with splotches of purple and dark pink in the shape of his suckling mouth. They’re on the left side of your neck, your right collarbone, above your belly button, and at twin points on your hips.

There’s one above your left buttock that he’d left on his way up to the one he’d sucked onto the shoulder blade of the same side. That particular one makes you want to squeeze your thighs together to alleviate the throb the memory inspires between them.

Try as you might, you still remember exactly how you got those marks. You can feel the heat of his tongue and breath raking over your skin. You remember sinking into the bed sheets – the threads of which clung to the scent of you, and him, and the sex between you – and wanting to shrivel up to escape the onslaught of the sensations he was determined for you to experience. You can still remember his teeth, and how his hands had kneaded and glided appreciatively up your limbs, savoring the permission he had to explore parts of you that had been left to his imagination for far too long.

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anonymous asked:

My dad belittles me, yells at me well knowing it triggers my anxiety, admitted to "knowing how to push my buttons", argues with me constantly, if I'm not on his side he acts like I'm the bad guy, guilt trips me, will be passive aggressive, and literally has said "I have earned/don't have rights because I'm only a kid." No one in my family will say it's abusive or say he's in the wrong. "He has communication issues." Is this abusive?

this is verbal abuse, emotional abuse, guilt tripping and manipulation


Voting on Show Champ App (if you don’t speak korean)

•First download the app. From playstore or the internet.

•Then open it and scroll down until you see the second image, with show champion in an orangy brown background

•Then select it and it will ask you to log in either with an account, Google account, Facebook or kakao talk account. Select which one you want and log in.

•Then scroll down the page and find Got7 NeverEver. Click the button on the right side 3 times. Then the last photo should appear on screen.

You can repeat this three times a day! Support Got7!

Aoba giving Mink a smooch
Aoba giving Mink a smooch

So, I mentioned this earlier but just like, this part is just so gosh darn cute. Its so freaking cute, you guys and I just had to make a little snippet of it. 

(translations come from @shibaface and @memera - you can read their entire translations here and here. Also, tumblr has been fucking up audio posts lately so if it doesn’t play when you hit the play button, just click on the upper right corner of this post which will take you to my tumblr and listen to it there.)

M: Go to sleep. Give that to me.

A: Ah, yeah. (he hands over the tea then settles back into bed) Mink? You’ll stay with me, won’t you?

M: Yeah. Move over a little.

A: Huh? Mmhm… (he moves over and Mink lies down beside him)  You’ll sleep by my side?

M: Yeah. (Mink sighs then embraces Aoba) So that you won’t get anymore nightmares. Let’s stay this way.

A: Ah…mhm. Mink–

M: Hmm? (Aoba gives him a smooch, Mink makes a pleased sigh)

A: Goodnight

M: Goodnight

its just so freaking cute. they’re so fucking domestic and i love it so much

You leave work, your hand flying to cover your mouth as a yawn bubbles out. Your eyes are already burning, the effects of the coffee in your hand only numbing whatever headache has already formed. You tilt your head back a bit as you exit the tall building, you can just barley make out the bright orange hues of a new day over the surrounding skyscrapers.

“Bruce would be happy to see this, his dream is finally coming true” You mumble to yourself, pulling an all nighter at the office has created a sort of haze in your mind. It’s as if nothing is really happening right now, there is no social norm, someone could drop dead right in front of you and you would probably just step over them.

But even in the haze you can’t help but think of Bruce. Just the thought of him brings a smile to your face. You sigh, pressing the button on the cross walk so you can get to the parking garage on the other side. 

He’s the kindest man you’ve ever met, and definitely the most charming. He’s even a gentleman, you can’t begin to count all the dates you’ve gone on with him, and yet he hasn’t tried anything. From what you heard about his reputation, he’s quite the lady killer. 

You guess it really is true what they say, everyone is different when they’re alone.

You see the sign across the crosswalk flash, and your legs feel oddly numb as you begin to walk. You’re in the middle, when you hear the car honk, it’s a flicker really, the image of a new silver convertible, you can make out a man behind the wheel. And then someone’s carrying you, wind whipping your own hair into your eyes. The next your on the highest floor of the parking garage.

In front of you, is none other then the batman.

And he looks pissed.

Words start spewing out of his mouth, in a dark sultry voice. Something about how there are people who care about you, and you need to value your life more.

You just look down to your hand, you take a few steps away from him, leaning over the edge to glance at the crosswalk below. You can make out a small white dot from your present place, your coffee cup, brown liquid spilled all over the street. Tire tracks dyed in the sweet dark liquid. 

“Did that car almost hit me?” You ask, he suddenly straightens, nodding as he looks at you with wide eyes through the cowl. You don’t even realize when the tears start falling from your eyes, or why. You feel numb, as you brush them away with your blazer jacket. 

And despite his character, Bruce can’t help but pull you into a hug. He knows the wear of your face all too well, and he understands how you must feel right now. It’s a delicate touch at first, a fleeting brush against your shoulder. But he opens his arms willingly when you crumple into his chest. 

He holds you as you sob.

“Than you for saving me.”