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The Best Ass (Sirius Black)

excuse me I love Sirius Black and while this was probably supposed to be angsty or a little angsty, I chose not to make it. Sadness is for furnerals and the terrible world around us, so why not bring sunshine in when we can?

I literally sound like I’m eating a flower in that sentence above. Nice.

(this another one for @daphnegreengrass)

Request: Hi! As you asked, sending my request again 🙂 Loved the prompt list ❤ could you do a prompt with 6, 7, 19 and 109 with sirius x reader?
6. “Oh my God! You’re in love with him/her!”
7. “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”
19. “I wish I could hate you.”
109. “Don’t say you love me.”

Oh my god! You’re in love with her!” Remus gapes, a cackle parting James’ lips as he watches his best friend turn bright red. “You didn’t even like her a week ago and now you’re practically begging to marry her!”

“I’m not begging to marry her,” Sirius mutters, sullen and sad and Peter pats his shoulder gently, his eyes kind when Sirius looks up at him.

“She’ll marry you, buddy, don’t give up,” Peter says, which leads to more laughter when Sirius shoves him away- James practically prone by now.

“This- is- the biggest- joke- I’ve ever heard,” he wheezes, grinning up at his closest friend. “You. Married.”

“Screw you guys, she’s obviously put some love spell on me or something,” he scowls, only to flush and nervously adjust his clothes.

Remus looks up and spots you, trailing after Dorcas with your hands clasped to your chest and a pleading expression on your face.

Don’t say you love me, you just want me for my potions homework,” Dorcas scowls, glaring at you and you make a soft whining noise.

“I do love you! I love you and your potions homework!” You whine, slipping in front of her and pacing backwards until she stops. “I just happen to have admitted my love for you during asking for your potions homework.”

“You’re worse than Sirius.” She rolls her eyes and you can’t help scanning at the sound of his name.


Across the courtyard, he watches you and you lick your lips enticingly, watching him smirk and rise.

“So, will you help me?” You ask Dorcas, feeling Sirius get closer.

“Fine,” She says and you slip your arm into hers, leading her from the courtyard and back inside.

Remus watches you slip inside with Dorcas, Sirius slowing to a stop halfway across the courtyard.

You’re good, he’ll give you that, but what good are those tactics in the long run?

Sirius isn’t one to be tied down, he’s made that abundantly clear over the years, and while he’s sure Sirius thinks he’s in love, the reality probably isn’t so.

“She’s a menace,” James murmurs, his eyes glued to Sirius’s back, only to drop when the aforementioned turns around and pads back to them.

“It’ll pass, he’s done this before.”

“No, I don’t he’s done this before,” James counters cryptically, smiling widely at Sirius and poking fun at his poorly masked dejection.

“Who’s starving?” Peter asks and Remus smirks, eyeing the smallest of the group.

“You,” Sirius says and Peter scoffs softly, eyes darting enough to draw a chuckle from James who pushes to his feet.

“He’s not the only one, let’s go.”

“You’re dodging me,” Sirius whispers to you and you sigh, tilting your head toward him to catch his eyes.


“I’m not dodging you,” you counter, I’m dodging those eyes that make you wanna get naked.

Shifting your gaze, you return your focus to your dinner and try to ignore his presence.

“Y/N, c’mon,” he half pleads and the subtle ache in his voice has your hand slipping under the table and interlacing with his fingers. “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”

“God dammit.” You scowl at the food in front of you for a second before throwing your leg over the bench and scooting into Sirius’s space. “Sirius.”

“Y/N.” His eyes are bright and you can feel his palms on your thighs, warm and very large. This must be such a scene, another girl practically sitting in Sirius Blacks lap.

“You’re great, fantastic and very easy to care for. You’re a loveable guy and even though I wish I could hate you or be indifferent toward you, I can’t.” You eyeball him for a long moment, watching the slow dawning smile and the way his cheeks get all round and he suddenly looks so warm.

“Does that mean you’re my girlfriend now?”

“In what world? No, Sirius.” You skooch back and turn toward your plate. Your bread roll is gone. Across the table, Lily winks at you. “Get out of my sight, Black. And you.”

“You snooze you lose.” Lily shrugs and you scowl, turning your scathing glare on a still unmoved Sirius.

“Fine, fine.”

“How do I make you fall in love with me?”

“Sit still and look pretty.”

“Done, need more.”

“Don’t bug me.”

“Impossible, need more.”

“Help me with my transfiguration homework.”

“Easy, need more.”

“Get me a date with Snivellus.”

“Never,” he says and you laugh, leaning toward him rather than the heat of the fire before you.

“He’s so dreamy though! All that greasy hair and greasy skin and greasy…”


“That’s fair.” You nod, grinning at Sirius, “his greasy clothes are all I need, all I want, I just want him so bad.”

“You’re twisted,” Sirius says, beaming and pulling you against him until your back is pressed to his chest and his lips are brushing the crook of your neck. “I can’t get you a date with Snivellus, but I’m available.”

“You’re not even greasy,” you whine, laughing when he growls softly into your hair.

“Stop! No Snivellus talk in Gryffindor spaces!” James orders, tromping over and collapsing into the space between your legs so his back his pressed to your chest, making a cuddle train. Sirius half-heartedly shoves him but you sink your fingers into Potters dark curls claimingly.

“But all that slimy pale skin and bad attitude is such a turn on!” You laugh, starting on a braid and hissing when James turns to shoot you a droll look.

“You can get those things from Black, and there’s more important things to discuss anyway,” James says, twisting about until he spots Peter across the room. “Peter! Get over here and tell Sirius how you thought Y/N’s ass is subpar compared to Alices!”

“He what?” You gape in unison with Sirius, both of you twisting around with scowls on your face.

“Don’t be jealous, Y/N, we all have different points of beauty!” Marlene calls from the other side of the room, “Alice has her ass, I have my sparkling personality and you have… Well, I can’t think of anything!”

“Screw you,” you shout, unable to keep the shocked smile from your lips. “I’m a goddamned treasure and you know it.”

Then Peter said that if he had to choose, Narcissa had the best ass in the entire school,” James continues, his expression gleeful and you’re gaping all over again. On one side of the room, Peter is bright red and stammering excuses, while on the other, Frank Longbottom is quietly glaring at Peter with the ferocity of a thousand suns.

Sirius pulls you back into his chest and sets his chin on your shoulder, James falling back with you. You can feel Sirius shaking his head when he says, “you’re a real piece of work, Potter.”

“A true Picasso,” James agrees, at peace in the chaos around him.

lov sirius

will do prequel or postquel for dis

Taehyung’s secret talent (?)

Jin: Huh???

One of Taehyung’s horns are…Crooked????

It’s really bugging me now….If I just pull it a bit….


Taehyung: BLEH!!

Jin: WHAT??!!!

…A…a PEZ…

Tae: Nyam nyam….This is just a secret between us, okay?

(Me @ Me: Okay, but what if Taehyung’s a PEZ dispenser???

Oh yeah im kinda back lol)

How to Deal with Park Chanyeol

Summary: In which Kyungsoo makes a list of all the different methods he tries to deal with Park Chanyeol.

Note: So, I love exosexo, right. (She’s my literal favorite, one of the reasons I plucked the courage to make this blog) and she uploaded a “How to Deal with Park Chanyeol Trailer” yesterday and I felt inspired to write something based of it. I hope you will all enjoy!

Credit:  exosexo
Video: How to Deal with Park Chanyeol Trailer

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images/videos used. 

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

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1. Ignore him

Kyungsoo closed his eyes tightly shut as his head rests in the crook of his own arm that lay against the table. With each call of his name, his teeth sunk deeper into his lower lip, he had to stop himself with the metallic taste of his own blood flooded into his tongue. It was days like this that he literally considered killing Park Chanyeol.

“I’m going to stop bugging until you respond to me~”

Kyungsoo could practically hear the smirk Chanyeol was wearing from the words he spoke. It was so unbelievable he could just punch him… though he promised Junmyeon he wouldn’t fight, and that’d he’d try with everything in him to just get along with-

“Kyungsoo- ah~”  

“What?” Kyungsoo jumped up, his voice uncontrollably snappy as his fist banged against the table in annoyance. His large, fiery eyes landed on Chanyeol’s smug face as he said, “Hi.”

Then, Chanyeol stood up and left, laughing as he went.

You cannot deal with Park Chanyeol by ignoring him

2. Kill him

If Kyungsoo wanted to murder Chanyeol, he could probably do it. An accidental slip of a knife to the heart while he’s cooking, or incidentally leaning on something that could fall and crush Chanyeol to pieces - no, actually that would never work, his ego was too big for anything to crush it.

Kyungsoo watched Chanyeol in the corner of his eye, observing the way Chanyeol was smirking to a reflection of himself in the mirror as he ran his long fingers through his freshly cut brown hair. In a certain light, he almost looked attractive, that was until Kyungsoo realised he was slowly starting to lose his mind. Chanyeol’s always talking about how handsome he is, maybe Kyungsoo has heard it so many times he’s starting to believe it.

The thought made him want to kill the idiot even more.

Though even though it was idealistic, it wasn’t practical - and spending God knows how many years in prison was not worth it for the sake of Chanyeol.

You cannot deal with Park Chanyeol by killing him.

3. Tell him to “fuck off”

A photo shoot should be easy. Compared to dance routines and performing live, it should maintain a low stress level for any normal idol group. But of course, EXO isn’t a normal idol group, especially when it includes Park Chanyeol.

Every time the idiot insists on opening his stupid mouth, the words that escape are either bigging up himself or stomping someone else down and Kyungsoo is sick of it.

He’d distanced himself from the others, seeking a moment of peace and quiet outside the studio to let himself take a second to breath, that was until Chanyeol’s voice tore his final nerve.

“What are you doing out here, it’s cold -”

“Chanyeol, fuck off!”

Kyungsoo looked back at the other male, who had a big, kicked- puppy expression on his face. The expression passed as soon as it appeared though, and his smirk was soon riding back on his lips.

“Fuck off? Right now? Are you sure, there’s a lot of people around, Soo, I wouldn’t want us to get caught. Nice to know you think of me like that though -  and that you’re into doing it in public, I’ll consider that in mind for future reference.”

