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Again on this Exposure BS

Time and time again, people who repost try to reason with artists that they’re “helping” by “sharing” since it gives the artist exposure. Time and time again, artists have to explain that that excuse is complete BS. This excuse along with “I didn’t know who the artist was to ask for permission,” are probably the most irritating excuses that I get.

Since so many people still don’t get it, let me come in with a visual. Here are the current viewer stats on a comic I did a couple of months ago:

And here are the viewer stats of the dub by Sakura, to whom I give permission to:

As you can see, she has 700k+ views on her dub of my comic (which I’m quite honestly surprised by lol). I’ll start off by saying that I make Sakura wait at least a week before she can dub any of my content. By the time she uploaded her version, my video already had over 100k views. Since then, my video has racked up about 30k+ more views while hers goes on to get 700k+. That 30k+ is actually a lot more than usual. My views typically stagnate once Sakura puts out her version.

The majority of my traffic comes from suggested videos and since Sakura has a waiting period to dub, most people will find my new content and subscribe to me before I send her the files and she dubs it. Sometimes people will see my content first but aren’t even interested in subscribing to me.

Lol you guys don’t understand the level of salt I felt when I saw this comment on one of Sakura’s videos after I posted Booby Trap. Like I mentioned in a previous post about exposure, most people would rather follow aggregate accounts rather than follow individual artists. Exposure? Null and void. That person couldn’t even bother remembering my name despite liking my comic that had not even been out for a full day.

Another thing, sometimes, even with credits and whatnot, people seem to overestimate the intelligence of their audience. You won’t believe how many people will comment and praise the reposter for “their art”. It’s really amusing actually because I’ve heard Sakura repeat herself so many times saying “This isn’t my art!” and there’s even a disclaimer on the videos itself. Yet, I still see comments saying “I love your art!” Also funny that the opposite happens on my channel with people going “Who’s the artist?” “Did you draw this?” Here’s a fun case:

Someone actually left me this comment on a comic that Sakura hasn’t even dubbed yet. It had me going “what?????” I’m the only person who should have this comic. There shouldn’t be any mistake as to whose art it is.

And get this, Sakura’s channel is a popular channel.

Who the flying f*** do you think you are that you would be able to get me exposure if Sakura doesn’t even bring me much exposure? But you know what? It doesn’t matter if I get the exposure or not because if I tell you I don’t want you spreading my content around, you don’t spread it around. I’m not asking for your help nor do I need it. When an artist tells you to remove their art, you do it. Don’t f**king argue with your stupid bullsh*t.

On a side note, @princess-sakura-serenity​, I caught up on the comments on this vid and I’m dying from all the comments about the moaning.

Don’t Care What They Say: Poly!JeongCheol

Idk if this begining part would be consider angst?idk Hope you like it

“Are you kidding me Y/N!? How could you possibly pick both!?” Your best friend exclaims loudly.

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Anonymous said:Being Dally’s younger sister but dating Sodapop would include? 😂xxxxx

A/N: Yes, of course! I love Dallas and Sodapop. I’m gonna make this more comical because I find that possibly if Dallas found out that his sister was dating Sodapop he’d be mad as hell, but he’s aware of how Sodapop is, so he won’t be so pissed off. But he’d still be pretty protective. haha ! 

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Being Dallas Winston’s sister and dating Sodapop Curtis would include:

- Dallas clenching his jaw when he finds out, and practically flipping the hell out.

- “Dallas! Stop it!

- “I won’t hurt her, man. You know me.” Sodapop would say sincerely, his hands up in surrender.

- “(Y/N), stay the hell outta this! And you!” he’d point at Sodapop, pressing him to the wall by his shirt collar. “You watch yourself real well and don’t you dare hurt a single hair on her or I’ll go to jail, but not for no petty crime like assault. I’ll beat your ass to death. You hear me? You’ll be dead and I’ll be in jail for murder!” he growls menacingly in Sodapop’s face.

- Dallas always being on edge whenever he knows that you and Sodapop are together alone.

- “Hey, (Y/N)?

- “Oh my gosh, Dallas! Get out of here!

- “What’re y’all doin’?

- “Talkin! Now get out!

- You persistently slamming the door in Dally’s face.

- Sodapop helping you feel compassion for Dallas.

- “Listen, babe,” Sodapop would look into your eyes. “As much as it may bug the hell outta you, - and even myself-, at least Dal cares about ya! He don’t give a shit about anyone else apart from maybe Johnny. Don’t take that for granted. Dallas means well, okay? He just wants to keep you safe and I respect that.

- Dallas clearing his throat loudly whenever you and Soda get too close when he’s around.

- Dallas venting out to Johnny.

- “She’s my sister, Johnny. I just don’t like it, okay? Even if it is Soda. He’s a great guy but I feel like no guy deserves (Y/N). She’s all that I have left besides you.

