it bugs the shit outta me

There’s this weird patch of hard skin right by the corner of my nail on my left ring finger that’s been unconsciously bugging the fuck outta me so ive been fucking w it w my thumbnail

which naturally has led to this little mess of painful split skin that just feels worse like i gotta pick at it

why this

anonymous asked:

aj, i have no idea why you're suddenly getting hate, and it bugs the shit outta me because you don't deserve it. I really hope who ever it is stops because you are honestly amazing! <3

nah its fine, like I said I feel like I know who it is but still I wont assume. but I dont care really I did nothing wrong to anybody. I do nothing but treat people well so ((:

typicalsuperwholockfangirl asked:

I totally feel the same way about the fandom as you do. There are so many people that just shit on other people`s interests and are just generally horrible and it bugs the crap outta me. I just wanna enjoy the show and talk about it with people, but almost every time a new episode airs, I have to unfollow people cause all I see is hate and it makes me feel like I shouldn`t like the show. idk I just, ugh. I`m glad there are other people in the fandom that feel the same way as I do tbh

Same, omg! I was just not prepared for this. Like, I dunno. We preach about being a big family and then, I find shit like that. It just baffled me.