Kyungsoo wished he’d have used his last option by killing him.

Because you cannot deal with Park Chanyeol by telling him to fuck off.

4. Kick him

The fourth attempt of dealing with Park Chanyeol is kicking him. Though even that was also proven completely ineffective.

“Didn’t the photo shoot pictures come out great? I knew I looked amazing, Kyungsoo- ah even said he wanted to fu-”

Kyungsoo struck his foot under the table and slammed his foot into Chanyeol’s leg.

“Ah~ you want to play a romantic game of footsie under the table now? You’re so cute~ See, I have an admirer everyone.”

As Kyungsoo seethed in anger, he realised that:

You cannot deal with Park Chanyeol by kicking him.

5. Ask Baekhyun for help

Kyungsoo thought it would be a good idea to take his frustrations to his trusted friend Baekhyun. The two sat in Baekhyun’s room, the two of them venting about how irrational and annoying their band mate was.

“He said, ‘be grateful I gave you the cup’” Baekhyun ended his story about the time Chanyeol had told him to get himself a nonexistent cup of tea.

“I will kill him for free!” Kyungsoo raged in response, throwing a pillow from the sofa beside him onto the floor, some sadistic thought in his mind imagining it was Chanyeol’s head.

“Worst comes to worse you could break his heart, since you’re apparently so infatuated with him. You know, he talks about you a lot these days.” Baekhyun mentioned, as if he was slowly trying to break something to Kyungsoo.

“Yah! Be thankful he’s not talking about himself for once.” Kyungsoo spat as Baekhyun smirked - somehow it was worse than Chanyeol’s, or maybe it was the words that went with it;

“Maybe he’s starting to like you as much as he likes himself, Soo.”

And that’s how Baekhyun became number 2 on Kyungsoo’s hit list.

You cannot deal with Park Chanyeol by asking Byun Baekhyun for help.

6. Never ask Baekhyun for help

Kyungsoo decided to repeat this fact twice on his list, because seeing the smirks Baekhyun now gives him from across the room painfully reminds him that he needs to get better friends.

You can DEFINATELY not deal with Park Chanyeol by asking Byun Baekhyun for help.

7. Stay with him

It wasn’t until this pivotal moment that Kyungsoo eradicated the idea of killing Chanyeol. It seemed that despite his self-loving exterior, there is a human and emotions in him somewhere, something Kyungsoo found out while it was just the two of them in the dorm when everyone else went out.

“Kyungsoo, I thought you and the others all went out.”

Chanyeol looked startled, like a deer in headlights, and it was the first time that Kyungsoo had seen him in such a tearful state. Kyungsoo never did find out what Chanyeol was upset about, but he did learn that to shit with Chanyeol’s head in the crook of his neck as he seeks support in someone with such a vulnerable state is more satisfying than it should be.

You can start to deal with Park Chanyeol by staying with him.

8. Talk to him

After that day Kyungsoo had found Chanyeol crying, it seemed as though Chanyeol was more of a person than Kyungsoo had ever imagined than a demon from hell who purely existed to torture him on a daily basis.

Even though the other members teased them, befriending Chanyeol seemed much easier than Kyungsoo had ever found it. By talking - even about the most insignificant things at 3am, you find that Chanyeol isn’t always cocky, it’s always obnoxious - in fact, he may even be a little insecure, under the thick layers of false senses of confidence.

“Do you want some help cooking Kyungsoo?” Chanyeol asked from the counter he just sat himself down on.

“No, stay out the way, you’re practically a walking hazard.” Kyungsoo reminded him as he moved the pan onto the hob.

“Alright, I’ll just admire you from afar, then.”

You can deal with Park Chanyeol slightly more by talking to him.

9. Understand him

Kyungsoo found himself lay on his back in Chanyeol’s bed beside him, both of them looking up at the ceiling at they talked. They’d been like this for hours, palm to palm and talking as if there was no limit on time. Talking to Chanyeol means you can understand him, and understanding him leads to so much more.

“Do you think I’m a pain in the ass too?” Chanyeol asked, smiling, as if he already knew the answer Kyungsoo would give him.

“Yes, more than anyone else I’ve ever met.”

“Oh Kyungsoo-ah, you won’t know pain in the ass until I give it to you.”

Kyungsoo turned his head to see Chanyeol grinning at the ceiling, his cheeks flushing red like a teenager confessing their crush. Chanyeol flicked his head to look at Kyungsoo too.

They stayed looking at each other for a long moment, and it wasn’t until Kyungsoo’s lips were sealed with Chanyeol’s that he realised;

You can deal with Park Chanyeol by understanding him.

10. Love him

Despite knowing smirks and teasing comments, it’s the perfect life dealing with Park Chanyeol. Kyungsoo is happier than ever before as he writes his final stage for dealing with Park Chanyeol, putting his list to a final close.

You can happily deal with Park Chanyeol by loving him.

Love Lost Part 3

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: Angst (It hurts guys…) 

Word Count: 566

Summary: A big fight leads Chris to move out, but is this the end of your marriage ?


After Chris left I made my way up the stairs towards Luke’s bedroom, my heart sinking as I heard his sniffling through the half open door. I felt sick at the thought of how much this was affecting him, how much this hurt. And what made it worse was the fact that I knew I couldn’t help him, this wasn’t like when he fell off his bike and scraped his knee or the time he had a bad dream and couldn’t bear sleeping on his own for the rest of the night; I couldn’t fix it with a super hero band aid or a cuddle this time.

I bit my bottom lip as I pushed the door open, seeing Luke sitting in the middle of his bed, his knees hugged up against his chest as fat tears rolled down over his rosy cheeks. If possible, this only made me feel worse.

I sat down on the bed behind him, rubbing his back as he wiped away his tears with the back of his hand. He took a shaky breath before releasing the grip he had on his legs, turning around so he could crawl onto my lap, pressing his wet face against the crook of my neck.
“Aww bug,” I cooed quietly, wrapping my arms tightly around him. “You know Daddy didn’t mean to upset you right?”
“I jus’ wanted him to - to stay.”
“I know you did, but you’ll see him before he goes away, he wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye to you.”
“Why does Daddy not - not live here no more? He still love - loves me right?”

Luke’s question caused my eyes to sting with tears, my heart breaking inside of my chest at how broken he sounded. Chris was his hero, he always had been. Luke had been a Daddy’s boy from the minute he opened his eyes and the two of them were like two peas in a pod. The last thing I wanted was for Luke to ever worry that Chris didn’t love him; even if that meant I became the bad guy.

“Daddy loves you so so much bug, nothing is ever going to change that alright?”
“But - but Dylan said that his Daddy left cause he didn’t love him or his Mummy no more.”
“Luke, you are the most important person in Daddy’s life, Mummy’s just confused at the moment, she doesn’t know how she feels about Daddy.”
“You don’t lo - love Daddy?”

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A comiXologist recommends…


Batman/Elmer Fudd #1 is here to make some very funny and beautiful noir comics out of the bumbling and gullible hunter. Disclaimer - NO OFFICIAL CANON CLAIMS HAVE BEEN MADE, but they should.  I just think Fudd and the rest of the Looney Tunes (who might be in the book) should be in Gotham all the time. The tracks have been laid and we need only to buy our ticket into a new vibrant world where our most treasured comedy characters stalk the streets at night.

Tom King and Lee Weeks bring about the most old-school Batman story this year.  Elmer Fudd is an intense as all heck gun for hire who has been sent to take out Bugs “The Bunny,” a sleazy crook who hangs out at Porky’s Bar down the way.  After a brilliant opening monologue in Fudd’s trademark Rhotacism up against Bugs’s clever roundabout ploys the hunter goes looking for Bruce Wayne.  It isn’t Wabbit Season.  It’s Bat Season.

This is some simple fun for everyone who loves Looney Tunes and Batman. Weeks’s art is intense classical Batman noir which always works on me and anybody with eyes.  Tom King’s writing is intensely hysterical because it has all the beats of a good Looney Tunes or Merrie Melodies short while capturing the crisp, rain drenched sulk of our favorite crime thrillers.

This one issue is one for the ages, and I hope to high heaven it becomes canon.

Most importantly, EVERYONE should try to read Fudd’s dark dialogue out loud and as grim as they can make it.  

Matthew Burbridge is a Digital Editor at ComiXology and he thinks you’re super cool.

Yes Boss

A/N: An anon request for a Derek x Reader smut where they have sex in his office, and not the quickie kind either. I set this in season 5 when he took over for Hotch during the Reaper case. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn


By the looks of it, your boyfriend had just been chewed out by Chief Strauss. Wonderful. With all that was happening with Hotch and The Reaper, this was not what you all needed, especially Derek. He’d taken on so much solely for the purpose of not killing the dynamic of the team; he was a born leader, but he didn’t enjoy the responsibility, not by a long shot. 

Turning towards his office (which he insisted be different from Hotch’s because he was coming back), Morgan looked like he wanted to be alone. You’d give him a few minutes, but any longer than that and he’d retreat into the normal shell of isolation he called home whenever he was overwhelmed. “You think he’s okay?” JJ asked. As his girlfriend, you knew him better than anyone; he would be okay, he just needed time to breath. 

“Yea, he’ll be fine. He’s just really overwhelmed.” You worked on some backed up paperwork for a little while longer, allowing Derek a few moments to decompress before going to knock on his door.

“Come in,” he said, seemingly resigned to the fact that he was going to have to deal with something else he didn’t want to, but his face softened the second you walked in. “Oh, hey baby.”

You closed the door and walked over to his desk, sitting across his lap. “You okay? Something happen with Strauss?”

“Nothing,” he said, relenting when you gave him a look. “It’s just…I’ve been told that the only reason I’m in this role is because Hotch wants it to look like The Reaper is getting to him, and giving up his position makes it look like that. I know I never wanted this position, but to know the real reason behind why I got it bugs me.”