- “I know, man, but you gotta let her do what she wants, I guess. As long as he doesn’t hurt her, then there’s no problem, right?

- “That’s the problem, man! Touching her in anyway is wrong. I don’t wanna have to hear about Sodapop talking sexually about my sister to his pals. It just ain’t right, Johnny-cake.

- “Man, I don’t know what to do about this. It’s Soda! He wouldn’t hurt (Y/N), let alone any other girl. He’s real kind to girls, okay? He’s gonna treat her real swell, Dal. Don’t worry.

- “I wish it were that easy man.” Dallas would shake his head.

- You get easily hurt whenever you hear or see Sodapop flirting with girls at his work.

- Dallas pinning Sodapop to the wall and giving him hell for hurting you.

- “What’d I do?

- “You’re lucky that you’re my buddy, Soda, but don’t play dumb with me. I’ve got the right mind to clock your skull so fast it’ll make your head explode! You flirt with any broad ever again I’ll kick your ass.

- “Dally! I didn’t mean it like that, okay?

- “Yeah, that’s what every guy says. You hurt her. You’re dead.

- Every time that you and Dallas are hanging with the gang, Dallas will lurch towards Sodapop and actually causing him to jump.

- “Relax, man, I’m just pullin’ you’re leg.” Dallas would laugh, patting Soda’s shoulder.

- “Haha, yeah…

- Dallas being your shoulder to cry on if you and Soda get into a fight.

- Dallas realising when you vent to him that Soda’s your life and joy and he makes you really happy.

- “You find, (Y/N) right now and make up.

- “What? I thought you didn’t want me being with her?

- “I don’t care about what I want, man! She needs you.

- “What? What happened?

- “I’m shit at these things. I don’t know what to do for her or what to say to her. Go make up okay? You make her real happy and I don’t know man. This shit is too complicated for me. I don’t get girls, but you do. So talk to her for the love of God!

- Dallas looking out for you, but learning to respect when to back off with Sodapop.

- “I’m glad you’re with my sister, man.”

- “I’m glad to be with her too, she sure makes me happy.

- “Just don’t spill the beans on what you two do in the bedroom. I don’t need that image of my sister.

- You and Soda always sneaking out to get alone time.

- Sodapop laughing when you tell Dallas off, because you’re a Winston you’re tough as hell, and you and Dallas are like fire and fire, you only make a bigger fire.

- Punching Dallas in the jaw for hurting Sodapop.

- “What the hell was that for?” Dallas would shoot up, getting in your face, pressing his nose against yours.

- “You gang up on him or hurt him in anyway and I’ll end you!

- “You can try.” Dallas sneers.

- “You wanna go? Let’s rumble!” you’d shout in his face before the two of you would errupt into laughter.

- Always getting into fights with Dallas over Sodapop.

- “Can you just shut up,  Dal?” you’d yell.

- “Watch your mouth when talkin’ to me!

- “I don’t care if you’re not okay with me dating Soda or not. It’s not your place to say shit.

- “You’re lucky you’re my sister because I’d say some things that would make you crawl under the floor boards and die.” he growls, clearly holding back.

- Always making up with your brother Dallas.

- “Dal?

- “What?” he’d spit viscously.

- “I’m real sorry for sayin’ all that stuff…

- “Yeah well whatever.

“Look, Dal. We’re all that we have left. Mom ain’t here and dad don’t care if we’re dead in a ditch. Other than Johnny you’ve got no one but me. So you’re stuck with me whether you like it or not. Deal with it.”

- “You’re okay kid.” Dallas would smirk, letting you know that things are alright between you two.

- Dallas giving Soda a lecture every time he’s about to take you out on a date.

- Dallas making Soda’s life and your life a living hell until you tell him to knock it off.

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Alright listen, I’ve read a lot of fan fiction alright. A LOT. Mainly memberxmember BTS fanfiction but still.
There are some things that some writers do that bug the shit outta me and sometimes make me not even want to continue reading the fic.
Now I’m gonna say that these are my opinions. You make like these things but I don’t so. Idk deal with it.

😩 Weird spacing.
😩using these ~~ as quotation marks.
😩 an excess of long, uncommonly used, dramatic ass adjectives that don’t really contribute to anything.
😩an excess of details about characters that aren’t main characters, main side characters, or someone that is actually relevant to the story.
😩a long chaptered fic that has way too many filler chapters that don’t contribute to the plot.
😩an excess of authors notes in the middle of the fic

Again these are my opinions.

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black ppl r so disgusting im so glad they die daily its just natural selection, those disgusting bugs needs to be erradicated ...

