it bugs the shit outta me

like, come on, my mom was at home depot looking for a sink to use for the kitchen remodeling we had going on at the time

she reading thru the descriptions of some of the product and he come up to her asking if she need help reading that shit and grilled her right after

you got my mom telling me all this and she start crying in front of me as she’s telling me the story i swear it bug the shit outta me when people try to tell me that racism is dead.

“HUMAN BILL!!!!” *Picture of a blond, skinny Caucasian dude, aged between 18-25*

nah fuck that. “Human Bill” is just a vaguely human shaped blob of space with a single eye floating where their head should be

every time they speak, it isnt like a voice entering your ears, its inside your head, sifting through the voices of everyone you knew, know and have yet to meet. 

the entire time, their ‘skin’ is moving, shifting between dimensions, one moment taking on the texture of a pyramid, the next the darkest oceans, constantly shifting between textures, places, even the faces of people.

even the shape of their body moves, going from perfectly symmetrical, to short and curvy, to tall and broad shouldered, to bean pole thin

i wanna be vegan but life doesn’t revolve around me so i do not have the resources nor the education to be inspired and it really saddens me. i’m sorry i’m not vegan. but please. stop bullying non-vegans into veganism. plea se i feel bad that i can’t check every single label to make sure nothing is made with animals when i hardly have the energy and will to eat in the first place. i try my best to never eat meat or dairy but it’s in so much produce im sorry

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Rating: Three out of Five Stars

Recommended for: Sherlockianssssss -whispers out in Parseltongue-

Read on March 25, 2015

I might even check out the sequel… depends on my mood, though.

Because if I told you that I’m not a tad interested in seeing where things go with Moriarty, I’d be lying through my teeth.

I read Sherlock fanfiction occasionally, and I cannot honestly say that there are always good ones out there. Considering it’s a Teen!Sherlock fic that was self-published, I did have to restrain myself from rolling my eyes too much when I stumbled across it this morning on Goodreads.

Let’s get the bad out of the way at first.

1. Both Grammar and spelling errors (there were even times when I noticed that Sherlock had been addressing Irene as “He did so-and-so” Gender Nouns goof: Spock is not impressed.). Bugged the shit outta me. If I were reading it as a fanfic, I would’ve forgiven things like this, but as a published book, it is SUPPOSED to have an editor who is supposed to EDIT errors out like these. I know it was self-published, but c’mon, this is not fair.
2. I felt there should have been more (i.e. some angst, something that touches me in all the right places) to Carol - the older and dead sister. It’s probably a “It’s-not-you-it’s-me” kind of situation, since what I experienced while reading Saving June is clearly missing in here. My bad, I guess.

3. I felt as though I was browsing through a BBC Sherlock parody while reading this, because in my opinion, the author tries reallyhard for Teen!Sherlock to come across as the BBC adaption of Sherlock Holmes we all have grown to adore (and fall for) while watching him trudge down Baker Street with Watson, but it didn’t really work out for me that well. Because it failed stupendously on paper. (DO YOU SEE THAT ENDING? I DARE YOU TO TELL ME IT WASN’T AT ALL BBC SHERLOCK LIKE!)

4. The Murder Mystery thing didn’t work for me as well as it should have. And we all know reading Sherlock Holmes without a nice murder (a juicy reward) is tedious. Or as Sherlock himself would put it: boring. Very easily boring.

(Because I had it figured out. Watson, do bring out my duffle bag;
I believe we are in need of a more interesting case.)

5. Watson. (Seriously, where the hell is he?) SHERLOCK IS SUPPOSED TO BE LOST WITHOUT HIS BLOGGER! I can sort of understand why, Irene Adler is supposed to be the Watson Figure, but that is me complaining because I love Martin Freeman and I LOVE Watson.

(Sherlock: …I used to think you loved me more.

Self: The last time you said that I told you that Mrs. Hudson was right: you are gay and you are in love with John. And quit playing the you-just-broke-my-heart card. Doesn’t suit you at all.

John: -rolls eyes- He has a penchant for dramatics I tell you.

Sherlock: -Scoffs in disbelief-)

6. Okay, another thing that I find hard to believe: no matter how insufferable the Holmes Brothers are, Mommy and Daddy Holmes don’t just abandon them out of nowhere. The Conan Doyle Version is different, but could someone please just watch the third season of the BBC adaption and tell me if my complain is valid or not?

Ooookay. Let’s embrace the good for a minute:

1. Irene. Irene. Irene. ( Beside the fact that she (view spoiler))

2. Sherlock’s notes (on -wink- random things)

3. The witty banters. Enjoyed every second of it.

4. The writing. Engaging and heart-warming. (Sherlock adds, “Despite all the gender goofs.” Whatever. Spock still does not approve.

Kirk: -nudges Spock with his arm-

Spock: -stoic mode on- Is there something wrong, Captain?

Kirk: I believe so. -rolls eyes-)

5. The Let-Her-Go syndrome. Didn’t think Sherlock had it in him. Not really.


Tired of crappy Fanfics? I advise you to go check out this one. Even though I don’t deem it wise to waste money on it, considering Susan Ee’s Angelfall came out in 99 cents and this is 3 US Dollars, the last time I checked. It’s not very bad of a read, and I somewhat enjoyed reading it too, but I’d suggest you give this the middle finger and walk away if don’t want to roll your eyes so much that they fall out. (Mine nearly did, if you were wondering where was the proof.)

Any other day, this would have got a Two Star rating from me, but somehow, today I’m happy and I want Sherlock and Irene to be happy as well.

Even though there are two exams tomorrow I haven’t yet studied for very well.

That, my friend, is the life of a Sherlockian. No pun intended.  

"Friendship is so weird…you just pick a human you’ve met and you’re like ‘yep, I like this one’ and you do stuff with them."
Well Jackie Hope, I guess that’s what you decided many years ago when you decided to bug the shit outta me in 6th grade. Your family is my family and my family is yours. Your hurt is my hurt and so on and so forth. I can’t wait for our trip to Washington, no matter the reasoning. I love you bestie, and I miss you like crazy. The countdown has begun! #43DaysAndCounting #BestFriendsForever

There's a fucking translucent face AT MY MOTHER FUCKING WONDOW


zuljinthatkittykatfantroll asked:

Alright, I'll admit I got pretty rekt, On both days I was pretty pissed and Bro has generally always been an Ass to me even when I try to be nice so I decide to shit on him in that post, I'm fine with the diaper thing Sav, It just bugs the fuck outta me seeing his OC sitting in some shit filled diaper, also Candle partiality told me to type some of it, so you can either fully blame me or me and candle, he's gonna bitch for me ratting him out tho. -"ZuZu Pets"

Candle might have told you to do it doesnt mean you should have

Though candle is just as a child as you are you think you know better to listen to what he says 

Hes OC is a Baby
and thoses drawings are a joke
He has anger Problems thats why he is in the hospital they are fixing thoses problems he is getting better and hes aunt has been updating me on the facts
Hes alot more heather now and not so pissed at everyone
But you had no right
No Fucking Right.
To Talk to me like that. This is why I removed both you and Candle You both say things without thinking You dont think “Oh this might hurt someone” Or “I shouldnt say that makes me sound like a prick” No you just say it to be “funny” When Really You just look like an idiot
I dont mean to be rude but for once JUST ONCE can you two act your fucking age and stop attacking My friend for no reason 

So before you come tell me that I “Baby a 16 year old” Think. for once fucking min. Okay? 

Thank you.