You re-positioned yourself so you were sitting in his lap with your feet to the floor, turning your head into the crook of his neck. “I understand that, but if you look at it from the other side, there are four other people who could’ve gotten the role, but didn’t. Spencer and I started at basically the same time, only a year later than you, so we have basically as much experience. Rossi could’ve gotten it,” you said, motioning wildly and praying Rossi wouldn’t walk in, “And he’s got more experience than all of us combined. And Emily’s got a ridiculous amount of experience and can speak like 17 languages, so you were chosen out of all of us, because Hotch and Strauss thought that you would best be able to handle the position. That has to mean something.”

Immediately, Derek’s muscles softened and you relaxed into his embrace. “You do always know what to say to make me feel better,” he said. “I guess you’re right.”

“You’re damn right, I’m right,” you laughed. Turning around, you eyed the door to his office and went over to make sure it was locked. “I think I can make you feel even better.”

Derek reached out for your hand and positioned you on the desk in front of him. Slowly, you unbuttoned the top few buttons of your blouse to reveal a see-through bra. Before you could do anything else, he triple checked the lock and made sure there was no way that anyone could see - specifically Strauss. “You have to keep quiet,” he said softly.

“I will if you will.” Letting the material of your pants slide outward, you opened your legs and reached out to bring your boyfriend into your embrace. You arched your chest outward and brought his hand up to cup your breasts. His hands roamed your body, searching for an anchor in the tumult he’d found himself in. “Oh my god,” you breathed. “I want to ride you.”

You hopped off the desk and grabbed at his belt, slipping them from the loops and pulling down his pants just enough as was necessary. When he sat back in the chair, he did the same to you, kissing your stomach and arms and thighs, anything that happened to be at his level, showing you just how much he loved and appreciated you. 

Without breaking your gaze, he pushed your black pants down and pulled you into his lap. The material was such that you had just enough range of motion to straddle him, your knees on either side of his thighs. “You want a distraction?” you asked, kissing up the side of his neck. When he nodded, you pulled his cock out his boxers and started rubbing yourself against him - the head of him hitting your clit over and over again, making you increasingly wetter. 

Derek swallowed hard, his head lolling back into the chair. A slight whimper escaped him, but you covered his mouth with your own, muffling the sound so you didn’t set off any alarms. “Are you always so wet?” he asked. “Or is it just us being in the office?”

“I’m not sure,” you replied. You grabbed his hand and brought it between you, raking his fingers up your pussy and then placing them in his mouth. “I’d say it’s just you.”

This time, he reached down of his own accord and coated his fingers in your slick, tasting you yet again. “You said you would take me,” he breathed. “You gonna follow through on your promises?”

“Of course,” you smiled, moving your hand in between you once again so you could place him at your entrance. You couldn’t help but tease him once more, sliding him back and forth before sinking onto his length. “Fuck…Derek.”

He was completely lost. The feel of you was enough to shut out all else, whether it be the stresses of work or anything else that was plaguing his mind. Burying his head in your chest, his breathing began to pick up pace and he grabbed around your waist, pulling you down with consistent force as you did the same. Each move was deliberate. Each thrust desperate and needy. Each swivel of your hips designed to bring him release. 

“I need you,” he breathed, nibbling gently on your tender breast while his hand worked the other, pinching and squeezing in time with his thrusts. 

He had you - mind, body and soul. You began to grind down onto him even more intently. Your release wasn’t far and neither was his. “You have me,” you replied. All you could hear was the sound of steady, but heated breaths and the slapping of skin against skin. 

As you both started to fall over the edge, you arched backward and bit your hand so as to not make any noise. Derek grunted into your chest, pushing you down on his length so he was fully sheathed in you as he came. Both of you started to shake; keeping quiet was ridiculously difficult. “Hell, baby,” he breathed.

“Feel better?” you giggled against him. He nodded as you got up and put your pants back on; you were going to need to clean up quickly. 

“I did before the sex, but I can’t say that didn’t help even more,” he laughed. “Now, don’t run into Strauss on your way back to your desk.” Getting caught having sex in the workplace would be bad enough as a profiler, but as the boss - bad fucking news.

“Yes, boss,” you said, giving him a peck on the cheek before you left the room. After cleaning up, you returned to your desk, doing your best to mask the sex face you undoubtedly had. 

JJ passed by your desk to drop off some more paperwork and asked again if Derek was okay. “Yea, I gave him a little pep talk and now he’s good. He’s just a little nervous about making a good impression on Strauss.”

“I think he has,” JJ said happily. “I just heard her talking with Hotch about how he’s doing and she said he’s been exceeding expectations.”

You smiled and took the paperwork from her hands. “I’ll be sure to pass that along,” you said. “That’ll make him feel even better.”

BOOK REVIEW: All the Crooked Saints by Maggie Stiefvater 

Release Date: October 10, 2017

Age Group: 14+

Genres: Magical Realism, Romance, Fantasy

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

Add it to your Goodreads TBR here.


I received an advanced reader copy of this book from Indigo Books & Music Inc. in exchange for an honest review.

This is a long text post.

There may or may not be spoilers in this review. I tried not to spoil anything since this doesn’t come out until October, but then again, my definition of Spoiler often differs from others’. 

You can check out my original post on Goodreads here.

Also, I know about the drama circulating Goodreads regarding this book. I will not tolerate any hateful comments made regarding my opinion of this drama. 

First of all: 

I’ve read what I like to think is a good chunk of Maggie Stiefvater’s books and though I can appreciate that she has a magical way with words, I have never actually fully stopped to say, “Holy crap. That was beautiful.” This book had me doing that. A lot. I might even call it one of my favourite reads of the year so far. (It has been a good year for books).

In my very honest opinion, All the Crooked Saints is potential one of the best Stiefvater books out there. There are so many components to this book that it’s hard to fully even describe what exactly enthralled me so much about the story. The writing, the weirdness, the matter-of-fact reasoning behind the characters’ lives–it was all done so masterfully. This was truly a modern piece of literary art.

First, let me mention the elephant in the room: the use of Hispanic characters that has apparently become an issue with this book. I’m not Mexican, but I am Latina and I honestly didn’t see anything wrong with the book. The Mexican culture was not appropriated–the Latino concept of religion was flirted with in this novel, but a lot of the stories and mythology (I believe) were a creation of Stiefvater’s mind. I might be wrong, so you’re welcome to correct me (in a polite manner). But honestly, I just saw a story about kids who happened to be Mexican living in New Mexico and whose parents happened to speak Spanish. Frankly, I loved the whole concept of being able to read the Spanish sentences and grasping that extra layer of storytelling. I’m Cuban and if Stiefvater decided to write a story with kids who happened to be Cuban, I’d be all over it. For a world that begs for more POC in YALit, we judge non-POC authors harshly when they write characters that aren’t white, or stereotypical creations of the race they just happen to be.

Now that I’ve voiced my thoughts on that, back to the review!

In true Stiefvater fashion, this book is really weird, but in a beautiful way. The writing, at the beginning, felt very verbose but as the story progressed I began to appreciate it more. With every word and every sentence, Stiefvater created a more detailed picture of the world were miracles could happen. After all, it has to be a very magical world. 

One of the things that always made me feel not entirely invested in The Raven Cycle quartet was the writing because at some level, some of the lines connecting the storylines were occasionally lost on me. While I loved that series, I always felt like I was a step behind in understanding why it was so beautiful and so memorable. I finally understand with All the Crooked Saints. Something just clicked for me as I read and the magic of the writing made it really hard to put this book down. 

The Soria family is made up of peculiar people that together make Bicho Raro (Strange Bug, or Strange Thing–so fitting, imho) a very surreal place. I love the different kinds of people that inhabit this very tiny place in the middle of the desert. Everyone had a story to tell and because Stiefvater is a a fan of showing us different stories that all link up to the main story, we get to hear from a large portion of them. In my opinion, all of the characters in this book are cautionary tales of the imperfection of what it means to be human. We can all learn a little something from each character who is struggling with some aspect of themselves.

The romance in this novel is slow burning but wow, when Stiefvater finally gives it life, it’s a wondrous thing. You’re prepped early on for the potential for romance in that foreshadowing way that this author loves to use, but when it happens it happens like the very miracles that we are told about. There are many layers of miracles in this book that surpass the power of The Saint and of the eye, and the romance is a perfect example. 

My friend, who is an avid fan of Stiefvater, commented that she loves how some of the otherworldly and superstitious stories that Stiefvater included in this book were just stated matter-of-fact, like they just existed. I agree with her because this book makes the unbelievable believable, especially set in a time where anything could have happened. It also plays into the idea that magical and unknown things could potentially happen in very small and rural areas. Its small and remote location is one of the reasons why Bicho Raro was so endearing to me, so add a dose of magic and I’ll be adding it to my must-visit list. 

The use of religion in this book is much like the genre that Stiefvater appears to love to write: it is magically realistic, meaning that while religion is obviously a platform for this story, it isn’t really the message. I like to believe that the message is that while we search for miracles in the holy, it is us who come to terms with what we need to change in ourselves to truly get our miracles. If that makes any sense. 

I may or may not be rambling at this point. 

I think this is a must-read, especially if you’re a fan of Maggie Stiefvater’s previous books. This is such a well-rounded story that you will be aching for the next book from this talented author. The writing is beautiful and weaves a unique story. I don’t know how she does it, but she is a master of really using her gift for words to their full effect. 

Happy reading!

Prologue- A Night's Ride

“Church in an hour.” Clay’s voice rang through the clubhouse, anger laced in his tone as he scrubbed a hand over his face and headed towards the garage.
“You think that means me too?” I turned and looked at Tig who was nursing a beer and bugging Juice about his “weed shop.”
“When does it not, doll?” He shoots me a crooked grin as he takes a swipe at Juice’s face to knock him off balance.
“Fair point.” I nodded, leaning up to steal his beer and chug the rest of it before he could try and get me to stop.
“You slut.” Tig mumbled with a fond smile, motioning for one of the prospects to bring him another.
“Always for you, baby.” I winked at him with a smirk of my own, moving to stand on my feet and fix the hem of my shirt.
“Lee! How the fuck are you?” Happy comes bounding into the clubhouse with Chibs and Kozik following behind him, Bobby and Piney stumbling in soon after.
“Happy!” I turned at the sound of my name and a grin made my dimples apparent. I jumped into his embrace and hugged him tight, Happy swinging me around before finally settling me on my feet.
“Where you been, Princess?” He kept an arm slung over my shoulders as we all congregated by the bar for some beers and to catch up.
“I had to go upstate for awhile and help with an op. Bastards thought they could keep me out of their system but I got through quicker than expected. If I share anything else, I’ll have to kill you.” I winked at him and we all clinked our beers together before taking a swig. The boys broke into laughter and I shot Happy a toothy grin.
“We missed ya, love. Jackie-boy wouldn’t shut up the whole while you were gone, whining like a lil’ bitch an’ carryin’ on. It’s good yer home.” Chibs nudged my shoulder with a fond smile, pressing a kiss to my forehead before ruffling my hair.
“Alright boys, get the hell off my old lady.” Jax yelled from the doorway, Opie grinning next to him as I broke away from the crowd to go hug him and get a kiss from Jax. It didn’t pan out like that, never does, as I was pulled in with a hand at my hip and the other wrapped in my hair as I was kissed until I was breathless.
“Hello to you too.”