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ppl who draw/think of rey as a hairless photoshoot-ready makeup-wearing sun goddess weird the shit outta me cos like……… ya girl literally lived her whole life in a desert where all she did was scavenge around for junk and eat nothing but magical bread and probably bugs and shit

tbh rey probably has the most hairy legs in the galaxy, they’re even worse than chewie’s, and even better honestly she and everybody else in the galaxy does not give a fuck about them


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is it bad that i can't associate w cishet allies :/ like they always seem like they're trying to avoid accountability even tho they do awful things too idk like the most "progressive" allies that i was once friends with are the ones that o*ted me multiple times and it feels really shitty

i completely understand babe. it’s hard to see allies as genuine when for the most part they only act as allies when there are queer people around. and even then it just seems like a way for them to show us that they support us, but not actually for our benefit just so they can make themselves feel like they’ve done something progressive. 

it’s also difficult for me to really care about allies when they don’t understand everything that comes with being queer. no matter how much they support us they will never know what it’s like living as a queer person. and most of the time they don’t care to learn about our history. and they overstep boundaries constantly. 

of course i’m glad that we have allies, but i’m not here to make them feel good. i’m not going to go outta my way to make them feel welcome, or thank them for being an ally. if they’re truly allies they shouldn’t need every queer person telling them their welcome. it’s just like being an ally for the Black Lives Matter movement. there’s gonna be black people that don’t give a fuck if they have the support of white people, there’s gonna be black people who straight up don’t like white people. and that’s fine, because they’ve been dealt a shitty hand in this world. but i’m still going to support them all, but i’ll do it in my own lane and i’ll do it respectfully. 

we need to start holding our “allies” accountable when they’re doing or saying dumb shit, and if they get butthurt about being called out then guess what?? they’re not actually your ally. 

“Did ya get any sleep at all?”

“No… but I got to hang with Donnie for a little while.”

“What– whaddya talkin’ about?”

“He came to me while you were sleeping.  I… I don’t know if it was, like… detox hallucinations… or if it was really his spirit, but… dude, I hope it was just my head playing mean tricks or something! I don’t want him to see me this way, I don’t, I don’t want him to be gone…”

“Shhh, shhh, Mikey… probably just some crazy Trainspotting shit, bugs and babies crawling on the walls. It don’t mean a thing. Put it outta your head, okay? I gotcha…”

commission for @winnyverse (who wrote the text to go with the picture!!) thank you so much! this was challenging but still A HECKA LOT OF FUN

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//-SLIDES IN WITH CUTE GUZ HC BECAUSE I LOVE YA BOI- I always have had this headcanon that Guzma spoils the shit outta his bug Pokemon. He gives them little baby talk (and when one of the grunts or admins catch him he yELLS AT THEM TO LEACVE HIM ALONE), telling the Pokemon that they are good and that they did well even though he got his ass kicked and he hurt himself. I'm so sorry, Kaycie. My heart is crying over cute Guzma headcanons.

meme: what is the cutest headcanon you have for my muse? ››

        “LEAVE ME ALONE!”

100% accurate.

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'scary' more like Sarky u gotta be more adventurous mah boi. those mandibles are a TREAT a GIFT a LEGEND (a CUTE A F)

“~i mean, yeah, flo’s mandibles aren’t…awfUl. if i know they’re comin. it’s jUst Uh. y’know, leaning in to giVe yoUr adorable ass tiny moirail a kiss on the cheek and she suprises yoU by tryna eat yoUr face like a fUckin praying mantis. 

~i’d jUst like to be warned before she’s aboUt to grip my face with her weird moUth arms like she’s gonna rip my head off to feed to her bUg kids. kisses aren’t UsUally pointy. it’s not jUst me. it scared the shit oUtta me and tree when we foUnd oUt.” 

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JJ'S honestly starting to bug the shit outta me

Jj is now more arrogant than before. He is stuck on some high horse with his head in the clouds. In my opinion, he should’ve just stayed off youtube he wasn’t ready to come back yet.

the "i'm hella sad and i wanna tell someone everything that's bugging me but at the same time i don't want anyone to know anything about me or my feelings and i just want hugs and attention so i'll make an emo tumblr post about it while my feelings confuse the shit outta me" squad


“HUMAN BILL!!!!” *Picture of a blond, skinny Caucasian dude, aged between 18-25*

nah fuck that. “Human Bill” is just a vaguely human shaped blob of space with a single eye floating where their head should be

every time they speak, it isnt like a voice entering your ears, its inside your head, sifting through the voices of everyone you knew, know and have yet to meet. 

the entire time, their ‘skin’ is moving, shifting between dimensions, one moment taking on the texture of a pyramid, the next the darkest oceans, constantly shifting between textures, places, even the faces of people.

even the shape of their body moves, going from perfectly symmetrical, to short and curvy, to tall and broad shouldered, to bean pole thin