A Dragon’s blood

(lol, I even named it) And here it is! I hope you like this piece, that is practically me indulding myself af about dragon au’s and that I just wanted to write Bakushima.

Bakugou hears the steps before the person even gets close to where he settled down. His eye twitches and his face settles into an angry, dark scowl, revealing sharp teeth and he straightens, his claws lightly clicking against the stone wall. Whoever came here, probably to seek glory or whatever other bullshit, was very welcome to meet a messy, bloody and  certain death.

Silently moving around his hideout, Bakugou slips along the wall and up a ledge, clawed hands poised to strike. The guy, who heaves himself up over the ledge of the cliff where Bakugou will stay until he finds out where other dragons are that he can fight, isn’t older than Bakugou himself. His red hair is up in spikes and he wears comfortable, slightly scuffed, long sleeved clothes. He has no backpack with him, no sword, no potions, nothing.

The redhead looks around and the lack of weapons makes Bakugou pause. No one comes to him unarmed. Unless…

“Erm, hello?” The guy calls out. “Is anyone here?”

“Fucking heck yes, I am you fucking shithead!” Bakugou growls out. The guy’s head snaps around and he looks up to where Bakugou crouches, clawed hands visible. Instead of blanching and stumbling back, or staring at the scales that travel up his bare arms and at the sight of his red eyes, the stranger breaks out into a grin.

“You’re the dragon right?” He asks, though he’s thankfully not dumb enough to approach. Bakugou is still more than half ready to just go for his throat and be done with it. “The shape shifting one?”

“Fucking don’t ask the damn obvious questions.” Bakugou grouches, waving his clawed hands, his face growing angrier. “Piss the fuck off. What do you want anyway?”

The guy scratches his neck and Bakugou catches a whiff of his scent. Ah, he knew it. No wonder the dumb shit went up here visibly unarmed.

“Haven’t seen a witch in a while.” He growls down at the stranger, his face twisting into a rage filled smile. “What are you here for, my scales? My blood? The bones maybe?”

The guy looks taken aback. “No, no, I just…I wanted to see a dragon.”

Bakugou barks out a laugh. “You did, you suicidal shit. Fucking get lost.”

He opens his mouth a little to let smoke trail up against the edge of the cave, showing that even in his human form, he is very much able to breathe fire. “Or I can burn you alive.”

The guy scrunches up his face. “No thanks. So, yeah, uh…”

Before he can say anything else, Bakugou growls, low and deep and it echoes around the cave, sounding like a dark, huge beast. His eyes narrow and his claws flex against the stone, leaving scratches.

The guy leaves again, clearly not wishing to mess with an enraged dragon. Bakugou settles back and listens to the fading footsteps before he shakes his head. Everyone is just getting more and more fucking stupid these days. Damn shitheads.


Despite thinking he took care of the problem, the guy shows up the next day, introducing himself as Kirishima. Bakugou snarls at him that he doesn’t give a fuck and Kirishima just grins and they exchange a few words, that can barely be called a conversation, before he leaves again.

The third day, Kirishima shows up again, and the fourth, the fifth and the sixth as well. Every day without fail, until Bakugou realizes he keeps an ear out so he can hear when the witcher shows up. It makes him angry and prissy, though he realizes that the hot flow of fire, he can usually feel in his veins when he’s angry, remains calm. Fuck, he actually starts to like having this weird idiot around.

When Kirishima comes to visit him again, Bakugou’s ears easily make out the sound of his boots against the rocks.

“The fuck do you do here every day.” Bakugou says, this time sitting by the entrance of the cave and glaring at the witcher. “Don’t you have a life? A village? Magic mumbo-jumbo lessons to attend?”

Kirishima ducks his head a little and shrugs. “I have some free time.”

Bakugou stares at him. “And you spend it fucking climbing up a frigging mountain to bug me. What the fuck for?”

When Kirishima settles down to sit by the edge of the cave, not too close but also not too far away. They can converse comfortably like this, Bakugou realizes and he doesn’t feel like the witcher wants to get into his temporary home.

“I’m just interested in you.” Kirishima says with a crooked grin.

Bakugou raises an eyebrow. “Because I’m a motherfucking dragon.”

“Well, at first.” Kirishima says with a shrug and an easy smile. “But I kind of like talking to you.”

The dragon doesn’t know what to say to that and just crosses his arms, before he can answer though, his nose catches a scent he has noticed around Kirishima before. Though until now, it has been faint and he thought it must have been because of a spell. Now though, it smells strong.

“The fuck.” He says and doesn’t hide the way he scents the air like a bloodhound. “You smell fucking weird.”

Kirishima fumbles for a moment and then shrugs again, though this time he’s looking away. “Just…I tried a few spells out this morning. It didn’t work though.”

Bakugou eyes him and lets the subject drop. To his own surprise they begin to talk, and soon enough, Bakugou finds himself barking out a rough laugh, head thrown back and his posture relaxed. Kirishima grins, wide and happy and shows him what he can do with his magic, his spells strong and steady and Bakugou finds himself loving the way Kirishima’s eyes light up whenever he uses his gift.

The week they spend together, soon enough morphs into two and by the third week, Bakugou starts to venture down the mountain, intercepting Kirishima before he has to climb up. They roam through the forest, shove each other into icy cold streams and Kirishima shows him around the small city he lives in.

Bakugou starts to look forward to it. He begins to smile more and while he has to fend off the one or another annoying knight who wants to take his head, he still stays.

Way too late, he realizes that he’s beginning to grin whenever Kirishima smiles or laughs and that his inner fire feels at ease and languid, how he’s walking closer to Kirishima and they keep bumping elbows and Bakugou starts to notice things like that the other guy eats too little and sometimes there is a strained look on Kirishima’s face.

It makes Bakugou’s hackles rise, to see the redhead unhappy and once the realization sets in, that his inner dragon chose to see Kirishima as a friend, a companion, he himself doesn’t want to leave anymore either.

The odd smells of magic cling to Kirishima on more and more days, sometimes bitter and rough like potions and herbs and Bakugou complains every time, though he can’t help but wonder what is going on. Kirishima starts to lose sleep too, though as soon as he sees Bakugou waiting for him, down at the mountain trail, his face lights up.

“What the shit is going on with you?” Bakugou asks one day, when Kirishima looks pale and pasty and his smiles don’t stretch wide enough that he can see those ridiculously sharp teeth.

Kirishima freezes and for a long, odd moment is face is strangely blank. Bakugou feels worry sneaking up his spine, anger setting in that something is going wrong in Kirishima’s life. Then the other‘s shoulders slump and Bakugou has to force down a growl, to push Kirishima back to look bright and straight and strong.

“I…haven’t been quite honest with you.” Kirishima admits quietly and silent defeat speaks of his body language and the way he averts his eyes. “Back when I first looked for you. Yes, I wanted to see a dragon and…”

With a deep breath, Kirishima rolls back his sleeves and Bakugou realizes he never saw the other without long clothes, even if they got wet or ran into pouring rain, Kirishima’s magic always dried him back up.

Now he stares at the dark lines he can see running along Kirishima’s skin and the way it looks like it’s about to harden into something unmoving. He stares for a long moment, silence hanging heavily between them.

“You’re cursed.” Bakugou finally says and his voice feels a bit muffled as his heart begins to race in his chest. His teeth almost bite into his lip and his clawed fingertips prick his palms. “You’re dying.”

“Slowly turning to stone. I can still move without trouble though, for now.” Kirishima says with a humorless, sad smile. Bakugou instantly hates that smile. Hates it with a burning fierceness that makes a rumble crawl along his ribs and his face twists into a dark scowl.

“I heard dragons know things about magic that most humans don’t.” Kirishima says and rolls the sleeves down again. He looks apologetic. “I wanted to ask if you knew a way to reverse this.”

“I know shit fuck all about magic.” Bakugou says, still standing rooted to the spot and suddenly it feels like it’s harder to breathe. “Never found that shit interesting.”

Kirishima gives him a smile, warm and fond and Bakugou wants to keep it. He wants to keep that fucking smile and see it every day. He wants Kirishima’s goofy grins and his hoots when Bakugou shows him something cool that he can do. He wants to hear Kirishima’s laugh and to keep waking up and realizing he looks forward to seeing him.

Most of all, he wants Kirishima to stay fucking alive.

“How long do you have?” He asks, still staring at Kirishima’s arms. He faintly wonders how far the curse already stretches. Where does it even begin?

Then another thought enters his mind and the snarling growl that vibrates in his throat makes Kirishima’s head snap up in startled surprise.

“Who?” Bakugou growls low and dangerous, eyes blazing, and his spine straightens like he’s ready to prowl and hunt. “Who did that?”

Kirishima rubs his shoulder and Bakugou can guess now, where the curse started. “Some guy I once fought. I don’t remember much, to be honest. The curse knocked me flat on my ass and jumbled up my memory.” He huffs a small, humorless laugh and Bakugou loathes it, this defeated, wrong sound. “I don’t know his name or where he is and I have looked for him, fruitlessly.”

His voice grows quiet. “There is nothing I can do. No spells work, no one can reverse it. I’ve tried everything I can think of.”

Bakugou feels like his breaths burn in his lungs and then a thought burns bright in his mind and he snaps forward, grabbing Kirishima by the shoulders.

“Not fucking everything.” He says, a wild grin stretching across his face. “You never tried dragon blood did you? Or scales? I don’t know fucking anything about magic, but I know that my blood can get some freaky shit done.”

Kirishima’s eye widen. “You would…let me have your blood?”

Bakugou makes a frustrated sound and lightly slaps him on the back of his head, knocking their foreheads together.

“Fucking yes, you damn dumbass. I won’t let you fucking die, got that? Don’t look so shitty surprised, I want to have your ass around.”

Kirishima begins to grin and Bakugou grins in return, satisfied when he hears the other laugh and if Kirishima grabs his hands and starts to cry somewhere between laughing and Bakugou cursing that they’re getting this fucking solved, they both don’t comment on it, relief a fresh taste on their tongues and their foreheads still pressed together.

I will always be with you.

Characters: Dean, Reader, their daughter, Sam and mentions of Cas

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Its fluffy, with a smidgen of angst

Summary: Dean’s daughter is a little cutie pie who can’t fall back to sleep so she asks her Dad to tell her a story. And, it reveals so much more.

A/N: I don’t know everyone, I was having daddy!dean feels today and this is the result. Thank you for reading and I hope everyone enjoys. Feedback is highly appreciated. Have a super duper Tuesday!

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Bonding 7

Warnings: Swearing
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Crowley, Castiel, Sister Winchester Reader
Summary: You and Crowley bond
Readers Age: 6 years old
Word Count: 1084

Y/N: Your Name

A/N: I’m pretty positive Crowley’s hellhound is named Juliet, if I’m wrong please correct me! Anyway, this is a series I’m doing on how the characters of SPN would bond with a six years old Winchester sister. Enjoy!

You like to think that you’re pretty lucky on who you got as a family, to start off you have two very protective older brothers. You also have an Angel looking over you, and now you have the King of Hell watching out for you. Though you have no idea that Cas and Crowley are those types of creatures, to you they just have amazing magical powers.

Your brothers were very skeptical about you being around Crowley, but he’s proved that he doesn’t want to hurt you. Nobody knows exactly why, but if it means you’re off limits to all demons then so be it.

“If you touch a hair on her hea-” Dean started but was cut off. 

“Yes, yes, you’ll kill me, I’ve heard it all before, and frankly, I’m quite offended that you still think I would hurt her,” Crowley retorted causing Dean to roll his eyes.

“Are you and Sammy leaving?” you asked looking up to your oldest brother.

Dean looked down at you and picked you up. “Yeah, Chipmunk. Sam, Cas and I all have to go, but Crowley,” Dean gave Crowley the stink eye, “Is going to take care of you,”

You looked at Crowley, he smiled and waved which made you giggle then bury your head into the crook of Dean’s neck. “Alright, Bug, we gotta go, give me a kiss,” Dean insisted, you did as you were told and gave him a kiss on the cheek, which he returned.

Dean handed you to Sam, “Love you,” Sam said, 

“Love you, too!” you responded, giving him a kiss on the cheek as well, he did the same to you. 

Sam handed you to Cas who kind of stood there awkwardly with you, “I love you, Unky Cas!” you broke the silence as you wrapped your tiny arms around his neck. 

“I… Uh, love you too, Little One,” Cas responded as he placed you back on the floor.

“Alright, we’ll be back in a day or two,” Dean told Crowley as he ruffled your hair and started walking up the stairs, followed by Sam and Cas.

The bunker door shut and you turned to Crowley who gave you a smile, “So, what does a six-year-old do for fun?” Crowley asked mainly to himself. You ran off to your room to grab some things, “Where are you going?” Crowley asked, 

“I’LL BE RIGHT BACK!” you yelled half way to your room.

You came back with a bucket of paper, crayons, pencils, and markers. Along with safety scissors, stickers, and of course, glitter. You placed the bucket down and started getting everything out, “We can make crafts!” you said excitedly.

Crowley looked at you confused before taking a seat on the floor, “What kind of crafts?” He asked. 

“Anything you want! That’s the fun part about them, you can do whatever you want!” you said as you placed a piece of paper in front of Crowley. “Let your imagination flow! That’s what Sammy always says,” 

“Ah, yes, Moose was always the ‘deep’ one,” Crowley commented earning a giggle from you at the nickname he gave Sam.

A few hours passed and you went to see what Crowley made, you looked at the paper and saw a squirrel, moose and a pair of Angel wings. Your six-year-old brain couldn’t figure out why he drew that. “What is it?” you asked. 

Crowley smiled, “This is Squirrel or Dean. This one is Moose or Sam, and this one is Wings or Castiel.” He pointed to each one.

“Oh, well I think it needs some glitter!” you said as you grabbed a bottle of glitter and handed it to him.

“What am I suppose to do with this?” Crowley asked. 

“Just put it where you think something needs to POP!” you shouted. Crowley squinted his eyes at the paper, but nonetheless, started putting glitter on it.

A few minutes passed, “BLOODY HELL IT’S EVERYWHERE!” you heard Crowley yell. You walked over to see that he spilled the glitter bottle and he was covered in it. 

You started laughing at how ridiculous he looks, “You look like a clown!” you teased in between giggles, Crowley gave you the stink eye which only made you laugh more.

Crowley got up to wash up and you decided to clean everything up. Crowley returned after a few minutes, “It’s still on me,” He mumbled earning a few giggles from you. You grabbed Crowley’s drawing and shook off the extra glitter to reveal a very glittery Squirrel, a sparkly Moose, and a shiny pair of Wings. Even though Crowley over did the glitter it did look pretty good.

You remember meeting one of Crowley’s dogs so you decided to ask him about it, “Can I play with one of your puppies?” you asked. 

“You mean my Hell Hounds?” Crowley replied. You nodded. “Sure, why not?” Crowley snapped his fingers and you saw a black mist like shape in the form of a dog, it was big.

To a lot of people, it would be very intimidating, but you? Nope. “PUPPY!” you yelled as you ran over and gave it a hug.

Crowley chuckled. “Her name is Juliet,”

“That’s a pretty name,” you complemented as you rubbed Juliet’s belly.

After a few more hours you got exhausted, you were in the room your brothers converted into the living room. You were passed out on top of Juliet who was also sleeping, Crowley chuckled at the sight.

He heard the bunker door open and three sets of footsteps come his way, they all stopped when they saw you. “The hell is she laying on?” Dean asked in shock and confusion. 

“My Hell Hound. She can see her because I want her too, and I don’t want you three to see her.” Crowley explained as he took a sip of whiskey.

“Okay…” Dean said trying to wrap his head around the fact that you’re sleeping on the King of Hell’s personal hell hound. 

Sam walked over and placed a blanket on top of you and Juliet. “That’s one way to make her fall asleep,” Sam commented as he headed to his room. Cas and Dean chuckled.

“Looks lik-” Dean cut himself off when he looked at Crowley’s suit, “Why the hell do you look like a disco ball?” Dean asked. 

Crowley shot him a bitch-face, “Little girls love glitter,” He answered. Dean started laughing and Cas just stood there, Dean left to his room and Cas vanished. Crowley stood there watching you.

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

Flashback - Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: You have been in a relationship with Steve for a while, and are reminiscing one of your favorite memories with him.

Word Count: 1558

Warnings: None. This is fluffy fluff fluff.

A/N: I hope you guys like my first imagine! Be sure to let me know what you thought of it. I know it’s kind of cheesy and corny and fluffy-poo, but I haven’t written in a while and I needed a warm-up piece, y’know? Well, anyway, I’m open to requests if you have any! Not my gif btw

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You stood in the kitchen, your hair haphazardly pulled up in the sloppiest of messy buns. You were at the sink, rinsing some green beans for dinner. Music filled the room, from the tiny little Bluetooth speaker in the corner. It was Frank Sinatra, Steve’s favorite. You weren’t much into jazz until you met Steve, and he started playing it for you. Now it was almost all you listened to. You hummed along quietly, smiling as you remembered the first time Steve played this song for you.


“Now, I know you said you don’t like jazz, but I really think you’re going to like this song.” he said, this excited grin present on his face. The two of you sat in his car, an old red convertible, in the parking lot of the restaurant you at which you just ate. The top was down, the sky was dark and clear, and your stomach was happily full of Italian food.

“If you say so,” you teased lightly, brushing some loose hair behind your ear. “But if I don’t like it, don’t be too disappointed.”

Steve just looked at you and shook his head. “You’re going to like it,” he said, determined, and pressed the play button. Soon the sounds of horns and strings filled the car, and Steve pulled out onto the street. The song, ‘April in Paris’, was beautiful, and you smiled as you listened to it. It was surprising, really, how much you liked it. You stared straight ahead, focusing on the music, but you could tell Steve was glancing over at you every few seconds to gauge whether or not you liked it.

Halfway through the song, you looked over at him and grinned. “I like it,” you said, and his face lit up like a dog getting a treat.

You started to say something else, but Steve reached over and covered your mouth with his hand. “Wait!” he cut you off as the sound of the horns slowly died. “This is the best part.” Within a moment, the horns and strings swelled back up, and Frank Sinatra’s voice rang out like church bells.

You glanced down at Steve’s hand, which was still over your mouth, and pushed it away. You stayed silent for the rest of the song, listening and thinking about this night- it was your fourth date with Steve, and you really, really liked him. He was sweet, and chivalrous, and old-fashioned, which was just adorable. And he was hot as hell, which was a nice bonus. You knew that dating a superhero would be complicated, but when it was all said and done, wasn’t every relationship at least a little complicated? You wanted to try and make it work with Steve, and it really seemed like he liked you as much as you liked him.

The song ended shortly after that, and you reached over and turned the volume down a little on the radio. “Where are we going now?” you asked, looking over at the broad-shouldered blond in the driver’s seat.

“To my favorite spot in the whole city,” Steve said, glancing over at you with this gleam in his eyes you had never seen before. Maybe it was the streetlights reflecting off of their baby blue tint, or maybe it was the stars, but you had never noticed just how beautiful his eyes were.

He drove you to the World War II Memorial, and you smiled softly as he parked the car. Of course this would be his favorite spot in the city. He opened your door for you and you walked together to the memorial. The moonlight reflecting off the water and the sounds of the fountains were calming.The World War II Memorial was right in between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument, so you felt a sense of patriotism as you and Steve walked together. You didn’t say much to him as you walked around the memorial together, but instead listened as he explained the symbolism of all the arches and the pillars, the water and the lights, and told you all the facts about this memorial he could spew off the top of his head. He didn’t seem terribly overrun with grief as he talked about World War II, but there was definitely a glimmer of sadness in his tone. You couldn’t imagine how hard it all must have been for him. You slowly reached over and grabbed his hand as you passed Indiana’s pillar, not saying anything as you pressed your two palms together and interlaced your fingers. He looked down at you and smiled.

“God, there’s just… there’s something about you, (Y/N),” he said to you, stopped and turning to face you.

Your lips quirked up into a small smile, and he took a step closer to you. “I don’t know what it is,” Steve continued, releasing your hand so he could wrap his arms around your waist. “But I’m gonna find out.” You looked into his big, blue, Star-Spangled eyes, and you knew what was about to happen next.

Your heart was racing as he leaned in, and your eyes fluttered shut as you stood on your toes, pursing your lips. That song, ‘April in Paris’, started playing in your head, that part that Steve had loved so much. Your lips were just about to touch, barely centimeters away, and-

“Daddy, look, it’s Captain America!”

A small voice interrupted your thoughts, and Steve’s actions, and you turned to see a young boy and his father jogging towards you and Steve. ‘Shit,’ you thought to yourself. ‘Moment’s over. Kiss it goodbye.’

Steve stepped away from you and wiped his hands against his pants, smiling at the little boy, who couldn’t be more than six or seven. “Gee, I’m sorry, Mr. Rogers. But my son here is a big fan of yours- could we trouble you for an picture?” The father asked, eyes darting between Steve and you.

“Of course he can,” Steve grinned, squatting down so that the little boy was just barely taller than him. “What’s your name, little guy?”

“Bryce!” Said the young boy, grinning at his hero.

“Do you want to climb on my shoulders, Bryce?”


You laughed slightly, stepping off to the side so that Bryce’s father could snap a picture with his phone. After a few minutes of taking some pictures and small talk, Bryce and his father were soon on their way, and Steve looked at you. His expression was apologetic, and you could tell he was about to say he was sorry. “Hey, look, (Y/N), I’m real-”

“Don’t be,” you shrugged it off, reaching over and grabbing his hand. “I thought it was sweet how you let them ruin our moment,” you teased, placing his hand back on your waist. Steve’s cheeks turned pink and you stood on your toes once again, assuming the position. “Now, where were we?”

Steve chuckled and pulled you closer, lifting you up off the ground just slightly. His lips soon touched yours, and it was like a thousand fireworks lit off. It was a sweet, slow, lazy kiss, and you loved it. That was night you realized you could definitely see yourself falling in love with this goofy, old-fashioned, all-American hero.


“Those green beans aren’t going to rinse themselves, Doll.”

“Shit!” You jumped, turning around to see Steve in the doorway of the kitchen. Your eyes grew wide, and your cheeks turned pink when he started laughing at you. “That’s not funny,” you pouted, tossing a green bean at him. “You scared me.”

Steve was still chuckling. He crossed the kitchen and wrapped one arm around your waist, holding you so that your hip was touching his. “What were you thinking about?” he asked, tucking some hair behind your ear and pressing a loving kiss to your forehead.

“Nothing,” you said spitefully, sticking your tongue out before walking over to the stove and turning it on.

“Aw, come on, bug,” he cooed, wrapping his arms around your waist from behind. “It must have been pretty important to take your attention away from the beans like that.” You turned your head so that you could look at him and blew a raspberry in his face. “Now, there’s no need to be feisty,” Steve teased, burying his head in the crook of your neck.

You stirred the soup on the stovetop, trying your best to ignore him and his incessant, loving touches and kisses. “Oh, come on. I’m sorry I scared you, (Y/N). Now talk to me! I haven’t seen you in a week. What’s been on that pretty mind of yours?”

You turned so that you were facing him, and his hands were now on your lower back. “I was just thinking about you, and your stupid haircut.” You teased, smirking as you reached up and ruffled his blond locks.

He rolled his eyes, and leaned down to kiss you. “You’re a whack job sometimes, you know that?”

“I know,” you said proudly, reaching up and wrapping your arms around his neck. “But I’m your whack job.”

Another Sinatra song came on through the speaker, and Steve pulled you away from the stove so that your body was touching his. He swayed with you to the song, singing softly in your ear. “Fly me to the moon…”

i have an announcement

Chapter 30 of Hands of Clay will be up tomorrow! 16,600 words oh my goodness and so much to edit.

anyway there will be lots of this guy

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and this guy

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doing a whole heck of a lot of stuff while the kids are away at school. Another plot-free excerpt:

“What about date nights?”

James slapped Steve on the back as he reached for his sandwich. “What are you talking about?”

“We should plan some date nights,” Steve said. “We can see when Skye is free, then go out and do something.”

James bit into a chunk of pastrami. “Do you want to go watch a game or something?” he asked slowly.

“Well, uh, not really. Unless you want to.”

“Nah.” James swapped out sandwich for coffee again. “We could grab dinner or something, that was nice.”

“It was,” Steve said with a smile. “How would you feel about seeing if Skye can take the kids out during the day on a weekend? It might be better for her schedule, and we could just chill around here for a while.”

“Huh.” James finished his coffee and went to put the cup in the sink. “Chill. So we could, what, work on projects?”

Some colour rose in Steve’s cheeks. “Yeah,” he agreed. “Working on… projects. Around the house.”

James looked Steve up and down. He was wearing black boxer-briefs and a skin-tight t-shirt out of James’ closet, and as usual he looked perfect. “If you want to work on a, uh,  project right now, I have just the thing.”

Steve flushed some more. “Yeah?”

James walked over to Steve, putting his hand around Steve’s neck while Steve automatically put his hands on James’ waist. “If you want, we can head upstairs and you can help me with something that needs to get hung.”

Steve’s expression flickered. “Um.”

James leaned in, brushing the tip of his nose against Steve’s. “There’s a door on the third floor that’s hanging crooked, and it’s been bugging the crap out of me since I moved in.”

Steve let his head fall back. “Bucky.”

“Hey, you wanted to work on projects around the house,” James said. He smacked Steve’s butt on the way to tidy up the lunch dishes. “I got no end of projects around this place.”


Summary: Marinette isn’t really feeling herself after giving birth to her daughter, Emma. Luckily Adrien’s there to put her mind at ease. 

Rating: Safe for work, but you may die of tooth rotting sweetness. My god this is so sappy XD

Word count: 848


Marinette leaned over the crib, listening intently to the sounds of her infant baby snoozing away. The adorable little snores made up for her own lack of sleep, she thought, even as she rubbed her dry eyes. Her skin felt like parchment, her body almost foreign to her since the birth, like there were extra parts that she should be able to grab and throw away. Shifting in her warm, comfortable clothes, Marinette ignored the feelings as she reached towards Emma’s perfectly round head, caressing the tiny tuft of black hair she’d been born with.

Marinette smiled. Her body would feel normal again soon enough, but her life would never be normal again (not that it was normal before honestly). It would never be the same, and she couldn’t wait to find out the kind of girl Emma would be, even as she felt she’d known her daughter forever despite only knowing her a week.


A yawn at the door distracted her and she turned to see Adrien trudging towards her, his limbs heavy and his hair making him look very much like his Chat Noir alter-ego. Marinette took a moment to bask in his gorgeously toned, shirtless body. After all, just because she’d recently given birth it didn’t mean she was a dead woman. She still had eyes.

“Adrien you don’t have to be awake when I am. We should take it in turns,” She said gently as he stepped behind her. Wrapped his arms softly around her waist, Adrien buried his head into the crook of her shoulder.

“It’s all right,” He slurred back a sleepy response, kissing a sensitive spot behind her ear. He too peered down at Emma, and Marinette could feel the smile on his lips as they pressed into her shoulder, “Besides I can never sleep well without my cuddle bug next to me.”

Marinette fought down a snort for Emma’s benefit, instead giving a sniff of derisive amusement.

“More like a cuddle pig.”

“Princeeeesss,” Adrien whined lowly, “That’s my beautiful wife you’re talking about.”

“Well I don’t much feel like a Princess right now,” Marinette squirmed in his hold, once again reminding herself that it was very much worth it, especially as she heard Emma snuffling in her sleep. Both parents took a moment to gaze adoringly at their daughter, before Adrien slipped his arms away from Marinette, resting his hands on the crib with a sigh.

“Of course. How could I have been so stupid?” Adrien hissed. Cursing himself under his breath, he shook his head, turning back around to face Marinette with a serious expression, “You’re right. You aren’t a Princess anymore.”

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Ignored pt 3

Sirius Black x Reader. Part 1   Part 2   Part 3 (Here)   Part 4  Part 5/End

______= Your Name

(L/N)= Last Name

Summary: Sirius Completely ignores your entire existence and when he notices you alone in your train car, after 6 years, he finally starts talking to you. But doesn’t know who you are until after you tell him. Sirius had sort of apologized but messed up. This chapter you and Sirius are basically forced to be together.

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Once I woke up, I realized I was late for class. Whether it was the lack of people or perhaps the sun in the window was a tip off. Who knows. All I knew was that I had to get to Potions right away.

I Burst into the potions classroom, disheveled and my robes on crookedly, fairly sure I forgot something in my trunk.

Upon my disruption, the class goes quiet. Professor Slughorn turns, disoriented. When he sees me in the doorway his face lights up with realization then his eyes flicker behind me before he nodded.

“Yes, Yes. ______, Sirius. Come on in.” He paused before looking back to the class.

“I suppose you’ll have to be partners now. Ah, I assume you have your books?” When I nodded he continued. “Good good… Find a seat.

I found an empty cauldron, Sirius following, his face devoid of any smirk. Some girls staring daggers at me.

The empty cauldron happened to be stationed behind Remus and peter and next to lily and James. Who recently became sort of friends. I was located in a corner. I put my bag down by my chair, unaware of the looks Sirius’ friends were giving him.

The rest of the class was standing, so I stayed upright as well.

Professor Slughorn seemed to be talking about some potion in the front of the class. Lily Evans answering some of the questions. Along with some other chick and Remus lupin.

Potions is one of my worst subjects. I guess I just don’t understand how some of the ingredients go in and why a certain order? Perhaps I didn’t understand the measurements of which to add them together.

I spaced out and stared into my empty cauldron. It was only when the shuffling of people moving and the sudden “POP” of items appearing on our desks, tore me out of my thoughts.

I shook my head and slapped my cheeks before looking up at the dark haired boy. He seemed to have said something, looking at me expectantly. I blinked blankly, waiting for an answer to my unvoiced confusion. Eventually, he got the hint.

“Oi… You’re the smart one, what do we do first? Hurry Slughorn’s making his way over.” He rushed a flash of annoyance and something else in his icy eyes.

I furrowed my brows, my eyes flickered to the cauldron then the board; which listed some page numbers and a name of a potion; and to the face of the man, making his way to us.


“Don’t tell me you don’t know?!” Sirius whisper yelled.

I shrugged sheepishly, Slughorn stopping at James and Lily’s cauldron before moving onto Sirius and mine.

“Well. Come on, let’s get going.” The professor urged. My voice came out in a squeak of fear.

“Um… Sorry Professor, I don’t exactly know what I’m doing.” I lean forward, whispering slightly.

“Well. I told you the first step. Have you not heard me?”

“S-sorry sir, my mind was in another place.”

He opens his mouth and hesitated, his eyes flickered between the two of us, a look of slight understanding and embarrassment taking over his features.

“I see, well..” He looked to the ground, seeming bashful. “I do not need to know about your social life outside of the classroom. Much less your sex lif-“

The class was silent by now and some people were outright staring while others were trying to make it subtle.

“Ehhhh?! N-No professor! It’s not like that. I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, you know first day jitters like usual, so I overslept.” I wave my hands frantically, trying to help make things clearer. But the professor wouldn’t let go.

“Ah,” He has a suspicious tone “So you both had first day jitters and happened to get up at the same time to get to class looking disheveled?” His eyebrow was raised in a way that told me that he didn’t believe me.

Wait.. Oh, he thinks I did the do with /him/.

I practically gagged.

“Oh GOD No!” I immediately answer, causing some people in the crowd of stares to giggle. But for some reason, the male in question slumped either in disappointment or relief.

“He’d be one of the LAST people you’d /ever/ see me with.”

The Professor seemed a bit convinced, and slightly relieved, the embarrassment lightening slightly.

“Yes, well… Anyways. The first step is to crush the wormroot and stir it in on the third counter clockwise rotation. Then follow the directions on page 138. I-I’ll be back around in 20 minutes to see your progress-“ He took a breath then looked at Sirius “Sirius my boy. It’s just a potion don’t look so down in the dumps.” He smiled and whisked himself away. Startling people into going back to their work. After he had made it back to his desk, the marauders turned around to face us and speak once the class got loud again. James taking the lead.

“So _____ You do realize you and Pads here will have to be partners all year.”

I nudged my head to brush the bangs from my eyes and began working on the wormroot before answering James.

“Pads? … Oh right, yes. I’m well aware.”

Peter was next, following James and not missing a beat.

“So you’ll probably have to do some late night studying.”

“Don’t I always?”

“I meant with Sirius.”

“… I see.

Remus chipped in “So better chummy up now otherwise future interactions will get … uncomfortable.”

I almost let out a sigh, the only sign that could tell I heard was I had slowed my slicing. Then a slight nod before continuing my work.

He’s right, besides I can’t really come up with any reason to hate him besides the point that he’s annoying. So I suppose I can give it a try.

When I nodded It seemed to ease some tension I didn’t notice settled in the air, the black-haired man seemed to stand a bit taller. I’m not sure why but it also pleased the marauders as it was shown in their gleaming eyes as they smirked before going back to their work.

Eventually, the day ended but not without the endless pile of homework the professors decided to part us with.

Saying goodbye to my free time and sleep, I sat on the couch in the commons room and got to work on it.

It was all just review stuff from last year, easy peasy.

If only the room wasn’t filled to the brim with people, loud boisterous hormone raged people.


I contemplated going to my room, then realized I’d have to lug all of these books up all the stairs and that seemed like too much work at the moment. Conflicting thoughts corroded my mine, causing a temporary distraction so I didn’t notice a certain boy taking a seat beside me until he spoke to me.

“I thought it was against the rules to do homework at a party.”

His voice was right resonated in the inner lobe of my ear, so close his breath tickling my cheek smelling slightly of mint and something else. The close Proximity of his body to mine caused me to jump in surprise, my book that was balanced on my knee toppled to the floor and my papers go slid out of my hands and muddled together out of the order I put them in.

I let out a sigh and turned to him.

“I didn’t think there were any rules for parties.”

He smirked but it stilled when I kept backing up hinting that the closeness was too little between us. He took the hint and sat back up, slightly shouting for me to actually hear over the sounds of talking and random cheering.

“Of course there are! Subtle ones, of course, like ‘Don’t take the last of the drink without telling someone first’ or ‘Don’t be stealing someone’s date unless there’s some sort of understanding.’ And ‘don’t be a git and do your homework at a party.’ Although I’m sure you know these. Being that Gryffindor always throws parties.”

When I gave him a blank look he looked shocked.

“Don’t tell me you’ve never gone to a party before.” His eyebrows furrowed in slight annoyance and confusion along with something else, pity perhaps? when I once again didn’t answer. “Oh.”

He looks away, giving me a chance to pick up my papers and books, stacking the on top of each other so I could make a quick getaway. Deciding to go to the library, the room was probably full of whiny girls or something.

I had all my things packed and ready to go when he looked back, his mouth moving as if he was saying something. But I couldn’t hear him over the sounds of all the people in the room, once again this has become an inconvenience.

His face was flushed whether it was embarrassment or anger I couldn’t tell, it was probably the latter. Why would the great Sirius Black be embarrassed?

I shrugged and stood, slipping on my bag and balancing my books in the crook of my arm. Sirius stared at me confused for a second before realization.

He spoke at the same level but it looked as if he was asking a question.

“What?” I shouted. Understanding overlaid his features, he stood towering over me like usual but leaned closer and raised his voice.

“Where are you going?”


“For homework?”


“Cool, I need help on something. Can I come with?” His facial expression looked as if even if I said no he would go anyways and just bug me.


I waited a moment for him to gather his things and follow me out the portrait hole, through the winding halls, around the corners till we finally stood in front of the library. I didn’t hesitate to enter, nodded hello to madam Pince then sit at a table not too far from the exit nor too deep behind the shelves.

Sirius sat his things down on the table right across from me and pulled out his Charms homework. I did the same.

Before we started I noticed something and just had the urge to ask.

“Where are your friends?”

Sirius looked around as if he didn’t notice they weren’t with him.

“Oh, right. Pro-.. James is probably mooning over Lily. Peter’s probably fawning over him. I’ve got an inkling he’s got a crush on James. And Remus is .. actually, I’m surprised he’s not in here. Oh right, he’s Prefect. He’s doing Prefect stuff.”

His face displayed fondness when he talked of his friends. He clearly has a special place for them. It takes me a second but I finally nodded and sat down, pulling out my notes and homework, then started to work. Sirius understood more than he let on. But still asked for me to look over them to make sure they were right. 90% of the time, they were.

We worked late, his friends forcing him to leave for some food. But he dragged me along despite my protests, to be honest, he’s not as bad as the school nor my mind made him seem.

Doesn’t mean he’s not annoying at times. But he’s bearable.

Maybe being his partner won’t be so bad.

The Price (N Scenario)

Genre: modern, angst, romance, sasaeng fans

Word count: 1 352

Warning: sasaeng fans

Summary: There’s always someone that gets hurt…

She was trying her best to keep a low profile, hiding behind the large hood of her jacket, dark shades covering half of the face while she prayed that she’d be let off just this one time. ‘Cause ever since Hakyeon made their relationship public with private pictures posted all over the news, she hadn’t had a single day where his fans let the “betrayal” slide.

Her hands were shaking on the bags of shopping as she quickly tried to push everything in the truck.

“What’s this? Are you trying by any chance to run away from us?” That voice. And she knew the entire days was going down the drain.

“Why would I run away? I don’t know you,” she didn’t mind them, thinking that giving them the cold shoulder would eventually make them go away.

“Oooooohhhh, someone’s being brave! Aren’t you going to beg today?” Same hand grabbed her like the day before, forcing her to turn away. Of course she shook it off, for they were just high school students, yet still she couldn’t leave as they surrounded her. And they were ten where she was just one, so what could she do? “This bitch stole our previous Hakyeon from us and dares to stare at us?!”

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Richard III Characters as @dril Tweets
  • Richard III: confiscate my spine
  • Queen Elizabeth: convinced that about 98% of my followers and favs are all from one awful man who is taunting me becuase I spoke ill of orange julius in 2011
  • King Edward: the doctor reveals my blood pressure is 420 over 69. I hoot and holler out of the building while a bunch of losers try to tell me that im dying
  • Clarence: (me in prone position while having my house swatted again) officer if u could please just slip the rest of that campbells chunky in my mouth
  • Hastings: im being evicted from my home for saying kfc should sell burgers on a public log, and being a general "Dumb Ass" when it comes to IQ
  • The Murderers/Tyrell: attention all cops on reddit who have murdered people ; was it Awkward? what gun did you use. did you get a promotion
  • Lord Rivers: RAT CHECK.., unfollow me , if youre a sleazy low down RAT!!!!! i will knock your block off, I respect honor, Truth in words and action.
  • Duchess of York: measure to approve massive depressing statue in the center of town depicting an emaciated mayor carrying a boulder that says "My Sons" on it
  • Duke of Buckingham: i just found out today that my best friend and confidant of 11 years is a beers drinker. this troper is NOT amused
  • Princes and Princess Elizabeth: "This Whole Thing Smacks of Gender," i holler as i overturn my uncle's barbeque grill and turn the 4th of July into the 4th of Shit.
  • Lady Anne Neville: every time i close my eyes i have visions of going berserk and spitting on a human face until it is unrecognizasble
  • Queen Margaret: i feel truly blessed ,knowing that everyone who has spoken ill of my brand is eating bugs in a cold prison cell
  • Lieutenant Brakenbury: sorry to all crooks, hucksters, cronies, and phonies... but in this, our year of 2016, policeman is sitll king, and the jail, his Kingdom!
  • Catesby: people who like to say "Ba ba ba ba " at me < < < < People who hand me their wallet
  • Lord Stanley: Disgruntled StepSon
  • Sir Richard Ratcliff: spend a lot of time thinking about how sometimes even war criminals can be heroes sometimes... Dont like it? Click the unfollow buttobn
  • Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond: DOCTOR: you can't keep doing this to yourself. being The Last True Good Boy online will destroy you. you must stop posting with honor. ME: No,
  • Bonus Richard: pleased to announce i am pissed off due to Stress,. and the Block All Girls initiative is now officially underway
  • weep along the water baby. we have lightning bugs and marijuana cigarettes to distract your blues and color them with the flames of poetry.
  • and maybe into a little more grief.
  • we missed the solar eclipse, but that’s not the reason. phenomena seem insignificant compared to the weight of despair trapped inside of your head.
  • a part of me always wondered if i could fix you after all.
  • show you brighter hues -
  • white smiles bumping into red hot kisses.
  • and words.
  • always words.
  • if poetry is the only thing i ever had to offer you please take every musing and spell them into,
  • “i love you. your crooked teeth. your messy brain. your good, good heart.”
  • “the sun is warm here.”
  • “please stay.”

• your first impression of jisoo was wOWO I LIKE THIS BOY LOOK HOW GENTLEMANLY HE IS W EVERYONE AW
• believe it or not, his first impression of you was oh no they’re looking my way, gotta gooooo!!!!!!!
• jisoo would seem hella nervous about asking you out. he’d take a full three hours just to prepare himself with the members, getting his hair styled, getting given a pep talk, stuff like that. And being the gentleman that he is, he’d probably ask you out all traditional like. yanno like going up to you with a HUGE bouquet of flowers in front of a fairly big crowd and like proclaim it out loud like how Chad asked Taylor to prom during HSM3 lolol
• heck, he’d probably get down on his knees and present the flowers to you bc JOSH NEEDS THIS TO BE PERFECTION
• “Y/N!! Will you please do me the honours in going on a date with me?”
• then ofc you say yes, bc duh and everyone starts clapping as you take the flowers from him. but he doesn’t move lol he’s kinda just collapsed on the ground taking deep as breaths bc HE JUST DID THAT, THE MEMBERS WOULD B SO PROUD OF HIM.
• now comes the date that everyone dreams of with hong jisoo !!
• he’s def going to take you to the beach bc guys come on, he always says it’s his dream date and your his dream girl/boy so it should work out perfectly :)) you guys just walked along the shore and got to know each other really well, like all the little things and you kinda just have a feeling that he’ll remember your little secrets and habits forever. eventually you or jisoo will like push the other into the ocean, then you end up having a massive water fight and you try run away from him but nop hong jisoo too fast and catches you easy and like lifts you up and spins in circles aw.
• don’t really think you two would be the type to have cutesy pet names, but he does call you babe from time to time ;;_;;
• YOU INITIATED THE FIRST KISS BC POOR JOSHY TOO SHY. like it was both on your minds, it was obvious by the way he was as red as beetroot and by the way he’d like take quick glances at your lips. sometimes he actually looks like he’s about to kiss you, like he leans in and your lips are always so close but at the FREAKING LAST MINUTE THIS BOI CHICKENS OUT AND LEAVES U THERE LIKE DYING BC U CNT BREATHE !!1!!
• then one day you just got really sick of him doing that bc soon ur gonna pass out. when he was doing his usual kiss but jk move, you didn’t let him jk, you pushed your head forward AND YOU GUYS KISSED AND JISOO WAS SOSOSOSO FLUSTERED AND RED HE WASNT EXPECTING IT BUT AT THE SAME TIME HES SO HAPPY YOU GUYS FINALLY KISSED ??
• jisoo wouldn’t be the type to show too much skinship in public. he’d be all shy about it, but he’d do whatever is necessary to show people that yes, he might not like to show much public skin ship, but you are his. he wouldn’t mind holding hands, but ofc will get all bushy about it aw.
• he has a habit of getting lost into the music, one time you were showing him all the songs you liked and there was this one song that you were addicted to and you were going ON AND ON about it but you noticed he wasn’t listening, he was making that face he makes when too he’s into the music HAINXIANDIWNDJE DISN
• you kinda had to like shake him off of his trance, LIKE BEB WEK UP
• can’t you just imagine him freaking doing that bc I do and I feel like crying
• his hugs would be the tightest hugs in the world, like he doesn’t want to let you go. he probably won’t, unless you feel uncomfortable (WHICH WILL PROBABLY B NEVER)
• when jisoo wants affection, he wouldn’t whine, he’d just initiate himself wHICH IS SO SURPRISING OMG LIKE HES A NEW PERSON,
• “why are you doing this all of a sudden?”
• “am I not allowed to hug my jagi?”
• he really likes to watch anime, and he always drags you to the couch so the both of you could watch it
• he’d probably spend most of that time like looking at you and making sure you understand and explaining everything bc he’s probably watched that episode one million type bc he’s a little dork ;;-;;
• he’s gonna shed tears at the sad parts aw
• “are you… are you crying?”
• “what??? nooooo, I just have something in my eye..”
• dislikes the colour green !!! one time he saw you wearing it, but he didn’t want to be rude about it so he constantly offered if you wanted to wear his jacket bc it was ‘cold’, but in reality he didn’t want to see that colour, even IF you pulled it off quite well
• has a secret talent, which is cooking. one morning he woke you up with breakfast in bed because you were sick the night before AND IT WAS SO GOOD, CHEF JISOO IS THE BEST.
• “I prepared this especially for you, eat up and get well. saranghae~”
• jisoo has an addiction to guitars obviously. but it’s serious, he is literally addicted to guitars. sometimes, you have to get the guitar off of him so that he would FOCUS.
• then he’d get all pouty bc !!
• but one time you did that, he grabbed the nearest thing to him, which was your hand started strumming it like a guitar and you couldn’t stop laughing and giggling bc it tickles. so now Joshua always does it to make you happier, bc he loves seeing you smile <333
• he also has an addiction to chocolate and sweets, he probably has a sweet tooth or something hidden in his mouth bc he jUST EATS SO MUCH CHOCOLATE
• this one time, he bought you a huge box of chocolates but he ended up eating more than half of it
• one day you two were shopping in a convenience store and you saw these matching shirts and literally started squealing over them. jisoo on the other hand looked incredibly sick like wtf man I don’t want this,
• “I mean, sure.. if you want to??”
• poor jisoo lmao
• it would take a lot to get jisoo jealous, the other person probably has to like touch you in a way they shouldn’t be at the role they’re at to get him to be jealous. he doesn’t like to fight or cause misunderstandings, he trusts you.
• but say he DOES get jealous, he will gently pull you further away from them and gently but firmly tell the other person that seeing them do that to you is very uncomfortable and inappropriate, especially since HE was your boyfriend.
• gentleman joshua, always a gentleman even in the toughest situations :))
• pretty much everything makes Joshua flustered when it comes to you, EVERYTHING U DO IS ALWAYS SO PERFECT THAT HE GETS NERVOUS K
• his background for everything is you. that’s how people identify who’s it is lol.
• “who’s is this?.”
• “jisoo’s’”
• “but it’s got a photo of-”
• “it’s jisoo’s.”
• your phone background is of jisoo playing guitar, he was too lost in the music to even notice or hear you take the photo.
• you and jisoo would have hardcore jam sessions at like 2 in the morning. and ppl wonder why you always act like a zombie in the mornings lolol
• “babe, listen to this dude on YouTube, Gabe Bondoc, he’s so good!!”
• and your like banging on a pot while he’s strumming his guitar and he’s singing beautifully and your singing recklessly bc it’s early in the morning, why the heck not ?! once the neighbours complained and banged on your door, telling you to shut up, but you guys only took a break from jam sessions for about a week until jisoo couldn’t handle it and was literally like “screw it” and got his guitar and your pot out again bc you guys are a crazy duo
• but sometimes you fall asleep to the sound of him jamming on his guitar, then he stops and wonders why your not banging on the pot anymore and he sees your adorable sleeping face and he just smiles to himself while putting his guitar away and carrying to bed AWAWAW
• he always bugged you about getting a puppy so like after the 100th time you finally gave in and went with him to the pet store
• but you never ended up getting a puppy, jisoo was too distracted by the bunnies that he asked for them instead and you just rolled your eyes bc this boy…
• “jisoo, stop trying to feed him, you literally gave him food 10 minutes ago.”
• which brings me to how he puts you to sleep, he’d hold you really close to him and bury his face in the crook of your neck and just stay there until he’s certain your asleep.
• even THEN he probably wouldn’t move because he’s comfy the way he is.
• you guys should already know how he wakes you up,
• you all saw it coming
• he’d sing it all the time even if it’s not sunday, and it’s not raining, if there’s even a chance to sing it, he’d do it.
• your first fight with him wasn’t huge, you two were bickering and then he snapped to much and it hurt your feelings, he was honestly so sorry but you were pretty mad so he left you your space. after a few days he came back at night and played the song '20’ from outside your window with a huge box of chocolates, three million I’m sorry cards and a bouquet of flowers.
• “I truly am sorry jagiya, I love you so much and I’m sorry I let the argument get too out of hand, please forgive me?”
• yes, hong jisoo might be a guitar obsessed, shy, overly excited, chocoholic, but he is YOUR guitar obsessed, shy, overly excited, chocoholic who’ll put your needs way before his and will gladly put himself on the line to make sure your okay. he’s not as loud as all the other members of people you know, but you know it what makes him, him. he loves you to absolute pieces that whenever you interact it always feels like it’s the first time you guys have ever done that.
• “Everything you think of
Will become all of me
Look at me and be my lady
You’re my twenties” - jisoo~